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  1. this was imo the most useful part of the wikki thats getting removed. the wikki itself is a very large guide. if list a tool ql matters then set the standard for ql based on the ql of the starter tools or a flat 30ql tool with 20ql materials or something if there is a set standard then the info is more useful. but not having a min skill level listed and getting to 0% chance to make 30+ skill with some items when the wikki doesn't say min level required decent or even moderately high materials is misleading because at that point there IS a min level. new players or even players that have been around awhile kinda get demoralized when the info states they should be able to make it but in reality you need like 90ql mats to make it at a low 10- 30 skill level and in some cases 50+ skill 90ql mats and that isnt a reasonable expectation that people will automatically know. they kinda need that here is the bar min to make it not 0% when making something. things like the bcu that have a hard skill requirement but at that skill its 0% and CAN be made at 0% because for whatever reason thats a bug just confuses things. please rethink or discuss updating the wikki policy. a guide that would have all this info would be next to impossible to navigate when you are looking for one item. and every wikki page would need to link to that guide for players that done even know the guide exists ( which it doesnt at this point adn the easist way to make that guide would have been from the wikki pages). A heads up we are removing this stuff thats been on the pages a while so back it up or collect into a guide warning would have been a great way to get a guide going on it. but they I assume have to start from scratch when that info use to be available. its how I knew the basics of what ql i needed to make my knarr at 40 skill. ( dont it sucks to get things to attach at that level) there use to be info on how much of an item you lost when you failed as well and I am not seeing it on pages anymore either when I go looking and thats a hard coded number. please let the wikki be more then "this item exists" I am goal motivated many are there is no goal or base target to that. to be on topic I want to make Large Clay Amphora's now that I can make wax sealing kits but I hate grinding pottery and this info would have ( is) important. I hve tried to skill pottery up to make these a couple times and I keep hitting the point where I am frustrated because the materials are not getting me anywhere with the ql of clay I had available. but! also continuing my knarr example THIS is on the page : "Knarrs show in the creation list when cogs are between 13% and 14%, and corbitas are at 27%" <-- this are based on the ql of materials since they factor into the creation chance of the cogs and corbita's so this is indirectly dependant on ql of the items to get min chance not level of skill. " To view creation chance see keel section, as the quality of the passive keel used in creation largely factors into % chance." which is not any dif then the soft minimum requirement lines that list what ql you get the creation chance above 0% at. and! for the keel :" Requires some ship building skill to build. If you don't have the option, make a few tenons first. " if it requires some skill to build then there should be a bare min hard skill listed. I went to shipbuilding "Once your skill has reached 10-15, you may create the keel sections with decent success rate" I assume this is the spot where min ql of the materials factor in even if it doesnt state it. at this points its all just doing a giant circle of refer to [item page] and that item page basicly sending you back to where you started. from the op's post I would love to know what ql the clay was to get that 6%. but just knowing I could get 6% at 34 was endlessly useful.
  2. wtb 20: 99ql logs please ingame name Ashesinthend
  3. Holy crop

    look I reported it and we got some journal's checked off. given its not uncommon lately for the rites to not get posted I figured I was doing you folks a solid telling you. o/
  4. Holy crop

    most of the time it just gets done when someone notices that its ready if a village or alliance has the faith. sometimes people post and ask to set a group up here in the forums. but thats been pretty hit or miss.
  5. Holy crop

    [20:20:26] As the Holy Crop ritual is completed, followers of Fo may now receive a blessing! 23h 58m a the time of this post.
  6. \o/ alright! I hope it was statue fragment for how rare we see that lol. thanks for reporting it! I havent seen them dig anything up yet. but I could do archaelogy on enchanted grass which I dont remember being possible before so woot if thats a fix.
  7. I see this kind of thing every few foals too. but I am finally seeing 4 draft semi regularly or at least more regularly then before. but the 20 cost trait loves to roll off often to replace with misc. I assume this is partly deliberate and the misc is what randoms on from the available pool. since we need some way to gain new traits just wish it wasnt at the cost of current ones. I like the new traits I just wish it was the new traits using the old breeding system where its more lineage based weighted by both parents instead of what we got going on now. split parents 4s/4d also drop down pretty consistantly to 3 of the target traits then fill in with misc. but I am not certan if this is a bug or part of the risk of having horses with polar opposite traits breed. Cistacista "Then I - with AH 68 and being the main provider of horses on NFI " ^ This shouldn't have been the normal or standard to begin with imo aside from the expensive to buy things early rush of new maps.xD for the game and is a sign that something was broken. A single player having the majority of sales across 3 maps with little competition because other people cant breed for their own animals let alone try to sell them that needed a fix which I feel is slowly being fixed. if you dont have competition because you can afford to brute force the odds by having 1-2 large deeds of breeding pairs something is wrong. part of this game is being able to reach the 60-70 skill range on most skill fairly easily solo with some time and dedication. people that do not have massive breeding operations ( there were a few of these in dif areas of the game. cistacista wasnt the only one breeding using mulitple deeds there was a large bison opperation in cadence) are now able to put the work in to breed their own animals and if they wish sell them locally. this isn't a bad thing esp since carts and wagons let alone animals you ride are a very necessary part of the game. its bad for profit yes xD but competition is healthy. if mules are still the fastest thing ( and cant breed) that would be the new meta cash cow wouldn't it? Profit isnt gone just shifted. personally I think the price crash is a good thing. It will either re balance or people will get tired of putting the effort into breeding and the price will rise some then flatten out to a new standard price point just like any other craftable in the market. This crash is also likely in part caused by people having options especially newer players or players that want to save for premium. esp since you can find ( probably to many)wild donkeys to breed vs horses and to a lesser extent hell horses bison. people are still going to pay out the nose for immortal or other rare trait or combos. but not every 4 trait horse on the server should be worth 2-5 silver ( depending on color). 60-70 skill items in the rest of the game are not that expensive or inaccessible and most everyone can get to that point with a little work until you start adding enchantments and runes which is more work and complicated to do solo. and that's basically the horseshoes/saddles at that point. all this aside this is def kicking the crap out of the pvp breeding scene. which is def a worry. edit: I am not happy with the current state of trait inheritance and color ( no matter what there is going to be people not happy about how something is or not changed and if thats me so be it) but its workable, functional and I can get a couple good draft and speed animals every few rounds of breeding which means they dont die before I get what I need to keep going and honestly that's bare minimum what I desperately wanted after the feature update.
  8. well with the event going you get to stress test the bugs a bit xD even with the timing and downtime ty very much for working on resolving bugs when you can even with any hiccups that follow. welcome Radia! bolded thank you very very much for adding working on bugs as a dedicated portion of the monthly work allotment. I deeply appreciate that you are communicating actual information and not just we are working on it sound bites. ty for taking the time to talk about whats going on.
  9. Status report

    down for 15-30 for a hotfix or so it said ingame before the shutdown. should be up soon. ( assuming things go smoothly) edit: welp def didnt go smoothly did it lol : Edited 36 minutes ago by Yserin
  10. does this horse have the digs stuff up trait? ( hoping so because I still have yet to see that trait do anything)
  11. 100% the best part of this patch. New: When sending mail, the event message stating the time until arrival will also display the recipient’s name less anxiety
  12. from the patch notes I dont like it either as I got a few now that got output occasionally but more of it is misc. but overall I am seeing more and better draft/speed traits pass on. the next line where they state misc traits are now suppose to be less common however I am skeptical of given how prevalent misc has been on my animals. also bold mine Darklords is one of the dev's these are from the patch thread. If you post the info in the patch thread about getting output to on horses too often ( if its happening often) rather then once in a while it will prob have a better chance to be read. hope that helps clarify things
  13. ah no dice then xD cadence here. I do appreciate the offer to sell one! however there be a void between our servers. I'll get output on them eventually!
  14. @olafhairybreeks I will prob take you up on that. buying one would probably be the easiest. xD which map?