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  1. Added Cats Way, thank you.
  2. A simple, and I believe not well known, quick way to avoid this is to target something else. Say, you're in combat with a troll and need to bandage a wound. Target something else, then perform one action. On foot, need to lead horse to get away? Target a thing not fighting you, hop on your horse. Works only if you do not stack actions. But otherwise agreed bug or not, 'no target' should interrupt actions and take priority the same way a sacrificing action does.
  3. Added Seafarer Challenge, thanks to Proseedda
  4. got what I was after, thread can be closed
  5. Map has been updated with new map dump. Also wiggled some markers around to reflect their true position. As ever, if you know of any that aren't on the map / want yours added post here or message me in game.
  6. After a supreme addy sickle (preferably blank, ql doesn't matter) or a supreme bone to make one myself. PM offers.