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  1. That would work too. I don't really care what the solution is, as long as one is found. Frankly though, I don't really believe anything at all is going to be done. But I still +1 this suggestion as one of many possible solutions. The issue needs to stay in the light and not buried as people give up and become apathetic about it, or re-adjust their gameplay and deeds yet again, or give up and migrate to WU, etc. It's an issue, and it requires a solution.
  2. gotta /facepalm again. Is there any reason to be snarky, insulting, and argumentative over a simple suggestion that some feel is needed? In some cases, in the south in particular, it's been an ongoing problem that needs to be remedied. In other cases, such as mine in the north, it's a problem that has arisen since the update. Telling people they should have built fences, or that they should now build fences is so beside the point. In some cases, it's not possible to build fences or hedges, even if it was right that we should have to. If you have nothing constructive to add without deliberately misunderstanding what's being asked for and why, being insulting, assigning blame, making accusations of laziness, etc., maybe you should go seek attention elsewhere? Just sayin'.
  3. Yeah I had forgotten about the seal problem in the south, having been on the north coast for years. With this last creature update, rather than easing the situation in the south, the north is now plagued as well. If they're worried about people bypassing the deed's creature ratio bs, maybe they could just make the domestics avoid crossing into deeds on their own from outside of the deeds. At any rate, a solution needs to be found that doesn't require us to completely change our gameplay and/or deeds, and this suggestion sounds as good as any other I've heard so far.
  4. Say what? Want the game changed? The game did change. A problem now exists that did not exist before. What's being asked for is a solution that doesn't involve having to completely redesign deeds and/or move somewhere else, and/or giving up any thought of controlling creature ratio. And who said anything about not wanting to hunt? As far as I can see, this is about domestic, non-hostile animals wandering on deed in numbers they didn't before, and jacking up the creature ratio on deed. edit: Apparently the problem with the seals was happening before the update. In my case on the north coast, non-hostiles wandering on deed and affecting creature ratio was a rarity. Now it's a plague and a nuisance.
  5. The point is, why should we have to? This was never necessary before the update, at least in my case it wasn't. Almost never had domestics wandering on deed. If it doesn't get addressed, it appears our choices will be 1) learn to live with it , 2) give up trying to keep creature ratio down on deed, or C) give up on WO and go play WU. I see no reason it can't be addressed. This suggestion would be one way to do it.
  6. As far as I am aware, dirt is required to plant hedges. Steep rock cannot hold dirt. You also have to be able to reach the place you want a hedge. Why should everything have to be such a pita?
  7. Big +1. Had to brand all mine anyway to keep them from being schizoid. Prior to this creature "update," my deed on the north coast used to almost never see domestic animals wandering on deed. Used to be if I saw one in a month, that was unusual. Had to go looking off deed if I wanted to find any. Now there are tons of them, daily, all jacking up the creature ratio. Yesterday alone I killed off a rooster, pheasant, 2 chickens, 2 cows, and a bull that wandered down within my reach. And that's not counting the ones I can't reach perched on the mountain, or on some of the terraces I didn't hit yesterday. It's as if they're now programmed to intentionally seek out deeds to jack the ratio up on. At least that's how it seems to me. And, like others, there's no way I can fence in the whole deed since it's mostly steep rock faces with the mines below. Hedges won't work on the upper parts, even it I could get to it, as it won't even hold dirt.
  8. But they're going to be popping up in trade channel anyway, only with the current system, they will only be popping up being sold by hard core players who already pretty much dominate the trade channels with anything else that's desirable and being kept out of the reach of the casual player. As far as I can see, this new "feature" is just another opportunity for real world money making and the casual players will have to suck it up and either buy or trade as usual. I had such high hopes that this was going to be something different, but it's not. Meh. Whatever.
  9. Cows and horses inside my barns continue moving around in their 1x1 stalls and are still clipping through the fences in the barns. Also, domestic type animals are now invading my deeds on the north coast of Xanadu. Whereas I almost never saw domestic animals coming on deed, but always had lots of aggro mobs, there are now tons of domestics jacking up my creature ratio and much much fewer aggro mobs. Please remove the new creature movement from deeds. (oh, and since this is labeled as a "feedback" thread and all our posts were consolidated, shouldn't this be stickied for a while, as other "feedback" threads usually are? It was promptly buried)
  10. Wish I had a copper for every time this has been suggested. This is a much wanted feature. +1 (again )
  11. But what about existing deeds that had previous settlements? Most locations that have had multiple deeds are re-deeded because they're good locations. Can't very well tear up all the existing deeds. Well ok, we can tear up our own, but who wants to? lol.
  12. James T Kirk let me down. lol. Grats to the winners. Nice event.
  13. Yes, but being a dev I would assume the info is factual and not just an exaggeration or misrepresentation. And if he started finding them at 51, that means it should be possible for us all to start finding them at 51. The person who didn't start finding them until 70 would therefore not be typical. Yes? And I'm at 56 now and still not one single mask frag. So how is needing 10 of them a good number? The rng has not been kind to me, and downright brutal to the guy who never saw one til 70 skill. 3 was just fine, imo, considering there are more than one kind and so still probably have to find a huge number to make 3 of one kind. 10 is just discouraging (as are the statues), and I doubt I'm going to continue bothering with it at all. I feel like I've been wasting my time. I did it as much as I did, precisely because I thought I at least had a chance at a mask over time with only needing 3. So, to my original post, I have to question your statement that 10 is an achievable number. Winning the lottery in rl is "achievable" as well, but not very likely.