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  1. as a high skilled farmer, more places to put things I harvest is always something I'll +1
  2. +1 I love seeing new storage containers in game and they'd come in really useful!
  3. I for one think the team is doing just fine with these updates and bug fixes. Sometimes things don't quite go to plan and that's OK, it's just how life works. Thank you for the sleep bonus, much appreciated.
  4. yeah there's going to keep being restarts until they get everything working properly, it's to be expected. If you want to check if the servers are up without constantly needing to try you can see it here
  5. back up now
  6. about 20 mins ago
  7. yep, downtime for hotfix. Should be back soon apparently
  8. After the beams have been added to a timber framed wall/ window ect. the event text still reads as adding a beam ([21:30:17] You nail a beam to the wall.) even though you are adding grass/ clay. Can confirm it happens on all timber framed house wall types currently.
  9. I think I should have time to come to this, pop me down for imping in carpentry, fine carpentry, cloth tailoring, leatherworking, will also help out with pottery and masonry if I run out of things to do. I also have 70+ gardening skill if anyone decides to bring their trellises... you never know
  10. Indeed they have (heart eyes emoji)
  11. seems so. rather annoying, but hey *shrugs*
  12. Nope, not included as something turned off in any of those options above. Currently raining with all those turned off to test it
  13. Not that I've ever noticed, I used to play with everything turned off... I'll have to check that next time it's raining. If anything, it's under particles and effects
  14. I've seen a lot of posts regarding the weather in Wurm recently, but personally I'd just like to see weather effects, the snow and rain falling animation be made optional. I'm not sure why this isn't already optional as I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers FPS drops, especially when travelling by cart or wagon. In fact, on my old pc I never left the deed when it was raining or snowing because the machine was old and slow at the best of times and couldn't cope with the added animation. But, back to the present day, it still causes a FPS drop even on my new machine that runs the game perfectly, and myself and a few friends have mentioned it'd just be nice to have it be able to be disabled at times. (I guess this would also make people who don't like their bedrooms to be snowy happy too)