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  1. bump, because this still annoys me that they don't match up properly
  2. Massive respect to Rolly on this project, the canal is gorgeous and a nice straight sail. Fantastic work
  3. Giving this a bump, cause I still think it's a decent idea
  4. Oh I've seen something like this, occasionally when I log in there's a leather boot above my head. In where the roof should be, before the roof loads. Can never be seen from outside and it's only ever at log in. I'll update with a screen shot next time I see it, whenever that is (which isn't very often tbh)
  5. Sold, can close
  6. Reserved
  7. As the title says, full rare studded leather armour set. All pieces 90ql with no enchants. Wanting 20s will accept sleep powders at rate of 1sp per silver. Can be mailed cod, or picked up from Feral Dustbunnies, P16 Release. Post here, PM here or in game (same name) and it's yours!
  8. Merry Christmas! Thanks for all your great work this year wurm, here's to more amazing content in 2018!
  9. I get the same error, however if you drag into the sack then from there into the satchel it works fine.
  10. thank you everyone for your responses, much appreciated! As the survey is now closed, this thread can be too
  11. That screen shot does not do Leifar's work enough justice, totally worth seeing it in person if you're out and about on Release!
  12. thank you!
  13. to stick a skull to my face... absolutely +1
  14. I'm writing a dissertation at university and I need some responses to this survey about music and album artwork. Only takes a few minutes, hope I can get some responses from the people here... please? I'd also like to ask, if there's any experienced album artwork designers that also happen to be hanging around here could you drop me an email or a message here so I can ask some questions related to that specifically. Would really help me out. Thanks! My email is
  15. as a high skilled farmer, more places to put things I harvest is always something I'll +1