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  1. Getting ready to start some more tales. A warm up: I fell down a cliff the other day. I guess you could say I made my mark.
  2. Given Lancelot's farewell expressed the concept of being too old for this, and given the response from many, I thought it good to invite the older amongst us to speak up and share Wurm from the perspective of *ahem* long experience. So, if you have been around since before the internet, what is it about Wurm that you value and enjoy?
  3. Goodbye

    Oh, dear. I am well into my 54th ... I do in Wurm what I am too old to do in real life.
  4. Yes, almost exactly this has been suggested a few times.
  5. There was a suggestion site? Why? There are literally years' worth of suggestions here under the apparently oddly named "Suggestions" sub-forum - including many suggestions about how to better manage that. I know I haven't been around much lately - in part due to the futility of making suggestions. I am now concerned that previous suggestions really are dead.
  6. Ah, those runescape campfire chains. That brings back memories
  7. Smell the irony. I would be interested to hear the explanation of how my preferring to no longer have rude and selfish neighbours is toxic and harmful. I experienced a huge amount more anti-social behaviour in months on NFI than I did in years on SFI. Although, maybe you aren't referring to me, because I am not "spewing about NFI toxicity" so much as saying I found the dominant culture to be thoroughly unenjoyable. Maybe that culture has matured somewhat, but as of not so long ago it was still apparent in comments to the effect that only opinions that count are those of NFIers. My mindset and attitude? Everyone should get to play HOW they want. Everyone should be treated with respect. Everyone who can use my assistance may have it. My solid experience across 3 northern islands tells me that a merge would likely damage 1 and 2. Everyone getting to play WHERE they want is already limited, so continuing to limit it and thus allowing everyone to continue playing HOW they want seems to make sense to me.
  8. Not such a no-brainer at all. Just because your mind is solidly made up does not mean that the matter is settled and beyond question. My mind is mostly made up in the opposite direction for some sound and as far as I know unchanged reasons. The vets that went to NFI are not simply sitting on privileges; they skewed an entire community dynamic - and I for one don't want that dynamic leavened back into SFI.
  9. As long as they are ridable, maybe even hitchable.
  10. But if we have poison arrow frogs, you know people will want to be able to craft poison arrows and then the frogs are in real trouble.
  11. To the OP, I actually am not so keen on dislike buttons. Too easy for cyberbullies to game.
  12. No, the cat isn't a dislike. It is just a cat. So, for any time you read something and in response think "cat" that is the button to press.
  13. I say yes. But.... the huge maul really is already a sledge hammer - it is light on the "mediaeval" and heavy on the "fantasy".
  14. Yes. A big fat diagonal YES, every time.
  15. How, exactly? Can you reset your journal and start again? And what makes you think working harder gives you a better chance at a better reward? That isn't how random works.
  16. Anything with "optional" is a good addition, IMO. Obviously someone wants it, else it wouldn't get suggested, and those who don't simply don't use the option. Win /win as far as I am concerned.
  17. @Keenan May we know where you will list the changes? This could be good information to have. Actually, this would be good information to make available to new players before they commit to a cluster (unless the ongoing funnelling of new players to one server on one cluster is intentional and set to continue, but then that would be good to know, too).
  18. Yep. Noted that the original suggestion is from a decade ago
  19. Intriguing. But, leaning considerably towards "classes" and that will generate a kick back for sure. I actually think something like this is better than classes. When you choose a class in most games, you immediately get buffs and barriers. This instead is more "specializing" for a period and gaining buffs through doing things relevant to that specialization. I would fit fairly neatly with the skilling system where you improve a skill by doing things that use the skill.
  20. You would need to mine into rock. You can construct a building inside the resulting cave/mine, so you can have a door at the back of the mine entrance, if you want your door to be vertical instead of leaning back. I would recommend reading up a bit on mining on Wurmpedia. Like everything else in Wurm, there is a lot you can do. I don't think there is a water-related decay mechanic at all. To prevent mine cave-ins you can reinforce the cave walls with support beams (which are craftable and are in your crafting recipes).
  21. No, there are approaches to the game that are not yours and still not idiotic. Some of us are playing a game, not gaming a system. (If you see what I mean there - there are certainly games I play in that "gaming a system" way. Most of them, in fact. But not Wurm.)