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  1. A pleasure having you again JC, thanks for the fun!
  2. Thank you! I've shared a couple of shots in this thread before actually, but@Josuhacalvertrecently visited my deed in one of his streams (this link should be at the right timestamp if I've internet'd correctly today) That'll probably give you the best look
  3. Souls Mantra added, thank you Trainman! Also added Wisdoms Momento and Long Home of Troll
  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time at my deed, I wish I knew you were going to have company with you or I would have opened up permissions more (Sorry Reagor!) I've loved watching your streams of Release and seeing everything on the server through a new set of eyes! The skull throne was actually designed by a friend as a secret santa gift, so I can't take any credit for that! The deed only took around a month to build, and a little while longer to decorate, since it was planned very well in deedplanner, had all the materials counted with enough spare to allow for rebuilding the same bridge.. 3...maybe 4 times...possibly 5 times... yeah, that hurt lol
  5. Oh Lagston. We didn't always see eye to eye, he sure was a character, and one with a very unique sense of humor at that. A personality perhaps only slightly smaller than his enormous deed... Absolutely taken too soon, not much more to say than that. So I'll just leave this bizarre picture I just found of us doing... whatever this was instead.
  6. Added Jump Foundation. Thanks, Welmari.
  7. It holds 2.5kg water, and fully refills approximately once every RL hour. You can put other liquids inside but they do not refill (tested with source and alcohol). Haven't tested enchanting the water to say if it works or not, though with it only holding a regular water skin amount of water and refilling once an hour it doesn't seem like it would be a good candidate for using enchanted water in.
  8. I am one of the people who use them as little decoration items, and as much as I love them, I do hate seeing trash left littering my server and understand the issue presented. I've seen suggested before that they could be given bulk material classification so they'd be able to be stored, which I do think is a great suggestion. A suggestion I would like to make given that many people, myself included, use them as decoration - perhaps they could be made to take damage when dropped on the ground off deed but not decay on deed.
  9. I'm not going to be putting things that people have renamed towers as, since when you get a treasure map it gives the maker and number too and I don't want to over clutter the map with text
  10. For the people of Release, I present a map of guard towers which should help people out treasure hunting. TOWERS MAP.png?dl=0 Tower locations are as accurate as I could get them without going insane, and for now at least the NW corner could use some extra attention - but since this is mostly complete I figured it was time to publicly share it. If you have any additions you would like to make, please share a screenshot in this thread showing the tower location clearly marked with the name and number.
  11. This would be a great addition to treasure chests!
  12. Fun times, here's some screenshots of the chaos (the black hatchling is somewhere in that last one)