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  1. Super excited for tonight, going live at 7pm GMT10+ we're doing a special on Archaeology! Not only that but we have something alittle bit special that we'll be giving away on the stream tonight as a belated celebration of reaching 500 Followers. Hope to see you there!
  2. Abit over 24hours left to enter folks so if you haven't already make sure your entries are in!
  3. Man what an amazing stream, thankyou to everyone who came along for the ride. I had a wonderful time and I hope everyone else did aswell! To enter in the major prize giveaway being drawn next week follow this link: https://gleam.io/yHcV0/bloody-drongo-100-usd-giveaway If you'd like to watch the playback of the stream you can find the link below: Plus who can forget the PM spam during the stream, holy crud muffins!
  4. Hmm maybe one day but thankyou for the support even though it's not your speed! IN BIG NEWS THOUGH! We did it folks, we hit 500 Followers on Twitch today! I'd like to express a HUGE thankyou to everyone who's been so wonderful and supportive since March when we started streaming Wurm Online regularly. It's been awesome, as promised we will be having a big giveaway to celebrate that will be going live tomorrow. We'll be giving away 1 gold in WO currency OR $100USD redeemable in steam games. (don't worry if you can't make tomorrow's stream the giveaway will run for a week). For the main giveaway I'm testing out a new format for it to allow people who have supported the stream but might not be able to make a particular stream. It will run for one week after opening and the only requirement for entry is that you are one of my followers on Twitch, there are also other options for people to earn extra entries if they choose to. This is the first time I've run a giveaway in this format so peoples thoughts and feedback from it would be wonderful. That being said tomorrow's Wurm Wednesday stream we are ALSO giveaway away 20s live on the Wurm Wednesday stream in the usual format, to enter that all you have to do is have a twitch account and type in the keyword to enter the giveaway! We might also have something alittle bit special to give away too.....stay tuned for more info there Hope to see you tomorrow for Wurm Wednesday!
  5. What do you look like

    Not certain if I should be complimented or slightly terrified...
  6. What do you look like

    From my recent trip to NZ, when out one day played my sword and startled some local sheep. Just Kiwi things.
  7. Thanks Deri Bad at everything mate but atleast I'm out here doin my thang right?
  8. As always thankyou for lurking around, I appreciate it and also the kind words of support and encouragement! Even if I do pronounce everyone names wrong...
  9. Hey folks I'm super excited to announce that this coming Wednesday from 7PM GMT10+ I'll be joined by Retrograde to take a sneak peek at the upcoming Priest updates and changes. Should be a super interesting stream so I hope you're all able to save the date. I've also made sure to include a timer below which has been a constant suggestion since I'm a crazy future man and nobody knows what time I'm talking about half the time....
  10. Join me from 7PM tonight for the Pristine Dragon Slaying which is kicking off at 8:30PM! (GMT10+) So tune into the stream for the location being announced at 8PM, just head to Pristine and await further instructions! (Stream starting in 30mins from now!)
  11. Hahaha well now that's got me intrigued. I'll have to chat to other people who did it to find out their way through! Also folks for this weeks Wurm Wednesday I'll be joined by Budda and Retrograde for a Q&A about the upcoming Priest changes (Other questions welcome!) So come hang out and harass these guys while you have the chance!
  12. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    I had a wonderful time enjoy this on my live stream this evening. I can't truly express how impressed I am at this achievement the planning that went into it and the attention to detail was IMMENSE!
  13. This week for Wurm Wednesday we're going to checking out the wonderful Puzzle Labyrinth by the Factional Fight Brothers! So join me from 7PM GMT10+ (6hrs 30mins from this post!) as I struggle through attempting to overcome my own incompetence. We also have 50s or $50USD Steam Giveaway for one lucky viewer if we hit 450 Followers tonight! I hope to see you all there it's gunna be a cracker Stream link below:
  14. This is a great point and something that I've discussed with both Devs and PR of Wurm. Sometimes the greatest advertising for a game can be in the form of various Media being created for the game. For example, games like PUBG initially gained such huge a followings from the number of streamers who picked it up. Now I'm not saying something similar is possible with Wwurm - since it is such a niche game. But ultimately there is still yet untapped potential for more player base for Wurm. Not to mention the fact that alot of the recent updates have helped counter our aging sandbox game. For those of you who know me and watch my youtube or streams know that I like to play a variety of games, along with Wurm. This has meant in the past month or more I've introduced I estimate around dozen or so new players to the game and I'd guess had atleast 100 or so others watch me play Wurm, a game that they may not have previously known about. Whether this will result in any of these people ever going premium, that's yet to be seen but still getting the game out there to a broader audience is key to stabilizing our games population. Especially with variety streamers for example who might get people watching from one game and then bring them here later on - which are often of a similar genre. Now what are the Wurm team doing about this? Well recently, some of you may have noticed the Valeri Entertainment Network being launched, an official group dedicated to Wurm Content creators, giving them a direct voice to the PR and Dev team. Allowing them to (hopefully) produce better quality content, access to sneak peaks and from time to time support in the form of official giveaways etc. Not only this but it allows us to directly interact with each other in a creative setting and share ideas and overcome potential problems. A program that directly supports the people in our community who make the stuff that advertises this game in terms of content is certainly something that is long overdue. In the future there may be expansions to this and how this team functions and what people are eligible but I genuinely think it's a step in the right direction in this line of thinking. For anyone who'd like to check out the current Valeri Entertainment Network people, I'll post their links below. It's also worth mentioning that I'm not against some kind of overhaul to our outdated referral system but I do think it's perhaps unfair to think that the current direction of Wurm is not thinking about these kinds of issues and how they can be tackled.