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  1. I think perhaps you misunderstand. Based off of the sample size I've provided for drops you have over an 80% chance of getting an old drop. If we assume the same rate and next year they add two more masks to the pool that will be close to 90% chance to get an old drop.
  2. As the title says I propose that old Halloween items be made less common. The Halloween loot table is now significantly bloated from previous years drops making getting one of the new ones very unlikely. With this problem only set to get worse each year as more items are added to the table. I suggest that the loot table should be something along the lines of: 60% for new drop table 40% for old loot table This will allow the current player base to go out and enjoy their time hunting and with a little effort get the new items. Whilst those who are hunting for a specific item will be the ones who need work for it. To illustrate the issue and the reason I'm suggesting this change, I've attached below the results of around 30hrs of hunting (with over 600 goblins and trolls killed). Note 14minion masks and only 1 Faceless mask drop.
  3. This review is honestly boarding on more fair than Wurm deserves. All the criticisms leveled are entirely fair and I definitely appreciated that Josh took the time to look through the masochism of this game to find it's redeeming qualities and charm.
  4. Can you please CoD Emoo x2 64kg lumps of 80ql please.
  5. Not Netflix but I just recently finished watching the last season of The Expanse. That show is god tier good. 10/10
  6. Would you take 2s for the Shortsword?
  7. Ah the Spring thaw, beautiful.
  8. CoD the spear to Emoo please!
  9. I feel as though it definitely comes down to a lack on incentive to do so and for those who have tried, the difficulty to sometimes access the things you need to actually fully test something. There are definitely ways for the Test server to be better leveraged as a tool. However, whether it's possible to do so with a primarily volunteer staff is probably the real hurdle here.
  10. In before I bid 25 gold. (there's a reason why you don't pre bid up to a cap lmao) Seriously though 70s bid.