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  1. I was thinking, we could put the memorial for Tich on the community map, as it may be a place of interest for people to visit. It's at her deed at Y26 X47/48
  2. [insert generic witty response here]
  3. it's in the central desert, around L16
  4. grats on the find!
  5. juuuuust gonna give this a bump cause they're not eating out of hitching posts either and I'd like my animals to be able to eat underground again
  6. Could you please add Dustbunnies Abroad at 1020, 133, thanks
  7. Yep, location remains unchanged (thankfully)
  8. Another update: monitored the hose for 3 days in total, he did not eat once out of the bowl or a pile of corn on the tile he was stood on despite losing the fat status in his name. He never showed hungry on the inspect animal window. Removed him from the mine and put the same pet bowl in front of him and he immediately ate 5 corns out of the bowl.
  9. @Pomona Following your advice, I've left a horse in the mine with an alt (to check logs) to see if he eats at all. He has been there almost a full day and hasn't grazed once. Logs below. I have been thinking and I am wondering if it's maybe waiting until he is ready to fast before eating, which could also explain why horses do not say they are hungry in the inspect animal window yet will still graze / can be hand fed
  10. As the title says, I have noticed my horse, while in a mine has stopped eating from piles / containers and food bowls entirely. I'll be in the mine for between 6-8 hours on average, 4-5 days a week and he doesn't eat once during that time yet when he's taken outside to the surface he immediately starts grazing manically. Referencing logs I can see this has been the case since June 1st. Could someone please look into this, thanks