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  1. Yay for no longer having to run priests away to avoid alignment drop
  2. I have this happen all the time. It's very frustrating.
  3. Your GUI is client-side, not server side. It doesn't need to be confirmed by the server. You can find your GUI files here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Online\gamedata\players\<name>\ On steam, you can delete files like windows_1920x1080.txt to reset the GUI in that specific window size. You may want to backup for your files just in case like so
  4. Butchering adds up a little too. Epic is good for the journal
  5. I'd like right-click emotes that have animations so when I hug someone or smile at a friend there's a visual component that isn't just a line of text. I don't doubt it's been suggested a million times but I figure now's a good time to bring up emotes and player interaction since we've just had a surge of new players, and it'd be nice if people could interact better with one another. Could make for more interesting in-game screenshots which'll make the game look more attractive to potential players. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Food for thought.
  6. I can type /hug in a half a second, but it takes me 4 or so to navigate through the right click menu. Please allow us to perform emotes on selected objects using chat commands.
  7. Lock the direction the player character is looking to the actively selected object. Selecting terrain or facing away from a selected object will default the player character's gaze forward. When selecting other characters, set the center of their eyes as the viewing point. When selecting objects other than the player character's, set the viewing point at the center of the model Alternatively: Set viewing points for every object model. It'll be a hassle doing but it'll make the world feel less static. Like for example when you stare at a forge you'll be looking at the embers, and not half-way up the chimney. Why am I suggesting this? You can get a lot of information from people by looking at the direction they're looking. If I'm out hunting and I see a friend's gaze shoot off to the left, that'd tell me there's likely something over in that direction. If I'm fighting a dragon and I see nobody is look at the tank, I know I should be looking at the tank to look after them. It'll help players pose for pictures, especially when sitting down. It'll make conversation flow more naturally by allowing players to substitute addressing a recipient, with a gaze. Like X look at Y. X talks. X looks at Z. X talks. You can visually see who messages are directed to. Easier to take screenshots in-game for competition, say if you want your body facing one direction while you're looking another, and you want your camera off X degrees, which might normally reset your characters gaze forward. You can build off this Locking gazes allows for proper use of facial gestures, although that's diving deeper than this suggestion post was intended. But imagine, you're sitting with a bunch of friends, getting ready to take a screenshot for a competition. You're all staring at your buddy with the camera, all pulling different faces that express you as players.
  8. Maybe just drop their hunger substantially instead, enough so if one fails a cast on a starving horse it keels over from starvation.
  9. Thanks, now I have to listen to it.
  10. Haven't thought it through completely but it sounds nice on paper, as long as they aren't able to priest.
  11. Can't say I'm a fan of the scrap produced when making rivets