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  1. Add color picker option to skill tracker settings. Or add a dark outline to the text so regardless of what color they're rendering over, it'll be clear.
  2. Could we call it something other than Get Price? Something like Weigh Favor
  3. Character window size is 320 pixels wide Slots are 42x42 The distance between the left of the left-side slots to the left-side window border is 8 pixels wide This is the same for the right too The distance between the right of the left-side slots to the left of the player character render background is 5 pixels wide The distance between the left of the right-side slots to the right of the player character render background is 8 pixels wide wait-- 8 pixels? You could argue the 2nd to last picture has a width of 6 pixels if you include the 'shadow' (I forget the term), but that still places the last 1 pixel off. Oh my god, my OCD.
  4. Saw this, thought of Wurm, wanted to share. or or boo, no video embedding.
  5. It hurts to read
  6. Would be just dandy if we could store pots and pans in them.
  7. Peanuts are grown in the ground Potatos are grown in the ground. Where are my nuts at?
  8. I know they're meant to be using a darker, non-reflective paint. I heard the initial ping results weren't great but I imagine they've gotten much better since. Personally I can't wait.
  9. Can we swap out the ICE for something a little more electric? God-awful humour aside, I only recently learned we can harvest while commanding carts, so I'm still riding that high. This seems a little OTT.
  10. This would be great. Until then, you can always mouse over their names in the friends list.
  11. Catching Up

    The picture is a link
  12. necros necros everywhere I need this
  13. teeny tiny bump! cause I think this is awesome.