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  1. “You never know what you will find in caves, so send someone else in first.” Sir Baggins at the foot of an old abandoned cave Hi Everyone! Another week down, and it's a bit of a slow news day today, with ongoing updates and adjustments, as well as collection of feedback and all that fun stuff that comes after a major update. But first... Patch Notes Branding WSA In today's update we introduced a new permissions group for branded animals, grouping anyone with the brand animals permission on a deed. Previously they were all individually added, which had the downside of those permissions staying even if that person left the village. With this update if someone leaves the village, they no longer have permissions to manage the creature. You can also deny permissions to this group if you have a personal horse. W.S.A. Currently this group does not copy over to the corpse upon creature death, so the items will not be able to be looted. This will be rectified in an upcoming update to address this issue. If you are concerned a bout losing gear and not being a ble to collect it please use specific names Discord! A few weeks ago we launched our own Official Discord channel, and this week we were verified! Our server now has A custom invite link at and higher priority voice servers. It also means that our server is verified, and totally cool! (It was already cool, trust me). If you're not familiar with discord, it's definitely worth checking out, it's a great way to stay in touch with Wurmians outside of the game, and also join your own little communities, there's several community ones out there for servers already, so check them out too! But for the official one, check out: WU Beta I know with the release of Archaeology, Restoration and all those other goodies, many of our Wurm Unlimited players are chomping at the bit to get their hands on them. Right now our focus is getting it all working nice and smoothly in WO, and we'll continue to adjust and work with feedback until we're satisfied it's running perfectly, then release a beta. There's no ETA on the beta yet, but it's being worked towards, so keep your eyes peeled for it in the coming weeks! Creature Crates Each weekly news is rightfully met with the question "but what about creature crates?!" I know it can be tough waiting for these to come, and the last thing we want is another bridges, but work does progress on them, just a bit slowly, given the many areas we need to address, and in some cases redesign systems that were never intended to include creatures crossing. It's a long process and one we hope improves border crossing as a whole in the future, but until then though, we have no set date for their release. Community Content In this weeks community content, veteran grinder Ondar shares their tips on grinding as well as what drives them to the grind. I cannot fathom the statement "Yeah, good old WS. Its easier to grind it 3rd time around", clearly a sign of a deranged mind! Ondar has an awesome little blog where they share their wurmian adventures, and also what they focus on to grind, what do you grind and why? That's it for this weeks news, we're beginning to set our sights on future updates and looking ahead into 2018, with plenty more in the works. What could be coming? You'll just have to wait and see.. Until next time though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. No more than adding slightly to the QL of tool as far as I am aware. the difficulty is also knowing what you get from these actions, if you get only a few fragments but they exclude junk, then it's not necessarily a bad result, whereas if all you are getting is junk, the difficulty could be further adjusted or looked at.
  3. When investigating, the better stuff you can get, the higher the difficulty. Using skiller tools on those areas would be a waste of time since you will have high difficulty rolls and likely get nothing. If you are aiming for good pieces, use the highest ql trowel available. If you are aiming for skill, use a mid ql shovel, as a shovel reduces your chances of getting better stuff but also reduces difficulty. and if you're on deed don't use skiller tools, you'll likelt fail half your skill checks.
  4. You can, it's related to the brand animals permission
  5. Correct
  6. Before every citizen with branding permissions were added individually upon branding a creature, meaning long lists that still allowed permissions upon revoking a village membership. now it's a special category that shows on each creature, meaning easier management
  7. Sacrifice missions for libila will be removed in the next update
  8. it's about a 50% find rate and each of those has a fairly decent chance of being a tool, mask, or statue fragment
  9. BC gain wasnt changed at all, literally nothing was with that. I believe you also started getting more ML ticks, since it wasnt correctly doing tool skillgain checks, which also use some subskills
  10. That's failing a roll, so you would not get any skill for it regardless, so you would be getting junk without skill
  11. Longer actions increase the chances at the end of the action, vs the same chance every 5 seconds, it has zero to do with any time dirt is placed in your inventory (which is what the old system would have matched coincidentally), this actually makes it 1 chance per action timer, vs 1 chance every 5 seconds (meaning 12 chances every minute) Also, woa does not affect levelling or flattening, and skillgain from both is reduced, so I'm not entirely sure why you would choose to use an enchanted shovel for these actions, given they serve little to no benefit, and also mean long timers with higher chances of decay per action
  12. there's a fair few mysteries still in restoration, can't go spoiling it all can we?
  13. so with higher skill you get less fragments meaning less ticks? Not finding lower tier stuff wouldnt mean always finding good stuff, it would likely mean finding less items in general, but what you do find is more useful, which has some appeal, but again, reduces the ability to gain skill. That's an interesting idea and something I will pass on. I've seen a suggestion thread for it and the initial reduction in decay has already gone in, adding anything such as that would require art assets which take a little longer. The resulting spell is based on restoration, you won't always get really low results, it's just low rolls. With higher restoration skill you get better results, I've seen casts of 80+ on tools and more, which I haven't seen mentioned around. Again an interesting idea, and there's been a few discussion on how to achieve this and it may be something we can look at. We didnt change any rate at which things can be found, 3 pieces for masks was leading to them being rather common, which wasn't the intention with their addition. Additionally, this system is built around being expandable too, it's possible that new items could be added and adjusted, but this isnt a "get to 90 and pump out cool stuff" thing, Archaeology is about finding history, and while lower skill will yield a lot of junk, it also means more chances to skill up. We've already tweaked the difficulty once, and will likely review it again over the coming weeks to ensure what we're getting is what we want, so feedback is always helpful on that, but I've already seen quite a few masks and statues around, if you're looking to collect one of each it would be quite a lot of work, but if you want to collect a specific mask or statue, trading would be a very viable option, given many out there are looking to do the same.
  14. During today's update we performed the one time skill transfers from Epic to Freedom. During that transfer, it appears some accounts may not have copied correctly. The majority of cases were corrected in subsequent downtime, but there may be a few edge cases in which a skill did not copy across. If this affects you, please log a support ticket, and we will arrange for an Arch GM to correct it. This may take some time depending on the amount of players affected, but we will work on addressing everyone's issues ASAP. Please note, this only affects you if your Freedom skill is affected.
  15. That would be the 5h sleep bonus that will be given out in a future update, allowing everyone the time to reduce their current sleep bonus under 5 hours.
  16. “I cannot change the laws of physics Captain, but give me a good hot forge and a strong hammer and I bet I can bend them.” - Sir Burton while bartering at a market Hi Everyone! We're another week into our 1.6 update with further tweaks, adjustment, calibrations, and any other words you can think of for the ongoing updates aimed at smoothing out any bumps that popped up. We're also looking at more things such as addressing fragment decay rates and other issues raised from both Epic and Freedom players. But First... Patch Notes Transfers Unfortunately with the update last week we had to delay the transfers from epic to freedom. While our initial estimates were some time early this week, with the major hotfixes and issues from the 1.6 patch that was unfortunately delayed. This is our focus at this point and we will have it out as soon as possible. The good news is that it shouldn't require anything more than a restart to update databases, but there's an awful lot of comparisons to do, as this affects every single account that's ever been on epic. We do understand it is frustrating to wait for this, and we want this out asap, just like you, and appreciate your patience. Archaeology Adjustments This update we also made a few adjustments to some Archaeology things, including making actions slightly easier to succeed at high skills by lowering the difficulty. We also adjusted the amount of fragments needed for masks, and feel that 10 is an achievable number either solo or by purchasing pieces, we'll also be looking at other rare item fragment requirements over the next few weeks. Skill feedback With one update to stat gain on epic this week, we launched a feedback thread on the skill system and skillgain/statgain rates. there's a few key things to understand with the new system, but the thread is there for people to share their logs and experiences, ask questions, and allow us to fine tune the system as time goes on. Check out the thread here Mission tweaks and fixes We've also been making tweaks and adjustments to the mission system, addressing bugs as they're raised, and boosting sleep bonus per participant, and ensuring that they scale/balance correctly. If you encounter any issues or bugs with the valrei mission system please report it, so it can be addressed in a subequent update! Leaky roofing begone! This last update introduced a long desired feature, and one of the benefits of the new client, rain occlusion! This means that rain will no longer show indoors! This has been a long frustration for many a wurmian, with leaky roofing leading to poor sleep and all sorts of maladies, but no more. If you are experiencing performance drops or stutters since the last update, disabling GLSL shaders should fix the issue for the short time, with a client update to address the issues, so make sure to turn GLSL shaders back on after that! Community Content Step right up! the Summerholt Fall Festival, hosted by NEXA is on! Show up, take part in the horse races, imping, games, and sermons, and get to know the people who live in north eastern Xanadu as well as travellers from afar! That's it for this week, we'll be working hard on the issues raised and the transfer over the weekend and early into next week, so report any bugs you find, and take part in the feedback threads to let us know what you think! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  17. Fight skill wasnt crossing, only stats and meditation, as we stated.
  18. The formula isnt exact, and runs on a "best guess" calculation, after simulating millions of skillgain actions. This is why the 3x was added as well. The main reason for the skill transfer was due to the changes to the skilling system on Epic, with the new system in it moves further away from Freedom style gains and means the transfer option would not work well. If someone wishes to play on both, skilling on freedom to cross to epic to pvp isnt a bad thing, and it's something we encourage with the lack of cooldown on crossing and sleep bonus when on the other side.
  19. to allow permanent transfers epic skill would have to have been halved.
  20. Yes, in order to get your freedom skill to copy over again you need to remove the 3x.
  21. if you have a 3x on a skill on epic it will not update on transfer until you remove it. If you have 20 blacksmithing on epic, die and rop to 19.75, cross back to freedom, grind blacksmithing to 100, and go back to epic, it will be 19.75 until you remove the 3x and cross again. This is specifically to avoid jumping across to refresh.
  22. There are no skill thresholds for finding items unique to archaeology. What is needed is there to have been a deed on the tile, and for it to have been around a certain length of time, as well as a certain length of time since it has disbanded. After that, it's a matter of getting lucky. Best advice would be to use high ql tools while specifically hunting unique items as they will increase your chances greatly. Oh, and since there are many different types of mask fragments, don't forget you can sell/trade the ones you dont need for the ones you do
  23. He is recounting his own experience, and talking about his own finds