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  1. Damn, nice! A question on the loyalty thingy: will this be starting from now or will previous premium time allow people to start off with points to spend when this goes live? As cool as that'd be, I think a nice clean, fair slate would be good for everyone.
  2. either of the dragon skuls for 5s? A65 - rare pottery planter 1.5s? and the dragonfang statue - would you accept 10s? if so cod to Ehizellbob at your earliest convenience
  3. some truly great work gone into wurm this year can't wait to see what the next year brings! Even though I am one of the (apparent) few people who likes to play games in first person mode, mostly for my utter lack of directional skills in third person, I can not wait to play around with it! Keep up the great work, happy new year!
  4. Yep, you read that correctly. We got you another one. Loot will be rolled among all participating slayers (limit one roll per person, no alts). Location is within local of water and will be added later in the week. Please be reasonable with bringing alts again, thank you Thanks to Nineol for the penning assist. Location is about N13. Access available by canal from all sides. Location is close to the water. Deed name 'Cheesy Wotsits'
  5. that dragon was me (thanks to retrograde) and I was riding a horse.. so technically...
  6. Pretty sure 2019 is the year Libila finally came to freedom isn't it? That's something that should be commemorated
  7. Thanks for all you crazy folks for coming along tonight, was great seeing everyone there! Again, special thanks to Retrograde for making us start late streaming. Brainer, Deri and Malokai/ Lionix for the find + capture assisting and the rest of the alliance for your help
  8. Location added. At the deed Knight's Rest, K18. See y'all there. Bring your party pants!
  9. Bring as many alts as you want, no rules here. Just have some sense and be kind and considerate of others!
  10. In the far distance, the last popping sounds of the Blackmoor Impalong fireworks display could be heard. One by one, our friends departed Independence but not for home. No! For they came to Release. Far across the seas, their swords raised high and with the wind on their backs (hopefully). It was on this cold winter's night when every man, woman and child gathered for a sight not seen by many in their lifetime. 'Twas a great Raging Black Dragon and he had but one message... "Join me on Release for the Blackmoor Impalong Afterparty! A PUBLIC DRAGON SLAYING!" Well, who would turn down such a request! Location is the deed Knight's Rest, K18. See y'all there. Bring your party pants! *due to unforeseen circumstances of the RL variety the event will no longer be streamed on the Wurm twitch. location will be added Saturday - will be coastal location. Loot roll will be public -- one roll per RL person, must be on kill list (niarja/twitter). (ps please don't bring 3 million alts. We'd all like to be able to move, and actually leave with some scale. Please be reasonable ) Special thanks to finders and penners and live bait: Brainer, Malokai and Deri.