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  1. ah those textures, I think I just fell in love! I was a little apprehensive on hearing about animal colours coming back, but I can happily say that they look awesome, so all is well. Can't wait to see them in game! (Hopefully my laptop can run it well enough for me to see it all for myself)
  2. I love Renate's the best, nothing to do with her standing by my tapestry... promise
  3. +1 ideally these need to be in caps for maximum legibility (would also happily design a typeface for it myself if that'd speed things along )
  4. +1 because having a huge gothic slate castle at some point in my future is important
  5. When transferring items from an opened satchel (so the satchel window, not in inventory) selecting multiple items at once and dragging and dropping into a bulk container only drops one item in. Not sure if this is intended, but since it can be done with the bulk container opened I would think not. And it's annoying for sorting things by ql like picked herbs or sprouts for example. Tested this method on both BSB and FSB related things. Only tested with a satchel.
  6. some beautiful creations happening here! Keeping it simple myself, with some black and blue. *rare bear hat to be dyed black when that becomes a thing* night-time with blue lamps
  7. would love to be able to dye my bear helm
  8. +1 to make ride by slapping easier
  9. Gutted I couldn't be there last night (damn internet!) but thanks to all who made it possible and I hope everyone had fun
  10. Location added. See y'all tomorrow!
  11. sounds like a cool idea
  12. I found yesterday when dropping a large amphora using the new place feature that it did not place the item when I left clicked, and I had to click several times for it to drop the item, while the timer continued. This then happened again earlier with a banner and barrel. also,if this is in the wrong section, please move it. I suck at getting these things in the right place
  13. This was the same colour as the fence behind last night, I am not impressed colors: r=13, g=13, b=130. no idea what the exact dye ql would have been as it was around 3 years ago, but if I had to say it was probably around 60-70ql dye. cart is cedarwood This is what it looked like before (a little tinted because of the hota) Otherwise, great work on this update, I'm sure I'll survive.
  14. It is (finally!) time to slay the master of Hide and Seek himself, Mr Goblinio of Release! And I'd like to invite everyone to come and get their mining potions, and Fearless title if you've never slayed one before and manage to land a hit. Slaying is on Sunday at 7pm UTC, here's a timer for those who don't do time conversions... Location as above. In game map top of O12, community map X34/Y13. Deed is called Naughty. When you arrive, you will find the penned area is very close to the shore. I ask that people leave clearance around the immediate area in front of the pen so that we can all see what we're doing. Try to moor up along the shore going East from the site. There is plenty room by Linkoping to moor your boat and walk a little way up the shore but please note that Linkoping is not in local of the fight. Hope to see a good crowd there!
  15. After some discussion in CA Help chat tonight, it was mentioned the table to determine skill needed for slope needed some rearranging to be easier to read. I've sorted that on this page however I can't seem to get it to update on the other pages such as here comes in as part of the description, not sure how to get that bit to work with the page (and all other fence pages) so if someone with the knowledge would like to do so - that'd be grand!