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  1. If this is changed then please fix the skill window resize because the minimum width is so large i need the real restate behind it and the gap borken doesnt like is the window to accessing behind it
  2. Character sheet seems to only have the option for open or closed now, previously you could double click it to shrink it down to title bar size at the bottom of where it was if touching bottom of screen, this is no longer a thing. Also now seems to be a good time to fix this: The status section could afford to be less than half of that width so there's actually room to see peoples names rather than most being cut off
  3. Im not sure you understand. Its late and i cant be bothered going into too much detail but the loss of 30 horses from one fight and having the space to replace them has nothing to do with how good you are at breeding. If you want to pm i can explain that and capitals and all the rest you dont know tomorrow.
  4. Ok sure but do you really want to see your kingdoms crippled from horse losses waiting on foals growing for the sake of cute? Sorry but we are trying to fix problems not perpetuate them.
  5. Because this isn't pve this is war, if you want cute you might be in the wrong place
  6. Skipping foal stages completely seems reasonable to me, helps remove barriers to pvp but its not really my call idk someone else might think it makes it too easy or something silly like that
  7. would look pretty stupid to ride a tiny foal and already does look silly to ride a young horse, just looking for the faster foal stage
  8. It not anything to do with breeding its being able to actually ride the horse, epic code makes the horses age faster than freedom so they pass foal ages faster, will this be on steam server too?
  9. I don't believe they are contradictory at all, the servers are not connected in the way that you can sail and there is no pvp missed by catching people travelling to and from pve, so the way I see it is like an epic-freedom connection and I am not a fan of mechanics that punish people for picking one or the other. To say that people can "teleport" from pve straight to the deed would only be the case if you were able to sail, the likeness would only be able to be drawn if every time anyone logged out at all they were sent back to the spawn town. Since the two servers are not traditionally joined and no items swap its more like someone logged out to play some other game and then their mates alerted everyone in discord to log in. To the alternate suggestion of blocking someone from logging in just because there is enemy in local - Who are the enemy to decide when someone can and cant use their premium account? I don't imagine that would equate to happy customers. As far as skill transfers go I can understand the reason to prevent FS cross over (despite opening characteristic windows) and again just like epic/freedom, faith not swapping (to a degree), but anything beyond that goes back into the punishment of choice and the final nail that was in epics coffin. The more there is a loss from swapping over the more people will stop swapping, especially when the current player base are already being double dipped to participate in the new fun.
  10. It may go without saying but just checking if early aging of horses is still increased so they don't take 2 weeks to be ridable, not just faster gestation times?
  11. Server status page says something in german about maintenance and will be back soon I assume related?
  12. its half (or more) full just like bsbs change model
  13. Happens from time to time for many years, happened to one of my alts just last night too
  14. Buy from a trader