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  1. Map updated. Added: wisdoms shrine post of spirit last stand of vynora mysteries backbone foundation of many Additional info: added the marker where the entrance is and noted on the map that structures are inside the cave.
  2. Here's some screenshots of you lovely lot
  3. Grats to the smelliest silliest person I know
  4. while we're on, can we get the ability to change the color of the text used in village/pm tabs. The pale green isn't the best, and I'd like to be able to change it to a color I personally find easier to read, like blue.
  5. Gobblin Hut provides excellent service, 10/10 would snack again!
  6. Yep, he's been happily eating carrots all week while I mine next to him. He's a happy well fed horse again!
  7. I was thinking, we could put the memorial for Tich on the community map, as it may be a place of interest for people to visit. It's at her deed at Y26 X47/48
  8. [insert generic witty response here]
  9. it's in the central desert, around L16