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  1. Comedy Goodness

    Made a separate thread for this because it doesn't really fit into any of the existing threads. This is a very funny video that won an academy award for short films in 2006. (about 20 mins). It loosely parodies the West Side Story and does not offend either side nor make any political statements. (anyone concerned about that should read the info on the youtube page for the vid. There's a Q&A with the makers of the vid. I enjoyed this video so much I bought the dvd off Amazon. Feel free to post any funny vids you may be fond of.
  2. Not sure I understand why. As far as I'm concerned you can never have too much storage. (May be gender related but I don't believe there's such a thing as too much closet space. lol.) And I'm also not sure I understand how anyone's use of their own storage space is affecting anyone else so why in the world nerf it? Who is it hurting? Although the idea of "proper big vaults" might be cool but as an addition, not as a replacement for current storage options.
  3. Post a song that describes your time in Wurm Online

    And this one is for when I can't log in
  4. Trader Item Suggestions

  5. Meh. So many people believe that fast travel means that people won't travel any more, people won't explore, people won't be as social (as if they are now, lol), people won't <insert some activity people want to force onto others here>. I often wonder if those that believe that have actually experienced it in a Wurm game. Using other games as an example is useless because, you know...different game and all that. Having experienced fast travel on the wu servers I've played on that have it in one form or another, I've found that the opposite is true. Some have highway portals tied in to the highway system. Some have mark/recall runes like in UO, some have set portals in strategic locations, etc. But the thing they all have in common is that they completely debunk the myth that fast travel would be harmful to Wurm. People can gather & be sociable more easily so...they do. People can get to far sides of the map to explore or hunt, (and *gasp* able to get back home within their allotted play time on any given day), so...they do. People can easily get to markets, starter towns, and/or merchants on other people's out-of-the-way deeds so....they do. People can go help a friend or even a stranger who needs help, even if they're on the far side of the map, so....they do. People can <insert any activity that people would like to do but usually can't/don't/won't in wo because they just don't have the time> they do. lol What I have seen is that people are so much more social, and I see more people out off their deeds doing various things, on the servers that have some form of fast travel than on the ones that do not and in wo. Granted I've not played every wu server but these have been my observations on the ones I have played on. With all that said though, I don't like the idea of exclusivity being placed on travel as proposed in the OP. It should be for all, even the unwashed masses. lol +1 for some sort of fast travel -1 for placing any sort of exclusivity or roadblocks on it
  6. And if it is an option for individual lamps, we could simply pick and choose which ones to have on all the time or left on the default 12 hr.
  7. +1 I would love this as an option. Being in the shadow of a mountain all the time just sucks now. It can be downright gloomy. Would be nice for indoor lamps as well. In most cases you can see better indoors at night than during the day.
  8. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    If I were to make a wild guess, I would say he'll probably be devoting his time, energy, and rather impressive skills to his WU server, Revenant. I would imagine that the residents of Revenant won't have their feelings hurt much by his leaving WO, and honestly I've often wondered how a few of the WO devs who run servers are able to juggle their commitments to WO along with running a WU server. Makes me tired just thinking about it. lol. I wish you all the best@Sinduskand hope Revenant is all you want it to be. I haven't tried it yet myself because my time is currently spread out between my 4 current favorite servers, as well as checking into WO periodically to remind myself why I'm playing WU. lol. But your server is actually at the top of my list for the next one to try once I have more time to devote to another server.
  9. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    +1 / -1 I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, I like the idea itself. It would add something fun to pve. On the other hand I dislike anything in any game that has such a huge price tag. To me, 2g translates as over $200 RL Cash. WO is ultimately a RL Cash game after all, no matter how you disguise it. (a rose by any other name.....etc.) Since I don't play pvp in Wurm, I have no clue as to the overall impact of what they pay. Almost seems as though it's something mandatory for them to have a kingdom, from what I can see from where I sit. But pvp aside, it just doesn't sit right with me to have something that expensive for a new feature. Drake, Scale, and other misc. items are bad enough and leave a bad taste in my mouth every time I see WTS posts for them. That's just me though and I realize many don't agree with me.
  10. ^^ I like this. It would address concerns for noobies and not just make their mining a time of anxiety or something to be avoided when possible. Especially if tied to source crystal or gem distribution so they're not too frequent. edit: And as long as there is a warning for those who are just wanting to mine and not in the mood for fighting. Once you've cleared an area of the pests, it would be annoying to have them keep spawning.
  11. lowering ceiling with concrete

    +1. For all the reasons others have stated. In addition, this would also help to counter the problem with trying to level ceilings in places where the game decides to "unlevel" the one you're standing under and then you can't re-level it again because "you are unable to reach that," and ruining the entire section beyond that as there's no way to proceed. Even collapsing and remining in those cases is sometimes a wasted effort even if you're lucky enough to either have or hire a priest that can collapse, or lucky enough to be able to afford a bunch of those goodies the traders sell for collapsing tiles.
  12. Valrei International. 076

    Another fishing question. Since a point has been made to list a "feed height" on the chart and in the individual fish descriptions (in addition to "swim depth"), I'm wondering what that is supposed to mean to us. Why is that listed? So far I've not seen any way to control how deep the hook and bait goes once cast. I was under the impression that the floaters are mandatory. So if a fish is on the chart as typically a bottom feeder in whichever "swim depth" they prefer, how do we control which of the 3 feed heights we are trying for? Or is this something out of our control that's just listed for "flavor?" With the rl ocean fishing I've done, I can't recall ever seeing anyone using a floater. We used "sinkers," and the deeper we wanted to go, the heavier sinker we used. (like for bottom fish like halibut)
  13. Valrei International. 076

    So, I looked at the fishing chart on the wiki and one thing popped out at me. Wurmfish: Cave..Swim Depth 150-1000. Is that a typo, oversight, or does it mean this is merely a mythical fish that doesn't exist? How do you get a swim depth of 150+ in a cave? Or am I misunderstanding something there? edit: I'm looking forward to the "whole bunch" of QoL adjustments. I hope this includes an adjustment to how skill is gained and the cat-at-a-mousehole "feature."