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  1. may be an idea to have pve and pvp pics of it as well
  2. Are you doing the r-click on the water or on the container?
  3. I just found a horse being cared for by you.. If you want to come collect it, just PM me. (i'll try to keep it safe meanwhile)
  4. Put in a support call, sounds like you have a old waystone that is bugged.
  5. update

    Keyos is more of the organiser than me We have been working on that ramp for a while, and only just done the road leading up to it.
  6. update

    Going over the mountains is already in progress
  7. Can you tell me what the deed name is and which side of the deed the waystone is. Then i can come and have a look for you.
  8. I've replaced all spawn town traders (that i could find) on freedom, the new ones have the contracts on them
  9. Thanks for the report, looking at it atm.
  10. Thanks for report.. working on it.
  11. But the game does not know you have read it.
  12. Good idea, i'll look at it
  13. @Shyruban what is your ingame players name so i can come and see this bridge. Or even your deed name.
  14. What type of components have the problem, is it next to / on a double bracing?