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  1. Just for fun I did a search for one horse, she has given birth 26 times and not passed on tough bugger once. That is a 0% transfer rate, pretty low I'd say
  2. [23:52:50] The young Cloudlegionaire is dead. R.I.P.
  3. Age isn't a factor, but since I know some people will go to the grave claiming it does I used the same age and colour horses for my test. Either way though it doesn't really change the point of the bug report.
  4. This seems to be a move in the right direction, however, after running through about 100 foals (all conceived after the patch) its further highlighting the issue with the passing of traits. The dominant category is strong as intended but beyond that its not passing the others, more like dipping its hand into the misc/output basket and throwing a random handful at the foal. I can not get the traits i want outside of the speed category to stick and am killing just as many foals as i was before the reduction of negatives. (yes I know I suck at breeding and am clearly not doing it right). As for this, it is still far far worse than it was pre animal update. Here's a couple of momma piles to judge for yourself:
  5. [00:48:04] The young Starkdemona is dead. R.I.P.
  6. I have to assume this is unless they are hitched to it?
  7. Its normal and not related to the patch. If people like you keep complaining about it and have it changed then people with no genesis dont stand a chance. Id rather have no traits and an extra breeder if i was starting out fresh than have something with 3 negatives id have to kill
  8. These foals are still zooming around after the saddle fix
  9. Been playing around with some new horses (none of them ebony) weighing a total of 51kgs, no shoes or saddle and on flat land of course: 3 speed (without water) fluctuates around with a max of 24.5 4 speed (with water lol) fluctuates around with a max of 23.7 and 5 speed despite claiming to be always on is fluctuating quite a bit between 20.1, 20.8, 22.3, 24.4, 25.2, 26.6, 27.3 and 28.8 So if something is always on im not seeing it.
  10. So you didn't actually test if parents would pass on a specific trait? Just that foals got random extras to fill point allowance?
  11. If you missed it, it wasn't just you "on socials" some of us aren't interested in all the million extra platforms
  12. lets hope its not the breeder claiming everything is fine and that players are just bad at breeding lol
  13. My previous post is second gen, ive been breeding second gen for a week and its just as nasty and ridiculous everything is way too random