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  1. Not sure when the team will realize it, but not having any sort of economy is going to kill Defiance. There is some serious thought process issues by our team im sorry to say, but seriously without an economy and without something to play for there is really nothing to do. Hota by itself isnt the answer, making items easier to imp helps a lot but again isnt the answer, depot is nice but shouldnt be like hota where it spawns and someone wins for getting there first with a bigger group... There is a decent idea i think which every village VILLAGE gets a Depot of items which when protected from the enemy starts to spawn better items. This is just a quick 5 second idea with very little effort but to be honest it would give people are reason to visit every village in game and fight to gain something... The loot gained by attacker should be if they are able to deplete the depot which might have something like a longer timer IDK. On the defender side the more defense against enemy presence increases its loot table that is only removable once every X days. Im pretty sure there could be much much much better ideas behind pretty much everything we currently have to play with. This server is already dying and its a shame. I believe the team missed out on one of the best opportunities that was needed at the launch of this server, but perhaps now to late. Sad that we will be seeing 40 max players at one given time here soon enough.
  2. Bump, this may be a good opportunity to make this sort of trade with black friday sale going on.. If anyone is already going to be buying silver to take advantage of the current sale prices I will add to the saving by trading at a 1.20:1 ratio.
  3. Annalise

    Sad to hear, sorry for the loss my condolences to the family and anyone that had the pleasure to know her. May she rest in peace.
  4. Bump for a great Idea, I have also seen this same post before from AceRifle and from what I can recall did work out quite well.. I 100% agree that when most people that think wont like pvp they end up loving it when they actually try it. A player in one of the last villages I was a member of is a prime example of that very situation, and I believe he has not left since he jumped over.
  5. On the PVP side of things, I feel it just made more sense with it being a new start for everyone and with the fairly positive changes that were implemented it seemed appealing... However pop is already dying which is a bummer and its pretty clear the team does not have good ideas on how to bring and keep a healthy pvp population, I feel that they missed out on many many opportunities with this launch if they would have used a bit more brain power. Defiance is separated with no items crossing to or from other servers, which is a good thing to an extent... there is 0 economy, so the whole game is just group play and survival. Again IMO so much missed opportunity. But at the very least the gap isnt crazy big like on the old servers.
  6. I can't for the life of me figure out why the devs didn't think hard about how to implement a better situation on pvp server... They had a fresh start they could have capitalized greatly if they would have thought outside the box more. It's not to late to make some very drastic positive changes that would verywell bring a larger playeybase to defiance as well as an actual economy. Sad to see nearly 300 online to now 100 again, feels like deja vu 😔
  7. would be nice to have some sort of extra discount on the longer term subscriptions, id probably buy a few years worth if that was the case.
  8. Bump, for all kingdoms and all villages. The game play can be a lot of fun especially with the changes that have been made and the most comradery you will see happens mostly on pvp servers.
  9. Looking to Trade SFI silver for silver on NFI.
  10. Thank you to those thinking outside of the normal box range. I have played wurm for years i know very well the ways you can have water but all of those ways are the standard because of the lack of imagination behind some other ways you SHOULD be able to gain little bit of your thirst bar. If a fruit press is the way you say is the option what about using your bare hands? I'm pretty sure if you were to take some berries and crush them in your hands you would have a palm of liquid which you could feel a bit of refreshment if you were in dire need. Sometimes a trip that was meant to be short and simple ends up being a bit more complex and you may not wanted to run around with 500kgs of water in preparation. Wurm already provides that survival aspect feel with foraging and botanizing, so berries and watermelons are already able to be obtained so a small change to what they give you would work wonders. Thanks also for mentioning the milking, i will look to try that out for sure.
  11. Please for the love of god add some sort of water content in other sources such as a watermelon and strawberries or all berries. Sometimes we are found in the middle of no where with no water source near by, we should be able to forage and get some veggies or berries that we can gain water at a slow rate by eating them, or crushing them for the water in them somehow.
  12. Seriously what is the point of seperating sometbing like armor changes gor chaos only... Freedomers and devs alike need to WAKE up... That lovely value some are afraid will drop is ONLY due to the fact PVPers tend to drop some big stacks of cash that raised the prices of such armor to begin with. Armor balance so that all armor types are viable would overall even benefit freedom because newbs wont get chased down and killed by rosters because their leather armour couldnt offer them sufficient protection. Balance the armor. Yes value will be affected for some armor types but it can be a good thing for economy.
  13. This market is not being affected by Tempe introduction of iron plate its being affected by the fact that there is very little new players that stick around and many older players leaving.. Population is this markets biggest problem. Now with that said yes some help could be given by the devs by simply giving steel plate the same speed bonus that epic gets... This would not only help the market but even more so new players as well. This is just one of many problems wurm has which they refuse to make any real positive changes to.