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  1. Good idea, i'll look at it
  2. @Shyruban what is your ingame players name so i can come and see this bridge. Or even your deed name.
  3. What type of components have the problem, is it next to / on a double bracing?
  4. Without a screenshot hard to see what you are saying ps, the title says catseye and the OP says waystones?
  5. is that tile border on deed, or on the edge of a deed, if the later, which side of the deed?
  6. In that case, its not a bug...
  7. if you ticked the allow kos box it would of worked. The problem is that its not auto-ticked on existing deeds (when they have kos)
  8. problem is the floor and ceiling are one and the same tile...
  9. Have you tried using a spyglass?
  10. Should the non-paved half just show the reinforced flooring?
  11. One problem is lakes, as they could make whole villages underwater.
  12. Correct, if they do not have a waystone in (or within 2 tiles) of their village, they will not be able to be found.
  13. So what you are after is removal of the freedom channel and add a channel with the name of the server you are on (if a freedom pve server) And if you server hop, you get a new channel for each server you goto.. What happens if you type in the one you are not on (as it would not be connected to that server) ?
  14. Planting markers (catseyes and waystones) in a perimeter is fine, except when its right next to the deed. You will not be able to have kos and a highways on same deed, no matter if its a terminus or not.