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  1. Holy crap, how did you even find enough things to repair to get the title? But congtrats! That's a crazy feat. I should know... I am somewhere in the 50s in my Repair and I have been here since 1899.
  2. I heard it on a good authority that we are finally getting bridges...
  3. Lunalong 2020

    Thanks Dracaa and Team! Great Impalong and great memories. I had tons of fun. Thanks for all your hard work in preparing and running the event!
  4. Holy cr*p! Have we really been online for 14 years? How the time flies...
  5. Ouch. In Wurm, death is part of life at early levels. An interesting choice. But all the power to you! I do wonder how different the game must feel when you play with the notion that if you die, that's it.
  6. Valyrian Highlands! What a great name.
  7. Sup lads

    Welcome back, Lorena. Yep... an entire new cluster is there for the taking. But many of us stayed on the old clusters. They are home. Many people have characters on both the new and the old clusters now. Although for the life of me, I don't know how they manage. I can barely keep up with just Valdor!
  8. Black Friday!

    Sold! I know I am probably getting ripped off with that +80% -50% markup, but those goblin Shakespearean death scenes are too good to pass up.
  9. Does the black bear helm count as a leather or metal helm, for the purposes of combat? Or is it just a vanity item, with no combat protection?
  10. Congrats to all who posted and to the winners! Great work.
  11. I think we had a similar story on Celebration this Thursday. I am not sure about details, but I was asked by a friend if I wanted in on a green drake kill and when I arrived, it seemed like a similar situation... a green beast in the open and people gathered together by a word of mouth. The end result was identical to yours... everyone played nice and we had a great hunt. Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, there are all kinds of people on Wurm, like anywhere else. And I know stories of extreme greed or foul play that happened over the years. Some were quite bad. But the good stories are greater yet. So many wonderful memories. Those I consider my friends on Wurm (or even friendly acquaintances) are great people that demonstrated their friendliness and generosity over and over again. There are some I would trust with my prize horse, or my favorite fantastic item. It's really heartwarming to think about that part of our community and interact with them in game. Wurm is richer for having them. Congrats on your dragon kill, Nirav. And here is to your next adventures!
  12. Well yea. There are books to read, friends to call, educational sites to visit, hobbies to pursue, families to get in touch with... the list is endless Look, I am being facetious, I know. No disrespect intended, I promise. You may have a good suggestion there and I am sure the developers would like to hear good suggestions. But if you come out with guns blazing like that, I doubt they will be happy to read it. I know I wouldn't. Perhaps a good place to start would be to find out WHY there was a restart at that particular time. There may be a good reason for it that we are not aware of...
  13. You lucky dogs! So far, no Halloween drops for me. Then again, I have all of them from previous years, so I am really out there just for the bear mask. Maybe Sunday. I'll make a hunting trip in the evening. Or will the event be over by then?