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  1. I have had very few foals come out the color of the parents. I have a complaint. I just went hunting through my logs because I have a dead aged wild donkey that I have had over a week on enchanted grass die she gave birth recently. when I went through the logs to check if its the same donkey that gave birth to the traitless, no parents unnamed baby donkey I couldnt find that information because inspect does not dump into the logs that I could find and I didnt think to do an examine. the fact that wild parents dont show in the inspect window is also becaming a chore to keep up on since I have to use examine to find the wild parents since I got them branded its a little easier. but its adding confusion. I bred a pair of black wild horses from waaaay back when the server launched. a white wild male with a g2 spark appaloosa born around the same time we got the wild horses. neither have the color of the parents. these were the last two I bred before stopping because I want 70AH before starting again was hoping to get some draft traits. Edit: while annoying getting diseased in a 1x1 pen that is enchanted grass that has the dead donkey was amusing in that it was accidentally true to life to get sick hanging out with a corpse xD.
  2. I have a massive beef with whoever didnt dump inspect into the event log. I inspected all the donkeys several times but examine is the only one that shows in the logs. So now I have the problem of struggling to find out what traits the birthed donkey that had no name had. So now I have to remember to examine EVERY newborn not just inspect if I want to be able to find it in the log later. and examine does NOT give the name of the animal being examined. my logs are a mess. and you dont need to target to inspect so you dont get the you targeted so and so in the logs either to tell you what you just inspected. --- I know this is a mess but i went back through my logs trying to find out the venerable and aged donkey died. wild donkey I had a birth Young Donkey- no traits, with no bred in captivity message. so Either this specific animal is bugged or miscarriages are happening when the animal to tile ratio is fine. there is literally no reason this animal should have died. its on enchanted grass good animal ratio and Aged. I am fairly sure she is the one that gave birth to a donkey with no name. F2 is the venerable female that died. ---- 6/08/2021 [17:48:40] The venerable donkey 'F2' and the aged donkey 'M2' get intimate. [17:49:02] The venerable donkey 'F2' will probably give birth in a while! ---- 6/10/2021 [14:04:27] The aged donkey and the aged donkey 'M2' get intimate. [14:04:48] The aged donkey will probably give birth in a while! [14:05:07] The aged donkey and the adolescent fat donkey 'M1' get intimate. [14:05:29] The aged donkey will probably give birth in a while! ---- 6/15/2021 [20:45:37] You start to butcher the corpse of venerable donkey. ^ died pregnant ---- 6/16/2021 grooming also had willow and the mule born --- 6/17/2021 [07:42:09] This donkey looks pretty stubborn. [07:42:09] He has a normal build. [07:42:09] This creature could use some grooming. [07:42:09] It seems to pick stuff up. It looks extremely sick. It has been bred in captivity. [07:42:09] This creature has a total of 10 trait points. [07:42:09] They are not hungry. [07:42:09] You can groom them again now. [07:42:09] Its colour is grey. [07:42:09] This creature is penned, and will search the enclosure for food. [07:42:09] His mother is an aged fat donkey. His father is an aged fat donkey 'M2'. [07:42:56] You start leading the young Walnut. (dinner)[07:43:46] The young Walnut is dead. R.I.P. ( culled) --- 6/18/2021 I targeted and inspected this young donkey several times but this is the only one I can find in my logs. it had no parents, traits and no name. [23:26:54] You target a young donkey. [23:27:09] You stop attacking. [23:27:09] A young donkey is dead. R.I.P. ( culled) ^ was born not a wild caught. so many baby dinners [16:12:57] This donkey looks pretty stubborn. [16:12:57] He is extremely well nourished. [16:12:57] It looks feeble and unhealthy. It has been bred in captivity. [16:12:57] This creature has a total of 5 trait points. [16:12:57] They are not hungry. [16:12:57] You can groom them again now. [16:12:57] Its colour is grey. [16:12:57] This creature is penned, and will search the enclosure for food. [16:12:57] His mother is a mature fat donkey 'F1'. His father is a mature fat donkey 'M1'. [16:13:07] You target the adolescent fat Willow. [16:13:19] You stop attacking. [16:13:19] The adolescent fat Willow is dead. R.I.P. (culled) (born 6/16/2021.) 1 venerable died at 0 days timing of this dead is super suspicious. out of 4 female donkeys 2 are dead. these donkeys are on enchanted grass do they not eat it? I am almost positive this is the dead aged donkey I got today.. 6/18/2021 [07:42:46] This donkey looks pretty stubborn. [07:42:46] She is very thin. ( she has been on enchanted grass long enough to get to 1 day left. she had several days to eat.) [07:42:46] Its colour is grey. [07:42:46] She will deliver in about 1 day. [07:42:46] This creature is penned, and will search the enclosure for food. all the gates that lead to the donkey's and their pens are locked. I had a venerable one die with 0days left I assumed this was an aged death but the timing is suspicious. The alliance had a LOT of animals dead when the june 17 patch completed and the server came up. Most were venerable but this one also died today with no known cause. I am only having this problem I assume with donkeys. I have had a couple dead venerable horses but I assumed old age got them.
  3. is it possible to tell if the neutral trait came from the same parent as the dominate set? if its the old 5sp I imagine not but if you got nonmatching pairs it would be interesting to track. I am waiting to hit 70AH before I do another round of breeding.
  4. thank you for checking this. I am disappointed that my experience wasnt an outlier oof. I hope this is a bug.
  5. ty for these especially Change: All creatures have had their base carry weight increased to help account for the splitting of speed and draft traits. Change: Decreased penalty from added weight in vehicles and for using non-draft horses. Change: Reduced the chance overall to get negative traits using the new system, additional small reduction in negative trait chance is added based on breeding skill.
  6. The new donkeys do not have a foal stage ( this will be like the bison allowing for faster breeding unless they added length to the young/adolecent stage). my total weight is 55.68. donkey is not hungry. Young donkey goes 10.09- 10.87 sticks to the higher end for the most part on flat maybe it has a natural speed boost that can proc or I am just failing at flat either is possible. when young not fat with only looks feeble and unhealthy as a trait. For a new player use able mount def cant complain. 9.12-10.11 on a moderate hill so far. tried to hitch to a cart [21:02:51] The young willow is too weak. total weight 216 ( I grabbed some logs) gets 5.15 to 6.45 moderate hill effected it only a little. 119 weight was 6.50 to 6.75 flat 103.68 got me 7.12 to 7.90 flat 79.69 got me 9.47? flat. same weight got me 8.65 going downhill.... --- the aged had the same speeds. so they are not hitchable which I expected. but pretty decent when weighted down by a lot. [21:11:35] The aged fat donkey 'm2' is too weak. --- the mule is not ridable at young ( newborn) I hope this information helps.
  7. I changed my mind because this is worth showing and I am going from frustrated to angry. I reiterate I believe the category gets inherited not specific traits. still haven't changed my mind. However yep def looks like its only pulling from the mother. 2 speed traits on the mother. foal has 2 speed traits. only 1 of which she has. one the father has. and is missing a 3rd trait that could have passed from the father. both parents have lightning and strong body. only the father has fleeting. but only the mother has 2 speed traits one of which is NOT fleeting. This one rerolled everything the if 2 speed traits slots came from the mother instead of from the father then it inherited 2 speed slots then rolled. One of those traits only the father had. and its missing one the mother and father had. the higher I get in AH the worse the rolls on the foals gets 2 negative traits. 1 one combat trait slot it ( assuming it wasnt just a random roll into combat) is inherited from the mother. so. 2 speeds 1 of which neither parent had. 1 combat trait when the mother had combat. 2 negatives and a 10 point misc. 6 traits total not counting bred in captivity. color mismatch baby was an appaloosa. ----- this was born from wild bull and cow wild born with no negative traits and it has a draft trait! that's my first wild born with draft which I am glad to see randoming onto the wilds. I would prefer output on a cow and this officially makes this a draft animal as its the only category animal so I can keep this and try to breed speed bulls or I can kill it and wait until i get an output born. Or keep it and hope I get a draft bull and that the traits pull from the father and not the mother. Lots of ifs and maybes there. aside from making sure they all had the original 3 speeds that worked when hitched I didnt care about inbreeding the bison so I was kinda surprised that a couple were not. this turned out the way I was expecting only 45 points of 54AH( of 50 available if we are being honest) available. this one was from day 2 before I started leveling my AH again. same deal 54AH available. got 50 on this one. This one is missing a speed trait. parents both had all 3 speed. but! baby had 2 speeds one of which is the new water speed so it only inherited 1 of the speeds that the parents had replaced 1. color mismatch Water trait ----- I had 57AH for these next two. This is round 2 of breeding these. similar deal. except the baby got 3 speed traits like both parents but rerolled one as a water trait. and inherited a combat trait but it is NOT the same combat trait the parent has. this one pretty much came out to my original expectation that the speed traits would inherit and the remaining slots would random. ----- aside from 2 dockey's that is all the ones from 54 and 57 AH rounds respectively. I got two 64AH wild horse pairs incubating. I havent bred anything since then and dont plan to do more in general. I got my fav's cared for. again water trait pretty regularly replaces a speed trait its deeply frustrating. edit: going to go through my other posts and highlight when the water trait replaced a speed trait and count it. I had one foal I butchered before finding this thread. so all the animals born since the update in my pens is accounted for here. I only did the horses and the bison for this list. so to summorize what I have got from horses/bison since the update 1 dead foal that had vibrant, water, overly agressive, feeble and unhealthy named bitesbites. only one I dont have a screenshot of. horses the bold water is when its substitutes a parents speed trait for the new water trait. 3sp Prancegold color mismatch ( classic parents) 3sp Minscnorth color mismatch (tied 4trait mother, 5 trait 3sp 1d 1misc father) 3sp Kickerkaden( classic mother, classic father) 3sp(water) gallopwarrior color mismatch ( classic parents) replaced lightning 3sp(water) 2neg Happyrythm ( classic father, tied mother) replaced fleeting 3sp ( water)Trotsea color mismatch ( 2sp 1 draft mother, 2 draft 2 speed father) replaced strong leg muscles 3sp(water) Hansebony (classic mother, classic father) replaced fleeting 2sp(water) 2misc Eastpick Color Mismatch ( classic mother -[ 3 speed dominate], 3sp , 1misc, 1 draft Father). missing lighting and very strong leg muscles. replaced one with water. 2sp Southdash only 2 traits inbred ( parents classic 5 sp) 2sp 2neg 1C 1Misc Pepperclover color mismatch( classic father, tied mother) 2d(easy gear) Lacewalk color mismatch ( tied mother. 2speed dom speed father) 3d(easygear) Lightningtom color mismatch ( tied 4 trait mother and father) 3d(easygear)Greykicker color mismatch (classic father, tied mother) bison 3sp female (3sp 1d mother, 3sp 1d father) 2sp(water) 2misc male. (3sp mother, 3sp 1d 1c father) water replaced 1 of these the other was not inherited. strong leg muscles/fleeting 3sp(water) 1c female. (3sp mother, 3sp 2c father) replaced strong leg muscles 3sp 1out male ( 3sp 1d mother, 3sp 1d 1cfather)
  8. Are the mothers traits still the most important traits? given everything else that has been touched by this patch I wouldn't be surprised if the old code for this slipped through the cracks. If you are consistently seeing the mothers traits being more heavily weighted I got no argument but I would consider this a bug. This does not invalidate your point you are right it could have just picked the mother then inherited the father even if it was truly random that roll could happen.In theory the mother being the more important should no longer be the case. Like I said when I pinged you earlier in the thread you are def doing more breeding then I am your sample size is def going to be more accurate. So I appreciate you answering questions :D. from the may 26 patch notes Dominant category is picked from either the mother or the father randomly. The categories are Speed: These traits will increase the speed of a creature when riding on them. Draft: These traits will increase a creature’s carry weight, it will also now act as speed traits when hitched and give a very similar speed bonus to having the speed traits. Combat: These traits increase how tough a creature can be, and how well it can fight. Negative: These traits all have negative effects that are generally unwanted. Output: These traits increase things like butchering output, milk quality/quantity. Misc: These traits don’t fit any other category. edit: I got a female who's traits where 2 and 2 draft/speed with a father who had 3 speed and the foal was 3sp it also had 2 negative traits compared to others. I honestly want to know how the game deals with the tie breakers xD. edit 2. for the wild donkey's have you seen draft roll on the offspring yet? I know you mentioned you hadnt at some point earlier in the thread.
  9. Please be patient with this post. It is not your fault you are the messenger but you are a messenger going both directions. You are who we have access to. The Code is def complicated! Testing code is even more complicated. However the code that is done artificially will behave different then just doing things using the features as intended more often then not. A lot more goes into testing that people realize that is true. But tested data is useless if it is not actually testing the code or behavior that needs tested. short cuts are harmful and cause inaccuracies. Testing on the test server for this particular thing involves having powers above normal player level. I disagree with this but recognize that it may be necessary if time constraints are a factor. however if time is not a factor than the test environment is not similar enough to the live servers to be provide useful data. aside from spawning in animals or setting up a full set of gear basic AH tools to be mailed to participants as these should not interact in a meaningful way with the code being tested. There should not need above normal player levels. To spawn the animals : this only part of this I recognize as necessary given the limitations of the natural spawn environment but! even then we have donkeys now spawning and bison population was touched on so natural spawning behavior is also in need of testing. We dont know despite asking if donkeys share a spawn allotment with horses. Short targeted individual artificially spawned test animals will not provide accurate data for a large swath of the patch. It would not be necessary if the testing period spanned at least a month allowing players and dev's time to find and breed animals. Even then testing should last long enough to get 2-3 generations in to make sure inbreeding, gestation. point allotment and inheritance is working as intended. You could even leave the test server up and let the more adventurous people build up deeds and farms/animals then you have a premade natural environment for testing purposes. Have a permanent standardized bug report form for the test server with a report other/feedback portion have a specific thread for it so you dont have to worry about making that kind of reporting system in the code. IF people cant be bothered to use it thats on them. if things go sideways you can point at the lack of feedback despite incentives and you get to say we tried to get it tested but you ignored it. Set up reporting thread for each section. Traits. vehicle speed. general breeding. non livestock breeding ( hostile animals) but this only works if the test server is as close to live as possible aside from whats being added to test. hand adjust their traits for testing purposes, : oh hell no I am sorry but this is outright counter productive. Doing by hand you bypass the code that should by rights be the target of testing especially rare traits if they have code that is separate or rolls differently for inheritance then normal or category traits. its how inheritance and the weighted rolls from Breeding that should be tested. how the Age coding interacts with the new traits/gestation, how traits behave when aging up naturally vs artificially as well so GM spawned animals have as few potential conflicts as possible. ( animals loosing parent info and going to default traits and wild color randomly at age up is one of the current bugs for example that are part of the aging code in theory) All that is happening with this method is testing the spawn and GM code not the actual breeding or trait codes unless you are then breeding using the actual code that went live after for several generations to find and identify quirks or bugs in the code. to force birth after breeding so no gestation time is needed.: same as above but how do you find potential hiccups in the gestation code? How do you possible find and prevent randomly dying animals that could be bugged by new conflicts potentially ignoring deeds tile/animal ratio? I mean technically you could use the pvp timers instead and still test the live code in the process with very little Hand of God intervention. Pvp's breeding of horses at least is a much higher pace and would still be relevant. Would give you solid feedback on how not having fo for blacklight is effected by adding so many more traits to the pool. Epecially since Reduces Breeding Timer is not clarified in the notes and gestation may be a factor. So far across the board the getting intimate timer appears to have not changed by skill. but I am seeing animals with 6 day gestation periods fairly often and I have no idea if that is intentional. And by forcing the the gestation there is no way for the dev's to know if that code is working as intended either. set the clock fast or set it up like the pvp breeding instead of skipping the code that could easily be disrupted by touching the trait system, gestation, breeding and age, how they interact with a tile when grazing, locked and unlocked containers whether or not locked hitching posts are exempt. distance that animals actually look for food vs intended distances in an enclosure and what they prioritize ( spikes/dips from tile interaction) ( all of this is interconnected so if you touch one part there is a chance it will snowball into a different connecting part). Honestly each part should have be tested then integrated then tested with the next part to make bugstomping and wierd code interections, missed decmels and what not easier to find. If nothing else the added time will allow for easier debugging. Right now so many changes over lap that finding where the problem and interaction issues start has got to be a nightmare for the dev's considering how much of a nightmare it is for the players and we dont have access to the code or dev tools. Testing in stages is a good practice. part of testing properly is testing the code the player base will be using. instead of the code the gm's are using for report tickets and events, development machines ect which means doing things within the confines of what the player is capable of. Setting a bar for bug reports would also be extremely useful as it helps quality control on what is and isnt witnessed compared to what a feature "feels like" while also important hard numbers are to. we have time stamps and the ability to copy text in the event window, chat and combat this is borderline unique in online gaming its an excellent ingame tool for everyone and should def be taken advantage of in testing. This or something similar would be useful for both us and the dev's. https://marker.io/blog/bug-report-template on top of that having a pinned known and reported issues in at least one of the many forums available bare minimum both for the sanity of moderation and to have all the info merged into the same location so you folks both get all the info we have + not having to thread dive in multiple parts of the forum to find things. Add are testing join us and add your mark the the game! announcement to the launcher or something. There is a large part of the player base that does not read the forums. Heck incentives to go to the test server if lack of bodies is an issue is possible. One thing I could think of is having titles that reset before each patch test period for active test participation and reporting. It lets the testers display their contribution for each patch. Some sb to compensate for spending time on a server where progress will not carry over to live would not be a bad option to but should be based on reporting not time spent or people will just afk for free sb. can have number of foals born mission objective. number of bison(speed/draft/output traits), number of wild cats ( combat traits, output for meat/pelt/parts ql). Missions for ql ranges sacrificed for output animals all these could give miner amounts of sb to be transferred to live at the end of the testing phases to make up for taking them away from their personal projects on the live servers. and thats just what I can think of. the mission system would be such an amazing test server tool if you wanted it to be. find the champion missions to capture/tame for breeding this would also get people testing mount speeds/vehicle speeds. have cart/wagon races. missions to find donkeys have a daily test goal. how many donkeys did you find. where did you find them what quadrant did you find them. how many males and females did you find. set the goal to like 1000 slayed donkeys. then switch animals or reset it if you need more data. there is so many interesting structured ways to get the community to help you bug squish that isnt just pushing it to live and crossing your fingers. yes there is going to be unhappy people either way but that's normal and should not be a factor in communication. communication requires exchange of information even if its simple information rather then just going its being discussed/worked on. saying what amounts to no comment or Soon is a statement. Things that could be done that does not ( I assume) require developer input. Start collecting links to your answers to various questions you have responded to across various media into a pinned/locked thread to redirct people to make sure the contributions added are dated so people can have a timeline of answers/progress. I know there is information here in this thread that could be added as being worked on or that you heard to the patch post if you have that power. just dropping these here. Some of this doesn't apply I know but its a pretty good foundation. https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/beta-testing/ https://www.testbytes.net/blog/game-testing-tutorial/ https://www.qualitestgroup.com/white-papers/patch-management-testing/ not sure the scientific method applies to game patch testing but at least some consistent structure to testing is important. None of what I wrote takes into account the many different computer set ups. you cant hope to test all of those. but having at least 1 computer that does not have any of the development tools or bugstomping programs is important. This provides at least an attempt at a normal players experience as possible. download, patch and and play on it for at least 20hs( please take breaks) this would have uncovered a good many of the initial bugs encountered. Note uncovered not fixed. finding them is the start of the battle. this got long. so have a couple of silver of opinion instead of 2 copper. I hope you get good rest between putting out forum fires I wouldnt want wrangle a forum kudos for your willingness to.
  10. Todays births had a wild venerable donkey die without giving birth. kinda expected it. just sucks it survived until 0days to go xD. I was pretty sure all my sheep where inbred. goes to show you what I know. Foal is a color mismatch does not match either parent. willow is a donkey. born from wild donkeys. Color mismatch does not match either parent... yeah so! You can not convince me that the game does not randomize the dominate category. I got up to 55 points woo. I am 5 away from 70AH now and since I am seeing horses 10 points below my skill level at the time of breeding more often then not I am ... demotivated. I got the donkeys and 3 bison still pregnant but I will take my mental health into consideration and remember this is a game and not engage in the parts that are literally upsetting. this is the last time I am posting the results. I wish all of you luck in your AH efforts. I just need to show this again. I know most of the sheep are inbred but this confused me. I am lucky they are all different ages so I can figure out who is who parent wise. I figured out which were the parents. they are not inbred I believe going by this. but I got 35 which I would expect from inbreeding.
  11. Thank you for testing that I greatly appreciate it.
  12. all of the above with FEELING ---- To clarify my feeling with the bolded parts of the above: I upped a month on my main with silver I don't have enough to do it again later and that is frustrating since the silver was set aside specificly for me to come back and stay playing. and right now i wont encourage this bull by giving you money I prob just go back to minecraft and FF14. I will happily kill the donkeys 1 mule and all animals I have acquired since this update and destroy the cart I imp'd to 80 to test the ql increasing speed if you are willing to refund me the 10 silver and remove the premium time I will willingly happily eat the loss of the sb used in that time. I hate the new normal where the customer has to pay to beta/alpha test your( all game company's) updates or game itself. I literally cane back because a toggle for the pulsing chat tabs finally got added. I should have waited because so far my experience with the part of wurm I love most ( animals) has been very negative. I dont believe in rewarding terrible policy if you dont refund I'll log on and chat with people and imp their vehicles for when ( if ever) the code for that gets fixed. I get that I am just one person and honestly in your shoes I would be happy to see me go since its one less vocal person stiring the pot on the forums. What is the point to Higher AH can we please get a statement or conversation on what the intent was with getting lower ql horses that down match up to your skill leaving aside that if your skill doesnt end in 0 or 5 the they dont apply. 72 skill for example is there 1-2 point traits or are we punished for not being divisible by 5 or 10? I cant take a brush to my horse and imp it up to my skill level if its comes out below it. so what exactly was the goal with this portion of the update? horses are not crafted we cant imp them to make up the difference. Even then if I have no control over any of the non dominate traits( and apparently the dominate traits from my experience so far) then it literally defeats the purpose of selective breeding in the first place. rng is not fun when you can not improve the result doing the same thing over and over again and praying to rng that you are lucky IS NOT reasonable! There is surprising little rng in this game that can not be worked around through either increasing your skill or being able to improve the item. and with enchants we have the option to continue trying to get better. after an enchant goes on an item it isnt made useless and destroyed because we can recast on it yes sometimes things shatter but spoiler! higher skill means this happens less often. This is the opposite of the current skill curve for AH. Unless you have a solution for this discrepancy in the rng then all you a re doing is making this play style unpleasant FOR THE SAKE OF IT. Categories mutually exclusive to one another is adding nothing of value and is removing value in its use. classic 5s are effectively faster then current 3 speeds mounted this like the vehicle speed now being subject to weight is a direct deliberate planned speed downgrade. So far I dont count the water trait its useless inland and often replaces other speed traits that SHOULD have passed on since both parents had it effectively downgrading the horse further. By should have I mean I have more then enough AH for all three of the classic speed traits on my classic 5speeds and most of the foals are born with 3 speed traits for sure. but usually 1 of hte parents speed traits gets replaced by the water one because it is "less rare" then whats already being bred. This is counter intuitive either tell us selective breeding is no longer relevent unless you are breeding 30+pairs at which point its just rng you are getting all the traits you want by brute forcing the numbers. often after the water trait replaces a speed trait the rest of the points that easily add up to more then if I had all speed traits on the foals fills in with misc/output and negative traits. You say that after a a breeding delay we will have horses right back to where they are. This is a blatant lie! if a horse slows down because you picked up a dead chicken when you use to be able to carry a troll and you cant get carry more or strong body on a speed horse to compensate that is a speed downgrade. So far the only "bonus" for having all speed traits has been for when things are hitched. I looked again but feel free to correct me but I was pretty sure this would not apply for ridden animals.(for the always on rare trait. rare traits have already been stated to have a low chance to pass one adding insult at this point lets all make HH for carts and wagons with all the draft traits horses and bison are about useless aside from milk if you cant get the rare traits.) being able to carry more and the horse to have more body strength automatically makes it faster when riding. the point seems to be separating the traits into categories that are mutually exclusive to the animals are inherently slower is clearly a planned speed nerf that was intended and a large part of the over arcing goal with this update. please do not lie to your player base. This patch was designed to be a speed nerf in every aspect of play aside from boats( and I am skeptical with this one.) Given at this point we have a better idea of how the system works then you. We are the ones that are alpha testing your patch please we really are not that stupid we can put the puzzle pieces together: slower carts/wagons except when empty, player weight counting, the removal of carry more and strong body from calvery mounts making plate dangerous to wear given how much it will now slow down horses. Rebranding keen senses to a speed trait that goes faster only in water and calling it an upgrade( anyone tested if this works in rain?) add a very rare speed trait to horses that brings them almost on par with hell horses who's speed is always on then making sure it only rarely passes on. I am surprised HH didnt loose speed being always on. A draft trait easy on the gear which implies that the next patch that is and "update" will have draft animals cause damage to shoes and any other gear you add when hitch possibly including the cart and wagons to taking more damage when used since that would counter balance the goes faster when higher ql if we wear down the ql faster. I am sure this gear and its weight will also count towards the go slower weight mechanic. You backpedaling on boats going slower with cargo was a surprise. donkeys being ridable do these have a bonus to carry weight? Mules cant breed so traits on them is even more of an rng kill the foals mechanic so this is a flavor animal which is fine but takes up space in the animals per tile ratio which limits the ability to safely breed now that you need more pairs to hopefully get similar results to what you had before) Animals eat a ton more food. I imagine this is to counter balance hay giving up to 30 pieces a tile. This is ALSO a speed nerf if you plan on carrying hey bales for your riding horse as it adds 12kg to the weight carried that no long gets mitigated by the new draft category. On hay. the bed is not impable but bedrolls are??? let us imp hay beds thatching has very limited skill leveling options. ---- saying its "being Worked On" is a blanket No Comment statement Press Release. At least in the bug forums when the memory leak showed up we got a very clear this was not intended and This WILL be fixed. Tell us what was intended vs whats currently going on might help. The silence just says you intended most of the negative results of the new system and are adjusting it now over the backlash followed by riding out the rest of the backlash until people give up. Giving us a no comment until we give up and shut up about it is worse then you flat out saying this was intended and we need to get use to it. Its not going away deal with it. Also please add the changes as you make them to the test server then invite people to find the bugs. Dont add it to the test server then pointedly not tell people about it that is very backhanded. It lets you say you DID add it to the test server while not actually letting the community know its something to be tested. That ignores that with breeding horses especially you need enough time on test for the animals to reach the age where they can be ridden and hitched to truly test for all the bugs. The current policy of no comment is thoroughly causing people to be demoralized. p.s. the breeders advertising 4 speed horses. do you get a speed bonus for having all 4 when you are NOT in water? I do not have a 4 speed yet my herd is small so I have no way to personally test this. because selling them as 4sp for more then a 3sp smacks of false advertising unless you can prove to me that having that trait with the other three gives the animal a speed boost. If having all the traits gives that boost then you would need the always on trait to get that bonus and always on IS that bonus. I haven't seen anything on this that implies it does I have seen it stated that the bonus have all the traits with draft exists ( if its working or not since carts and wagons actually slow down with higher ql which I personally checked. the draft "bonus speed" is a whole nother issue since I dont think we have a good way to test it yet). Unless you are in water a lot that trait is very very very unlikely to be useful unless you make a point of hunting on the coast. and even then you have to literally be in the water and the coasts are not remotely strait and often have large areas of to steep to ride. this instead of going on a road still will take you longer then if you stuck to the road and the surrounding area to hunt. tl:dr- I am tired frustrated and would honestly prefer a refund of the silver I paid to go premium specifically for this patch so I can use that silver to come back if the patches become less about nerfing a whole portion of the game in the name of making things more RNG. the update is to broken( in some cases simply heavily nerfed deliberately) in too many ways to accurate test anything of note. There is no communication on what specifically with any certainty that the outcome is what is intended by the developers. A good portion of the updates outcomes are the direct opposite of the patch notes. My personal experience is the classic 5 speed horses will always be better then any new horse bred that doesn't have the very rare trait( that has an even lower chance to be passed on then the new normal) of the speed always being on as you loose carry more and strong body which lets ride at a reasonable pace despite the weight. RNG sucks in a skill based system that does not allow for imping for the product produced. I am sure there is a ton of mistakes in my typing spelling and grammer are hard for me. I hope you can read it without it being to much of a chore. Thanks Edit: working with 1 breeder is not a good sample size. that works well for the comercial breeding but having more then 1 breeder feels like it would be a better check on bias. people are human you def need more then 1 persons mass breeding to test things. even then you could get better results on the test server without forcing the rest of the player based to suffer through alpha testing a patch. ( I would say beta testing but thats for stress testing and small bugs. alpha test is internal testing which if you are sticking to one breeder and then just skimming the forums then apha test fits.
  13. I have said this in another thread but it doesnt feel like the parents are actually passing their traits down. more like they pass catagory then roll from there. I have more then enough breeding points for the 3 speeds to pass on to the foals. 57AH for these here. but I keep getting the water speed replacing at least one of the parent traits and I am getting very frustrated with it. almost like the game decides yep! the baby needs 3 speed traits! then just picks 3 randomly. I personally see the water trait as a misc trait not speed given how very limited the use is. SO to me its a downgrade but I reconize others may feel differently. anyone else having the water speed trait show up when the parents have the same 3 speed traits that could be passed down but one gets replaced? @CistaCistayou have a lot more breeding going on. that aside these are the newborns for today my AH was 57 when these were bred. this one is one of the speed traits got substituted to water on teh foals. this one inherited right.( keeping this one) mule my only worry here is that since we cant breed them to increase the amount of traits they have. unless they get a bonus I am not aware of these are novelty animals. I dont even know whats going on with the inheritance with this one. I find it interesting tho that it seemed to pick draft over speed despite speed being dominate for one parent and breaks even on the second. so in this case the male rolled draft as dominate and then the mothers traits were taken into consideration from there. ( the parents genders being wrong in inspect is driving me nuts) From my experience the misc traits all reroll with each generation and only the dominate category seems to stick. and even then the inheritance can act weird. Someone correct me if you are consistently getting the misc on the adults to pass to the foal. there is a few I would love to keep if I could. My theory is this is to keep breeding relevent instead of getting a solid best traits pair and just sticking to them like the classic 5 speeds. I am curious about how often the rare traits pass or how often rather. on speeds: I kinda did one here. not the most professional. and it was on a cart and wagon I dont have anything old enough to test riding or hitched for the new ones. I imped an empty cart to 80ql after testing the 30 ql there wasn't a noticeable dif. I used same two classic 5 speeds.Both my inventory and carts inventory weight the same. I got same speed as the 30ql as 80. glad they agreed there was a bug in how it worked. I got some FC skill out of it at least. I am starting from scratch for the bison so I got nothing there to test as of yet. according to a post here. vehicle speeds( except the boats) are being worked on but the slow down was intended. my worry is that it is not listed in the below notes as being worked despite the above post.
  14. it was added so the speed horses ( hotbloods) can be seen at a glance and teh cold blood draft would I think have the old model. I really dont like the change every time one of them bends down to eat they clip through their own shoulders and if you are not looking at the head strait on well you get this... sorry for how dark these are. once you see the fish eyes you cant unsee them. maybe it was always like this and I am just now noticing. but they all look ill and starved.