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  1. My god why is it a thing to say a suggestion been made before and then spam sources. Stop wasting ur life refreshing forums every 3 minutes.
  2. are you guys a pmk yet?
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  9. WTS Rare Cavalier and Mask of challenger. Selling the rare ada helm too. Pm offers I am looking for euros via paypal. Once payment received will send item via mailbox. If you want pictures pm me so I can take some and send to you.
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  12. Wts Vynora priest. EDIT: updated link 90.98 channeling, 100 faith and 100 alignment. Her name is Daenerystormborn and she can enchant grass/refresh (Path of love) Plan to sail over to freedom later on and leave it with a boat to make life easier and it will get booted from kingdom of the crusaders. EDIT: pm offers
  13. Wts Meridius lv 11 on insanity aka full sotg. has 1 tome on him called blood angels. Spell granted (Male): Continuum (20% Damage Reduction for Duration) Spell granted (Female): Mirrored Self (Creates 3 Illusions only enemies can see) Resistance: Acid 15% (Decreases Acid damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Cold 10% (Increases Cold damage taken by 10%) Dump of his skills.(smeagain priest) Has no prem at the moment and will be booted from crusader kingdom so will have a convert timer. Will come with everything showed in the screenshot below. Pm offers. Prefer sell to someone with reputation and/or high post count. Payment via paypal.
  14. Sold please close