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  1. WurmNode

    How do you go about being verified by another player? Id like to unlock all the cool little features (Leeloodallas)
  2. Fo sites look like they are lacking when compared to the others. It's probably too late but I had some on theme ideas: 1 use healing or taming objects 1 use dirt creating or removing objects Cooking tools Unique clothing items or med rugs Unique shovel/sickle Transmutation liquid Dyes
  3. Could we just get a word from someone as to whether or not they intend people to grind on the pve servers and then pop on the pvp servers every once in a while? Because it would be nice to know if that was the intention or not.
  4. Always a fan of new tapestries.
  5. Or give defiance a flat 25% bonus to all skill gain as an incentive for living in a 'dangerous' server and just leave meditation as it is.
  6. Late answer but yes it still works
  7. Wurm is interesting in that a lot of people who play this game take breaks. I think that focusing on trying to get the new people that steam brought in to come back after their break would be a wise choice instead of focusing on getting completely new people to start playing the game right now.
  8. Still feels bad being one of 10 people grinding on Defiance instead of going to a PvE server to get the 25% Meditation bonus to skill gain. Unless that is how they wanted us to play? Are we supposed to be encouraged to skill up on the PvE servers and rarely do stuff on Defiance?
  9. Please don't spend any time or effort on VR. It feels like such a gimmicky medium.
  10. Have had these the entire time since steam release. Can post system specs if it helps. Haven't noticed a pattern in when it happens so I know this report is kinda useless.
  11. I get that making a decision will always piss someone/a group of people off but I feel like there are some low hanging fruit here that the majority of us agree on would be a good change!
  12. Have they still not changed the fact that all the people on defiance cross servers so they can grind on PoK for the 25% bonus? Can we ###### remove that ###### please? You can't complain about low server pop and then leave that crap in. I don't blame a single person for taking advantage of this and I feel like crap because I still grind on defiance without it (out of pure laziness).
  13. We've been gathering to hunt to depot every time for weeks now but the majority just end up at BL front door, yeah. I know it's RNG but it really sucks. Can you force it to only spawn in center middle of the map?
  14. I'm thinking that as well.