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  1. Sad to hear this. I played against Mikey on Wild and Epic. Always had respect for him. HK was a beacon of hope for all blers. As a GM on the pvp server Blackdog was one of the few Gm you could depend on. He new what to do without giving someone unfair advantages.
  2. your opinions still suck



  3. Everyone is on Holiday leave atm lol get wreck. No updates till late first quarter.
  4. It's unfortunate you feel this Way. Bad timing on my part. I’ve been busy traveling for work and tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I won’t be on. I did mention in PMs that I would have time to sort you out on Friday. The same thing I told to one of the other applicants. That being said this outcome is probably best for both parties. Sorry I wasn't able to sort you out sooner. Happy Holidays.
  5. Hey everyone it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I thought it would be a good time with the ongoing sale. I'm looking to sponsor two people who are interested in PVP, playing on NFI, Defiance in the Kingdom of Jenn Kellon. I would like someone who is mature and is active at least a few hours a day. My main focus is on finding someone interested in crafting and PVP. I’m also open to sponsoring a group of up to 6 people. I’ll be paying for your premium in silver. You’ll get 2 months of prem. All I ask is that you stay with me for the first month. After the first month if you would like to join another kingdom or make your own village you’re free to do so. Building and crafting is a major part of the game even on PVP. By sponsoring I would like to encourage more players from PvE to come try out PVP. My past sponsorships have worked out pretty well. People who thought they wouldn’t like the Pvp community ended up liking it a lot. New payers, freedom veterans, NA and EU can take me up on this offer just send me a PM.
  6. Let us see who looted the depo. Instead of just the depo has been looted.
  7. +1 One for delayed Death tabs
  8. Player retention is an issue for the game as a whole. Fresh blood is what makes pvp fun you have people who aren’t afraid to die. New accounts should get the 50% buff that we got to help them catch up. Right now imo is the best time for new players to try out the game because villages have their crafters and priests up and running so they can focus on training new people. Unfortunately we have zero advertising for the game. We recruited 3 new players this week but they stumbled on the game by accident and the retention if we’re lucky is 1 out of the 3.
  9. Thoughts on treasure chest being picked up on pendulums?
  10. Lol Zao is MR and Its just not one Alliance in JK its all of Jk Blaze trolled you in our other discord. Give me drain health and one WL priest plz. We should of pulled out of that Fight after losing 2 of our fo preist, but hey its fight or end up with a dead game your choice.
  11. Agree. I like the idea of gravestone but it was kinda just randomly implemented at steam launch I think it needs to be tone down.
  12. You can miss with a short bow and glance you can't with drain health. 100% hit chance and also 3 seconds faster then a quick shot short bow. And from chev video last night the range is insane. Issue is being able to put a player/horse on hurting status and Wl having no 3sec spell counter
  13. @DarklordsDepot Spawn locations still being looked at?
  14. We had a fight against MR the other day it was a hard fight. We won started looting and BL backdoored us we got maybe 1/3 of the loot. Add a loot grave stone buff were if you loot one grave stone you can loot the rest without having a timer on the rest of the grave stone around you for a few mins. As for drain health the issue is the ability to give Hurting status in 3 second from 20 tiles away. That’s faster then a short bow and zero miss chance. Make it so it heals like focus will and get rid of the damage done.
  15. Reduce drain health distance to like 3 tiles like common look at this lmfao