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  1. Hi Rev, 80 woa pickaxe, lowish ql please. Mail to Jimio please. Thanks mate
  2. If you actually want to fish, for levelling/grinding personally I think mine fishing is the way to go and get hold of a good quality pole (not rod) 60+ ql. The pole also uses basic fishing line so easier to make. The logic behind this is that there are only 3 types of fish and only one 'big' fish, the wurmfish; whereas on surface you have pike, salmon, carp, catfish, brown trout - all likely to jump hook or snap you. I used 62ql pole, 20ql basic line, 20 ql orange hooks (no bait) and 30 ql feathers (I asked my local farmer nicely, she keeps chickens:) ) Wait for the first splash, activate sleep bonus, double click on tile on second splash (I find this better than one click), catch fish (or lose it), turn off sleep bonus, Repeat and active sleep bonus as soon as possible.
  3. I would like to see a resticted passage version of the low rope fence, which at the moment is just decorative, so I don't fall off the 3rd floor .
  4. Trowel 70ql - 79 BoTD - 1s 58c. Mail to Jimio please. Thankyou
  5. 85ql iron carving knife please Pantha. Mail to Jimio. Thanks
  6. 80ql tools - 65c Hatchet. Mail to Jimio please. Thanks
  7. 70 coc saw please Reverent, any ql Mail to Jimio please. Thenks.
  8. Shovel QL 71 BOTD 64 - 1s 14c (iron) 1s 14c. Mail to Jimio please. Thanks :)
  9. Hi Reverent, Four items 70 - 79 coc please. Mallet, Saw, File & Carving knife. Low ql if poss. Mail to Jimio. Thanks a lot
  10. 70's CoC - 70 Copper - 2 for a Silver. Trowel & hammer please. Mail to Jimio.Thankyou
  11. Stone chisel QL 85 BOTD 80 - 4s. Mail to Jimio please
  12. Trowel Blade, iron QL 3 BOTD 56 - 84c COD to Jimio please
  13. Deed: 2603 2196 Rainbow Rising