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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    Exactly. Oh an btw, you made that look like the entire quote was my words rather than your added words. All I said was Deja Vu. Just sayin'
  2. Time stamped at the last verse. But I want the whole song played.
  3. Went to these guys' show Friday night at The Rose in Pasadena. They've been killing it since 1968 and still going strong. Amazing musicians. This video is one of my favs from 2018.
  4. Ritchie Blackmore & Ronnie James Dio. (RIP) Blast from the past. Love this song.
  5. New one. Trying to aim with a controller
  6. Try their PUBG videos next. They're too funny.
  7. Maybe. Not sure I agree. Just because it's a practice with some big business doesn't make it something to be just shrugged off. But the pertinent point for me is that the promises were made anyway, in the face of all the questions in the beginning about the possibility of this very thing happening eventually. And for me, drowning unwanted puppies is reprehensible and won't be forgiven. Sure, we always knew that "some" features would be held back as "Wurm Exclusives." That's fine, and was stated at the beginning. But the promise being broken was that WU would always continue to get graphical updates, bug fixes, and "most" new features. WU was to be the sister game, not the unwanted puppy tied into a bag and tossed in the river.
  8. WO Steam Discussion

    I really don't think many are talking about shutting down WU and removing it from Steam, not sure where that's coming from. What people are upset about is the broken promises of always supporting WU, that it was to be a sister game, not an unwanted stepchild, and that it would "always" get "all" updates except a few features that would be held back like rifts. It was also promised that it would "always" get all graphical updates. Now it's just being dropped like a piece of trash. There was a lot of skepticism in the beginning and a lot of questions about the potential for this sort of thing happening and everyone was assured that it would not happen. Oh, and we get a final " bugfixing update?" And then you're done with us? Since when has a bugfixing update ever fixed all the bugs? lol. Thanks, I needed a good laugh in the midst of all this. Speaking for myself of course, but I know a lot of others feel the same, my trust has finally gone completely out the window. I've tried to believe in this company for so long. Sure, I believe you (collective you, the company), will be making an "official" statement. Like all the "official" statements that were made before? What I don't believe any more is that we can put any stock or faith in what's being said. Quite honestly, I doubt I'll believe a single word. You now say " won't be getting any of the new WO updates......." Interesting that back when we were all sold on WU in the first place it was "it won't be getting all of the new updates." Big difference there. To be perfectly honest, I'm starting to really regret that I've continued to support WO all this time by continuing deed upkeep and premium in WO even though I've been playing WU. Now I honestly don't know that I care to continue giving my money to a company I can't trust anything they say. Look at my signature. It's something I live by.
  9. Yeah, I haven't either. But I suspect that's due to my playstyle rather than any imagined virtue on my part. I'm too easily distracted by other things I need/want to do at any given time, plus I just don't have the stick-with-it-iveness to do one thing long enough to trigger it. BUT........(and this is a biiig But..), in principal the fatigue function should never have been a thing in a game where you are paying a monthly fee to play. Any mechanic that prevents you from accessing what you are paying for needs to go. I am fully on board with those who want it gone, and I can sympathize with those who's preferred playstyle does trigger it.