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  1. starter town portal network

    You really believe that? Well I, for one, play WU because I can play Wurm there without being bogged down in tar, taking all day to do anything or go anywhere, and for all the fun things on the WU servers that WO is too uptight and stuck in the past to implement, as do many other people. And...I paid full price for it, as have many others. From the people I talk to, I'm not unusual in this. Nice try though.
  2. starter town portal network

    Of course not. Can't have that. 2 hour sail? No big deal right? And then people sit around wondering why Wurm is stagnating, losing existing players to WU, and doesn't appeal to new players. lol. Some people only have an hour or two to play at a time. +1 the OP
  3. WU - Link

    My 2c for what it's worth. Although it's a nice idea to try and get some of the WU people to WO, or bring back some of the players who have jumped ship, I can't see any practical way to actually put it into practice. The reason being, as Ayes pointed out, the diversity of the WU servers, public and private. The WU servers are all different and run by people of different mindsets. I have no experience with any of the pvp servers so I can't speak to that and have no idea what any of them are like. From what I've seen though, some of them seem to have some very interesting and innovative ideas for wurm pvp. One "almost" tempted me to try it. lol. My comments here are mainly regarding the pve servers, although some are mixed pve/pvp. Some are vanilla and no different from WO except maybe a few added conveniences and the fact they're free, and/or a token small increase in skill gain & action timers, but still run their servers with the same restrictive and anal mindset as WO. (some of them sell in-game goodies for "donations"). Some servers are more difficult than WO with all sorts of obstacles and hindrances for "survival" purposes, up to and including perma-death. Some have lycanthropy. A few are extremely fast in both skill and timers with few, if any, restrictions on anything. Some are just played single player on a private server and as Themystrix said, give themselves instant 100 in everything. (I don't think those folks count as the target audience for this suggestion but there it is, they're out there). Then there's the majority that fall in between the extremes with moderate skill gain and timers increase, some conveniences and common sense removal of the typical WO aggravations. You know, the aggravations that typically have you cursing all devs, past and present. And that's just some of the diversity due to server mods. Add to that the client mods available and quite honestly I just can't see the average WU player wanting to play WO except maybe a few from the more restrictive WU servers. Those who have already played WO will already know why they're playing WU instead. Those who haven't, may or may not like WO depending on the type of server they come from and the mods they're accustomed to. Those playing on the vanilla (or even harder) servers might be good candidates, but I don't see how this suggestion could be implemented to only include those people. I don't know any other way to put this except honestly and bluntly, but after playing WU, trying to log in my WO account and play for any length of time is like jogging along a road on a 5 speed horse and suddenly finding myself on foot running across tar carrying too much in my inventory. I just don't think that WU players are good targets for new business in WO. Better to target people new to Wurm altogether. edit: Just wanted to add that I am one of those hold-outs who resisted WU for a very long time (mainly because of my aversion to Steam). Once I overcame that aversion and gave it a try, it was like a breath of fresh air for me. If the typical WU converts from WO are anything like me at all, then you'll never lure them back because WO has nothing to offer that's better. Maybe that's an area that could be explored for getting more business in WO....having something better to offer. Otherwise, I don't think it's going to happen.
  4. He said to read very carefully. Look for the letters in italics. lol
  5. Interactive map

    Well, I still haven't seen a valid reason why having it as an option, that people can choose to use (or not use), would do any harm to the game or any harm to those who prefer not to use it. Seems to me to be a simple case of being overly concerned with what others are doing. Honestly, if someone enjoys not having an interactive map, that's fine. Simply don't turn on the option. What your neighbor (or someone on the other side of the server) is doing should be of no concern to you unless it's impacting your play somehow. I don't see where that applies to this particular suggestion. Obviously it's not something that should be on the pvp servers. If it's pve only, I see no reason why it should bother anyone that someone else uses one.
  6. Creature Movement Feedback

    Haven't you guys heard? They are so pleased with this creature movement as-is that they are now pushing it out to WU in the next update (where any fixes going forward will be another 6 months to a year before WU sees them). Anyone who complains about it or tries to point out that it is messed up either gets ignored or completely invalidated and treated as though they're just complaining about nothing. I gave up quite some time ago. I can only hope that the brilliant modding minds in WU will be able to reverse or counteract the really messed up parts of it.
  7. Interactive map

    +1. They could put a toggle on it. That way, those who insist that getting lost and having to figure it out is "half the fun of Wurm," can continue to enjoy getting lost and figuring it out to their hearts content. I see no reason to insist that everyone in the game must be forced to "enjoy" what they enjoy. In fact, I'd be willing to wager that that mentality on many things that people make suggestions about is a large part of why we can't keep new people who try the game and the population doesn't grow, even though Wurm is a niche game, and why WU attracts so many, even veterans.
  8. Patch Notes 15/MAR/18

    I have no problem with the fact that people who are into that sort of thing get to do it. I don't really give a flip what others do for the most part as long as it doesn't affect me. I sorta do have a problem with the idea that certain play styles get concessions to their QoL, while others do not. I just find it very interesting that picking a sprout from a tree (and dozens of other harmless actions), isn't allowed and yet removing gear while riding a horse is allowed. Wonder why that is. Any time a suggestion is made to allow picking sprouts while mounted, it's immediately shot down and usually because of the "realism" argument. So, why doesn't the "realism" argument apply to removing gear while mounted as well as picking a stupid sprout? Just gotta lol sometimes.
  9. Patch Notes 15/MAR/18

    Sure, removing gear while riding is ok, but to pick a sprout, harvest apples/cherries, etc., or attach a lock to a gate "you must be on solid ground to do that." We get told that would not be "realistic." Things that make you say hmm.
  10. Well, maybe he did mean that, I'm not sure. For myself, I would like that. But I know that the typical WO mindset of prevention, hindrance, and the requirement that everything must be a pita, would mean it probably will never happen. I think that to and from the starter towns would probably have a better chance of being accepted. On the WU servers there are a number of variations on the teleports, ranging from none to super easy. Some WU servers have the WO mindset I mentioned and some don't. (On more than just the teleport idea. Hell, one I heard of even has perma death, lol, but that's the beauty of wu. Something for everyone.). The ones that fit most into my own personal Goldilocks zone on the teleport issue are the ones tied to the highway system. But once connected to a highway, you can freely teleport to any other deed that has opted in by building a portal, placing a waystone on deed, and connecting to that particular highway system which generally includes a starter town. Some servers have also built portals in a couple of the farthest reaches of the server. Places that without the portal system, odds are no one would ever bother trying to get to. The idea I've seen floating around of tying into the highways but requiring the long travel times, imo, would negate having the portals in the first place. The idea is to eliminate the travel times and allow people to get together to hunt, trade, or whatever, without having to spend an entire day to do it. A good example is something I saw on one server where a dragon or some such creature (forgot now) spawned on a guy's deed. People ported over and there was a fine group helping the guy rid his deed of the pest. It was loads of fun. In WO, the outcome would have been very different indeed. But as I said, the WO mindset would prevent anything like this from ever happening, I'm sure. So I think that teleports to and from the starter deeds would at least be a happy medium.
  11. I've never used it but my understanding is that the med ability, teleport home, can be used from anywhere. And the farwalker twigs & stones work somewhat like the old UO mark/recall except they're not reusable. A teleport to and from the starter deed would in no way negate either of those. WU is living proof that teleports haven't harmed the wurm experience in any way. Quite the opposite. It's enhanced the game and people explore, and gather, and help each other more freely & frequently than in WO, as well as visiting the starter towns more often, some of which are living functional towns. It's been very enlightening and like a breath of fresh air.
  12. where is the update

    Thanks. You just ruined my day
  13. Valrei International. 051

    Notice it says "unlit forges." I too hope it isn't just a minimal benefit, but if I was to make a guess, I'd guess a very small amount of ash and people will have to snuff the forge, take the ash, relight the forge, wait, snuff the forge, take the ash, relight the forge, wait, etc, etc, because no feature in WO can come without it's requisite pita. lol. I doubt it's going to be like the WU feature. Then again, maybe they'll rethink the "unlit" part of it. Or not. **shrugs**