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  1. i like the way it is u want to no something u look it up ?
  2. ive sailed all your tunnels all over the servers and i thank all past and present players who took the time to do these babys , a couple ive stuck out the top in a weird way , one my corb left the tunnel and ended up on the roof of the outlet i had to get a support tic for that one another had to navigate around fallen parts of tunnels ,im just after away through so i dont have to get out and push at the entrances ,dont want to hurt anyones knarr stuff/size or /speed. ive learnt that some servers there are nogo zones ,the reasoning is getting the horse to rift across servers thats the whole issue, freight shipping that could solve it all 4xports nsew every server u collect your stuff for a fee when u get there ,could then take the sailboat to servers pick up horse and go , just a thought
  3. no the slow wind is bad as , no slower boats please ,takes ages to go to rifts n back
  4. can we have the bottom of the ship lifted a bit to be able to clear the shallow water ways every one has made .these boats need purpose, and i load my horse in and go to rifts or visiting ,i own a sailboat n a corb im not getting more boats fix the ship bottom just a bit up please , and a light on mast would be wild