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  1. Nice! Hope to get into the treasure huts soon too.
  2. So, you are asking the favorite colours of GMs now and rest of the staff months down the line. When will it be us lowly players' turn? Should I prepare my answer now, or am I looking at years down the line?
  3. Please don't kill Nirav. We only have one.
  4. Oh, how did I miss the museum thing? I am so going to visit as soon as I get time to travel to Indy.
  5. You tell them, Nirav! Take no prisoners! *shakes fist* PS: No, seriously, colours are important. Can we have a full disclosure here? It's about time.
  6. Pandy! I did notice that you and Kris have been gone from the game for a while and for some time now I have been checking the "last connect" info under your names in my Friends box. I was starting to worry a bit. I know that you and Kris wouldn't have quit the game out of the blue, so it was getting a bit suspicious. Therefore, it's great to hear form you. I think it saves many of us a bill to hire a private investigator! In all seriousness, though, sorry to hear about your troubles. We are holding the fort on Cele, though, and can't wait till you are both in the game full time! And when you are back, I have a leather knife that needs an imp, so don't think you are coming back and immediately slipping into an online vacation! *cracks whip*
  7. I hope the sick devs get better soon! Delays happen. Everyone is always in uproar about an event that is delayed, but then it eventually happens and everyone forgets that they were in uproar in the first place Proper testing is a good idea. Looking forward to the patch when it's ready!
  8. I found this comment very interesting. I don't have enough knowledge on mental health issues, but your comment resonated with me personally... probably because of how I play this game. I don't rush Wurm. In fact, my pace of play is probably slower than most people in this game. The ability to take things slow and not feel the need to constantly catch up to some moving target is actually one of the things that has always appealed to me about Wurm. I play slow and I find this pace very immersive and very enjoyable. Heck, I have been building my deed for years and it's still not finished. But that's alright! I actually like the process. Let's face it, this is probably the speed at which I would build a real life deed, so I am doing alright! To me, the ability to take things slow on Wurm stems from two things. First is the fact that there is no artificial moving bar that everyone on the game has to aspire to. There are no new levels to achieve, no new tier of pants that was just introduced, no expansions that force one to go out and keep up with their friends. Updates here add content to enrich the world instead, not to redefine it at a higher level. Consequently, there is no need to keep up leveling, grinding for new armour stats, or joining weekly scheduled raids. The second reason is the very complexity that the OP talks about. Personally, I really like the complexity of Wurm. I realize that it's not for everyone and I know that it makes the game harder to get into, but I have played many games out there and most came out shallow to me in the end. To me, nothing compares to Wurm, even after all those years. Wurm is complex, oh so complex! But as a simulation of medieval life, it needs that complexity to remain realistic. I really thrive on how complex some thing can be, even if this means that they will take longer to accomplish or require me to call my neighbors or visit friends for help. So, the combination of the complexity with the slow pace and lack of pressure is what makes the game fun. And I think that when I play it, I do feel a certain boost to my mental health. There is a certain meditative quality to the game that can be so endearing. I usually feel calm and collected when I play Wurm and I always think of it with pleasure, like something fun to do at the end of the day. I don't need a new level of stat armour that other games crank out every month. But I do need that new decorative fountain that was just added... even if it takes me a week to finish. It's okay, I got time. Wurm is not going anywhere and the fact that the fountain takes effort to complete makes it so much more enjoyable in the end. Great post. +1
  9. Thanks for the info, Keenan. Looking forward to the Exploration Update and all the "back to basics" improvements the team makes after!
  10. I would like a room for Valdor and Adherant, if I may.
  11. Please add me to your collection.
  12. I collect kingdom banners. They are fun, because each one is unique, so they really liven up the deed. In doing so, they preserve the history of Wurm... or more specifically the Chaos server. Collecting something like that makes Wurm more fun for me. It's a nice hobby
  13. Awesome! Can't wait for all the stuff that is about to come in. Great stuff coming up!
  14. +1. Not sure how much work it would take to develop at this stage in the game, so consideration must be given, but that would certainly be a fantastic addition!