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  1. cant we just put horse in and get out at other servers and put shoes on and bridle and saddle n barding , ( without taming todo aswell ) the horse even though its branded from ur server seems a hassle
  2. this is so dumb i have to say it , wurm golf
  3. termites and rust ,3 mths no movement off deed termites with a mound . with rust on locks 2 mth for everything off deed that way horses free, prob fix bit o lag
  4. throw in making aqua ducts to make shower n toilets
  5. i like the laying in bed so u no not to try to get in that bed
  6. also clicking on repair the pointer drops to rename at rifts all the time its annoying as the pointer has a bug im sure of it.
  7. im thinking a island /server of just creatures would be the solution ban all deeds just full on everything deadly and the wolfs then be fine there , could use a server going empty now not mentioning any names ,could then put everything even new creatures on the island and the more inland the harder n tougher they are , and the spawn issues need fixing horses in the sea no creatures at all lower zan id like to see fixed
  8. how about the alfa wolf, if u chase n kill it ,so they dont really hunt u to start with ,,u then get to have 1 of the pups/of pack which doesnt attack u to keep to tame and protect and follow/fight for u like the dog should have till death. this would help new guys a bit of back up or a escape while its protecting them against the spider or troll .we could have breeding of them as well for older players and get rid of the other (over blown )things that can fight with u seen at rifts doing the same thing .so it can be done
  9. can u please fix title says it all well maybe not clear ,there are no creatures in sth east zan
  10. i got a span of 20 tiles across water to build bridge across a large inlet cove was wanting help as cant do alone did all the roads leading to both sides ,the other day someone has put a sand walkway all across the area to get to clay on other side, destroyed all my bridge readyness and the players who live in the cove cant get there big boats out now ,if this mech was available id have done the bridge now theres a big digout across todo ,wish the guy just used a boat togo across instead of destroying someones work for a bit of clay
  11. did u ever think that may help keep it viable die but dont lose your gear
  12. i agree ,pvp allways dies allways will
  13. i used to sleep in other peoples beds for ages every were u go theres spare beds in houses , a yr later i built a bed roll its supposed to be hard u enjoy more if u made it , and they are good sale item for that reason , no to making it easy , i still sleep at other peoples homes aswell on every old server no probs . u leave were u dropped tent now n again thats sad had to go back to a rift on other server miles away to pick it up once. if there a dime a dozen guess it would of been easy .no adventure nothing todo
  14. i figure it will all join one day