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  1. We have winners today! Eroing and Janekpolaczek on Celebration participated in today's Random Enkounter. They had to take on 5 challenges. The first was a bit problematic as it was hide and seek. I did not think I was doing anything strange to make it tough, but after 35 minutes it became clear that Eroing could not see me for some strange reason... I had to just give him that challenge, but Janekpolaczek DID see me before time was up. Next, a bit of I spy... I told them I saw an item with specific damage made of stone and they had to identify it. They got that fast. Next, They had to tell me where I could find a demon when it was not at work. Again they got it correct! The fourth challenge was extra fun as they had to take on and defeat 7 pushy perfume saleswomen. It took a bit to fight off their sales tactics and a local scorpion decided ot help them meet their sales quota, but Eroing and Janekpolaczek both beat the saleswomen at their game and did not purchase any of their products. Finally, the toughest challenge of all. I dropped a 100kg fantastic rock shard at the base of a sheer cliff and challenged them to get it to the top. It turned out to be no trick for Eroing! This was a good healthy event today and for their efforts they received 3 days worth of items! altogether it was enough materials to explore and colonize a new land if they so chose. Lots of sandwich supplies and even chocolate for the journey, and plenty of tools to make more tools to get started. That or they can stock their pantries really well and use the tools around their place for home improvement projects!
  2. Hmm, not a good start to the day... I arrived on location on Deliverance and gave my long boring introduction speech "Greetings!" and the locals logged out. Maybe I need to shave... oh well, perhaps next time.
  3. Yiraia As far as this relates to Wurm Online, Your system would be considered automating a conditional selection that we do not provide as a function of the game. Therefore it would be a macro and as such against the rules. Badget's example and understanding is correct though. As long as you are manually pressing a button to initiate each set of non delayed actions that go into your action queue it is correct. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  4. Today the randomizer chose Desertion, but unfortunately the residents did not notice my attempts to get their attention or respond to me in anyway. Our second no win enkounter! They will never know what they could have won. Did they miss out on a super amazing prize like a supreme crystal corbita? Or did they miss out on a pile of woodscraps? Oh well, keep an eye open. I could appear anywhere at anytime.
  5. Today, Lordlouis on Independence was the lucky contestant on Random Enkounters! For his first challenge, a simple game of hide and seek. With 10 minutes on the clock he manged to find me in the hands of Vynora in less than 3 minutes! The second challenge he had to answer a riddle. "Where will you find the dead when they are at home?" Becuase I had to give him multiple hints he lost out on the solid gold fantastic cart! His final challenge was to speed date the four nogump sisters! The first date was going very well and lasted for over 20 minutes as they really hit it off, but it turned out she already had a boyfriend so tough luck Lordlouis. The second date was a tragedy.... All she wanted to do was talk about herself. Lordlouis decided to end that date swiftly as he chopped off her head. The third date was a sight to behold as they went up on the dance floor and really had a big swinging time, but tragedy struck as she kept stepping on Lordloius and he accidentally cut out her heart with his sword. Blood all over the dance floor! The fourth date looked like it was going to go well, as his date saw him and raced towards him, but shortly after introducing herself she just kept staring at Lordlouis' head and thought it was so cute she had to bash it in. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be... Lordlouis may have not had success dating the four nogump sisters, but he did get a consolation prize of a nice set of picnic supplies including a lot of curry.
  6. Today the Enkounter randomizer selected Affliction within the local of Czar! Czar had to take up a randomly selected 4 challenges starting with, stating the color of Jackal, followed by correctly pointing to the home of the Apis! His third challenge was a serious fight against 6 Flightless Dragons. They used all sorts of tricks to attempt to kill Czar first including running around and sneaking up behind him. Czar had plenty of stamina to take them all on at once and finally bested them after a fairly long engagement. For the fourth and final challenge I tasked him to create 12 campfires in 5 minutes. Czar ran to his house, grabbed a steel and flint, and some kindling and returned to the battlefield and began making fire. It came down to the wire, but Czar managed to start all 12 campfires with a mere 7 seconds left on the clock. Passing all 4 challenges with flying colors, Czar won an assortment of containers, lye, some herbs, a saucepan, some tarts, fresh sushi, some peat and a knife. Czar will be serving gently seasoned Flightless Dragon steaks, sushi, and tarts for the village while supplies last.
  7. Today's Enkounter is brought to you by Sol - Shining a light on you since 979 NT! Grumpled of Exodus was the unfortunate victim of my arrival, which a horde of scorpions took full advantage of to teach her about poking them with pointy sticks. Upon her return to the field I gave her three challenges. The first challenge was to tell me how many types of creatures was in the cave in front of her. Her guess was 7 which was correct since Jakerivers rode into it on a horse during the challenge. pig, rat, troll, scorpion, anaconda, were the others. Her second challenge was to tell me what the best course of action was if Jakerivers were to be attacked by a giant champion spider. Her answer, was that it would be over so quickly she would not have time to fix popcorn... So I put it to the test. Her answer was correct! Her third and most difficult challenge! Again.... name the home of the gods? She got it right after some thought on the subject.. For her success, she received not only today's Enkounter winnings, but the winnings from yesterday's failed Enkounter! All in all, she received a set of vampire hunting gear, a chair to relax in, and some pastries to snack on in between vampire eradicating. Oh and also a rake which I am also told is one of the more important tools in dealing with vampires.
  8. Ah.... Today we have no winner. I arrived at a random location where the locals never responded within the allotted 10 minutes. Oh well, until the next Random Enkounter!
  9. Today's Random Enkounter is brought to you by the moon Jackal. (I'm watching you!) Today I Enkountered a village on Elevation and the inhabitants were quick to take up the very random challenges that I very randomly created. Today the Enkountees had to succeed in 2 random challenges! Well... it wasn't much of a challenge... but it was very random! The second challenge was much more interesting. In fact it was so much fun a unicorn joined in! Eight Klingon Kitty Cats entered the field and one of them grew so scared of the unicorn it committed suicide! The other seven fought like seasoned pros and the unicorn fought valiantly against the invaders. Oh, and so did Gary and Smeagain. At the end of the battle, a total of 8 Klingon Kitty Cats lay dead at the feet of a bloodied but battle hardened unicorn. Now that it has tasted blood I would not be surprised to see it on the fields of battle from this day on! For their winnings, the three of them won enough materials to build a 1 horsepower battle tank! They will have to supply the horse. Or! or they could build a War Unicorn with the materials! So as not to leave the unicorn out for its courageous efforts, it won a random assortment of grain!
  10. Today I surprised Garlock on Celebration! After explaining the lengthy rules for participating I provided him with 3 challenges! First Challenge was to kill 3 Mini Uttachas, which he is currently fixing up for lunch.... yummm Unfortunately he lost out on the seryll plated knarr when he could not name the home of the demons! For his final random challenge, he had to fight 10 Dirts. Of course the dirt eating milk bags had to go scurry up the nearest mountain peak! I wrangled them back up and Garlock dispatched them and is now preparing them for some good old fashioned steaks and roast! He won a jewelry making kit, a bookshelf, and some fancy cheeses, fresh ripe lemons, and plenty of salt which will be very useful and tasty with the Mini Uttacha's and slaughtered dirt eating milk bags.
  11. Today's challenge was met by Diaorui of Chaos! Only one very random challenge was offered. Defeat 7 Magenta Dragons! At first mention of the challenge presented I almost could not pry Diaorui from their house. Eventually they peeked out and began to realize something was not quite right with the beasts. Sensing a lethal trick, Diaorui hesitated to try the challenge and eventually had less than 2 minutes left to attempt this challenge before I would have to call the Random Enkounter a loss. Fortunately, Diaorui finally gathered up the courage to dive head on into the flock of dragons and feathers flew as Diaorui's sword chopped their heads off one after another. At this time Diaorui is busy plucking them and using the winnings to make lots of savory chick... I mean dragon pot pies and dragon chow-mein and of course barbecue dragon wings.
  12. Today we had our first multiple winners! At a random location on Xanadu I encountered the locals of several people and of them Envyodb and Pashka took a chance and played! Their first challenge was to Identify the home of the gods, then they had to name the one creature they would not want to meet out on the tundra. Surprisingly only one of them passed this challenge so they lost out on the rare knarr. The final challenge almost killed them, unfortunately it was only due to the terrain not the creatures themselves. They were pitted up against 14 Dad of Nogumps. Some of them fought beak and talon, and others ran for the hills, which was where the dangerous part came in. But after a long battle they were victorious in slaughtering the beasts. For their winnings, a variety of things useful for setting up a soup kitchen! Ivy trellis, onions, crab meat, pies, furs, rivets, and an extra large soup spoon! All in all a nice bounty between the two.
  13. Today's Random Enkounter goes to Maladee of Pristine! Upon arrival I got a most warm welcome indeed. She correctly counted 2 whole horses looking north on her right, and then she had to do battle with the big mean Rumplegremlitskin! The poor beast never stood a chance... I almost feel guilty at summoning it into existence as fast as she slaughtered it. I could have at least armed it or given it some kind of warning. Anyway, she is now using it to fertilize her gardens. Her very random winnings were the makings of a pickled acorn salad, some boxes to organize her herb gardens, some multi purpose dental tools, a lovely emerald, and a heap of sand to polish it with, along with some useful wheel chocks.
  14. Today's challenge was met and won by Richcat on Deliverance! He guessed how many campfires he had burning, but he missed on the second challenge when guessing if there would or would not be an eclipse the coming day. Next he correctly guessed how many spiders it would take to wear 64 combat boots. And for the fourth and most difficult challenge, he had to fight for his hair against 7 Angry Hair Stylists! They were out for hair and ganged up on him trying to overpower him, but he pulled through and seven stylists lay defeated on the ground. Since he failed the eclipse challenge he lost his chance at the ultra deluxe random assortment of 5 gold coins, 2 HoTA statues, and a fantastic wagon, but since my wand of havok did not land on any of those anyway he did come away with enough material to start a small bistro and beer joint along with shop signs to advertise!
  15. After a quick polish of my fangs I realized a new day had dawned and it was time to close the curtains and get to work. This time the randomizer landed my in the vicinity of Funkygenome on Xanadu. I handed him one of the toughest challenges yet, but he pulled through after somewhat correctly guessing the color of his horse, learning the measure of a tile, and surviving an onslaught of 9 Methane Bombs. For his efforts he won a set of everything an outdoorsman needs to turn furry woodland creatures into juicy grilled steaks.