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  1. Several random maps (4096)

    Dropbox has a free version, seems to work well enough. Not sure on other options as I rarely need to share files personally.
  2. Alveron (PVE/4k Map/1x/1x)

    The settings and lack of certain mods are not right for me, but dang that is a nice map! Would be awesome if you release it to the masses one day. Happy adventuring on your new server!
  3. Several random maps (4096)

    I tried to download a few of your maps to have a look around. Some of them say they expired and were deleted and others only give an option to subscribe/pay to download.
  4. Hunterland - free deed and upkeep

    Also, it would be very helpful if you could give a general idea of what type of server you are envisioning I have some experience GMing but am also pretty picky about where I play. I don't like things too easy, but yet I want all the quality of life mods lol.
  5. I joined this server a few days ago after finding myself in need of a new home and couldn't be happier with my choice. The map is gorgeous and the community very welcoming. The admins have found a great balance of not too hard but not too easy. There are no free deeds/upkeep so you have to earn your way (which I prefer) but also a nice mod list to ease the tedium of vanilla Wurm. The owners have an excellent website and active Discord channel as well as facebook/twitter/steam groups. They have obviously put a lot of time, care and effort into providing players with a great server to enjoy. Anyone looking for a fresh start should come join the fun Kaelynn (in game)
  6. Astaroth | Wurm's Hardest Server

    Equinox would have to provide specifics, and he just left for a week's vacation. It is my understanding that he attempted to apply a fix for the sandstone bug and the entire rock layer ended up deleted, rendering the map unplayable. Unfortunately there was no recent backup. He discussed how to move forward with those of us who are members of the Astaroth forums. It was frustrating to lose a couple of weeks of progress, but we all really enjoy the unique survival/permadeath/difficult theme of this server as well as the community we have developed. Equinox started a fresh copy of the server about a week ago and has regular backups scheduled. In addition, this is now the only Astaroth server so the survival population is no longer split nor is the focus of our admin. A compensation package was offered to those of us who lost our deeds and time due to the crash to help us get re-established without completely replaying the grind of the first two weeks. This consisted of a large cart, backpack, 10 ql starter tools, one skill set to 20 and funds to start a minimum sized deed with no guard. I for one appreciated that as I wasn't enthused to repeat the process again so soon ;p I didn't regain everything I had earned the first time around, but it helped get up and running. Some took the offer, others preferred to start fresh again. Satch and Kyleshandra, I hope you decided to give it another try. One crash does not mean it will keep happening. We really do have a lot of fun and would be happy to have you with us We have several villages who welcome new people who want to join a community. For those who want to head into the wilderness alone, well we can at least offer advice or helping hand when needed. I am sure Equinox can provide more info or a better explanation than I was able to once he returns, if you have further concerns.
  7. Astaroth | Wurm's Hardest Server

    Summer has just started, so if anyone is interested in challenging their Wurmskillz now is a great time to join Astaroth The server was wiped and started fresh less than a week ago. As described above, this is a survival server (i.e. weather has a big effect and can kill you if you don't prepare, water must be boiled before drinking, etc.) In addition, there are no second chances, if you die here you stay dead. You also start naked with only a flint in a minimal starter camp. If that sounds intriguing to you rather than scary, then come join the fun! You will definitely feel like you have earned your way in the world rather than having it handed to you. We have a helpful and growing community who will be happy to answer questions and help if needed/wanted. Quite a few villages have popped up and cooperative play is encouraged if you don't want to go it alone. We do have a few hermits who fled to the outer edges, but that's pretty normal in Wurm Below is a link to the current livemap. Hope to see your naked self in Astaroth soon! http://redirect.pingperfecthosting.com/197659/mapviewer/
  8. Astaroth | Wurm's Hardest Server

    Hey Noma - That would be left up to the player. We have some who do create an alt as their "heir" and add them to the deed and other permissions. We have others who prefer to start completely over should they die an ugly death. Equinox is very easy going when it comes to letting people play how they want to play The permadeath is scary, but if you are careful it is not that hard to avoid death. Both of our permadeaths on the other survival server were due to people not being all that careful
  9. Astaroth Perma-death survival Server [JUST OPENED]

    It is set up as a ban upon death so if a death is caused by a server glitch it can be appealed and reversed, with proof provided. If you die naturally you would have to create a brand new character with a new name. Some of us have already made a second character and added them to our deeds, house perms, etc. just in case ;p I started playing Wurm around 6 months ago, and began on one of the high population, pay for silver servers. I was quickly bored. So I went to another pay for silver server and was quickly bored. I can't seem to resist taking the easy route if it is there in front of me because everyone else is doing the same. But for me, it ruins the game. This slow, grindy, permadeath, survival server is the most fun I've had by far. I made myself a set of level 20 studded armor yesterday (took many hours) and felt like I had won the lottery. Had to run right out and terrorize the local farm animals with my huge axe and newly protected body lol. Also came within a few ticks of dying during a spawn event because I wasn't paying attention. Good times
  10. Astaroth Perma-death survival Server [JUST OPENED]

    Having a lot of fun on this server. We have an active, growing group who are spreading out and braving the wild frontier. It is currently still summer so you have time to join us and prepare for the harsh winter ahead If you don't fall off a cliff, poison yourself, or get eaten by an innocent looking but vicious dog before then.
  11. It is still up, but I have not seen any players online over the last couple of weeks when I check. I enjoyed my brief time there but do prefer to have SOME people around. Perhaps Notre had to focus on other things and put this on the back burner.
  12. Valoria

    The server was closed down in August http://www.valoria-rpg.com/
  13. I am enjoying my time on this brand new server If you like getting involved in a growing server from step one, come take a look. Notre is very active and interested in hearing suggestions and input on future additions/changes (but will not be pushed into going against the basic idea for the world of course ) It is not an easy-mode server but does have my favorite mod of all time (betterdig) installed so I won't complain lol. If you are used to a fast skill gain server the 2x takes getting used to, but skills move along pretty well at least early on. You will feel like you earned your progress each step of the way. The bounty mod does help with earning coin, and I believe a system will be going in place to be paid for roads/guard towers soon. If you are looking for a fresh start or even a second home, come join the fun!
  14. Looking forward to some specifics on your server such as what mods are running, etc. The initial info looks very interesting
  15. Ayramor Rising - 4k x 4k / PvE / Mods

    I just wanted to say your post does an excellent job of describing your server and what it's all about! I currently play on the new Sklotopolis server (which is great) but am very tempted to give yours a try, mainly because there is no ability to buy silver. I am not against buying silver and have done so myself, but I think it has a HUGE impact on how a server and its economy develops. There is something about actually earning your silver that appeals to me. Oh, and you have the terraforming to/from your wagon mod which I adore and have missed greatly lol Anyway, very well done on the server and your post