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  1. DNS Quick Fix

    My file doesn't seem to want to save the changes I make.
  2. Crash after crash after crash
  3. Not without screwing up my network connection crap.
  4. Do we get a day premium for this downtime where majority of us cannot play? Not sure why I chose to post in here, but seems most fitted.
  5. DNS Quick Fix

    Don't see a point in changing anything? Was working fine yesterday, was it not? Seems like it's the game's issue. Not ours.
  6. I type in /ranks on Serenity and the same stuff pops up everytime. I should have a rank but it doesn't even show my name. It shows a bunch of 1000 ranks and then Elentari with 1723.
  7. file, 71 ql, 79 coc, 50 c shovel, 50 ql, 88 coc, 80 c chisel, 51 ql, 94 coc, 1 s pelt, mountain lion, 86 ql, 91 coc, 1 s carving knife, 50 ql, 71 coc, 40 c hatchet, 13 ql, 84 coc, 80 c grooming brush, 16 ql, 83 coc, 80 c mallet, pinewood, 41 ql, 67 woa, 86 coc, 1 s hammer, 71 ql, 83 coc, 1 s COD to Wimble for 7.3s? If I added them correctly.
  8. Go Go Go til they out of bricks :P. Hint: Don't use rockshards when catapulting
  9. Great server! Awesome, friendly, and active players and staff! Join for fun today!
  10. Sold

    Damn. Woulda bought this instead of paying as much as I did for my non rare ones
  11. WTB 15-23 QL 94+ CoC Skiller Pickaxe. Post below or PM Wimble in-game.
  12. Wouldn't you want high quality so you block more since you get ticks when you block blows?