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  1. Haha one of the first patches for PvP, gets hidden in a spoiler, and then people complain they're trying to give too many incentives to PvP server. Okay.
  2. I don't think that priests really have anything to do with the biggest issue which is incentives and attracting new and existing players to try PvE. Never heard of any new player joining and saying, "Damn, they're all priests. I quit."
  3. Thinking about it more, I agree with some other points here that I think these changes are really focusing on the population that exists on Defiance today. It's not focusing on the bigger issue, which is drawing new players and PvE players to come over to Defiance. I'm actually kind of against the depot idea now. I like HotA because the battlecamps spawn all over across the map. You can capture one solo or as a group. I feel like with the depot it's going to go to the side with the most numbers, and like other people have noted, that's where things snowball. They'll win it several times in a row, and that momentum is then hard to catch up with for other kingdoms. I think the best question to ask is, "If you're on PvE, what can we do to have you come to PvP even if only temporarily?" The PvE community is largely about economy. There's no real reward to be had here, even if you make an amazing supreme huge axe, it's not going to be a quarter of the price that it would be on PvE because of the risk of losing it. I think we have to thing of creative solutions that provide incentives that can be profitable in ways for PvE players to try PvP. A small Increased skillgain and increased affinity gain help, but it's not that persuading. I don't know the right answer, but I think we could look into certain rewards from PvP or drop only on Defiance but can transfer over to PvE servers.
  4. I like the 1 minute timer on gravestones. It gives enemies more time to react and promotes more PvP rather than just taking loot and running off.
  5. Would have liked to seen some indication Epic is being thought about. Again, this is 4 servers that new players from STEAM have been going to that are essentially dead and replaced by Defiance. Is there plans to revamp these servers, merge them, close them?
  6. I assume it would still alert the entire kingdom when a camp is captured. Having only one person be alerted of enemies gives it more value, but also enemies could then check offices, see if he or she is offline, and then go. I guess someone could set it up on alt 24/7 but no one really does that now for towers, though tower bashing isn't that popular.
  7. I like the updates. Good HotA updates. I like the faster improvement on items. I agree with the spell updates, nerfing scorn, buffing tangleweave, and removing armor interrupts the casts. I think though you should look at the base damage of Fungus Trap, Fire Pillar, and Ice Pillar. All three seem to really do nothing substantial. It feels like they need to provide something more, and if not damage, slowing enemies, chance to stun, chance to inflict phantasms or something. "Your kingdom is alerted in event tabs when an enemy kingdom steps onto a battle camp your kingdom owns, it will not say what kingdom but will say which battle camp. This message cannot happen more than once every 30 minutes." - Be cool if this was for the Chief of Cabal kingdom title, the title that is alerted of when towers are being bashed. It would give a bit more use to that title and officers. I like the depot idea, but I think 10 sleep bonuses is a lot. 24-30 hours, if one kingdom is dominant and winning you're talking about pulling like 50+ sleep powders a week. That's a bit wild. I think in general maybe the idea of rewards being so focused around sleeping powder is limiting. It would be cool to see some other rewards put in there - jackal skins, strange bones, high quality tools, gems, or arrows. I don't think it just has to be sleeping powder.
  8. Bump. Added a new video now that Defiance is getting close to two months old. An update on skills and what I carry around in PvP. I think it's really important to stress that you don't have to grind your skills to insane levels to participate and get involved in PvP.
  9. As titled, I used the Bearded Huge Axe skin, and now the model and animation uses the one handed axe animation.
  10. I think the issue you're going to find with that is then you're really going to make this a numbers game. What if one kingdom has 60 players, and the other 150+. It's going to be very hard for that smaller kingdom to turn things around, and ever equally match in fights. In a perfect world where there are thousands of players a kingdom versus kingdom game makes sense, but in Wurm's population it would only really make one side the loser extremely fast.
  11. All three kingdoms fighting today, and all three had fun!
  12. Why couldn't the other kingdoms with less people just try harder to recruit instead of needing a game mechanic to auto-balance?
  13. Okay.. I guess. I didn't realize that favor and sacrificing was really even an issue. I don't see many complain about it. Kind of an odd area to focus in on with all the other opportunities out there.
  14. Don't see how this would help Defiance though? Most players it feels like would just take the good loot or rare stuff they recreate and go to PvE to sell it where there's a bigger market?
  15. I think we are at the stage of Defiance where it's starting the decline in activity and players. We went from 400, 300, now around 250-200. It's always fun at the start, and that momentum never carries over. A lot of players now play only on the PvE servers to craft and sell goods, and portal over when there's PvP. The problem is that so many with that playstyle there just becomes less of an appeal to be on a PvP server with under 200 people, and even less chance to find someone to kill. Why bother playing on Defiance if you can skill everything up safely on PvE then portal over just for PvP? It really is kind of the dumber choice to only play exclusively on Defiance. It's just more risk and no reward. The sad truth is though any perks you give a PvP server because the majority of Wurm Online's playerbase is on the PvE servers, they're the majority that gets heard and catered because they drive the biggest revenue for the game. We barely have anything left that's exclusive only to us. You're not going to make anyone happy with touching priest spells. Yes, some spells suck, and yes some are strong. Do I think Libila's should be stronger? Yes. It's not because I play HotS, its is because that Vyn, Mag, and Fo have around 30-35 spells. Together that's a collective 90 spells in a WL kingdom. Libila probably has half or less of that many spells. Yes, if we're going to be limited to having a single God choice, that single choice should balance well against all three. As for HotA, I personally think you should try to combine the old HotA with the new. In example having a timed event, but still utilizing the battlecamps. Perhaps instead of one tower every 25 hours, 6 spawn at once, so there's more incentive to get people out as soon as possible searching for battlecamps rather than slowly capping them over a week's time. Yes, it means you're going to reduce the window to encourage people to go off deed to a single event rather than over the course of a week, but no one is really having many fights for battle camps right now. Most people who win do it uncontested. I think with having many spawn across the map at once you have to strategize more. Do you wait for enemies? Do you go as one big group? Do you split up? I don't think really have any comment on the other points because I think they're fine. No ones tried to raid. Minedoors just promote safety. We'll go back to the old days of carrying a mallet, planks, and nails, and walling the enemy in. The only thing not included there is that when you lose 20+ people in a fight... it's a ###### ton of gear to replace. It's hard. 20 people die, each on a horse, that's 80 horseshoes not including any backup horses. 180 pieces of armor. Maybe the boost for Defiance or PvP servers is that smithing after 50ql is doubled. So it's much faster to improve items quickly to higher quality, and it's not such a strain on crafters to have to create so much armor and gear. Gear can't transfer so who cares if we're able to make it higher quality faster over here?