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  1. Thanks! I know quite a few of those deeds were people who left for cadence, at least one was for a unique slaying, and a few were people just moving locations. There are even a couple that are being resettled by the same original owners. But there are still plenty of people active, building up their deed or building roads or making crazy things. I totally get that bittersweet feeling though: last week I was wandering though a chestnut forest that I'd been through so many times before. There are no deeds for hundreds of tiles around when suddenly there is a two lane highway out of nowhere. It really took me aback. Maybe I wasn't where I thought I was? But I'd been through here so many times before, there was never anything out here at all. Someone had come along and built this road and a part of this forest I knew so well was gone. It is a sad feeling, but now I get the excitement of seeing things change. Maybe someone will move in now and I get to see that change too. That's both the sadness and beauty of wurm for me.
  2. Lately, on my archaeological journeyings, I've taken to recording the location of lost deeds and have compiled them into a map of Harmony's past. I'm heavily inspired by 17th/18th century ink maps, but aim to put my own spin on it. I've been tinkering with it for a while, but now I think I'm ready to show a first draft. I currently only have western Harmony partially filled in (as I live there), but would like to start filling in the rest of Harmony as my playtime allows. The map itself is much too large to post here directly, but here is a small section of it, roughly around the canal at N14: Map here: Historical Map of Western Harmony Size Warning: The full image is roughly 2100x3200 and 12mb in size. Notes Western Harmony only for now, eventual goal of all of Harmony (maybe lol). Only deeds that have disbanded, that I have either started a report on or heavily suspect the location of. Gimp was used to create the image (with many many layers). The mountains and flourishes are from the Homann and Harrewyn brush sets by K. M. Alexander. I loosely followed an ink map tutorial and map style guide. Everything is a work-in-progress. Especially the label shading, font selections, and mountains. I've had a lot of fun compiling this map, I hope you enjoy it.
  3. [08:01:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Thanks! It was mostly a combination of a fast horse (32kmh), poor winds, and really good knowledge of the area from exploring/archaeology.
  5. Yes, I have everything except for blueberry. My current stocks and prices for wood can be found here. Thanks!
  6. Congrats again! And thanks to all who bid!
  7. And Maiya with the steal, congrats! Who should I send it to?
  8. Last few minutes, good luck everyone! I'll be watching timestamps.
  9. Lots of great fun was had at Harmony's third Regatta put on by Cistacista! Lots of great screenshots in the forum post, I've also compiled what I took into an imgur album.
  10. Yes, thank you to Cistsacista and everyone else for putting it on, was a lot of fun! Here is a gallery with the shots I was able to take: https://imgur.com/a/zSOCgah
  11. Starting Bid: 10s Increment: 1s No buyout / no private bids / no sniper protection Auction Ends: 2020/1/17 21:00 GMT
  12. Thanks man! I dig your collection as well. We both have the same idea on deed tokens.
  13. Bump for a new batch of masks, statues, and even some glowing goodies.
  14. I experience the same as Ekcin on a bred, branded, 5 speed, un-cared for skewbald pinto on Harmony.