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  1. [15:52:39] You have premium time until 10 Mar 2021 01:00:29 GMT Just got 3 more months Premium. :) Thanks team.
  2. Sounds great! Will be looking to pick up some extra Premium and maybe some silver to feed the deed.
  3. [16:37:30] You scratch yourself. What did you catch now? Wow. Thanks. I'm really glad disease was re-enabled. Said no one ever.
  4. All this sand and no glassmaking. it's way overdue.
  5. I created a new toon for the new servers. Played there a few days. Totally lost interest after hitting the 20 cap and not wanting to premium and deed somewhere *again*. I've created a lot of toons on many games and many alts, but the slow grind of Wurm makes it less than fun to have to grind up from zero, yet again. That's just me. Some people love it and that's their favorite play style. More power to them. Everyone enjoys Wurm differently. But for me it's my deed on Pristine that, even though looks MASSIVELY different than it used to, holds the fondest memories for me. No WU server has really done that but one, and it doesn't exist anymore. New toons on a new server, new lands, are exciting for a short while, but just don't have the staying power for me that my first and oldest deed does. I know every inch of the area around my deed for 'kilometers' around, and I like it that way. It's home.
  6. I really like those. Arcadia especially.
  7. This looks enticing. My only concern is this: That server it said was up in Feb 2019 and now it's closed and this one is open as of September. That seems like it's up 6 months then completely wiped and redone. For a 2x server, that's pretty ridiculous for the amount of time people are expected to put in only to have it wiped. If you're wiping every 6 months, is anything at all transferred over?
  8. Such as all the slimy... errr. shiny silver sellers not being able to do RMT on Steam. All of a sudden all the people in the existing servers would not be able to sell those extra silvers for cash. And how then would they fuel their drug and alcohol fueled rants here on the forums? Be careful what you wish for people, you just might get it.
  9. The last time noobs crawled all over my area they cut down all of the fruit trees I'd meticulously planted for public use. 'Public use' however does not include cutting all of them down to get their woodcutting skill from 1 to 10. I was more than a bit hacked off. Especially since said noobs didn't even stick around. They usually just would come in, decimate an area, then log off, never to be seen again. The only thing that remained was their destruction. A new server is perfect for that special kind of destructive learn as you go experience Wurm noobs need.
  10. I've created exactly ONE rare usable tool in all my years of playing Wurm. A mallet. I love that darn mallet. It's about 50ql atm. It's also on my character, so I've managed to keep it despite multiple deed lootings. If all of a sudden I log in tomorrow and my mallet is 'sealed' and unable to be imped forevermore, I'd be 50 shades of highly POd. Just leave rares alone, they're one of the few things in the game that are pretty balanced, and only give a very slight advantage over a regular tool. Not everyone has all rare'd up, highly magic'd tools.
  11. Yes, but they usually play the toons concurrently. Not individually. Skilling up 5-6 toons all at once is very different than skilling them 1 at a time. This will enable the newbies to have a fighting chance at least vs hoardes of experienced crafters and merchants who'll otherwise just do what they've done on every single server release. It's not about us, the experienced players for Steam Wurm. It's about the new folks, and giving them a chance to find their own feet WITHOUT our massive overshadowing influence. Also, no matter what idea is suggested, you'll always have the 'fix everything that's already broken first' crowd and the 'leave it all the same, if you don't like it go play WU' crowd. If Wurm Steam is to have even a chance to get it's legs, real viable changes need to be made. WO's current subscription number speak for themselves about how many people will tolerate the game model in it's current form. A few hundred.
  12. I'm honestly surprised glassmaking hasn't been added yet. That's a huge missed opportunity, with a zillion possible things to make that could be useful.
  13. This is unhelpful and smarmy. They already said the base of the actual game isn't going to change, just perhaps a few QOL improvements. Most of the people that I personally know who quit the game, including my entire Alliance cite $$$ and or the cost of the game to play the way they want to play, having to pay for each toon, etc as reasons for them quitting. And can't remember anyone ever quitting because they didn't want to play the game.
  14. Yep. Even many modern commercial concrete items are cured underwater for years before use. +1.
  15. I don't PVP, but I think the mushroom and potion ideas are really cool! +1.