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  1. did anyone see the funny side of this ?
  2. well im happy to no the armour has its flaws and is not perfect ,id like to say prices seem very high for this stuff creating possible hoarding
  3. so nothing changes you win again ,does this stuff slowly fall apart or does this hundreds of dollars of armour stay perfect forever ? id like to no btw , i see the big clans all got it and as for the rest of us u can tell who has the right friends or not , if my glimmer can shatter then your drake or dragon armour should have faults to i think ,maybe that would force change somehow ,u cant just say some can find 100 dollar bills n share them and others never can cause its to hard to even out ,
  4. as a extra hired gun but i like the guards to, you would need more enemys to warrent it
  5. turrents in rift ,rain ,thunder, lightning, theres more stuff but ive forgotten.
  6. same with horses for speeds eg 5 stars ?