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  1. I leave here my thoughts. I created my account 7 years ago and every time I play I always have in mind "How can I optimize my time to have a revenue?". Now it will change and we will see what happens, for sure without RMT I will have less "stress" and maybe I will enjoy more the game! I will start spending my coins in the market instead of keep them to reach 1 gold and sell it via paypal. Anyway, this change will not kill the game!
  2. Hey, I have a used Steel Plate armor set; how much will cost to imp it to 80-90ql? Consider that all the pieces are around 60-70ql without damage. Thanks!
  3. Map from 2012

    Olivewood, my ooold deed Then someone cut off all the olive trees..
  4. Bump, new material added!
  5. Hi, just got this 0.38 kg - 98.29ql Adamantine lump. Because of the high ql, I would like to open an auction: Starting price: 4s Increments: 25c No reserve Sniper: 1 hour 3 days, let's go!
  6. Hi everyone, the Archendale Rift Shop is open, fresh wood, stone and crystal! Take a look to our high ql adamantine. Can combine items to cut shipping costs. Current list (update 09/02/2020) Adamantine: 4s/kg 0.38 kg - 94.42ql 0.35 kg - 91.74ql Wood: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c 0.20 kg - 73.79ql 0.20 kg - 70.34ql 0.20 kg - 62.74ql 0.20 kg - 60.54ql 0.20 kg - 59.16ql 0.20 kg - 57.35ql 0.20 kg - 54.67ql 0.20 kg - 51.13ql 0.20 kg - 44.54ql 0.20 kg - 9.08ql Stone: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c 0.20 kg - 79.55ql 0.20 kg - 76.88ql 0.20 kg - 75.33ql 0.20 kg - 74.43ql 0.20 kg - 74.08ql 0.20 kg - 70.31ql 0.20 kg - 67.38ql 0.20 kg - 50.43ql 0.20 kg - 49.65ql 0.20 kg - 45.76ql 0.20 kg - 45.63ql 0.20 kg - 41.44ql 0.20 kg - 41.18ql 0.20 kg - 39.73ql 0.20 kg - 1.06ql Crystal: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c 0.20 kg - 78.79ql 0.20 kg - 72.77ql 0.20 kg - 72.03ql 0.20 kg - 65.97ql 0.20 kg - 65.76ql 0.20 kg - 62.32ql 0.20 kg - 52.72ql 0.20 kg - 50.93ql 0.20 kg - 49.48ql 0.20 kg - 48.85ql 0.20 kg - 46.38ql 0.20 kg - 42.22ql 0.20 kg - 38.88ql 0.20 kg - 37.06ql Thanks for reading!
  7. Hey, someone knows the coords for the rift? Thanks!
  8. Maybe a way to recreate the issue: Raise anchor, don't take the anchor from the ship inventory, change server. This was the procedure that create the bug for me..
  9. Hi, Anyone knows the location for the next Rift? Thanks!
  10. Hi, my anchor just disappear. I boarded my ship as commander, I saw the anchor in the inventory... but I did "Rise anchor" as always from the ship and everything was fine. Now I can't moore anymore, I don't find the anchor in my inventory, in the ship, is just disappear... And now I'm in the middle of the sea without an anchor... Please help!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm Rajan in-game, it is almost 8 years that I live in North Exodus (c16-c17) and I saw a lot of people coming, build and disappear. It is normal, but now the area is a big mess.. piece of roads, furniture, sign, fences, etc... I would like to do a big cleanup, removing small roads, plant new trees and bring back the wild spirit of Exodus. Someone want to help? I think that there is no need of planning.. but if you pass in the area, just removing some cobblestone, bash some furniture will help! Thanks
  12. Hey, I have a 0.02 white dragon hatchling hide.. I don't know if you need it and how much is worth