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  1. monster hunter and shadow in the cloud are awesome movies forgot evil dead 123
  2. exactly ,indy rift straight after had 17 but u look around and theres 5 hitting here and 5 over there and dont no were the rest are ? .thats why it takes longer and the wm is hard cause theres not everyone on him ,if u group u can mow them down fast as , wave 1 is the one to lose if u have to , but id like it to stay the way it is add some (more creatures ),yes it drags on a bit but thats why i go to the rift , u can stay home do some farming or something if u not up to it or go kill a troll or 2 thats a 5 min thing,id like a war and its not up to me when the war ends ,pity u cant go in the pen if its to long and u can log , then get something for what u did when it does finish
  3. sad how stuff can get mixed up so easy over nothing hey,
  4. the troll king turns up riding a dragon and wipes the guy out lol ,and his skills all drop majorly but he gets a 5 silver bonus to make up for it, cause if he gets to high skilled he becomes untouchable n bored in the game ,ps a friend told me wow has dropped there highs levels down used to be 100 plus now 60 i think ,just imfo
  5. AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Official Video) - YouTube
  6. Guns N' Roses - November Rain - YouTube
  7. Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  8. Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler (Video Original Version) - YouTube
  10. Rammstein - Sonne (Live at Rock im Park 2017) - YouTube
  12. 1 theres to many in oceans cut the amount spawned ,and trolls no not to go in water give horses the same rules unless leading