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  1. be assured, if its a Stan led fight on Release it's always at the usual place
  2. made rare dye before. I also got 100 farming. All those rare tends... I think in my first 4 years I was lucky enough to get two successful rolls that weren't while farming
  3. obligatory post of I *really* want a troll king hat and whoever wins on the roll if you wanna sell it to me I'd like that v much
  4. [16:35:13] This female creature is almost see-through, and you wonder if she is made of water or thoughts alone. [16:35:13] He is very well defined. [16:35:13] He is targetting your mid center parts. [16:34:34] The adolescent Avatar of Vynora regains his bearings. Apparently Vynora can spawn as a dude. Who knew. Idk if is indented or not, seems weird
  5. Got myself some new shiny friends, sickle, small metal shield, medium wooden shield, longsword and large maul still looking for others!
  6. Grats on the find and making it public, I'll not be able to make it but hope you all have a great time!
  7. Perhaps there should be a profile option to enable each player to chose between masculine and feminine titles as a whole. There are several gender specific titles many of the weapon titles such as axeman/woman as well as Repairman/woman. As well as the miscellaneous titles which personally make me cringe - Handyman/woman & Tim the Toolman/woman. I'd love to be able to have a choice in titles like I suggested here. Perhaps something like this addition to the game could see in the option to chose which meditation path title, or sorcery title to show too which have been suggested many times before now.
  8. I also play female and I grinded to 100 farming for the Pumpkin King title (Nightmare before Christmas nerd) and would not be too happy if it was changed to Queen and I lost what I had worked on for years regardless, grats on the 100
  9. preferably iron, silver or steel. Certainly wouldn't say no to moonmetals either
  10. WTB supreme weapons and shields for a nice shiny collection. Blank, creation ql preferred. PM to discuss prices here or in game. Happy to pay in north freedom silvers Will update in spoiler with what I do and don't need Also interested in a medium wooden shield skin & smoke from sol charge
  11. Congrats! Said you were close