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  1. 100 Restoration Title

    Thank goodness someone is as high as this. Archaed was saying the other day that if he hit it first the 100 title would be "Archaedology"... I urge you to push for 100 Archaeology ASAP! Grats!!
  2. Thankyou everyone who came along to make last night such an amazing stream. We talked about ALOT of new stuff it was one of my favourite Wurm Wednesdays ever. If you'd like to watch the VOD:
  3. Just a reminder to be there in 11hours from now in the stream, it's gunna be awesome! Have a taster now and drop by the stream for more neato info and gameplay! [00:59:25] A long fishing pole with islets. It is made from birchwood. It could be improved with a log. The rod contains a professional fishing reel. The reel contains a braided fishing line. There is a feather float on the line. There is a metal fishing hook on the end of the line. There is wurm as bait on the hook.
  4. Grab your ol' fishing pole and maybe a long spear or two! This coming Wurm Wednesday (5/12/18) is gunna be a huge one. We'll be taking a sneak peak at the new fishing system and casting a line or two. Going live at 7PM GMT10+ it's gunna be a cracker so consider this heaps of warning!! We'll also have some great things that we'll be giving away ahead of this exciting update so this is one Wurm Wednesday stream you do not want to miss out on. Hope to see you all there as we cast a line and hopefully not mourn the one that got away!
  5. You have a moment of inspiration...

    What inspires me? Well what inspires me is the creative freedom offers, in so many different aspects. The ability to change the world around you, bend it to your will or become a victim to the passage of time and fade away to nothing again. Or to play and develop your character in any way you wish, there is no right or wrong way. Just do it however you will most enjoy it. Then my greatest passion of creativity is making content around this game, whether it's on Youtube or on my Twitch channel. I love showing off this game to new people or sharing the game from my perspective with my viewers. There is no greater joy to me than being able to show people what Wurm Online is really about, the most successful way I've been able to come up with for this is via Timelapses. These are the easiest way to translate the appeal of Wurm and instead of saying "You know, I just spent 6 hours building the materials and putting together a simple house" you can actually show the process, how you shape the world and build whatever you imagination is populated with. This is what intrigues people and this is what I truly love and am inspired by is creating that intrigue.
  6. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    I know it's alittle late but here's a video of my experience checking out the maze and coliseum which I sadly didn't get to experience on the stream Wonderful place, I highly recommend!
  7. No other skills required but will pay suitably for whatever complimenting skills come with the character.
  8. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    Thankyou Dracaa and everyone else who I met with during my time there. Great location and can't wait to see what happens come around next year
  9. For tomorrow's Wurm Wednesday I'll be visiting the Luna Festival and not only that but starting at 8pm GMT10+ we'll be running a fashion show! What will be involved you ask? Well, there will be 3 segments Style Round (Your best most fashionable outfit, no rules or limitations) The Warrior Round (Intimating, scary of just plain functional. Anything oriented around combat!) The Swimsuit round (Get creative, what does your Wurmian wear on that day to the beach?) The Grand prize will be a 20s prize plus something alittle bit special as a surprise! Not to mention some fun little bits and bobs for runners up Hope to see you all there! If you'd like more details about the Luna Festival follow this link:
  10. Depths of Man

    I feel given the times. This deserves a bump. RIP Tich.
  11. I'm utterly shattered by this news. We're all lesser for being with you Tich. Over the many years of playing this game I've been lucky to see first hand the effect you've had on players both in a front-line sense serving on the GM team with you, as a neighbor and friend and also your impact behind the scenes as a developer. Just sat here reading logs of our chats over the years. I feel it's perhaps fitting that I share a chat we had in 2008. Logging started at May 24, 2008 [19:41:32] <Tich> [19:41:41] <Tich> want to come back ? [19:41:46] <Emoo> Am i going back? [19:41:49] <Emoo> Yes lol [19:42:59] <Emoo> Enough corpses yet lol? [19:43:13] <Tich> hope so [19:43:23] <Emoo> lol [19:43:59] <Tich> fightin has finished [19:44:28] <Emoo> Ah good, i was getting sick of dieing [19:44:45] <Tich> lol, do it here its better than real [19:45:03] <Emoo> lol true [19:45:22] <Emoo> I'm all died out for tonight, i'll save it for tommrow I wish you followed your own wisdom, but perhaps ironically Wurm Online will allow a part of you to truly live on. Thankyou for the memories, thankyou for the friendship and thankyou for your time on this planet. You are missed.
  12. Seems like a bad idea

    Clearly it's a Finnish Lava Spider. Those Crazy Fins love their Tar.