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  1. Account ownership cannot be transferred. Gifts, sales, dowries, ownership is final as of the 1st of March and changes to that will lead to the account being banned.
  2. The goal of the shift isn't performance based, it's downtime and network based. We're working on ensuring that server performance isn't impacted by a lot of optimisation but the bigger benefits come from moving away from hetzners ongoing network issues and server redundancy, the ability to have minimal downtime if anything goes wrong.
  3. We're not against name changes as a concept, and may look at something that provides the ability to do so within reason.
  4. I can see the reasoning behind this but we will not be allowing any account transfers and have no plans to do so. Whether it's for free, monetary compensation or otherwise.
  5. On a personal note, you've always been a positive member of the Indy community, and I'm sad that I haven't spent as much time on Indy working on community projects as I'd like to. If you do choose to go because of the changes I believe Indy and Wurm as a whole will be less without you around.
  6. I'd like to take the time to refute some of the claims in this because I believe that while you have the best intentions, you've perceived the wrong idea. First of all, these changes are changes made with the long term in mind. Some have been upsetting to more established veterans due to their playstyles being built around something, but many of these changes are related to issues that have long been known and in many times requested to be changed. With the move to Steam we have taken the opportunity to step back, look at the game as a whole and address these issues. I know, removing of player gods and RMT has upset you and many others, but with our focus being on the future of the game it's a tough choice we are making to ensure stable and balanced growth and gameplay for a long time ahead. We're quite lucky in that Game Chest Group and Rolf trusts our judgement in making these decisions, because these are made by us, not by GCG. RMT meant that players are able to "cash out" of the game, and the entire game was viewed in a real life currency mindset. It hindered us from balancing things because the economy meant people viewed it as losing real life money, or direct loss of income. It also meant that a lot of older accounts never leave the game which leads to saturation of high end accounts that are impossible to balance. A game only catering to the veterans is a losing game, veterans leave for their own reasons and we can never ensure they all stay. Catering to them makes a game more difficult for new players to get into and thus means you have a game that still loses players while not getting new ones. This isn't about short term gain, this is about addressing longstanding issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure that Wurm is viable for a long time to come.
  7. Should be, passed review and everything! I'll chase it up, might need rolf to hit a big red button
  8. Budda's work wasn't flawed or unable to be continued. The decision was made to run with something different in a design sense.
  9. Yes it will, scalability is still an important part of it
  10. Long way to go before Steam becomes a reality, working on the UI is part of that for sure. While it's not the completely new UI overhaul that was Budda's project, it is aimed at improving the issues within this current UI and adding new UX features as well.
  11. It is on the forums, we discussed this thread
  12. And that's fine, all the info was in this post. The stream was just discussion about the post and answering a few questions raised there. Ostentatio is also answering questions in this thread as well.
  13. I kept it short for brevity and will also be putting it on youtube too
  14. It's related to item difficulty, not hard coded. Those items fall into the low enough difficulty to be eligible
  15. Greetings Wurmians! These past few weeks have had a fair amount of big news changes, with priests, RMT and traders all getting a look in on the “big changes of 2020” chart, but that's not all! This week we’ll touch on traders and the plans for them with the announcement of the numbers as well as a huge rework to follower bonuses as well as applying an early game curve to armour, shields and weapons, so let’s get into it! Traders As previously stated, traders will be reworked to no longer pay out silvers based on kingdom coffers and ratio, but instead reduce upkeep of the deed they are on by a fixed percentage. They will reduce deed upkeep by 20% and instead of being limited by a tile range will simply be one trader per deed. We will also be working on a limited time arrangement with the GM team to move traders from small deeds to the main deed of a player as long as they are able to prove ownership of it (ownership of the house, and deed). Undeeded traders will not be claimable. This will be available until April 1st, after that it will no longer be possible to do so. When this option becomes available Enki will make a post in the GM hall with information on how to request it We will also be adjusting costs of trader items to compensate for the inability to drain back funds from purchases and possibly adding new items to traders in the future! Racks on Racks Long requested are the addictions of saddle racks and shield racks, and they’re finally here! Quite simple in their function, they will both hold their respective items and have models for empty and full: Nice and stylish, compact too! Elevation Premium Requirements We’ve had some discussions lately about the use of free to play alts on Elevation, as well as them being killed by others, and around the original intention of Elevation being premium only. As of the update at the end of February non premium accounts logging into the Elevation server will be sent to their home server. Currently there are no PMK’s on Elevation but should any be made we will visit theoretical solutions then. Stone Strike Balance We'll be "striking" a balance for the new spell, Stone Strike too! With this update we'll be increasing the surface mining chance cap to 60 when Stone Strike is cast on a pickaxe, making it more meaningful at higher skill. Creation QoL Improvements In an effort to make the early game much more accessible, we’re implementing a feature that will remove failure to create on certain items. For these items creation will be 100%, with the ql output at a minimum of the ql of the item or 20, whichever is lower with the final cap by skill: For example, if your Carpentry skill is 17 and you attempt to create a plank, even on "failure" you will still create a 17QL plank, unless the log's QL is less than that. At 25 skill, you would create a 20QL plank on failure instead. The currently planned items are: Plank Shaft Rivets Stone brick String of cloth Large nails Small nails Rope Stone slab Hunting arrow head Thatch Clay brick Clay shingle Pottery shingle Wood shingle Yarn Rounded stone The reason behind this is to make early game such as creation of houses, fencing, and basic materials for building easier to get into and find the groove of the game. Starting out with new player gear and tools planks and nails are at best 50% creation chance, meaning not only do you need 80 planks for a 1x1, you need to go through on average 160 actions! If you can think of others that may benefit from this for new players let us know! Effective QL curve on armour, shields and weapons We’ll also be introducing an effective QL curve of armour, shields, and weapons up to 70, meaning these items at lower ql have a slight buff vs the current system. This means we can reduce the starting QL of the long sword, shield, and leather armour while they still maintain effectiveness, yet make improvement of crafted versions reward more early game. A sample of the ql changes: Actual QL Effective QL 1 20 10 34.7 20 43.6 30 50.4 40 56.1 50 61.2 60 65.8 70 70 80 80 90 90 100 100 Follower changes We’ll also be adapting how the Follower benefits work, as well as adding in a few different features to global rites! One change to be aware of is that the learner bonus of Vynora (10% to all skillgain) will no longer affect ALL characteristics. Instead characteristic skillgain will be split amongst the deities and provide a scaled bonus based on alignment to that God from 2.5% at 1(-1 for Libila) and 10% at 100(-100 for Libila) The other deities will now get a higher skill gain bonus to specific skills, while the learner bonus will apply to all skills. Fo +15% skill gain to Nature & its sub skills and Cooking & its sub skills +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Stamina, Soul Depth scaled by alignment +40 to Taming skillcheck bonus (was +20) 20% slower food/water bar drain (was +25% food gained when eating) +1 range for Gardening/Forestry-dependent mouseover info (trees, grass, etc.) +10% QL gain when improving cloth items Priests get defensive CR bonus on steppe in addition to the other “natural” tile types Holy Crop Flower spawns will increase Grass will grow faster Vynora The 10% skill gain will no longer apply to all characteristics instead Vynora followers will now get a +2.5%-10% skill gain to Mind Logic, Mind Speed scaled by alignment 5% shorter action timer when building walls 10% shorter action timer when paving roads 7.5% shorter repair timer No more faith loss for non-priests destroying pavement/structures +10% QL gain when improving wooden and clay items Magranon +15% skill gain to Fighting subskills, all “weapon” skills and subskills, and Archery & its subskills +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Strength, Body Control scaled by alignment +1 Offensive CR (priests in favoured terrain only gain the +2 CR) +1 range for world slope/flatness mouseover info +10% QL gain when improving metallic items Ritual of the Sun Meteor showers will occur and boulder-like meteorites will land across the server which have random metal type and can be mined directly for lumps (They will not change the terrain) Libila +15% skill gain to Religion & its sub skills, Alchemy & its sub skills, and Thievery & its sub skills +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Strength, Soul Strength scaled by alignment Human corpses will give meat when butchered for followers +1 Offensive CR (priests in favoured terrain only gain the +2 CR) +10% QL gain when improving leather items (PvE only changes to serve as an alternative to the various mycelium/HotS benefits Libila gets on PvP servers, retaining the theme but without implementing mycelium “Consume Corpse” ability to regain health from corpses by consuming their residual life energy Only usable on non-butchered, non-damaged corpses (no hoarding old corpses for health), and when permissions would allow butchering Health gained is dependent on creature, age, condition and scales with CR Auto-targets your most severe wound, like healing spells Sets corpse as “butchered”, so there is a choice between this and butchering products When Rite of Death is in effect, Consume Corpse has a chance of triggering an effect similar to a Mindstealer enchantment 10-minute cooldown timer Rite of Death Mushrooms will spawn far more often, and on significantly more tiles PvE only changes to serve as a PvE replacement to Rite of Death’s other effects on PvP: Far less skill loss on death, similar to dying on deed Libila followers and priests gain +15% combat damage (similar to a Magranon priest) and a bonus to Consume Corpse (see above) for the duration of the rite Rite Changes We will also be making a few generic changes to how rites work as well To encourage long-term diligence instead of “grinding” them and to encourage all followers to pray from time to time instead of relying on mass-praying priests, only prayers and sermons that could cause valid Faith gains increase deity favour To offset the changes here we will be improving how deity favour is gained: Missions now give deity favour, partially scaled by difficulty of mission Prayers and sermons now give 3 times the deity favour Spell effect visible to players in status icons/spell effects window, showing which Rites are in effect and when they expire. This serves multiple purposes: Making it more clear to players when they can claim a bonus by praying Notifying players of ongoing rite-related effects, such as Vynora’s boat speed boost or Libila’s follower/priest bonus All of these numbers are considered set, but as with all features are subject to change. Taking the chance and providing the exact numbers early on allows you all to provide feedback on them and for us to make adjustments where we feel may be necessary. As usual don't consider any of this wholly firm until the patch notes! The February update looks to be a big one, and if you have any questions or comments, I’ll be going live with the Wurm Online stream at 9pm UTC to talk all about this and more, so catch me there! Until next time, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  16. Just to clarify that's not the return of a bug, but simply the bug on those accounts. It was not fixed retroactively.
  17. The lobby will consist of building the giant cart to drop from
  18. No. Accounts cannot be traded, given, transferred or anything, for any reason
  19. Just for the record this isn't happening. Didn't think I'd need to clarify that
  20. Thanks! I had an old referral from when someone referred me and not my alt. Confirmed and reproduced!
  21. Are you saying I'm getting a new series of this?