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  1. new tutorial

    I agree about people having different learning styles and I think a text to speech is something that could be very helpful for some people rather than having the first impression be that the game is just frustrating. Also on the subject of a new tutorial, I saw one WU server that had an interesting approach to the learning curve in their starter town. Along the walkway from the spawn point were various "stations" with a sign for what it was about and then the player had the option to try it out if they chose to, such as how to dig, chop down a tree, make a kindling, start a fire, dig a clay, make a bowl, cook a meat, etc. I remember when I started, the tutorial did include a few such things but it got removed. Still, it was very helpful to me. Also on a personal note, I think things like hands-on milking a cow and things like that would be helpful. Not so much that it's something they'd need to learn immediately but for getting across the idea of the kinds of things they can do for their first impressions of the game. When I started, it was the little things like that that grabbed my interest. It seems so silly now, but I was so wowed when my friend handed me a bucket and told me to try out milking a cow. Rather than just being told we can milk cows, it was the hands-on experience, the sound of milking, the resulting bucket of milk, then being able to turn it into a cheese, I was like Oh Wow, how cool is this. lol. Yeah, silly now to be so impressed by milking a stupid cow and making cheese, but it contributed to my first impressions of Wurm and my getting hooked early on, which is (or should be, I would think), the goal of a tutorial and newbie experience in the first place.
  2. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    An old fav. Love the vid that goes with it too. Guess I'm just an old softie but I find this video very moving.
  3. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Grandaughter doing a few of her original songs she wrote. Yes I know, I'm a proud granny so my opinion is biased, but I love her writing style and like to share them. lol (I time stamped it at the second song) (And a couple of really short clips of Camilla Cabello's Havana and Amy Winehouse's Valerie. :) Havana Valerie
  4. And over 90 ql it sorts by 1. So 90, 91, 92, etc, etc. (with the wu mod, as-is). No muss, no fuss.
  5. Sounds like it would work, but also sounds like it would be a bit overly (and unnecessarily) complicated in practice to me. I've been playing on servers with the WU mod and it works just fine. In fact it's one of my favorite mods and I don't like playing on servers that don't use it. It's simple and easy to use. Simply on or off, and done with it. Have a toggle to make it sorting/non-sorting. Could just leave the default as non-sorting so it doesn't mess with existing ones. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by it being "choppy" unless you mean it chops it into too many ql levels? Personally I think the trade off would be worth it for the ease of use. But then I'm not a fan of having to fiddle with things for micro-management. But I could live with it.
  6. Pets in combat

    Since I'm feeling especially crotchety this morning, I won't say all the things I'd like to say about Wurm's pet system. I'll just say that I haven't, and I won't, play with pets in Wurm. Checked it out a bit when I first started and dropped it like the proverbial hot potato. +1 for a better pet system.
  7. Things I am looking forward to in Wurm...

    Looking forward to: The new flowering hedges coming to WU. Wishing for: Priests able to make one-use spell scrolls (not all spells) that can be sold to, and used by, non-priests. I sometimes really miss my Scribe from back in UO.
  8. New Mob: Ranged Attack

    My first reaction to this is that I don't think I'd care for it. It doesn't sound like fun to be ambushed from a distance by something you potentially can't see, or figure out where it's coming from. Especially goblins which are hard to see sometimes anyway because they're so small and aren't hindered by the trees like we are. And for lower level and/or new players, I think it could be a potential nightmare.
  9. Can't the paving be changed with a 'replace pavement' option? Or is that just in WU? I get confused sometimes.
  10. Sortable inventory that saves state

    Yep, many of us have been asking/pleading/begging for this as far back as I can remember. To no avail. The naysayers claim it has something to do with macro prevention which, to my mind, is a very specious argument. Big +1. (as always)
  11. Crops Never Turn To Weeds

    Spot on. I agree with all of this. And with the enchanted grass, I still use that a lot in WU simply because in some areas I don't like the look of crops in my animal pens. Aesthetics. +1 the OP.
  12. Expanding End-Game

    I've always had discussions about a hunting server for my WU servers. Since I added much more difficult mobs than trolls that roam the land, it's been a topic of conversation more than once. I have concerns that it would fail in execution. While the idea is sound, you could end up in a scenario where either everyone moves there to keep it challenging, or players avoid it completely because it takes too long to access. I'm unsure if there's a proper middle ground where neither of those problems exist. My attempt at it was making sure that difficult creatures spawned in biomes (tundra, snow, steppe, etc). That worked out to a decent degree, but it required a map specifically tailored around that fact. Actually, there is a middle ground. If there is no building allowed, then no one can move there. If no one can live there, then the sky's the limit for creative fun making. hehe. And there are a number of ways to make sure it doesn't take too long to access so the only people avoiding it would be those who simply don't care for that type of game play, while giving a fun alternative to those who do. Some of the WU servers have portals and/or short boat trips, etc, to areas like that and as far as I've seen, people really like them. If it's an isolated server, rather than just an island then your biomes idea would be viable as well as special mobs, etc. Have a portal for access as well as boat access, and increasing mob difficulty further away from the portal with respawn option at the portal if/when you die. At least one I've seen has some sort of an "escape" option back to the portal if not in combat for those who have to log out and don't have time to fight their way back. (haven't used that one myself so not sure of the mechanics and/or abuse restrictions, etc. I'm going by hearing others talk about it). But either way, island or isolated server, I feel a middle ground is definitely achievable as has been seen on a few of the WU servers.
  13. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    Methinks he doth protest too much. lol
  14. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    +1 It's a med ability, not priest, so should not be governed by religion. And if people should not complain about anything, should play the game as **intended** and shouldn't ask for changes in the **suggestions** forum, then they should just scrap this forum, scrap the new priest rework, and revert the game back to 2008 when it was presumed to be as **intended** (provided anyone can divine the original intent on every little aspect of the game, lol)