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  1. Ive been hitching just two and still having issues
  2. I have been having a lot of issues with hitched horses getting diseased like this and the only thing i could think of assuming the code isnt borked, is tower guards? Passing through and spreading diseases?
  3. 2k cotton

    Sorry that increment is invalid Thank you for your bid, let me know when you would like to pick up
  4. 2k cotton

    2000 cotton at 91.83ql Pick up only Harmony T15 Starting bid: 2s Increments: 50c No buy out, no reserve. 30 min snipe protection.
  5. To add to that she was never too fond of pvp or the dark side if i recall so it would almost be a disgrace to her memory, assuming ofc this would be the secondary bl god in an attempt to balance the already many wl ones.
  6. 3k wemp

    Thanks fellas
  7. 3k wemp

    Sorry, idk whats a fair price so its just easier for me this way and if its less than your buy out offer then that's what I get
  8. 3k wemp

    3000 wemp at 90.53ql Pick up only Harmony T15 Starting bid: 3s Increments: 50c No buy out, no reserve. 30 min snipe protection.
  9. Great service, highly recommend
  10. [17:52:39] There is lava to close by. Firstly that should be "too" not "to" Secondly was this nerf really necessary? It already suffers from arbitrary restrictions without adding more. Lastly, if it must stay this way maybe put the message at the start of the action and block it instead of waiting 40 seconds...
  11. the bonus is so small its fine, just ride what you want since you yourself say you like to win with what isn't meta
  12. Who should I send it to please? and thank you
  13. There were pvp and mission based goals on the old personal goal list that were asked to be removed because you cant force people to pvp or lock them out of completing it. It doesnt work.
  14. Get your own signature on a rare hammer with this rare hammer head Start bid: 5s Increments: 50c No buy out, No reserve, No private bids. 30 min snipe protection. Winner please post your ingame name so i can mail to you, thanks.