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  1. Hey, we don't mind alts at all. Bring as many as you want to, though it does make less scale/ hide available to everyone else. but if you want to bring 30 prem alts that's entirely up to you Loot roll is just for your main. Hope to see you there!
  2. I don't just find dragons, I find aesthetically pleasing dragons
  3. over the water is good by me haha, you've got my vote of confidence
  4. Lost dragon

    Thanks everyone who came tonight, sure was a lot of you!
  5. Some of my favourite shots of my deed, Shadow Veil Sanctum on Release aaaaaand the dungeons err inn
  6. +1 to this - suggested this a few years ago. This suggestion as well as the fact the texture on the model doesn't line up very well to give that seamless feel you get with building walls.
  7. Friendly bump for great service and a lovely deed!
  8. I'm all for more death related decor in the game. +1 from me
  9. Dannie put a deed there a few weeks ago and disbanded fairly quickly after, so no one there at the moment that. Other deeds there recently have been Archaed and Joelle's deed but they moved. Hasn't been a real deed down there in many years. The canal to the north could use a nice, wider bridge across it I think, was meaning to put a road around there a while back after I stopped using the area to farm rice and never got round to it so would be lovely to see something nice done there.
  10. Agreed. This patch seems to have removed any viable hunting grounds that people have used for YEARS. Steppes and deserts should have a higher concentration of creatures for this reason. Spread things out, sure, but is to the extreme.
  11. could you tell me what colour the two demon hotas are please?
  12. Supreme small maul-10s cod to ehizellbob please
  13. nope, try @Pandalet;)
  14. Had this issue on a small chest also after crossing servers from Xanadu to Release. Fixed itself after server restart, a little annoying until that time since I couldn't access anything inside