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  1. They never lost them, the concept of the account being removed from the game once ascending was removed and other things changed before anyone got there.
  2. Would be nice if that stuff was in the news
  3. Leading a rooster while hunting collecting hens and chicks for lols
  6. died 30 mins ago for me hasn't come back since
  8. To me it looks like it will still be painful, hard to judge from a single picture but being surrounded by it I cant imagine it will be much different to now, the real test obviously will be when winter comes
  9. are those pics taken from the same time of day and is it the most blinding time, please don't make it longer its still going to hurt enough to not play
  10. I don't mean the forum list and its ok im just saying you don't need to add it to the list its already there
  11. its been on the list for many years
  12. So why is it Indy and not other servers and why does it keep happening on a regular basis
  13. but are they aware of the underlying issue yet?