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  1. It lasted a month, people hated it, and then it was decided that again Epic was put on hold for other things. Not sure if this is really a highlight.
  2. Full Steam Ahead

    Honestly, @Samoolis probably my new favorite staff members. Make a thread, replies once, and lets the community discuss it. Retro, I would like to define you as "passionate" but you don't have to reply and argue to everyone's post and comment.
  3. The thread wasnt about you either, but you had no issues talking about your role. I ask a question about the former project manager (what the thread is about) and its not on topic?
  4. Oh, wow. I thought he was just a regular developer or contributor. I'm not trying to say this in a negative way, I am just curious what changes he did for the game?
  5. Wait. Was Budda the Product Manager?
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    Just feels like it wont be that impactful. The game has been around for years, many heard of it, tried it, or find the WU steam version. It sounds maybe convenient to centralize on steam, but overall I just wonder if it would really attract anyone.
  7. Switched my Shares

    Interesting, I guess. I mean it does spell out that there will be changes though.
  8. Just feels recycled. It just seems like the business model here is when things get stale, launch a new server. Now we have multiple vacant open servers. It's not really great for forcing any player to player interaction, and especially not great for PvP. This will get a small boost and hype the first two weeks, and like all other launches, player count will drop off again. It feels like we're just stuck in a loop with the same idea.
  9. I think this suggestion is a little drastic, and (no offense) takes a lot out of the game. If you remove tomes, you pretty much nullify the need for karma or even doing missions. That's one of the unique things about Epic, some people love doing missions and getting rewards. It feels like you're taking a lot of the game content out by removing tomes and bonuses. Also, can't everyone get a tome? I'm not saying that because it's accessible to everyone certain spells might be overpowered or need adjusting, but I don't think the best solution is saying remove it entirely because of a single incident or spell.
  10. I'm not opposed to changing sorcery, but I think you have to consider a lot of people learned the tomes and took on a debuff because the spell was worthwhile. I think if you change anything dramatically or rework the entire spell, then players should have the ability to unlearn that specific tome as compensation.
  11. Oh, you mean actual public relations? No sorry, we don't do that.
  12. Just looking to confirm, people are going to be punished for something after it's been done and prior to the stated punishment being posted?
  13. Hi, Just curious if someone could explain why mirrors (silver or gold) are not sold on traders? It's purely a vanity item, and is just another item to help the economy. Thanks!
  14. Just my two cents - All of this is great, but it's targeting a small demographic. The majority of people who are going to return to Elevation are likely existing players who enjoyed Epic when it was first released, and it was more simple and straight forward. There's not a lot of incentive or push to pull in new players though. Judging by the premium graphs it doesn't seem to be a huge return either, and after the first few weeks the hype dies down, and people quit. Is there anything be put into advertising, e-mail, or in-game rewards such as titles? I'm concerned that it's going to have a great launch and immediately after start to decline.
  15. My suggestion is don't listen to anyone. Players don't make good game developers. Everyone is going to have a different opinion especially when a game has so much content. The player with SOTG loves it, and his enemy hates it. Guy living peacefully on a hill on JKH loves it, and his enemies wanting PvP on Elevation hate it. For every mechanic and feature in Wurm someone is strongly for it and someone is strong against it. It's impossible to read everything in this thread and create the perfect Elevation server. Do what you want and feel is the best direction, but don't steer away from it because of negative feedback. Rolf was actually a pretty chill guy, but back in the day you could just go into IRC and ping him and get anything nerfed or changed. He shaped the game over time to what players wanted and look where that left us. Best case scenario you make a cool new server and people love it. It can't get any worse honestly.
  16. I didn't read many response's on this thread, but I don't condone alt-killing, I think people using alts as spies to locate people, villages, or weaknesses though is a bigger issue. I personally don't feel someone killing their alt a thousand times is giving them any real PvP advantage. Yes, it makes an account better, but even the best accounts on Epic are some of the worst PvPers. That's just the truth. It doesn't really matter how good your account is in a game that's heavily based around numbers and tactics. That person in the screenshot can kill that alt until he has every affinity in the game, 1900 rank, and 100FS, but the minute he goes into combat if he's outnumbered he's likely screwed like the rest. Be the best worst account or the best account, your chance of success is really based your kingdom versus their kingdom. But I don't really care, it sounds like they already clamped down on affinity farming so that's cool, but honestly it's a bit odd it took this long. This was happening several years ago.
  17. Sorry but honesty it's a huge stretch to compare LIF and Wurm. While there are aspects similar, there's a discernible line between theft and a shared idea. A lot of work is just based of reality, I didn't look it up but I'd wager a guess towers like that did really exist. LIF just aesthetically though looks so much better and runs more smoothly.
  18. That is how a Chief works.
  19. I'm currently running as Chief of the LIF MMO Wurm group, join us.
  20. I wish more time was put into a fleshed out full plan, not just addressing serve switching. You need to really start looking at the underline issues that turn people away from PvP, which are the imbalances. Server switching helps, but we wouldn't need it if developers just looked at the two biggest variables that harm PvP for new players. When those are changed, PvP changes forever.
  21. I mean... eh. Not a huge deal for a new skill. We kind of have something similar already with digging up artifacts so the mechanic is already out there, have to find the right tile, and dig it up. I guess some content is better than none, but I feel there is a lot better ideas out there that could have been added before digging up tools.
  22. I thought you were proposing removing drake, was hopeful for a moment.
  23. WTS account

    at the very least you pick some good names