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  1. Apologies if I've missed something obvious, but what's the rough estimated time-frame for this to be out of testing and implemented live? Thanks!
  2. Honestly, all three sound awesome and it was really a toss up between Goblin camps and Cartography for me. But I gotta go with ' What is more fun ways to kill things for $500, Alex.'
  3. Please send: clay shaper, oakenwood: BOTD 90: 60c mortar and pestle: BOTD 101: 1s 35c spatula, oakenwood: BOTD 94: 84c spoon, iron: BOTD 90: 60c whetstone: BOTD 95: 90c To Belrindor. Many Thanks!
  4. I didn't see one in stock, so I have my first custom order for you. Trowel, 90ql, with 90s coc and woa. Unless you have a pre-existing one lying around that you can imp and throw some enchants on. That works too. I'd alternatively be interesting in buying a rare trowel if you have one you'd like to get rid of that you could imp to 90 and throw 90s coc and woa on. Lemme know, and thanks as always! ~Bel
  5. Please send the following to Belrindor: trowel, iron: BOTD 99: 1s 16c Many thanks!
  6. Regular stock: fruit press, applewood, 11ql, 99 coc, 1s Press, oakenwood, 29ql, 98 coc, 1s From your Glasshollow Merchant: rope tool, cedarwood, (95 coc), 1s spindle, oakenwood (92 coc), 1s All to Belrindor please. Many thanks!
  7. Got another order for ya. This one is a biggie! butchering knife, iron: BOTD 97: 1s 1c fork, iron: BOTD 85: 30c grooming brush, oakenwood: BOTD 90: 60c metal brush, iron: BOTD 90: 60c mortar and pestle: BOTD 90: 60c pelt, BOTD 92: 72c pickaxe, steel: BOTD 94: 84c scythe, iron: BOTD 94: 84c sickle, iron: BOTD 96: 95c small anvil, iron: BOTD 90: 60c All to Belrindor please, and many thanks!
  8. Please send: knife, iron: BOTD 96: 95c Thanks again!
  9. Next item: longsword, lead (87N, 68LT, 89COC, 51MS) 74.24ql, 1.5s From your Glasshollow weapon merchant. Thanks!
  10. [10:09:37] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about body stamina! I'd like a Farming pizza please, thanks! (Tried to PM, but you weren't online, so I'm putting it here.)
  11. Please also send: shovel, iron: BOTD 105: 2s Thanks again!
  12. Happy Weekend! When you get a chance, please send over the following: stone chisel, iron 96 coc 46.65 1s Many thanks.,
  13. Hello again! Whenever you get the chance, please send over: carving knife, steel: BOTD 91: 66c saw, iron: BOTD 92: 72c stone chisel, iron: BOTD 92: 72c Many thanks!