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  1. It depends on the reason you have been banned. Accounts banned for macros and such are informed they are welcome to make new accounts to play. Players specifically removed are not welcome back, and we will not be changing this.
  2. Thank you all for the entries! We have now closed the entries and will review them, with the names ready to announce on the 10th!
  3. Seeking Adventure? Need a crew to hunt dragons? Want to find like-minded priests to share in enlightenment? This is for all non-village related seeking, from adventures to groups!
  4. Newtown was the starter town on JK Home back in 2007ish, back when freedom didnt exist.
  5. No, only one per person per server
  6. Well, that's not true, but also kind of? We were talking about potential ideas for the name, and decided, why not let the players name it? We'll be taking entries for names for the new servers, from the pool we will pick the ones we like the most for the PvP and PvE servers! You can enter names via this Google Form here: You can enter one option per server, any others will be discarded, so choose carefully! From there we will pick and announce the winner! The winner of each servers name will receive a coupon for 6 months premium and 25 silver. If the same person wins both they will receive both items, although we don't expect this to happen. In case the same name has been suggested by multiple people, we'll be going by first submitted. This competition will run over two weeks, closing on the 3rd of July, so get creative!
  7. As I explained to you in your ticket today, those items decay and thus do not come under the two conditions. I would advise leaving any objects out and not repair them.
  8. Sure! We remove vehicles off a players deed and to the perimeter under the following condition 1) The owner is inactive 2) it cannot be moved by yourself (this means a ship is moored, or a cart has animals hitched) Items like these will be moved into the perimeter.
  9. Hey! This is on our radar to address, the new skies are awesome but there is definitely too much light around. Expect to see some tweaks with this as time goes on.
  10. That was never the date planned Unfortunately shifting the date isn't possible, we're aware that at times some official things may clash, but when it comes to building towards a major launch like this, it has to take priority to any community events. Rest assured, the GM team is still committed to supporting the event, and the bonus to skillgain and affinities is also on the existing servers.
  11. It could be ISP based, but Hetzner is known for having networking issues. Part of why we are planning the move to the new hosting providers. Hopefully it settles soon!
  12. This was more addressing camera clipping, as opposed to peeking through walls
  13. Hi Xheth, welcome back! While there's not a specific keybind, you can bind one yourself. Settings can be toggled in the console, and you can create your own binds with them too! bind e "setoption outline_picking true" to make it disable you'll need another bind, I'd suggest shift+the initial key too bind Shift+E "setoption outline_picking f"
  14. Ultimately we aren't really looking to shift wurm towards themeparks, Wurm is in its very core a sandbox, and a lot of the world is built around MUD styles (thus the event bar being needed for everything) Some interesting parts, I think you might not be aware there are special attacks already that unlock with higher fight skill maybe?
  15. There's a lot more behind it, and we're not committing to launching them at the same time. We will see if it is possible, but there is extra work to be done. I see a lot of discussion about the Impalong, and how we should plan our official steps according to it, but ultimately we are set by other restrictions and confinements. The skillgain bonus will provide incentive and we will support the impalong as we've always supported them. At the end of the day however, they are community based events, and we cannot structure the game, or our wider scale works around them, our development process needs to take precedence.
  16. When you say fix, what sort of combat do you envision? There's a lot of things around from making it more easily understood to adding twitch "click to swing" mechanics suggested, which wouldnt work. We are working on addressing some issues and making it more intuitive so if you have some ideas feel free to share
  17. Thats what the PvP discussions are for. As for a small select few it never works, it has been tried and we'd rather talk with everyone.
  18. Something like that would be great for a discussion regarding the PvP server, these are more general questions about how things will work, not suggestions for things to be in. I'll speak with darklords about having a discussion about potential things like this in his next thread
  19. I believe it's safe to assume portal, as items would not cross, including boats.
  20. Q: Will items and skills transfer between the PvE and PvP servers? A: Items will not transfer between the new PvE and PvP servers. We are however currently planning on skills transferring between the two.
  21. Hi Everyone! Since our announcement of Wurm coming to Steam, we've been hard at work getting everything polished and ready for the launch. Over the past eight months, we approached several tasks to improve the Wurm experience for all; this includes: Improved UI Removal of RMT and account sales Visual updates and reworks Removal of player gods We are pleased to announce that with the visual updates out, and the new UI approaching preview client stage very soon, we will be launching Wurm Online on Steam on July 24th, 2020! We are entering an exciting period as we work on several tasks towards this date, polishing mechanics, addressing bugs and preparing for the monumental task of launching Wurm on Steam. We are currently working on a new trailer, more promotional work and we will be doing a bonus skill event during the release that will be running on all Wurm Online servers, to allow everyone to celebrate the launch, not just players interested in playing on the new servers. We know there are lots of questions regarding the specifics, you can find our answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions below: I hope you're all as excited as we are because this is going to be huge! See you there! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
  22. Servers Q: What size will the new servers be? A: New PvE server will be 4096x4096, the size of Independence. More details on the PvP map will be announced at a later date. Q: Will the servers be connected to the Freedom Cluster? A: The new servers coming along with the Steam release will be disconnected from the current servers, similar to how Pristine and Release were at their launch. Q: Will the new servers eventually be connected to the old ones? A: This depends on many factors, and is not something we can answer at this point. We are definitely not looking at connecting them any time soon, but it’s a possibility in the future. Q: Can I play on the Steam servers without using Steam? Can I play on the old servers through the Steam client? A: Yes to both! While you cannot log in onto old accounts from Steam, or onto Steam accounts from our standalone client, both of those will allow you to create a character and play on all of the available servers. Q: Will the new servers have a different skill rate or the skilling system? A: No, the servers will have the same skilling system as all current PvE servers. We won’t be using the skilling system that’s currently in use on Epic. Q: How will players become priests without other priests around? A: The GM team will be helping out with follower and priest conversions for a short time period after the server launches. Q: Can you connect to the Epic cluster from the new servers? A: No, at least not at the time of launch. Steam Q: Are we able to use multiple accounts on Steam? A: You will be able to create multiple characters through the Wurm Online Steam client. You can use certain workarounds to run multiple game instances on Steam, and we believe that will also work, for running multiple Steam characters at the same time. Q: Will the Steam client be free to download and play? A: Yes, same as the standalone Wurm Online client. Q: Can I purchase premium time and silver coins through Steam? A: Yes. Accounts made through Steam will be able to purchase premium time and silver coins only through Steam, and accounts made on our standalone registration Q: Can I log into my old accounts from the Steam client? A: No, you can only log into your account using the Steam client if you have started playing through Steam, otherwise you have to use the standalone client available on our website. Q: Are there any benefits to playing through Steam? A: Not really - the Steam client is mostly aimed at new players discovering Wurm through Steam. For our established players wanting to try out the new servers, we recommend using our standalone client. PvP Q: Will PvP launch at the same time? A: We plan on launching the PvP part of the Steam release a short time period after the PvE server launches, so that everyone gets to experience both the PvE and the PvP side, and we have enough time to work out any quirks with the PvE release before focusing on PvP. At this moment, we're aiming to launch both PvP and PvE at the same time. Q: Will items and skills transfer between the PvE and PvP servers? A: Items will not transfer between the new PvE and PvP servers. We are however currently planning on skills transferring between the two. We'll update this as we can as you ask more questions, so get asking!