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  1. Is there anyway you could make it so that we can change the name of the default deities?
  2. Did you still need a flat map?
  3. Great server. Great PVP community. If you ever wanted to try out PVP in wurm come give this server a try.
  4. [WU] Datamining

    Whats the formula for enchanting items (with CoC, WoA, etc). I know that channeling and alignment are important but what is the actual formula?
  5. CoC 3x 10x PVP [Mods]

    Fun server. Very easy to get up to speed.
  6. Trying to install dietymanager and it requires me to run serverlauncher.bat which I can find in the root directory of the file manager. Is there anyways I can do this? I submitted a ticket, just posting on here as well. Thanks!
  7. Google drive is taking forever. Anyway to get a different host for this?
  8. Holy ###### this is great dude!!
  9. Not trying to remove it, just trying to change the address it redirects to. I also can't seem to find the file path you are referring to. Is it in the steam folder?
  10. Create a container and then create source and just drink it. The setting on the skill menu is busted. Make sure to set the QL to 99 so that you can actually drink it.
  11. Just bumping this. Does anyone know where I would even start or if it is possible at all? I'd imagine it would be something simple like just changing the root address and then creating a wiki of your own.
  12. I can sell you up to 85s
  13. Selling 85s for 85e paypal only.