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  1. Been checking out Project Gorgon again (haven't played since early alpha). Lotta changes and very cool. Just had to share this vid though. Playing instruments looks like hella fun.
  2. During my temp hiatus from online games, I dusted off this old gem (Pharaoh) and fired it up. I also found this "review" on youtube that I couldn't resist linking. It's not only a good review, the guy's delivery had me laughing. It's a good watch, even if you aren't interested in the game itself. Just for it's humor value.
  3. This ^^^ Also, I have observed over the years, (since early UO, late 90s), that the internet and online games tend to make a person's true character shine through. This is my opinion and I'm sure some will disagree, and some may even be insulted if I hit a nerve I guess. *shrugs* Sorry, but if the shoe doesn't fit, then don't wear it. It's not always true, I know, but I've come to believe it's true in the majority of cases. I think kind, helpful people in game where they're anonymous and don't have to be nice, and who are always that way consistently, are likely to be that way in RL. Those just putting on an act for devious purposes usually can't maintain that persona consistently or for long, and eventually it comes out. And those who act towards others in ways they probably never do in RL, (you know, like when their nose is within reach of the other party's fist), are very likely showing their true colors. Trying to have a conversation about "common courtesy" is a nice idea but unfortunately courtesy seems to no longer be very common in today's society, especially on line. I applaud ChampagneDragon's effort though.
  4. Easy answer to your problem. Go out and catch yourself a dragon and then you can decide the time.
  5. And they evidently are all banned, except for politics, which gets back to my question of why. But you seem to feel that's ok. LOL. Whatever, I'm not going to go tit for tat with you since you do seem to be one of those always looking for a fight. I gave my opinion and you gave yours. Mission accomplished. If you want an argument, choose someone else to quote.
  6. You can try to be all smug if you like and tell others what they should do, while at the same time saying they shouldn't try to control your behavior. But the fact is there are people who will not control their feelings, and politics at this point in time is completely unhinged, so the conflicts will happen regardless of your high-hat comment that it "shouldn't" and how people "should" react to it. But if you're one of those who just loves the madness, then I guess you'd be quite happy with turning the in-game chat into a battle ground. It makes others very uncomfortable and if the game ceases to be an escape for them, they'll likely find another game that is. It is what it is and people will be people. And I will repeat the question, if politics is ok, then why not religion, or drugs, or porn, or any other controversial subject that can be offensive to some, or make some people uncomfortable? One is ok and the others are not? Pick and choose what's allowed to be argued about but still allow dissension and hard feelings? Why is that I wonder? I believe that none of it has any place in a game people play for escape from all that crap. Oh, and I'm certainly not going to take your "advice" and change my views to accommodate your love of conflict. LOL
  7. This I agree with. And if politics is ok, then why not religion or any other subject that could potentially cause dissension and intense feelings in some people? And especially at a time when passions are running high, like in today's political climate, I feel it has no place in a "game" that I'd wager most play to escape from the intensity for a while and try to relax. Methinks that's why politics and religion are usually lumped together when certain topics are excluded from "approved" topics on forums, because they both evoke intense feelings in some people and can lead to some pretty brutal verbal confrontations. Yet for some reason Wurm decided at some point to remove politics from the rule but not religion? I didn't know that. I thought it was still not allowed. I really have to wonder why. Sounds stupid to me. If people want to argue politics or spout their ideologies, Twitter and Facebook are that way ------->
  8. Might be kinda cool actually but not sure how that might work in Wurm since we don't have "danger zones" per se. And I couldn't help but flash back to this vid. lol.
  9. Thanks for that picture. I so needed a good chuckle this morning. LOL. Unfortunate indeed!
  10. I think the first ones should be very, very simple and seemingly obvious to those who have been playing a while. I think that first you should go through the first things the newbie will encounter when they enter the world and follow the natural progression of what they'll encounter in the order they'll be encountering it. I'm guessing you are probably planning to start a new character and go step by step for the newbie who is standing there wondering what to do. (and don't flip through the menus like so many youtubers do, assuming people can see what you're doing because "it's obvious.") Start with the bare basics. Things like the mirror, what's in their inventory and why, equipping armor, setting preferences, and the tutorial itself and explaining why it's a good idea to go through it. Then getting to the starter town of choice and how to choose one, and once there, the question of whether to stay a while or not to stay, etc. What to do first. Explaining food and water, how they affect the character, and why they want to consider that before setting out on their own, how to make their first meal and carry water with them at all times. Also, do show how the mouse-over of the upper left icon on the character sheet shows their current inventory weight, total weight, and percentages of slow-down for weight. LOL. I played for years without ever knowing that was even there. And they need to know why they need to eat but that they won't die if they don't, and that ccfp is good for later but not a necessity for survival at first. Then progress to using their tent, how to fight (I understand that was left out of the tutorial because it's "too dangerous?" lol), what to do if/when they die, use of guard towers. Making their first cart (and why or why not), and how to use it, etc, etc, which will also show them how to "activate" tools, use the toolbelt, the crafting window, cutting trees, making planks, etc. Also as a newbie character yourself you'll just naturally be coming across stuff you need to say as you go along that you maybe didn't think of in advance, which is good. And anything that seems "obvious," make to sure to explain it anyway. And then worry about going on to the other topics you mentioned like understanding slopes and highways and more "advanced" concepts. edit: Oh, and I'd make sure the titles make it blatantly clear that they're new, maybe with the dates. There's so much old outdated stuff out there now that unless someone knows how much the game has changed, (unlikely for a complete newbie), they may not think to sort by date uploaded or notice how old they are. Maybe include the word "Official" hehe
  11. Good Gods. You are talking about the PVE servers? PVP is that way -------> Why in the world would anyone in their right mind log in and stand around on a PVE server to collect information of who happened to wander across or near a deed? LOL. For what purpose? You act like the PVE servers are somehow covert PVP, or some kind of competition, or like you want it to be except you don't want anyone to be able to kill you. I can think of zero reasons any of this belongs on PVE but I can think of many reasons why you should go play on a PVP server, or better yet go play on one of the WU servers. I find it hard to believe that you are at all serious in any of this or your other "suggestions." Methinks perhaps you are trolling, albeit a lot more wordy than the average troll, and a lot more argumentative of every response.
  12. And yet you keep posting too and trying to rebut or whatever every time someone posts, and saying drop it, or 'get the last word' or close the thread, etc. . lol. Sorry, not trying to derail, just saying. We all have a "right" to post, just like you do. Carry on.
  13. The authour did not maliciously blind himself from information to cast Wurm in a negative light as a few here seem to believe, rather he intentionally went in blind as to assess the game from the perspective of a brand new player trying to figure things out for themselves with a bit of the site's community input. This was not done just to Wurm Online either, as the staff of the website points out. This is a series which is long running and takes this same approach to multiple games. I think this bears repeating. Well said. One more try. Come on people. It's a Series in the Community section of the their website. It uses the same method for all the games it covers in that series, and has done so for 10 years now. Wurm was not singled out. Read some of them yourself. Make sure you read the "Choose My Adventure" series and not their "Reviews" or "Opinions" articles if you want to make an accurate comparison to their treatment of other games. It is not claiming to be an authoritative, informed "Journalistic Review." It is not an "Opinion" article. Regardless of what the gal's title is at the company or what her other duties there may be. It is a (supposed to be) fun monthly activity for and with their community, much like some things we've had here on our own forums although ours are limited to Wurm things since this is a Wurm forum. If it was intended to be a "Journalistic Review" or claimed to be an "informed Opinion piece," then I would have been one of the first to agree with all those here who are up in arms because she didn't do her homework or ask for help. And I certainly wouldn't have been shy about showing the rough side of my tongue. But that's not the case. So it's a bit beyond my comprehension why this is so hard to understand or why it's so hard for some to even entertain the notion that maybe, just maybe, they may have misjudged the lady*. But whatever, folks have their minds made up and don't want to be confused with any evidence to the contrary. Nothing I can do about that I guess and I'm not even sure why I'm bothering, to be honest. *edit: A minor (or major? lol) correction and I figured I'd just edit here and only correct this post rather than go through and correct all my previous posts as well. Was just reading another one of the other CMAs, just for entertainment since they are pretty entertaining, and discovered that the writer, Chris, is a gal and not a guy. My bad, and apologies to Chris.
  14. @PlatynaIndeed, we do seem to be going in circles here. The company in general may be all of that, but it's more as well. If you look under the different categories you will find the Choose My Adventure series under **Community** along with their forums/chats, storyboards, and other social features. You will not find it under **Opinions** nor **Columns** nor **News**. Sorry, I would have mentioned this particular tidbit sooner but I confess I thought it was rather obvious so it didn't enter my mind.