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  1. We've been gathering to hunt to depot every time for weeks now but the majority just end up at BL front door, yeah. I know it's RNG but it really sucks. Can you force it to only spawn in center middle of the map?
  2. I'm thinking that as well.
  3. I'm thinking its just random. I've started getting a lot more stuff. Who knows lol.
  4. An entire religion rework needs to happen at some point and a decision has to be made. Do we want the kingdoms to be different a la Starcraft style where each religion has their uniqueness and not just their version of the same spell? Should we eliminate BL completely and just have 3 different kingdoms and everyone is able to pick whatever god they want?
  5. I've been noticing it as well. I only have a very small sample size though so it could just be confirmation bias. I am also unaware of how often you should be investigating tiles (I investigate old deed entirely once every 24 hours). don't know if that is contributing to it. I also don't know if other players investigating the same spot decrease what you get as well.
  6. Also, sorry for the double post but why isn't essence drain better? I feel like the whole lore for BL is they are kinda like vampires so that spell should be a lot better.
  7. I don't want drain health to be nerfed, I just want it to be changed to a spell that makes sense for what it is. Make it useful for drain tanking. It shouldn't be a 2 second insta horsie hurting slowing spell. It's not game breaking or anything but I don't think its being used for what it was intended to be used for. Also my opinion on the healing situation: I think that AOE spells in other games are used to heal lots of little wounds slightly and I think that it's what both scorn and LoF should be used for. Neither should ever heal more than half HP ever. Nerf the ###### outta both of them and then change drain health to be longer and heal for more so that they have their single target healing spell.
  8. The problem with drain health isn't how much it damages or heals. It's the fact that it is only used as a ranged, super short cast time single target spell to slow horses. Slowing and killing horses is one of the biggest factors that contribute to winning a fight. Nobody else has a 2 second decently ranged guaranteed way to slow a horse. You can't counter it. Its super low favor too. It's pretty crazy actually. I think making it a longer cast time, more favor and let it drain a lot more and heal a lot more too. Right now it's just being treated as a spammy way to slow horses with no way to counteract it.
  9. I just wanna say that this is amazing and I love it. Is there any way to change where the pop up notifications show for triggers?
  10. Problem: Drunk level is only shown in the even log when it goes up. It is hard to tell how drunk you are. Solution: Add it to the spell effects window, or add an icon
  11. If there are no priest negatives then the entry to pvp just becomes a 70 faith priest. One of the things I liked most about def was the low entry to be able to PvP 'successfully'.
  12. I think maybe instead of it scaling with SD just give it a once a day casting similar to meditation abilities. Maybe instead of different god we could add these to meditation? I know we have been looking at adding things to meditation to make it less useless. Maybe at lvl4 all paths get access to a once a day tangleweave and then add each of these spell to the different levels too? Knowledge = vyn, hate = lib, power = mag, love = fo. Insanity can just go ###### itself. I don't know about that AoE stun, that is a pretty powerful thing.
  13. That would be a cool way to keep libila unique instead of just copying the same thing for both sides