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  1. (The Art of Sloppy Guitar Part 2) Steve Jobs is dead, but I'm not - Moron Police. Can't promote / praise this band enough
  2. See spam mode, accessible from the client configuration. Should be under the default open tag 'Game'.
  3. I'm so glad the wurm forum doesn't have a traditional like & dislike button. Mad love to whoever decided it should be a cat.
  4. I can totally understand that, sound loops can be very annoying.
  5. I use alts for pumping out bricks, mortar, clay, planks, etc, caring for creatures. I think they're good for the game because a lot of the tasks in game are repetitive and having multiple clients allows you to get jobs done faster, and allows you to do multiple tasks at once, like mining iron while converting a noobie neighbour to a religion. I don't think they're bad, but they do allow players to create production lines for mass producing rare, supreme and fantastic items, though you can easily achieve this with one character, and realistically there's nothing in place stopping people from creating 100 alts and having them spam out tools, trying to make rares. I'd 'like' the login client to be updated so accounts are bound to a single master account, that way certain properties can be shared between characters, including the rarity window. Really though I don't care, RWT is gone and with it any incentive to exploit alts for mass producing rares is pointless.
  6. What's the deal with animal ratios on deeds? I think I've an optimal count of 15+ or something and I don't quite understand what that means. If I want 20 cows, 20 bison, 20 horses, 20 hell horses, 10 donkeys, what's the downside to that, would my deed upkeep increase?
  7. When a furnace examine text changes could we get a sound change? Like from the current steady burn to a quieter burn with louder, more frequent snaps, crackles, and pops? It'd save me having to examine my smelter every 5 to make sure it's not going out.
  8. I am adoring the wurmpedia search window update. Fantastic stuff!!
  9. Relduin @ H8 or X5, Y17 Pretty please
  10. I've always said if I got one I'd make a big crypto puzzle and offer it as a reward... or just give it away at an impalong or to a friend.
  11. Ooh, pretty dragon, and that is a sexy looking forge, Finn.
  12. So I'm back from a 5 or 6 month break away from Wurm and the last few days I've had all the default settings running including all the game sound effects. The music has gotten a bit stale over that time, which is a shame cause it's a gosh darn gorgeous soundtrack. Tom E Morrison did a fantastic job with it. I'd like to suggest that music be more dynamic so that it changes depending on the local landmass. Are you on deed? Play deed music. Wandering a forest? Play a nice eclectic adventure melody. Going through a large desert? Play some Arabian inspired piece. Are there a large number of players in local, or lots of players in combat? Bring out the drums of war, play some edge of your seat battle music to really get the blood flowing. Out at sea? Maybe some sea voyage music. Fishing? fishing music, whatever that sounds like. Anyway, just a thought.
  13. Highest coc LMS to Archaic pretty please
  14. Happy Easter!

    I'm gutted I missed this event. I hear the flowers it rewarded were quite pleasant.
  15. I've had this bookmarked for nearly a year now and have referred to it more time than I care to admit, so thank you for that.