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  1. Its definitely a creative idea! All of Kiama's ideas are creative I will mess around with the generator and see what I come up with. Good to know you can travel around and settle where you want though. I will definitely be checking the server out on launch and follow along in the meantime. I did enter my votes already.
  2. Can you play here without making your own map? Are the player made maps private domains? I have no idea how to use those programs you mentioned and really don't want to lol. I can use basic map generators that's it.
  3. You obviously put a lot of work into this and came up with a challenging and creative server! For me personally a few of the settings would take away the fun-factor, but I wish you a great launch and a lengthy run. IMHO we have too few servers to choose from nowadays and I truly appreciate those of you who put in the effort to create new options for the rest of us!
  4. Hi Aarathok - I love this idea and will definitely sign up, as long as some of the basic QoL mods are going to be active. I agree the map shouldn't be TOO small but am not familiar with how that affects actually running a server. I just play on them Personally I like slow timers on servers and 1x 2x is fine by me. You may want to think about 2x 3x since the player base is small nowadays and it takes a certain limited type to enjoy 1x. I look forward to seeing this idea develop!
  5. Thanks for the clarification! I understand all about wild west after playing UO for 5+ years after launch. Guess I got my fill of death then lol.
  6. If I am reading this correctly, those who want to "live a peaceful trading/farming/crafting life" must reside at Empath Abby correct? If so, how does that work with land ownership for farming, building etc.? I do love Ultima but do not love PvP so wondering how all this works for a more support type player Thanks.
  7. Autumn Glades

    Very sad to see a server go down over what sounds like a tantrum. I have been on the lookout for a newish server that suits me and sadly it is slim pickens lately.
  8. Autumn Glades

    I understand servers are taken down for various reasons, but its very aggravating when it happens with no notice. Just poof, everything gone. No reason for that. It still seemed pretty active too, for a smaller WU server. Sorry to those who lost their home.
  9. Thank you for the clarification! It all makes more sense now I was also hoping for an actual fresh server/map/start but understand the choices your team made. I hope the server does well and prospers!
  10. Very nice website and write-up! However, is this an already established server, or new as the description seems to say? The map looks a bit developed
  11. Stormfall: Low Tide

    Many of us who still play the "dead" WU are perfectly fine playing on new servers, knowing they will not last forever. Personally, I almost always fizzle out before a server shuts down. I move on to the next fun new start and dig in Or take a Wurm break as I currently am.
  12. Flusswald

    Brash and I have played on MANY of the same servers, she is a great addition to any community I also love those hard starts lol. That said, I can understand the perspective on not paying for votes. I have never gotten by just on voting as I do like hunting, butchering for materials etc. I also forage a lot. Perhaps you could increase the foraging coin drop rate, or have them drop from other activities, is that even possible? It would give non-hunters a way to also earn upkeep coin and prosper. You had mentioned being able to sell to your token, so I assume gems found from mining can be sold? Selling to your token can add up to decent coin. I am super busy with little play time lately but am looking forward to continuing to explore this beautiful map and find a place to settle.
  13. Flusswald

    Very pretty! I love maps with lots of rivers/lakes. Makes for excellent exploration
  14. Autumn Glades

    Bumping this nice new server since it keeps getting buried under the busy threads I am not playing a ton right now but have started a little homestead on Autumn Glades. If you are looking for a fresh server, check it out!
  15. He closed it down awhile back.