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  1. When can we get dance emotes. I want be able twerk on a horse as I charge into battle.
  2. the freedumbers be trolling. came back to them being the toxic ignorant people. times have changed EDIT:came back to forums
  3. +0 I wanted one while back but i always assumed even if i bought one that it would be nerfed eventually just like when i bought my bok. Rather it lost its speed bonus and became a steel helm that didn't drop/lose QL.
  4. 2 passenger bonus is major though. It has proven to save plenty of people during pvp when they are near their deed. Its more than enough to outrun someone on foot. EDIT: even when people had horses its still fast enough to get away safely. aka extending the range people can safely hop from their deed.
  5. With that logic you should be able ride bison then.
  6. On tome issue. It has not been clear yet how they want us to get tomes for our character. Is the end goal to only receive one tome from your personal goal and then receive the rest unique hunting? While i agree the way tomes being spammed recently sucks. Those that didn't abuse it before the fix are screwed out of getting some without spending more money/time now. I hope the company would want it possible get all end tier items with just one account/working with others. People arguing to just hunt uniques that spawn once a month that every server competes for and then a low drop chance with usual 10 or more members attending each wanting a piece of the tome. The chance to get a tome yourself for free/earned is not likely. Unless we are fine with wurm taking 4 years to collect a good amount of tomes for your account then sure leave as is. As it is now it just looks like a wurm unlimited cash grab v2. No fair way to earn more than 1 tome unless you spend more money to prem an alt to roll for tomes.
  7. There is reason it got removed. It had too many problems of avoiding pvp/griefing. and they are not easy to bash off deed unless you have slave army of 10 people just following you around. You could literally just make escape tunnels everywhere and no one could kill you. Imagine panda being even more losers than usual. They already make tunnels just to raid or pvp. Now they don’t even need a deed to do that? -1000. Remove people like panda then maybe we can go back good days when people weren’t scumbags with minedoors. EDIT:i got a little heated oh my. Its guna backfire. EDIT:to frank i will justify my minedoor use tho. It was complained for years by me and devs didn't want do anything about it. Other kingdoms started mass spamming them outside our capital and using it to escape from us at hota. I flipped it on them and then as well made the great tunnels on jkh. Even with that abuse it it took ages to get fixed. In this game you need fight dirty if the other kingdoms start this crap. I like fight fairly but I won't be taken advantage of to hand over free loot. Same with jke was using an alt to spam mines on dsc mountain and drain traders. Gave warning to stop or else i would send tazak to harass. It didn't stop so their capital deed got collapsed in, people cried and pointed I was being a hypocrite using an alt to grief. Same with panda year ago using doors to avoid combat off deed and to heal. I call them out even though I had do same thing during that fight because I won't become a victim to their abuse. I will win even if its dirty to make sure their crap mentality gets stomped and they stop doing it. Thats why those tunnels stopped getting used when I went BLE even tho I had access to them. No one went in large scale to abuse tunnels after the fix. EDIT: in pvp servers you can't yell in local "hey thats abusing a mechanic stop that!" and expect them to stop. You are either forced to push back and let them know how the abuse feels or roll over and receive a pm from staff being told to deal with the loss.
  8. Bigger joke is people suggesting perks for deeds that already exist. Reason not many people know about on deed bonus is cause its a pain maintain the bonuses cause its same idea of consuming items to maintain something.
  9. No pmk wants deal with buying 20k bulk items per month. This meme post reminds me of "just tax the 1%" and it will fix the economy. All you guna get is even less activity on chaos cause no one wants deal with that. No one also escorts cargo thats just a new player idea people get from other games because sailing is slow and boring. Also your argument of pmk items still being main way fund this is not true. PMK merch is pretty much impossible to lose on freedom deeds versus bulk is being consumed to "fund" the pmk. Most freedomers are not going keep buying the pmks flag/banners every month. What happens if the pmk fails to fund the bulk items? Do all the deeds under that pmk disband even tho they still have to pay silver upkeep like freedom deeds? There isn't much flow of economy just a forced consumption on chaos players. There is no reason why freedom players should spend their silver earned back on chaos. EDIT: better way fix economy is removing QOL mechanics. Make buildings on deeds decay. Bring back decay on items in bsbs/crates. Prevent repairing on knarrs/large carts so you don't own the same boat for 4+ years. Slash the animal life span. Spike the decay rate on items not used within 2 weeks. Spike usage decay on enchanted items force drake/scale not be repairable since uniques always spawn every month now. Reason these mechanics are not like that is cause people are lazy and don't want constantly maintain things. If you want an economy where there is demand then you need remove a lot of good updates that made it easier be lazy on wurm. Of course many will rage quit because most people value having a fun time in wurm vs making money in
  10. i want post before closes. Shank was here and saw everything
  11. Yes you can make mines on the island. The rock layer is brought quite high up. Edit: davy its misleading say its very rare. They are usually not desired from goal rewards.