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  1. Defiance is not like this at all. PvP is as friendly as it gets and everyone is extremely welcoming.
  2. I've been very vocal about how much the new spawns suck but recently i've began to notice a lot more mobs, especially in the forests, keep looking. I spend almost all of my time hunting btw.
  3. NFI timeline

    Any plans to disclose the weapon and armor changes on defiance?
  4. I bought it with marks and it says to use a meditation rug. When I use the meditation rug it says: [10:50:48] That feature is not currently available.
  5. It's way worse than before. I see barely any aggressive mobs. I see more cows and horses in forests, but that's it!
  6. It's unbearably slow though. And with time constraints I would not recommend it.
  7. Just reiterating that special moves and aim percentage missing is a huge thing and are the reason a lot of people are switching back to old client. I'd love to use the new client, I think it looks awesome but I really need those two things. Thanks!
  8. Like having access to magic and spells is cool and fun. Dislike Too restrictive. Why can't each priest improve things that fit their deity thematically? Give lib and mag the smithing tree, give vynora the carpentry and masonry tree, give fo the tailor and clay tree
  9. Is there a way to get special moves with the new UI? Also, is there a way to get the old client through steam?
  10. Can we get some semblance of regularity with the death tab. Green should always mean that your kingdom killed an enemy. If you see red in a death tab it should mean that someone in your kingdom died. Yellow should mean that another kingdom killed another kingdom. Same for capping camps, if your kingdom caps a camp it should be in green. If another one caps one then it should be red. pls
  11. After using the option 'place' and putting it on top of a large barrel I no longer get the option to add to the crafting window on my large anvil. When I pick it up and put it on the ground I get the option again. Not sure if intended or a bug. Same goes when I place it on the forge shelf too.