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  1. It is both a buff and a balance. If you buff a priest available to each faction in equal measure, it can be considered a balancing buff. Seems like this argument has devolved into semantics. Joemog simply feels priests in general should not be buffed whatsoever even if the buffs are in an attempt to balance the factions. I personally think the more back and forth we cram into this thread, the less likely the devs will be to go through it. Hope we hear some updates on the long-awaited combat rework soon.
  2. Getting affinities from PvE is better for PvP because then people that get tons of kills can essentially harvest the talents of their victims. It's wonderful.
  3. I personally think that the depot should light up the moment someone starts the 5 minute timer. These events are supposed to lead to PVP but unfortunately when they have been spawning deep into BL territory and sometimes looted early there have been rare conflicts over them.
  4. This is a feedback and discussion thread for gameplay changes.
  5. Many other archaeologists have noticed the same.
  6. @DarklordsFYI, according to Twitter the Depot spawned at 5:25 AM CET and as of 2 PM CET it has not lit up or been looted.
  7. bro you're a dev now make it happen
  8. Are you making higher ql reports now? I have noticed anecdotally that higher ql reports take longer to complete
  9. Yea I think a lower timer would be a good compromise. 1 minute is a bit excessive but I also don't want the old corpse snatch + resurrection stone combo to rear its ugly head again.
  10. Gravestones are awesome for the reasons Posteh mentioned as well as the added decision-making in the game. There are times when after a kill deep in enemy territory and with a wounded horse, you have to decide whether it is even worth it to try and take the time to loot or simply retreat.
  11. I'd like to thank all the pitiful rejects that spent hours of their playtime riding to and from Rotten Hollow for inspiring my 2nd place entry. All hail empress Oneechan.