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  1. Maybe what we really need is for someone to take on the task of a historian and document all the player made history. It would be a big task, but like you said... Wurm has a player history that stretches' many years. I wish we documented it as we went along...
  2. Priceless! Almost every game has a bucket helm of some sort and now we have one too. This one is the best I have seen
  3. I did it!

    Woot! Well done, Raycg.
  4. I agree. As excited as I am about this update, I think that if you release it on the 20th, you will not have enough players participating in it for a while (many people will be less active over the Xmas holidays), and you may put yourself in a position where if something goes wrong, you'll have a headache over the Christmas break. I think releasing this patch in early January, when everyone is back and ready to go, would be most beneficial. My 2 cents.
  5. Oh, one more thing. I absolutely love Wurm for the fact that I get to do many things that I would like to try IRL, but don't have the time, energy, or knowledge to try them for real. I am a city boy at heart, but like everyone out there, I would like to build a shed, plow some land, terraform a lake, etc - if only to see how it feels. In real life, not only would those things take knowledge and effort, but they are also time consuming, tiring, sweaty, and generally difficult. But in Wurm, I can do it all! True, it's not real in the end, but then again, what is!? Virtual land management is good enough for me. This way, I get to sit comfortably in my gaming room with a cup of coffee on my desk and music in my speakers and try it all without getting tired and dirty. Genius!
  6. I started in 2013. Fell in love with the game right away. It was magical... a pure sandbox where I could carve out my own adventures. Not to mention that this is the type of a game I had been looking for some time back then. I even started playing WoW shortly after its launch, thinking it would be like Wurm. But as we know, it's nothing like that I still enjoyed my time in WoW, but once I found Wurm - that was it. That was the home I was looking for. I quit all other MMOs just to be here. I like Wurm for many reasons. First - it's unique. It has a unique feeling and mechanics that are different from most mainstream MOOs. In the age where every MOO is trying to be a clone of one another, in order to snatch the same players away from competition, Wurm is completely different. It carves its own path. The second reason is the pure sandbox element of it. I am one of those weird people who don't mind if activities take a while. I like the value of a skill, if it took me a long time to attain. I also really like how complex the game is. It forces me to think. Most games don't. And I also love the freedom... claiming land, building what I want, how I want, exploring, having neighbors, etc. I even like that travel takes so long. I like the logistics of going to another server for a few days and the time it takes to visit a friend who has a deed in the middle of Xan. It really feels like travel and the memories of my exploration travels are some of my fondest memories of this game that are with me to this day. Finally two more things. First is the fact that over the years, the developers stayed true to the unique feel and mechanics of Wurm. The game evolves, but it never tries to mimic another game. It keeps to its style, feel and rhythm. The fact that the devs have stayed true to that over the years is a huge reason why I love Wurm now as much as I loved it when I first got here. The second is that unlike many other MMOs, I can play on my own schedule. If I have time, I play a lot. When I don't, I can go away for a month or two and if I paid my deed bills, everything is there waiting for me. This way, I never feel that the game is forcing me to play in any way. It's a true sandbox - in the way it's designed and in the way it lets me play. Pure zen. To me, Wurm is a feeling. We just click. Here is to many more years!
  7. Goodbye

    Nonsense. If this was WoW, than maaaaaybe.... although that's still debatable. But this is Wurm! A retirement MMO for those of us who used to raid 3 days a week on crazy-paced MMOs for that next level of pants that were pretty much the same as the pants we were wearing, but had a blue buckle instead of red, which meant they gave +1.2% to napkin folding, or some other equally important stat. 52 is not old here... or anywhere online anymore, really. Times have changed. So, if this is the only reason you are leaving, then I hope that you are back some day!
  8. I had a similar situation with a wolf lately. On my deed, I have two buildings that are joint together by a fence, making it a closed enclosure. The only way into this enclosure is through one of the buildings, which has a door. That door is locked to the kingdom. Yet the other day, I found a wolf inside. I checked my fences and my buildings for any breaches, but nothing. And the door is still locked to the kingdom. So, to this day, I have no idea how the wolf got in there.
  9. The remaining items were the two pumpkin shoulder pad fragments. [21:57:41] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Aeryck in less than ten minutes.
  10. [21:55:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Soleil in less than ten minutes.
  11. I have some remaining fragments from archaeology digs during this year's Halloween event that I want to sell. Please refer to the image. Each fragment is 10c.
  12. Gratz, Saiyan! Will COD it your way as soon as I get on tonight.
  13. Rare Pumpkin Shoulder Pad Starting Bid: 5s Min Increment: 50c Sniper Protection: 30 min Buyout: none Private Bids: not accepted The shoulder pad is 40.46 quality, as indicated above and it glows a rare glow when worn (tested).