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  1. Sound Categories

    Yes! For me, combat sounds especially need to be separate!! I've said this more than once. I'd love to have my ambient sound turned up so I can hear crickets at night and stuff like that. But I don't because if I have it up high enough to hear those, when I get into combat it blasts me with creature noises (spiders and scorps are the worst) and probably makes my neighbors wonder what the hell is going on in my apartment. lol +1 for separating sounds options.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    Ok. Wasn't familiar with Vyn's spells. Thanks
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    So, basically this means that AOSP is now exclusively black light which removes it from PVE entirely unless they pay PVP blacklighters for it? And how will this affect PVE WU servers that have no blacklight priests, period? Am I missing something? There's a lot to read.
  4. Premium suggestions

    True but along with the minutes you buy, you also have to buy "service" time. I use a pay as you go phone. The company I use, I get to keep any minutes I buy and every 3 months I buy another 3 months of air time. But you have to be very careful with those systems. If the air time expires, you lose your phone number. And at least one company I know of (but won't use for this reason), your minutes you buy only extend from the date bought and you don't keep unused minutes from the previous months. I have mixed feelings about this for Wurm. I can't see a pay-by-the-minute thing working for Wurm unless they also sold "service time," like if they also had maybe a type of account where you paid a reduced "service time" and then bought minutes on top of that. Seems to me it would be a big pain for CC, but I don't really know. I know it seems to work well for the cell phone companies but they have huge accounting departments. Just seems to me that if this was a good business model for online games, the large game companies would be using it.
  5. New Server Hunting Only

    +1. I think it would be a nice addition for WO and give people something more to do besides grinding and rifts. I can't think of a single good reason why not. A few of the WU servers have islands with harder mobs reachable by portal or boat. Once again, as with a few other things, WU is living proof that things like this absolutely do not ruin the game, they enhance it. Two servers that I play on that have this, one has a permanent "rift" island and the other has an island full of valrei mobs and rift mobs. (They recommend not going to that one without at least 3 or 4 people but I know people who go alone too, although very risky, lol). I know of a few other servers that have things like this. Some even have dungeons, etc. They're very popular and from all I can tell people really love them. I'm always at a loss to understand why anyone would be against something like this being implemented in WO. They certainly don't have to use it if they don't want to. Nobody can move there or build so that shoots down the "thinning the population" argument. And once set up they require minimal maintenance by admins.
  6. Valrei International. 068

    That's a matter of opinion. In my opinion it vastly adds to the game. It's so much more fun playing that way.
  7. Just because it sucks so much

    I see that the "restriction" part of all this has now been put in WU. When will we get the "fix" part? (if there has indeed been a fix). Is this PITA still a thing in WO? Must everything have to have an associated PITA? What I'm experiencing is this.... A cart, directly under a ladder on the ground floor, is now out of reach, even from the floor just above it. Not only can't "embark" to bring the cart up any more, can't even access the contents without climbing down, opening, climbing back up, build the wall, climb down, move cart under the next tile, climb back up, etc, etc, etc. And this only works for the second story as the cart can't be brought up fully loaded now either. So for third floor and above, have to build bridge/ramps or drag a cart with as much as you're able to drag at a time. edit: I just noticed Wilczan says he can haul the wagon to the 14th floor. So I guess WO got some sort of fix? So when will WU get a fix?
  8. New Ship : Dredge Barge

    Excellent idea! +1 the OP and +1 no wind effects
  9. I have to agree with those saying it comes down to the RL money thing. Everyone in the game has the potential to make the same amount of real money. Therefore the cost to get into this "business" should be the same for all. If not, then some people would pay less to potentially make the same and therefore higher profit. And this RL cash profit can in turn be used to pay in-game for premium and deed upkeep for those who aren't actually siphoning money off to their RL paypal accounts. I hate that aspect of Wurm and much prefer the Unlimited model where RL cash has no part in it except for a few optional goodies on the servers that have a cash shop. Players can't make a real-cash profit in Unlimited, so it doesn't matter if some paid full price and others got a discount. But sadly, it is what it is.
  10. Valrei International. 068

    Well if this is how it actually plays out in practice, then no harm, no foul I guess. (as I said before, I have a low trust threshold when it comes to Wurm Nerfs, lol.) All this talk of "making pve combat more interesting" has me concerned tbh because I don't find the concept of down time between every fight to be interesting. And I found the concept of adding even more down time between mobs to be even less interesting. Seems to me that healing resistance for healing spells cast by a priest during a fight will probably accomplish what you're after, although I'm sure unique tank fighters aren't going to find that very interesting, but I'm still skeptical about including LT in all this. Also I'm still a bit unclear on if this applies also to healing with cotton. Is that going to be resisted as well? I may have missed something in this thread.
  11. Valrei International. 068

    Well, speaking for myself of course, I like LT the way it is now and not looking forward to it changing, because I just don't trust that it's "not going to change for pve." And if it's not going to change for pve, then how 'bout not changing it for pve. lol. I mean, make the change on pvp servers only, if that's possible. Or just leave it alone. I don't see who it's hurting. I spent the first couple years in this game not doing any fighting at all simply because it was nothing more than a huge PITA and no fun. Fight a mob, stop (if possible), heal, repair, rinse, repeat. I just don't have any masochistic tendencies. It's still a pita sometimes even now with 86 fs but at least with LT I don't have to have down time between every mob (only every other mob lol), to heal and repair damage to armor and weapon, etc. Was worse when I was using a shield and 1h weapon because the stupid shield damage is so excessive. I learned the hard way, multiple times, not to begin combat with less than high health when possible.
  12. Merchant Ships - (Wagoneers on water)

    lol. It always cracks me up when I see people accuse others of being "lazy" in a game. "Lazy" implies shirking work. Games are for play, not work. So as we sit here at our computers, being mouse potatoes, how can we possibly call ourselves anything but lazy then, while we pretend we're not, because we "work" in the game? Personally I prefer to think of myself as Energy Efficient. Oh and +1 the op.
  13. Ship Building Legend Title

    Shipwright Argus