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  1. reposting for next run through of changes
  2. You can breed 5 speeds with a f2p if the parents already have the traits
  3. Congratulations Demona that's great news
  4. Was there a time frame for this, been waiting idk if I should log off and come back later? seems it was disingenuous at this point
  5. Shouldn't have to waste GM time, would be nice if the claim function was used and this didn't keep happening every time
  6. I love driving off deed to dig up some sand or clay real quick and then getting told I cant get back on the cart I just rode out, makes a lot of sense.
  7. Thread was made after midnight with no adequate time to move to the right cluster before beginning and still no option to redeem the gift in the place of your choice, thanks I guess for chocolate on a dead cluster with no use
  8. Some are hard coded as a thanks to people who helped with testing, others are a select list that adopt the name of the first on the server to create it, so changing server you will see the same recipe with someone elses name
  9. Are we broken again or?
  10. Ignoring the bug where missions aren't spawning sea creatures, even when there are mobs in the water, I can not see them because of the water. Anything under the water is impossible to see, turtles have one pixel that sticks up above but just looks like the pixelated water movement or screen tearing until I get closer, whales I can see only when the animation jumps them out of the water, sharks I can see the fins a bit like the turtles but anything else is hidden completely. To find the dolphin above I had to use several reveal casts and a lot of luck... I didn't have this issue before water was made pretty and I cant find any settings to fix it.
  11. Seems the fix for this has created the invisible hitched bug, I can see now that the horses will go invisible if you just walk up and hitch, a whole pen behaved like this and I couldn't see them for a week until I unhitched and rehitched in place, now I can see them all for a few days with no issue so the same temp fix for the displacement works for invisible animals
  12. has always happened from my experience, the more you hunt the more you come across it
  13. Some of those are victim to the great signature purge and were given the signature of people who examined them first after, not the creator. Its a nice idea in theory but i wonder how many will be honest with you
  14. I often can tell them apart because white dotted flowers are pink and purple flowers are purple