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    Hey everyone it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I thought it would be a good time with the ongoing sale. I'm looking to sponsor two people who are interested in PVP, playing on NFI, Defiance in the Kingdom of Jenn Kellon. I would like someone who is mature and is active at least a few hours a day. My main focus is on finding someone interested in crafting and PVP. I’m also open to sponsoring a group of up to 6 people. I’ll be paying for your premium in silver. You’ll get 2 months of prem. All I ask is that you stay with me for the first month. After the first month if you would like to join another kingdom or make your own village you’re free to do so. Building and crafting is a major part of the game even on PVP. By sponsoring I would like to encourage more players from PvE to come try out PVP. My past sponsorships have worked out pretty well. People who thought they wouldn’t like the Pvp community ended up liking it a lot. New payers, freedom veterans, NA and EU can take me up on this offer just send me a PM.
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    COME BECOME A "DRAGON SLAYER" By attending this slaying you will receive: A small piece of White Dragon Hatchling Hide Blood for Salve of Frost (Mixing White dragon hatchling blood with source salt will create a salve of frost.) Title: "Dragonslayer" Location If Anyone is interested in coming over early Dunvegan has offered to allow players to stay at their Inn. Big Thank you to Ruaridh for doing this. I would suggest parking on the water at N18 if on foot so that you can easily access the other slaying. Date & Time: Wanted to have everyone aware of the Public Slaying as I feel all Unique Creatures should be killed as a community rather than for personal gain. I will ask that people not bring all of their alts to the slaying when it happens to prevent lag in the area and also to make sure the rewards are divided evenly amongst the community. Event is scheduled for Next Saturday December 5th at 11 am CST 9AM PST. Location of Event will be posted a few days prior. After this slaying I encourage everyone to hang out on Melody as 4 hours after we slay this Unique we have another public slaying for the Kyklops on Melody! (See Here)This is the perfect way to get both your DragonSlayer & Giantslayer titles on the same day. Thanks, Sheriff
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    that is not a thing that is not even remotely close to how it works have you ever played a priest before it takes 13 days to get 30 faith and you can't sermon before then so no you didn't anyway, you don't always want shorter timers, BOTD has been the same as coc+woa since it came out and you could always just have it shipped over from pvp, if you were just using vyn as a coc+woa alt it's probably more cost effective for you to just buy enchants instead of paying for an alts prem, nothing has changed. if your only draw to a priest is "lucrative spells" that's kinda sad
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    *** COMPLETED *** Thanks all for attending/supporting! Will be going shortly as soon as Wurmhole and folks arrive. Thanks in advance to all! As it stands (everything subject to Wurmhole's availability still...and ty for your support Wurmhole), we have the following folks confirming for the 21:00 GMT time frame Nez - 90 Faith Dalnacriech - 66 Faith Battlewall - 82 Faith Carbon - 62 Faith (Going early to link with Battlewall) Vorpal - 47 faith Meeting spot - Lets meet at Crimson Bay Canal - L10 (Red Dot on bottom of that image) note do not come to Crimson Cabal, but if you do I'll give you a ride to the right spot. The canal is easy for those sailing over into this server's west coast. If you need to be teleported, I'll make sure to have some sacables, I'm sure we can arrange that and ensure folks are recharged for the spell. New - Build a 3x3 fence around token, so you can sit AFK safely, freedom access through gates. Will update this thread as we get closer, and I'm monitoring in game for PMs. Posting to get any additional bodies out. Meeting spot --------^ Once again, thank you all for helping, and please understand the timing of this is chaotic with so many, yet so few folks. I'll try to keep communication flowing as frequent as I can to update if anything changes along the way. Here's to having a smooth cast and seeing the sky rain metal. Old Message ---------------------- Looks like were brimming and ready to go. I have a priest 90 faith to contribute, any other mag priests out there want to get together and get this going?
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    Out exploring Indy today. The landscapes in Wurm never seizes to take my breath away, like this view!
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    It's not the fall that kills you.
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    Ezlynn PM'd me showing interest in joining one of our deeds but wasnt sure which one. They stated they have played Wurm Unlimited for a long time now but they are new to WO and were traveling to the alliance capital area just keep an eye out and reach out for this person should you see them
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    Apologies for the delay, but I had all the logs collected to work on this since I last posted and today I finally got to put it all together. The person who ended up with the dragon, I am assuming is Battlewall, did not lure the dragon out of it's earlier containment. I can see by the logs that the dragon had mined its own way out of the deed in more than one place and on the 12th - 13th it freed itself via a tunnel that was mined 17 days earlier. The dragon had been free in the wild for up to 24 hours before it was collected and moved to a new containment. The previous person/s with claim on it, simply did not maintain their penning of the creature and allowed it to escape by natural means as best as I can tell via the logs. So, yeah, assuming Battlewall is the new claimant, I do not find fault in this exchange and this event may continue. /Enki (Head Game Master)
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    I appreciate the idea to get an opportunity to recycle vehicles in some way. I have an excess of small carts as well, ok may push them on my backyard lava but would love to get an opportunity for a more meaningful disposal as these carts have served me well when I was a beginner and pulling them around holding all my stuff I could not carry otherwise, above and below ground. And yes ++1 to loading and/or towing smaller vessels onto the large ones, at least caravel and cog, maybe corbita. As to the termites or whatever idea, -1. In fact, it is hard to say when a ship or cart/wagon is definitely unused, and it is pleasant for a returning player to find her vehicles from a long gone past. And any accelerated decay would create additional chores.
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    I created a new character today on Harmony. When trying to teleport to Harmony I got this message that Harmony is full which is basically not true at all. Meanwhile we have 1/2 of the players of Cadence and a hell of a lot first gen deeds disbanded too. So would you please remove this totally pointless message please because it is a pure lie. Actually I visited Cadence lately and it's a lot fuller than Harmony at this time. Here are the player count stats of Harmony vs Cadence: Harmony: https://harmony.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/wurm.html Cadence: https://cadence.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/wurm.html
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    The Black Friday sales are now live! Get 25% off all purchases, with 30% off 12 months of premium! Now’s your chance to stock up and save. Sales available via PayPal, xSolla, and Steam!
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    Direction finding is a pretty basic wilderness skill, and uses a number of features depending on location and environment. Even without a compass, given a little time every Wurm character should be able to work out a basic orientation to North. A specific "find north" action could be useful and immersive, and certainly has real-world analog. Select a tile, then "find north" under actions, you get some guff about examining trees/rocks for moss, scrutinizing shadows, etc (similar to investigating and analyzing) and then your character orients to the north and your event log says "THIS is North". Use the Nature parent skill. The higher the skill, the faster and more precisely you can find North. At low skill (<20) you might be as much as 45% off. It could even get a subskill for Navigation, and use sextants and stars for naval navigation. With a navigation skill, exploration and sailing could increase that skill, maybe based on tiles travelled that are not highways, deeds or perimeters.
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    Hello guys...its very sad to say, but I need to sell my island on P19 on Harmony, left side...just in front of Moenia. It was a decision I made, my wife is pregnant and I need to move on, maybe some smaller place, will see... I will post a few pics I took and tell the secrets of this beloved place. 1. Deck and Kitchen: Since im a cooker, this whole building its a 2x8 dedicated to Cooking. I also have a few tiles of a Deck with some marsh on it, so you can sail right away... Behind you can also see the Pottery House, where I have my bed and other personal stuff. Unfortunetly the furniture and cooking utensils will come with me 2. Plantation Plot: Well, we have around 220 tiles of plantations here, its where all those 80ql veggies come from. The whole Island is surrounded by big Maple Trees, they are lovely and produce a shadow very confy. You can almost feel the fresh air... The whole island is surrounded by a Iron Fence also, just for aesthetics purposes together with the Maples. 3. Pens: Matching with the rest of the deed, I have all those beautifull pens to confortably host my animals Its 19 - 2x2 pens all planted with Corn to feed the Hellies and the Baby Horses I have now. Of course, I will have to get the animals with me, but I will let a couple of dogs I have here for protection 4. Church and Clay Spots: We are blessed by Libila here and we dedicated an effort to build her a small Church, my very first masonry building. Behind the church there is the PVP portal! We are also blessed by having 4 spots of clay nearby and perfectly flat with the rest of the terrain. One of them I made a small pen for my bigs (Bacon plantation) and a small parking lot for my carts * You can also see the Lights that drive you right through the plantation plot to the kitchen 5. Entrance: This is the very beggining of the Island. It was wierd at first, because it was a 5x5 land in the middle of nowhere like a small island. And now look at all this It isnt fancy, it isnt giant, it isnt difficult. Its a place for peace, for love, for cheers. A perfect spot for those who dont really want to work their asses off, just chill and enjoy the good part of the game In number we have: 220x Plantation Tiles; 150x Lemon Trees (To actually turn some tiles to Dirt eventually) 120x Maple Trees (Maple sap or simply their shadow and looks, which is amazing) 2x Mailboxes (casted 96 and 100) 1x PVP Portal in the back of the Church 2x Altars (not greatly improved, i didnt want to bother the neighbours with my deity) 4x Clay Spots, 3 of them perfectly flattened and 1 in the water near the marsh 1x Wild Reed plantation 10x tiles of Marsh for aesthetics 19x Pens 2x2 with Corn on them The problems: I dont currently have a MINE in the Island. Well, because its a flat made island lol. To the other side...the continent its like 20 tiles from the entrance and can be easily made a Mine if needed. The Wierdland Island has 1020 tiles total (34x30), the upkeep cost is now near 2,17silver. In the coffers I have around 20silver or 270 days of upkeep. I currently dont have an idea of a price to sell, but im happy to discuss PM TOXA ingame or in the Forums and we can show you more! Thanks! Toxa
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    I am in 100% agreement with Oblivion. If you can put your original post back it'll allow you to get more feedback too if you aren't satisfied by Oblivions response
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    Bump for a great Idea, I have also seen this same post before from AceRifle and from what I can recall did work out quite well.. I 100% agree that when most people that think wont like pvp they end up loving it when they actually try it. A player in one of the last villages I was a member of is a prime example of that very situation, and I believe he has not left since he jumped over.
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    I personally think that the depot should light up the moment someone starts the 5 minute timer. These events are supposed to lead to PVP but unfortunately when they have been spawning deep into BL territory and sometimes looted early there have been rare conflicts over them.
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    Have reserved these and they will be ready for pickup whenever is convenient for you!
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    Got the crates even though I wasn't able to make it online for pickup! Awesome service and totally recommend. Smwoodburn and crew went the extra mile to make sure it worked out and I really appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!
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    Well, we do get marks...
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    I too, think Valyrian Highlands sounds a great name for it!
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    Doesn't look like Battlewall was in the wrong? To him it was just in the wild?
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    You may have to grind trampling one person at a time until you can participate in a full stampede.
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    [16:44:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you
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    I like the Executioner title. After slashing through so many foes, your name would be heard throughout the lands. The powerful and relentless Llawnroc whose blade rings out in the night. Cutting out the very soul from the creatures itself. The calls of all of the souls that were cast aside by Llawnroc curse his name because he is the scorn upon the land. The dark and wreched one, filling this domain with sorrow as he takes another innocent creatures life away into the void. No words are spoken, only Lifeless bodies lie at his feet.
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    now that rolf is rip in piece/stepped down/whatever where do my messages go when i drop a gold in the fountain
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    Black FRIDAY SALE First 2 guys who post gets there 70QL steel set for 6s Or 70QL Iron set for 3s and Will imp any 70QL Plate set to 80QL for 6s extra Stock is limited
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    a wonderfull archaeological hassle ,set a straight line go make a coffee come back n the boats sitting 5 yards from were i left it damb lol, can we invent tidal erosion on these piles of dirt
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    All this sand and no glassmaking. it's way overdue.
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    you also said hunting is just fine a while ago
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    Update released on 2020-11-15 - 21:10 GMT (November 15, 2020) Lots of updates for this week. Dragon Fang (31x, 32y & 34x, 35y) - added the new extensions of the road on the northwest and southeast sides of the Green Ring. Crystal Lake - Maple Island (44x, 43y) - updated the roads on the island - updated the coastal geography on the island - added road names... - - one to the main road that runs SW - NE up the middle of the island - - one on the south part of the island that honours a past deed and leads from its harbour into the interior, - updated the geography for the small island to the north of Maple Island West Indy - Lake Tortuga (16x, 27y) - removed the roads that once skirted the top portion of the lake Northwest Indy (12x, 23y) - added a new guard tower and calling range markers - updated the roads in the local area - minor update to a sand patch in the area - removed the guard tower icon for a tower that has been removed from 13x, 20y (14x, 19y) - updated the road changes in the area - updated the peat patch which is slowly expanding Samling Fjord Southwest (15x, 17y) - updated the roads in the local area Lago de El Rancho South (14x, 14y) - removed abandoned roads in the local area - updated the sand patch in the area and along the western N-S highway Indy Northwest Coast (10x, 13y & 11x, 15y) - updated the road changes in the area Crystal Lake East (51x, 39y) - updated the roads in the area - updated the geography in the area Elysian-Crystal Canal (46x, 50y) - updated the roads in the local area - up dated the canal to reflect the changes to geography that have been made Elysian-Crystal Canal West (44x 51y) - updated the roads in the local area As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Correct. You paid for a bigger buffer zone between your deed and the next possible or actual deed site, at a cheaper rate than you paid for the on-deed tiles which are yours. The settlement contract/resize settlement window are pretty clear about what it is you're paying for. If you reject the notion that you should have pay for anything you don't own, it's easy enough to just accept the 5 tiles of free perimeter and leave it at that. Once again, though, a thread about common courtesies seems to have been derailed back to your own personal bugbear of the moment.
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    This ^^^ Also, I have observed over the years, (since early UO, late 90s), that the internet and online games tend to make a person's true character shine through. This is my opinion and I'm sure some will disagree, and some may even be insulted if I hit a nerve I guess. *shrugs* Sorry, but if the shoe doesn't fit, then don't wear it. It's not always true, I know, but I've come to believe it's true in the majority of cases. I think kind, helpful people in game where they're anonymous and don't have to be nice, and who are always that way consistently, are likely to be that way in RL. Those just putting on an act for devious purposes usually can't maintain that persona consistently or for long, and eventually it comes out. And those who act towards others in ways they probably never do in RL, (you know, like when their nose is within reach of the other party's fist), are very likely showing their true colors. Trying to have a conversation about "common courtesy" is a nice idea but unfortunately courtesy seems to no longer be very common in today's society, especially on line. I applaud ChampagneDragon's effort though.
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    Good evening. Is it possible to rename our deed on the map? Unfortunately we made a mistake and there is a small typo in the name: Deed: 1598,1680 Kol Kuldohr instead of Kol Koldhor Thanks in advance!
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    Hahahahaha... ha... haha...
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    The issue should be resolved now. Thank you for reporting this to us.
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    Venerable White Dragon was so bored that decided to invite you to last (for you or for him) halloween play this year. Location: Independence/Crystal Lake/Maple Island/White Raven Time: start on Thursday, 7 p.m. UTC Rules: just try survive. Bring army your toons, girlfriend/boyfriend, pet or knarr. Wear ur best armour, take two-handed weapon, tent and guitar. No draw. Thanks Teeebomb for help.
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    Nice guy. Excellent/reliable service. Correct prices. Recommended. (Jimio)
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    I'm inclined to only want to have it affect carts, really - carts are trivially made in under an hour - maybe a little bit longer for a completely new player. Boats, even the smallest of them, take notably more time to create.
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    Welcome traveler! Thanks for coming to my smithy! Grab one of our finest beers and take a seat in our tavern. I will light the forge and work on your order right away!
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    Hi everyone, I'm Rajan in-game, it is almost 8 years that I live in North Exodus (c16-c17) and I saw a lot of people coming, build and disappear. It is normal, but now the area is a big mess.. piece of roads, furniture, sign, fences, etc... I would like to do a big cleanup, removing small roads, plant new trees and bring back the wild spirit of Exodus. Someone want to help? I think that there is no need of planning.. but if you pass in the area, just removing some cobblestone, bash some furniture will help! Thanks
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    Those instructions were given before the final instruction of leaving them alone. If a later instruction goes against an earlier instruction, the later instruction supersedes the earlier one.
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    We spend considerable time ensuring that our rules are clear, and that any GM directive is clear as well. This case started as a typical border dispute between players. It happens, players sometimes have plans for spaces, so we approached it as such and attempted to mediate your situation with a mutually beneficial result. After THREE GM's came to investigate through various tickets, ranging from making roads unable to be passable, to harassment in local, you were given a very clear directive by the GM team: [10:41:47] <GM> I didn't say that, just stating that I want you to fix the road and leave them alone. that is all. [10:55:54] <GM> It needs to be straight today. [10:56:20] <GM> I don't want to see any other issues pop up regarding this.[10:56:49] <GM> You need to leave them all alone, put them on your ignore if you have to. You were clearly and plainly told to leave them alone, and put them on ignore if you have to. Unfortunately, this lasted less than two hours: [12:14:53] <Platyna> Merfin I know you are stubborn, if you move the road 2 tiles you will gain like 20+ tiles of space for RR. [12:15:00] <Platyna> And don't answer me, you are on ignore. For that you received a 3 day timeout ban due to your failure to follow a directive in which you were given.
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    Wish they would add them to WU as paid DLCs like all other companies.