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  1. Hello all, Today’s post topic is regarding bugs and exploits. What is a bug? A bug is a small bit of code scurrying around in the system doing something we did not intend. A lot like a roach or cricket crawling around in the shadows in your kitchen. You don’t really know what it gets up to until your party guests are lying on the floor in need of a doctor. It’s no secret that bugs exist within Wurm Online, but our focus going into 2023 will be to address them as we can. An exploit however, is when a bug can provide a material gain or an advantage in skill or ability beyond what is intended. It’s not always easy to determine a bug or an exploit, but when your gains vastly outweigh the effort, you can be sure that you’ve found something unintended. If you choose to use a bug for whatever gain it may provide, then you are elevating the bug to an exploit and you are cheating. Normal bugs should be reported on the forum so that we are aware of them, but exploits or more sensitive bugs can be reported by placing a support ticket in-game. You can access this by typing /support or pressing Escape, then finding Support under the Tools menu. If you are unable to put the report into a support ticket in-game, then you may send the information to us by email via support@wurmonline.com, or by contacting Pomona via forum PM, or her work email pomona@wurmonline.com These are the official methods for reporting bugs and exploits that will be considered for potential rewards. These exploits will be reviewed for severity, and a reward may be offered to the player who first mentioned it. Please keep in mind that making the details of exploits public will exclude you from the rewards mentioned above. You will also be subject to moderation as per the rules as we do not want the exploits to proliferate while we correct them. We are strict about abusing exploits and will take action against the accounts in question, up to and including permanently banning the account. As part of running the game, we log quite a bit of data and can often use statistics to prove who may have been exploiting a bug. This means that we will take action appropriate for the offence. Wurm Online needs honest people to let us know when things seem wrong. Abusing exploits can have an impact on many areas of the game. It’s up to all of us to keep things fair and help fix the problems in the game. Do not assume that we are all knowing and automatically see everything and will magically come fix it. We rely on you to alert us to most bugs that we have not caught in testing and to alert us to anyone exploiting any bugs. Finally, when we penalise someone for exploiting a bug, we will always reserve the right to review the severity of that exploit and the severity of the punishment. Don’t complain after the fact, when someone you have an issue with is actively playing again because you knew something about them and did not bother to report them to us. If you see something, say something. All reports are confidential and we always investigate. We are here to help, so make use of us and report bugs and possible exploits to us so we can continue to improve Wurm Online. Thanks for reading, and happy Wurming!
  2. Updated to clarify timeline
  3. The Horse, The Thief, and The Cage It is not intended that a person with lead permissions on a creature can cage the creature and ship it off to another island for the purpose of rebranding and caring for it, effectively taking it from the original owner. This unintended issue will be corrected in a future update, until then, do not cage creatures that are branded or cared for, for the purpose of cross server ownership change. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  4. Those who do not make Santa's list, will be making mine..... besides, my list is much more merry and festive.... with all the blood that shall be spilt!
  5. I actually like your idea a lot, but I think that may be way more complicated than it would be worth.
  6. I'll be transparent about this and say that I wasn't quite ready for this to go public for a couple of weeks yet. I think a couple of GM's may have misunderstood something I said a week or two ago, or Keenan may have even talked to them and I have not seen the memo. I have been bugged for years by players to do this for whatever reason, and it's not too bad of an idea really, but there are still some details that need fleshed out on what items to auction, where to auction, etc. Right now the only official stance I have is that the staff will NOT be directly benefiting from the proceeds. My original idea was to simply account for and remove those irons from the economy. There was never any underhanded intentions with any of this, but we have ended up with a lot of items that were not made by any nefarious means. Yes, outright destruction remains a possibility for most of the items we have hoarded from irrecoverable banned accounts over the decades, but we are always coming up with ideas to use the items for events and other more natural ways to deal with them rather than just deletion. I suppose I could just hatch a pet volcano named Lavvy to feed it all to. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  7. Can you reply to my message please

  8. Today I come before you to confirm the rumors you have been hearing about Gumbo. Yes, it is true. I can confirm that Gumbo is permanently banned. At least that part of the rumors he has been spreading about himself is true. Gumbo had been among us for many many years and had made many friends across those productive years. Unfortunately, Gumbo came to believe that our rules and directives did not apply to him and refused to adhere to GM given directives. Worse yet, he had become increasingly and unforgivably abusive towards our members and our staff here at Wurm Online. Regardless of what stories he may tell you, take them with a grain of salt, because we absolutely will not tolerate the abuse of our staff of volunteers and developers who work tirelessly to keep our community a wholesome place to enjoy. We wish Gumbo well in his future endeavors. Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
  9. I never have the words for these situations, but I will say it was a grace that he was part of our community and we are forever marked by his presence among us. [15:10:52] <Lagston> what yah need clearly is a zombie champ dragon as a friend [15:12:35] <Enki> lol [15:13:16] <Lagston> ever helpful ideas from laggy Logging started 2022-07-24 [16:10:23] <Lagston> byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. Hmm, what goodie should I donate... The left eye of Sauron"? Perhaps The foot from a one legged trick rope jumper. Or perhaps the tail from a long eared falumparumpagus! Let's see what deranged things have remained lost in my bag of voidities..
  11. Just a heads up... Rumors of my death, life, or transmogrification into a giant butterfly are mostly exaggerated. I will strive to make an appearance during this event.
  12. Hi Enki, I stepped on a tile that indicated to talk to you about it. Tried to find you in game with no luck, can we connect about it sometime? I'm planning to be on today Thurs @ 1700 PST and Sunday this weekend. Thank you!

    1. Blazecraze


      Please, Enki, talk to this man.

  13. The Ivory Whip Astarte has chosen to pass the Ivory Whip of Chat Moderation to Belisama, making them the new Lead Chat Moderator. All chat moderation issues or complaints should be sent to Belisama. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  14. Base Jumpers Beware! Base Jumping into a properly locked and permissioned secure structure or enclosed area(i.e. center of donut structures) on non-PvP servers will be considered an exploit! Ever since the introduction of multi-story and bridges to Wurm Online, a method to bypass the permissions system had been inadvertently made possible. Using a tall enough structure or terrain to fall across a tile into or onto a structure or enclosed area that would otherwise be inaccessible by intended mechanics. This method has been used several times over the years, but as this goes against the intention of our sandbox, we are putting a stop to it via the rules until such time as a mechanical solution is found. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  15. PvP VPN Usage & You Using any VPN or Proxy to bypass the one kingdom online from one IP address at a time restriction on the PVP servers will be considered a form of metagaming and will be enforced and penalized. While we know there are many valid reasons to be using a VPN or Proxy, using them to bypass our intended mechanics is not one of them! Thank You, Wurm Online Team