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  1. Archaeology already accomplishes this without being a simple xp for distance.
  2. Please update shield skill. I went hunting for 4 hours last night and killed over 100 mobs. Went from 1 in a shield to 2 in a shield. That is dopey.
  3. I noticed sometimes when I port from Defiance to Harmony to use Sleep Bonus, it seemed to go down much slower. I thought I was losing my mind but I tested it to verify. In screenshot 1, you will see that I had just activated sleep bonus at 11:58:06 and had 1 hour and 35 seconds of bonus remaining. In screenshot 2, you will see that the time had passed by over 6 minutes, yet my sleep bonus remaining was only down by 2 minutes. I had not turned it off in between. While many will undoubtedly enjoy this bug (if it is more than just visual), I am worried that a) it is costing CCAB money and b) people on Harmony will gain an unfair advantage and use it to come over to Defiance in a month or so and destroy people in PvP with much higher stats. Edit: I was not experiencing any lag whatsoever when doing this. There were approximately 773 people online.
  4. Better change your name to Quickdraw McGraw... Good work fixing that. Thanks.
  5. I don't think the starter zone distance is going to matter all that much in the end. It would be more equal (equalateral, in fact) to move BL to south center island, but how many upper level PVP factions are going to be living on the starter island anyway?
  6. All hail Skatyna, chosen Gatekeeper of Magranon!
  7. The new servers will have same skilling rates as Freedom which sounds like what you played on 1st and 2nd times. Never had any bad experiences with a GM on this game after 8 years of playing. There are a lot of changes... too many to list. Most important probably are reworks of cooking, bridges, multi story buildings, better animations, improved UI, combat changes, rifts.... It will have the same premium price and can only play for free up to 20 skill.
  8. It's now officially announced. Great job to the CCAB team.
  9. When you reach 50 firemaking, you are instantly transported to a challenge server called Tinder where you must fight your way through a labyrinth of venomous enemies and fungal traps.
  10. What is the point of your post? That new players will have a disadvantage to experienced players? What does that have to do with balancing? There is no way to balance experience in a game with a steep learning curve. Also, I am guessing you at least benefited from the many towers built all over Release and the many places to run and hide from creatures. There won't be any towers or highways at launch. Maybe some folks will get to 70 Fighting in a few days but so what? The safe zones will have many advantages for new players to avoid getting slaughtered and I know many in the community will help any new players learn the game.
  11. Edit: I guess the Steam server names have not officially been announced so this praise is speculative. Edit 2: it's official! TL;DR - Great job to the dev team with the updated server name selections. The new names better coincide with existing servers and in my opinion will better attract players both new and old. Current servers: Affliction - Middle English traced back to Latin Celebration - Middle English traced back to Latin Chaos - Latin, from Greek Deliverance - Old French Desertion - Middle French and late Latin Elevation - Old French traced back to Latin Exodus - Latin, from Greek Pristine - Middle French or Latin Release - Old French or Latin Serenity - Middle French or Latin Xanadu - Anglicized from Mongolian city of Shang-tu Originally chosen Steam servers: Rumble - Middle Dutch or Middle High German Heartland - Combination of two Old English words Newly chosen Steam servers: Defiance - Old French and Latin Harmony - Old French and Latin
  12. Pretty cool idea. I think it may even create enough demand if tempering with oil added a buff to improvement speed such as a % increase to how much a metal item improves after each successful improvement.
  13. Most people just fight trolls with a shield of any ql once reaching sufficient shield skill. You can't AFK shield train anymore