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  1. Hi, I have 12 sealed small barrel of Maple Sap of 56+ ql, contact me if you need it! Thanks
  2. Some pics of the event: Thanks!
  3. added seryll and glimmersteel. Wood/stones gone!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for the following quantity/quality, pm with prices inclusive of shipping to exodus: 1000x Steel lump 50ql 500x Steel lump 70q 500x Steel Lump 85ql Thanks!
  5. I leave here my thoughts. I created my account 7 years ago and every time I play I always have in mind "How can I optimize my time to have a revenue?". Now it will change and we will see what happens, for sure without RMT I will have less "stress" and maybe I will enjoy more the game! I will start spending my coins in the market instead of keep them to reach 1 gold and sell it via paypal. Anyway, this change will not kill the game!
  6. Hey, I have a used Steel Plate armor set; how much will cost to imp it to 80-90ql? Consider that all the pieces are around 60-70ql without damage. Thanks!
  7. Map from 2012

    Olivewood, my ooold deed Then someone cut off all the olive trees..
  8. Hi, just got this 0.38 kg - 98.29ql Adamantine lump. Because of the high ql, I would like to open an auction: Starting price: 4s Increments: 25c No reserve Sniper: 1 hour 3 days, let's go!
  9. Hi everyone, the Archendale Shop is open! I sell Rift Wood/Stone, Planks and Enchanted Grass Service Current list (update 07/04/2020) Maple sap: 12x Sealed Small barrel of 56+ ql Build material: Planks: 1s/1k Adamantine: 4s/kg - Glimmersteel: 4s/kg 0.37kg 93.65ql Seryll: 4s/kg 0.11kg 80.81 ql 2 damage Rift Material Wood: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Stone: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Crystal: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Thanks for reading!
  10. Hey, someone knows the coords for the rift? Thanks!