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  1. Pottery could also use an imbue like other crafts have to assist with the ql gain while imping. Potion of pottery anyone? Now, if we could only imbue our hands ... imbuing water should work cause one can also imbue lye.
  2. I suggest you post that in technical issues forum, together with your console.log from your Wurm folder. That traceroute doesn't look like a problem to me, there's some other issue.
  3. I do all my leatherworking sitting on my stool!
  4. That's a good thing in my book to stop after server transfer, may well help getting disembarked people back on boat and reduce the chance for botched server crossings. Honestly, I can't see much of a problem here anyway, it's not that we cross server borders hundreds of times per day. Having to hit a key 4 times is not exactly a major stress for the keyboard and the player.
  5. Text below healthbar window is cut off after sailing trip: Windowed Fullscreen, 1920x1080, standard fontsize 12, console log:
  6. Thanks for the public slaying, and at a good time too! Will come over!
  7. Not quite sure what happened there, sounds more like a permission/directory issue to me. I'm playing on Linux Mint. - downloaded tar.gz from https://www.wurmonline.com/wurm-online-downloads/ - have a wurm directory in my home folder - have launcher in wurm folder (and a link to that on my desktop) The tar.gz comes with it's own Oracle 64-bit java runtime that also installs in the home/wurm folder as linux64.
  8. You can take on a wild cat as newbie with starter gear. Just get a few fighting skills (5 or 6 should be enough) at a training dummy and you're set. You already get new battle stances from better weapon skills, see https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Special_move However, due to damage output of large 2-handed weapons in normal PvE many level-appropriate critters are dead before you can use any special moves. Sorry if I misunderstood you, but it seems to me that you suggest to make skill gain both less and more important. Also note that weapon ql and main fighting skill both go into calculation of hit chance.
  9. And thanks for posting it, makes a good read. I agree with much of what you say, Wurm's newbie experience is indeed a mixed bag, for multiple reasons even: Steep learning curve Mix of frustration and highlights A gaming environment with many past years of players having changed that environment Dangers in the wild New players getting conflicting or incomplete information These are tough points to get right and in some cases it's even impossible to get it right. Just for example, in many other games developers try to streamline the newbie experience and spend many hours designing the areas around starting points. But in a game like Wurm the starting experience now won't be the same experience another newbie had 6 months ago. Where a dense forest was 6 months ago a new player now may find a jungle of decaying sheds and fences. That's just how Wurm is but overall I agree the team should try to avoid more of the pitfalls you mentioned in your post.
  10. I don't have to, I have the launcher in my home directory and a shortcut to it on my desktop. No need for sudo.
  11. I'm running Wurm on Linux Mint just fine. May well be you need some libraries, look here:
  12. I have not yet been on Jackal - and likely never will. The concept runs against what I like in Wurm: a persistent world and making a place for me and my character in that world. And Jackal isn't persistent but will soon vanish and with it the characters that settled in that world. No history, no legacy. All that will remain are a few skins and some slight changes to some numbers in the skill list. Not my piece of cake.
  13. I see something like that as well (rowboat), event messages just now: [23:26:26] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:26:26] The "Margot" is currently moored and won't move. [23:26:29] You start to raise the mooring anchor. [23:26:38] You raise the mooring anchor. [23:26:39] You leave the "Margot". Took multiple attempts until it let me use the boat, event messages: [23:28:17] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:28:19] You leave the "Margot". [23:28:50] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:28:54] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:38] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:29:40] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:42] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:29:44] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:55] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain.