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  1. This month Sadsack on Deliverance was the participant of Random Enkounters with four challenges to try. #1 How many bison does it take to pull a corbita? Sadsack thought this one over and then gave one of 4 possible answers that were correct! #2 Six Cave Cows appeared depleting the oxygen in the air. To survive, kill the methane leaks! Burgers to be served immediately following Enkounter! (told ya I would use them in the next Enkounter) #3 How many large barrels will fit in a fantastic gold wagon. Unfortunately, Sadsack failed this one and loses out on the Seryl Harmonica of Domination. This gorgeous instrument is known to make wild creatures such as trolls, and dragons dance as they become immensely loyal to you as long as you keep playing! It is also used to increase rest if you play it within 30 minutes before going to sleep and doubles your sleep bonus gain. No harmonica music for you! Into the void with it! #4 A local barbecue convention is in the area, and several of the Pit Masters are drunk on their own special blend of sauces. It is up to you to stop them from stealing your horses for their cooking competition! 25 Pit Masters of varying skill and 1 Pit Master Champion! Sadsack was having a challenging time as hot sauce and hot coals were thrown at him as they kept trying to badger him to give them his horse. They promised to cook it up real nice and give him free admission to the convention where he could eat as much barbecue as he could possibly want. I don't know, that sounded kinda like a good deal to me, but Sadsack was determined not to give up his horse for some stubborn reason and endured the gauntlet of seasonings and spices being thrown at him causing him to need numerous bandages for the burns and cuts given by their butchering 'utensils'. Failing to come to an accord with Sadsack, the raging gang of Pit Masters decided to smoke him out of his house as they had to have meat for their fire pits and smokers and if it wasn't gonna be his horses, then they would take him instead. The siege raged for hours as Sadsack relied on his stock of bandages to get him through the constant attempts to separate him into thick cut steaks and roasts. Slowly but steadily Sadsack worked them over and gave them some culinary tips on how to properly butcher a creature to obtain the best tasting roast. Some of them started to get the notion that Sadsack was sizing them up to be ingredients instead of the other way around, and they were right. The Pit Master Champion had other plans though, and he was a bit 'stingy' with his intentions, but Sadsack finally cut into his skull cavity and changed his mind. For his very random winnings, Sadsack received some top quality cheese as he will need it for all the roast sandwiches and deli style meats he will have in supply for a while, and a fine fishing rod for when he wants to try some sushi instead, and a top of the line wood heater for his house.
  2. We were? How much? I mean no we all have not weren't did not get one.
  3. This month's Random Enkounter was faced by Nomadikhan on Celebration. He had 3 challenges to overcome. Challenge #1 - How many horses can you hitch to a small cart? After conversing with a surprisingly knowledgeable horse, he correctly responded with none! Challenge #2 - How many mortar can you create with a single non combined 20kg heap of sand? Unfortunately, he failed this one miserably as it was a trick question. His chance at the fantastic, magic satchel of riches that spits out a rare, supreme, or even potentially a fantastic gem stone and either a copper five, copper twenty coin, or a silver coin once per day goes back into the void.... Challenge #3 - Defeat the dreaded Smog Mafia! Nomadikhan had to face seven tree munching, coal belching Smoggish Mafioso members! Armed with only a small axe and a shield he cruelly chipped away at their rockish exteriors, until finally reaching their gooey lava like centers, releasing all that heat that keeps them alive. For what was left of his winnings, a large supreme meat lovers pizza, two statuesque demons to keep him company, and a slightly larger weapon than what he used against the mafia.
  4. I have not been able to reproduce this on my end so far.
  5. Keep in mind these old legacy ones from before the fix can be combined. So be aware of the volume when trading them.
  6. January 28th - 21:30 - Affliction - (Winner = Blaca) February 24th - 02:00 - Celebration - (Winner = Nomadikhan) March 22nd - 00:30 - Deliverance - (Winner = Sadsack)
  7. I hear rumors spreading about a new year being laid up on us, so I thought it was time to put an end to the rumors and inform one person in game about the truth of the matter. However, in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to spring a Random Enkounter on someone. The Random Enkounter for this month landed on Affliction where I found Blaca busy tending to his thorn gardens. He had 3 challenges. #1 How many years in this century have had the honor of having a number 8 in them? Blaca thought about it and after some helpful hits from a rather knowledgeable rock, he said 2. After subtracting from some simple geometric equations with both hands I find that he is correct, there have been only 2 so far. #2 What hue is the home of our beloved deities. Blaca very astutely looked up and checked Valrei's paint scheme. #3 But of course we have to have a creature challenge! Kill all 10 of the Needlehoofs! These cruel and malevolent equines of war just love impaling fleshy humans. No one is safe with these things around especially since there is no safe angle at which to approach these beasts. While Blaca engaged the pack, 9 of them kept him busy while their king could run to safety and incite the local horse population to start revolting! Blaca gave chase after quickly dispatching the main pack and managed to catch up with the king of the needlehoofs before it could reach any horses. For his winnings, an extra large supreme pizza and a very special dining table with which to share it on!
  8. You never know!
  9. The missions posted above should not be connected in any way. and the percentiles are merely the progress of the mission. You should not be at 1.0% on the mystery missions. I'll do some double checking.
  10. Greetings twentyeighteenians of Wurm! In this new year we have a change coming for those of us who enjoy the PVP side of things. It is no secret that there are those abusing various alternate player avatars for meta-PVP fight skill, and there is also the issue of abuse pertaining to killing alternate player accounts purely for affinities, so called 'affinity farming'. Changes are coming that will counter that activity very soon with the upcoming updates to the game. The new system will introduce measures against extreme abuse as well as create a new way for players to gain affinities both on PvP and PvE servers. These changes are expected to come into the game by the end of January. Until those changes are enacted we will be watching for anyone orchestrating ‘meta-PVP’ slayings for fight skill and affinity farming. Anyone found to be doing this vile ‘meta-PVP’ activity shall be banned! We have never been too thrilled with the ways a few people find to ‘game’ the system such as making deals with people to farm them for their affinities, or using VPN’s or proxies to the same ends. If it is not genuine PVP activity then do not expect us to look on it very fondly. As I said above, anyone working these kinds of ‘meta-PVP’ schemes for fightskill and affinity farming will be immediately banned from Wurm Online. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  11. The final Random Enkounter of the year 2017 was held on Xanadu. This Random Enkounter has been brought to you by The Ocean. "Yes, you swim in it, you sail across it, you even drink from the edges of it, but remember this surface dweller remember it well, we creatures of the seas pee in it!" This has been a message brought to you by The Ocean! One day it shall rise! "Water always wins." - The Doctor Ihy and Taphera was the local active residents to participate. I wanted to celebrate by having them face 2017 challenges, but that would take about 4 months so might be a bit too lengthy an ordeal, so by the randomizer Ihy and Taphera faced 4 random challenges! #1 Is there an Eclipse in the sky of Wurm Online today? Taphera was deep in a mine and guessed no. If Taphera had waited only 8 minutes more to answer they would have been incorrect! #2 Get 20 stone bricks in 3 minutes! Taphera was unable to complete the challenge. The Mighty Seryl Night Light of Bug Zapping had to be tossed into the void. At first glance you might think it was simply a spider and cave bug repeller, but that is not correct, instead what it did was send out a bolt of lightning and instantly cook any spiders within range leaving you with not only an instant edible trail snack, but often leaving behind both charcoal, and either a lump of gold, copper, or seryl formed from the blast. #3 Name the Head Game Master of Wurm Online? Taphera had 2 minutes to answer but did not fall for this trick question and answered correctly in less than 15 seconds. #4 Kill all 17 Dragon Fang Beak Klaws to prevent 2018 from being delayed until January 3rd again! Ihy assisted as they apparently had strong reason to leave 2017 and would not tolerate it sticking around any longer than absolutely necessary. They made short work of the cogburnably* stubborn manifestations. For their 2017 Enkounter items! A set of rare horse gear! A storage bin full of building materials, and a hearty supply of sausage and egg biscuits with new years cake! *no that is not a word, please stop looking for it. However if it is a word....too bad! I used it here first!
  12. Today I found myself somewhere on Chaos where I met Bilbopk stuck in tar. Bilbopk found himself up against 1 solitary single challenge. Challenge #1 SURVIVE! A roving gang of Pugilists set up on Bilbopk and for a short while I was sure he was dead. There was no way he was getting away from these brutes, but soon Rasu and Threap came to Bilbopk's aid and just barely pulled him back from the brink of death with an "epic heal" just in the nick of time. Mith, Dridmar, and Warrior soon showed up but it appears only to watch the melee and help eat cake. For Bilbopk's items, a chair, a couple of baking stones, a very very nice jar, a well made quiver, a couple of tools, and a stabbing stick, along with a pair of pants. Basically everything he needs to walk along an island beach spear fishing and making fish sandwiches. He also received an assortment of sausages, and vegetable stir fries, as well as an extremely sugar rich assortment of cakes. Man I am getting hungry.... oh well, one can dream I suppose...
  13. Today I popped up on Celebration in the middle of the ocean. Bloodmaster and Mith happened ot be sailing by, although Bloodmaster was asleep at the helm. Mith saw me so the Random Enkounter was on! He woke Bloodmaster up and they had ot face 3 random challenges! #1 Where do the demons go home after a long days work? They had 2 minutes to answer and after a very long and awkward silence Bloodmaster shouted out the correct answer! #2 How many lagomorphs are in the lands of Wurm Online? This one had a 3 minute timer on it, and I was sure they would not get it! Bloodmaster correctly guessed zero as there are no lagomorphs hopping about at this time of year! #3 As this was a rare water based challenge they had to save themselves from the Kraken babies! and Teenage Krakens! from the depths! Sadly I had to step away form the action while they were busy baby sitting the Krakies and Krakeens, but when I returned their boat was sitting in the middle of a bloodbath with dead wannabe krakens all over the place. They were busy harvesting the organs and flesh of the beasts for a seafood party when I handed them their random items. As for their items, enough stuff to build a horse shed or a boat barn including wooden shingles, a pickaxe and saw, a huge tub, and some most important statues to adorn the structure. They also received some lamb to go with their seafood, and some pies to eat on during their long journey!
  14. Today I dropped onto Release and found Kekstier in local He had 3 random challenges. #1 I Spy. An item of his that is locked, made of birchwood, and 37.9QL, He must find it within 5 minutes. It took him 40 seconds to run down to the docks and find that rowboat. #2 Collect 3 different types of flowers within 1 minutes. He could not have cut this one any closer, but succeed he did. #3 Stop the Coal Burners from smogging up his deed! The polluting smoke from the monsters was getting bad, but Kekstier called in reinforcements from the nearby guard tower as he stepped back into one of his buildings to grab more healing supplies. The Coal Burners were were angry at Kekstier for his use of their kin in his much more fuel efficient forges. They were tired of being treated like charcoal, but unfortunately that's exactly what they were in Kekstier's plans. With a little time and patience Kekstier had little trouble dealing with the walking smoke machines. For his Enkounter items, Water. Pure water. Lots of water. 8 barrels worth to be precise. He also received an anvil, an axe, a knife, a lump of brass, some plates, and a market stall with benches. He will be serving Rat on a stick and cookies with water there at his new market stall for some time. If only he had received some lemons and sugar in his items. He could have made a fortune on the lemonade market.... Oh well, I guess he can use the water to temper tools or armor and sell them at his new market stall.
  15. Today I was thrown over to Elevation again and found a community of people busy at work polishing walls. Allenfulblade, Annyil, Gamba, and Jaz participated while the rest went back to polishing walls. They had to endure 4 harsh and unusually cruel challenges. Challenge #1 Inventory Item time! Does any of them have a long bow in inventory? Arghh! Of course they do! Oh well, random! Challenge #2 Make 20 felled trees within 4 minutes! They were surprisingly good at this and completed it in just over 2 minutes! Wish I could get them over here to make firewood for the winter. Challenge #3 Name the company behind Wurm Online and name its CEO? They knew right off that it was Code Club AB and Rolf Janssen Challenge #4 Fend off 3 waves of Rodent Infestations or they will eat them out of house and home and their houses and homes! Wave 1 - Field Voles! These armored rodents were little match for the fighters as they were determined not to let the fresh coat of paint on their houses get scratched up. Wave 2 - Gophers! These frantically nosy critters liked all the soft soil around their homes and were eager to dig around and suck all their stone work into the earth below where they could use it to sharpen their teeth. Alas... they were quickly dealt with by the group. Wave 3 - The Arachnorats! Oh boy oh boy oh boy.... these 8 legged rodents just love chewing on second story roofs as that was a very comfortable height for them. With a huge swarm of them attacking at once, Allenfulblade worked to pull some off of the group, but his survival was in question. While he worked to lessen the load, the rest of the group strategically retreated to a mine to heal up and work on some strategy. Gamba just barely survived the retreat. Even while the others were trying to sew Gamba back together again he was busy thinking about how good some Arachnorat stew would taste. Allenfulblade became separated from the group and was fighting off 4 of the sizeable rodents by himself. Gamba tried his best to help when he got there, but without a horse, his sword just could not reach up high enough to hit the beasts. Jaz and Annyil finally made it around and saved Allenfulblade from having his brains sucked completely out by the ravenous rodents. The group then tried to split the Arachnorat infestation up and take them out as efficiently as possible, unfortunately they survived... I thought for sure at least Gamba would be killed .... The group celebrated prematurely not realizing that another group of Arachnorats were laying in wait somewhere. After a short hunt, the group found two of the Arachnorats hiding among the camellia bushes laying traps in hopes of eating the group one by one at a later time. Finally one Arachnorat remained......somewhere..... The hunt was on! It turned out that the final Arachnorat was on the run, heading south to get more reinforcements. They engaged it on the peat field and put an end to the infestation. For now.... For their random items, a table, some bowls, a rope tool, a bunch of fence bars, and slabs of marble, some rugs, and some spaghetti and meatballs. All the makings for either a petting zoo, or a nice outdoor Italian bistro. "<Gamba> my only reward is knowing i didn't die a horrendous death" Sigh.... I will have to try harder!