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  1. People look at the population number when deciding if they want to play on a server. The fewer people skill grinding on a server, the less popular it appears. As others have said, currently we are incentivised to skill grind on freedom even if our main focus is on epic. Elevation will struggle so long as this remains the case. But yes, once this is sorted, a new map is needed.
  2. They both offer the same protection.
  3. Refresh Refresh can only be cast on players with alignment acceptable to the priest casting. With player gods, priests cannot cast refresh on players from their own kingdom if they follow the 'wrong' religion. Change alignment check into a kingdom check, so priests can cast on anyone from their kingdom. Oakshell A horse with an oakshell cast has higher damage resistance than a barding, and there is no speed penalty. Reduce the armour modifier for oakshell by 10% Direct damage spells The direct damage spells (rotting gut, worm brains, fire heart, ice shard) are not well balanced in relation to each other. Rotting gut wounds always hit the torso, and worm brains always hits the head, so these wounds always stack. Worm brains does around double the damage of any other direct damage spell, it does not have any spell resistance effect, and it's internal wounds cannot be healed using cotton. Rotting gut's infection wounds are more likely to become worse with healing ticks. So, rotting gut and worm brains are more powerful. This is partly balanced by longer cast timers and higher favour costs. But a large supply of vesseled gems eliminates the drawback of high favour costs, and the spell resistances reduce the benefit of spell-spamming with short cast timers. Add a spell resistance effect to worm brains Bring the cast timers of fireheart and shard of ice to 15 seconds Increase damage of fireheart and shard of ice by 10% Damage pillar spells Fungus trap is the highest damage pillar. It inflicts poison wounds that cannot be healed using cotton and that have a chance to instantly kill the player on healing ticks. Tentacles is the second highest damage and since it has no animation it is less obvious. Fire pillar and ice pillar are significantly weaker. Reduce damage of fungus trap wounds by 10% Increase damage of fire pillar and ice pillar wounds by 10% Add an animation for the tentacles area effect Spell combinations for player gods The original gods break some of these 'rules', but that can be the advantage of the original four. Maximum of 2 direct damage spells: rotting gut, worm brains, fire heart, ice shard Maximum of 1 of the big healing spells: heal, light of fo, scorn of libila Maximum of 1 of the taming spells: dominate, rebirth, charm Maximum of 1 of the pillar spells: fungus trap, ice pillar, fire pillar, tentacles
  4. Great news! Really excited!
  5. The formula seems pretty fair. Nice graphs and explanation also. If the same formula were used on body stats, however, I think it would considerably undervalue them. Could body stats be transferred at 1:1, or could you do some more matlab wizardry to calculate a fair formula for these also?
  6. This update is the perfect time for a new map, and the problems with the existing map are well documented. If the update is successful and a lot of players come to Epic and start building deeds, there will be more resistance to a map reset. But in time those players will come to see the problems with the current Elevation. It's just setting up a bad situation down the line.Take advantage of the current low population counts to give Elevation a map that encourages open-field pvp rather than deed-based landbridge wars. Ausimus has designed a number of good maps for WU - so seems the obvious choice to design a new Elevation.
  7. The mod should work with 1.5 provided that you have updated the server mod launcher to the most recent version. Let me know if there are any bugs though. I understand that drinking vodka doesn't warm you up in reality, but Boyar & co. requested the feature for their new server and it seemed fun, so I added it. If anyone is planning to run a survival server and they don't want vodka to warm players up, let me know and I'll make it a configurable option.
  8. This is very alpha, and since it changes the landscape, I wouldn't recommend using this on a live server yet. Steep dirt slopes will erode over time at a relatively slow pace. This erosion is blocked by trees, pavement, buildings, fences, etc. https://github.com/modsandstuff/erosion/releases/latest
  9. Drinking vodka now warms you up @Boyar
  10. Name: CoC PvP Permadeath Mods: Survival + Permadeath Rates: 100x skill, 10x action This is a server to test the survival and permadeath mods, run by Hakameda. It is a temporary server, so don't get too attached to anything you build here.
  11. There probably will need to be some custom rules for how deeds/buildings/containers are handled. I'd like to see how it plays on a server as it is first though. Maybe we could have a temporary 1-2 week permadeath pvp server to test it out. But as it stands, the default WU behaviour is that when a mayor gets banned, their village is set to a democracy. I think that's a good solution for deeds. As for containers, can't people just lockpick them? If you are playing on a server with permadeath, it probably makes sense to give your friends manage permissions on most of your containers/buildings, so that when you die it isn't a huge problem.
  12. When a player dies, they are banned from the server. They can create a new character and continue playing, but the old character is banned unless a GM pardons it. https://github.com/modsandstuff/permadeath/releases/latest
  13. Just released a new version with configurable maximum wound sizes.
  14. I just tested foraging outside the world border using 1.4 and didn't get a crash. Perhaps it was a different mod causing the npe? In any case, seems fine now as far as I can tell.