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    wurm kenworths n wstars. horses. tequila. beer. chatruese. mercs. Volvo xc40 .holdens. nature. animals . our planet. war history. breathing. holidays. fun. money. cats. friendly people. news n knowledge .civilization game . a still don't no life. pizza. steak welldone. honesty. choc . dogs .australia and now apparently im a spray ashfalt driver making roads new job things u do.

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  1. when there are many at rift it seems a bit easy . i dont mean kill us easier . just make harder or more unpredictabe . a few devil cats/lions would be cool . a low flying evil bats that need chasing to kill .satans snakes skeletons with weapons .just a thought ok
  2. Name Change Tokens

    when i started i used my name ,then weeks later realised i should of made a char name instead ,now im over it .i agree no name changes .
  3. [Bug] Waves splash through rowboat

    waves off the bow of boats and on shores edges will look great one day .
  4. New Roof

    a corregated iron roof for the aussies and the rain noise on it as well when it rains be great hehe
  5. Capes ...add capes! Please?

    the banners move . isn't it the same as a capes movement.
  6. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    went first time to one. got a religion ,had a bed. got dinner ,got armour pumped up .oh forgot had some booze .think I really liked it . and learnt stuff .thank you people awesome concept . and to be wandering around with heaps different people around was good to see .very successful
  7. wind and storms

    they are real can we have some.wind please we putt around on boats takes forever togo any were .climate change lol
  8. braceletes and shoulder pads

    there are many and the magic that some have as well I cant find all the ones I have anywere in wiki and what there for. are they better than sleeves etc I use short sword and picked up a ( used short sword bracelet ) zinc with archery magics do I put on and take off the 80 sleeves chain with magic ,at home a draw ( full o shoulder pads all diff ) and diff qualitys 25 50 75 is there a list somewere of the different ones and the diff magics u can get ,cant find .I have fist bracelets I have sword bracelets ,its all bit confusing .is there a page on them
  9. What Does Wurm Do Better Than Other MMOs?

    im only new 1yr plus . this lifestyle of zanadu suits me perfectly , everywere i go i have small conversations with people from all over who all seem to be doing what im here for enjoyment .i can understand why others come here to try get players to play other games because we have the right people .i love the thought that someone is out there carefully improving the game which brings me sanity and heaps of fun .i knew the first few days when i was helped from trouble this was going to be a awesome game hidden in the masses. ive met players who are very nice even thou i do not know them .the decent words and help they give to a stranger in this day n age is very cool wurm .i have to say the humour that comes from a simple chat conversation makes my night. funny as some of you . we do need a clean up crew of some sort a lot of stuff in waters and land around the place dumped .
  10. Night sky when logging in

    i get that to now all of a sudden this week
  11. A Horse of a Different Color

    i like no8 n no13 cheers
  12. Fuel lanterns with woodscrap

    my lantern is on table at home ,i like the fat idea .but isnt tar everywere as well
  13. things

    ow and love the languish , and yes to see the item bigger be good . when im damaged at rift or whatever n i heal i sometimes forget to repare everything as its yellow faint lines thats all .cheers
  14. things

    fish look to small and to pink and yellow. can they be a bit bigger to say 1 third the size of a seal . and a bit silvery be great . also yellow around a damaged item u are wearing is to dull .and last but not least when open a trade box area be great see item your interested in and click on large picture in 1 of the 4 boxes if u no what I mean .
  15. Update Failed! ???

    same its the weekend and i cant get on