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  1. Event log: [22:03:16] You will now fight normally. [22:03:26] Reconnecting Timothymarker! Xanadu - the great mystery. ... [22:03:27] You are not invulnerable now. [22:03:27] 178 other players are online. You are on Xanadu (648 totally in Wurm). [22:03:27] The teleportation target is in rock! [22:03:31] You leave the "Shadow Glider". [22:03:32] You manage to become stuck in the rock, and quickly suffocate. [22:03:32] You are dead.
  2. It's only a rumour anyway, thus not a bug.
  3. As of March 1 2020 account trading is no longer legal per the end user license agreement. Sorry, bad luck for you, but that's what it is.
  4. Update on wagoners on Xanadu: players report wagoners still not working. Have heard from one player that got it working by dismissing existing wagoner on his camp and setting up shop again.
  5. Update on Xanadu: waystones and find route working now it seems, still no wagoners though.
  6. Cannot confirm sadly, I checked waystones around Vrock Landing starter town, all waystones show unknown, find route gives no result, neither by using drop down list and by entering deed name manually. Both checkboxes about highways in deed settings are enabled. Alliance mates reports no wagoners in his list.
  7. +1 to these two suggestions. Won't completely prevent KoS abuse but goes a long way to reduce abuse of the mechanic.
  8. And this story is not true.
  9. I agree, would be nice to have a choice. How about integrating sorcery titles into the normal /titles functionality?
  10. Anything north of Vrock Landing, esp. deserts and steppes will have good mob populations.
  11. I agree with you that we need a more precise wording of that new rule concerning account sharing. I would be in violation of that quoted wording myself in 4 cases. 1. A character originally made by an alliance mate for sermons, now used as storage alt. 2. Another character originally made for sermons by another alliance member, now used as storage alt as well. 3. Two characters made by an alliance mate, now used as mayors for two alliance-owned deeds, one deed being the Vrock Landing Market&Inn near the starting town, the other deed being an alliance-run boathouse, chapel and pub. Family member: does not apply for any of them. Close friend: depends entirely on the definition of what a close friend is. Multiple people having access to these characters: yes, they do.
  12. I reckon most everybody playing now is getting routed through Decix in Frankfurt anyway.
  13. Can't promise anything but I'll ask a developer to have a look here.
  14. Note that mobs get hungry before they show the starving tag.