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  1. Combat Overhaul: What about a filter option for combat spam so that I only see messages related to me (what i dish out and what i have to take) and not BS of all other players? Aside of being able to see messages really relevant to me it would especially in Rifts prolly cut down massively in server bandwidth needs? Animal Keeping: I'm not aware there have been any issues with animal keeping at all? I'm keeping a lot of animals including a champion troll without any problems and have no issues there. How about making a few new wall types or something else people really want? For example arch-type walls that combine what people nowadays build as arch+(high iron) fence including a gate/door type of that kind?
  2. Wow QL 99 chocolate! Can't remember when i had such good chocolate last time. Thanks team!
  3. I just ran in the same problem. Was inscribing text on some papyrus. The buttons were in the text area and not below. That was same when writing and when re-reading it. Using new UI / Web-Client (not steam). Edit: When writing the send button is practically unusable, need to close the window with ENTER. Edit2: Also when reading you need to stand nearly on the sheet. Would be nice if that radius could be enlarged a bit so that i can stand next to the table where i placed the sheet instead of on it.
  4. The character limit per email address is currently set to 5. That should be removed and once it's removed the character owners should be given a one time option to put all characters on one address. An option would be to let the character limit in place for non-premium characters (that have never been premium!) so that it is not possible to create an army of non paying characters. Could actually reduce the number of freebies to 1 or 2 per email address because the free game should only be used as demo to learn to know how it works and whether you want to play it. This limit is just good to annoy paying people.
  5. It made sense in the beginning when Harmony was overcrowded but today it's a bug because it's simply not true anymore so it needs to be removed. Sure you can go where you want but a new player with not much info on the game would certainly always follow such a hint. I have been watching the peak player counts over quite a while now (due to the spawn bug on Harmony i started to watch certain graphs) and we went down from more than 400 to barely 200 these days. Like I already wrote Cadence is a lot more crowded. I visited in the beginning of the Halloween event and went fully around and explored also some inland (also due to spawn bug on Harmony) and can tell that there are more deeds than on Harmony (no wonder with twice the pop) and a lot of the first generation deeds onb Harmony have already disbanded and or are currently disbanding. Actually aside of player count also the age and deed count could be shown in the server select UI.
  6. I consider it a bug because it should have been removed at the moment where Harmony went below Cadence population-wise. Harmony is slowly dieing. Though i can add a suggestion here: Why not show the current number of population (which logged in within last week or so) or the number of deeds for every server/map so that new players can make their own decision where to go?
  7. I created a new character today on Harmony. When trying to teleport to Harmony I got this message that Harmony is full which is basically not true at all. Meanwhile we have 1/2 of the players of Cadence and a hell of a lot first gen deeds disbanded too. So would you please remove this totally pointless message please because it is a pure lie. Actually I visited Cadence lately and it's a lot fuller than Harmony at this time. Here are the player count stats of Harmony vs Cadence: Harmony: https://harmony.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/wurm.html Cadence: https://cadence.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/wurm.html
  8. Forest Giant Slaying

    Not really a euro friendly time.
  9. Solution It has nothing to do with the update. I found the solution. I branded the unicorns after breeding them for a test. Obviously branded animals count as "citizen". And "charm" spell is an attack. And since a branded animal counts as citizen charming seems to be an attack on a citizen. So I had to add "Attack Citizen" permission to my citizen role. With this perm set the fo priest can charm now branded animals. Pure wogic but works.
  10. My Fo priest is a citizen of the deed, thats not the problem. I already charmed the Unicorn on deed before for breeding and i have a foal. So that worked before the update. And like i said before I charmed and breeded hell hounds successfuly just a minute before i wanted to breed the unicorns so it seems more of a unicorn related thing. But i'll test whether i can still charm them off deed probably when time permits.
  11. Was not a problem before the update. I wanted to breed the unicorn again since it got a foal yesterday but got that error. Could charm and breed the hell hounds just 1 or 2 minutes before that. Very weird.
  12. I used to be able to charm Unicorns with my Fo priest. But today when i try it i get the errormessage "[12:59:25] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server." Did the Halloween-Update break something there? I could charm a hell hound just before I tried the Unicorn. So this is really weird.
  13. Yeah it seems that mobs getting trapped in mines is common these days. A few days ago i came across a mine with like 25 mobs inside. Never have this seen back years ago on Xanadu. Max. 3 mobs or so in mines. I have seen more mines with loads of mobs but not that many.
  14. I finished my corbita yesterday and some cages so that i can go hunt in any case. If not on Harmony then on Cadence or Melody.
  15. The best way to do multiclienting is to use the classic steam free client. No hassle. Just launch multiple times. But keep in mind that only characters created with this client can be played with this client. And CC gets more cash than when using the steam client.