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  1. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    @Scottfree2Wow, I really like Alien Weaponry, thanks for posting that. Amazing they're so young (14, 14, & 16), with such a mature sound and subject matter, and their musicianship is stellar. I just listened to a bunch of their stuff on youtube with translations. I especially like that first one you posted, Kai Tangata, the vid fits the lyrics perfectly. I like this one too. (gotta hit the CC button to get the lyrics)
  2. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    I like it. There was a time when I didn't think instances would be a good thing for Wurm, but my thinking on that has evolved over time. Currently we can step into a portal or cross a server line & end up somewhere else entirely, Epic, Choas, another PVE server. What would be the difference really? If done right, it could be just as immersive and not change the sandboxiness (word?) at all. Maybe this new Frontier thing they've teased/tantalized us with will be something along these lines?
  3. Its not easy being an NPC

    New Zealand is on my bucket list for places to visit. And speaking of Maori, have you seen the movie Whale Rider? It's one of my favs I keep in my dvd library to watch now & again. No idea how much accuracy is in it but it's a great movie anyway.
  4. Simple Fix for Uniques

    Bleh. Just put all uniques on the new Frontier or whatever it's gonna be, and subject to new rules of whatever that place is gonna be. Problem solved. Otherwise I don't see the drama ever stopping.
  5. Its not easy being an NPC

    And this one. I literally lol'd.
  6. Its not easy being an NPC

    Thank you for these! I love these guys. I enjoyed these so much that I went to their page and ended up binge watching the whole series of Epic NPC Man yesterday and for good measure watched the series on the PUBattlegrounds even though I usually have no interest in that kind of game. Just because they're so funny. lol. This one really hit my funny bone.
  7. Valrei International. 086

    I totally agree, on the surface it's a good change. But it's incomplete and in it's incomplete state is, imo, worse than the current state. At the very least, since this is a so-called temporary fix (and we all know how these so-called "temp" things go), they need to remove aggro from uniques, or remove the bash mechanic, or both.
  8. Valrei International. 086

    This is exactly the sort of thing I foresee happening now with this change unless they change the aggro & bashing mechanics of dragons along with it. In fact the quick penning of dragons was about the only redeeming quality I ever saw with the old system. But..... in an attempt to make a change that will reduce some of the dragon drama, they will accomplish the exact opposite and create vastly more drama as well as bringing that drama to many, many more people, even potentially those who were previously unaffected. This needs to be seriously re-thought. Yes, dragon-drama needs something done to reduce it but simply making one change like this with no thought to the repercussions is insane, imo. I read/heard something meant to be somewhat humorous once, not sure where, maybe it was on a forum or a youtube vid or movie or whatever, but it stuck with me and I think fits this situation elegantly. It was..."Don't do two things half-assed. Just do one thing whole-assed."
  9. Valrei International. 086

    Umm... Not to be Negative Nellie, but I think you're mistaken on that point. I think you're forgetting that a large part of dragons not bashing deeds very much currently is because they're penned immediately, as a rule, and are not free to bash deeds. Those that haven't been found for ages are in remote areas. I hope you're right, but I also hope you guys are prepared with a solution if it does become a problem. I would still be a lot happier if you would just make dragons shy away from deeds.
  10. Valrei International. 086

    I see this part as the most important part tbh. I find it more than a bit disturbing. @RetrogradeJust how big of a buffer are you guys talking about? I understand you said this is some sort of temp solution while you work on other things, but no offense intended, your track record on "temp fixes" leads me to believe this could go on for years. I think I would be much happier with some kind of mechanic that will make a unique avoid deeds altogether. Maybe lose interest and wander off if they come to a deed when following someone. I have a feeling this could become a problem, especially on smaller servers. I don't fancy logging in and finding a dragon on my deed bashing his little heart out the minute I'm seen in my house, either because he wandered in or because he was chasing some hapless player who happened to run across my deed looking for safety (or worse, intentionally).
  11. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    This is actually from an episode of Stargate Atlantis. Posting it without the scenes from the episode just because it's such a hauntingly beautiful song all by itself. This one is for non-fans of the show. Just music. Aaand.........(LOL)... for fans of the show, same song but with the episode part that went with it. It's the one where Teyla is singing the circle ceremony for her dead aunt while a crisis is going on when Cauldwell is taken over by a Goa'uld and sabotaged the city & they need the access code. Cool to watch. Now I'm gonna have to dig out my DVDs. hehe
  12. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Great song to make bricks by.. Heard it while watching vids for an upcoming trip to Jamaica. So I looked it up. Not posting the vlog I was watching as it's a lot a talking in between, but this kept playing during all the adventure parts like river rafting and stuff. So catchy it's hard to get it out of my head. lol