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  1. Thanks for the links. Just tested it with my Fo priest on my previous WU server and he can make all kinds of ropes, so guess there is no restriction on that.
  2. Priest restrictions are in place. But not everything is restricted, priests usually can saw planks, carve shafts etc. Best would be if someone with a Libila priest on a restricted server can confirm whether a Libila can make a rope or not.
  3. See title. Background is that i have a char with affinity Ropemaking that i actually want to turn into a Libila priest, but it would be sad if he wouldn't be able to make ropes then.
  4. Since last update i have occasionally client freezes. Client doesn't react any longer, can't ALT-TAB etc. Need to start Task manager to kill the client. So far i have not found an obvious reason for the freeze. Last freeze happened short after logging in, previous freeze happened after a 30 minute journey from Midgard to Linton. Here is the last console log of the freeze, at the end are errors visible:
  5. -1 Sorry thats the wrong approach. Instead of abusing the portculis as window there should be a window-wall type that kinda looks like the portculis without the wheels, or maybe 2 types of that, one that goes thru from bottom to top and one like the reinforced walls. Thats the way to go.
  6. I think 1. is worth fighting for because the way it is makes it just harder for newbies not to mention that checking for saddle bags/sacks needs to go deeper into the nested containers. Alone that is already a good reason to put them at the same level as the saddle. 2. I bet they have been intentionally designed to be worn at the same time. And it would be an incentive for premiums to be premium to get the gift and have an advantage. And last but not least: how does it make sense to add saddle bags when the christmas gift negates the necessity of crafting them at least for premiums. 3. Yes the news said something like that. I just wanted to make sure tho that the idea of being able to access the bags in any situation is comunicated.
  7. -1 No macroing whatsoever. And i can handle my premium alts well. Nobody says they need to operate both at full speed. I usually let the alt do something that can be done easily in background, such as mining. Thats good enough. Once upon a time i levelled a dancer (not sure what the real class name was) in Star Wars Galaxies within 2 days to max by just using the built in macroing. And that is fun how? Geezus!
  8. +1 I used high iron fence gates as entrance to my totally secret shipyard (i never tell people about it!). But of course a grid like iron fence kinda thing as mine door would rock for the purpose of underground windows.
  9. +1. I would already be satisfied if it would be allowed to build high iron fence types (fence and gates) under arched walls. Or if there would be a new wall type that is similar to that for building jails and windows as requested in the opening message. There are lots of people abusing arches/fences or portculis as windows these days. Such an addition is WAY OVERDUE!
  10. 1.) Usually horses in the real world can wear saddle bags without a saddle, one has nothing to do with the other. Making the saddle a container for bags/sacks was IMO totally superfluous. The horses Torso should be the container where saddle bags/sacks go (parallel with an optional saddle) and it shouldn't require a saddle. 2.) Saddle bags and saddle sacks are designed to be worn parallel, one is in front of the saddle, one in the back. So why can't they be worn together? Wogic? 3.) Saddle bags and saddle sacks should be accessable by just right clicking the horse when it wears them. They should be accessable to anyone who can access the horses equipment. It should be accessable no matter whether the horse is free, lead, hitched, ridden, or sitting in a cart / wagon (at least the closer horses). This is what i would expect from saddle bags/sacks.
  11. Could you please add my deed "Lakeview Resort" at 3209, -3334 (sector J14). And many thanks for creating this great map and service!