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  1. Looks like a scepter. Still pretty cool.
  2. Why bother? It's like... label.text = "Mother's name"; label.tooltip = label.text; Maybe give a little description of what the items are used for when mousing over them in the crafting window. When mousing over a traits, give a brief description of what they do, and if you can't think of anything then literally just don't have the tooltip when mousing over it, it just looks sloppy and unfinished and poorly designed.
  3. You might want to specify a minimum QL and method of delivery, what server you're on.
  4. I don't want it.
  5. +1 for character-like horse window
  6. Wasn't aware that was a thing. I dread to think how much faith xp was lost because of this. More of a server bug.
  7. Massive congrats. Titanus
  8. O 30s & rare hug (x5)† † hugs may be in mail format... somehow.
  9. Impressive deed with a great deed name, RIP your cows though.
  10. domination collars for players too, please.
  11. Really awesome stuff. This must've been a lot of fun to play about with. I especially like the 3rd avatar of lib and 3rd avatar of vyn.