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  1. I guess the only question remaining is whether it should be two or three Xs before and after the name. We all know that one X is just not enough and four is overkill. But we seem to disagree whether it's two or three Xs that is the right amount. We better standardize this before the Steam servers open. Nobody will want to look stupid.
  2. Oh, I like that. I will, however, be one of those players who will not be going to the Steam servers, but will be continuing his silent vigil on the current ones. But it's good to know I have an alternative, should hell freeze over.
  3. Hmm, Xxxvaldorxxx? Valdorthegod? Valdorama? Valdoria? Somebody help me here...
  4. I am not sure if we knew each other under your original or new name, but welcome back to the Celebration community
  5. Not on Celebration, he won't! Here, we are a family. Sometimes a bit of a crime family, granted, but a family nonetheless. Tell the crab to leave you alone or we are sending Pandy to take him out!
  6. Thanks for keeping the map for us, Oluffus. I use it a lot!
  7. *Valdor grabs Beastwolf by the collar* "Already?! You just came back!!"
  8. Wait... the knarrs are capable of flying?! Last time I built one and pushed it off the roof, it just crashed very un-nautically on the pavement right next to the waterline. What did I do wrong?
  9. 88) Man vs snake R12G224B80 to Valdor, please, or any remaining snake. If I missed the snakes, I would love to be in line for any that don't get sold. Much appreciated. In game name: Valdor (same as on the forums)
  10. Congrats on your achievement! I'll join you there... eventually
  11. Thanks for the update, Keenan. And excellent work!
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    Doesn't "pay-to-win" moniker refer to something else, though? I was under the impression that "pay-to-win" was a system of micro-transactions where you can buy different things in game that are better than what you can get from loot. Our system is just a premium system, where you need to pay full price to access the entire product. I may be splitting peas, though
  13. I know. My post was not in response to yours. I just happened to post after you, as we were both typing at the same time and you pressed "submit" sooner
  14. I think we need to remember that Code Club was in no way obliged to give us any Marks for past premium time purchases. When we all bought premium time in the past, we all knew what we were buying. Nothing was hidden. We were buying premium on the conditions that existed at the time. And back then, we got 2 months of premium, along with a yellow potion, sleep powders and an eventual Lomaner title for 16 Euro. That's it. We all agreed to those conditions when we clicked the "purchase" button. So, I don't feel we are owed anything by the devs in regard to the past. The fact that we are getting Marks for past premium purchases is just a HUGE bonus. A free gift - really - for our loyalty over the years. I couldn't be happier about it and since I never counted on it when I bought my premium time in the past (as they system wasn't even conceived yet), whatever I get now for past premium purchases is an absolute, unexpected joy.