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  1. This is very alpha, and since it changes the landscape, I wouldn't recommend using this on a live server yet. Steep dirt slopes will erode over time at a relatively slow pace. This erosion is blocked by trees, pavement, buildings, fences, etc. https://github.com/modsandstuff/erosion/releases/latest
  2. Drinking vodka now warms you up @Boyar
  3. Name: CoC PvP Permadeath Mods: Survival + Permadeath Rates: 100x skill, 10x action This is a server to test the survival and permadeath mods, run by Hakameda. It is a temporary server, so don't get too attached to anything you build here.
  4. There probably will need to be some custom rules for how deeds/buildings/containers are handled. I'd like to see how it plays on a server as it is first though. Maybe we could have a temporary 1-2 week permadeath pvp server to test it out. But as it stands, the default WU behaviour is that when a mayor gets banned, their village is set to a democracy. I think that's a good solution for deeds. As for containers, can't people just lockpick them? If you are playing on a server with permadeath, it probably makes sense to give your friends manage permissions on most of your containers/buildings, so that when you die it isn't a huge problem.
  5. When a player dies, they are banned from the server. They can create a new character and continue playing, but the old character is banned unless a GM pardons it. https://github.com/modsandstuff/permadeath/releases/latest
  6. Just released a new version with configurable maximum wound sizes.
  7. I just tested foraging outside the world border using 1.4 and didn't get a crash. Perhaps it was a different mod causing the npe? In any case, seems fine now as far as I can tell.
  8. While I haven't tested it extensively, I don't think anything broke with the update to 1.4. (So far none of the WU updates have broken the mod - touch wood)
  9. I think there are a few that run the mod, but I don't keep track of them. I know this server runs it though: lol, a permadeath mod could be fun - I might make that, but have it as a distinct mod. Why do caves need to be cold? As it stands, caves can be used as temporary shelters when out exploring etc. They can do the same thing by having a few weak mobs attacking them or anything else that causes small wounds. So a change like you suggest would only displace rather than 'fix' the issue. And I think it would make general gameplay more frustrating for players who genuinely want to heal wounds from being cold.
  10. Ah, ornamental fountains still had the bug, so I've just released a new version so water in ornamental fountains will not decay in quality. I'm guessing this is what you have, as decorative fountains do not fill with water.
  11. There was a bug that caused this in an old version of the mod, but this was fixed. I just tested with a 30ql fountain and the water was 100ql and did not decay. Which version of the mod are you using? And which version of WU server? If you were using an old version, remove the water from the fountain and it should refill with 100ql.
  12. You can enable verbose logging by adding this line to your .properties file (It outputs quite a lot of information to the server console, and is only intended for debugging/testing): verboseLogging=true There isn't a 'starve to death' mechanic. Wear wool/cloth clothing of high quality. Take hot food and drink with you - eating/drinking these will warm you up. Always carry a hatchet, steel & flint and a little kindling. Use these to make campfires every now and then. Try to avoid going outside during night time, or when there are strong winds or rain. Also the seasons change gradually, the closer you get to summer, the warmer it will get.
  13. The formula is a bit complicated but all the source code is publicly viewable if you want to take a look. The relevant bits are: https://github.com/modsandstuff/survival/blob/master/main/java/org/talor/wurmunlimited/mods/survival/Survival.java#L451 https://github.com/modsandstuff/survival/blob/master/main/java/org/talor/wurmunlimited/mods/survival/Survival.java#L690
  14. The mod takes into account the time of year and the altitude, as well as the north/south position if this feature is enabled. This generates a temperature value. Each crop has a minimum temperature that it requires to grow. The crops are grouped into five broad categories: Coldest: Potatoes, garlic, onions Cold: Carrots, cabbage, sugar beat, peas Normal: Barley, wheat, rye, oats, reeds, lettuce Warm: Corn, pumpkins, wemp, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber Warmest: Cotton, rice So, the growing seasons will be longer in the south and shorter in the north. The crops towards the top of this list will have longer growing seasons, so are probably more suitable for people farming in the north.