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  1. Arghh..... Sorry Niki, seems they were waiting on some info from me. I have responded to them.
  2. Psalamon, I did infact find your ticket posted ~18 hours ago. I have sent you a new password to the registered address.
  3. I do apologize for my delays handling a number of issues recently, there are reasons but they do not matter to you and that is understandable. As far as payment@wurmonline.com That is the proper avenue for situations like paypal issues and payment issues above my control, but if you do not get a response within say 72 hours you could let me know the situation so I can ping Code Club AB. I do see a couple of account related tickets so I hope one of them is of Psalamon and I can get him sorted.
  4. Hey Enki..my ingame name is psisimian and i am having trouble getting into the wurm shop to add money to my account through xsolla!! If we can make an arrangement or something can be done to prove i own the account.. or can i login with the hash of the p.w. from my wurm folder on harddrive where its stored?? paste it as plain text or something?? please let me know dying to spend some money on my prem-less tune!!


  5. Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

    On this randomly selected day the randomizer randomly selected Serenity as the server of today's Random Enkounter. Oh what a world....... I had pizza, cake, and a special appearance by the quartet of cow milking Elvis impersonators! Unfortunately the locals never noticed me in their local within the ten minute time frame. I gave the cake and the unique Awesome Staff of Awesomeness to the Elvis impersonators and then threw them into the void. Oh well, maybe next month I can arrange for some other celebrity lookalikes to partake in the fun. I hate seeing that staff go to the void.... such awesome abilities lost forever.
  6. Derby of 1075

    Well, we had some early hiccups... like me not realizing what day it was...and chat not cooperating, but all in all that was fun!
  7. Derby of 1075

    Get your racing silks on, we'll be holding a Cross Country Derby this weekend to finish our annual Wurm Anniversary celebration. To gain entry, we'll be holding public quizzes, with the prize to each being a ticket into this elite race To participate in the selection quiz, please be on Freedom Isles so we may use the Global Freedom chat channel. The winning participants will be ported to a secret location and provided a race horse with full gear. When the race starts the riders will proceed to follow the green lights along the race path. The terrain is varied and riders will not be required to follow an exact path to allow for individual strategy and advancement on the course. In addition to each entrant receiving 10 sleep powders, we'll also be giving away prizes to the top three finishers: 1st place will receive a Supreme Large Magical Chest 2nd place will receive a Supreme Small Magical Chest 3rd place will receive a Supreme Statue of a Kyklops The quizzes will begin approximately 7pm GMT-5 on Saturday, the 16th , so be ready! notes: Participants should be prepared to travel light as possible when we collect you for teleportation. You will be heading off server, so make sure you have taken care of everything you need prior to this event. Food, water, and ropes, if needed, shall be provided at the starting point. RESULTS First Place - Moirai Second Place - Briwerion Third Place - Zaj
  8. Wurmiversary 2018

  9. Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

    On this the 39th day of May, Daiken on Chaos was subjected to a Random Enkounter! They had to endure 4 challenges! #1 What type of blood type does the Jackal have? Daiken quickly answered and got it right on the very first try. #2 How many horseshoes will fit in a small barrel? They had three chances to guess. Daiken again correctly guessed the amount. #3 What color is Piebald? Daiken knew the correct answer! #4 Within 15 minutes, find and kill the Poodle Snacker! Daiken bravely hunted and challenged the Poodle Snacker to lethal combat and successfully killed it, saving the endangered Saberhorn Wooly Poodles from extinction. For the winnings! A table so that they could eat somewhere besides the floor! A barrel rack for sorting their antique barrel collection. A saddle to avoid blisters when riding their horsecycles, and pure cheese! No goat, no dog, just pure aged bovine milk.
  10. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    update... Stormcrow threw some words at me and I threw a few back. The ones that stuck confirmed most of the information that Necroe had provided me, and after seeing Stormcrows conversations with several parties the Dagobert issue is now resolved as far as I am concerned. Yes I know, that issue was only one small part of this and people are still dealing with the fallout of theft accusations made against them during Necroe's activities that for the most part appear to be untrue, such as those that were made against Kingen, Xallo, Alyeska, and a few others during the mess leading up to this thread. This is more of a social PVP issue than moderation so I do not intend to get involved in all of that soap opera. People make their own reputations, and yours speaks volumes giving you the social collateral to show that any accusations made in this matter were probably false. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  11. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    I do not wish to be caught up in all of this drama, and I will state that a lot has been told to me that more or less I have to brush off as hearsay. At first glance there is quite a bit here that is either untrue or third party conjecture, but I will not bother to clear any of that up as this is a social issue more than a moderation issue. I am not in the habit of releasing information on any investigations or activities that we conduct on the behalf of our members, but as I stated earlier about receiving info that has given me cause to lock Dagobert for now I would like to clarify something at this time. Multiple parties in contact with Stormcrow informed me that he would be contacting me directly about the situation during this past weekend, and it has already been 5 days and still nothing. So since that has not happened I will put this tidbit of info out. The info that gave me reason to lock Dagobert came direct from Necroe. He directly told me that Dagobert was still Stormcrow's during our conversation, among other things, and even provided evidence of how and why he had access to it. The information I have discounts a lot of claims and I had hoped Stormcrow could end this, but at this time, as it stands I have no viable reason to investigate any item issues in this matter. As for this name and shame thread, yes it is a normal situation to make someone socially accountable for their actions here, but I feel like this thread is getting a bit too personal with a lot of information that may or may not be true about someone. I do not care if you civilly discuss situations that actually occurred, but I would ask that you avoid personal attacks. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  12. Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

    Today, on Friday the 13th I decided to open up the randomizer and it said go to Release and there I found Bobyli and a sleeping Agentqwarty After waking Agentqwarty up they had to face 5 challenges! For each successful challenge they would each get a cookie! #1 They had 1 minute to correctly calculate how many iron coins in 5 silvers. Bobyli correctly answered in only 19 seconds! #2 In one minute, they must find out the name of the maker of the grand statue of the benevolent deity nearby. Agentquarty correctly knew the name. #3 Within 2 minutes name the built in Wurm Online quick help guide for new players. Agentqwarty quickly nailed it with "Book of Wisdom" #4 When guard towers were first introduced to these lands, how many planks, bricks, and clay did it take to build one? Neither of them knew the correct answer! I had to toss the Ultra Lucky Horse Tail back into the void. I have no idea what it does as it came with a caution tag, do not use while sober. #5 Defeat the Emerald Lagomorphs and their Ranchers! Not too difficult of a task, though since Agentquarty failed to survive he will not be getting a cookie! Bonus Round - Play with the Champion Bonus Troll! For their winnings they received their cookies, a pizza each, an oil barrel, 2 lightly used wolf rugs, a halberd, and an awl.
  13. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    I have been provided information in this Dagobert situation that has given me cause to lock the avatar out of the game until I hear directly from the real Stormcrow.
  14. I have been informed this issue has been replicated. Check your mail when you log in.
  15. I must say I am rather... disappointed.... Everything I put in that post is real, but everything you read is just an April Fools joke, especially for all the reasons that Angelklaine quickly picked up on early on. sigh.... a few years back and I am sure people would have read it for what it really was. However, please note, that all the ideas in it were just random off the top of my head things that serve a purpose, so who knows, maybe they will get added one day. I already got some devs hunting me down with baseball bats and cattle prods because of people wanting those things put in while they are already busy working on more important things in Wurm. Anyway, I would like to just reaffirm that yes, it was a lame April fools joke, not just a typical April fools joke, but a lame one... with a purpose.