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  1. Solution It has nothing to do with the update. I found the solution. I branded the unicorns after breeding them for a test. Obviously branded animals count as "citizen". And "charm" spell is an attack. And since a branded animal counts as citizen charming seems to be an attack on a citizen. So I had to add "Attack Citizen" permission to my citizen role. With this perm set the fo priest can charm now branded animals. Pure wogic but works.
  2. My Fo priest is a citizen of the deed, thats not the problem. I already charmed the Unicorn on deed before for breeding and i have a foal. So that worked before the update. And like i said before I charmed and breeded hell hounds successfuly just a minute before i wanted to breed the unicorns so it seems more of a unicorn related thing. But i'll test whether i can still charm them off deed probably when time permits.
  3. Was not a problem before the update. I wanted to breed the unicorn again since it got a foal yesterday but got that error. Could charm and breed the hell hounds just 1 or 2 minutes before that. Very weird.
  4. I used to be able to charm Unicorns with my Fo priest. But today when i try it i get the errormessage "[12:59:25] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server." Did the Halloween-Update break something there? I could charm a hell hound just before I tried the Unicorn. So this is really weird.
  5. Yeah it seems that mobs getting trapped in mines is common these days. A few days ago i came across a mine with like 25 mobs inside. Never have this seen back years ago on Xanadu. Max. 3 mobs or so in mines. I have seen more mines with loads of mobs but not that many.
  6. I finished my corbita yesterday and some cages so that i can go hunt in any case. If not on Harmony then on Cadence or Melody.
  7. The best way to do multiclienting is to use the classic steam free client. No hassle. Just launch multiple times. But keep in mind that only characters created with this client can be played with this client. And CC gets more cash than when using the steam client.
  8. I should prolly finish my corbita and equip for an expedition on other servers.
  9. I agree fully. The latest "fix" on Friday 24th of October didn't work. Like after other server restarts we got like 1K more animals but then no more. The only difference was that this time not aggro animals spawned but non-aggro animals. Also the animals still spawn only in certain small areas (as in a couple squares on map) but not reasonable distributed over the map. The aggro animal number went down from 45xx to currently 4360 and will certainly continue to fall. Is it really so hard to fix this bug? It's now over 3 weeks that a major game feature is totally defunct.
  10. Seems that Harmony is hanging in an endless loop. Not responding anymore and when trying to log in a character it gets a network error when trying to connect. It's hanging straight for 30 minutes now. Logging chars out. There was also a server crash & reboot just a couple hours ago.
  11. It's already pretty safe. I did a big tour from the NW coast (d15, Barlow's Port) down to Harmony Bay and back home along the big western canal on sunday. The only creature i killed was a black bear. Other than that there was NOTHING. If I'd be a new player I'd rage quit when i notice there is nothing to hunt, breed, ride which are major wurm game mechanics. I handed out 24 furs to players yesterday. Not to mention all the animals i gave away to starters in our ally just to keep them in. Not sure whats declining faster, critter count or player count. DO SOMETHING!
  12. Fishing comes next. Glad I have enough animals for breeding so that i have meat from culling my herds. Yet I'm not surprised that the decline of player base is currently as epic as the loss of animals ...
  13. Creature count is still declining. We are down to 5300 mobs and rapidly declining. Barely any wild mobs visible.