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  1. It will be the equivalent of an iron great helm Expanded character customisation is in the works, and is one of our bigger goals, this is just a small event model.
  2. Dear Wurmians, It’s been a busy few months since the Steam launch, with unprecedented player counts and four new servers launched, but it’s time to sit around the campfire, share spooky stories, and maybe roast a rat on a stick or two. So take a seat and find out what’s in store this Halloween period (00:01 on the 28th of October until 23:59 on the 5th of November CET) in Wurm Online. Spooky Scary Skeletons The cool Autumn air shimmers with energy, and you feel yourself growing… faint. Halloween comes with strange changes, including skeletal versions of yourself and other animals. Rest assured though, your flesh is still there, ripe for the tasting… Big Smiles Halloween is here, and it just wouldn’t be Halloween without tricks and treats, and do we have the treat for you! All premium members will receive a unique limited edition demon helm upon logging in during the Halloween period! More Treats During the Halloween period, we’ll also be running a 10% bonus skill gain and affinity gain event Time to hunker in your houses, away from the strange sounds in the woods, and the eyes you swear you can see glimpses of between the trees… Or, you can brave the dark and head out to hunt creatures twisted by the dying light, and find special Halloween themed items, some from stories past, and one entirely new. Work continues on our more extensive plans over the coming months, with our roadmap shared at the start of this month! If you missed it and would like to see what we have in store in 2021, check it all out here!
  3. This is a known bug and will be addressed!
  4. Thanks, this is known and will be fixed in the next update!
  5. As a general warning: Potions of mining are not currently enabled, and will not be enabled until a rework is performed
  6. I will log the shifting between groups as a bug and ask about what actions it should/shouldn't cancel.
  7. Hard to say, it's based on favor pool, not on any timeframe.
  8. Indeed, we're investigating further!
  9. It does seem that the attempted fix does not work. The fact this is happening to ONLY harmony is a big concern of ours as it's the exact same code as other servers, so we're working through it all to identify (it's also difficult to reproduce when it's only happening to one server. I've added the bug number to the thread as well and will update it when information becomes available!
  10. It is coming, just shelved behind the Steam update. It is in our roadmap and will be released.
  11. Apologies, What I mean is that there's not been updates for it, it's known and is being treated as a critical bug, but has not been an issue with information to update. A fix is going in today that should hopefully resolve it
  12. A potential fix is in todays update, but we are continuing to look into it. Communication hasn't happened much as it's not an issue with the ongoing need to communicate unfortunately!
  13. No, just busy and missed that part
  14. Road Through Marketplace - Demonanightshade Greetings Wurmians! We're back with another Valrei International! This week, we're covering changes coming in tomorrow's update and what's been going on outside as well! Sleep bonus as previously mentioned, this update will include 10 hours sleep bonus given out to all accounts as a way of compensating for incredible patience you all showed as we dealt with the launch on Steam! This update will also include the merging of the sleep bonus pool across Freedom and Defiance on the Northern Freedom Isles. Return of the Community Streams After a period of rework, we will be coming back with weekly streams! Planned time is at midday server time, (UTC+1). We'll be working with guests from VEN, devs (if I can wrangle them) and people from the player base too, so times may change week to week to accommodate guests! Retros guide how to do stuff well. A video tutorial series will be undergoing design as I work on addressing a few key areas new players could do with some more hands-on. It's a work in progress but I will be sharing some content on it as time goes on for feedback! Priest favor rework After time spent taking on feedback with the issues in the revamped system, and working with others on test, the tweaks to the priest favor system will be going live too! The details are: Pending favor is added to current favor at a slightly faster rate, to better compete with the new shorter sacrifice timer. Sacrificing a creature will now add to the pending favor pool in the same manner as sacrificing items. There is a delay of 10 minutes between sacrificing an item/creature and the pending favor pool decaying when not actively adding to your favor. The decay rate is also significantly slower but increases over time. (PvP) Pending favor no longer adds to current favor with enemies in local. The "Get Price" action can now be used on an altar, telling the player how much favor the altar's god would give for the items inside. These additions are designed to cut down on the repetitive actions of sacrificing and allow priests to focus on what's important, shattering rare items. Rites of passage With the number of priests on the new cluster, we're noticing that there is an incredibly short timeframe between rites, which while gives lots of sleep bonus, is not the intention of the system. To work with this, and to allow people to continue to work towards rites, we'll be introducing a dynamic power system. Rites will be able to be cast from a significantly lower favor pool than currently, but with each successive cast within six months of the last cast, the favor pool requirement will go up. This requirement will scale over time, with the cost of casting one month after the previous cast being higher than the cost of casting five months after the last cast being lower. Sermons will also accurately provide the favor the deity needs to cast the rite on that server. This change also means smaller servers will be able to cast more frequently, as the starting pool is now lower. PvP changes A massive range of PvP changes are coming in today's update as well, as the result of the previous PvP discussions. The full notes can be found below: That’s not all though, Halloween is just around the corner, and it wouldn’t be Wurm without something spooky up our sleeves, you’ll have to wait to find out though! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
  15. Once again, you're a nut (Maybe I should do 100 botanizing to make it "what a nut") Big congrats you blade wielding reaper!
  16. General balances and bug fixes will be ongoing and occur regularly throughout each update.
  17. We're looking at improved official support, but please don't forget that you can answer too! If you know the answer feel free to answer, and if you'd like to apply to join the CA team yourself you can do so by sending a PM to @Astarte
  18. Yeah I was working on that lol. Expected around early afternoon server time type /servertime ingame to find out the time!
  19. That was in nzdst! Cos I can't convert it seems. It is on the 23rd for the rest of the world! Morning est
  20. Greetings Wurmians! After consideration of the stars, consultations of the soothsayers and their omens, and whispers from the wood witches, our next update will be on the 23rd of October. This update will include the sleep bonus merge between Northern Freedom Isles and Defiance, and will also have the 10-hour sleep bonus compensation given out. To make the most of the awarded sleep bonus, make sure you are empty by that date! As for the rest of the update, stay tuned for a Valrei International coming to you soon! Regards, The Wurm team
  21. We have come a long way since Friday updates just before hometime with a 50/50 chance of notes being included and only consisting of what could be remembered. Sometimes exploits are not mentioned in patch notes (for a reason) and other times changing A may affect B, the notes include the change to A but B wasn't checked. It sucks when that happens for both sides, I take great pride in ensuring that notes are as clear and complete as possible. When you see the bar down the bottom of the client this is NOT an update to the game. The client updating shows a different window (the standard windows one) and the server updating doesn't show anything. That bar down the bottom is the client checking the details of the graphics, pmk, and sound jar. This system is a little old, and the graphics jar has gotten quite large, so it's fairly slow at this point for older PC's But how it works is The graphics jar creates a hash based on size and contents. Graphics jar checks hash against update server If the hash matches it's fine If the hash doesn't match, it checks each individual file hash against the update server and redownloads the ones that don't match So with a slower hard drive or internet checking each file is slower, but it's not redownloading anything bar what doesn't match. We don't include notes for them because it's usually minor tweaks, but we do include art updates for major changes.