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  1. Please lower the Christmas Greeting sound

    Yes, it's incredibly loud on my PC as well, like standing just in front of the speakers in a heavy metal concert. Almost fell out of my chair when I first heard it. Seems to bypass all Wurm sound settings, thus played with full volume, whatever the speakers can produce. I switched off my speakers as well, can't have more than 1 heart attack per day.
  2. I agree, the fighting skill 20 requirement should be dropped on PvE servers.
  3. In general I agree, we need high-end armour sets for priests and archers though I would change the details in the OP's post. Current situation is that we have scale and drake armour, but both count as heavy armour and are thus unsuited for priests and archers because they get a penalty to spellcasting and archery while wearing it. That's why my character Timothymarker uses a plain leather set. Design goal of any new armour set must be that it counts as light armour for game mechanics. However, it will be difficult to design an armour set that captures the needs of both casters and archers and likely even more difficult to make it look right for both professions graphically. Can't have archers that look like priests! Thus we really need two new armour sets: A set based off plain leather (leatherworking) with some high-end materials from uniques to make an archer's high-end armour set. I'd suggest to give this set a bonus to archery and spellcasting of 25%, the current cloth and plain leather sets provide 30%. A set based off cloth (cloth tailoring) with some high-end materials from uniques to make a priests high-end armour set. I'd suggest to give this set a bonus of 40% to spellcasting and a bonus of 25% to archery.
  4. [Fixed] Life Transfer enchant problems...

    I advise to file a /support ticket in game, explain what happened to a GM, best include a link to this thread as note to the support ticket.
  5. It's a bug and unintended.
  6. Do you like the new fishing system?

    Use a fishing net instead, easy to make. You catch some fish in shallow waters with it and even get skill. No hassle at all.
  7. [Fixed] Climbing bug

    I'm seeing the same, cannot climb a slope 33 tile.
  8. I have the same, using ql80-ish white dyed iron lantern. I notice a very small light effect from it though, but marginal at best.
  9. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    From the above notes: Existing players with deities can have a one time transfer by using /transfer. There is currently no planned date for this window to end, any planned date will be announced in advance.
  10. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    This likely needs some stressing cause it's easily missed: Bugfix: Items inside equipped saddle sacks and saddle bags will now take damage similar to items in other containers on a deed. By now many players have high-value items (bloods, runes, potions, drake hide, dragon scale, etc.) stored in saddle sacks/bags to prevent decay. Players that miss this info may well return to see some heavily damaged high-value items or their stock of runes crumbling to dust I fear.

    Hello! And please CoD the above runes to Timothymarker. Thanks!
  12. [Duplicate] Kicked out of boat on server crossing

    I have experienced this as well, oddly enough also on Linux (Mint, in case it matters).
  13. From wiki: Completing or participating in a Valrei Mission will award 30 minutes of SB if you have less than 4 hours currently saved up. The above is no longer the case, amount of bonus depends on mission, the 4h rule has been scrapped.
  14. WTB 4x QL90+ with 90+WoA & Saddle QL90+ with 90+WoA

    Can't help you to horseshoes (not my line of business) but here are the ql90+ saddles I have in stock currently: QL90, WoA91 2s64c (1 in stock) QL90, WoA92 2s68c (1 in stock) QL90, WoA93 2s72c (2 in stock) QL90, WoA94 2s76c (1 in stock) QL93, WoA96 3s50c (1 in stock) QL93, WoA98 3s96c (2 in stock) QL93, WoA101 4s70c (1 in stock) QL95, WoA100 6s40c (1 in stock) Full listing: Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu - Merchant Ads - Wurm Online Forum