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  1. Its my dirty little secret, I dont want everyone to know im playing wurm gosh
  2. Theres nothing to suggest that it was made different between servers but that's ok I didn't want to get into an argument, we just thought it would be remiss to not share the info
  3. She often gives birth 4 times a day, breeding is much faster on pvp servers, yes, as I said I have many pairs of rare horses breeding. Its not unlikely, like anything rng you can get lucky and its not so unlikely to have the same rare when its the dominant category
  4. Just thought I would share some of my info here... I've been breeding rare pairs for a couple of months now and only one of them has produced a rare foal which to me says that the chance is no more or less than any none rare pair, I'm glad that you had good luck getting rares but I feel it is a case of the exception doesn't make the rule. I checked my logs for the mother that did birth a rare just to see how many she has bred "Search "Yazmeendep will probably give birth in a while!" (190 hits in 3 files)" So one pair almost 200 foals for one rare, and none of the other pairs, my observation puts a rare horse at about 1 in 300 but almost none of any of my breeding pairs have given birth to more than one this is just dividing my rares from total births
  5. Are they old system or new though, and do they have 80 skill
  6. I got to 80 skill for the purpose of obtaining a specific set of traits in my horses since that's what their values added up to, aside from the fact that it has since been discovered that the combination of traits is impossible, I believe I have gone through enough foals now to comfortably say that it is also impossible for me to use the whole 80 points. A quick search of my logs shows that from June to now I have bred just over 6k horses, many from parents that have 5 of the 6 traits I am looking for, and I don't believe a single one of them has had a total of 80 points, a whole lot of 75 and less (often much less) but never 80 so I feel like the game is not recognising the last available 5 points at least for me at 80 but I cant speak for other totals having the same issue.
  7. @DraykaIts bad enough that you constantly use pve as some kind of insult making pvp players look even more elitist and condescending than pve players already think they are, but you don't even know who you are talking to most of the time or where they play as those above beat me to pointing out. Just sit down and calm down, lay off the widening of the divide and try being a little less rude.
  8. [21:10:01] The young Henry is dead. R.I.P.
  9. [19:47:35] The young Dancer is dead. R.I.P.
  10. Leaving is only an option if you are strong enough, not if you still love them and despite losing hope things will improve you still kinda wish it so.
  11. At this point after more than a decade i think the most honest answer i could give is that im stuck in an abusive relationship. In the beginning things were amazing, sure he broke things from time to time but its only human and we were great together. We built and crafted and we changed the world together, traveling to wonderful far places meeting great people we were in love. Then it started with a broken promise and throwing away my belongings like they were nothing, he kept taking and breaking and then would say that he was sorry and would try to be better. There would be promises of things to come that never did while still breaking and taking things away. He started driving all my friends away and isolating me so that all i had left was him and eventually i couldnt be alone anymore, i snuck away to find greener pastures. While i was gone i still saw him in small pieces but regularly, i was just afraid to completely let go and thats when he made the grand promise that this time things really would be better and different. I came back and once again im back in the loop of things being broken with empty promises and once again all my friends have been turned away and i am alone, with him, afraid what will be broken next.
  12. Winning the lottery or no?
  13. Very rarely is a ban based on a single persons opinion, these things are usually discussed within the whole gm team unless its some edge case that one of the bosses makes an executive decision.