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  1. Anything rare will have value
  2. If anything id rather it just auto discards since you obviously just picked the guts out of it, otherwise just discard it yourself
  3. If you have an issue with Enki, the correct person to take it to if you do not wish to speak to a GM about it is Budda. Every section of staff has a lead and every lead answers to their lead and the top of the chain of command is Budda.
  4. Annoying =/= hard Tree collision doesnt make things difficult you can still autorun through trees playing pinball on them its just an unecessary annoyance.
  5. new client still refuses connection
  6. Hey its still annoying no matter when the thread was made! Only ~18 months of bumping to go
  7. As far as i know a rework is planned so its just a matter of being patient i guess. Im trying really hard to be patient with my final bugged goal remaining
  8. Not only.that (when considering steep cliff roads) but also in the current attempts at optimisation, im no dev but it feels like checks on slopes across the entire server isnt going to be fun
  9. So punny
  10. Have you seen what they sell for lol
  11. Theres too many differences and really it gives Epic everything to gain and freedom only looses. For example freedom is drowning in dragons from the higher loot so the scraps Epic gets will not make a difference, however Elevation has chests and easier moonmetals to gain to flood freedom and tank their prices. Epic stands to gain from the ridiculous prices of tomes on freedom while freedom wouldn't see a huge influx of them available. More priests to enchant things will also drive prices down further since Epic has nothing new to offer there. The only thing that freedom may stand to get something out of is rift materials but I mean really they have a bajillion servers all with their own rifts so its only a matter of time until they become more common if not already. Just a guess here but there is always room for crappy to become more crappy, if people are already undercutting to ensure a sale then it will just get worse with more vendors available.
  12. "Stop leaving the FSB door open!" Also just for fun...
  13. More skill = more milk
  14. Work on any of the 100 skills that you can do while you wait, no one pvps 24/7 and everyone can benefit from being a little stronger, patience is a virtue and serves the greater good rather than being self focused.
  15. We all pay to play and no one likes losing their stuff because of bugs. If i had to pick between spending a weekend at home and having peoples things taken freely im happy to keep things fair. Dont forget that not everyone can be here instantly to relock their things and they too pay for this game.