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  1. Seriously what is the point of seperating sometbing like armor changes gor chaos only... Freedomers and devs alike need to WAKE up... That lovely value some are afraid will drop is ONLY due to the fact PVPers tend to drop some big stacks of cash that raised the prices of such armor to begin with. Armor balance so that all armor types are viable would overall even benefit freedom because newbs wont get chased down and killed by rosters because their leather armour couldnt offer them sufficient protection. Balance the armor. Yes value will be affected for some armor types but it can be a good thing for economy.
  2. This market is not being affected by Tempe introduction of iron plate its being affected by the fact that there is very little new players that stick around and many older players leaving.. Population is this markets biggest problem. Now with that said yes some help could be given by the devs by simply giving steel plate the same speed bonus that epic gets... This would not only help the market but even more so new players as well. This is just one of many problems wurm has which they refuse to make any real positive changes to.
  3. Would you sell your gold at 110USD? It's about $10 cheaper for me in CAD fiat compared to 95EU.

  4. Respectfully asking for the area to be kept in a shape the locals like it in is one thing... Telling a player they cannot or should not invite anyone to their deed until hand picked by an alliance she is not even a part of is another. Are some of you so blind to see wurm has been played in this way for such a long time it is why there has always been conflicts on freedom. People feel entitled and that isn't right. Perhaps yaga was only looking out for the alliance he is in and perhaps his wording could have been better but the key principle here is not that his wording was slightly bad its the simple fact of him saying don't invite anyone without our alliances approval like he and the alliance own the lay of the land and this newcomer is only renting space. All of when players need to start to learn to take a step backwards and look at what they are doing and saying. It truly is what's ruining the game and often times pushes potential long term players away because of just not wanting to deal with it. Some people talk about how great of a community when is when the reality of it is more people are each others throats and more drama then personal family drama.
  5. Zuzana you are in the right.. I wouldn't worry about it, play how you want invite who you want... The players in this game are main culprits of the reason why so many newer players have left and felt unwelcome. Freedom drama over unseeded land control is poison in this game and GMs don't know how to handle it and often times would rather remove the sand from the sandbox vs stick to Rolfs old ways of handling things. Good luck over there and don't get discouraged.
  6. By removal of mailing items from chaos to freedom and visa versa new avenues could open up for chaos such as direct portaling over (naked) with no ability to mail things for safety. I think by allowing simple naked travel to a portal you have last left could open up the ability for those players who wouldn't mind checking out a fight or siege or defense of a siege or just a bit of chaos life and be able to naked teleport back out. Just a thought.
  7. @Reylaarki would have to bisagree with your overall outlook as to why Pve doesn't want to PvP... Most people I've talked to are typically under the wrong assumption about even the littlest things like your comment about a solo raider while the defender is offline... Chaos deeds are not built like freedom deeds and 9 times out of 10 that solo raider won't make it anywhere raiding a deed with no defenders. Normally they tend to get lucky on sometimes what we place as temp holder deeds where no real effort is put into the token safety, or they raid an already abandoned deed. I also feel like you are the one considering yourself or anyone not a front like fighter to be end class citizens when the reality is we are primary fighters love to have players who might like a bit more stable pace of Pve while having thrill of danger as mclovin puts it. And when I say simple breeder I dont mean it in a condescending way, its just a pretty simple basic comment, some people only want to do things like farm or breed or plant an herb garden, I referr to not the action or work that goes into it as simple but more so the simplicity of nature of stress. Lastly its important to continue encourage people to try something they never have before because they might just learn something about it they never knew and enjoy it... Its also important to encourage others who have tried it to perhaps give another look because in life you can do something and not like it with one geoup of friends because of stupid shenanigans but you might actually enjoy that same thing while hanging out with another group of friends. At the end of the day though no one is forcing you to play anywhere you don't want to.
  8. Some people might not want to be on the front lines and may get more enjoyment in the backline or a builder/crafter for the kingdom. Being on chaos there is a need for everything even the simple breeder if that's all someone cares to do. The Fun is not realized because for starters many people are afraid of the loss and also because they dont know any better and don't go over to begin with. A PvP game such as Wurm there is no real possibility to be it solo, its meant to be a group thing and that's not all bad... Just because the core of chaos is based on being part of a group that does not mean you always need a geoup to do everything. Solo players raid deeds sometimes or ruins.. Solo players win Hota at times or visit the volcano locations to gather Addy. The possibly of solo kills, although not high because of lower amount of traffic is still possible. The game of chaos is just as open as the game of freedom, the difference is where you stand on chaos... Why I find chaos fun is not only for the fact of our group but its more of the bases of what Ebo has been about as a group as a kingdom from its beginning... We have always attempted to stand our own and go up against the "man" be it just a thorn on its side or at times a bit more of a threat or even a neutral standpoint because of diplomatic "check" (check as in checkmate just without the mate). All I'm saying is this, I feel there are more excuses made vs attempts made... There are more opinions from people who only judge from the sidelines (not everyone) which I feel would be very different if people would just jump the hurdle. Lastly, good armor and weapons (providing the kingdom has it or gets it from loot) often times does in fact end up in even crafters hands... Loot does not only ever consist of good armor and weapons often times that's accompanied with rare tools and such so loot splits for Ebo for example first start out with who can use what and then full splitting happens accordingly. Even our weakest walk away with moonmetal and drake (something that other kingdoms dislike about our loot splits is we don't often straight up hand a full suit to anyone we often look to see how we can split it and thank everyone for being there and participating to make the kingdom stronger and more active).
  9. In an all serious attempt to remove the fear players have... Chaos is really not all that bad, deaths dont have to happen if you want to avoid it, the loss of a bit of fight skill and possible affinity is not game breaking. The loss of armor on chaos gets replaced normally within mins (as long as you are proactive and don't rage log) and the lack of necessity of needing money to buy everything is almost out the window unless you like to sometimes get your own things. The upside to chaos is the strong community between kingdom members and beck even the love hate relationship between kingdoms. Sometimes things can be stressful but the reality of thatbis only if you make things stress you out because there is always a fix for it if you try. There are some things wrong with chaos sure but the least of peoples problems are what seems to hold most people back. Jump in and you can see for yourself its not all that bad.
  10. Grats on the win. Cya on the next one