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  1. Horse Gear

    Sent, thank you
  2. Horse Gear

    Sent, thank you
  3. Horse Gear

    Sent, thank you
  4. Horse Gear

    All items have WoA with marked powers and prices, please post ingame name for CoD
  5. You just insulted people who disagree with you, on a personal level making assumptions about their lives or alleged lack of... then complain about bad attitudes
  6. the type of weapon you use really doesn't influence your score at all, its influence by are you the guy fighting 1v1 on the side or are you the guy working with the group
  7. The merchant forces the price on sink items like powders and res stones you cant set it
  8. So tweak it as said? make it 40%, 60%, hell make it so that if you haven't won the timing lottery by the time you hit 100k prayers and could have charged it entirely on your own without alts you complete it. Leave the rite for a lucky free pass since you think that its hard, its actually not hard to steal it, the problem that you don't seem to understand is the difference between something that is hard and something that you can not time to be around for ever. If it helps you decide at all, I don't need this on any of my main toons.
  9. Still think you are missing the problem
  10. Oh I thought you were trolling. I think the idea here is to make the goal more fair not make it easier or in your case harder. Making it require 90 channeling would be akin to having the non priest one suddenly have grind ws to 90 and it does not, it has imp a weap to 50ql. There are many skills much easier that you can take to 99. I don't think the request for a fairer system that doesn't have people fighting to be faster at being underhanded, or online at an unknown right time is unreasonable, I do think your idea is unreasonable.
  11. Non priests can already help and the channeling is already a factor increasing with links. The crux of the issue is having to be in exactly the right place at the precise right moment no matter how much effort you put in.
  12. I think 10k is too low you can do that fairly fast but I'm down with the basic concept
  13. Id rather see it change to something like 'contribute to 20% of the rite pool' or something similar, you could argue that its just a different name for getting 70 prayer but its no different to the 100 gems you get from getting to 70 prayer, or the sac 10k items and spend 100k favor being pretty much the same, they are all interconnected anyway and then they will all rely on your actual effort to the cause and not pure luck in timing irrespective of that effort.