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  1. <----- this guy
  2. Our Northern Front is underway, are you looking for some community activity, building, crafting, fighting. A little mix of role-play if that is what you are into, and a straight we will prevail attitude. Come join us today!
  3. +1 to steel plate having better abilities such as simply the 2-2.5% speed boost like epic has. -1 to removing iron plate... It offers. Great option for protections and ability to skill gain. (Richer players or veterans have benefited the use of imping a scale glove to remove the waste of steel) now we have iron that can be skilled with.
  4. The area is still Ebo yes.
  5. There is always the need for a swing group or else its no fun... At least for me personally.
  6. For Ebo! For Chaos! We are still here..
  7. A more formal recruitment will be made soon as the group shows promise.. Jk will soon be spoken about!... What side will you be on?
  8. multi incidents here as well .
  9. Bump
  10. Well its time to plant some roots! Will you be joining?
  11. Up
  12. With the transfers around the corner and excitement on the way, looking to bring together a new JK group. Contact me if interested.
  13. Selling for a friend. Lvl 10 Sotg, next question in 3 weeks. 5 months premium time remaining [12:02:52] You have premium time until 5 Apr 2018 20:24:34 GMT
  14. Looking to add a few more to our ranks.. Great active small group with all time zone coverage. Fighters, crafters, builders, new players, vets. Are you interested in seeing what's on the other side of the fence? Come have a chat with us and give it a try.
  15. Why not just move away from xanadont and avoid it like the plague?