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  1. Must see places

    View from the deed aptly called "Thin Air":
  2. Thanks for your purchase, your items are in the mail ... [20:43:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  3. You made some good points, however you missed an important one: It's quite natural that people that see Wurm primarily as a building game (and there are a lot of them!) only play for some months and then leave the game (or the server). In many cases they even return to the server they came from. Quite some people are also not motivated by the skilling game or economy or MMO-gameplay at large, but they love to change a persistent world to leave their mark, both by building own structures and by contributing to public infrastructure. Once a server matures these players typically leave the game or the server: their dream-place has been built, the highway finished, the canal or tunnel is done. Happens with every new server - and there's nothing wrong with it. It's not my style of play but I can well understand (and value!) the contributions of these players.
  4. Bidding 4s for both of them (that means 4s for each auction).
  5. @Keenanmade a post explaining how that error happens and a workaround some time ago here:
  6. Running Wurm on Linux Mint here as well, no problems. Just to make sure, you downloaded the archive (tar.gz) from ? Comes with it's own Java runtime now. No need to install Java from Oracle any more.
  7. I checked Indie with one of my characters, no problem so far. Best do a traceroute or tracepath to May well be the route to the server has a problem.
  8. Such a rule does not exist since many years, formerly known as "enclosure" rule.
  9. Sorry for the late response, but CoD to what character? Zinc_Anode is not a valid character name.
  10. No altars at slaying site, it's just a spot in the wilds of Xanadu.
  11. And hello again! Route description to the poor dragon: - From Vrock Landing starter town: find route to Scorpion Hill, along the ride (only a few minutes) you pass Troll Hill guard tower. There will be signs to the slaying location. - From Xanadu north coast (boats and knarrs only): pass through the tunnels into Lake Vrocks, In the south eastern bay of Lake Vrocks is a peninsula that serves as mooring spots. From the boathouse/pub/chapel at the northern end of the peninsula point signs to the slaying location. From Xanadu West coast (useable by large ships): moor ship near old Sojourn deed, from the guard tower (named H14) there signs point to slaying location. Detail view thanks to Ekcin: Organizers of slaying reserve the bone drop, all other loot gets rolled amongst slayers as listed on Niarja. Good luck!
  12. Oh, look, a public dragon slaying, what a surprise. Like Ekcin already said, location is the general Vrock Landing region of Xanadu. Precise location will be posted 24 hours before the slaying. There will be a map with mooring spots and directions/signs planted from there to the location. Location is not at a highway, directions and pointing signs will be posted from Vrock Landing starter town as well. Of note: - Mooring spot for large ships is in Lake Selkie, reachable via Fogshore tunnels from Xanadu's western coast. - Mooring spot for boats and knarrs is in Lake Vrocks, reachable via tunnels from Xanadu's north coast. - Both mooring spots are undeeded, thus safe to offload creature cages. - Location of slaying is not in any local of coast. - Note it's a starving dragon, thus he may attack your horse, bring your priced horses on your own risk. No reimbursement for killed horses. - Location is in the hills. There will be a spot for carts with alts and tents, but please don't complain about the slopes. Spot for carts/tents is well within the slaying location.
  13. Thanks for the auction! Saddle sent to Lagston ... [23:12:19] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  14. Thanks for the purchase, your saddles are in the mail ... [14:50:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.