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  1. u cant have people who are coming back or not , leave there crap lying around everywere no burn it all i say , come back mths later well u start again .
  2. i vote for the burn option , were u can burn it , or salvage i suppose
  3. bowling alleys in starter towns so when we bored we can go have a play, might mingle there say hello.
  4. in winter all bears and wolves should change to white ,storms and proper blizzards yes ,any damage stuff no
  5. ur just sad u didnt think of it, we have spiders why not webs.
  6. so stuck on a web in game how do i get off ,think it will work weres someone smart to roll with it
  7. platyna was the donald trump of wurm , it was a exciting time them days u never knew what would happen daily , she friended me once then unfriended me when she found out i had sold a shoulder she was lookin for weeks before , she came back as a different player for a min , id like to think she still here, wasnt that bad surely, stuborn yes
  8. lions sleep under trees , think if they made them to not head for caves it would be ok .spiders sleep in webs hey were are our webs in the game ,u get stuck u need to cut your way out hmm ,
  9. hell yes its so annoying one minute your agro next your defensive
  10. what a good 2008 idea