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  1. It needs to be a stone wall, other stones won't trigger
  2. I prefer the idea of blueprints as well, selling the starter material allows the crafting element to remain. As for naming it differently, this was discussed but my fears are it creates a larger seperation than will exist already, it's the same edition, not a new one.
  3. We have discussed having tannin used like dye materials to improve RGB, no eta on its inclusion or if it will come
  4. We have discussed this, it would need a modifier key, otherwise would becom more of a hindrance than a help
  5. It's dishonest behaviour indeed (faking numbers, not reporting alts as well) , but there's nothing we can actually do about it. At the time of discussion I believe our response was "anything we do to address it can be bypassed quicker than it takes us to implement" because the hosts get the code. Over the coming months I'd love to go into detail about the planned features before steam wo, including the things I personally worked on, trying my hand at design with the loyalty system, and part of the combat streamlining, I'm excited to see these come in and I'd like to work with you all on making sure it comes out of the gate all guns blazing. I'm also working on being a little more open about when things are being worked on, with the proviso that it's still up in the air at times, currently we tend to discuss things once 90 percent of the work is done to answer all your questions, but if you want to discuss things earlier it would need to be acknowledged it's likely to change
  6. I need a holiday from my holiday. 

  7. And don't drink and play wurm, you wind up naked on deed with no recollection of where you are, your favourite horse is a corpse and you find your corpse on another serve#umwronline
  8. Will when it's up.
  9. The cooking was actually intended to only include the base recipes at launch, the json format was to make it easy for Wu servers to add their own. After the outcry and the delays we made the decision to allow it, upon launch as our initial plans to delay it were by about the amount the whole update itself was delayed more or less. So it's a bit of a sticky one where the initial plan was not going to Wu at launch, but with the Wu delays it ended up going with launch. I apologise for the confusion and feeling misled With this we have a lot of work planned ahead of us, it won't be a quick nor easy road, I myself have written quite a few parts of the design treatments and I'm keen to see them come to the game, I fully intend on sticking to ogwo, and playing my days away there (totally not because I can't think of a new character name)
  10. As a game goes through four years of support and updates statements made prior to the launch sometimes turn out to be made without being aware of how things will be down the road. I believe rolf made that statement at the time in the desire to see as much of wo come to Wu as possible, but over the years the need to differentiate became very apparent, Wu could add mods but we were stuck with everything we worked on going to servers that weren't seeing income to us (and in certain cases were seeing income go to others). Things do change, and old statements made may no longer apply, it is the nature of a game being around for so long while still being in development.
  11. It's fine, just don't use them, for bonus points keep them in your current corpse in your inventory until your corpse rots and you drop a pile of supreme items
  12. I'm also sure that while working in many departments that it's not always perfectly split branches, and as t some point someone needs to cherry pick what is going through and what is not. Given our decision for most content since last Wu update to be wo only, it makes this task more difficult to do. This isn't blaming technology, but I think we have been pretty clear about the state of Wu at the moment. Once I'm back from my so called vacation I'll likely arrange a final response regarding wu
  13. Or mentioning third party vendors who do so. Aka advertising
  14. As per the forum rules discussion of key resellers is forbidden as per steam terms of service. Keep it within the boundaries guys
  15. Gamethrill does sell Wu for 5.99,but it's theirs to sell at that price so hey
  16. That's not the case at all. As rolf stated revenue from Wu is extremely down and with the current major works on wo that won't carry across we now have an issue with merging the code bases. This would be a major work in and of itself and thus we need to evaluate the amount of work needed to do it, and also work out the issues behind running two wurm games on steam with different publishers
  17. At this point the focus is on wo steam and qol stuff, I hope to have a solid answer to this soon
  18. Wait you're angry?
  19. I never read your replies, you write more than ten words and I lose concentration. There's always room for discussion, but when the past three threads have devolved into the same arguments I don't think this one needs to as well. I get it, you feel the wurm that appealed to you won't appeal to others, or others fear we won't have tens of thousands of players because we don't make things more casual oriented. Honestly if we get a couple of hundred premium players I'd still consider it a success, and I do feel there is a market for a game that requires time, patience, and a straight up honest subscription VS micro transactions aimed down your throat with the intention of making you pay more because you don't add up how much you've spent. As for the updates themselves, quite a few were written by me and have been sitting on the shelf for some time, the loyalty system was written and partially implemented with the intention of it coming out this year already, the combat streamlining was mostly written by me and is aimed more at giving feedback and tactical options VS "action combat". We are taking new steps with all of this, but on one side we have players demanding we keep it exactly the same for a merge, and on the other we have players demanding it change drastically in order to appeal to a broader market. In the end we aim to take ideas from both sides, in order to make steam wo what we want it to be, a game that appeals to players who enjoy the journey, and don't want to rely on whales for the game to survive. As for Wu, it is most definitely not the same, Wu is a spin off game with a vastly different target market, which is the far more casual gamer and one who wants a smaller tight knit group to play on. We don't know what we will be doing with it yet, but most content updates will be wo only, any decision regarding putting it into maintenance mode or critical bugfixes only will be announced seperately if the decision is made.
  20. 300 hours and complaining about a game, bet he didn't even finish a house. The arguments about the grind and other aspects are not helpful to the discussion, and detract from the thread as a whole. Wurm is about the journey, to some that's a grind, to others its a path to take that proves itself rewarding in the achievements. We are not seeking to be another cookie cutter faux sandbox mmorpg. We are aiming to be wurm, and while we may change things, we are not sacrificing what makes wurm wurm, and that's the journey.
  21. There's been discussion around this and potentially introducing it in some fashion, with a default quickbar in the new ui like all games, repurposing the toolbelt to act like this. That said, it's only on a maybe list, just one of the many threads we're currently weaving so don't hedge your bets on this post
  22. Because for a lot of that wurm is about you being able to craft whst you want, not crafting then buying a skin for it. It could come in as blueprints but a cash shop is and would be a huge undertaking for a lot of time, and in order to drive enough revenue per month we would need to be creating enough items per month.
  23. Skills may transfer, items won't.