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  1. As keenan has said, this is the first time we've seen the use of this feature, so it's a new area that has come up for review. As raised in here, there's plenty of potential for abuse and that's something we absolutely do not want. We will be removing this function simply due to the possibilities of this being misused, and continue to work with active moderation from the CM and GM team.
  2. Wood type has no effect on dye result, dye removes the wood type shader
  3. For some reference I got the chests on the test server Also dyed one blue to show the difference!
  4. For april fools I drew myself
  5. This is a result of the lag we are addressing, not a bug per se
  6. Okay so there's some really big news Today, is NATIONAL FERRET DAY!
  7. It's based on the server time, which is UTC+1
  8. Unfortunately, WU won't be receiving that update. I believe there is a mod that provides a similar effect however.
  9. No. As it says, every premium player receives it, it does not come with premium purchase. People who are non premium can purchase premium then log in.
  10. It is applied to large chests, not magic chests. You can apply it to any existing chest and it will keep rarity. Once applied to the chest the skin token is consumed.
  11. repremming counts, I included that bit here: This reward can be redeemed at any point after purchase of premium until the 12th of April.
  12. Dear Wurmians, With the world currently suffering the effects of COVID-19, we know many players have been affected by this situation, whether it is by lockdown, quarantine, essential services working or reduced hours. We understand that this period is tough for many of you and that engaging with others online is all the more critical for us. During this time, we wanted to introduce a few bonuses to make this trying time more enjoyable. Chest Skin and Marks Every premium player who logs in from the 3rd of April until the 12th of April will receive 8,000 Loyalty Marks as well as an exclusive ancient large chest skin. This reward can be redeemed at any point after purchase of premium until the 12th of April. Bonus Skillgain Starting on the 3rd of April we'll be introducing our first skill gain and affinity chance bonus! From the 3rd until the 5th of April it will be a 30% bonus to both skill gain and the chance of receiving an affinity from actions for all players regardless of premium status. From the 6th until the 12th of April it will be a 10% bonus to both, so jump on and take advantage! We also have several projects in the works: A new user interface with improved functionality Volumetric lighting effects More journal tiers Reworks of several systems Moving our servers to improved hosting Launch of Wurm Online on Steam Please make sure you stay safe during these times, observe health and safety warnings and look after loved ones. We will be here continuing to work on making Wurm the best it can be. Regards, The Wurm Online team.
  13. Client updates and hotfixes do get documented.
  14. Given the age of those posts, yes, it doesn't get updated.
  15. Just for the record, graphics updates are not patches. Usually, graphics updates released alongside game updates, but sometimes we need to tweak, update, or deal with a graphics bug that we don't need to wait until the next update to do so. We don't produce patch notes for art updates as they don't change anything fundamentally. Any actual update of the servers will include patch notes as always.
  16. what happens when you pick it up and drop it
  17. Can you please provide a copy of your client log? I've not seen other reports of this so it may be something with you we need to verify
  18. Just to clarify I had the calculations off, it's not as big as I had expanded because the original one was off. I've fixed that now! And also, this is not what it is on each map, this is the comparative land that the xanadu marker would cover when compared to other servers. Other servers will have different ranges, but essentially this makes the amount of land to search on xanadu equal to the amount of land on any other server.
  19. only new missions will have it
  20. This is not comparing the radius given, this is comparing the amount of land within the xanadu radius given
  21. Let's put this into perspective with Xan Here we have something within 1 square of 20 P Let's change this reference to the size of Independence and then finally to the size of Deliverance Rest assured, it's not too precise, you still have a larger region than the deliverance ones were pre change