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  1. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    update... Stormcrow threw some words at me and I threw a few back. The ones that stuck confirmed most of the information that Necroe had provided me, and after seeing Stormcrows conversations with several parties the Dagobert issue is now resolved as far as I am concerned. Yes I know, that issue was only one small part of this and people are still dealing with the fallout of theft accusations made against them during Necroe's activities that for the most part appear to be untrue, such as those that were made against Kingen, Xallo, Alyeska, and a few others during the mess leading up to this thread. This is more of a social PVP issue than moderation so I do not intend to get involved in all of that soap opera. People make their own reputations, and yours speaks volumes giving you the social collateral to show that any accusations made in this matter were probably false. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  2. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    I do not wish to be caught up in all of this drama, and I will state that a lot has been told to me that more or less I have to brush off as hearsay. At first glance there is quite a bit here that is either untrue or third party conjecture, but I will not bother to clear any of that up as this is a social issue more than a moderation issue. I am not in the habit of releasing information on any investigations or activities that we conduct on the behalf of our members, but as I stated earlier about receiving info that has given me cause to lock Dagobert for now I would like to clarify something at this time. Multiple parties in contact with Stormcrow informed me that he would be contacting me directly about the situation during this past weekend, and it has already been 5 days and still nothing. So since that has not happened I will put this tidbit of info out. The info that gave me reason to lock Dagobert came direct from Necroe. He directly told me that Dagobert was still Stormcrow's during our conversation, among other things, and even provided evidence of how and why he had access to it. The information I have discounts a lot of claims and I had hoped Stormcrow could end this, but at this time, as it stands I have no viable reason to investigate any item issues in this matter. As for this name and shame thread, yes it is a normal situation to make someone socially accountable for their actions here, but I feel like this thread is getting a bit too personal with a lot of information that may or may not be true about someone. I do not care if you civilly discuss situations that actually occurred, but I would ask that you avoid personal attacks. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  3. Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

    Today, on Friday the 13th I decided to open up the randomizer and it said go to Release and there I found Bobyli and a sleeping Agentqwarty After waking Agentqwarty up they had to face 5 challenges! For each successful challenge they would each get a cookie! #1 They had 1 minute to correctly calculate how many iron coins in 5 silvers. Bobyli correctly answered in only 19 seconds! #2 In one minute, they must find out the name of the maker of the grand statue of the benevolent deity nearby. Agentquarty correctly knew the name. #3 Within 2 minutes name the built in Wurm Online quick help guide for new players. Agentqwarty quickly nailed it with "Book of Wisdom" #4 When guard towers were first introduced to these lands, how many planks, bricks, and clay did it take to build one? Neither of them knew the correct answer! I had to toss the Ultra Lucky Horse Tail back into the void. I have no idea what it does as it came with a caution tag, do not use while sober. #5 Defeat the Emerald Lagomorphs and their Ranchers! Not too difficult of a task, though since Agentquarty failed to survive he will not be getting a cookie! Bonus Round - Play with the Champion Bonus Troll! For their winnings they received their cookies, a pizza each, an oil barrel, 2 lightly used wolf rugs, a halberd, and an awl.
  4. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    I have been provided information in this Dagobert situation that has given me cause to lock the avatar out of the game until I hear directly from the real Stormcrow.
  5. I have been informed this issue has been replicated. Check your mail when you log in.
  6. I must say I am rather... disappointed.... Everything I put in that post is real, but everything you read is just an April Fools joke, especially for all the reasons that Angelklaine quickly picked up on early on. sigh.... a few years back and I am sure people would have read it for what it really was. However, please note, that all the ideas in it were just random off the top of my head things that serve a purpose, so who knows, maybe they will get added one day. I already got some devs hunting me down with baseball bats and cattle prods because of people wanting those things put in while they are already busy working on more important things in Wurm. Anyway, I would like to just reaffirm that yes, it was a lame April fools joke, not just a typical April fools joke, but a lame one... with a purpose.
  7. You have no idea what you are missing out on.
  8. I have serious information about upcoming features to Wurm Online so read carefully! Have you built a fireplace yet? I suspect everyone can make a campfire with some ease and soon that will take on new importance. During an upcoming update we will have both ‘Weather’ and ‘Climate’ in Wurm Online. Summer will bring heat and a warmer general climate. Occasionally this warmer climate will induce weather phenomena like wind storms, and lightning storms, and even hail. Most of the warm season will still be rather calm and enjoyable. Even in good weather there will be occasional light rains and other phenomena that may impede your travel or work actions. There will also be regional differences in climate based on the terrain and foliage. Hot areas like deserts will require lighter clothing and precautions to avoid dying of heat related illness. Interior areas like structures and caves will allow you to escape a lot of the heat from being outdoors, but not all of it. New clothing options will make it easier to switch between good weather and inclimate weather clothing at wardrobes. Going out into hot weather with metal armor on will not be a good idea as your stamina and water will drain fast and your temperature will rise until you either become ill with hyperthermic conditions, or pass out and possibly die from heat exposure. Winter climate will of course bring the opposite of heat and will also bring rare blizzards, and ice storms as part of the new weather system being implemented. Interior locations will shelter you from such inclimate weather and the freezing cold to a large degree, but again, not completely. Terrain and elevation will have a direct affect on how cold each region will be. High elevations such as mountains will suffer stronger winds, and much colder temperatures. Interiors will require heating, which is where the aforementioned fireplaces come into play. New cold weather clothing options such as bear, wolf, and deer skin clothing will be added to make outdoor work and travel in Winter more agreeable. Fireplace quality will determine the amount of heat put out and range the heat can reach. In multilevel structures and even in caves, a fireplace or other heat source should be able to reach up to a 2nd story average in height at 30ql and a 1 tile radius per 20ql. Respective climate variations in each season will cause your clothing to be less or more effective just as wind will cause outdoor heat sources such as campfires to be less effective or even impossible to light or keep lit. Sleeping in a bed will protect you from freezing conditions even in unheated structures. Torches, lanterns, ovens, forges, and even coal piles will work as heat sources, though to a limited amount except for lava tiles which will keep you warm and toasty. Summertime will be brutal for smiths as their tools of the trade will increase their exposure to dangerous levels of heat. Even those cooking food will be affected in summer heat but to a much lesser degree if using an oven. Combating the effects of this additional heat will mainly require maintaining good hydration and wearing the newly craftable smiths protective aprons, or chefs aprons. Reducing the effect of heat related impairments to action times will require good hydration and shelter from the sun and heat. Even tree shade will help and man made roofs and covers, and hats will also help to slow heat build up while you perform actions. Temperatures will be indicated on your stamina bar to help you quickly decide how to adjust to the climate. Conditions in sparsely forested areas and widely open areas will often be more severe than thicker forested areas. Low lying regions will also experience less wind and moderate temperatures. Upper elevations on mountains will be more challenging to survive, but with shelter not impossible. Even new players will be able to survive with just campfires and will have a protective aura to reduce the effects of weather events and climate conditions for their first 24 hours of active playtime. Including new clothing, wardrobe, and armor stand mechanics, we will also be getting some new structure types including shades, canopies, and snow shelters. New containers for ice harvesting and also hot liquid containers made of stone and metal and small heat retaining vessels for travel will also be added, and foods already in game can be heated for additional winter warmth. Foods and liquids used while cool or cold will also assist against heat related impairments, as your action times will increase the warmer or more uncomfortable you become. Only if you become too hot will you not be able to start and finish an action and you will be able to tell by your stamina bar if you are getting too hot. Remember to keep a check on the color of your stamina bar if you find you are taking too long to perform an action as it will show you your condition or comfort level. Ultimately, the more comfortable you are, the more efficient you are at performing actions. Many things including clothing and armor, tool condition, terrain, location, shade, and more will affect your overall comfort level. Carts and wagons will be getting new features as well. A number of new containers will be craftable for attaching to the sides of carts and wagons. Now you will be able store some water, food, food resources and seasonings, and even animal feed based on how you customize your vehicle. You will be able to access your customized cart and wagon containers from the sides as the containers will not be in the main inventory of the vehicle. Of course you will also be able to manage container permissions with the main vehicle permissions. Using wagons for shade and shelter from rain, snow, and sun will be possible with an extendable canopy you can attach to your wagons, and you can then move the shade over your work area to keep the more extreme weather elements from interfering with your action times as much. Food will remain basically the same except for the benefits gained by eating heated or cooled food respective of the climate conditions. If you eat hot food in hot summer conditions you could make yourself sick if you are already too hot, and eating cold food in cold winter conditions can cause you to pass out if already dangerously cold. Neither of these situations should cause you to die as while you are passed out your body will regain enough stamina and temperature difference to give you a chance to revive and save yourself. Do not underestimate the power of basic normal water in a waterskin as it can provide enough warmth or cooling to keep you out of the danger zones of the temperature ranges for your body. The new climate models will add a new level of realism to Wurm Online and we have enjoyed testing them for hours on end. Hopefully you will have a lot of new fun as you learn how to cope with all the new weather systems and the seasonal climate changes that will affect your actions both negatively and positively. Everyone should be prepared with at least a fireplace or other temporary heat source and a light set of cloth clothing to be able to work and play in the new system that will be implemented soon. To wrap this information up I would like to reiterate just how serious these coming updates are as they will add a whole new level of realism to the environment. Rest assured, this will be a blast as we have had all kinds of incredible adventures and accidents during the testing phase. Eventually the developers would like to turn their attention to streams and ponds, but they will be including a new type of water source within caves that you can tap into on a new special rock tile. Another new feature that is going to be fun is the new ‘Falconry’ skill which will allow you to train several soon to be added raptors to the game for hunting and collecting items like shot arrows and much more. Since snowboarding and skiing were not typical of our intended age the developers have included something a bit closer to the right time period that should also be a lot of fun. Unfortunately for you I will not spoil the surprise! Remember, the single twenty gold coin we hid a few years back still has not been found! Everyone keep looking, and as always have fun! Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  9. Message to Enki

    Thank you for the update, we will get the items asap.
  10. Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

    This month Sadsack on Deliverance was the participant of Random Enkounters with four challenges to try. #1 How many bison does it take to pull a corbita? Sadsack thought this one over and then gave one of 4 possible answers that were correct! #2 Six Cave Cows appeared depleting the oxygen in the air. To survive, kill the methane leaks! Burgers to be served immediately following Enkounter! (told ya I would use them in the next Enkounter) #3 How many large barrels will fit in a fantastic gold wagon. Unfortunately, Sadsack failed this one and loses out on the Seryl Harmonica of Domination. This gorgeous instrument is known to make wild creatures such as trolls, and dragons dance as they become immensely loyal to you as long as you keep playing! It is also used to increase rest if you play it within 30 minutes before going to sleep and doubles your sleep bonus gain. No harmonica music for you! Into the void with it! #4 A local barbecue convention is in the area, and several of the Pit Masters are drunk on their own special blend of sauces. It is up to you to stop them from stealing your horses for their cooking competition! 25 Pit Masters of varying skill and 1 Pit Master Champion! Sadsack was having a challenging time as hot sauce and hot coals were thrown at him as they kept trying to badger him to give them his horse. They promised to cook it up real nice and give him free admission to the convention where he could eat as much barbecue as he could possibly want. I don't know, that sounded kinda like a good deal to me, but Sadsack was determined not to give up his horse for some stubborn reason and endured the gauntlet of seasonings and spices being thrown at him causing him to need numerous bandages for the burns and cuts given by their butchering 'utensils'. Failing to come to an accord with Sadsack, the raging gang of Pit Masters decided to smoke him out of his house as they had to have meat for their fire pits and smokers and if it wasn't gonna be his horses, then they would take him instead. The siege raged for hours as Sadsack relied on his stock of bandages to get him through the constant attempts to separate him into thick cut steaks and roasts. Slowly but steadily Sadsack worked them over and gave them some culinary tips on how to properly butcher a creature to obtain the best tasting roast. Some of them started to get the notion that Sadsack was sizing them up to be ingredients instead of the other way around, and they were right. The Pit Master Champion had other plans though, and he was a bit 'stingy' with his intentions, but Sadsack finally cut into his skull cavity and changed his mind. For his very random winnings, Sadsack received some top quality cheese as he will need it for all the roast sandwiches and deli style meats he will have in supply for a while, and a fine fishing rod for when he wants to try some sushi instead, and a top of the line wood heater for his house.
  11. wtb staff statues

    We were? How much? I mean no we all have not weren't did not get one.
  12. Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

    This month's Random Enkounter was faced by Nomadikhan on Celebration. He had 3 challenges to overcome. Challenge #1 - How many horses can you hitch to a small cart? After conversing with a surprisingly knowledgeable horse, he correctly responded with none! Challenge #2 - How many mortar can you create with a single non combined 20kg heap of sand? Unfortunately, he failed this one miserably as it was a trick question. His chance at the fantastic, magic satchel of riches that spits out a rare, supreme, or even potentially a fantastic gem stone and either a copper five, copper twenty coin, or a silver coin once per day goes back into the void.... Challenge #3 - Defeat the dreaded Smog Mafia! Nomadikhan had to face seven tree munching, coal belching Smoggish Mafioso members! Armed with only a small axe and a shield he cruelly chipped away at their rockish exteriors, until finally reaching their gooey lava like centers, releasing all that heat that keeps them alive. For what was left of his winnings, a large supreme meat lovers pizza, two statuesque demons to keep him company, and a slightly larger weapon than what he used against the mafia.
  13. I have not been able to reproduce this on my end so far.
  14. Metallic Liquid Issue

    Keep in mind these old legacy ones from before the fix can be combined. So be aware of the volume when trading them.
  15. Random Enkounter Tally (2018)

    January 28th - 21:30 - Affliction - (Winner = Blaca) February 24th - 02:00 - Celebration - (Winner = Nomadikhan) March 22nd - 00:30 - Deliverance - (Winner = Sadsack) April 13th - 01:00 - Release - (Winner = Agentqwarty, Bobyli)