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  1. Can you try reading instead of basic trolling? If you ever want be a good troll learn read the post and try twist it so well it looks like you are serious.
  2. Tomes need be reworked or deleted. They also got expensive because people realized how handy some tomes got in pvp. Even back before tome drop nerf there wasn't really a ton of tomes. They sold cheap yes but after first wave of uniques being slayed they slowed down/increased in price fast. Truestrike needs apply a resistance to person getting hit so 4 people don't truestrike/insta kill someone. In trade truestrike as well need a rework on dispelling. Currently you can spam dispel second you see someone casting truestrike to remove the spell. 5 favor for 500 karma is quite unfair. Either make truestrike not able be dispelled or Allow truestrike last up to 15 minutes easily and instead each dispel takes 5ish minutes off the timer. Or change truestrike to instead just guarantee a hit on your next swing and thats it with no way of it getting dispeled.(resistance part as well if hit by truestrike) The dispel part should also be added to continuum. If people find out you have that tome which they will. every time before engaging you just get mass dispeled. Truestrike is the only tome that can be op or a failure. The rest don't influence fights like truestrike does. EDIT:that influence depends on how good you are at dispeling truestrike atm though. Aslong you keep an eye on whos casting you can dispel before someone hits with it.
  3. Pretty basic editing was over hour so merged all the clips into one.
  4. If ebo can atleast try make their bias less obvious that be great. All you guys are doing is a jakerivers tactic of just opposing suggestions cause your angry your affinity farming got taken away. EDIT: you are
  5. My main issue is again pvp servers losing one its few perks it had. If devs just admitted pvp servers were 2nd class citizens then I would understand and stop expecting equal treatment.
  6. What
  7. Yes but just as mclovin said you cherry picked the word everyone, when you read rest sentence it targeted people complaining/arguing its been for years so should be left alone. Neither of those were even in your post. You provided your input and tried make a solution. Its also easier make blanket statements than say majority cause then people will convince themselves they are in the minority that is right right and not reply with solutions and continue complain. EDIT: I also could have phrased my statement better. I looked back at it and can see how it can be seen as everyone posting vs all the ones just complaining
  8. We provide money thats the exchange kek. We can do it ourselves but majority players on chaos value time. Also freedomers cried to get all perks pvp servers had thats why you guys don't need anything from us besides hota statues.Even then freedomers are asking for a way get on pve servers as well. EDIT: asking for a way get hota statues on pve server as well.
  9. Interesting everyone complaining that its been done for years but won't provide a solution to the known problem. So they rather keep the problem to abuse it later down the road than better the game.
  10. With that logic the players are to blame for the pay to win. No one has sell their account but people value time and staff team as well recognize that. You might as well ban the trade chat cause its pay to win as well. You are able avoid grinding a fo priest to get LT on your sword cause people will pay to get an enchant than grind their own priest. As well falling for the most basic trap of grinded stats = pvp god somehow lol.
  11. i think he doesn't know about the meme guys
  12. its the common trap the wannabe pvpers say. They assume they need top tier stats to compete when in reality you just need teamwork/trust in one another.
  13. cod farwalker amulet if u can EDIT: cod to shankiest
  14. Paul would spit on anyone trying restrict players on a sandbox game. Community can rebuild but keep staff out of this.
  15. My old deed blackstone disbanded while back would like it removed. As well I renamed birchwood troll mound to Queensridge.