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  1. See... that's how it works. They introduce raising and lowering sails and next thing you know, people want to add planter boxes on them, anchor slots and mounted artillery. And we don't even have the sails going up yet! That's why we can't have nice things!!
  2. Four years of Shrimpalongs will definitely leave a great memory! Thanks for doing it all, Shrimpiie and here is to this year's festivities! Good time will be had, as always.
  3. You know, you just have to add stamp collecting to the above list and you'll have all the Wurm skills covered
  4. Woot! Finally. The ability to raise and lower sails. As someone who loves everything related to water and ships in Wurm, this is wonderful news. Looking forward to it! The planters will be fun as well. Can't wait. Great work as always, developers! Valdor
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    Rolf... I am a little late to this discussion, but I have a suggestion. You mention that when WO is posted on Steam, an entirely new server will be available to new players. One of your arguments is that new players will appreciate a server where they can make a difference, without having to fall under the shadow of strongly established players. That is a solid idea. But what about in addition to the new server, we give new players a choice? In this scenario, new players who join us on Steam would be able to join the newly created server, or choose to join the existing, current servers. This choice would be given to them at the start, with an explanation that if they want a fresh start experience, they should join the new server, but if they want an established world, with rich history and well established players, they should join the existing servers. This way, we could spread the new population around. While it's reasonable to think that new Steam experience would be well achieved with a new, fresh server, I am willing to bet that a lot of new players will be drawn to the established lands instead. There is something to be said about history of the land as a feature, and about getting help from established players, which often a draw for new MMO arrivals. After all, we have plenty of room on the current servers and spreading out the new population would serve well both the veterans and the future Steam arrivals. Valdor
  6. 👋 Hey Valdor!

    I didn't know you were still active in wurm 😳 

    Good to see you are.

    How have you been?

  7. Woot. Another Shrimpalong! Looking forward to seeing you all there. I'll be doing leatherworking, as always, and helping Shrimpster with some maintenance stuff. Knowing him, I'll probably be sweeping the floors, but hey... what the hell, free food! Bring all your leather items! Valdor
  8. No luck with any suggestions, anyone? Is my situation beyond hope?
  9. Sure thing! And sorry for the late reply. Crazy schedule here, so forgive the sporadic responses. First, my specs. They are: Windows 10 Pro Intel i7 CPU 965@3.20GHz, 3201 Mhz, 4 Cores 16 GB RAM 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 (in SLI) NVIDIA Rampage II Extreme Motherboard (w/ integrated sound) So, not a new computer, but it has no issues with games that demand much more out of the system than Windows and I never notice framerate issues elsewhere. That's why this is so surprising. Wurm was working very well before I installed Win10. Also, I did disable water reflections, but that did nothing. In fact, water seems to give me the best framerate of all. And here is the log you asked for:
  10. Has anyone noticed lowered frame rate in the last few months? Mine has dropped from around 35-60 to 12-30. It mostly hovers around 12-14 however. The frame rate seems to go up significantly when looking at water, though, which leads me to believe that either settings have changed or it was my upgrade from Vista to Win10 that caused it. I haven't been active in Wurm in the last few months (away from home), so I can't really tell when this change happened for me, but I think I noticed it right after an upgrade to Win10. I am running the latest Java 64-bit, while on Vista I was running Java 32-bit. Now, Windows 10 is supposed to be a more efficient platform than Vista and my computer is handling it very well (better than it handled Vista), so this drop in frame rate is beyond me. It's true, I had to re-install Wurm when I changed to Win10, which may have changed the settings a bit. I played with default settings then and I play with default settings now. Has anyone encountered such an issue, after upgrading to Win10? EDIT: I do not have the new texture mapping enabled, no.
  11. Another great year from Wurm! A huge thanks to all the developers for all the work they have done. With all the changes over the years, the saying "this is not your grandfather's Wurm" has never been more true! Looking forward to the additions this year!
  12. Congrats on your anniversary! And great to hear you are enjoying Wurm. A lot of things you said ring true for me as well. I started on Celebration, where I settled for good, and I also cannot say enough great things about the community. Sure, bad apples will come and go, but those who populate our servers for the long haul are geuinely great people. Many put a smile on my face when I just think of them. Life moves at a slow pace in Wurm, but that's just the way we like it. I am glad you found a home here and I wish you many more great years. I'll be here for many years to come too
  13. Great Impalong everyone! I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I can't wait till next year! Go Shrimpiie!
  14. I'll be coming before the festivities start, I hope, so that I can get properly situated and set up. Looking forward to it! Also, I would love a room too, if I may.