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  1. You shall not pass! effective - Oct 31, 2019 - Nov 02,2019 (ENDED) Today's rollback due to certain undesirable things happening, has caused mine doors placed during the time between the update and the rollback to play a trick on their owners. Now they just sit there and laugh as the very people who very kindly and gently placed them onto their holes in the ground, try to pass through them and end up smashing face first into them. I get it, I get it... It's Halloween... why should the pumpkins get to have all the fun! Unfortunately, the mine doors forgot one thing... who their owners were..., and Since they do not trust a smiling face as proof of passage they let no one pass beyond. So... All PVP servers are now under a RAID BAN for about the next 24 hours to let the owners report their holiday prankster doors to the GM's for replacement. For everyone not on the PVP servers, if you placed your mine doors during this update and rollback window, you are affected to. Just send us a support ticket and we will help you out as soon as possible. Thank you, Wurm Online Team. update: This ban is now over as any who cared to report their deed lockouts have been given ample time to do so. We will still assist with messed up mine doors, but PVP deeds have had enough time to report theirs if it was urgent.
  2. This months Random Enkounter is brought to you by the Nefarious Witch of the North, who happens to be far less wicked than that other witch of the west. But still mean! Oh I tell you she is a mean one! Today the randomizer chose to drop me at Havens Landing on Independence.... oh this should be good... Among the people there, Marcas was the first to respond to my famous "Greetings!" speech. Participants = Lluther, Marcas, Mushak, Superfint, Yuyukosaigyouji, Zaka They had to endure 7 random challenges! Challenge #1 - Where is Jackal? [15:43:15] <Enki> Okay... Challenge #1 [15:43:48] <Enki> Where is Jackal? [15:44:20] <Marcas> Thats another server [15:44:26] <Zaka> In space [15:44:28] <Yuyukosaigyouji> Jackal is a planet in the wurm sky. Unless you mean Rift Jackals, which are at rift sites [15:44:48] <Superfint> In the portal [15:44:57] <Enki> All are correct answers.... well except for thatp lanet part.... [15:46:09] <Yuyukosaigyouji> Oh yeah, it's glassed as a moon really isn't it? They all came up with good answers.... but Jackal is not a planet! They each received 4 scones! Except for Yuyukosaigyouji who received only 3 for that planet bit... Challenge #2 - Name a famous arachnid? Isolde wins and is the only one who came up with a famous Arachnid with the answer of Thekla! Challenge #3 - The Nefarious witch of the North sends her greetings! Defend yourselves from the wrath of the Nefarious Chipmunks! Okay okay, so the spirit templars protected them quite effectively... still was fun.. Challenge #4 - Retrieve a rock shard iron ore within 2 minutes! (that's what happens when you have an Enkounter at a start deed) 4 of them brought back some iron anyway.... they received an axe! Challenge #5 - The Nefarious Witch of the North sends a new message.. delivered by 15 Nefarious munchkins! They all ran for their lives! which proved to be a good strategy as they survived long enough for the templars to wipe out all the green monsters. Well, they mostly survived... might could use a few pints of blood... Survivors received a trowel Challenge #6 - What day is this? Some answered with Wednesday, and some answered even more correctly with Luck Day, and one answered extremely correctly with the Eve of All Hallows' Eve Challenge #7 - They must face the Nefarious Witch of the North herself! Mathilda has arisen! That was one big pumpkin! But they survived and minced her up into pies. For their winnings, they received a random tool or weapon or statue. They were fortunate to be on Haven's Landing... Chances are not so good for next Halloween!!!!! Muahahahaha
  3. Jackal Rollover Points Not too long back there was a short window of opportunity during an update where people would cross over from Jackal to freedom and back and have their Jackal points and skills increased with each transfer. Fortunately, there was very little in the way of abuse during this matter and we collected the server records in order to correct this. As of today we now have the means to correct the unintended jackal point gains and skill gains incurred by those that transferred during this window and are in the process of finally doing so. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  4. Updated Highways section of the Game Rules. new: Highways Highway is defined as a paved terrain connecting two or more waystones together via catseyes. Highway Rules: A ) You may not intentionally disable an active highway connection by removing the catseyes without rerouting or replacing them promptly . 1> Deeds retain the right to disconnect from the highway system by removal of their waystone and any deactivated catseyes on their deed and perimeter. B ) You may not intentionally block an active highway with locked structures. (This is known to cause problems for the Wagoner system.) Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation. old: Highways Highway is defined as a paved terrain connecting two or more waystones together via catseyes. Highway Rules: A ) You may not intentionally disable an active highway connection by removing the catseyes without rerouting or replacing them promptly . 1> Deeds retain the right to disconnect from the highway system by removal of their waystone and any deactivated catseyes on their deed and perimeter. Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation.
  5. Positive Alignment

    MinorArchitect pointed out the damage to equipped gear.. My brand new steel great helm has almost 30 dmg, the rest of my armor around ~13 dmg.... my staff weapon... GONE!
  6. Woohoo! I did it! I did it! After 15 years I finally succeeded! I can't believe it! I finally did it! [19:45:49] YOU ARE HIT BY LIGHTNING! OUCH! [19:45:49] A strange dizziness runs through your head, eventually sharpening your senses. I have new super powers now! or at least a mot more Mind Speed! There I was minding my own business moving boats and swimming out to my boat in my shiny new steel plate armor when I got distracted, overshot my boat and started drowning. While awaiting the village to decide who or if a rescue party would be dispatched, by a sheer twist of fate... BAM... I am struck down by mana from above. Still clinging to life in the Jackal sea a rescue party from HQ Bravo was dispatched (Tria) and I was once again snatched from the icy grip of death! Take that IRL! All I got for my troubles when I got hit IRL was an insane need to drink mass amounts of water and memory loss! Take my word for it, getting hit in game is much more rewarding!
  7. Today the randomizer threw me across the oceans to Serenity on the Epic side of the world where I landed in the local of a priestly sort of person, doing priestly sorts of things, in a priestly sort of manner.... Sadly, they never took notice of me in local.... Their loss was a rare bag of spirit eagle omelets. A rare bag of lemons, potatoes, and wires. A large bag of feathers and cotton sheets. A supreme steel spear imbued with 'Two Hit Wonder' sigh.. I was really looking forward to seeing them tackle an ogre one on one with this. And of course, whatevery person needs, a Supreme Fireplace! Oh well... till next month...
  8. Loding and Unloding Zones Do not use Epic portals from jackal to return to Epic home servers or Elevation! (You never know where you will end up. Or what!) Do not try to travel to Elevation from the Epic home servers with anything in your inventory! (Kiss those shiny items bye bye if you do!) Do not travel to Elevation from any home server using any means other than the Epic portals! (Lodestones are not for travel to Elevation!)
  9. A group of people decided to try a very despicable form of cyberbullying in a pathetic attempt to force a developer to leave the team. I have seen my fair share of disturbing things and this is one of the lowest and most disgusting events I have witnessed in our storied history. This has gone way beyond anything that can be tolerated and it will not be tolerated! These individuals have attempted to humiliate and harass a developer to get the developer to leave by threatening to release information that they mistakenly believed would be humiliating to them. First off, this is completely unacceptable behavior anywhere! Cyberbullying is a crime, and it will not be tolerated here either! Secondly, they have nothing of interest on the developer to begin with and have attempted to twist innocent information to fit their demented criminal narrative. This case was researched behind the scenes via various avenues of inquiry and logs tying everyone and their efforts together have been confirmed. The following people are confirmed to be involved with this cyberbullying ring and they will forever be labeled as Toxic Players and unwelcome in Wurm Online! Alexgopen Chromie Niki Propheteer Zehive Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
  10. Today I was sent to Release and in the vicinity of Elymas who would have to face 3 random challenges... Unfortunately.... well... I will let this chat explain it.... If only he knew what I had to dump back into the void.... It was so warm and shiny.... I think it even washed windows!
  11. TEMPORARY RULE Unique Creature Captures If a person/group places a deed over a unique, then discovery and or capture of a unique has been declared. From that point, unless the unique leaves by its own means with no outside interference from others, then it is in the possession of the deeding person/group. Persons/groups outside of the capturing person or group causing a unique to agro and leave the confines of the containment is not considered 'by its own means' and will be considered griefing on PVE servers. This does not mean that there are not other ways to declare discovery or capture of a unique, this is only in regards to placing a deed over it. Note: This rule may be temporary as stated above until such time as we flesh this out more thoroughly and add it to the main rule set or rescind it altogether via other options. Reason for this is an active situation that requires resolution with public notice of a previous ruling in a similar situation and not enough time for full study.
  12. Eir

    I wanted to add the Fundraiser link here in this thread that Kraegar was kind enough to provide, but unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished... Due to the large amount of problems allowing personal fund links of any kind causes us, I have decided not to allow the link. So for now, If you can donate, please contact Kraegar by PM to receive the correct link to Eir's funeral fundraiser. Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
  13. Eir

    May you finally not have any more pain and ailments that troubled you for so long Eir! Eir was one of the two main GM's that taught me how to GM here in Wurm. Eir is a big and historical name here. I kept up with her situation regularly and kept in contact with her. When we learned what was happening, Shrimpiie was able to go visit her and give her well wishes from us just a couple days ago. This is very sad news. Thank you for informing us here Dizbot.
  14. Well.... I asked him to prove it and .... one thing lead to another and sure enough..... To paraphrase a vaguely wise robed figure "these are not the moonmetals you are looking for" According to multiple looks into account histories and chats and some recent discussions with a couple of the people in the know, these moonmetals are not related to the ones stolen via the infamous exploit. These moon metals come from a mix of kingdom hordes. So buy em if you want em! though they may be slightly radioactive now that I look at them up close in my hands.... As I kinda messed this person's activity up I have asked that this thread be kept clean and on topic so that the other issue does not interfere! /Enki (Head Game Master)
  15. PvP/Raid Ban Directives

    Updated 28/07/2019 Updated to reflect HoTA and battlecamp changes.