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  1. Horse named oblivion

    [13:12:11] The mature fat Oblivionsweet is dead. R.I.P.
  2. There's no animal management on pvp servers
  3. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    that 'fix' would break a lot of other things
  4. the goal is still technically there to complete for now
  5. unearned achievement

    Some definitely have a bug in the trigger, I've gotten them without even leaving the house
  6. Valrei International. 065

    Horses already take forever to grow into usefulness, please don't add to that by adding more useless foals its bad enough with regular horses
  7. The State of Raiding

    I agree with you, I don't have a problem with losing all my stuff and have a few times. I enjoy defending too. The problem is that if you balance it for the people who will raid 'thoughtfully' it just makes it all the more easier for those who have the mentality of hur dur lets stomp on everyone and we have seen over and over that these people do exist and they do harm the game. Id rather see changes that start bringing in a more healthy population to have some fun with before we make changes that could essentially secure the death of wurm pvp. Sure raiding can be fun but is it fun if there isn't anyone around? Maybe wurm needs to look at a different direction, maybe it doesn't, all I can comment on is the behaviour I have seen over the years.
  8. The State of Raiding

    In the beginning I enjoyed raiding then it came to the point where it was too much effort vs reward and more often than not just rage inducing from people who wont listen and do stupid things. Somewhere along the line I decided I was ok with this for the health of the game, yes there are people who very much enjoy the land control aspect but there are also those who enjoy stomping on people for the sake of it and I believe this is not healthy. Everyone wants pvp but if you want to take everything people own, kill all their horses and leave them with not even tools to restock then chances are they aren't going to bother and then you have no one to pvp with. Not everyone will quit after they log in to find they have nothing left but I have seen a lot will and do, some will weather this a few times but come to the same end. Maybe I'm biased because I have always enjoyed open field combat more than raiding but to me it just makes sense, leave people with their homes and horse stocks so that they can keep coming back out if and when they are ready but you cant force people to pvp and you certainly can stop them even thinking of trying if you destroy their homes. The change to allow bashing from inside the mine wasn't really a change, it was in for as long as I can remember (I clearly remember having to do it when the Mongol hota tunnel kept getting walled shut) it was an accidental change from some other fix and got reverted back pretty quickly. I guess the TL;DR for me is, I don't really care that its not fair or too hard, I'd prefer that we retain players and there be people to maybe pvp with if and when the population gets better.
  9. Share your titles

    You are currently known as: Planeswalker Smeagain the 18th Eidolon [Chancellor] [Hacker Manipulator]
  10. New titles list

    90 spear [11:21:20] You have just received the title 'Spartan'! 70 and 90 huge club [11:21:20] You have just received the title 'Forest Giant'! [11:21:20] You have just received the title 'Kyklops'!
  11. Share your titles

    [Content blocked by Hetzner]
  12. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    mind logic
  13. When you need solid bridge support

    That's one of the things Valrei used to do to your homes if you didn't win the scenario
  14. When you need solid bridge support

    When bridges make you build a spire to rival Tich