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  1. Cadence Community Map

    In reference to HawkHawks post above of the highway being [[594, 2144], [594, 2166], [917, 2166]] Could you adjust this to: [[596, 2140], [596, 2166], [917, 2166]] note only the first coordinate changed slightly to connect it with the segment I posted and adjusted the first half of the second to keep it the straight line it is. Thanks
  2. Thanks, our crew will be there 4+ players. Appreciate you making this a public slaying.
  3. Will have a group there from our deeds as well. thanks for hosting.
  4. We have another deed mate coming as well, 81 faith needs the journal entry (Johnthatcher)
  5. Cadence Community Map

    Been meaning to update this info for some time..... First the Crimson Highway as we dub it....three segments here to mark highway that we've completed, it does go actually a bit further south of the canal, but that was done by others and tied into the highway that goes all the way to sonota, which is connected at least to the canal by catseyes. [596,2140],[596,2043],[624,2043],[614,2011],[614,1683],[814,1683],[814,1703],[916,1703] [814,1683],[814,1600],[727,1553] [614,1683],[614,1591],[565,1549],[565,1193],[621,1193] Next some guard towers Guard Tower at [612,1681] Guard Tower at [600,2048] Guard Tower at [810,1660] Lastly the deeds. Deed: Crimson Bay Canal [600,2068] Deed: Crimson Cabal [900,1675] Deed: Crimson Landing [950,1640] Cheers
  6. Thanks Pokter, will have one for sure at 83 faith.
  7. Just need to edit you mean next Saturday December 5th and not to scare us all into thinking next saturday is christmas. Will be there, thanks for hosting.
  8. Will be there as well. Thanks for setting this up!
  9. Wife's toon is 82 faith and needs journal entry, so if I can get her a slot then please let me know. Happy to come out for it.
  10. Ritual of the Sun

    Thanks folks, updating main first post now to reflect info as it happens. Appreciate your patience/support!
  11. Ritual of the Sun

    What I have on the list so far, if everyone can show and its looking like today we'll need your help Wurmhole: Nez - 90 Faith Dalnacriech - 65 Faith Carbon - 62 Faith Vorpal - 46 faith We need 300, with Wurmhole at 48 Channeling means we can have 5 links and each contributes favour-20 so we have before Wurmhole: 70+45+42+26 = 183 Add in Wurmhole's main + one alt that's 383 and were good to go. Though I'd ask Wurmhole to have the other battery alt in case folks can't make it. From when I've spoke to folks it seems that people would probably be available in the evening GMT time for this. Would 21:00 GMT work for folks? ( ). Note I am EST so I can do much later but want to respect those who are not in a US timezone if needed too...ultimately whatever Wurmhole can accomodate I'll ping folks in game as well to confirm, but feel free to confirm here.
  12. Ritual of the Sun

    Had a chance to talk to a few folks. There is some support to get this done come Monday if we don't figure it out by then. As the rite requires someone with high enough channeling, who participates will be determined on who we find for that role. If you are interested, chime in here or ping me in game. I'll do my best to coordinate folks together, but no promises (even for myself) on who partakes, it depends on what channeling skill is available and when that person is. Appreciate your support and understanding there. Cheers.
  13. Ritual of the Sun

    Given we are few...I'm good with finding a mid point or edge if we have folks from out of server. I know that K9 is a good west coast entry point from else where, have a deed with a mag alter at k10 (Crimson Canal) that we can sac if needed. See who else jumps on this. Edit - Folks on my deed indicate that we can summon soul to our main deed at J11, has highway access, can provide horse to go back. We have thats an option. Also we need to make sure we have the channelling to do the links... I'm low on channelling (37, looking for someone with 50 prefer or more..)
  14. Ritual of the Sun

    *** COMPLETED *** Thanks all for attending/supporting! Will be going shortly as soon as Wurmhole and folks arrive. Thanks in advance to all! As it stands (everything subject to Wurmhole's availability still...and ty for your support Wurmhole), we have the following folks confirming for the 21:00 GMT time frame Nez - 90 Faith Dalnacriech - 66 Faith Battlewall - 82 Faith Carbon - 62 Faith (Going early to link with Battlewall) Vorpal - 47 faith Meeting spot - Lets meet at Crimson Bay Canal - L10 (Red Dot on bottom of that image) note do not come to Crimson Cabal, but if you do I'll give you a ride to the right spot. The canal is easy for those sailing over into this server's west coast. If you need to be teleported, I'll make sure to have some sacables, I'm sure we can arrange that and ensure folks are recharged for the spell. New - Build a 3x3 fence around token, so you can sit AFK safely, freedom access through gates. Will update this thread as we get closer, and I'm monitoring in game for PMs. Posting to get any additional bodies out. Meeting spot --------^ Once again, thank you all for helping, and please understand the timing of this is chaotic with so many, yet so few folks. I'll try to keep communication flowing as frequent as I can to update if anything changes along the way. Here's to having a smooth cast and seeing the sky rain metal. Old Message ---------------------- Looks like were brimming and ready to go. I have a priest 90 faith to contribute, any other mag priests out there want to get together and get this going?
  15. I'm a representative for the Crimson Cabal, includes Crimson Bay Canal, Crimson Pass, and others. We have the Canal which at L9/10 Just wanted to chime in that were grinding up the 67 masonry for the arched stone bridge going in there to connect the north and south half of that canal. Should anyone be included to run a connection to this highway project north. You can pm me in game (nez) if needed. The Canal project has some dredging to do beyond the actual narrow canal itself, and thats still being worked on, but overall the main goal for us was to sieze the spot and secure it for the server to keep that bay open. Good luck on this project, and if something gets built this way we can coordinate to carry it right through the deed. Cheers