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  1. I have not yet been on Jackal - and likely never will. The concept runs against what I like in Wurm: a persistent world and making a place for me and my character in that world. And Jackal isn't persistent but will soon vanish and with it the characters that settled in that world. No history, no legacy. All that will remain are a few skins and some slight changes to some numbers in the skill list. Not my piece of cake.
  2. I see something like that as well (rowboat), event messages just now: [23:26:26] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:26:26] The "Margot" is currently moored and won't move. [23:26:29] You start to raise the mooring anchor. [23:26:38] You raise the mooring anchor. [23:26:39] You leave the "Margot". Took multiple attempts until it let me use the boat, event messages: [23:28:17] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:28:19] You leave the "Margot". [23:28:50] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:28:54] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:38] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:29:40] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:42] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain. [23:29:44] You leave the "Margot". [23:29:55] You embark on the "Margot" as the captain.
  3. I agree that rare armour pieces seem to be very shiny now. My comment in alliance chat was: [20:30:43] <Timothymarker> I look more like a moving lamppost than someone wearing rare leather jacket and pants
  4. N19? Sounds odd to me cause I see the beam due south from G14, unless the new graphics changed something with visibility.
  5. Awfully sorry, but there's really nothing I could think of. In a way Wurm is like the real world economy: money piles up for a few people at the top of the economy pyramid and the rest has too little of it. As to sleep powders, I already accept sleep powders as payment for my leather wares. I agree, I would wish easier trade of sleep powders. But be aware that it won't help much anyway, I'd just have more sleep powders piling up then.
  6. I occasionally sell silvers for real life money. Why do I sell silver you ask? That's easy to answer: I do so because I do not know what else to do with the silver that piles up in my bank. I have no use for it, thus I sell it. The economy in Wurm causes silver to flow mainly to the established crafters and merchants in the game. That's pretty normal, after all players send their priced drake sets rather to an established and well-known crafter for imping, for a good reason even. But there's nothing these established crafters can do with the silver beside selling it. After all nobody needs a 10th drake set or 5 different deeds on every server.
  7. Player telling underground critters don't aggro rift scouts that are underground, no further info available.
  8. I see this as well, on Linux Mint. Memory keeps stable (as reported by system monitor) if I stay on my deed, travel however will cause heavy memory use, seen up to 12 GB used by the launcher. Only "solution" I know is to relog once in a while when travelling. Can I blame Java garbage collection?
  9. The cosmetics cash shops usually don't bring in enough coins. Sure, some people buy the cosmetics but it's not enough to maintain a consistent cash flow. With cash shop games it's frequently the 90/10 rule: 90% of your players create 10% of the revenue (by the occasional cosmetic item, a one-off sale), but the other 10% of your players create 90% of the revenue (by frequently buying loot boxes, XP boosts, fighting boosts, etc.) The latter is what brings in the coins, the cosmetics are just icing on the cake - but not the cake itself. To make Wurm a F2P game with cash shop you need to sell cakes to the 10%, the cosmetics for the 90% are just an added bonus, nice-to-have but not enough to pay the bills.
  10. Thanks for your post. But - truth be told - it was good luck and you called at the right time. I had just returned home when you PM'ed me and - due to slow business currently because many people are on Jackal - I had no backlog. It won't always be the case that I can start with an imping order right away.
  11. Thank you for the post, to my shame I have to confess that I had the same issue, wanted to make a post but forgot it.