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  1. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    From my favorite vampire movie. Anyone who likes goth and vampires who hasn't seen it, really should.
  2. How is Wurm?

    This. This is so right-on-it, imo. Also, another thing I think, that is usually left out when people are theorizing about the "decline" is natural attrition. It's going to happen no matter what. Wurm's been here approx 10 yrs now. People come and go in games and no game can expect to survive forever on the core group who either haven't left or have left & come back. I didn't always feel this way about it but have gradually come to believe that Wurm needs to start appealing more to a new audience and making the game more fun for newbies. WU has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. The so-called easy mode being a bad thing for Wurm is nothing more than a lot of specious arguments. They sound reasonable on the surface but have no actual basis in reality when it comes to attracting players who are just looking to have fun. Staring at timer bars and/or taking hours to go anywhere or do anything, is just not fun and not what the average new player is looking for, and gets really old and tedious even for established players. Niche yes, but adding more fun-factor won't change Wurm being a niche game. I do believe, however, that it would attract more of the people who are looking for this particular type of niche game. Natural attrition will always decrease numbers in any game. It's inevitable. Without newbies, the population will never increase. High level accounts, whether earned or bought, are more fun because everything is "easier" and faster. (yes I said the dirty word that so many vets claim to hate. "easier.") Yet those same people who enjoy their own "easy mode" call anyone who finds Wurm to be sluggish and tedious without a vet account "lazy," and are in complete denial that they too want things "easier" and faster. Otherwise why would anyone in their right mind pay those outrageous prices for a high end character. Ayes, your points about making it easier & more fun for people to gather, socialize, help friends, get help when needed, visit merchants, etc., (without being force-crowded into smaller areas by closing servers), is spot on and I agree wholeheartedly.
  3. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Saw this gal last night. No vids up yet of last night's show so I pulled a couple from youtube of recent shows. Pusher Man and Zepplin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. Amazing voice.
  4. Without any form of fast travel, I can't see how this would give anyone any more reason to travel in WO than they have now. Especially on Xanadu. It just takes too long to get anywhere. And putting a sign in front of a building would be useless if it's highly unlikely that many (or any) would ever see the sign. Maybe people in the few highly built up areas, but then only among the people who actually live in that area. Too much hassle to get to any other areas. This might be an interesting idea for a WU server that uses the highway portal system, but even with faster travel, I have to agree with Seriphina that it would turn into a popularity contest. Landmark had something like this and that's exactly what happened.
  5. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    I'll try to keep this short. I don't pvp in wurm, nor will I ever. I rarely pvp in any game and have only played one game where I found the pvp to actually be fun. That game had no looting and no pvp penalties. So take this with a grain of salt, as my opinion is biased against full loot. My grandson, though, enjoys pvp in most games, as do his friends. They won't touch this game. When I suggested they take a look at it a few years back, they did, and actually laughed about it. It would be better called Burglary Online, or Home Invasion Online. Wurm is a niche game. It's slow by design. It takes time investment to develop a character, build up a deed, etc. In my opinion, wurm (WO) pvp is a niche within a niche. So to my mind it's a number of things that individually can be defended, and usually are defended vehemently on these forums, but combined make wurm pvp a no go for myself and others I know in RL and on line. 1) Super slooooooow mo for everything.....combined with 2) Open world, full loot 3) Real world cash value of that loot and "rewards" along with the time investment. 4) High end accounts being passed around like street corner hookers and never leaving the game. Again, for real world cash, so pay-to-win no matter how you try to justify it. 5) The disparity between time & money to "get good," and/or build anything worthwhile, and the ability to lose it. Also, I believe that the average person who is attracted to a game of this type, wants to feel a sense of accomplishment from building a deed, getting some really nice armor/weapons, or nice things for their deed, etc, etc, etc. I think that's a large part of the reason that even on pve servers, people spread out and want their own deeds, where they make the decisions, build the deed, decorate, etc. Not many want to be a "villager" and subject to the whims of someone else. Why should they? So, likewise with pvp. I know there are exceptions, but I believe the "average" player simply doesn't want to be subject to the "big dogs" in whichever kingdom they might choose, which in turn may or may not be subject to those of other kingdoms who can at any time destroy everything, whether you're on line or not. And then anything they do, helping with building up the deed, contributing their time and sometimes their money, everything can be destroyed in a proportionately short time along with losing their disposable armor and weapons they probably didn't want to wear in the first place (instead of maybe some nice dragon scale, lol), and probably didn't have any pvp fun on top of it. And as someone else mentioned, when real world cash is involved, anything goes up to and at times including internal treachery. I did notice that a couple of the wu servers have some innovative ideas for pvp and maybe some of those ideas will eventually trickle over and help to revive wo pvp. But quite honestly, I believe that as long as the pvp community here keeps insisting on no-change, while at the same time demanding change and revitalization, it will continue on it's current trend.
  6. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Never mind. Vid was removed from youtube. lol
  7. starter town portal network

    You really believe that? Well I, for one, play WU because I can play Wurm there without being bogged down in tar, taking all day to do anything or go anywhere, and for all the fun things on the WU servers that WO is too uptight and stuck in the past to implement, as do many other people. And...I paid full price for it, as have many others. From the people I talk to, I'm not unusual in this. Nice try though.
  8. starter town portal network

    Of course not. Can't have that. 2 hour sail? No big deal right? And then people sit around wondering why Wurm is stagnating, losing existing players to WU, and doesn't appeal to new players. lol. Some people only have an hour or two to play at a time. +1 the OP
  9. WU - Link

    My 2c for what it's worth. Although it's a nice idea to try and get some of the WU people to WO, or bring back some of the players who have jumped ship, I can't see any practical way to actually put it into practice. The reason being, as Ayes pointed out, the diversity of the WU servers, public and private. The WU servers are all different and run by people of different mindsets. I have no experience with any of the pvp servers so I can't speak to that and have no idea what any of them are like. From what I've seen though, some of them seem to have some very interesting and innovative ideas for wurm pvp. One "almost" tempted me to try it. lol. My comments here are mainly regarding the pve servers, although some are mixed pve/pvp. Some are vanilla and no different from WO except maybe a few added conveniences and the fact they're free, and/or a token small increase in skill gain & action timers, but still run their servers with the same restrictive and anal mindset as WO. (some of them sell in-game goodies for "donations"). Some servers are more difficult than WO with all sorts of obstacles and hindrances for "survival" purposes, up to and including perma-death. Some have lycanthropy. A few are extremely fast in both skill and timers with few, if any, restrictions on anything. Some are just played single player on a private server and as Themystrix said, give themselves instant 100 in everything. (I don't think those folks count as the target audience for this suggestion but there it is, they're out there). Then there's the majority that fall in between the extremes with moderate skill gain and timers increase, some conveniences and common sense removal of the typical WO aggravations. You know, the aggravations that typically have you cursing all devs, past and present. And that's just some of the diversity due to server mods. Add to that the client mods available and quite honestly I just can't see the average WU player wanting to play WO except maybe a few from the more restrictive WU servers. Those who have already played WO will already know why they're playing WU instead. Those who haven't, may or may not like WO depending on the type of server they come from and the mods they're accustomed to. Those playing on the vanilla (or even harder) servers might be good candidates, but I don't see how this suggestion could be implemented to only include those people. I don't know any other way to put this except honestly and bluntly, but after playing WU, trying to log in my WO account and play for any length of time is like jogging along a road on a 5 speed horse and suddenly finding myself on foot running across tar carrying too much in my inventory. I just don't think that WU players are good targets for new business in WO. Better to target people new to Wurm altogether. edit: Just wanted to add that I am one of those hold-outs who resisted WU for a very long time (mainly because of my aversion to Steam). Once I overcame that aversion and gave it a try, it was like a breath of fresh air for me. If the typical WU converts from WO are anything like me at all, then you'll never lure them back because WO has nothing to offer that's better. Maybe that's an area that could be explored for getting more business in WO....having something better to offer. Otherwise, I don't think it's going to happen.
  10. He said to read very carefully. Look for the letters in italics. lol
  11. Interactive map

    Well, I still haven't seen a valid reason why having it as an option, that people can choose to use (or not use), would do any harm to the game or any harm to those who prefer not to use it. Seems to me to be a simple case of being overly concerned with what others are doing. Honestly, if someone enjoys not having an interactive map, that's fine. Simply don't turn on the option. What your neighbor (or someone on the other side of the server) is doing should be of no concern to you unless it's impacting your play somehow. I don't see where that applies to this particular suggestion. Obviously it's not something that should be on the pvp servers. If it's pve only, I see no reason why it should bother anyone that someone else uses one.
  12. Creature Movement Feedback

    Haven't you guys heard? They are so pleased with this creature movement as-is that they are now pushing it out to WU in the next update (where any fixes going forward will be another 6 months to a year before WU sees them). Anyone who complains about it or tries to point out that it is messed up either gets ignored or completely invalidated and treated as though they're just complaining about nothing. I gave up quite some time ago. I can only hope that the brilliant modding minds in WU will be able to reverse or counteract the really messed up parts of it.
  13. Interactive map

    +1. They could put a toggle on it. That way, those who insist that getting lost and having to figure it out is "half the fun of Wurm," can continue to enjoy getting lost and figuring it out to their hearts content. I see no reason to insist that everyone in the game must be forced to "enjoy" what they enjoy. In fact, I'd be willing to wager that that mentality on many things that people make suggestions about is a large part of why we can't keep new people who try the game and the population doesn't grow, even though Wurm is a niche game, and why WU attracts so many, even veterans.