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  1. they wrecked rifts may as well wreck slayings to lol , i agree the rich been rich to long on scale and stuff
  2. 2hrs rift was about average ,never seen a 8 hr , except when noone shows up for a while prob , does anyone remember the old day rifts cmon they was fun as , i cant believe u toned it this far down, my count barely made the grade i got a crappy as 50 qual mm from memory , only the healers are smiling .
  3. COTTON ,HEALING POTIONS ,SALVE were they gone , your killing of a massive part of the game with the healers getting way to many points to start with
  4. Delete boat

    silly idea u run outta puff
  5. yep so now 45 min we done u still dont kill the wm ,
  6. i want to shoot a arrow at rift creatures and have that arrow hanging out of them till death ,
  7. I think the new rifts are boring as , why the change to a dull 1 hr rift , the people who dont do them i suspect , cant we have a role reverse to 6 yrs ago when u didnt no if u would come out alive there was uses for all the healing stuff and cotton , todays rift i barely used any , its all heal spells now . the rift creatures used to chase u , they seemed to want to kill you , now its just like killing a crab or something , all you have kept is the warmaster hard bit but even he doesnt go after anyone any more , its lost its raise hell effects , think i died 20 times over the years, now noone does , this was wurms action part and you have toned it to far down. we used to pull the creatures with arrows thats gone what happened ,just an opinion cheers
  8. on this note fish need to be bigger in size in water