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  1. This is going to be good! Unfortunately I do not qualify! If anyone cares to remember, I already did a lore based fanfic too. and you should always be wary of any others that might popup......
  2. This time I landed on Affliction with Widow in local. After giving an introduction to Random Enkounters....for the umphteenth time.... Widow would have to face 4 random challenges. Challenge #1 Within 1 minute, name the newest PVP island? Widow answered correctly by naming all the new servers! Oh well..... Challenge #2 What new creature was encountered on Cadence? Trick question... yet Widow sort of got it right with "oh... no idea.." Challenge #3 What does a red beam of light indicate? Widow nailed that one instantly. Rift locations! Challenge #4 Face off with the Princessesss's Armies! 5 waves of the most devious armies your beloved childhood characters could throw. Wave 1 - Snowy White's Singing Cave Bugs x15 sigh.... Snowy White's army fell in minutes... green blood covered the ground everywhere.... Wave 2 - Cindabella's Glasshoppers x25 ooooooohhhh... Widow almost died in the first few moments of battle but just managed to make it into the water to recover. This angry looking horde had teeth and claws as sharp as broken glass. Widow took the time to strategize a way to thin them out a little to keep them from gnawing on her ankles. With time and dedication, Widow managed to crush them into broken bone and bloody guts. Wave 3 - Aurobora's Bone Breakers x30 The diminutive Bone Breakers with their long tails and gnarly noses stormed the beach from the woods and were too short to reach the now equestrian mounted Widow. The Bone Breakers wore the edge of Widow's axe, but in the end they all succumbed under the feet of Widow's horse. Aurobora should seriously rethink her allegiances! Wave 4 - Tiadorna's Frogmen x40 The Frogmen rose from the ground like some nightmarish ghouls and their green complexion made it clear to all that they were cold blooded people eating machines. Widow rode around the battlefield to buy time to come up with an attack plan and at the same time a wild hyena came to her aid. Widow was in trouble and sought the assistance of any passing guards but thye were asleep at their posts. Widow had to ride through and knock them awake to get any assistance with the invading army. Not long after the guards got involved a giant field mouse, a snake, a crocodile, a seal, and a pig entered the fray... though truth be told, I was not sure whose side thye were on! The battle raged on till morning and Widow was not fairing too well or too bad. Just holding her own against the invaders. As this battle was going to take a while, I found a nearby shade tree and took a nap. When I awoke, I found the corpses of the mouse, the snake, the croc, the seal, and the guards.... but where was Widow and the Frogmen? A few moments later Widow rode up to me and said "i think i cleared them... used some help tho but you said any tactic lol" I checked all around and could find no sign of the horde of Frogmen, and I was curious as to what tactics were eventually used while I napped. Wave 5 - Ariemmas Saberclawed Crustations x50 Hmmm... It is clear these soldiers need more training... they clearly don't have a clue how to invade! This was just embarrassing! Ariemma will have to go back to Princess training school and learn how to train her armies to be blood thirsty killing machines! Oh the horror! Anyone hungry for crab? All you can eat smorgasbord on Affliction just south west of Blackbone. Well it is clear that Widow has won this Enkounter. For her winnings, 6 rat on a stick (cook to 165 degrees or with dragon fire!) A fancy cedarwood rare larder!, 10 chef's special omelets, a dozen muffins, a rather large lump of lead, a set of rare plate vambraces, a supreme sacrificial knife from the home of the Spider King, legend has it that this knife was once used to sacrifice The last remaining door to door shoe salesman from Newtown!, and finally.... a bag of nails.
  3. I have updated the WSA to be clear'er' Hope it helps. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/168510-wurm-service-announcements/&do=findComment&comment=1807907 Platyna... can't say I understand. Any important rules and updates will always be in the GM Hall. Oh, you mean discussion on them... ehh.... will let the team think on it.
  4. the first and second sound fine, the third... is likely fine but do nto take htis as final say on that one yet. I will work on clarification (with or without my typographically incorrect words)
  5. Fight/Shield Skill Gaining Without Resistance It is possible to devise scenarios with unintended methods to enter combat with creatures, with the intention to gain skills, that prevent the creature from being able to do normal harm to you and your equipment, or prevent yourself from doing normal intended harm to the creature. Such scenarios are clearly not intended and can lead to the permanent ban of your avatars when caught using such a method. The targeting of a distant creature while in combat with another creature does not fall into the unintended category as this not much different than selecting your chosen target when begin attacked by multiple creatures.. Your choice of equipment does not fall into the unintended category, unless of course it creates an unexpected never before seen result. Overriding your combat actions against a creature with non hostile actions (ex. taming) is not considered unintended The type of things that do fall into unintended, would be like using a building, or fence, or mine, or the like to give you or the creature an invulnerable like state while gaining skills. Several people have been caught and penalized for this activity in the past and recently several others were penalized after the activity was detected. If you ever encounter a scenario like this or ANY scenario of unattended skill gain with or without the use of a macro, you should report it so it can be promptly looked into and officially replicated for testing and correction. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  6. The Developers are looking into the matter, but this will be resolved soon. I cannot give an estimated time, but it should not take long depending on what the issue is. So far this only affects purchases made with PayPal via the regular shop. All other methods are working as normal. All purchases made should show up fairly quickly once the Developers finish looking into the matter.
  7. We have recieved a number of tickets on this issue, and we are aware that something is going on. The Devs are looking into it, but for everyone affected, if you do not receive your purchase within the day, please email payment@wurmonline.com with the paypal transaction number, the avatar name it was purchased on, and the item purchased. We will get you taken care of!
  8. Cheers:D

    I know we have come a long long way Rolf, but... I don't know it just feels so sacrilegious to flip the switch on your avatar! *flips switch* I never said I wasn't cruel and evil.... It's good that you are still hanging around though. You are after all a deity here! Cheers Rolf!
  9. Today I managed to ensnare Skyefox in my devi... I mean ingenious game when the randomizer landed me on Independence! The following harrowing game unfolded
  10. We take cheating very seriously here at Wurm Online. This is a community focused game and we do not tolerate bots or macroing. If you see anyone offering any cheats for Wurm Online, ignore them, they will just get your avatar banned from the game, or worse, they are simply infecting you with malware or the like! Wurm Unlimited Modders, we do not allow WU mods to interact with Wurm Online. Please keep that in mind. We want everyone to have a good experience here and we will go after anyone trying to cheat. The following is a few excerpts from our rules. The full rules may be viewed here. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/123123-wurm-online-rules/ Macro Definition: A macro is any software/hardware that automates the sending of actions to the game server without user interaction and is not permitted. A ) Key locking (IE weighing down a key on your keyboard) is not permitted. B ) Multiboxing (automated sending of actions to more than one client at the same time) is not permitted. Attendance required: Make sure to attend your game session when performing actions. If you use keybinds and send actions that finish often, make sure that your actions have desired effect before starting a new queue in case you watch TV or do something similar that steals your attention. When performing actions that you start more seldom and take a long time to finish (such as fishing or training shields) you still need to verify that you have a valid target now and then when starting the action which should be no problem. In case we notice that you are not attending the game and express prolonged robotic behavior where your actions have no effect you risk being banned for automated play. This will of course not happen when playing normally or being afk. You also have to make sure to respond to any popup questions that may occur due to such perceived automation. Punishment: First offense - Permanent avatar ban. Second offense - Loss of all avatars/accounts and permanent ip ban. - Penalties for macro abuse may be applied at any time pending GM review, even if you have discontinued abusing a macro at time of penalty. Use of the 'G' keys on a G series keyboard, mouse, or other similar product is permitted to send multiple actions simultaneously (without any default, built-in, or added delay timings) in order to fill your in game ACTION QUEUE provided you do NOT use any sort of repeat function. Cheating Definition: * Obvious abuse of any exploit, bug or other method of gaining skill/items that is not as intended. (macros are covered by the rule above) * Sniffing game communication data, trying to hack the server, or altering the client in any way. * Using any tool that directly interacts with the Wurm Online client or with the network communication to enhance game play. * Connecting to the Wurm Online game server with anything other than the official client. * Gaining champion points outside of normal PvP. (example: Draining your own or a friends deeds, or killing avatars provided only as a service for champion points.) Punishment: Varies on a case by case bases including permanent ban and loss of skills. - In the specific case of champion point exploitation all avatars involved will be banned and their deeds disbanded. Bugs & Exploits If you find an exploitable bug, you are required to report it to /support. A ) Non-exploitable bugs should always be reported in the Maintenance Buildings section of our forums. B ) Exploitable bugs should be reported to a Game Master via the /support ticket system in game. C ) PVP activity will not be interrupted by Game Master's unless a bug is deemed critical or game breaking by multiple GM's D ) Game Masters will not respond to /support tickets concerning PVP activity that they are participating in on their player avatars. If you are affected by a bug that prevents your ability to play on your avatar, or you have lost items or skills, contact /support in game. Game Masters can provide temporary solutions or instructions while the bug is evaluated and submitted to the development team for correction.
  11. Appeals If you have been penalized and or banned by the Moderation team you have several avenues of appeal available to you. Avenues of Appeal Chat moderation related penalties may be appealed to the Lead Chat Moderator via in game support ticket, forum PM to the Lead Chat Moderator, or an email to support@wurmonline.com Forum Moderation related penalties may be appealed to the Lead Forum Moderator via forum PM, or an email to support@wurmonline.com. Game Bans may be appealed to the Head Game Master or Asst. Head Game Master via forum PM, or email to support@wurmonline.com.
  12. I finally managed to free up some time to get in this month's Random Enkounter, so without further adieu I unleash the June event upon some unsuspecting person. Today's Enkounter will be based up on Dr. Gangrene's latest monstrosititious veggies! Oh no.... Nobody noticed me ;( I was sooo looking forward to the bloodshed and carnage. I'll just have to slip this 800Kg marlin back in the water... Look forward to July's exciting Enkounter!
  13. Well that's a pretty looking page....
  14. I managed to host May's Random Enkounter today, but.... Of the items Xxalt missed out on was the Supreme awl of Awlsomeness which legend has it can resurrect dead dragons with only one piece of its remains. That or it can be used to create a paper mache parade floats of dragons. The legend was not very clear. Xxalt also missed out on a fresh supreme pizza with triple the cheese! Now we will never know what amazing challenges they would have had to face. Oh well, maybe next time.