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  1. Its another one of those changes made in the name of fixing pvp that ultimately just makes it happen less +1 for returning better use
  2. It has done this to buildings for as long as I can remember, the only semi recent change I think is that it might not burn the house walls anymore this may or may not be true I could be dreaming
  3. My bad I thought it went without saying that no one wants the last backup of it with deeds of people that long forgot the game and the events that no longer happen and terrible gm attempted fixes
  4. We need to think a little further than our noses and consider what qq has passed that lead to this point Elevation was the size it was because qq Chaos was too big Elevation was made bigger because qq no room for more PMKs and qq you can get everywhere too fast and fights are determined by who can call the most backup Now I'm reading you want it smaller than old Elevation? This is unsettling, sure it may work right now in the awful state its in but we want the server to grow not make it perfect for 30 players. Bring back old Elevation! it was fine people were just looking for a scapegoat
  5. Will buy them for 50s as the last set sold for if you still want to sell
  7. Except now its muggy as hell and no relief for hours still
  8. wot
  9. 5s pick up from FM
  10. Those drakes are many years old from pre change I pass them all the time they just never die on their own and there's no point wasting time to kill them. It was strongly suggested pre change that they should have a much shorter life span but it seems that never got implemented. The avengers however should have never been added to the new system along with many other peculiar changes.
  11. Is chaos different to Epic?
  12. If you don't have fences as you mentioned earlier then they probably just ran on deed they move a lot, you live right near ideal spawn conditions if you want less then cover the rock: rock+water=seal
  13. There's an echo in here in here