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  1. womans world cup soccer

    firstly Australia is coming for you america .secondly be fun if we could have a match on wurm be funny as at a rifts end once every mth we have enough players a small cash insentive prize 2 teams 1 goal who ever gets first wins
  2. members

    waiting for my membership sticker for the car ,
  3. hitchin slot

    can we have 1 more hitch slot for tent .so I can take 2 horses to rift then safetly log off till rift starts and when I log on I have 2 horses still
  4. If men had periods...

    im confused .I dare not comment
  5. "She has recently given birth"

    it gos with the norm yes
  6. the cape spot

    ok u lost me lol with rope lead dog then drag to the empty cape spot were his face will appear ,with me so far . then he follows without clicking the ground everywere u go ( eg the now training ) ..still with me , the rest is up there lol and yeh what the hell lets let him were a cape .to confuse u more lets make the rats smaller and heaps more of them running through and around your house lots to kill and chase around . yes they two can have capes
  7. the cape spot

    we all don't want capes I think its agreed all through forum so .can it be the mans best friend spot .he follows u. bites enemys . gets bit o damage . u heal him , u can leave him guard home or put in cape box and he gos every were .its already made for him doggy face in the cape window a bark or growl when a troll is about to attack .faint yellow line around when he gets hurt .that's another issue hehe .what do u think . or we waiting on capes
  8. whats diplomatic way get back stuff

    its ok he contacted me . I was getting worried
  9. gave seryll sword to be imped up a bit gave a seryll lump 3 shoulders and when sent back cod 2 silver , 3 days later still waiting and trying to contact
  10. members

    be nice to get a wurm badge and a sticker in the mail for being a member .now no one else has done that one, oh the expense
  11. Scrap or nerf Light Breeze

    games massive ,speeds need a little bit faster on the lower end simple. also can we please have storms please
  12. Add basic mirror to traders again

    big glass and mirrors next upgrades ohh yeh .I like the hair dresser idea town shops. expansions there .no over sized stuff eg animals looks wrong more wildlife good and bad ones .some areas desolate .just thought id throw that in .and we pay enough I agree
  13. we need tnt and fire bug to get rid of all the stuff lying around .other peoples rubbish .its time we had a clean up thing .surely u could figure out a timelimit on endless items abandoned.
  14. The State of PvE Magic (Fo)

    maybe u should check old game spells eg might n majic 7 or 8 hehe way better