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  1. They did have higher and they did complain, several occasions that i know of and they all got told the same thing, its how i knew it was a problem for such a long time. Not trying to defend their choice or anything its just that its really not a new complaint, the part that does piss me off is the staff that decide to do something without knowing what they are doing, leading to situations like this where someone feels wronged because the staff did the wrong thing previously. I can imagine those that were told to suck it up in the past would feel pretty annoyed too to find that some have indeed had their skills altered. There's two sides of the fence to most situations.
  2. It was brought up years before darklords was a champ also and claimed to be part of the penalty of dechamping I suppose as a swap for permadeath. You were lucky to get an ill-informed gm to help previously but that is always the luck of the draw In a lot of cases. I don't really have a strong feeling either way, it sucks to lose skill I know but I guess if weighed against account deletion maybe it's not so bad.
  3. People weren't converting for sb before the rite rework because the sb only existed on Vynora, so technically you were able to take advantage of an oversight to grind your preaching until they realised what they had done and now you are almost back to what people had to grind with before, only a litte bit better off since some people may still switch *shrug*
  4. Something like this is sorely needed... I'm still squinting because half the colours on the legend are the same and I can't drag them to colour match the map but even if I could I'd still be squinting and honestly I can do without the headache and eye strain.
  5. I have alts that only ever meditated on the one tile all the way to 70, you dont need the message because you literally dont need it
  6. They claimed that it was part of the penalty when it was brought up eons ago.
  7. You think your actions are fine, others may not but everyone is entitled to an opinion. If you were not one of the people vilifying and hating on others then you have no reason to take it personally so yes please stop. I don't see what harm it does to anyone to let both sides enjoy things the way they like. There's enough info from the ones that want locations to respect those that want to remain uncharted.
  8. Its not personal, its a different point of view which oddly enough is what is required for a discussion otherwise its just a bunch of yes men in an echo chamber validating each other and patting themselves on the back.
  9. A courtesy is manners and respect, which means you only have that respect for those you dont have to put a little extra effort into Then its no longer "opt out" if you have to plead your case and hope it passes.
  10. My point is, why is it a courtesy only if they are online? If you do not need permission then why bother at all? It's not a courtesy unless you make an effort for all, otherwise its just a thinly veiled attempt to make yourself look better for something that you don't think is a bad thing and need not bother saying is a courtesy at all. The opt out option is also ridiculous: Why should the owner of a deed that does not want to be on the map be required to have a reason let alone a "good" one? who is the judge on what is or isn't a good reason? Not to mention that the people in this thread in favour of this option basically vilify those who dont like it as being anti community and hateful people who want to ruin other peoples fun. But yeah sure "just opt out"
  11. You didn't ask my permission
  12. Need something stronger than a like for this
  13. Only if its something like this but maybe 4 times as big
  14. white on white, black on black
  15. iron fence doesn't work either