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  1. leatherworking

    Update: Added new enchanted ql80 saddles: WoA power 80-91
  2. In general terms siege weapons damage structures, i.e. objects blocking movements (walls, fences, etc.)
  3. Animals (in the wild) tend to move north where they bunch up on slopes or other dead ends, peninsulae for example. Here's a screenshot from Xanadu, near Vrock Landing. Slope is facing north. Note also that there's not a single aggressive mob on the picture, bulls and cows spawn at a crazy rate it seems, leaving no room for aggressive critters. In a region where I once saw 150-200 aggressive critters in local (via get-info) I now see 10 or 20 aggressive ones when I'm lucky, sometimes only 4 or 5.
  4. I'd call that thing a large cart.
  5. Not really any essential use case but two fun ones: Kiting trolls with medium bows, shoot, ride, shoot, ride. I know one could just use a longbow but it's fun. Hunting hounds with bows: spot at good distance, lose 3-4 longbow shots, switch to medium bow, lose 2 more shots, when the hound is at the archer it's half dead and looks like a pin doll.
  6. I want more and more difficult aggressive mobs on Xanadu. I also want a newbie/builder-friendly game. And that is not even a contradiction - because both is possible at the same time. It just needs a better spawning system and a migration algorithm that doesn't rely on random directions. Spawning: spawns should take into account distance from starter towns. The closer to a starter town the weaker the mob should be. Same for spawning of lairs. Migration: the closer to a starter town a difficult aggressive mob is (say hell hounds, scorpions, crocs, trolls, the like), the more likely it should move away from said starter town. There two rules alone should safeguard new and/or casual players. Can blame the templars in the starter villages for it, even mobs should be able to learn that approaching a bunch of templars is an unhealthy attitude.
  7. Correct, same for cloth tailoring and leather working titles. Cloth, leather and studded are "armours" as well.
  8. leatherworking

    Update: Added new enchanted ql80 saddles: WoA power 81-87
  9. lol, I just tended to my farm fields, sounds as if I'm starting a motorbike.
  10. My advise would be to 1) Check your dynamic lights settings, tick limit dynamic lights and set the limit to low, work up from there by stepwise increasing the number of dynamic lights. 2) Check your shadow settings. Better advise could come from devs, but please post your console log for them, there are specifics about your settings in the log.
  11. No need to open inventory, instead hover mouse over weapon/shield on toolbelt slot and hit your equip keybind.
  12. For what it's worth: running on Linux Mint here (Ubuntu fork), on a Nvidia GTX1050. Ubuntu still lists Nvidia driver 384.111 as recommended driver for my OS, thus that's the driver I use: no problems.
  13. Getting more reports of that too.
  14. Character deletion can happen at any time after 90 days of inactivity. Sorry, but your account and the items are gone.
  15. I'm thinking about selling all my armour sets in the Tim's Tannery house colours: And with a free metal brush in case a customer doesn't like the bi-colour design.