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  2. To me it looks like it will still be painful, hard to judge from a single picture but being surrounded by it I cant imagine it will be much different to now, the real test obviously will be when winter comes
  3. are those pics taken from the same time of day and is it the most blinding time, please don't make it longer its still going to hurt enough to not play
  4. I don't mean the forum list and its ok im just saying you don't need to add it to the list its already there
  5. its been on the list for many years
  6. So why is it Indy and not other servers and why does it keep happening on a regular basis
  7. but are they aware of the underlying issue yet?
  8. Full Steam Ahead

    There's a lot of things I too find pathetic, many stem from your attitude and while I didn't participate in the Elevation reset due to a lack of care for the proposed changes or ability to see a positive direction coming from them - faster horse breeding was certainly not one of them. Having horses in pvp is a must and they die first and fastest in battle, not having them cripples your chances to participate so if you find people wanting to engage in pvp pathetic then I'm not really sure how much weight the rest of your complaining holds.
  9. since the mechanical pig and broken cello sounds were added it seems a lot of others have been wiped, such as I cant hear myself hitting a hell hound there's no whimpering, I don't hear myself getting hit there's no awkward female noise and I cant hear my horse getting hit there's no distressed neigh
  10. are you doing it on your own because that's not a thing