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  1. A friendly reminder! You only have a few days left to get your trader relocation request in! Late requests will not be accepted.
  2. My player name started out of a bit of anonymity back when yahoo was still in its early days and we were all using netscape or explorer, or aol or that other one... um compuserv I think.... It was a partial random name that came up when I signed up for something back then and it had a bit of a history behind it from my youth. But its not really a fashionable name, just ended up with it and stuck with it for trying to avoid spam and other undesirable things. I still use it today to keep people from realizing who it was that they were in communication with. Enki on the other hand... A : It was cast up on me by the gods, marking me forever with that name as i ran out of ink to finish the entire name Enkiceptrilimanduvorzarous B : It's my actual name! Check out my license plates! C : Or I came up with it quickly to save Oracle and Rolf a lot of time and headaches trying to contact me. 4 characters, quick to type, and has good lore..
  3. Today I hosted another exciting edition of Random Enkounters. Or at least... that was the plan.... I was sent to a random location on Xanadu this month and encountered Demetara. I was excited and ready to play but then this... [13:07:05] <Enki> Greetings! [13:10:41] <Wagoner Lorypeno> Ah breakfast! [13:12:06] <Enki> You have 5 minutes left to respond! [13:12:23] <Demetara> sorry? [13:12:29] <Enki> Hello! [13:12:35] <Demetara> Hi Enki [13:12:41] <Enki> Demetara do you know what time it is! [13:13:12] <Enki> It's time to play Random Enkounters! [13:13:15] <Demetara> in my time its 19.12 i dont know what you mean did i do anything wroing? [13:13:20] <Demetara> ahh [13:13:34] <Enki> So, are you ready to play!!! [13:14:11] <Demetara> thats nice from you but i was about to log RL Dinnertime [13:14:18] <Demetara> 8( [13:14:31] <Enki> alright... well then at least have this parting gift [13:14:33] <Demetara> just wanted to finish one last medi [13:14:54] <Demetara> thank you [13:15:28] <Enki> Better luck next month! [13:15:33] <Enki> enjoy your dinner! [13:15:40] <Demetara> thank you have a nice Day I hope Demetara enjoys all that custard, but they missed out on some fabulous random gear and an extremely rare 'Clucken' creature. Examine info "The Clucken is a rare giant Jungle Fowl that lays a giant wagon size egg on demand once per week. The egg like a box of chocolates, will hatch a random champion clucken creature that will immediately set up on your enemies and beg for treats. If you are ever approached by one of these random clucken hatchlings and you do not posses anything to feed it, it will become agitated and strip you of your entire inventory and then ransack any structures you own and sink any ships you own or manage" Better luck next month!
  4. Updated Account Rules section of Game Rules and updated EULA section. Account Security A ) Keep your passwords secure at all times! (You are solely responsible for the security of your accounts.) B ) You are responsible for all activity on your accounts Account / Item Sales A ) We do not allow account selling, gifting, or transferring of any kind! (Any accounts purchased pre-rmt will be considered owned by the person who purchased them) Own the email, Own the account! B ) We do not allow any bartering for out of game assets. C ) We do not offer support or service for any remedial action or loss that occurs for circumventing these rules. Punishment: Permanent ban of account! Account Access Sharing A ) At your own risk you may share access to your account with up to 2 other people without causing an account sharing violation. B ) We do not allow account sharing or contracting with groups of 3 or more people. (i.e. if you choose to risk sharing your account with up to two other people and one of them or yourself allows one more person to access your account, your account will be in violation of these rules and will be banned.) C ) We do not allow accounts to be shared beyond the original account creator. (i.e. if you choose to share access to your account with up to two other people and one of them allows one more person to access your account, even if you have stopped playing, your account will be in violation of these rules and will be banned.) D ) We do not offer support or service for sharing and will not be held responsible for any remedial action or loss incurred if you circumvent these rules. Punishment: First offense - 30 day account ban. Second offense - Permanent ban of account
  5. My Kingdom for a King! effective - 02/27/2020 - 03/03/2020 ENDED Until further notice a PVP ban is in effect on Chaos due to a political issue with a new player kingdom. The developers should have this resolved by next restart. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137025-pvpraid-ban-directives/
  6. As there has been a couple of rather vocal members spreading some misleading information concerning the Oni case and an apparent post made to an old defunct reddit not currently used by us I would like to clarify the OP in this thread. Oni was NOT banned for any terraforming activities off deed! We probably would not have needed to do anything concerning him until he decided to appeal the case GM's ruling on the field. At that point, while polite, he was just dictating terms to us and unwilling to compromise or listen. That would have garnered a slight penalty, perhaps 3 days to a month ban depending on further belligerence. But, no, the reason Oni was banned was his own decision. He was already in the process of failing to "delete" his account thinking he could reset it to 0 skill to more or less make it unusable, when at the same time I received several in game complaints about his chat activities and a request from him to delete his avatar. Still polite, we spoke for a bit, and I could see by his actions and words that there would be no reasonable dealing with him so I just gave him what he wanted, wished him well, and removed him from Wurm. The only game rule he was rubbing against was the Play Nice rule, which is primarily intended to help us mediate disputes like this and reduce the 'drama'. He apparently refused any sort of compromises or discussions before we were even involved, and I have been told by the GM's that they were pretty generous offers that he had received and refused, much more generous than ours was. In the end, Oni simply wanted it his way and apparently it just wasn't going to be any other options accepted. So any claims of bias, or claims that he was banned for his off deed activities is pure falsehood! /Enki (Head Game Master)
  7. With the upcoming changes to traders and deed upkeep, we are going to be offering everyone with old traders a chance to move them. This is a simple one time process from now until April 1st. If you own a deed and have a trader that you would like relocated to a different location on your deed, or you have a trader currently sitting on a satellite deed that you would like moved to your main deed, please put in a support ticket requesting the move once you have the location ready. The only conditions are that you are the mayor of the deed since before January 25th and the trader is on deed. This is a one time move for each person for one trader to be relocated to their main deed if desired. We cannot move traders across servers, so this is per server in case you have a main deed on more than one server. It may take us a bit of time to get to each request, but do not worry, as long as we receive the requests before April 1st of this year we will get to you. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  8. Yes, it will be measured, I cannot give any specifics at this time.
  9. Here is the current draft of the new Account Rules. These rules are not finalized and will likely be further refined before going into effect. As I said at the top, this is just the current draft and these intended rules and they will probably see a number of refinements before becoming official active.
  10. I am actively working on laying the ground work on the new rules regarding this. I hope to have something to show soon. edit... or I WILL have something to show soon actually. It is surprisingly not that easy to write it!
  11. Today I arrived on Deliverance, and randomly enough it was at Green Dog. There I found a wayward Haslador trying to venture his way back from a previous troll encounter. He had to Enkounter 4 challenges. Challenge #1 Finish this sentence within 1 minute. "This is a standard oar, about the length of a ____ ___" Haslador survived the dreaded challenge with plenty of life and blood to spare. Challenge #2 Where will you find the home of the gods? - 2 minute challenge time! Nope.... I'll throw something shiny in the void for not realizing the answer to that! Challenge #3 What metal is often used to make a compass? And with a wild guess he missed it by a mile! Wow, so much for the supreme flying knarr. Will have to chop it up into kindling... Challenge #4 Defend Deliverance from the invading Lemming Hordes! It took more than a life but Haslador did defeat the small army and faced the Lemming Queen wearing nothing but a steel staff!... too bad he didn't win any clothing.... For his winnings... A large supreme barrel with some food. The steel staff he used against the Lemming Horde, a leather knife, and all the lemming meat he could carry!
  12. great job devs

    I guess this means I need to stop telling people to place a camera behind them over their shoulders and watch that video feed if they want 3rd person.
  13. Lost my faith

    I'm awake! I'm awake!
  14. great job devs

    OH NO!!! What have we done!!!! " I noticed this because I fell off a cliff while taking an epic selfie. " The accident rates and cliff falls are going to skyrocket! ... hmm wait... that might be a fun thing... in Wurm anyway... But the worst part.... if it is a selfie in Wurm does that make it a 'Welfie' or a 'Wolfie' ....hmmm... anyone? ... no?
  15. January 17th - 17:30 - Xanadu - (Winner = Quelon) February 13th - 17:00 - Deliverance - (Winner = Haslador) March 17th - 19:03 - Xanadu - (No Winner)