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  1. These things happen, but the ability of the devs to fix sudden, unexpected problems is what really matters in the end. And I agree... this response was epic, both in terms of speed and knowledge of the code, as well as the ability to diagnose a problem in real time. Well done indeed!
  2. Hi, Can you COD one Legion of Anubis banner and one Valhalla banner to Valdor? Thanks.
  3. Well, lucky for you, I am here to help out. In addition to the nicer colored buckets (true story), you also promised polar bears on the tundra tiles, vacation deeds, and a Valdor action figure in every home. The last one seemed especially important...
  4. Thanks for hosting and organizing! It's so rare that I get to participate in the uniques, so thank you all for waiting the extra few minutes for me.
  5. Beautifully said! I couldn't agree more with every single point.
  6. Thanks for responses, folks. I appreciate your feedback. Well, if - as Samool said - third person view is absolutely necessary to move the game forward, then who am I to stand in the way of progress. And it looks like consideration was taken to make it more of a fun feature, rather than any form of game-play changing alteration. I'll adjust in no time, I am sure. And of course - it's all optional, so nothing is really going away. Looking forward to see what you have done with this new feature.
  7. Mewt

    If you are looking for a community, join an alliance. There are some large ones and some very large ones that constantly have active players on. The added bonus of this is that once you become mobile in Wurm (have access to a cart and horses or some form of a boat), you can visit the alliance members who live further away and this way explore the game from friendly ports.
  8. CGI, I bet. After all, they got Ryan Gosling to play the protagonist, so anything is possible.
  9. Wurm feels like home to me. When I log into my deed, I am among MY land, MY trees, MY enclosures, MY buildings, looking at MY ships in MY harbour. And why do they all feel so close to me? Because I made them all, exactly how I wanted them to be. I also bought the land and I upkeep it. My land is not some instanced cubicle to decorate that doesn't really have any real estate presence in the world. It actually takes up a chunk of Wurm - my own personal piece of it, and it interacts with it in real time. You can sail by it, you can come in to visit (I have a guest house! ) and you can utilize it in so many different ways. There is a farm there, a shipyard, vineyard, brewery, horses, homes, bridges, kitchens, and soon even bees. My stable has a chamber where I keep my saddles and extra horse paraphernalia. It really is home and I never found another game where all this is possible to such a degree. Perhaps such a game has recently come into existence, but meh... too late for them. Wurm is home already. I am happy here. Additionally - while I understand that there are players who are dissatisfied with them - I absolutely love the Wurm mechanics. I have embraced all the updates and content additions through the years. I have observed the developers understand and maintain this uniquely Wurm atmosphere and play style and support it with their updates that keep that feeling alive. I enjoy how in tune they are with the game feel. Wurm is so much better than when I joined and in so many incredible ways. Again, not a sentiment shared by all - I understand that - but I truly believe it. Have all the updates gone along my wishes? Not all... for instance, I am still not sure how I will adapt to this new third person Wurm that is tearing at the very fabric of my soul. But I will have to find a way. You can't have it all. But most updates were simply amazing. Retro's Valrei International is now my favorite literature, right up there with War and Peace, because of the additions it announces on regular basis. In Wurm, I feel the freedom. I can do what I want, go where I want, experience what I want, and none of that is dictated by a raiding schedule or in-game obligations. In fact, I can leave for a month or not log in on those busy days, and things will still be OK! When I come back, my Wurm is waiting. Just like the theme song promised. I simply cannot explain it, really. I love riding through the forests near my deed and seeing how the trees have grown. I love seeing the sap on the maples and knowing that today is probably a good day to pull out my bucket and the wax sealing kit. I love exploring old deeds and reminiscing about what may have been there. I love sailing (yes, I am crazy like that!). Even the grinding, which is boring and repetitive, somehow doesn't bother me in Wurm. Probably because when I do that, I can hear the birds chirping outside the window that I built, the horses which I raised moving by the fences I made, the water shimmering under my ships in the harbour which I personally shaped. Also, because of how valuable high skills become when you had to work for them for some time. In Wurm, I take things slow... sometimes too slow. I have no raids to attend, no crazy schedules to maintain, no quotas to meet. I have no one to outshine with my gear. In Wurm, CoC or WoA are the desirable enchants, not Swords of Thousand Truths with Super-Cala-Fragalistic Nuclear Chain Lightning charges. In Wurm, my rare leatherworking tools are my most cherished possessions. To me, Wurm is real. And I have only scratched the surface. And now, here I go getting all nostalgic about it. Look what you made me do! But I used to be a crazy raider, power player, intense grinder, high-level competitor, massive guild leader type of a dude. Not anymore. The Wurm Retirement Home is my speed now. And it feels soooo much more fun! So, stop by when you are passing by Garden of Fo on Celebration and say "hi". I will probably be doing something on my deed - something in preparation for doing something else, so that I can do something else entirely which will eventually allow me to do what I really want to do. And it'll probably take me a week just to set up. But I'll be loving every minute of it!
  10. As someone who advocated for removing the player gods for quite some time, I literally screamed in happiness when I saw this part of the news. Religion and religious magic is such a big part of the game that having it diluted like that was a massive disservice to the game. The lore of Wurm also took a massive hit with all the player gods. But now all this will be back! Four great gods that dominate the life in Wurm. Four gods that are very distinct and which can be improved by the devs when there is need. Awesome decision!
  11. In the last Valrei International, Retro formally introduced the 3D character mechanic that is supposed to be soon enabled in Wurm Online. I wanted to address this topic ever since I learned of this possibility and this is as good a time as any. One of the factors that attracted me to Wurm the most was the fact that the entire game is played in first person. First person play adds both greater immersion and greater difficulty to the game. Being in first person, I always felt connected to the land and events around me, as if I was actually in that world. There is magic to the first person play, because as much as it limits you to a certain perspective, this is a perspective that we are experience our reality in and therefore we feel more connected to it and present in it. Things experienced in first person have a greater realism to us, even in a game. In the games with third person view, I always feel detached from both my character and the world around him. It's as if I was just watching some animated toon perform various actions, but it wasn't really me. This immersion - to me at least - is what makes Wurm magic. It's perhaps its most important element. In addition to the immersion, first person play brings with it both challenge and a degree of difficulty. Take combat, for example. While Wurm combat may be simplistic, it can be quite deadly. In first person, you need to have your head on a swivel and look around when crossing a troll den. Just like in real life, when crossing a dangerous alley. In third person, you can simply zoom out far enough and see your surroundings from above. Likewise, when engaging someone or something in first person view, you are always vulnerable to being attacked from behind without you knowing it, or having someone or something sneak upon you from the side. It's up to you to position yourself in a defensive way, or keep scanning around to ensure you are not being rear ended. This brings a level of challenge and danger to combat. In third person view, however, all this goes away, because wherever you are, you just have to zoom out of your character and have both his or her back and sides covered. This removes any remaining strategy from our combat... and since our combat is on a simple end of the spectrum already (as far as the player mechanics are concerned), it removes the real remaining combat challenge. There are other implications of 3D, for instance the ability to look at objects and angles that you normally wouldn't be able to. If I want to see what is on the second level of the decaying house which still has its bottom walls up, or what is inside a walled deed, I need to build a ramp or find a hill or other leverage to do so. With 3D, I just zoom up and angle my camera, to glance where my character is not really able to see. If I want to look around the corner of a building, to see if the path is clear, I right now have to do what I do in real life - sneak to that corner and peek around it. In 3D, I just get close enough but still safely away and angle my camera to get a view my character doesn't really have. This is especially big for PvP. Now, I am perfectly aware that when 3D is introduced, the first person view won't go away. I know that the ability to stay in first person will be there. But that's just it. Have you always been able to stick to your conviction of consistently taking several flights of stairs to your destination, when elevators are available? When everyone else is using 3D person, I will eventually too... no matter how disciplined or nostalgic I may resolve myself to be. To me, first person Wurm was what made the world magical. Will 3D water it down to the level of all the other fast paced games that are less concerned with immersion? I guess I will have to wait and see. But I won't lie... my heart bleeds for this change. I somehow can't get over it. I realize that my sentiment is not shared vastly through the game. Or is it? How do you feel about this change? I don't have access to the test server currently, but some have already seen it there. How big is the change? From my experience with such things in different games, it won't be a small "let's see what my character looks like in 3D" mechanic. It will be the change to the way we do things. Thoughts?
  12. Bought coins from this seller. No problems at all. Would buy again. I give my recommendation, based on this transaction.
  13. For me, I just take an actual break from playing. I ensure that my deed is paid up for a while in advance and that all my horses and animals are well fenced. I also ensure that all my animals are unhitched and none are wearing saddles. Once that is done, I take a break from the game, just checking the forums from time to time to keep up with the changes. I long in every now and then to ensure that the deed is all in one piece... but don't stay for more than just a few minutes. Eventually, it's the forums that reignite my passion for the game. When I see Retro's Valrei Internationals, posts of deed construction or events in the game, I eventually get my desire to play Wurm back. For me, such breaks can be short or long, but I always know they are just a break and I will be back. It's hard for me to imagine quitting Wurm for good. It's home. When I do take such breaks, I really don't worry about Wurm at all and usually just play different games for a while. Or nothing at all. The moment I realize that in other games I cannot build my own ship, design my own house or prune trees, I miss Wurm