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  1. im bugged

    A GM noticed your problem and tried to fix it. Seems it worked!
  2. [13:43:37] <Timothymarker> Thanks for the purchase, your items are in the mail ... [13:43:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  3. Same here, though with far less attempts, only breeding for fun and for my little alliance. All my 18 pre-patch horses have the following traits: All the horses bred after the patch - never have any draft trait - never have the tough bugger trait. The speed and miscellaneous traits get passed on to the offspring in about 50% of all cases, that would be okay. However, that adds up to only 65 traits points. Then the game tries to fill up 90 traits points by randomly adding other negative, miscellaneous and output traits I guess. Seen 2 foals with the "It is more friendly" trait too.
  4. Server's up and running, no other reports of any troubles logging in that I'm aware of. Sorry.
  5. Admins are on it, should be up again in a few minutes.
  6. My guess is that the dominant category is to blame for the bad results, from the patch news: All my old (pre-patch) horses have 3 speed traits, 2 drafts traits, 2 miscellaneous traits and 1 combat trait. I reckon the new code now sees the 3 speed traits as the dominant category and thus passes the 3 speed traits (frequently) on to the foals. However, that are only 45 traits points and the tally needs to be filled to 90 trait points somehow. And thus the RNG comes on and fills 45 traits points with random negative or miscellaneous traits.
  7. What I get is Thus there's some setting or graphic card/driver causing it. Perhaps post your console log too, someone with knowledge may know! But that's not me.
  8. Cause it's not that easy. Imagine a deed with 30 people having rename permission screwing things up in error or on purpose and then imagine how many horses with offensive names (think sexual content, racial slurs, etc.) would be running around. Now it's easy: branded horse badly renamed? Blame the mayor.
  9. I agree that breeding horses now seems more a lottery than anything else. Back ground: my animal husbandry skill is 94.6, before the patch all the horses in my herd had the same 8 traits: the old 5 speed traits + tough bugger + spark in eyes + strong & healthy. Breeding them - avoiding inbreeding - would result in foals with these same 8 traits in roughly 2/3 of all cases. My attempts now have all produced foals with 3 or 4 speed traits and a bunch of negative and miscellaneous traits thrown in to fill the 90 trait points.
  10. Oddly enough, also running Linux Mint here, and had no problems, launcher updated and ran with new UI.
  11. My AH skill is 94.62, all my horses have: [20:47:32] This creature has a total of 115 trait points.
  12. Thanks for the purchase, your items are in the mail ... [20:57:48] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. Seems there is a wrong link on parts of the website, this link should work to register new characters: https://register.wurmonline.com/WurmWeb/index.jsp?c=register
  14. On a leather adventurer hat of course!