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  1. is the skin going to cover up the seryll part of my longsword i hope not
  2. the rich cant go on trips/holidays polluting the skys with plane fumes , cars are not needed much now they were poisoning us slowly my citys fumes are gone the planet is happy as ,sports are shutdown i can watch the news for 25 min not 5 min of news and 25 min of sport . animals in china have had a good few mths off being treated badly . unemployment money has doubled in aust .i can access my superanuation 10,000 x2 ,and pay no tax on it .theres not much toilet paper u have to search for it like a quest .every ones at home relaxing for once.crime rates dropped . supermarkets are goldmines.we are seeing singers bored trying to sing to us oh god shut them up.all the vip,s are just normal people now moneys not the big all . feeling equal , cruises are suicidal now .my 2 biggest citys are embarassing the rest of the nation they cant social distance ,yeh lifes pretty good if your carefull
  3. all came back to normal today
  4. while playing game if I want go to forums or shop or wiki I click main menu then click wiki then type a w in box hit enter and I get to the main site to do whatever I want now that don't work. to do anything I have to end game google wurm access forum n shop from the main there,what happened to me .how can I access everything while in game now please when u post stuff I cant open browsers to see anything now either
  5. im at rift waiting in castle next to it ahhhh
  6. -1 i like the real feel
  7. i like seeing the seals and i think not enough animals about ,bring on more of everything who wants to walk around and see zip
  8. some pages are 60 deep and old as, cant we do clean up to say 10 back to current ,we need a deleter
  9. can we please have small rivers / streams running down from the mountains (just a few here n there) . lightning and storms rain and thunder .so I can sit near my fire and look out at it awesome . we can add small walkway bridges over them were we need to be good to . .
  10. its the false crap that scares people away -1. there is miles on every server . so what we going to have 50 islands on our coasts then bridges then cramped up places seen before then abandoned then that areas scenery stuffed .il agree if we can have dynamite to blow it all up when they leave
  11. alive animals do manure .theres a new industry
  12. still waiting to see movement .there are awesome games out there whos running the show time to catch up .or do u just take the money and do jack .
  13. days gone . outlast . sinking city . scum. rim world. state of decay2. little nightmares. silent hill 3. a way out. breath edge.. white day a labyrinth . green hell. pineview drive (.remothered tormented fathers). life is strange. dead or alive xtreme 3 .the forest , the vanishing of ethan carter . the isle . amnesia the dark descent . love them all grafics on some.( dayz my fav atm)