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  1. Edited this and changed the link. I didn't realize that the other link was for the EP so I decided to post the individual songs off the album. This is my grandaughter's new album, by the way. She does all her own writing, composing, and arranging. I can't decide which song I like best so posted all 4 lol.
  2. Well, if we must wear masks, may as well have some fun with it. Here's my newest one.
  3. Can't remember if I posted this before and too lazy efficient to search. Prophetic song from 1969 with lyrics
  4. This would be a nice alternative to the complete abandonment and maybe even preferable to getting all the updates without a choice in the matter. I must admit that with each passing day, I become more and more grateful that we are not getting all the updates now. I guess that old adage is true, that if someone sticks a 12 inch knife in your back, you should be grateful they only shoved it in 6 inches.
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    Exactly. Oh an btw, you made that look like the entire quote was my words rather than your added words. All I said was Deja Vu. Just sayin'
  6. Time stamped at the last verse. But I want the whole song played.
  7. Went to these guys' show Friday night at The Rose in Pasadena. They've been killing it since 1968 and still going strong. Amazing musicians. This video is one of my favs from 2018.
  8. Ritchie Blackmore & Ronnie James Dio. (RIP) Blast from the past. Love this song.