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  1. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    Route to northern mooring is for knarrs and boats only, route to southern mooring is all ships.
  2. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    Route from Vrock Landing starter town: Follow highway east (can use deed Scorpion Hill as destination), after a few minutes riding you pass guard tower Troll Hill. There is a sign posted leading you off the highway to the slaying location. Route from Mooring spot north: Exit peninsula to the south towards the boat house, from there you will find pointing signs leading you to the slaying location. Route from Mooring spot south: Find guard tower H14 at mooring spot, follow cobble to the west, at first crossing you see pointing sign to the north, follow cobble and signs. Slaying spot has plenty of off-deed room for dropping tents.
  3. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    Location of slaying is in the Vrock Landing region of Xanadu. Screenshot made with https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/145689-xanadu-community-map/ There will be directions provided to the slaying location from Vrock Landing starter town and from two undeeded mooring spots on Lake Vrock and Lake Selkie tomorrow. The mooring spots are meant for players arriving by ship and possibly bringing their horse (recommended). Both mooring spots are not in local of the slaying but are not deeded, thus players can moor there to unload their animal cages. Mooring spot North can be reached through tunnels (knarrs and boats) from Xanadu's north coast and is located on an peninsula just south of deed Scorpion Point (shown on community map), marked by shrine "Lucks Remembrance". Mooring spot South can be reached through Fogshore tunnel (all ships) from Xanadu's west coast and is located just east of deed Sojourn (old deed disbanded by now but still shown on community map), marked by guard tower "H14". Organizers will run a large cart shuttle service from the two mooring spots to slaying location before and after the event to pickup players arriving without horse.
  4. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    I suggest to bring a horse. We may be able (not sure yet) to provide shuttle service on large carts from 2 of the inner inner lakes to the slaying spot. No idea though how much demand there may be.
  5. [14:06:12] You are practically standing on the The venerable black dragon! Below ground Announcing a public slaying on November, 17th. Exact location will be announced at a later time: Xanadu, central location, will need road travel, no coast in local of slaying. Drops: Bone drop (if any) will go to organizers to pay for the silvers used for the deed, all other drops will be rolled for amongst slayers as listed on Niarja. Premium players in local will get some drake scale and blood for a potion of carpentry. Enjoy! Edit: initial location info here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/166270-public-slaying-the-venerable-black-dragon/&do=findComment&comment=1697924 Edit2: location here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/166270-public-slaying-the-venerable-black-dragon/&do=findComment&comment=1698116
  6. Cant log in

    Stay tuned, server restart in work.
  7. Slaying - Kyklops

    Indeed, my thanks too. Much appreciated! [22:04:38] The aged starving kyklops picks up and throws Timothymarker!
  8. Note that Paypal may limit payment with credit cards to a number of transactions per card in some countries/regions, depending on Paypals terms of service in these countries and Paypal marketing policies. After a card has been used for this number of transactions payment with this credit card is no longer possible without making a Paypal account.
  9. Slaying - Kyklops

    Thanks for the invite indeed, much appreciated.

    Hello, please CoD the Vynora steel runes to Timothymarker: crystal rune of Vynora, steel 11ql - 22c crystal rune of Vynora, steel 13ql - 26c crystal rune of Vynora, steel 14ql - 28c crystal rune of Vynora, steel 20ql - 40c
  11. Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu

    Thanks for your order! [23:36:22] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  12. Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu

    Thanks for your order! [20:12:07] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu

    Update, added new stock of enchanted saddles: QL93, WoA96 3s50c (1 in stock) QL93, WoA98 3s96c (2 in stock) QL93, WoA101 4s70c (1 in stock) QL95, WoA100 6s40c (1 in stock) QL95, WoA96, rare saddle 10s40c (1 in stock)
  14. The Wurm Economy Problem

    Sadly your suggestion solves nothing. Even worse, your suggestion basically already exists, the NPC traders in starter towns do more or less what you want this new NPC trader to do, namely buying "almost everything" from players for silvers. You basically only suggest they should buy more, thus putting more free silvers into the game. Of course then more players would pay their premium with silvers and less RL cash for Codeclub to pay the bills for devs, servers and bandwidth.
  15. Update Creature Spawners

    +1 from me as well. And I would also like to go back to the old spawning behaviour that had certain critters (unicorns, goblins) and every conditioned critter being spawned by lairs only. That spawning always gave a dynamic feeling to a region (He, look, there's a raging troll, there must be a lair in this region, let's go and find it) instead of the rather random scattering we have now.