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  1. Bro we just need more reason for people to play on pvp then pve. Right now there nothing stopping people from hunting for sb, teleporting to freedom and grinding with 25%….. Give us a reason to play more on pvp.
  2. Nah fam go back to launch and pvp improvement post and read up. PMK was suppose to be implemented few months after launch. Artifact had QL lower and was suppose to be reverted over time etc.
  3. Not sure why the skins are one and done atm. Kinda weird. Dont yall want money @RobinBacklund?
  4. When can we expect stuff for defiance like PMKs?
  5. We use to only get winter durning Christmas time.
  6. Let’s focus on ease lol. When will the picture contest winner gonna be announce?
  7. Thought this was a rake first look lol 10/10 dope skin.
  8. Or Red Dragon blood. Pm me.
  9. Why would NFI want to come to SFI lol.
  10. Very disappointed. Rip @DemonaNightshadegot anything for us? Anyone try emailing @RobinBacklund? @Rolfwe miss you
  11. -1. You see how dead defiance is? A 6 hour raid window is ridiculous. Same for a 12. I could go on but it’s pointless.
  12. Vincentruth. Currently at work for next couple of hours.