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  1. WTA Moonmetal collection

  2. PC Account

    Around 400e
  3. WTB 5 speed Hell hores

    Looking to buy 5 speed HH on Xan. Looking for 3 females and 2 males. Will pay extra for delivery.
  4. [WTS] Silver Coin

    Quick and fast!!
  5. WTB PVP/Crafting account.

    Bump willing to spend 1000e for a good account. Gotten a few offers just looking for the right one.
  6. WTB PVP/Crafting account.

  7. WTB PVP/Crafting account.

    Looking for a High end pvp and crafting account. Send me a Pm with skill dump and price.
  8. The Crusaders - Kingdom Graphics Preview

    Nice design almost as good as KoS. I like the color scheme. Shame the game isn't as active as it use to be.
  9. Slow change of focus

    Had some good time with you Rolf. Cant wait to see what else you have in mind.
  10. ~~~ Duce ~~~ 1972 - 2016

    Such sad news . Did not see this coming. Just a few minutes ago I was on youtube watching some very old wild videos. I was telling myself how much i miss this game and the players. I was thinking about jumping on a character and visiting my place of origin like Gold coast, HoM, Eden and some of the war deeds. Then i got on the forums and saw this post. I'm very sad to hear this. Duce was a well respected player, which meant a lot on the pvp servers. R.I.P Duce.
  11. Weekly News #30 Mysteries

    LOL you mad or naw? Is this how a dev reacts when their idea gets put down by the community?

    All this but removing tower capping. Tower capping created pvp.
  13. PvP changes testing Round 1

    If we could get wurm pvp like this I would come back because wurms the only true sandbox, but pvp is a disappointment atm.
  14. Kings of Chaos

    Challenge type server to test would be fun +1
  15. Kings of Chaos

    Thats great. Rolf and the dev team really need to play the game too. We nknow Rolf doesn't because he tried epic and quit epic. Can you believe that? Thats how you know something sucks. All we can do is wait and hope things changes for the best. Keep doing you and ignore the trolls.