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  1. Having a lot of fun on this server. We have an active, growing group who are spreading out and braving the wild frontier. It is currently still summer so you have time to join us and prepare for the harsh winter ahead If you don't fall off a cliff, poison yourself, or get eaten by an innocent looking but vicious dog before then.
  2. It is still up, but I have not seen any players online over the last couple of weeks when I check. I enjoyed my brief time there but do prefer to have SOME people around. Perhaps Notre had to focus on other things and put this on the back burner.
  3. The server was closed down in August http://www.valoria-rpg.com/
  4. I am enjoying my time on this brand new server If you like getting involved in a growing server from step one, come take a look. Notre is very active and interested in hearing suggestions and input on future additions/changes (but will not be pushed into going against the basic idea for the world of course ) It is not an easy-mode server but does have my favorite mod of all time (betterdig) installed so I won't complain lol. If you are used to a fast skill gain server the 2x takes getting used to, but skills move along pretty well at least early on. You will feel like you earned your progress each step of the way. The bounty mod does help with earning coin, and I believe a system will be going in place to be paid for roads/guard towers soon. If you are looking for a fresh start or even a second home, come join the fun!
  5. Looking forward to some specifics on your server such as what mods are running, etc. The initial info looks very interesting
  6. I just wanted to say your post does an excellent job of describing your server and what it's all about! I currently play on the new Sklotopolis server (which is great) but am very tempted to give yours a try, mainly because there is no ability to buy silver. I am not against buying silver and have done so myself, but I think it has a HUGE impact on how a server and its economy develops. There is something about actually earning your silver that appeals to me. Oh, and you have the terraforming to/from your wagon mod which I adore and have missed greatly lol Anyway, very well done on the server and your post
  7. I finally got around to making an account here just to say how much I am enjoying Sklotopolis and the new map, Novus I played for a couple months on another WU server then saw the announcement about Sklo launching a pristine map. The idea of everyone starting out as a newbie on a clean map was appealing, so I made a character and never went back. The community is awesome, the devs are active and the server mods are just right. The server is very newbie friendly so you can just jump in and start enjoying the game on your own (free) deed. If your play time is limited you can still progress, but yet its not so "easy mode" that you don't feel the thrill of accomplishment as you meet goals. There are a LOT of players around with numbers in excess of 200 frequently. If you are new to the game or are just looking for a fresh start, come join us on Novus