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  1. Darklord posted in discord I believe. Once the bug/player abusing it was reported they checked and confirmed there were people casting with unlimited favor.
  2. lol no roll back or bans? Peace out should of never gave you guys a second chance.
  3. I almost quit the other day when I heard players on defiance had 70+ channeling already. LOL If there inst a roll back I will quit for sure. I know others who will and I'll also encourage it. Oh and submit A nice review on steam also.
  4. Whats being done with the abusers? You guys reset people who got above 45 archery. The same measure needs to happen effective immediately. This is a huge unfair advantage in pvp.
  5. So what about people who got 55-70+ channeling already on the new server? Their skill getting reset or just screw the new server and once the word gets out people will quit in the mass?
  6. Was gonna report this yesterday but, got busy irl. I died to a champ Scorp lvling on defiance. lost .25 in some skills. Then I went over to Harmony to burn some sleep bonus. After a few minutes I looked at my skill tab and notice I didn't have any .25 skill or x3 lost. Went back to Defiance and My skill on Harmony transfer to defiance so I lost no skill minus the .25 fight skill.
  7. They dont transfer between Pvp and Pve servers. Edit: Not on the new steam server anyway.
  8. Look at the comments all the people that don't know about the game and they still don't try to advertise rip.
  9. Lol what about all the changes we are getting??? Still a small dev team.
  10. Eh easy fix would of been reducing influence of deeds to allow tower next to deeds to be capture. Pvp vs none. I rather have pvp. Pvp died out for good reason. A lot of it had to do with pvp never getting dev attention till recently. Now that half the devs pvp lol.
  11. They took out tower capturing awhile ago. Shame tbh lots of fighting over tower capturing back in the day. Back to back territory control fighting between MR/Bl and KoS was fun.
  12. I think this is why they didn’t want to launch the pvp server same day lol. Pvp balance is too much of a headache
  13. Don't forget to bring back off deed mine hopping. Thanks
  14. It does I made a 2 min siege video back in 2015 show casing siege warfare lol wasn't the best quality and we still had backward sword wielding then. I think the footage they had in the video is enough to peak people interest if that what their into. Siege Hindrance wurm online pvp