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  1. Valrei scenario bugged?

    No which is why I said in your other thread that it is stupid and should have been fixed a long time ago...
  2. Valrei scenario bugged?

    As said already they are allied and have been for years
  3. Achievements difficulty.

    I assume this was a rhetorical question but I've completed this goal on two accounts both averaged about 500 white sharks
  4. Achievements difficulty.

    I'm not sure your point here is relevant, looking at 'who they are' they won the tomes on the server they are actively playing on not "went back to" so that they could regain what they had lost after having to accept that the other cluster is dead and will remain that way
  5. Allow priests to complete personal goals

    I've depriested two 100 faith toons to win since the change and completed imp 99ql on a third which already had the skill to do it so they only lost .1 faith. You do not get to have your cake and eat it too around here so make a choice... which do you want more, if you want your priests more then you can live with that choice.
  6. Shaker orbs require unfaithful

    Gets it from Magranon, I asked Rolf why many years ago and got no response so i figured by design for wurm reasons or just not important
  7. My plan to save WO I'm not sure how much a trailer helps (don't get me wrong I think they are great)
  8. lets talk about uniques
  9. [Fixed] Unicorn Exploit / Bug with horseshoes
  10. Battering Ram Queue

    It was intentional
  11. Interest in Wurm trading site

    Contradiction? Either way GMs wont be involved in 3rd party things so it would have no support
  12. Make woa/sickle ql effect harvesting time

    While there please remove the nerf for high skill pruning
  13. The Wurm Economy Problem

    I wasn't going to entertain this with a response but you got me, I'm genuinely interested to know where this flood of tomes is going to come from? The only thing I can think is from future wins? I cant even be bothered to continue for my own use I just got a bit of inspiration lately because you wanted to try and scandal us with some wild conspiracy and you validated that motivation by now trying to blame us for breaking the economy. I'm also interested to see that you read one suggestion thread and decided that mag got a free ride, what it doesn't tell you is the history of all the other imbalances too numerous to list them all but just for fun, things like how long Lib had insane stats that no one could compete with, how many years JK dominated through having two gods that they could use to not only win but corner/attack with, how many years Nathan lived next door to Mag on a tile that he was drawn into to suicide to his high stats, how BL gets easier temples and how many years it took to build one in the one place it could be on old Elevation... or how flat new Elevation is. I wont go on but I will finish with one last observation, you complain that we pick on you for living and breathing the market but here you are being pretty rude to someone who has a genuine question? Oh well.
  14. The Wurm Economy Problem

    No its ok she called you a dev so still totally anonymous