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  1. Good suggestion. +1 Also: give the newbie tent the sleep menu from beds (we can discuss whether this should work for crafted tents as well), so that a new player can fill his/her sleep bonus by r-clicking the tent and going to sleep like in a bed.
  2. Good news, thanks for telling us that the issue is fixed.
  3. Some new players do, some don't. Some people like that they are able to do things most efficiently, some people don't care about efficiency. With WU release that topic has sailed anyway. The code is available, every secret is in the open, whether people want to know it or not.
  4. Odd, I can groom my hen (not tamed, fat and venerable and on my deed since about 2 RL years, cared for) without leading her and she seems to move around on my deed like she always did. Only new animals affected perhaps?
  5. There must be an error in that old post you linked to (or the info is outdated). 1 light = environmental light sources (sun, moon) 2 lights = the above + your lantern 3 and more lights = the above and lights from other sources (static lamps, candelabras, etc.) Thus on low-end machines you want to set your number of light sources as low as possible, personally I have it set to 2.
  6. I don't see many seals around here (Vrock Landing) but I do see domestic animals (hens, cows, bulls, sheep) spawning at a crazy rate. And rather few aggro critters spawning. What once was 150-200 aggro critters in local (per get info) is now 20-30.
  7. leatherworking

    Now available: Rare studded leather pants, blank (no enchants) - QL 95.3 - 5s
  8. +1 as well. As casual archeologist I'll never manage to get an ore lump, the first fragments are decayed before I find another one to combine them!
  9. My PC (Linux mint, 32-bit) ran the new client with GLSL enabled, but with horrible performance, stutter and freezing every 2nd tile. With GLSL disabled it runs better but still has significantly higher CPU loads than the old low-mem client.
  10. +1 R-click a structure, be it wall, door, fence or gate: emotes-neutral-knock.
  11. Works for me, no other reports of it not working that I know of.
  12. Both events on Xanadu I reckon. Personally I didn't notice any range problems, however I had a weird fight with a raging troll where I should have had good footing (from terrain, striking from above) visually, the manual fight window however stayed in bad footing.
  13. Low memory client is available again.
  14. Quite some new players have because they read-up on it before, and others ask when they are on Golden valley, the tutorial and login server. Don't forget that GV has a CA channel as well.
  15. I appreciate that you think about new player retention and that you try to find a way to improve it. That's good! However, I don't think your suggestion from this thread has any noticeable impact on new player retention. What Wurm may gain by putting new players on an "easier" server it will lose as well. Plenty of new players come to Wurm exactly because they like a more wild and unsettled and "dangerous" server with lots of space. And that's what Xanadu still provides. I do not know whether any hard data exists about player retention rate for different starting servers - and if that data even indicates that different servers have different retention rates. It may well be that Xanadu even has a better new player retention rate. But that sort of hard data must drive any change. Sorry, but assumptions about what is and what is not are not good enough to justify a change in server selection for new players to Wurm. These decisions can only be based on hard data.