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  1. Halida (X23 Y32) is long gone too
  2. +1 - also sick of tackle boxes. Making them, seeing them, sacrificing them. Make it stop
  3. Made the most of the Lib ritual on Release today and captured these of my deed
  4. Can't wait to see what's coming, sounds exciting! Welcome again @DemonaNightshade- I've still got the horse you gave me when you left Release all those years ago, he's being very well taken care of!
  5. Thanks for putting up with us all for so long see you out there!
  6. Meadhalla!

    *flaps a fish at Bratty*
  7. Getting into some strange places in the name of missions Some pretty night landscape on Release yesterday
  8. It is currently possible to gain a new affinity in a skill either through the marks store random affinity or through doing an action that would give the skill even after the player has achieved 100 in that skill. Todays patch on unintended 6th affinities made me realise this should probably be brought to attention too.
  9. Could you maybe please rename my deed on the map is slightly spelled wrong. You've got Shadow Vale Sanctum, it's Shadow Veil Sanctum (X13, Y38)
  10. I like the idea, though maybe not ingame,maybe an additional map dump style heat map
  11. damn it - missed opportunity *facepalm*
  12. Large shield bought. Still looking for other shiny stuff!