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  1. I predict that anyone who will be upset about losing a few weeks of work at this point wont see it through to a map reset even if it does happen, we all know people last a couple months then are gone again.
  2. So long as its back to something like it used to be, not this massive travel time sink with isolated islands and dumb bridge crap. The flatness never bothered me though, I get mad slope rage when I cant just ride around... old Elevation was a nice mix imo.
  3. Yeah awarded the pleasure of grinding longer than freedom to get the 100 skill back
  4. If by other you mean the longer bl timer afaik that comes from bl being essentially a punishment, when a wl player does naughty things they get auto converted to bl which is also why bl doesnt have those penalties for being naughty. In saying this sure the timers could be reduced somewhat but should probably still keep this in mind.
  5. Uniques already give more than valrei does, when would the chance come every mission? the scenarios aren't tied to freedom so no for many reasons. -1
  6. I don't see anything the same as wurm, I mean things will be similar because how many different ways can you draw an apple for example but the things you point out look completely different
  7. Thanks I also remembered I wanted to mention about the new digging up of mission items, this cuts out 90% of deities priests from participating in missions they previously could help with which is silly, can they build monuments yet?
  8. Some comments and questions before I probably stop caring about valrei/epic: If a deity wins the scenario they will keep the boosted stats into the next scenario. This is a step backwards to something that was previously fixed - Sure it may not happen as fast as it did but it will get there, larger kingdoms or ones with more mission focused players have better presence on the board while smaller ones have to wait for short scenarios where item placement favours their god meaning that one god will always be winning more often than the others. New mission types Destroy guard tower in enemy territory Sacrifice creatures Both of these are a step backwards to something that was previously worked on. Missions that were ridiculous were being removed only to be replaced with more ridiculous ones that wont get done? Changed mission types Traitor mission creatures will be marked with a special effect and will also have oakshell. While I don't agree with making them stand out it may help in the case of the elusive tag loss bug... unless losing the tag loses the effect also. Trees marked for a mission will now have a special effect. This is not necessary for an already easy mission, it only serves to make sabotage or alts work faster and in both cases they should be spending time potentially getting caught rather than a fast in and out. Are players required to be followers of their kingdoms god to complete missions or not? This seems to have people confused and if they do it would be a step further back than when you had to previously be a follower to guide. Has the cost of guiding been changed to reflect the new net loss of karma attainable and has the archaic cost of failing been removed to also reflect the changes or a small scenario point reward been put back (not a full ticket worth)? Has the list of unclear items had further work done or are we still part way with no idea what kind of sheet to carry across the entire length of the cluster meaning taking them all? Is there any further information about what a tome fragment is? Are they fixed types of tome fragments? how many fragments are needed? Have any of the changes had an effect on move timer? Do different difficulty missions reduce timers by different amounts? I'm assuming that the reward tiers are not fixed but feel its worth asking for clarification: if you are in tier 1 and don't win do you drop into tier 2 pool etc? I'm sure I had more questions but that's all I can remember for now...
  9. Definatley wasnt already easy with scale and leather
  10. Selfish pvp player reporting in for a +1 to watch the world burn because sarcasm is hard. That was a whole lot of anger and spite out of left field, i think the most confusing part was putting the first statement together with you just recently returning after quitting several years back?
  11. -1 Crate market would crash
  12. In most lighting i need to look at their manes to tell the difference (purple is purple mane and pink is is the normal yellow/orange), the pink has room to be way more fabulous
  13. My mistake WMK it was Pingpong saying they were similar
  14. Inb4 Enki was talking to logbots
  15. Its funny because we have compared things in the past and I have seen people agree that farming took the same time and I have seen WKM even agree that to get 100 HFC on freedom and epic was the same amount of meals cooked, but the discussions are conveniently forgotten as soon as they are over and the choir starts singing the same song every time it comes up again, everyone be damned because some people are more important than others and some people would rather watch others destroyed and quit than accept a fellow wurmian to continue playing the game we all love in the face of dark times.