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  1. Must be nice having more than 3 people around to enjoy killing uniqes... even if ours dont give tomes...
  3. I wasnt going to comment because i dont play there but for what its worth let people greif their own dirt walls and find out the hard way why it will actually benefit the raiders in the long run
  4. Spoiler [11:31:35] The walnut will not fit in the frying pan. I had to put a rune on the pan to fit the last ingredient, also might be worth changing cat to say feline Other than that it works nicely, I'd like to thank you for actually making a generator that is idiot friendly
  5. summon chicken nuggets
  6. Sorry mate I heard about that the same time as anyone else and it never crossed my mind prior.
  7. Woahhhh hold up there a second... When did I become so influential?? Wish someone told me I had the power to make changes, then maybe it wouldn't have taken 2 years for a few of my well supported suggestions to get through. Hell even my beloved old Elevation might not have been reset into the awful map it is now and Valrei might be more user friendly. Hit me up and let me know whos ear I need to whisper in because I'm dying to know!
  8. Its as much gambling as a newspaper or Netflix subscription, you are paying for premium access to a video game nothing more or less. The only thing I could see to come from all the nit picking is a lock down on the freedom to sell your characters and items.
  9. nope my feelings haven't changed
  10. So, people seem to get a bit disappointed when they complete a temple only to find its a tiny unimpressive question mark bag. My suggestion is this - What better item of worship could we have in wurm!
  11. I nearly spat my drink out bursting into laughter for too many reasons
  12. Yes that is Mrgary on the forum, I think only one player god has the same forum name as ingame and only because they changed their forum name lol, but if you mean posts ingame its because they are epic players so you will only see them chat on freedom if they port over. Edit: Another one changed to their ingame name on the forum since the forced password change.
  13. Highlight the logs and click the eye pic in the text options at the top of the posting box
  14. Yeah you get not enough skill or not enough time messages but if you are not eligible for either type you get nothing. That list is certainly handy to have though
  15. I think it is important to point out that the reason for needing someone on another or no path to find it is because it will not give the special place message to the insanity player. Depending on how motivated you are, it only takes a small change to create a special tile so you can stay in one place and mine the floor once (and use concrete to flatten the floor back if you are ocd like most here) and try the four tiles around that point over and over until you create an insanity tile.