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  1. This is a great point and something that I've discussed with both Devs and PR of Wurm. Sometimes the greatest advertising for a game can be in the form of various Media being created for the game. For example, games like PUBG initially gained such huge a followings from the number of streamers who picked it up. Now I'm not saying something similar is possible with Wwurm - since it is such a niche game. But ultimately there is still yet untapped potential for more player base for Wurm. Not to mention the fact that alot of the recent updates have helped counter our aging sandbox game. For those of you who know me and watch my youtube or streams know that I like to play a variety of games, along with Wurm. This has meant in the past month or more I've introduced I estimate around dozen or so new players to the game and I'd guess had atleast 100 or so others watch me play Wurm, a game that they may not have previously known about. Whether this will result in any of these people ever going premium, that's yet to be seen but still getting the game out there to a broader audience is key to stabilizing our games population. Especially with variety streamers for example who might get people watching from one game and then bring them here later on - which are often of a similar genre. Now what are the Wurm team doing about this? Well recently, some of you may have noticed the Valeri Entertainment Network being launched, an official group dedicated to Wurm Content creators, giving them a direct voice to the PR and Dev team. Allowing them to (hopefully) produce better quality content, access to sneak peaks and from time to time support in the form of official giveaways etc. Not only this but it allows us to directly interact with each other in a creative setting and share ideas and overcome potential problems. A program that directly supports the people in our community who make the stuff that advertises this game in terms of content is certainly something that is long overdue. In the future there may be expansions to this and how this team functions and what people are eligible but I genuinely think it's a step in the right direction in this line of thinking. For anyone who'd like to check out the current Valeri Entertainment Network people, I'll post their links below. It's also worth mentioning that I'm not against some kind of overhaul to our outdated referral system but I do think it's perhaps unfair to think that the current direction of Wurm is not thinking about these kinds of issues and how they can be tackled.
  2. Im going on Holiday at the end of this week for ten days so make sure to get your Wurm Wednesday Fix tonight! [17:35:21] The settlement of Blackbird Port has just been founded by Waterbird. Join me from 7PM GMT10+ for Wurm Wednesday as we begin work on my brand new port deed! Come hang out and we'll discuss all things Wurm and getting started in this game. As usual we'll have some giveaways and lots of fun discussions and banter!
  3. We'll be celebrating 350 Followers on tonight's stream when we hit it, by giving a steam game to the value of $20USD or 20 WO Silver! Come hang out! It'll be fun I swear! (Live now!)
  4. Valrei International. 062

    Awesome update! Always exciting to see such big lists of "Bugfixes", game right now is going strength to strength! For anyone wondering where you can find, Punishlife, Fabricant or myself on Twitch I'll throw the links down below:
  5. Been awhile since the last bump of this thread since i felt like it was getting alittle spammy but we're still doing this every week from 7pm GMT10+ so join me for your fav Wednesday Wurm Online Stream! This week we're gunna be doing our best to solve the mystery of who keeps soiling my damn mailbox!
  6. My Stream/Outreach

    Awesome man, I'll keep an eye out and try to drop by sometime!
  7. Crashing after recent update

    Also experiencing this.
  8. Valrei International. 060

    Budda and Retro were teasing my stream so hard this evening and whent hey posted it early we made sure to read it as a matter of priority. So hype for this!! RIP HEADPHONE USERS!
  9. Get your Wurm on this Wednesday with me from 7PM GMT10+. Going to be doing some top quality wandering and deed showcases! If anyone has any suggests for locations on Indie to check out, lemme know! https://www.twitch.tv/bloodydrongo
  10. Valrei International. 059

    During my streams I've pestered Budda and Retro about this. The point they're at right now is overccoming some fiddly hurdles to get them working in a way which doesn't involved simply deleting and respsawning a copied animal from and to the destination server. To work in a way that the devs are happy won't result in unforseen bugs and problems down the line it's probable an overhaul of the base mechanics of traveling between servers needs to happen - which is awhile away. TLDR; still no eta.
  11. Valrei International. 059

    Nice program, keen to see what comes of it! Wurm Content Collaborators - Doesn't need to be anything fancy and the name covers all potential platforms and media types.
  12. Another amazing Wurm Wednesday Stream this evening, finished the Indie rift (No Deaths..from me!) and then gave away a pair of RARE 75ql Dragon Shoulder Pads which the gods of Wurm bestowed upon me to deliver to their fated owner! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/259455877
  13. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    I play sporadically during the last couple of beta maps and G1. But I was always held up by the poor performance of my terrible family PC. It was until about 2 months after G2's release that I properly began my journey into Wurm. I started playing during my first year of highschool because my now best friend Dilzi kept talking it up. This would have been about 2004 I believe? It put this in perspective, I started as fresh face 13/14 year old and have ended up here as a scowling bitter veteran at the ripe age of 26/27....what am I doing with my life....
  14. Wurm Wednesday tonight at the usual time (7PM GMT10+). With the new conditioned animal update, we will be going out in search of some new friends. Some come enjoy my terrible ass navigation and verbal vomit!