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  1. Trade Chat Etiquette has been added to the official rule set.
  2. Trade Chat is for Buying/Selling your in game goods or services or checking their prices. To use this channel use the following at the beginning of your message: WTS - Want to Sell, used when you are selling the item/s or service. WTB - Want to Buy, used when you are searching for the item or service and want to purchase it. WTT - Want to Trade, used when you want to trade the first item or service(yours) for another item or service. PC - Price Check, used when you are not sure on the cost of an item or service. When replying to a PC, please use the following @ command. @[Players name] - This will show your message in the trade window, but only to the player you input after the @ symbol. Use the @[Players name], or PM, when you are trying to talk to a player instead of using PC or any of the other lines above. This keeps the Trade Chat clear of the private conversations or deals that are being made. Doing this allows others to see other posts in the trade chat, that were posted before and do not pertain to the current listing. Creativity in listings is encouraged! Keep them to a single message post and not multiples! If listing multiple items, consider making a forum post in the merchant section and listing the link in trade. If posting the same listing again in trade chat, keep a 30 minute gap between posts. Multiple posts of different listings are to be kept to 2-3 at a time. Again, this helps allow other players posts to be seen. Trade chat is for in game items and services ONLY. Posts not pertaining to Wurm Online can be moderated at the Chat Moderators discretion. And as always the normal chat rules apply to this channel as well.
  3. It's time to start off a whole new dozen Random Enkounters. This first one is brought to you by our sponsors at Goobler. "a little elfs magical blood goes a long way" Pick up a box of their light, buttery, and crunchy crackers today! Made with fresh all natural ingredients and no preservatives after every battle on the elves factory in the Elvenwoods of Deliverance. I spun the wheel and fell to Celebration at ... oh no.... not here again...... noooooooooo! What transpired below is not for the weak of mind. For Fabricant's participation prizes, some lettuce, pizza, a common rake, and some needles. Until next month!
  4. January 31 - 23:30 - Celebration - (Winner = Fabricant, Madnath, Masterentaro)
  5. Thank you alot Enki for being there for us Wurmlings!

  6. Platyna's Play

    Dear Wurmians of Wurm, I have taken the action of banning a player due to a repeated, ongoing history of harassment of Wurm staff. Platyna has been removed from in-game as well as the forums pending a full review of her behavior towards staff and other players. We do not take these bans lightly, and spend a considerable amount of time attempting to provide feedback and warnings regarding repeated harassment and accusations at staff and developers. I made several attempts to provide feedback both for and against this person's arguments. Eventually, as Platyna's actions became increasingly worse I provided Platyna with several recommendations about their behavior and the way she was treating others. It has become obviously clear over the last few months that Platyna either cannot or will not listen, I made the decision to remove this player from the game in order to maintain a healthy community. I will always endeavor to provide fair, balanced moderation, and our moderation leads are always willing to respond to escalated cases. There is no excuse for failure to abide by the game rules and instructions from moderation staff. Even if our system of moderation is not pristine and perfect, we have always provided avenues of approach to help with any complaints and issues raised. 99.9% of the time we come to a beneficial understanding.... then there is Platyna.... Platyna always maintained a moderate, calm, and civil discourse with me as Head Game Master, but she did not extend that courtesy to anyone else it would seem. I will not stand idly by and let anyone tear down others! Not the Wurm team, and not our members here at Wurm Online! No one should face the kind of harassment that was being thrown around by Platyna on an ever increasing basis! As I said, this ban is still pending review, but as Platyna is already at work spreading misinformation I decided to make a public post stating the situation. Anytime there were questions regarding our decision there were avenues to discuss them with us. The avenues of escalation are as follows: Forum: Pandalet In-game: Astarte Discord: Capi Please reach out to them if you ever have any issues with moderation, and we will work with you. Regards, Enki (Head Game Master)
  7. I am now in the same boat as of a few minutes ago.
  8. Today, the final day of one of the single most infuriatingly horrible years the world at large has known in a long time, I attempted the final Random Enkounter of the year. Xanadu was the chosen server, and when I landed I was on a highway with a guy on horseback just trotting by. I shouted out my customary greeting "Greetings!" and .... nothing.... he just mosied on by and left the area Always be on the lookout in the coming year for more great games like Battle Checkers! and more fantastical prizes as I randomly surprise people.
  9. Time for another long awaited Enkounter as it is already the 53rd of November. This time Chaos was the server and Michaelfurst and Williamwierd were the lucky ones who had to enkounter 3 random challenges. [14:26:19] <Enki> GREETINGS! [14:26:35] <Michaelfurst> hi [14:26:54] <Williamwierd> hi enki [14:27:03] <Enki> Hello [14:27:11] <Enki> Do you have any idea why I am here? [14:27:14] <Michaelfurst> 2 give merares [14:27:31] <Enki> well... maybe... just maybe [14:27:46] <Enki> Do you know what a Random Enkounter is? [14:28:07] <Michaelfurst> how i meet my last wife [14:28:18] <Enki> Oh this is so going on the forums! [14:28:35] <Michaelfurst> =D [14:28:51] <Enki> It is a game I like to play on unsuspecting people [14:29:18] <Enki> On a random day of each month a random time and place is chosen on a random server [14:29:50] <Enki> Anyone unfortunate... LUCKY enough to catch me in local will face a random number of random challenges [14:30:16] <Enki> The more random challenges you successfully complete, the more random junk...I mean prizes you may win [14:30:42] <Enki> So, wanna play Random Enkounters? [14:30:43] <Michaelfurst> Last time i got randomed for probation i went to jail [14:30:55] <Michaelfurst> sure [14:31:51] <Michaelfurst> yes [14:32:19] <Enki> Alright, let me start up the random challenge generator and lets see how many challenges you msut face [14:33:28] <Enki> You must face 3 challenges! [14:35:31] <Enki> Challenge #! [14:35:34] <Enki> 1 [14:35:45] <Enki> Bring me a wooden mallet within 2 minutes! [14:37:47] <Enki> TIMES UP! [14:38:00] <Enki> OOH so close! [14:38:19] <Enki> 2 seconds off [14:40:42] <Enki> Challenge #2 [14:40:46] <Michaelfurst> cuck [14:41:32] <Enki> Umm nope, that challenge is already failed.. no way can you find a flower here [14:41:43] <Enki> lets see [14:41:50] <Enki> Next challenge [14:42:36] <Enki> Name this item [14:42:42] <Enki> Clue #1 [14:42:49] <Enki> Greasy [14:43:25] <Enki> anyone? Challenge #1 Bring me a wooden mallet within 2 minutes! It was super close, as they managed to make one in time but did not get it to me until 2 seconds too late! Great effort though. Challenge #2 Name this item within 3 clues. Clue #1 Greasy...... Clue #2 Sticky..... Clue #3 with 1 minute to get it right! Black.... Unfortunately there was some....interference.... during the last clue.... Not that he didn't have it coming mind you. [14:42:36] <Enki> Name this item [14:42:42] <Enki> Clue #1 [14:42:49] <Enki> Greasy [14:43:25] <Enki> anyone? [14:44:06] <Williamwierd> not nice to attack my poney [14:44:35] <Enki> Alright, you get 2 more clues to try and succeed [14:44:46] <Enki> Clue #2 Sticky [14:44:57] <Enki> name the item [14:45:43] <Williamwierd> honey? [14:45:45] <Enki> any guesses? [14:45:55] <Enki> incorrect, try again [14:46:43] <Enki> Okay, last clue. This should be a dead giveaway [14:46:54] <Enki> You have no more than 1 minute to answer correctly [14:47:00] <Enki> Clue #3 [14:47:02] <Enki> Black [14:47:43] <Enki> Black, Greasy, Sticky [14:47:50] <Enki> time is almost up [14:48:03] <Enki> TIME [14:48:37] <Enki> Really??? Your just toying with me aren't you! [14:48:48] <Williamwierd> tar? [14:48:50] <Enki> How could you not think of Tar [14:49:52] <Enki> Very well, you should know by now what comes next [14:50:36] <Enki> Did you jsut kill one of my contestants!!! [14:50:49] <Williamwierd> he touch my poney Challenge #3 I seem to have lost a contestant so it was now up to Williamwierd to defeat the Cylon invasion before they get a foothold on Chaos. Wave 1 - 12 Cylon Centurions Oh I wish you could see this...... It was going so badly for Williamwierd that I decided to give him a tip. [14:59:54] <Enki> TIP: You can use any tactic or forfeit and flee Oh what a tragedy.... I told the rest of the cylons just to start invading as there was no hope here. I could not stop laughing... Sorry about that Williamwierd, but as it is the holiday season I did at least save the horse from them/ Wait..what's this.... some life left in Williamwierd.... He worked on pumping enough blood back into his veins that he could stay in the saddle a little longer. Yet not a single Centurion had fallen. !!!!! 4 Centurions dead.... what is happening! All of a sudden we have a fight! 8 dead! 12 dead! What a turnaround for Williamwierd! But wait, a Cython has appeared.... and I did not invite it! Williamwierd wins! For his effort 4 supreme large pizzas, a rare statue of a girl, and a rare cloth barding. Oh if only you could have witnessed this in person!!!! Until the next Enkounter sometime in late December!
  10. It's that time again! Seems like it has been ages since I antago.. I mean surprised some one with some unexpected fun. Lets see where the Randomizer wants to send me today on the eighty-first of October. (spins the wheel) Ooh, nice... Celebration it is. And it looks like Demonix, Madnath, and Silakka are the targets for this month. They must face 3 random challenges! Challenge #1 A Riddle. A head I have, but no body. I provide a glowing perspective. What am I? Madnath came up with Lamp and is correct! Challenge #2 Waht Starfall are we in? Madnath looked at his wrist sundial and replied with Bear's. Which is correct! Challenge #3 <Madnath> The last time you came here, you dunked a valrei mob on us that we nuked incredibly fast. If you're dropping mobs again.... let's make it a tough one? <Demonix> jeez madnath, just ask him to smite you why dont you <Demonix> DONT YOU GO IN YOUR HOUSE AFTER SAYING THAT! GET BACK HERE! Today's creature them is based on Spielberg's best and most famous works. Round 1 - Wakko! 20 Champion Wakko's entered the field ready to eat everything not nailed down. Madnath was already at half health by the time I finished writing the above sentence. Wakko must have been in need of some more doughnuts because he lacked the energy to finish Madnath off, but I do believe Demonix ended up having to spend a few moments watching their life flash before their eyes. Roud 2 - Yakko! 30 Sly Yakko's entered the fray and .. <Silakka> oh man <Madnath> oh lord <Enki> Let Yacko have a whack <Madnath> this is gonna be rough <Madnath> I wish I kept up shield training now <Silakka> do you regret asking for harder mobs now <Madnath> yes Demonix is the only one close to living while Silakka and Madnath are getting acquainted with death. (It does amuse me watching their health draw down steadily. Gives the scene a nice bit of xmas colors) Dang it! They all survived! Round 3 - Rita and Runt. Well that wasn't very sporting. Runt was of no help to Rita at all. Final Round. Dot was off today so she asked me to find a suitable stand in. The Brain and Pinky were eager to give it a whirl but Pinky only agreed if Pharfignewton could join in. Who was I to argue. <Madnath> oh god NOT NOGUMPS AAAAAAAAA <Silakka> if one of them steals your armor you're gonna instadie lol <Madnath> im about to drop already <Madnath> omfg it took my seryll ring and damaged it <Silakka> rekt The group invited their own private militia (i.e. 1 worg) but with the Brain's leadership the three and their worg were doomed! (so I had hoped) In fact I was very surprised by Pharfignewton's stellar performance! In the middle of the melee I had to leave, much to my dismay, and upon my return I found all three still alive, much to my dismay, and Brain's forces demolished. As Brain and Pinky dusted themselves off and left, I overheard them mention something about planning something for tomorrow night, so I took them off the roster for the next event. Well, it was a valiant effort, Demonix, Madnath, and Silakka won the whole kit and kaboodle. They won a golden statuette of Fo, along with a Raft of Supreme river rafting complete with emergency pumpkin seeds and also a Rare cauldron filled with sea rations! Unfortunately the super rare Shovel of Resurrection was awarded at the Lunalong. With it you can raise the dead and party like its 1099! This has been another Random Enkounter brought to you by the folks at Happy Hills General Mercantile. If you need a plow shear or bolt of cloth delivered quickly, order this month and the folks at Happy Hills General Mercantile will guarantee delivery by next spring or the shipping will not be added to your tab. That's Happy Hills General Mercantile for all your settler needs. Keep an eye on the horizon as the next Random Enkounter will arrive sometime between November fiftieth thru the sixty-first!
  11. To paraphrase the great and mighty Prime "Aww Chaz..." A lot of us have built a lot of history here, and a lot of it with Chasone.
  12. Updated to reflect current payment processor information.
  13. I have an unusual request. My game/real life friend died. I found out today. He passed on the 20th of this month. He was the deed owner, I have most control and can remove some buildings if I wanted to. The request is not about owning the deed. It's the colossus he was building, He didn't get to finish it. It's over half way done. It's vynora and I can't do it for him, because I'm a Fo follower. Is there something you can do to finish it for him. As a memorial to my friend. Thank you. 

    Toon name is Deastrom.

  14. Annalise

    I never really know what to post in these matters... I know I have played with Annalise and have known her as a player for a long time, but I have to really dig deep to find my last encounter with her and that was when she assisted me in trying to identify an ancient Greek coin. I can't really give any amusing anecdotes or examples of any projects we may have been involved in, but when you hear her name spoken, you know it is someone with a lot of history with us. Goodbye Annalise p.s. just in case you got internet up there....I am still avoiding lamb after that last cooking fiasco!
  15. Apologies for the delay, but I had all the logs collected to work on this since I last posted and today I finally got to put it all together. The person who ended up with the dragon, I am assuming is Battlewall, did not lure the dragon out of it's earlier containment. I can see by the logs that the dragon had mined its own way out of the deed in more than one place and on the 12th - 13th it freed itself via a tunnel that was mined 17 days earlier. The dragon had been free in the wild for up to 24 hours before it was collected and moved to a new containment. The previous person/s with claim on it, simply did not maintain their penning of the creature and allowed it to escape by natural means as best as I can tell via the logs. So, yeah, assuming Battlewall is the new claimant, I do not find fault in this exchange and this event may continue. /Enki (Head Game Master)