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  1. ^^^Fo Yeah, I pretty much agree with most of what you said about all the deities. On WO Fo is a nice RP deity and Animal Passive & Genesis are nice but hardly worth paying prem on an extra alt just to have Genesis. On the WU servers I play though, where there are no priest restrictions and your main can be a priest, I always choose Fo on my main because of the Animal Passive & Genesis & use alts for Vyn & Mag. Not just for the hellies but, but on my main there's a lot to be said for not being constantly harassed with trash mobs nipping at your heels everywhere you go when you're not in the mood for a fight, especially when on your way to bed to log off and get hit with the log-off timer because a wolf decided to bite your arse as you pass by, just as you're almost home. lol.
  2. hmm. Maybe I'm just so used to our player characters that I don't notice anything wrong with them? Especially when they're such a vast improvement over when I first started and we were all green clones. lol. Am I the only one who actually likes how our characters look now & don't see any pressing reason to change them? **shrugs**
  3. Wildelf, yes Bloodscythe is a good person and likes to help others. There are many in Wurm who like to help others. (and unfortunately some who just like to cause trouble), and some like to do good deeds anonymously, as Ayes does. Ayes is one of those people, who has over the years always anonymously helped others, and has put in many, many hours (and in some cases his own money) making nice areas around starter deeds for public use. To state that you don't see anything good on his part, even by reputation, just shows that you're new & unaware. (and understandably dismayed and a little hurt by this unfortunate situation). Unfortunately, due to the nature of Wurm, these types of situations have come up more than once over the years and you shouldn't stop playing your character because of it. Just understand that it's Wurm. Land disputes over how undeeded land should be used are frequent , even land that someone has claimed as their own without deeding it (which is allowed), hence the saying "deed it or lose it" which is supposed to settle it & make everyone feel better about it but never does. Another saying in Wurm is "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." As a sandbox, many things are allowed that shouldn't necessarily be done out of common courtesy. In general, messing up the work of others where it has clearly not been abandoned, is not a good idea. In this situation though it's not exactly undeeded land, it's the perimeter of the starter deed, and Ayes made that mine as a convenience to be used by all. And from the sounds of it there was a whole lot of work involved, not to mention signs set out, etc., stating that it was for the public. So on this point I feel Retro is out of line & very inconsiderate to just brush it off with a "no big deal." Just my opinion. My understanding is that Haven, which is a fairly new thing in Wurm, is allowing people to settle in the perimeter(?), but in general I thought it was supposed to be public lands with resources and facilities intended to be used by all and not claimed or blocked off in such a way as to prevent others from using them. A place where new players could have a safe haven to familiarize themselves with the game before venturing out to either join a village or start their own, not to set up permanent housekeeping. I know Haven is different from private deeds, but as a general rule, doing anything in perimeters that aren't yours is bad form and buildings can't even be built, (and if building can be done in Haven perimeter then that's definitely different from private perimeters). Since you're new you can't be expected to know any of this right off so don't take this wrong, I'm not criticizing. It's just that it can potentially lead to hard feelings, as it has in this case and you should just be aware of it. And with building/settling allowed, I doubt this will be the last time Haven perimeter land is disputed just as undeeded lands elsewhere are hotly disputed at times. It's a Wurm thing, no reason to think that's ever going to change so it's just something to be aware of and gotten used to. As you venture out and learn more about Wurm, it's a good idea to keep in mind that settling in an area and making changes to the work of others, like public roads & tunnels for instance (another hot issue of debate sometimes), can often lead to bad feelings for all involved. And if you mess with someone's perimeter, you're likely to start a real firestorm. There is so much open land that it's not difficult at all to find areas where you won't impact anyone else's game, even on Independence.
  4. And change the type of land. Clay, tar, sand, dirt, grass, tundra, steppe, etc. Build carts & wagons that you can hitch animals to, ride on, and load with stuff. Build carriers to move ships over land & cages to transport animals. Also, I don't know if any other game has this but you can go literally anywhere. If you can see it, you can get there, even if some places are difficult like tops of mountains. No artificial boundaries with painted backdrops like other games.
  5. New one. This one gave me a chuckle. Reminded me of UO back in the day except it was players that were being pickpocketed.
  6. Well all of us have been giving opinions. And we have had to base our opinions on incomplete, scattered info. And a lot of questions are still unanswered, or selectively answered. So we either don't discuss it at all, or we discuss our current opinions, based on current info, hoping we've found all the snippets scattered throughout the forum and/or relayed to us from those who learned answers on discord or through conversations. No big deal. It's all just discussion. **shrugs** p.s. I still haven't seen anything to entice me to play it, aside from the initial fun of starting a fresh character on a fresh server, but that's just me and personal preference. The survival aspects are pretty cool too and a lot of people have not experienced that for a very long time. I watched the live streams and it reminded me a lot of when a new wu server opens, which is always fun. For myself though, since I've already done that a number of times now on wu, it's not a big draw for me. I'm sure a lot of people will be enjoying it though so in that respect I'd have to say this is a success so far. I hope it turns out as they've planned. I'm just still a little disappointed that it's not the hunting server for higher skilled characters that some of us wanted.
  7. Actually, I didn't see anything in your post that warranted an apology but I'm sure some will appreciate it. If your assumptions were based on incomplete info, that's not your fault. We were all having to work on assumptions, as some still are. You didn't insult or attack anyone and your criticism of the new feature was not over the top nor said in an angry or adversarial way. This is a discussion board and if your post "triggered" anyone to want to respond in a condescending way, that's on them not you. Just my 2 coppers.
  8. Will these creatures attack deeds? Animals on deeds? Will templars attack them? Will tower guards help with them? In other words, exactly how till these creatures affect deeds on the regular servers? Also, it has been asked but not answered yet...will the scout groups attack people's hitched and/or saddled/branded animals left off deed when the players log off?
  9. This is the kind of updates info I was referring to in another thread. I keep hearing that discord is not the primary way of communication but then I keep seeing posts where people ask a question and someone else will answer with the info they got on discord. This isn't earth shattering and eventually we peons who don't/won't use discord do get most of the info, but it is mildly annoying. (mostly right now I'm referring to questions asked in the Jackal update thread) So truly, is discord now the primary place for answers now, aside from the main update posts, with the forums as secondary?? So many questions in those threads go unanswered, only to find later that they were answered in discord with only discord users being fully in-the-know and occasionally willing to impart their knowledge to us here on the forums or in game.
  10. Episode 3 of the DnD game. This one is pretty entertaining. I love these guys. They'd be loads of fun to play with. Also love how they put in funny bits with the Epic NPC Man characters in costume.
  11. Well, since all we have are snippets with no details yet, we can only base our reactions on those snippets. Based on that I can say at this point, my overall impression so far is that this is definitely not going to be for me but I wish you all well with it and hope it turns out to be fun for those who like this kind of thing. When the first announcement came out I was really, really hoping this was going to be something akin the to hunting islands on some WU servers. In that, I have to say I'm disappointed. My impression at this point is that it is going to be another competitive activity which is not my cup of tea in an mmo. It seems it's, firstly, going to be a competitive race to "git gud." Skills, equipment, resources, whatever. And then the goal itself. Bleh. Doesn't sound like fun to me. If I wanted that kind of competition I'd play something like PUBG where the stress is only in short sessions rather than spread out over months. But as I said, this may be enjoyable for some and I hope it turns out like they're hoping it will. For myself, if it is what it sounds like with the limited info we have so far, I guess I'll stick with WU for my main playing. This isn't something that will entice me to increase my play time on WO since I won't be bothering with it.
  12. This has got to be one of the most creative videos I've seen in a very long time. The dancing is matched to the music perfectly. Very enjoyable to watch. And of course, who can listen to Uptown Funk without a smile?
  13. As someone who doesn't use twitter or discord or any other social media, I'm perfectly happy with forum updates on things. Honestly, I'm not sure I understand how the forum can't be just as "live" as social media since all it requires is a post. But that's just me and using social media for updates wouldn't affect me one way or the other unless updates stopped being made on the forums in favor of social media. p.s. Just being conversational here, not trying to be critical or adversarial. It was brought to my attention that it could have been taken that way. So, apologies if I don't always come across in the way I intend.
  14. @Scottfree2 Yeah, Burning Spear always puts on a good show and with stellar musicians. I've seen him live a few times. I like a lot of his stuff, like the one you posted, but not all. Sometimes he gets a little weird and just repeats the same line through the whole song. Probably on heavy ganja days, lol. But even then it's always a good sound.
  15. Three generation selfie at the reggae festival last weekend. Me, granddaughter, and daughter (left to right).