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  1. Its a server bug and should (i hope) be easy to fix.
  2. Correct, the live passwords and the test one are totally interdependent.
  3. There are plants at a rift that give a few oleander logs.
  4. You may need a server reboot for it to reset the counts for those tiles (count is on the tile not the trellis)
  5. The arched bridge is a sine wave with a maximum slope of 20 (assuming each end is the same height. When end are different heights, it uses 2 of these slopes and tries to find the ones where there is the least difference where they meet. If you slope is less that 20, it scales it.
  6. Are you doing the r-click on the water or on the container?
  7. Michaelpt

    I just found a horse being cared for by you.. If you want to come collect it, just PM me. (i'll try to keep it safe meanwhile)
  8. Put in a support call, sounds like you have a old waystone that is bugged.