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  1. from the patch notes I dont like it either as I got a few now that got output occasionally but more of it is misc. but overall I am seeing more and better draft/speed traits pass on. the next line where they state misc traits are now suppose to be less common however I am skeptical of given how prevalent misc has been on my animals. also bold mine Darklords is one of the dev's these are from the patch thread. If you post the info in the patch thread about getting output to on horses too often ( if its happening often) rather then once in a while it will prob have a better chance to be read. hope that helps clarify things
  2. ah no dice then xD cadence here. I do appreciate the offer to sell one! however there be a void between our servers. I'll get output on them eventually!
  3. @olafhairybreeks I will prob take you up on that. buying one would probably be the easiest. xD which map?
  4. at this point I think its going to take longer to self correct the black sheep I have to output then I have patience for. I might grab some white traitless sheep and see if I cant speed things along. The remove noncompatable traits thing IS working imo I am getting the speed/draft rolling off them but I have only got one to get an output trait on it so far. its just more gradual than I like for the truly over the top mess my black sheep turned into before the latest changes xD. edit alternate idea inbreeding them until even the misc rolls off and starting from scratch that way while keeping the color? not sure that would be any faster.
  5. mine is possibly just a timezone issue but would this be similar to whats going on? this has happened a couple times on me now. the system not keeping accurate records is kinda a big deal esp when money is involved.
  6. very nice! I'll prob get to 80AH during the upcoming skillgain bonus. Thanks for the info def makes me look forward to hitting that goal since it looks possible. however def consistency seems to died a thorough death xD.
  7. Thanks!

    thank you for what you have done with wurm and I hope your RL improves!
  8. ty for the post! I look forward to seeing what comes forward with the road map. also ty for the skillgain coming up.
  9. horses: color of the day is ebony. this mess: the rest of the horses: donkeys
  10. things that make you go hmmmmm
  11. that last bit was directed at the person that wants to start AH not you telling you to take a vacation to grind the skill would indeed be funny lol. I am going to go to 71 and see if that helps the way it has for others but I got the alliance animals to grind it on this time xD. if that doesnt work I can just go to 80AH. needing higher AH to get good trait animals consistently is not a bad thing and follows other skills behavior better. I do want room for enough misc to get spark semi regularly so going to 80AH is probably going to happen I just dont want to grind it lol but thats a me problem not the Features. edit by vacation I ment parking on someones elses deed for a few days xD not a RL vacation. but I can see how it can get interpreted as such.
  12. I am at 70AH I have yet to see 70 point animals after the first patch after the AH changes went live. I do see 4 draft trait animals but its much less than the speeds being 4 trait which is mildly annoying since I plan on retiring my speeds as soon as I get an appaloosa pair to CF. edit the only ones that match my skill was before they made negative traits really rare xD. and maxing my skill included 1 5 point negative trait. I am starting to work on getting the skill higher at this point to make room for misc showing up. either way your experience ( mileage) may vary like the above posts i do suggest taking a vacation at someones deed to grind the skill.
  13. yeah most of my good luck was round one. if you tweeked misc I think it was in the wrong direction. color seems to be working as intended at least so far? def seeing a couple random but much better then I got before. but this is still a low amount of animals. this one I think is a side effect from being 5 points under cap >< I might break down and just go to 80AH and pray /sigh. I struggle with the draft so much more then the speed. -- speeds
  14. thanks for releasing a skin that is easier to see regularly without having the character window open or in 3rd person. looks good.