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  1. Wts Meridius lv 11 on insanity aka full sotg. has 1 tome on him called blood angels. Spell granted (Male): Continuum (20% Damage Reduction for Duration) Spell granted (Female): Mirrored Self (Creates 3 Illusions only enemies can see) Resistance: Acid 15% (Decreases Acid damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Cold 10% (Increases Cold damage taken by 10%) Dump of his skills.(smeagain priest) Has no prem at the moment and will be booted from crusader kingdom so will have a convert timer. Will come with everything showed in the screenshot below. Pm offers. Prefer sell to someone with reputation and/or high post count. Payment via paypal.
  2. Sold please close
  3. Selling white scale set via paypal. Looking sell to someone with reputation and high post count. Would send it by mail ingame. Pm offers. Not enchanted and no runes. Picture of the scale being worn.
  4. Pm sent
  5. Join a PMK that won't backstab you when its convenient to take your loot. We prefer a strong community to help one another versus personal greed.
  6. League of lengends pvp with runescape grinding/crafting/harvesting system. Albion Online basically and its pretty good. EDIT:League of Legends dungeon that only allows 2 groups to enter aka 5v5
  7. bump
  8. bump
  9. send seryll to gatwick
  10. bump
  11. pm me to do the transaction. Can pay with Silver or Euros with paypal.
  12. Will take one.
  13. Pretty sure opening the map is set to server you are on. Isn't the bigger issue that even if it was delayed theres the graph site that tell you how many are on each server... People would use that to get around epics /who system that was changed so you couldn't see pop of server you are on.
  14. kek