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  1. Patch notes Valrei missions now incentivise leaving deed and taking risk. Disabled missions that incentivise sitting on deed.
  2. Patch notes JK can now have 3 champions of any white light god, HOTS can now have 3 libila champions. Improved minimum cast of spells from Athanor enchantment scrolls. Scrolls that boost characteristics adjusted so that the bonus is smaller at high levels.
  3. Patch notes The 'Athanor Mechanism' is a new structure that phase shifts around the map. Players can trade in star gems at the mechanism in return for a random item enchantment scroll. Reworked loot chests to spawn more useful items and removed crude tools from the list Lots of balance changes to move speed, aggression and combat rating on dungeon mobs Fixed some material types on various item spawners
  4. A large force of Russian-speaking players have secured absolute control over the kingdom of Jenn-Kellon. Their true numbers are unknown, but patrols of 20-30 warriors have been observed. Using this might, JK has taken an early lead in the battle for Conquest. There have been reports of English-speakers being killed on sight when they attempt to join their ranks. All non-Russian speakers are strongly advised to join the Horde of the Summoned.
  5. For now, meditation is not modded. I'm open to ideas on how to change it. It is probably easier to discuss this in the Conquest discord. But the two main problems that I see are: 1) Path of Insanity is the obvious choice. There is no interesting decision to make. 2) The damage reduction takes months to obtain, creating a large gap between new and old players. Ideally any change would address both of these problems.
  6. The server is live!
  7. The server will be going live on Tuesday 10th April. I've updated the post with a few details.
  8. Server is live! Discord: https://discord.gg/kHTCMrY Twitter: https://twitter.com/WU_Conquest2 Conquest 2 is a pvp server with the emphasis on territorial conquest. 3x skill gain and 3x action speeds with epic settings. The team: Talor - Developer Awardis - Arch-GM Ausimus - Map Maker The main island is full of strategic resource points. These automatically produce bulk materials, armour and weapons. Help your kingdom control these locations by building fortifications, or raid deeds to deny access to the enemy. Six dungeons are home to mobs and loot chests that respawn over time. The dungeons take 1-2 hours to fully repopulate, so you can raid them multiple times a day as a source of money and special bonus items. Or you could wait for other players and ambush them. Two trade islands spawn crates of trade goods. Load these into a knarr or larger vessel and transport them to the other trade island. Players can earn a lot of money as merchants, or as pirates preying upon these ships. Trade in star gems at the Athanor Mechanism to be rewarded with a random item enchantment. Map Server configuration: Characteristics start at 24, fight skill at 21 Spellmod (removes priest restrictions, unlimited prayers per day, faith gain every 20 minutes) Better Digging (dig straight to cart, etc.) Starter gear (start with 50ql leather and weapon) Modify gestation time (faster horse breeding) CreatureMod (adds a bunch of new mobs) Cropmod (disable weeds) Server Tweaks (Immortal traders, food affinities same for all players, more frequent unique spawns, no fatigue, action to check bank balance on body) Fire Burn Time Put Things On Tables Fog spiders replaced by fog goblin potioneers No key to the heavens No karma teleport Can build guard towers closer to enemy territory (60 tiles) Timers Fixes Serverpacks HTTP Server Servermap
  9. I've given it a quick test and it seems to work fine. If anyone finds any bugs, let me know.
  10. The difference between 100 and 106 is very small, you're unlikely to notice a difference. There are no cut-offs, it is a gradual change the higher you go. The difference between 0 and 1600 is the same as the difference between the middle of summer and the middle of winter.
  11. I just tested drinking low-ql source and this did not cause disease. Are you sure it was drinking the source that resulted in the disease? Carrying a lantern doesn't currently affect the player's temperature.
  12. The mod doesn't have food poisoning. I haven't removed anything - it just never had this.
  13. These error messages do not appear on a default server plus the survival mod. So I suspect it is caused by some conflict with another mod that you're running. It's not clear from the error message what this might be.
  14. Does anything bad happen or it just puts this error? Does Jibber get his silver?
  15. The problem was a bug with the north/south mode. I have just released an update that fixes the bug.