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  1. Wurm Wednesday will be going live at 8pm GMT10+ (1hr 30mins from this post. Got afew little things lined up this week so look forward to seeing you all there!
  2. It's beautiful hahahaha
  3. Just to let ya'll know. Wurm Wednesday will be going live 8pm GMT10+ with a Valentines Day special, tune in for giveaways during the stream! (a day late I know but RL didn't make time for me to get in a stream yesterday.) Hope to see you all there!
  4. I atleast got afew hits in
  5. Turns out they're pretty tough https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227941713
  6. You an't ever had nuts like deez https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227938682
  7. FAKE NEWS!!! (The stream for context)
  8. Thanks everyone who helped make this week's Wurm Wednesday super fun and enjoyable. Especially Retrograde who very kindly took me around on the test server to show off some of the upcoming changes to dyeing items, wood type and placing items. I also attended the Indie Rift with some other top quality blokes, sadly I also died....but thanks everyone who donated logs and other items to help cheer my salty ass up (Alpha, Kswords and Achmed you guys are dope.) Since my net died halfway through and interrupted the stream, this weeks episode is over two parts. I hope you enjoy! 1/2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/226548204 2/2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/226571501
  9. Wurm Wednesday will be going live at 7pm GMT10+ (1hour from now) make sure to tune in and check out some neat new stuff on the Test server with me!
  10. Under paragraph 3 of Australianese Code, Chapter 5, Clause 3 clearly states that aslong as I've completed atleast 5 rounds of goon of fortune and completed one shoey of an Australia brand of beer it bypasses citizenship exclusions of the Roo Statute.
  11. VOD is available for the last stream folks! Lemme know any feedback, I'll really appreciate it. Before next week I'm going to look at discord sound levels alittle more to make sure they're alittle more consistent. Enjoy! This week we talk about all kinds of Wurm related things with Retrograde, Grifo, Beastwolf, Kylebooze, Kswords and afew others. Sharing tips on making dyes and sharing embarrassing stories from RL! It was a super fun stream once it got going and I hope you all enjoy it (Also sorry for the ubrupt ending, my PC crashed everything so it did end things pretty fast but thanks to everyone who made it so much fun and watched aswell!) I also get turned into a horse...whoops!
  12. Wurm Wednesday will be going live at 7pm GMT10+ (3hours from this post) so make sure to tune in and join discord if you're like to join in
  13. I shall definitely be doing this mate, I was planning to upload the first stream to my Youtube but unfortunately the recording on my end got corrupted when I ran out of recording space (I accidentally had the file path set to my SSD instead of my HD, derp!) Thanks everyone for the kind words of support, I appreciate it! Already looking forward to next week
  14. Hey guys, as some of you might already know I really enjoy making Wurm content but unfortunately the last few months various technical issues have made my PC unable to render video. However, I have managed to use enough duct tape and glue to piece together along with some steroids for the koalas that power my internet which has allowed me to finally be able to stream (no rendering yay!) So going forward I'm going to be streaming Wurm atleast once a week minimum on what I call Wurm Wednesday. Which I'm not sure how it'll work out as a format but I figure It'll just be a free flowing almost podcast style stream as I hunt around and explore. Today I used the Wurm Online discord to chat with Retrograde, Grifo and afew others about afew different topic with topics like; the new changes to affinities, Wurm new years resolutions etc. Which was really enjoyable. So I figure for the time being, this will be a good place to start at for stream content. Unless any issues arise with this idea, everyone will be free to join the discord and join in with the stream which I think will make things alittle more engaging and interesting to have a wide variety of characters involved. So if you'd like to watch watch the stream you can find my channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/bloodydrongo If you'd like to join discord and join in with any discussions you can find that here: https://discord.gg/wurm Other thoughts I've had in terms of making interesting streaming content is doing Village showcases (similar to the Youtube Series I was doing at one point). And small community type events. If you have any suggestions on what kind of thing you'd like to see, I'd love to hear from you! In fact any and all feedback will be invaluable, from stream quality, audio etc are all areas I really want to learn more about and improve to make the best possible content. Since streaming is entirely new to me, there's alot I don't know and could use the pointers with. If you'd like to get notified of when at other occasions through the week when I stream (Wurm, PUBG, Hearthstone and others). You can follow my channel which will let you know when I go live so you don't miss out on anything. Aswell as this I'm currently trying to work out how to get my stream available to be watched after they've gone live, since unfortunately being on the ass end of the planet my streaming times probably won't fit with most people. Thanks ya'll for putting up with this little bit with this bit of shameless self promotion. I hope atleast some of you get some enjoyment out of it! PS: Here's a clip of Retrograde serenading me during today's stream. How can you let yourself miss this kind of gold?
  15. Scored this one today while doing some leveling. Kinda surprised me since I had my blinders on for the last couple of months and hadn't even realised they'd changed the system. [18:52:28] Body strength has increased to rank 1 affinity