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  1. Can't help much, sorry, not a techie here, hope another player chimes in as well. However, I run Wurm just fine on Linux Mint 17 (32-bit), more or less out of the box after getting Java from Oracle. I'm using the ppa from http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/install-oracle-java-8-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html
  2. I can confirm that it was possible for players to build (and repair/imp) fences within the perimeter of a starting village for a long time. At some time (roughly half a year ago?) this was changed. I cannot comment on whether this was intentional or not.
  3. Player stated in CA chat: [22:55:12] <Bastet> it was 8seconds before the Valrie item and after its still 8seconds No priest, premium, 20.06 faith
  4. A nice idea I'd say, but difficult to organise because most new players start alone (no group) and soon vanish into the wilderness away from any spawn points. Add time zones to it (mentor and new player would need to have the same play times for several days) and it becomes very difficult to get it done. I certainly like the general idea however.
  5. leatherworking

    Just a little bump.
  6. Difficult topic. - Bridges are easy to remove when bridge on deed and/or owner still around and cooperative. - Bridges are very difficult to remove in many other situations. For some bridges that's a good thing, for some bridges that's a bad thing.
  7. Please make a /support ticket in game for that, Gwyn. Needs a GM to fix, staff will contact you.
  8. I see the same, cannot hit middle bridge sections with catapult, like Jaz seeing the shards visibly pass through the bridge and pile up on tiles below the bridge without any damage to bridge. @Alectrys, there is currently a bridge on Xanadu close to my deed where this can be observed, we've started to bash it now, but plenty of sections left for catapult test shots.
  9. The most popular template is certainly to make everything flat and then to plop down a bunch of buildings. Personally I prefer to leave the landscape as it is and place the buildings that I need, only cottage and workshop in my case. View from my small farm (with 11 farm fields) to workshop on the left and cottage up the little hill on the right.
  10. The same is true for some other recipes as well. I always thought it was intentional, to let the player experiment with different types of ingredients.
  11. I bet on bad luck. I know I foraged my initial cucumbers after the cooking update went live. Send PM in game to Timothymarker and I send you a few seeds by mail.
  12. leatherworking

    Now in stock: Rare saddle QL93.83, WoA91, 12 silver
  13. What's wrong with typing "/random 2" in any chat window? Okay, does not flip a coin, but result is pretty much the same.
  14. A bit too much convenience and magics here in my opinion, thus -1. Or we could get rid of the oven as well, just cast FA on your frying pans for instant hot food.
  15. Lake Vrock alliance on Xanadu can provide the requested leathers, for free of course. We can deliver in the coming weeks.