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  1. I have a 73 faith priest that could use the journal entry just need to know where to go if there is a slot available. and a time frame. channeling is only 38 so not sure how much help that would be xD
  2. All Items received thank you much! going to be zipping around everywhere on my horse much appreciated
  3. I would like to buy Meditation rug, Cotton, 90coc - 4s Horse shoe, Iron, 50woa - 50c Horse shoe, Iron, 51woa - 50c Horse shoe, Iron, 51woa - 50c Horse shoe, Iron, 51woa - 50c Chisel, Iron, 90coc - 4s if still available Please COD Ashesinthend I keep trying to catch you ingame but I think we are on opposite scheduals
  4. @Retrograde clarification would be great please if you can direct someone that can answer if its just cosmetic for players or not this way. it def causes more miscarrages in animals from my experience.
  5. even the game sends you to the wikki when you do a search. so saying to not use it as a source is counter productive since it is something that is ment to being used as a source. Even if it is wrong. just ask them to give real information then or to take it off its untested. Or poke the WU since they code dive they might have a better idea. CA directs you to the wikki The GAME directs you to the wikki dev's direct to the wikki Game Masters to its a source accurate or not.
  6. ^ thats why I said that this is going to be hell on new players. They already get kicked off the learning curve cliff. Retention is abysmal can we not punish them more and drive them off please? also I noticed and this just might be coincidence but the disease tick only seems to happen when the tick to drop you under 90 food happens. everyone starving themselves for the journal? Never get it. but if they give up and eat most get it after food drops to 89. Also having 87 in the ccpf bars and 99 Nutrition and getting diseased is ###### broken.
  7. Really not kidding about hit 90 food and insta diseasing on my priest lmfao This is a little over the top isnt it? new players are going to be permanatly diseased. also in before ToO MAnY PeOPlE On A TilE. I give you the Plague Bringer Fo's Lowly Priest LastDance. ALL HAIL! or LastDance is bugged. on the mag alt no disease.
  8. if the criteria wasnt stay above 90% food to avoid it that would be nice. set it at like 70% anyone not full ccpf or high nutrition are going to have their food drop pretty fast. that doesnt seem reasonable to me since nutrition is hard in the beginning especially. but this is information I was told so not sure if that is prevention limit. On my priest ( we joke she is the plague bringer) as soon as I drop under 90% food she gets diseased almost every time. even at 99 nutrition and the ccpf bars over 80%. She is usually the only one on her tile being the only fo in our sermon group. but as soon as anyone runs through her boom diseased. less of an issue today but I was humid drizzling every half hour the first two days once the patch went live. the ones that need it for the journal seems to be almost immune even when starving with low ccpf so theres that. not angry just kinda boggling. I don't remember getting diseased this easy for the 3 months I was playing on independence before moving to cadence. when was it disabled?
  9. Thank you for this seriously huge quality life change for me and my village!
  10. O.o well thats annoying apparently most of my dead animals were cared for then since I started playing. Alright fair enough feel free to close it then. edit I do want to say tho xD that everyone in CA was also confused why I couldnt see cause of death so that contributed to why I posted. would be a nice feature. thanks for the response.
  11. 2.5ish server restart xD I have an independence deed thats 2.3 with a trader but I am probably going to let it expire.
  12. Thatched roofs

    I plan on making a thatched roof shack for the sole purpose of leveling thatching with out going insane using a leggat. But I haven't done it yet
  13. Bug: dead branded animals not showing cause of death when moused over by the mayor. I am not even sure how this horse could have died. two possible issues but before that please READ the list what I have already checked. This was checked by mayor of the deed. Found dead branded horse. Check List of Possible deaths and measure to avoid it. Horse was Mature, Was not diseased ( unless the client has a bug that does not show this now), Fairly sure it wasn't pregnant ( get to this in a second), BRANDED, groomed, was on crop tiles and was not starving All attached gates that can go into the pen are locked. Attack citizens is disabled. The horse Was ON deed. if it was a hostile creature there where several closer animals to the edge of the deed and off that was not behind a Locked Fence. the pen is on deed gates were not unlocked. Creature ratios was too high when I checked today so the death is probably justified but I want to know for sure this is the case since I lost a foal a similar way, I just have no idea how it died and I would like to know so I can prevent more of this. If there was a legitimate reason for the death I am good with it because, seriously I get that one was on me if there was a reason. I have no complaint with the system when it is working as intended even when I loose animals. But if this is a deed ratio thing and wasn't a miscarriage ( pretty positive the horse wasn't pregnant but I am human I could be wrong) then I would like to know. Actual Issue: I have no idea how this horse died despite being branded. you Are suppose to get a reason when you mouse over then and it says, starvation, miscarriage ect... My mayor can find no reason. I lost a foal the same way a couple days ago, branded, On deed, No reason when moused over, no explanation, no disease, fed, Groomed, SAME locked pen, Foal means it was not possible for it to be a miscarriage. This horse has none of that. I would like to know why the horse died so I can either correct it the problem or put the whole production on hold. IF animals have a small % to just up and die because of the deed animal ratio being bad I would like to know this. if it was a miscarriage that is 100% on me for not paying attention to creature ratio. The foal death I shrugged off as deaths happen, bugs happen UI display bugs happen. but this is the second unexplained ( by the system) death I have had. Bug: branded horse, death unexplained. This was taken on the mayor over the horse: https://prnt.sc/vg1a3y doing tracking on the tile gets : [03:02:24] You find tracks of aged fat Piejohan 'M' leading straight ahead done more than three hours ago. Th actual horse that died on the tile isn't even listed when tracked. ----- Separate issue but still animal related. Taming my mountain lion: event window says I start taming it. I get no progress bar. after a couple tries ( because I am stubborn) I get the you create a stronger bond message. The mountain lion still has the red hostile outline and I still dont get a progress bar when trying imp the tame bond level. https://prnt.sc/vg2wf1 this I assume is just the client wigging out for whatever reason relogging fixed it. edit on cadence
  14. Forest Giant Slay

    thanks for the indepth guide on how to get to it.