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  1. Less money? It's the 21st century, you don't need money to make games.
  2. Push the table the pan is placed on. It should spring into existence. Idk if mounting your invisible character then disembarking will make it appear to other clients but could do the trick. Just temporary solutions
  3. That's a great idea, and I like the idea of them spanning over a long distance so players wander away from deeds.
  4. You're out having a cheeky time with the boys when suddenly you see something in the grass ahead. It's animal tracks. 'omg omg omg, guys-guys-gusy' you exclaim in excitement. You majestically mouse over the grass and fondly click your mouse to track. [19:03:33] Tracking increased by 0.08008135 to 69.1337420 [19:03:33] Hunting increased by 1 to 2 [19:03:33] The tracks lead in front of you to the right or something, idk You and your merried men dance a little jig through the forest, tracking the ... tracks, until off in the distance you spot... As your hunting skill increases you begin finding tougher and tougher foes, reaping greater and greater treasures. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk. It gives hermits a reason to get into combat. It's a more enjoyable way of training tracking. It gates content behind a skill. It promotes exploration. The skill is easy to build off and add to. Just add new kinds of discoverable creatures.
  5. When I look at other games that I enjoy playing, one thing that I think other (more successful) games excel in is transparency. Because I've nothing to look forward to I lose interest. Put the game rules in the actual game Give weekly dev updates in a blog post or news post, and twitch stream Have 2-3 guest developers on stream. At the start of the stream have everyone introduce themselves by name and role Chat for 5-some minutes about what each of you got up [since they were last on] Verbally read out the news update Devs discuss their thoughts on the update Devs take turns in reading out most popular questions raised by the blog post then someone answers Review some of the best forum suggestions from that week to let players know their voices are being heard and that you appreciate them, even if you don't Have devs discuss what they've been working on Finish strong by preview renders and concept art to get people excited Maybe consider polling content so dev priorities are aligned with player interest
  6. Not to worry, they're only having a giggle. Merry Christmas.
  7. I for one welcome our new red panda overlords.
  8. I hope players don't get combat log text overhead in pve. Could get a bit crazy at unique fights with 50+ players swinging their candy canes around.
  9. @ShmericX gonna give it to 'ya. There was a whole TV show based off this premise. I imagine most people sold the vehicles and bought a new house.
  10. Could make for an interesting pet update.
  11. - Badvoc I'd like to build on this suggestion in a separate thread so it doesn't derail goemo's suggestion of limiting the number of animals on a deed. Basically the objective is to remove player penned animals from as many server ticks as possible, like grazing, aging, moving. When you've got 50k creatures running around it gets heavy on the server. We want to turn penned animals into static objects, delegate them some tiles to graze on and store them in a list that we can insert and get from. I want to paint a picture of how I think we could build Badvoc's idea. A Stable should be a building that we can walk inside, just like any other building in Wurm, so if this were implemented you wouldn't have to rebuild your existing stables. It makes sense that a chicken coop would be a single tile object but that isn't realistic for stables. Anyway, here's how I see this working: Use a shop sign on a finished structure to declare it as a stable Right click grass tiles inside the finished structure and select Add to Stable To get an animal, activate a rope, right click the stable shop sign located within the stable structure and select 'Open stable' In the list, locate the horse you want and select lead Players can favourite animals to place them at the top of this list Players can arrange animal names alphabetically, by gender, age, cared, can they produce milk, can they can produce wool, are they in the mood List items include a string of colour-coded abbreviations representing traits. SF, SL, DR, MM, aa, bb, cc, dd etc, I forget the actual abbreviations used in Aldur's granger plugin for wurm assistant. God bless that man. To put away an animal, right click the shop sign while the horse is being lead and select Hitch The total number of grass tiles determines the number of grass grazing animals that can be housed 1 bison per 3 grass tiles 1 cow per 2 grass tiles 1 sheep per 1 grass tile 1 horse per 2 grass tiles The required grass tiles must be adjacent to one another in a line and unoccupied by other animals The shop sign cannot be picked up or pushed outside the confines of the building The shop sign must be secured before any animal can be hitched When placing an animal into the stable, a non-interactable item using the model of the animal is placed on a grass tile (picture a creature cage only without the cage). Animals do not move Animals graze from their designated tiles despite them only standing on 1 tile. Enchanted grass still functions as it does currently When the shop sign would take a decay hit (even though it won't because it's likely on deed), everything on the animal that would take a tick does. Burn me at the stake if you don't like it. There's a lot I don't like about what I'm suggesting It might take a lot of the fun out of milking, shearing and breeding it might devalue Aldur's granger plugin The age tick might completely make the stable system pointless I've not thought about how this would impact pvp I've not thought about on destroy conditions Food for thought. I never claimed to be bright, so please excuse any and all typos. And while you're at it, go ahead and excuse everything you just read.
  12. IMO you give the item no matter the rarity. Make someone's day. Not something I would feel the need to disclose when taking on work.