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  1. Darklord said to wait for November. Tome removal is to hard or something like that I told him day one it would be an issue and he's like nah fam wait till November 1 hour cool down is enough. I'm like igh ok fam. I have 2 tomes on my char. tomes should of been out just like sotg.
  2. Both people that champ are in my kingdom lol. And one of them is in my village. Ive always hold the people I play with to a higher stander. I play for fun and I expect others around me to do the same. I’ve always had strict rules when I was leading raid etc. I don’t play to drive people off the game or grief. Which seems to be the norm for the kids who’ve been play the last 4 years. Disgusting and toxic. I told my guy it wouldn’t go well for him and he chose to ignore it. I just wish I was on discord when others in my group motivated him to do it just so they could get a good laugh when he was punished.
  3. I heard he’s not playing anymore due to him knowing the map. Shame because all they had to do was give us a map.
  4. Friends the whole time. Didn’t say it was your account. I don’t care if your playing or not because you will. Nature of the beast. Will it be the forums or ingame. You keep posting because your upset for playing in the grey area. Retro and the dev team handle it well they should of been harsher. Kids been playing long enough to spot a grey area. Never said I dislike your whining I’m just intrigued. Clam down it’s just a game don’t take it personal.
  5. You got your journal entry right? If that was all you where after then why are you still posting? Sounds like a win win to me. Other dude got to keep his faith and your guy got his journal check. Move long.
  6. I mean she was also in your kingdom for a much longer time so invalid point bud.
  7. Yeah Rolf and like 2 others were playing. Mongols found out and destroyed him. But the changes he made to the game when he was actually play were great.
  8. Remember when people use to cry about Rolf not playing the game and now we have devs playing and people are still crying lol. Dev should of kept the 1 faith punishment. It look weak going back on your word. Also should perma forum ban the kids crying about dev favoritisms it toxic.
  9. -1 stat too they know better. Will be a warning for others jumping at for advantages.
  10. To late that part probably shouldn’t have been shared till server down.
  11. Wat I ain’t got the time for a Pmk or tonygreen lol