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  1. Lag logging in will make all my tabs overlap and be about two characters wide similar to this
  2. If you search "suffocate" and limit the search to server bugs you can see a bunch
  3. it doesn't even work like it used to its only half of what it was, the close trees are green but the ground is still winter and defeats the point of even trying to get a playable game
  4. Is there any update on why this happens so regularly to Indy?
  5. Not to mention every public slaying is at 4-6am lol. If you want one find one and then you can decide what happens to it.
  6. My first initial is S so Sme comes from an amalgamation of S and "it's me" then my surname starts with Jack and combining the two I have been using this name for about 20 years. My brother told me to try this game called wurm he had found a couple weeks prior when I was getting annoyed with everything else, I logged in ran the tutorial landed in the howl and logged out after not being able to cut any trees for about 20 mins (they were all around fm) with some obscure message about karma. My brother came around a few days later and ran me through the basics and then went home and logged in to continue showing me around, I spent a few hours building some fences only to be ran off by someone logging in claiming the bit of grass I was fencing was his so whatever lol I moved on.
  7. Two pages fiercely defending the goal refusing to see that most people cant fit in the box and now you are suddenly fine with the option to forego the goal completely? Seems like arguing for the sake of arguing. I enjoyed rifts far more before the addition of all the new stupid ai, more often than not i harvest nothing at the end and only attend because of the journal the few times it actually fits my zone.
  8. Adding speed restrictions is no better qol than getting off the boat and waiting since theres all the furling timer crap to run through and would defeat the point imo
  9. see 7.2.4. this is posted here: which has been available from the get go
  10. Sure in some places it does (not where I live), but if you want to be understood you should probably use the least ambiguous wording. A few moons ago we used to have a restart twice a week like clockwork, I didn't mind then and I wouldn't mind now.
  11. I would imagine that you dont actually want bi-weekly as that would be twice a week, perhaps fortnightly is what you are looking for
  12. You could leave a cart you own on the tile you want the trader and let the gms know the name of it in your ticket, can also say the house name the trader is currently in and on which deed. GMs should be able to figure everything else out.
  13. knuckle dusters and no pants, what a night
  15. I've had these conversations about many different mechanics through my time in wurm and have always been assured that there is no way that a system can or will favour some toons over others, one of the biggest ones being who gets an affinity in pvp. Some accounts just seemed to walk in the sun while others were doomed to live in their shadows (shout out to my boy Cornchips) There was one case where I was assured that sharing a kill in a mission was completely random as to who got the points for it but I could prove which toon would always receive it over which other toons with 100% accuracy. It could completely come down to your playstyle not gelling with the best ways to get them but I certainly wouldn't rule out some accounts just sucking because I have seen it time and again for so called random chance based things.