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  1. This one gets my vote, very cool idea and nicely drawn!
  2. Pretty self explaining really, a new craftable shield design, with kingdom logo on it. Much like the wagons and such we have now. I think it'd be a nice, fresh addition to the game.
  3. Since the new changes to the mission system, I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed how hard the structures used in missions are becoming to find. What I suggest is adding something along the lines of adding a rough location to the description of the mission, giving a local or nearest deed name. The same way it works with Avatar based missions. Something like: "Nathan requires 1 of you to perform the Ritual of faith at the Shard Wake using a deed stake. "it is located near "deed name here" which is located in the north regions." I'm not exactly sure how this would affect Epic, since I do not play there however, I'm sure it's something that could easily be enabled/ disabled depending on cluster.
  4. ah ok, will do that. I usually play without glsl shader support due to the massive difference it causes my FPS on deeds and built up areas but I'll give it a go. Thanks
  5. Apologies if this has already been reported. First time trying out unstable, and I've noticed that dye isn't showing. I have walls, statues and a cart dyed none are showing any colour. Neither is anything dyed using the adamantium rune, if this is a separate thing. There also doesn't seem to be an option to check if shaders are turned on at all. console log below.
  6. Thought I'd draw something wurmy, so here ya go. High res image available on request, vignette border darkening can also be removed if needed.
  7. +1 to that idea, surprised there isn't something like this already in game. If transmutation rods exist, why not this?
  8. Looking forward to that competition!
  9. It was reccomended in another thread to try this here, however personally I got nowhere with this but maybe I did something wrong?
  10. also same problem
  11. Just bumping this because this is still an issue, apparently 6 years later...
  12. [21:10:31] The The venerable fierce black dragon ignores the effects of the blue drake hide jacket. [21:11:05] The The venerable fierce black dragon ignores the effects of the blue drake hide pants. Two "The" instead of one, only seems to be when hitting armour with aosp enchant.
  13. can't get on either, stable client char name Ehizellbob, trying to connect to Release (if that helps any)
  14. It's a nice idea, but I think if we are gonna start having more stuff to carry around like books, we should be able to store them on book shelves (just make book shelves we have now a container) so we don't need to carry them all the time.