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  1. But they're going to be popping up in trade channel anyway, only with the current system, they will only be popping up being sold by hard core players who already pretty much dominate the trade channels with anything else that's desirable and being kept out of the reach of the casual player. As far as I can see, this new "feature" is just another opportunity for real world money making and the casual players will have to suck it up and either buy or trade as usual. I had such high hopes that this was going to be something different, but it's not. Meh. Whatever.
  2. Cows and horses inside my barns continue moving around in their 1x1 stalls and are still clipping through the fences in the barns. Also, domestic type animals are now invading my deeds on the north coast of Xanadu. Whereas I almost never saw domestic animals coming on deed, but always had lots of aggro mobs, there are now tons of domestics jacking up my creature ratio and much much fewer aggro mobs. Please remove the new creature movement from deeds. (oh, and since this is labeled as a "feedback" thread and all our posts were consolidated, shouldn't this be stickied for a while, as other "feedback" threads usually are? It was promptly buried)
  3. Wish I had a copper for every time this has been suggested. This is a much wanted feature. +1 (again )
  4. But what about existing deeds that had previous settlements? Most locations that have had multiple deeds are re-deeded because they're good locations. Can't very well tear up all the existing deeds. Well ok, we can tear up our own, but who wants to? lol.
  5. James T Kirk let me down. lol. Grats to the winners. Nice event.
  6. Yes, but being a dev I would assume the info is factual and not just an exaggeration or misrepresentation. And if he started finding them at 51, that means it should be possible for us all to start finding them at 51. The person who didn't start finding them until 70 would therefore not be typical. Yes? And I'm at 56 now and still not one single mask frag. So how is needing 10 of them a good number? The rng has not been kind to me, and downright brutal to the guy who never saw one til 70 skill. 3 was just fine, imo, considering there are more than one kind and so still probably have to find a huge number to make 3 of one kind. 10 is just discouraging (as are the statues), and I doubt I'm going to continue bothering with it at all. I feel like I've been wasting my time. I did it as much as I did, precisely because I thought I at least had a chance at a mask over time with only needing 3. So, to my original post, I have to question your statement that 10 is an achievable number. Winning the lottery in rl is "achievable" as well, but not very likely.
  7. @Pride Just goes to prove my point since Warlander said, in this thread (2nd page) that we should start seeing the masks at 51 skill. Since he's a developer, I would like to think he's giving us factual info and not just bragging about his own finds. Looks to me like you're even more unlucky than most if you didn't see one til you hit 70.
  8. By this do you mean you are running two characters at the same time? I ask because I've experienced this very same problem ever since the new stable client was added. It only happens when I try to run more than one character, whereas before the new client I was able to run 3 with no hitches at all. Now, 2 characters and it gets wonky, and 3 is out of the question. With 3 my computer grinds to a complete halt and freezes, and I have to do a hard reboot. I can, at times, still play 2 characters if they are both in areas with no people and not a lot of deeds in the area, so I've been able to live with it so far. I've posted about it before but from the lack of any input from devs on the matter, I can only conclude that this is now something we have to learn to live with. Those who can still run multiple clients with no problems will see no change, obviously, and so I doubt we'll get much sympathy from that quarter. lol. As far as I can see so far, those of us who do have a problem with it, due to our computers or whatever, will just have to suck it up and learn to play only 1 character at a time, or 2 when away from "civilization." I just dropped prem on the 3rd character. Not much point in paying for 3 now. Oh also, it helps when playing 2 characters, if one is in a cave or something. My priest now lives in a cave so she doesn't impact my main too much when they're both on at the same time and I want to take my main somewhere built up that causes a lot of lag.
  9. Considering that I've got 56 archaeology, have spent countless hours searching, and still have yet to get a single mask fragment of any kind, I have to question this. I've found 3 of the eagle statue, and 1 of the hell horse. I'm also getting lots of info on previous multiple deeds so I don't think it's because I'm just in empty areas. I'm curious to know what criteria you used to arrive at this number. If it's from the people who have posted all the mask fragments they've gotten, I'd hazard a guess that they were extremely lucky, in addition to grinding, and that they don't represent the average player. My own experience, and I suspect most people's, is very different.
  10. Thank You!! This just.......stinks. What does this mean exactly? Some details would be nice. Sorry but I worry when you guys make these kinds of vague "tweak" statements with no details. What was wrong with the difficulty and is this a nerf or a benefit? (in fact I was just commenting to a friend the other day, wondering how long it was going to take before we started getting some vague "tweak" posts about archaeology that tell us nothing, lol). Sorry, just speaking my mind.
  11. Such a fun new feature, (kinda like scratching off lottery tickets, lol). Shame it's slightly marred by this little annoyance. I understand the need for decay on fragments if dropped in the wild or we'd soon have the lands littered with perma-frag piles. On the other hand, it's a real drag to have our fragments just decaying away so fast. Not everyone can do archaeology all day every day to get more to combine em so they sit there and decay away. I know most of them are junk but it's still a drag. Archaeology should include preservation, as well as discovery and restoration. And I've already got a few frags of things I want to keep, that need an exorbitant number of pieces and so will take forever to get them all. Guess it's time to make a couple more free alts to stand around in my archaeology house. lol. +1. Better if we had some way to preserve them other than free alts or magic chests.
  12. What a great idea for creative marketing. I don't need a boat myself but I have to applaud your idea. Well done.
  13. [20:03:55] You successfully identify the fragment as a statue of eagle fragment [1/93].
  14. I'm also noticing my horses are constantly moving around in their 1x1 pens in the barns, since I no longer keep horses in large pens. I can't say for sure if they're reacting to me or just moving around for no reason. They still clip a bit too, but not too bad. My barns still look chaotic now though, and unsettling. Before, the horses used to stay put if in a 1x1, and is the primary reason I built my barns like I did. If I re-position them back to the center of the tile now, within minutes they're back at the edges trying to get through the walls and fences. All animals on my deed are bred except the pigs. Not sure if the chickens count as bred since I didn't actually breed them with a rooster, but they hatched from fertile eggs laid by chickens who in turn were also hatched on my deed. 3rd and 4th generation, maybe more. About half the horses are cared for. Also, in response to the consequences of this update, all of my animals are now branded, down to the last chicken and pig. Previously I had only about half of the animals branded so as to not clutter my animal management screen, especially with no-name animals like chickens, pigs, bison, and sheep but it's better than them running around in a panic I guess. Maybe you could just disable that fleeing and/or constant movement on deeds? It doesn't appear that being bred, branded, or cared-for is changing much other than the chickens have calmed down a bit and aren't as frantic as they were for a while.
  15. +1