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  1. Valrei International. 077

    oh those trees look amazing!
  2. Wurm Pixelart V2

    I honestly have so much respect for anyone who can do pixel art and make it good. Nice work dude!
  3. W. S. A. Independence lag

    thankfully, i was unaffected by all this personally but I'd like to say; good job all staff involved in keeping everyone updated and fixing it asap
  4. WTS Lots a Stuffs

    both sent, ty [18:19:46] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  5. WTS Lots a Stuffs

    3.5s? for all of them, 4s?
  6. WTS Lots a Stuffs

    sorry already received higher price offer. Thanks for your interest
  7. Untame menu option on tamed animals

    +1 if you can tame from menu, there should be an untame option too!
  8. WTS Lots a Stuffs

    replied via your pm
  9. WTS Lots a Stuffs

    Post here with what you want with an offer. Accepting silver payments only. All items will be mailed or collection otherwise buyer pays cod. 6 x source crystals TOOLS: Mallet, oak - 90.1 ql - WoA 95, CoC 83 Needle, iron - 92.3 ql - CoC 57, Tailoring imbue 98 Grooming brush, oak - 10.44 ql CoC 94 Rake, iron - 89.33 ql - CoC 75 ARMOUR: Great helm, steel - 67.78 ql POTIONS / UNIQUE DROPS: Oil of the Weaponsmith 78ql Potion of Carpentry 66ql 2 x Salve of Frost 71ql 3 x Ointment of stonecutting - 95ql, 89ql 78ql Potion of Leatherworking 61ql 25 x Yellow Potion 5 x Oil of the Armour Smith - 80.45ql, 80.99ql, 71ql, 61ql, 29ql Green dragon hatchling drake hide - 80 ql - 0.04kg RIFT REWARDS: Boar shoulder pad, 75ql 12.52 DMG Skull shoulder pad, 75ql 9.45 DMG Left Stylish Shoulder Pad, GOLD 75ql Left Shielding shoulder pad, IRON 75ql Left basic shoulder pad, iron 75ql 37.32 DMG Right basic shoulder pad, iron 75ql Ribboned shoulder pad 25ql 1 x Human Skull shoulder pads - 75ql, 50ql 2 x Curved Shoulder pads, cotton - 75ql 3 x Triple shoulder pad, leather 75ql - (one has 60 DMG) 3 x double shoulder pad, coton 75ql 4 x Left elaborate shoulder pad, leather 75ql (one has 54 DMG) Left Layered shoulder pad, leather 75ql Necklace of focus, seryll 75ql Necklace of protection, seryll 25ql 28 DMG Soul Stealer necklace, seryll 75ql 54DMG Dark Ring, seryll 75ql MOONMETALS: Glimmersteel lump, 84ql 0.35kg 2 x RARE seryll lumps - 89.20ql 0.27kg / 86.44ql 0.26kg RARE glimmersteel lump 83.23ql 0.34kg RARES / SUPREMES: RARE fine fishing hook, iron 73ql - LEGACY ITEM! RARE Champagne 99ql RARE Dark Ring, Seryll - 50ql SUPREME Champagne 74ql SUPREME fine fishing hook, iron, 84ql LEGACY ITEM!
  10. Reminder for mail

    Surely I can't be the only one who buys something to be mailed, has it sent off and sees the little message in the event tab telling me to go get it and says "Oh, I'll get that in a minute. I'm busy rn" then you go about your business through the day as normal, forgetting you ever had mail. Until you log in the next day and see the reminder. Doh! Wouldn't it be nice if there was an optional reminder (much like the sleep bonus one) that you had mail waiting to be picked up which posted in event tab every RL hour or so. Just a little, gentle reminder for those with busy wurm lives to go to that damn mailbox already...
  11. 24-hour lighting OPTION for deed owners

    There's parts of my deed where there's terraforming only up to 60 dirt to the back of a building which creates night time levels of darkness inside my house on the ground floor. The house in question is also made from slate so also dark walls and floors. I passionately refer to early morning lighting as my mood lighting ... I do have a glow runed toolbelt these days which helps, but it sure would be nice to have the option to turn those lamps in there on 24 hours - no matter how it's brought in. As Malena suggests here and the HDR rendering. +1 to anything that results in having more control over your deed lights / how much light you see in game in general.
  12. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Really impressive service, fast and reliable! 100/10 will be buying from you again
  13. The Screenshots Thread

    Oh haii dur, nice to see you foggy rifts are fun:
  14. Archaed's Rainbow Dyeworks - Back in technicolour!

    Hey if you're still doing them would you mail me a set of rainbow sample flasks please. Cod to Ehizellbob.
  15. misleading error text

    [21:50:42] You need to activate the correct building tool if you want to build that. while building wooden plank floor, using the crating window. Crafting window still had the saw in from previous actions. Though mallet was actually active at the time. Could be potentially misleading with the current wording.