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  1. +1. You'll get overwhelming -1s from this, since it's generally considered to be rank heresy in Wurm. lol. But I've long believed portals would be beneficial and not heretical for many reasons. (not least of which, all the reasons talked about in other threads, like the starter-town thread, and making it easier for people to actually gather together and socialize without having to plan a week's vacation and an alt to do the "chores" on your deed to do it) Istaria actually has a great system consisting of fixed portals in towns and such. Each portal only has a select list of destinations, (which have to have been visited on foot first). The end result still requires you to walk to the nearest portal, then sometimes having to take multiple portals to get to your destination. It can still sometimes take a half hour or so to get somewhere but Istaria is so huge that without a portal system, I doubt they'd keep even the players they have. Honestly, once you've traveled a particular route a bazillion times on foot or by boat, it loses a lot of it's "charm" when you're just trying to accomplish something and just want to get from point A to point B to do it. The roads would still be used, shipping would still be a thing, etc, etc, etc. In fact, I'd wager that people would be much more inclined to get out and explore new areas or shop the markets if they didn't have to first spend an hour just getting to the general area.
  2. +1. Don't even have to be afk for the current targeting to give me headaches from slapping my forehead. Typical scenario for me.....when on my way from point A to point B, not looking for a fight, and getting tagged repeatedly, (& religiously remembering to keep hitting no-target).......then stopping to fight something.....and my occasional spells of fluff-for-brains has led to me forgetting I had something targeted that I hadn't cleared, and standing there wondering why I'm getting my arse handed to me by a bear. (or worse news, a troll, and have to retreat). lol. I usually figure it out in time but it's a forehead-slapper just the same.
  3. +1. I'm having a really hard time seeing at night now. The lights look pretty and all but don't really light things up much unless you're close to them
  4. Cross server does.
  5. Yep. I have many times uttered the "Wurm Blasphemy" of teleports between starter towns. I have so many fond memories of UO towns, with people visiting the bank, hawking their wares, visiting the shops, tamers standing around with horses and dragons in tow selling them, blacksmiths at the public forge offering their services. "Guides" offering their services...had to be very careful of them, lol. The ability to gather easily resulted in people doing just that. Teleports between starter towns, and/or between our (owned) deeds and starter towns, combined with the ability to actually live in the towns, I believe would make all the difference in the world. And if new players were met with such an atmosphere on their first day, I firmly believe their first impressions would be somewhat different than they are currently. ps....There are many, many old UO players who have yearned for a UO type experience. Wurm is the closest to that old "feeling" of any game I've yet to find. And Wurm offers so much more than UO ever did. I believe we could attract a lot of those seekers with the right atmosphere, without losing any of Wurm's unique charms.
  6. I actually like it. At first it seemed a bit too green but a couple adjustments and it's very pleasant now.
  7. +1. I'd definitely build that.
  8. Having only one starter town, while that might help, I think it would take away from the server-identity and server-community aspect of Wurm. I still say the only way starter towns (and therefore the game itself), will ever seem alive, with people about, etc., is if the starter towns are actually alive, with people about. lol. The only way there will be people about is if people can actually live in the starter towns, either in rented rooms at an inn or some other arrangements for the new people like temporary "plots" where they can practice building a shack and planting a tile of pumpkins, etc, (for a limited time), then either moving to a room at the inn when their time expires, (at which time the "improvements" revert to empty plot), or moving out on their own and founding a deed. (Run-on sentence, I know, it's early and I need more coffee. lol). If people can continue to live in starter towns, use the public mines, public forges, public kitchens, etc, etc. with a room & a bed and minimal safe storage, sell or trade with each other, go hunting together, etc, then some will do it. Not all new people would be inclined to join a player-run newbie town and put their trust in strangers before they even know if they're going to like the game. And if established players could also rent a room in town to help newbies or sell to them or just aren't inclined to want their own deed, or what-have-you, then some will do it, and voila, living, breathing, town with people about. There has to be a reason for someone to stay in a newbie town. There has to be a reason for people to be there going about their business. There is a reason they're all empty. Guide programs are a nice idea, and would be cool in combination with a living town, but alone doesn't address the empty-town-syndrome.
  9. This is not how I remember it. Either your memory is faulty or mine is. I distinctly remember not being able to hit mobs through the trees. They hit from two tiles away and trees did not hinder that, but it did hinder me.
  10. I'm glad to hear this, but that tells me that the problem has not been fixed yet. So that leads to another question............... Would it be unreasonable to wait to add tree collision until this has been addressed? If it is unreasonable to wait, why? I understand that you guys are working like one-armed paper hangers in a hurricane, but this doesn't give me much hope that it will be any time soon and in the meantime we are stuck with the problem. If you wait and add them together, it will be a wee bit easier to take since it appears that we'll have to live with this, one way or another.
  11. What debate? There's never been a real debate because the decision was already made and nothing anyone could say was ever going to change it. So, are you guys ever going to answer the burning question we've asked about, that's been asked numerous times ad-nauseum and never yet answered that I've been able to find? You claim thinner trees address the problems. Here is the question yet again......... Burning Question: Are you going to address the issue of mobs not having the same restrictions as we do? (ie: Mobs running through the trees in a straight line while players must run a zig-zag obstacle course, with the mobs able to hit through the trees while players cannot. Bad news for new players) As far as I'm concerned, if this is not being addressed, then thinner trees are nothing more than a token concession and my earlier comments in another thread still stand....I will try to restrain myself from too many I-told-you-so posts when the manure hits the proverbial fan. (edit: Was gonna "like" the op but with this in it, I just can't bring myself to hit that button.)
  12. This is very cool. Never knew about it. Wish I could hear it. Wish I could listen to any of Wurm's ambient sounds because they're so cool. Unfortunately, they won't give the combat sounds a separate volume control from the ambient sounds, so when I turn up the sound enough to hear the ambient sounds, the minute I get into combat my ears get blasted, especially with the creature noise, and I have to quickly turn it back down. Guess I can try turning it up for a while when I'm somewhere not likely to get into combat and listen for the birds.
  13. Shameless plug time again. lol. Clip from Megan's last show. I edited my last post to reflect that the one I was posting at the time is now the second vid on the page rather than first. This latest one, Purple Haze is just a short clip but very cool imo. (and guitar player playing behind his head and with his teeth, lol) Give her a "like" if you have a facebook account, but give her a look-see even if you don't.
  14. That worked. Thanks. No idea what I did. Maybe didn't change something back or something. Anyway, will work with this and reset my keybinds and all that. PITA but at least I can play. Thanks again.