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  1. There was no ban news just an update to rules that currently arent even in effect... you are reaching hard in some attempt to discredit a view that you dont share... you say there are no casuals to comment and then cry when a couple speak up. You need to learn to sit down.
  2. The US bastardised their spelling for the sake of being a teenager rebelling against their parents and wanting 'their own identity'. Even though I would say that the English have the most trouble speaking English, I would say that their spelling would be the authority.
  3. If you need roads then you really arent doing it right
  4. If you feel the chances are that low then i suspect you are either doing it wrong or not even trying, sorry they are fine and an important mission type for pvp.
  5. When I spoke to Budda about removing the permanent ones since we don't need the reminder and having it only in spell effects he dismissed it as a 1st world problem and it was overlooked again during the UI overhaul, perhaps new management with have a fresh perspective. People have been asking for any number of different ways to address this same issue for quite some time.
  6. Credit to Xeth Amant and Keenan?
  7. It would be really great if breeding could get some prioritisation to be fixed after being broken for 8 months now, the current form probably being worse than ever with dominant traits coming out less than parents, random other categories being thrown in and misc still being at an all time high. Selective breeding is still not possible not even from the fluke horse I managed to get after many months of trying.
  8. Because they have had the ally in common for years, gave up asking to fix it, explained until blue in the face why its bad.
  9. It does im not at my pc but its something along the lines of waking you up idk, you can also see by looking at your sb before and after drinking
  10. Whoops been so long since i used that command
  12. try /redeem insertcodehere Looks like Enki put a present on the tile for the first person who crossed over it, congrats
  13. I cant even drink out of my oil barrel full of water because the space is too crowded
  14. You are very quick to argue for someone who keeps saying they wont argue. Id support removing Lei and Xo because i dont believe they blend into the game but not child. @Kingspongesome people with bad pasts can still look at things without twisting them into something dirty too. People are allowed to have opinions without any side of a coin being right or wrong.