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  1. Auction Won by Warrior. Ty for all bids,
  2. Recuritment/barcode is on closed (RL calls) current members may reopen thread and continue
  3. Down 5k mobs since last restart now, i will continue burying corpses.
  4. Mobs respawning has been "bugged" for a while i am told, with servers having their caps increased to compensate for this. I believe i have found the reason the number of spawn continue to go down until restarts. From my current understanding of the spawn mechanic is as follows: We have a cap of creatures split between aggressive and netural, when a corpes decays, a new mob then spawns, this has been they way i have udnerstood it to be for years Now a relativly "newer" mechanic in this fuction is the option to bury the corpse. This is where the problem is. as these corpses do not decay and are instead destroyed not triggering the respawn of a new creature. replication can be done via: I tracked the mobs numbers before and after each hunt via : I hutn via wagon, butcher and bury all corpes (often 2-3 loads (120-200 corpses), i do 2 trips a day if the hunting is good. This week i have had more access to hunting due to a bridge connection, the mob count has gone down by 4k creatures. I always bury creatures, including randoms i find.
  5. This is aution is for 10k Meat 40-50ql Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 50c Snipe protection: 12 hours collection From t13 coast( cadence)
  6. Barcode Empire Barcode Empire is first and foremost a collective, utilising doctrine styles of play and fair universal laws for all. Unity, order and solace can only be maintained if a deep meaningful connection is made to the collective, it will give the drive to play and increase players desire to join in on deed run events & goals. All adding more layers of fun to the game. What do we want to achieve? A tight, long-lasting, driven community. A social group to play, interact and rely on. A group that educates players, expanding their knowledge and sharing experiences. A collectively competitive group, that combines its total skills to compete with the rest of the Wurm. Be this in PVP or PVE, we want us to be the best. Players that are committed to the idea of Barcode, that will remain part of Barcode. How do we expect to achieve this? Clear & simple expectations, No BS A fun and supportive environment. Good Leadership & Open opportunities to lead. Open-minded and honest people. The laws of Barcode These laws are the expectations and how we expect our members to play by The First Law -all members must have 1 account with a namesake that reflects the name of the empire. Your commitment is vital to the growth and identity of Barcode. Name must be 10 characters Name must contain only "i"s and "l"'s Name must start with i (capital I) and l (lowercase L) You can have other accounts The Second Law - participation, all members are expected to participate in the collective on some level. Your participation is what fuels the energy of Barcode. This can be as simple as join comms, help a fellow out, organise an event etc but participation on some level is expected. Comms is expected. The Third Law - Give more than you take. There is no simple way to quantify this so it is up to you as a member of the collective to decide if you're taking more than you give. We do not expect endless workloads or doing tasks none stop, just help where you can, the stronger the collective the stronger the support network beneath you. The Fourth Law - Don’t take on too much. This is a game, one where many people feel they can achieve far more than they expect. Don’t burden yourself with doing too much, too often. T here is no rush, as a collective member burning out only weakens us. Slow and steady. The fifth Law - Respect the Line. Personal relationships will form and develop, We won’t moderate the community but we will not tolerate meaningful harm to our members. By all means have fun, banter and troll each other. Just know when enough is enough and be adult enough to say sorry when you cross that line. If you have any questions about our Laws, please ask. No knowledge is hidden from members, If you like the sound of this and want to join start by joining the discord -
  7. No just desperate enough to