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  1. Dude i'd love to have a horse named childkicker that's badass anyways grow up get over it, the fact "childlei" was an example of "bad nono names" feels ludicrious to me, and there's plenty of cool names with child. like Rainchild. or Childrain.
  2. Keenan as PM? Wait that's sick. Grats!
  3. Yo some of these posts are actually good and i respect the transparency and honesty regarding some things. I'll be honest, I'd love to give more of an insight onto my opinions on Epic and the rest of the game and whatever else people are talking about right now, but i'm pretty burnt after doing that for something like a year. I like where communication is going right now, though- particularly with Keenan's posts and clear outlining of some issues (skill transfer stuff and opinions on epic sticking around) and am rooting to see more of that. Good luck gamers.
  4. This is something i harp on all the time This game gets away by, literally, leeching off it's community for work. The players make up the moderation staff on almost all fronts, the community manager is a role (and apparently, just a volunteer role) picked from the players. CA's are players. CM's are players. GM's are players. Forum moderators are players. Half the development are just players who were excited about the game and wanted to contribute through volunteer work. Why would they ever try to pay for anything when they can just get away with only paying for the meager server costs this game requires to run while having the bare minimum of people actually be paid to work on the game? Why do you think they refuse to answer any proper questions about long term employees? It's just profitable. And of course none of that is going back into the game- they profited a TON off the steam release and you really think any of that has been invested back in, besides soem changes to infrastructure? It;s clear they don't have hope for the future of this game, and are just milking the game for as long as they possibly can.
  5. kind of amazing how they pop in "sorry for no updates, hope you guys are ready for what you've been waiting for.......... VR support!" and then just disappear all over again like, is this a prank? am i getting pranked? who in god's name thought adding VR support would be a good idea, who thought anyone would want to do this? why is there any effort being put into that on an official capacity? why would anyone think playing wurm on vr is a good idea? i can't even comprehend it. it's not like there's voip to speak in local either, you're just mute and staring at progress bars in vr? the menu wouldn't be hard to do but it's still just like. why? this is surreal. this had to be some sort of weird wacky dimension where the devs are just pranking us or using the game as a project to learn how to program random stuff instead of actually working on the game. what??????????? what a bloody joke of a game
  6. The post by enki was kind of amusing, but also not at all what needed to be posted. Vague and threatening posts like that won't solve anything- you aren't clarifying what people are doing that you consider harrassment, you aren't clarifying what the behavior is that you don't approve of- you're just trying to intimidate whatever group you intend to ban and already know the 'names' of while simultaneously threatening every other player. I'm a pretty big proponent of criticizing the devs and GM's for sure- but that's the extent of it. I don't go out of my way to look up personal details of the staff's lives to poke fun at them (which I know has been done). I don't even name devs unless I think they're doing a good job- mostly because I barely even know who all the devs that still work on the game actually are- that's how poor the communication is! Keenan's post as marginally better but it still comes off as an excuse to me and as a "Just wait, updates are coming!" which has been done repeatedly over the years, time and time again. Update us, each month, on exactly what's been done. Talk to us about the future of the game. Tell us what your vision is. Otherwise, none of this helps anything, even though I appreciate Keenan's effort to try and say something.
  7. describe why you believe this game is a survival game
  8. Yeah absolutely, i'm more just saying it is a problem, not that its their fault ofc (although some people definitely do think their opinions are better because they've been around longer than new players)
  9. i'd be better able to speak about it in dm's because i don't want to point anyone out, but there's a certain subgroup of people in this game who are prominent players who A. are actively against changes being made that greatly impact the game and B. believe their opinions are superior than others due to their long term experience with the game yes, there are boomer players who will feed the game like whales and will be satisfied with anything, and while those players are issues they are hardly the singular cause (they're just the last thing that needs to go before this game dies, since it seems wurm will sooner peter out than it will improve). but i think the more egregious side of the vet community are those who not only think massive change is bad, but who actively think the current state of mechanics are the best state of mechanics and only want minor tweaks, who bastion long-standing bugs as being mechanics. nothing screams this harder than people who think abusing the combat swing timer by rapidly leaving/entering combat should be seen as a skillful feature of the combat system that should stay, rather than an unfortunate side effect of a bad system another problem is because these vets are the only people who stick around on the long term, the devs are only going to really receive their input- instead of input from people that matter (people who quit the game, newbies, etc). these people aren't interested in the growth of the game, they're interested in keeping it mostly as-is while modifying it in minor ways to suit what they perceive as fun (or more commonly, what they find advantageous). the best time to take in input is when the masses are here and able to respond, and unfortunately staff sat around twiddling thumbs instead of enacting real change, so i fear there won't be another chance for that for a while. fatigue is a bad subsystem that exists for no real reason; they even disabled it for the start of the steam server launch because they knew people would be hitting it constantly, and then silently re-enabled it after a bad interaction with the vynora spell was found instead of fixing the spell. also the fatigue action system and how it calcuates how much time to eat is a buggy mess, particularly notable when grinding mining or other long actions.
  10. dont think madnath thinks wurm is healthy at all nor has he said that much, he's just jabbing at the "xd vets fuel the game's downfall" mindset (which i lowkey agree but only parts of the veteran community) way bigger problems than just the vet community though, i think you're overstating their value.
  11. Yeah, this is where I'm at. I don't really have a direct grasp on the raw numbers, but even just assuming those 6k accounts had to pay 5$/mo for their monthlies (and that was all we had as far as population for the past year, and it all ended after that year- which it should be ending around black friday as someone else pointed out), we're still talking about something like 15k$/month for 12 months- which i'm pretty sure is less than half the actual amount of cash raked in. Where did any of that go at all? I genuinely feel like this game is just clawing out what funds can possibly be taken (i remember something about the parent company having been paying off a 2 million $ loan for the past year or so- maybe that?) and not at all trying to stick around for the long term. Which kind of sucks, given how unique this game was and how wonderfully it could have grown over its duration. In fact, that promise of what could have been with Wurm is the only thing that kept me coming back to it so many times over the years. Oh well. About time to give up on that hope entirely, I think.
  12. I was thinking of making this thread yesterday, but didn't particularly feel compelled as I wasn't sure how much effort I wanted to put into a post like this; but I came up with some ideas and talking points. A year ago, Wurm Online launched on steam, alongside a new cluster of servers; There was a lot of alluded changes coming to both PvP and PvE servers, how they functioned, revamped focus on them (changing how missions worked, base pvp rules, etc.) Launch was.... pretty awful! I don't blame them too much for this on a technical aspect, since it's probably the most amount of players wurm has ever had at any given time of its lifespan, and though it took days/weeks for the issues to actually be fixed properly, they eventually were. A couple months after the launch, some old subsystems were re-enabled: Missions and Valrei, as well as the unique items and rifts. From there, there have been minimal changes. Changes regarding channel grinding, favor gain and linking that lead to a change in the sacrifice system. Changes to the pvp server over time until its population more or less died off, mostly handled by 1 dev. A combat "rework" that still baffles me to this day The animal handling rework, the first thing i'd call an actual 'update' to the game, of which has been mostly negative (though if the kinks get ironed out might be okay maybe?) And in the future, we're still potentially going to see the exploration rework; There were a lot more pvp updates planned but I greatly doubt those will see the light of day given that the pvp server is more or less dead- unless focus goes back to Chaos for some reason) That's been the last year, more or less. Very few updates, most of which were awful initially, feedback seemingly rarely actually accounted for. We still barely have an idea of who, behind the scenes, is actually working on the game actively, is responsible for these changes- and to the degree they work in (Since I last bothered to check, most of the devs are part-time and there is still no full-time developer for the game). Yet on an investing level, the playerbase has doubled and is still steadily draining the banks of something around 6,000 accounts which are definitely more than enough to upkeep the servers and pay the (nonexistant) staff. It's a good reminder to most people that most members of the staff in this game (your game masters, community assistants, etc) are almost all volunteer staff- being literally paid in premium time and sleep powder to participate, minus maybe 1 or 2 (at least, i'm assuming the head gm's might get paid something? and maybe the community manager?). The game costs very little to run, and will probably remain so forever; the people in charge could literally (have? we're basically at that point) not update the game at all for months and run away with a decent profit; and it seems that's the decision they've made regarding the outlook of the game. Given, this game is the abandoned project of Rolf and most of the codebase is in a pitiful state that requires expert-level spaghetti wrangling, it's not an easy task- but it's not an impossible one, either, given that people (in our community, even) have created sizeable changes to the game in form of WU mods. So. What does that leave for the future? I'm curious on other people's opinions on the game in its current state (mostly veterans, honestly), and where they think the game will go. I have a hard time seeing wurm actually die out- other than the pvp scene. The game is tailor made to have a huge reliance on the community coming together and doing the bulk of the work required to maintain the game- and there are lots of people in this community who are satisfied with the game in its current state, and will likely be satisfied with the game staying the same for the years to come- these are the people who currently form a huge chunk of the game's core audience, and will probably perpetually feed its maintenance. But I can't see real, reasonable growth; Not in the state that updates come in, not in the state that the game encourages new players to stay and enjoy their time. Dare I say even that the dev's attempts at updating the game in what minor ways they have are consistently backfiring and alienating their current playerbase- all because they lack the proper leadership when it comes to providing good, quality changes to the game. There is little feedback, there is little vision for the future, nor an overall design vision for how the game's different subsystems should come together into one whole; The game is more or less a massive patchwork project of completely different subsystems usually headed by one inspired developer who manages their own subsystem, rather than coming together as a unified game (see: archeology, valrei, rifts, cooking, fishing, animal handling now- and i suspect, exploration in the future). In summary; I don't have hope for the future in this game ever being good, and I'll probably actively try and get people not to invest time into this game knowing what comes at the end of playing it for a month, or a year. But I'm not the whole community; I'm curious how others see this, and what hopes they have for what's to come- and more importantly, what actually keeps people playing at all (and don't say other players, or the deed you've had for 5 years- both of those are just entrapments) I am also greatly amused that I apparently put more thought into doing something for a year of the steam server's being launched than the staff of this game did.
  13. dunno how raids work in chaos and if people ever raid when theres active defenders, but the raid system on defiance is not what "killed" it nor even a large contributing factor (the lack of updates, shitty combat system and bad faith system are) seems to me that most people doing these raids don't really like raiding when the bulk of defenders are on (which is understandable, mind you) or when there's an active defensive force at all, and will raid preferably when a village is dead/dying or when offpeak hours are around- as has been seen by a majority of defiance raids raiding, both on the offensive and defensive parts, doesn't seem to be in an amazing spot right now at all- and if the two choices are "raid windows exist so people can only raid when defenders can defend" or "raid windows dont exist and many villages get stomped out because nobody is online to defend them"- it seems to me that the former is the overall better choice raid windows seem like a better alternative to open ended raiding, even if they arent an amazing solution either. realistically the best solution is to do something overall about the game's raiding system being trash and the heavy advantage of defenders, but haha imagine ever getting good updates
  14. idk man what's the good in some independent amatuer poll on a clearly biased website compared to the assuredly highly rated information gathering methods of uhh adjusts glasses mmo-population.com? why should i trust some amateur independent source of data when i have perfectly good data on this website that clearly shows there were in fact 0 players who played WU during april? 😕 after all we can see it's a very common trend for other highly popular mmo's, like my personal favorite: scarlet blade. you see how the game lost all of it's playerbase in november of 2020? https://mmo-population.com/r/scarletblade/ obviously, we can trace this phenomenon to the fact that november is no nut november, of which of course anyone with a reasonable measure of self control (read: all mmo players) will simultaneously cease playing the game during that month. clearly the same phenomenon happened with WU, given that april is the-- wait a minute google april is the what awareness month?
  15. ! i completely forgot that hit chance is curved after the initial calculation, yeah. ok this is correct.