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  1. My issue with this is that you can no longer get a tome from the new system. Seems a bit harsh on new players.
  2. Can we please get some clarity around the new journal system. Will we still be able to get tomes from them?
  3. Wtb character

    Plz close. Somebody sold me Dadd for 43 euro.
  4. Looking for a cheap small magic chest, pm me your price and any dmg on the chest.
  5. Potentially looking to buy a new main. Mainly interested in Characteristics and a decent name. Max budget is 50e. Would prefer a good deal
  6. For me its the community. I've only recently got back into wurm and after playing a bunch of other games, the onr thing that was always missing is the community. Wurm people are great, it makes this game thr most unique experience! Oh.... and the grind.... I missed the grind.
  7. Albion Online

    All previous keys have been used, send me a message when you use one and add me ingame My ingame name is Yaotl
  8. Its good the way it is. A newb buying into the game gets alot more from their coin then they ever did before. They also get a lot more handouts from village mates because the items have no value. Anything to encourage newbies is good
  9. haha love it, 5s start bid, hidden reserve, parents permissions xD
  10. Seems sad. But maybe dont judge so quick. what if the people didnt even know what ot meant? Maybe they thought it was just somebody who quit the game or left JK..
  11. Some people have a life outside wurm m8
  12. reserve was 100e anyway