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  1. map updated. Added: Mirror of Despair Songs Challenge Added structure types for Door to Lamentation and Sancrarium of Spirit Added structure type and adjusted location for Jumps Mantra and Secret Obelisk
  2. It was definitely accessible at one point, a winding path up the side of the mountain and some bridges so shame about the bridge. Thanks for checking those locations for me, much appreciated! A+ for you
  3. After months of working on making this the best I can, I've compiled my own notes on mission structures around Release and put them all into one handy map. It's finally at a stage where I'm happy to publicly share it. There are still a few noted on the map which are unconfirmed exact locations, but I have placed them as near as I remember them being and am in the process of visiting each of these sites (these particular ones have a purple marker). If anyone has any they would like to add to the map, or update the location of an existing marker please send me a PM here on the forum or in game (same username), or post in this thread and include any information you think may be helpful for people locating it! Also accepting structures which are currently on deed, in the event that the deed disbands and they become available for missions. Region borders are approximate and as accurate as I could get them, I will update if I feel necessary. Map link: Epic Map.png?dl=0 Searchable Directory: map last updated 23 October 2019.
  4. great event! shame about my derp of a pc
  5. Will see you there! Thanks for the public kill
  6. I was wondering how much longer it was going to take you! Congrats
  7. congrats on the new position! Interested in seeing where this goes from here
  8. haven't managed to make a rift since the update due to RL commitments but I did come across one of those stray lil' parties once. They seemed a lot easier than I expected them to be, and I could happily get one or two on their own to kill then go back for the others. Took maybe 5 minute. Tbh I expected more but I get if it's intentional to be this way so they don't end up killing lower skilled players
  9. Looking amazing! one thing I've noticed, I don't seem to be able to remove objects that I've placed?
  10. pop my name down to imp on Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Masonry, Stone cutting, Leather working, Cloth Tailoring. I'm interested in setting up an area where people can come for forge/ oven imps if you're interested? lemme know and we can talk details on getting an area set up for it, can bring extra shards if needed. Also a bed, please
  11. I'm honestly happy to see anything new going forward to bring in new players. So long as those of us that have been around a while don't lose our stuff we've worked so hard for. I think this could really be a good idea with a lot of potential and tbh it's about time too.
  12. Thanks to all those who came along tonight, and those who helped out! Pandalet, Rollypolly, Welmari especially for finding, helping penning and helping out tonight, couldn't have done it without these guys
  13. since I have the organisational skill of a squashed fly, that's saying something!