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  1. Just for context on my last post, since I mentioned child prodigy. This is Angelina Jordan at 10 yrs old. She's been called an old soul in a child's body.
  2. Just released a few days ago from the child prodigy, now 15/16. Keeping to her jazzy roots
  3. Last one. Music starts at 2:20 for those not into stories. But it's a true story, heartwarming, and well worth watching, as well as the bit after the music. Has subtitles.
  4. Dunno if these have been posted before. I'm starting to lose track. lol. Love these guys. (turn on subtitles)
  5. Time stamp apparently won't work. Music starts a little after the 2 minute mark if you want to skip the pre-story. The pre-story is interesting though and gives context.
  6. Been checking out Project Gorgon again (haven't played since early alpha). Lotta changes and very cool. Just had to share this vid though. Playing instruments looks like hella fun.
  7. During my temp hiatus from online games, I dusted off this old gem (Pharaoh) and fired it up. I also found this "review" on youtube that I couldn't resist linking. It's not only a good review, the guy's delivery had me laughing. It's a good watch, even if you aren't interested in the game itself. Just for it's humor value.
  8. This ^^^ Also, I have observed over the years, (since early UO, late 90s), that the internet and online games tend to make a person's true character shine through. This is my opinion and I'm sure some will disagree, and some may even be insulted if I hit a nerve I guess. *shrugs* Sorry, but if the shoe doesn't fit, then don't wear it. It's not always true, I know, but I've come to believe it's true in the majority of cases. I think kind, helpful people in game where they're anonymous and don't have to be nice, and who are always that way consistently, are likely to be that way in RL. Those just putting on an act for devious purposes usually can't maintain that persona consistently or for long, and eventually it comes out. And those who act towards others in ways they probably never do in RL, (you know, like when their nose is within reach of the other party's fist), are very likely showing their true colors. Trying to have a conversation about "common courtesy" is a nice idea but unfortunately courtesy seems to no longer be very common in today's society, especially on line. I applaud ChampagneDragon's effort though.
  9. Easy answer to your problem. Go out and catch yourself a dragon and then you can decide the time.
  10. And they evidently are all banned, except for politics, which gets back to my question of why. But you seem to feel that's ok. LOL. Whatever, I'm not going to go tit for tat with you since you do seem to be one of those always looking for a fight. I gave my opinion and you gave yours. Mission accomplished. If you want an argument, choose someone else to quote.
  11. You can try to be all smug if you like and tell others what they should do, while at the same time saying they shouldn't try to control your behavior. But the fact is there are people who will not control their feelings, and politics at this point in time is completely unhinged, so the conflicts will happen regardless of your high-hat comment that it "shouldn't" and how people "should" react to it. But if you're one of those who just loves the madness, then I guess you'd be quite happy with turning the in-game chat into a battle ground. It makes others very uncomfortable and if the game ceases to be an escape for them, they'll likely find another game that is. It is what it is and people will be people. And I will repeat the question, if politics is ok, then why not religion, or drugs, or porn, or any other controversial subject that can be offensive to some, or make some people uncomfortable? One is ok and the others are not? Pick and choose what's allowed to be argued about but still allow dissension and hard feelings? Why is that I wonder? I believe that none of it has any place in a game people play for escape from all that crap. Oh, and I'm certainly not going to take your "advice" and change my views to accommodate your love of conflict. LOL
  12. This I agree with. And if politics is ok, then why not religion or any other subject that could potentially cause dissension and intense feelings in some people? And especially at a time when passions are running high, like in today's political climate, I feel it has no place in a "game" that I'd wager most play to escape from the intensity for a while and try to relax. Methinks that's why politics and religion are usually lumped together when certain topics are excluded from "approved" topics on forums, because they both evoke intense feelings in some people and can lead to some pretty brutal verbal confrontations. Yet for some reason Wurm decided at some point to remove politics from the rule but not religion? I didn't know that. I thought it was still not allowed. I really have to wonder why. Sounds stupid to me. If people want to argue politics or spout their ideologies, Twitter and Facebook are that way ------->