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  1. Treasure map's are a lot of fun, and we did discuss having them in (They were included as the new skill mentioned in the roadmap) But with the change of focus I don't know if they will be coming or in what form.
  2. We have no plans to launch on Stadia.
  3. Titles and bonuses should be set to cross, either currently or in an upcoming update. Your work isnt lost.
  4. If we ever do introduce another skill it may replace it, but removing it just throws the affinity system. It wont be removed just like that though
  5. Adding bonuses and penalties to genders is baaaaaaad.
  6. Will be implemented in next update Paper, papyrus and archaeology reports will no longer decay inside a book, almanac or archaeology journal.
  7. For this weeks social Throwback Thursday I went and recreated the first shot from this thread, kegan standing outside his house!
  8. An issue has been identified and fixed for the next update! Sorry about this, it's to do with the servers sending the notice to Golden Valley to send the email.
  9. Wurm itself is a game that has been shaped by player feedback for 16 years. This isn't about being guinea pigs for feedback, this is the standard back and forth of discussion, development and feedback. Feedback from everything from Archaeology to multi story housing, suggestions and all aspects of the game allow us to adjust it and change it. You tell us when things don't work and where possible we adjust it*. The issue with Jackal is changing it mid run wasn't possible. We'll be taking time to work on it based on all the feedback before round 2. *Dont @ me about fishing, I'm still trying.
  10. It's more about there being clear and obvious positives to it all amidst the issues. Was Jackal round 1 a raging success? No, it had it's issues. Did it have some positive points we can build on with feedback from the people who played? Absolutely. And we will.
  11. We do keep a full list of patch notes on the wiki
  12. The stronghold doesn't open for a few more days. Most beacons are found. It's been good but now it's a waiting game.
  13. Okay so there's a few things here: Dismissing cave farming (which is a hugely requested feature for a long time) as "just a different shape flowerpot) is trivialising the amount of dev work involved and the players keen to see it coming. It also overlooks everything else discussed: Sail furling (a long requested suggestion again) Smoother movement (A huge QoL thing) UI (showcased in several VI's) Combat system improvements (Discussed at length in many streams) Loyalty system overhaul (mentioned on forums and discussed in streams) Bugfixes (always ongoing) Steam is the goal, but don't get us wrong, we could launch wurm on Steam tomorrow, there's nothing stopping us. What we are doing is improving all facets of Wurm with polish before dumping additional content in, which again will be coming prior to the Steam update most likely) I understand you just don't like jackal, that's fine, I'm not going to try convince you otherwise because it's pointless. What you are missing in your dislike is the opportunities it offers. Adding another server with mobs to run around and kill adds nothing at all, limiting deeds doesnt even add much complexity, and most players don't even bother hunting because combat offers little point. What jackal does offer is tactical combat, a purpose for adventuring and fighting, and also rewards for doing so. In your dismissal of it you overlooked the awesome group of people who are having the time of their lives on it because it provides PvE incentives to work together against common enemies and achieve goals. Yes the stronghold is ugly, it's a series of walls that break and spawn rifts, it's simple in its design but we arent looking for a hugely defended deed that requires PvP raiding. Round 1 of Jackal had issues, I'd say the skill system and transfer struggled in its execution and expectancies, but you are stomping your feed demanding something when Jackal has the seeds to be all of that. Combat that's actually challenging, rewards for fighting, common goals without promoting any competition, instead rewarding cooperation. It also gives us a platform to mix things up, maybe next round will be full skill crossing and regular skill rates, maybe priests will be disabled, maybe only bandages will heal or mobs will be tougher. It's challenge for PvE, and we intend on each round being vastly different. Wanting a server with just 10x more mobs and no deeds is boring, think bigger. P.S. if you want a hunting server just come to Pristine and don't deed:
  14. We have been discussing that in terms of actual player count impacted loot (scale and hide). It's a good idea and hopefully it can be discussed with the dev team.
  15. It's not about cannot be done, and if I've used that language then I apologise. It's more about the focus and priority and direction at the time of speaking There are a ton of wonderful suggestions, and I spend a considerable amount of time passing them on for review, but it's not always possible to put them in. We have our focus and our goal and we are working as a team towards that. I've been scouring the suggestions board for trait suggestions for a dev to have as much information pending beginning work on the animal husbandry system as possible. The timeframe on this? No clue, it's not even started, could be short turnaround, could be months, could wind up put on the backburner to do more PvP work for the Steam launch. Hopefully it does come, and we hope a good many of the suggestions come in, I'd like at least a "snap to" direction thing, if not an automatic ride at least focus on using the highway system to make travelling easier. There's a lot. Affinity complaints led to the new affinity systems Requests for libila to be added on freedom were fulfilled. A ton of things balanced, adjusted or outright crapped before launch because of feedback have happened too Would it be helpful to add an "implemented" tag on suggestions that wind up in the game? And what about scenarios where something LIKE that is implemented? (i.e. requests to remove all book decay being implemented as no page decay)
  16. Automatic travel has many potential issues from desync, combat, issues with wagoners getting stuck, disconnections and all such things. It's not falling on deaf ears, just because it's not in doesn't mean we didn't read your suggestion or consider it.
  17. Just out of curiosity, when you say abused in ways, what ways do you mean? There's been cases of griefing when opposing hunting groups clash but I've not heard about any abuse beyond that
  18. Would this just be on examine or a seperate thing?
  19. I did say I was going to be opening it as a design a deed competition. Sorry for not answering your PM! But expect that comp soon.
  20. I could possibly, depending on just how horrible the abuse in it is! Similar to sindusks weekly rage thread with a bit of prep too