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  1. Thanks a bunch for the signs, great price too! it saved me from have to make a 2 hour trip back to my house. Totally recommend you for great quick service!
  2. Thanks a bunch for the super quick response! =D
  3. Hello! could you please send the following at your nearest convenience? 5 (or as many as you have if you don't have all 5) Human Skull shoulder pads @50c each the Full house pizza recipe and all of the drinks/alchohol recipes @6c each Rare electrum sickle @ 3s Supreme Sickle @8s please let me know if this works for you either by pming me in game or here. Thanks!
  4. if you're still playing i'll take the rest of your stock at 5c a piece please. send to Gerboa. Thanks! this has nothing to do with the order. it's just a picture of a snake eating a sandwich.
  5. my first guess would be water, but after thinking about it i would have to say it's a small crudely drawn picture of a caterpillar wearing a colander as a hat.
  6. I'm still in! no sense in all this hard work going to waste
  7. +1. i wouldn't have bought supplies and spent time on this if i knew it was going to be pulled out from under us. I would really appreciate it if you could consider reverting back to the original end date. i know you all have a lot going on so thanks for hearing me out on this.
  8. 1 ship building pizza 1 woodcutting 1 mining 5 random All 20kg Tyvm
  9. I've got 3s on harmony if you still have the sp. Let me know.
  10. Spindle for 7c. Please send cod to gerboa. Thank you.
  11. Would you do 5s for the 7 sleeping powders?
  12. Are you still looking for someone?