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  1. Yea I get that but besides that is there really any other purpose..
  2. What's the point to penning a dragon forever these days? Besides the pet factor.
  3. trick for when you are using a trader, when you want to put back items you have to find a container to put items back into the trader.. any container works, its the only way to "put back" what you dont want to buy and not have to reset the whole trade. I used to trade exact value in items for items i wanted on traders back in the day when i was new, it was quite exciting. Things like pottery bowls work good and foraged items for trade value. If you get the exact value you can technically trade items for items. I used to have a few copper i would often times make up the difference which ends up making the exact value much much easier.
  4. A call to arms!. The side lines is no place for anyone... Come stand and fight with us.
  5. We have been getting into PvP on a daily bases for about a week now.. But as some others have said it's not always constant. Truth is though if you want PvP you can find it. There are groups/kingdoms and each of them all work together. Shot calling is common for pvp.
  6. Try something different, join Ebo today!
  7. This is a waste of time and toying of emotions. Please stop.
  8. Sold please close
  9. 230Euro .. Pm me so I get an email if your interested. Its enchanted and mixed high ql's.
  10. If death is inevitable then maybe.
  11. Come join our community.. We tend to steer clear of drama where we can and look to play for enjoyment. With that said we do still play competitively. We can teach and help guide even the newest of players. What are you waiting for!? Give us a shout.
  12. Which is why I would keep home servers intact with the merge.. And I would make chaos the new elevation. The difference is with merged skills then the entire population gets to benefit from the addition of each other. I'm also not apposed to some compensation for losses.
  13. What is it about an algorithmic equation that you don't understand? The whole purpose to break it down and figure out the real numbers is simply to figure out the real numbers. If the equation at the end of the day shows at higher levels epic skill grind is in fact harder then you have nothing to worry about. That's the reason why I made it clear that the devs would have to actually give a shot and put in some work to really get to the bottom of the equation. After all it's not hard, the code is there and the formula is given all that needs to happen is some testing and they could figure it out pretty quick. I wouldn't say epic players need a need unless if testing showed they would. Along with that you would be gaining some body stats since epic had some weird restrictions on how to gain certain ones so IMO it would even itself out at the end of the day. The next thing is the more resistance just means simply never will there be a merge and then for real your hard work would have gone to nothing... Unless you like playing on a dead server that will never see a live healthy population again. I would rather see the devs make a hard but real decision and I would rather see that all clusters merge so everyone could benefit from the potential growth in community and be able to take part in all aspects the game offers. Segregation like they have now will only continue to receive the same comments they have gotten for the past many years. Clusters and servers here each other because chaos gets this, epic gets this, freedom gets this... There are many things that don't need to be only one sided like valeri missions, I would bet many freedomers would take part if that was instanced for example. I'm simply just seeing the facts of when life and would like to see the best made out of it. I again think that wurm could actually be saved but that means that the dev team needs to act now. The same old never taking care of things till it's to late and treating their customers like crap is not going to cut it for much longer. Population is dropping like flies and there's no where near enough new players to replace them. Serious changes need to be made and it would take some balls to get it done. Just for clarification the only reason why I'm suggesting a real testing be done to determine if any skills would need to be nerfed or added is because if it's not one side to complain it will be the other.. That's just simple psychology, so to make everyone happy with how the outcome would be testing would prove the best case real skill value to which no one can then complain. If it were only up to my opinion I wouldn't give a shat and I would just merge everyone with their skills, but it's not only up to me or you it's going to involve everyone that feels they could be affected so what's the harm in finding out the real scoop?