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  1. TIL sitting in a pixel chair is fun. I understand you have not enjoyed most things since you started playing as evidenced by the plethora of threads but i think you will find a lot of people who play actually enjoy playing wurm and would rather it didnt play itself.
  2. quit all afk systems

    High damage stools sounds like a personal problem
  3. What a misery :(

    If as you say no one else seems to understand, doesnt that suggest something in itself.
  4. Ok the alleged MR alt is legit then like your chaos alt, glad its all settled Id minus -1 the suggestion but it would make me bias, I could +1 but I don't care enough either way
  5. Need to hide things that aren't for sale because you decide they are cheated and tell others to buy them? thanks for that pro tip
  6. [17:42:53] <Niki> uh who you fooling we both know you have a MR chaos alt [17:43:04] <Niki> do you really think i'm stupid Who's the bully? You can dish out insults, accusations and spew toxicity until the cows come home but you cant take even the smallest jab without crying.
  7. For Auld Lang Syne

    Aussie waking up to read crying about something always happening in Aussie times smh I cant remember the last thing anything staff or player run happened in Aussie time lol
  8. yeah for some reason im thinking of shaker orbs, im blaming too much chocolate for christmas
  9. Mag was never allowed to use beams, the others who can strongwall follow suit
  10. Vale Wintersolstice

    Rest in peace old man winter
  11. You don't need stamina or energy to float, you don't die after hours in the water irl, I mean I hate to bring realism to the table but people float for days waiting to be rescued in the ocean
  12. Personal Goals Shutdown

    No doubt, those few weeks also slot in between seasons Sure it sucks to not fit it in if you left it too late and if there are no more tomes in the new system then that's a pretty awful WoO but I honestly cant find a fault with the deadline and I'm pretty good at finding downsides to things.
  13. Personal Goals Shutdown

    There have been many seasons since the announcement of removing the goals system, never leave your homework until the last night! It is possible to harvest more than enough in one season if you want it bad enough and considering that the 3 month barrier was implemented to limit alts I doubt that the lack of prem is up for discussion.
  14. Rite of Death

    Also 4 gods participating in filling the pool vs the 2 for every other rite. The persecution complex hots suffers is astonishing.
  15. "Test" action for wand of seas

    No fun allowed sorry.