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  1. that second line should have a ?! at the end it would make it so much funnier xD ( i know its a bug but just saying)
  2. Please COD to: Ashesinthend (Cadence) Full Set, 51QL Steel Chain (if supply allows) When you have time! Ty.
  3. what causes one for you is not the same for anyone else. Going off my health not everyone elses. Thanks for your input every body is different and all that jazz. not asking for a removal asking for a toggle. More accessibility not less.
  4. Wall of text Crits you for 10 damage. Pretty much summed it in the first paragraph if you didnt get through that I dunno what to do for ya xD. but I did another TLDR in the middle. I'll edit to make it more visable and this was more for the devs then everyone else anyway. basicly: flashing and pulsing graphics can and does cause seizures and light trigger migraines news at 11. There s a phobia mode please let there be a turn off pulse/flash vision impared setting. White text on light colors can cause eyes strain to read. plz no oversateration. also A+ on all the new UI updates but that it makes me want to use it section. but I'm sad because I can't. here have some screen shots of comparisions because I got excited about it section because they fixed almost all my old gripes. Spoiler was for previous "I am Angry and confused! the new UI is nEW to LaRgE and Buggy" comparisons. ( The sarcasm in this line is not directed at the reader. it is directed at past me who was High on Migraine meds when I wrote it.) Section. then this post. hope that sums up decently. The light trigger migraines does effect me. least the graphics I can turned down or off. But chat is kinda a necessary feature in mmos. there was a tldr it was just in the middle. Most of this was feed back and thanks for the changes directed at the devs. you don't need to read it its ok ( it even had pictures )
  5. given that 90% reduction in ui size is still to much larger then on the old ui the chat tabs specifically are way to large for me. Having been in a game for a few minutes I can say with all seriousness- I NEED THE PULSING GLOW TO BE TOGGLEABLE . This is 100% a migraine trigger having this in my peripheral. This isnt a maybe or an exaggeration in the time it took to do the side by side comparision I already have a serious headache. I can not do semi fast or constant flash effects as a constant in my peripheral.Unfortunately despite almost everything that I hated about this ui being fixed- I will still use the old ui. Having things pulsing or flashing in my periphery always gives me light trigger migraines. I can toggle most of the light and flashing light effects off in the graphics user face. But I kinda want/need chat notifications. but trade is never not going to be pulsing. Please do not make me disable ALL notifications to get around this Please compromise or add a colorblind / visually impaired mode you do this for phobia's( right now that is the old ui is my mostly light trigger safety zone.) I actually like your new UI Do not take this post as me yelling I don't want it, I that I hate it take it BACK for the whole ui.( it's cold and wet and I don't like it The flavor test on that achievement lol)This is stating: for me specifically this is not usable in its current state. I would be surprised if I am the only one. I WANT to use the new ui, aside from not being able to scale it down further-I feel that it is much more usable. Well mostly, that huge block of text that is the menu is still over the top. Accessing the hud menu options is more steps but its a small gripe having to do the two extra steps to get to the hud menu. Please just give us a toggle to get the red alert on tabs back. The biggest issue with the chat notifications in the new ui is that it is only a slightly darker blue on another light blue with white text. With vision issues or colorblindness you can't tell one from the other. it NEEDS more Color Contrast( note I am not saying Color Saturation- seriously please don't oversaturate) so you can see what is going on even if your vision is monochrome. Right now you are performing an internet Cardinal Sin by making things flash or pulsate on something we cant remove this is GoldStar Malware Practice right there... Its like auto play and getting blasted except more insidious because I can use an addblocker on those elements and they are not intergal to the webpage I am visiting. We can't remove these as you do not allow mods here. Chat tabs are an integral part of the user interface, please do not use those kind of attention grabbing habits there are better ways. Edit to make more visable for TLDR: Unfortunately I will still use the old ui even without the new quality of life updates to avoid light trigger migraines. just please give us the red back tab alert back. Your problem is a slightly light blue on a milder dark blue, trying to contrast white text is to damn hard to see esp if someone has any kind of color blindness or site disability. just switch colors for the alerts please and let us toggle the flashing pulse. thank you for: New: ‘Filter’ Items has been added to the containers listed below. This is not available on the old UI. This is amazing I hope to be able to use it one day. I figured the new updates wouldn't hit the new ui I am not disappointed you are still clearly working on ironing out the new ui so thank you for continuing to let us use the old ui even if it means loosing out on new options. I deeply truly want to thank you for that. Change: Width of QL and DMG inventory columns was decreased ^ tytyty between that the fight window size decrease and functionality restoration and the filters I should be able to actually have all the menu's FSB's and Oven menus on my screen while cooking and still have it functional when things get to a point were it is safe for me to use the new ui. Change: Fight window was reduced in size <--- Thank you I love you! New: A /balances command has been added. Thank you and I love you even more! !!!Change: Higher-priority actions will now properly stop and interrupt any lower-priority action they override, instead of both actions occurring simultaneously. !!! Please for the love of everything do not break shield bashing with this change *crosses fingers* or focus actions. Also now that I am thinking about it please let us continue to interrupt the swing timer when taming. I don't want to have to fight to time start taming for in between. I am realizing I don't actually know what should be high priority. But because I don't want to smack my pets more then I already do xD. You know what I'll just ask- Can we get a list of the most common high priority actions compared to low? ( please please don't break shield bashing.) Change: Drinking follows the same rules as eating as far as permissions are concerned. This one confuses me a little so I assume it is just one of those situations I haven't run into yet that led to griefing. I dont pvp so I cant comment on any of those. Most of these are awesome changes except that glow. I logged into the new ui because I was excited that almost all of the things that made me refuse to use the new interface was improved if not outright fixed. I am currently in an active village and the Pulse became a problem fast so I will not be using the new ui just yet. Everything else I can think of has already been said. I know I have harped on this point before but I will say it again. 90% scaled interface is still way to huge compared to the old 90% Please let us scale the new one lower. Also side complaint: Please restore the silver filigree as well to the quick bar.The area where the border is very clearly still there you just cant see it but you cant get it flush to the edge of the screen and you accidentally grab it when you are not trying to and is very frustrating. But when you are actually trying to move it is very hard to move it without toggling something. Literally the one border I wanted to stay is the one border that got took away and not replaced. Side by side with the new: 90% side by side comparison two clients split screen. Granted not as many menus the ones under spoilers lol. Everything on screen made as small as possible without QuickToggling it ( double clicking the frame to minimize even further) ----- Same as above except everything Quick Toggled that is size toggleable. Some of the new ui elements are actually smaller then the old one now. thank you for removing the half inch of boarder on the Stance bar. ( woops missed toggling size for the two belt for the right side. Original interface whining here most of my biggest complaints got fixed woot: also I feel point 8.A is still valid.
  6. I ran into the problem where the shortcut ignores the launch options. Is there a way to force the shortcut to pay attention to the -c command line? Edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled it then just added -c in the shortcut from the shortcuts properties tab. : "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Online\WurmLauncher64.exe" -c This seemed to force the stupid command line since it was ignoring steams built in command line options. So finally got it sorted. Orginal issue below in case someone else runs into this. when in doubt reinstall. *frustrated sigh* Right now the instance launched by the default shortcut or from in steam itself will do the old ui. However the new shortcut or even the launch.exe inside the steam local file will ignore launch options while not allowing for a second client to be launched. But if I use the above Steam_appid and the new shortcut I am stuck with the new ui. despite having the launch option for the game being set to -c to enable being able to choose which ui I want. But it I launch the first client from in steam or default shortcut it lets me choose the old ui. then I have to use the shorcut from the method above to get a second wurm client up. but it will not let me choose the ui. I dont know what went wrong. all of this worked properly then I had to reinstall windows now I cant get the shortcut to respect launch options.( windows reinstall was to fix app permissions bugging into only gods know where in windoes)
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ too please.
  8. aw... glad I checked this first. xD I hope it's an easy fix. Not just so we get on faster but you guys have got to be ready for some smooth sailing at this point. If its just independance I may as well finally go check out the new cluster
  9. for the old ui in steam Go to steam---> right click Wurm online in your game list---->Properties------> Set Launch Options ----> Launch. \o/
  10. view from meridian highway guard tower south east independance. I want it noted here that the woods are so heavily populated less then 30 tiles away from the steppes that I could circle the same 20 tile radius and never stop fighting. I killed so many pigs today guys you have no idea. Saw a few scorpions a lot ofpigs bears and wild cats. The steppe had 3 hellhounds a hyena and 4-5 sheep/rams and two raging wolves. Was very inverted from what it was before the patch. The woods are the most dangerous place to be xD. That said we are seeing a lot more spawns by the deed now so overall I like it more. the screenshot
  11. My sleep scheduled is rolling itself back around xD. If we are not on at the same time the next couple of days that's why. someday I am going to figure out what causes my inability to keep a consistent schedule, but its probably not going to be today lol. I hope you are feeling better! Let me know if you need me to mail the spoon sooner rather then later.
  12. ^ please enable this. I am not the mayor of the village I am apart of but I created a side deed just for this reason because I like being able to tell which Bison will be inbred or not instead of having to guess or never actually use the breeders so I dont mix them up.
  13. hope you folks feel better soon! Yeah was basically chanting remember the spoon! all through going through the precast list lol. Also no rush I still need to go get some oranges before they go back out of season xD
  14. ( guess who got some silver ) Next time we are both on can I get: If still available. Tools oak Rope Tool 51.10QL--CoC87- 30c Clay Shaper 19.80QL- CoC82- 29c Spatula 19.80QL- CoC85- 30c Spindle 18.15QL- CoC87- 30c steel Saw 18.07QL - CoC89 - 31c Pickaxe 9.16QL - CoC85- 30c other steel staff imp 66QL to 90QL ( got a precast for cheap just needs imped \o/.) I have a T3 silver Loyalty Spoon to send off to you when this gets going :D.