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  1. [Bug] Generic Mission List

    You don't need any item for this ritual, it is by no means a new concept.
  2. Arch Masks

    Sent, thank you
  3. Arch Masks

    2s each
  4. [Bug] Maple sap to syrup cooking issue
  5. I got the message once today and only when I was able to find it
  6. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    Now I can play army men in the dirt
  7. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    Then they arent completed enough
  8. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    It has been said and explained twice now and shut down though *shrug*
  9. Valrei International. 068

    Yes you are, its about one god per template kingdom on the valeri game board, thats three kingdoms. Previously one kingdom had two gods and as such two opportunities in the same round to win while the other two had one god each. In the interests of balance and fairness Vynora was retired from the game board and missions on freedom are a byproduct of epic not designed for freedom.
  10. Where's Waldo?

  11. WTB Lots of Random Stuff!

    Do the veg have to be 99ql or is 100 ok?
  12. Lava tiles once frozen will not open

    The nw corner raises by 4 slope normally
  13. green dragon slaying

    He can easily do it privately
  14. Buff Icon Bar Preferences/Customisation
  15. EPIC Art

    When I turned on my PC today I was shocked to see that windows has started using wurm images Ice pillar in the desert rain