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  1. To show up in the arrows on the waystone make sure Highway routing is enabled on the deed settings: It needs to show in the find route village list
  2. We're nearing the final phases of the 4.0 client as the unstable client, with the shift from unstable to stable occurring very soon in the near future. Before that happens, we want to give you all the opportunity to trial the client and provide any and all feedback on performance you can! When reporting issues, you'll need to provide a few details Computer specs (RAM, Graphics, Processor, Operating system, 32/64 bit) Client logs (this also shows us settings) Screenshots of any visual issues If you do encounter issues, we'll be working on addressing them and may need your help testing them out on our test server too. Remember, this is your last chance to trial the client and provide feedback on issues before it becomes the stable client, and while we will have the current stable client available during a limited time as a legacy client it's better to find out some issues now before they impact play! Get the client here:
  3. Hi Everyone, This thread is for giving a brief overview of the upcoming highway system, which may take some time to properly understand. The new highway system on the surface is quite simple, two items are used to protect tiles, catseyes and waystones. Catseyes form the backbone of the links, with waystones forming the junctions and crossroads. When placed and linked to valid markers, paved tiles are protected from being destroyed. They operate on roads, bridges, houses, and underground. This system is aimed at replacing the freedom highway rules requiring GM permission to make any road modification. This does not mean that there will be no monitoring of them, and wanton destruction of highway could include penalties as standard. For the more technical minded, we have a document listing the full details available here: As it is a work in progress, things may change before going live, or be added or removed, so please do remember to check it when it goes live too. This system is currently on the test server, if you have questions feel free to jump on and check them out!
  4. if it's done purely for destruction the GM team may take action against the person who does it. We'll be looking at how the updated ruleset will work as this rolls out. Gm's wont help, this system is to give control back to the players. Once the link is severed the catseyes will take decay hits over a period of time. if it's a reroute, a catseye can be upgraded to a waystone and the reroute done, with one catseye being based on the old link allowing them to decay.
  5. The need for them to be next to each other is so they can link and allow players to find roads to villages
  6. Hi everyone! After a few hiccups we're pleased to see the new huge update live! There's all sorts of things, from highways, to crate racks and new fence types, so let's get to it! But first... Patch Notes Highway update We've been busy setting up all starter towns with the catseyes and waystones. They will extend into the perimeter of all starter deeds allowing you to connect them to your highways. The highway rules will continue to operate for a while, we'll give notice when we begin to phase them out and replace them with the updated ruleset to incorporate catseyes. Map dumps! As promised, we have the new map dumps to coincide with the release of the highway update! The map dumps were taken earlier in August and we're currently looking at adding a new dump type into the roster showing off highways in the next rotation! The folder of all dumps can be found here: Unstable client With todays update the unstable client is very close to launching as the stable client. While we will offer the stable one temporarily as a legacy client, it's really important you test this as soon as possible to avoid any major issues when we switch over. For info on what feedback to leave and how check out this thread here: Blossom voting The blossom starter deed design contest is now open for voting! I think all designs look awesome, and I'm keen to see how wins! check them out and submit your vote here: Battle bards! This week I was shown a little podcast by a group that covers MMO music, and this time they checked out the Wurm Online soundtrack! From Gurubear's quirky songs to the atmospheric soundtracks by Tom E. Morrison, Check out the podcast here: Community content This week the factional fight guys check out one of the surprise additions to this weeks update and talk about how it impacts the game for them, what's your favourite part of this update? That's it from us this week, we'll continue to monitor the update and take any action necessary over the next week. There's plenty more in the works as we've hinted at before. What is it? You'll just have to wait and see... Retrograde & the Wurm team
  7. need client logs too daash!
  8. .Step right up! It's voting time! We have four awesome entries to the blossom redesign contest, and all have their own unique style and design, and we need your help! Vote for your favourite design and the winner will get to build their design in blossom! The voting will remain open all week, and the winner will be announced in next weeks news, so get voting!
  9. catseyes dont need GM's to remove them, they can be bashed out
  10. "Blossom Park" deed map
  11. Yeah there will be a period in which both are in effect, to make suire plenty of time is given to those wanting to setup the new highways, we'll give lots of warning
  12. Because that's where kos extends into ,and with a mechanical solution as opposed to a manpower solution it's easier all around. There were still many cases of players using KoS over legitimate highways, and countless issues with griefing. This system replaces that and eliminates possible abuses of the kos system. If you wish to use kos to keep people away, it's as simple as not routing a highway directly on to your deed.
  13. you can destroy the catseyes and remove the tiles. Destroying one removes the links and they decay rather quickly when not complete (green linked)
  14. The new mechanics prevent highways from being made impassable, while they can be dug they cannot be dug further than 20 slope (28 diagonally, 14/14) meaning that at all times it remains able to be walked. This means that a highway protected by catseyes cannot be destroyed without removing the catseyes. The rules had a lot of grey areas, and created a lot of paperwork for the GM team, who had to spend a lot of time running around and chasing up modifications,. This places more control back in the players hands, allowing them to build these roads and protect them without requiring the GM team to constantly monitor them. This is a mechanical replacement for the rules, and we're aware that there will still be some need for rules around highways in regards to griefing and destroying them without reason, but every 2 tile wide road will no longer be protected and the amount of GM paperwork will be reduced, allowing them to spend more time helping players with other issues. TL;DR There will be a transition period, and some rules against needless griefing will still remain. Not every 2 tile wide road will be protected and GM's wont be needed to okay their modification or removal.
  15. It's valid and protected, the deed just doesnt count as connected and thus cannot be found via the "find route"
  16. Hi all, this issue is known on the STABLE client, the unstable client does not encounter this issue. We advise using the unstable client while we work on this
  17. you can end a highway off deed, you will just not be able to find the route to your deed.
  18. A deed can disable waystones and catseyes being built on deed or within 3 tiles in the perimeter, so there won't be issues of finding out someone decided to build a highway into your deed and your kos is against rules. In order to show in the listing yes, but that's the choice, show in the listing, or have a working kos
  19. Given kill on sight has never been permissible with a highway that passed through a deed(excepting when it's the terminus) I don't see much changing here, just a mechanical enforcement of the already existing highway rules beyond that enforcement now reaching into the perimeter slightly. You can always end the highway outside your perimeter. Harassment and griefing is against other rules, and if people are doing so then they face far worse than a simple templar trying to kill them (and failing miserably) every 15 minutes
  20. Karma - Angelklaine Hi Everyone! A surprise in this weeks news with a long suggested and requested addition finally coming, and that's not all, we'll recap what's been going on this week as well! But first... Patch Notes A crate surprise With the launch of 1.3 we introduced several new storage options with the barrel and wine barrel rack, the planter rack, and the amphora rack. Today we tease a new rack coming, one that's been asked about for a while now, the crate rack! The crate rack will hold 30 large crates and a whopping 50 small, stockpiling just got a whole lot easier! Highway testing We've had a few races this week using the new highway routing system which is a lot of fun and really easy to follow. We'll be continuing to hold random events with a little notice, but we also encourage you to jump on and try it all for yourself. It's a huge system with a lot of possible uses so make sure you spend the time learning it! For testing and a guide check out this thread here: Midsummers event all wrapped up! I'd like to thank you all for attending the Midsummers event and providing your feedback. It was a lot of fun and I've learned some valuable lessons for future events (not so long!) We have some more events planned in the future, so stay tuned for those. Unstable client! The unstable client is extremely close to going stable and replacing the existing one, so it's incredibly important that you try it and report ANY issues you have with it. if you have bad performance, crashes, anything that could hinder your play compared to the stable client it's incredibly important that you do report these before it goes live as the stable client. Failure to do so may impact your play if any issues arise from the use of the unstable client and we definitely do not want that to happen! The unstable client link can be found here: Community Content - Tapestry comp There's been some amazing submissions to the tapestry competition, (I'm torn between so many!) I thoroughly advise taking the time to look through them. I may have to nag Saroman about more than one winner... Not only are we working on the highway system, work continues on the valrei overhaul, the creature movement changes and the new skill coming to the game. There's a lot in the works, and I'm keen to share all the information on them as they near completion. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  21. Scratch that, thanks fraeya, done
  22. from IRC: [00:02:38] <wulfmaer>on mac, system preferences - java - view temporary files
  23. click on details and it will give more info, we'll need that to work out what the issue is
  24. typing javaws -viewer into the terminal should bring up the correct window baloo
  25. Due to the need to revert the update from today, any clients which were updated will need to be cleared from the Java cache before the correct one can be redownloaded. To clear your Java cache click on Start, and then run (Or windows + R key) and type in javaws -viewer and click OK Then click on the wurm online files and remove selected files Once that is done you will be able to click the "Play" button on the website to redownload the launcher.