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  1. Poking here because reasons. I'm living as a hermit alone and when jorbtar readds a method (They plan to) to find your friends I'll have a small hut of three. I suggest looking at my hermitarium thread for a wealth of info, and would ask anyone supply any fun things they find out as well http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=40622
  2. -1 They're already plenty useful as an FS grinding slave until about 60
  3. as it is now, for a wound above 15+ all damage dealt to (that same wound) will be "damage" to clarify further (but not be precise on damage dealt) there should be new notifications for dealing damage from 30-50 and 50+ it can be any word, but the point is to notify people whenever they do a seriously crippling wound (30+?) versus always saying "damages it", whether you deal 15 damage or 99.8 to a poor guy wearing a chain coif although the wording itself doesnt matter as much, the idea is to have new words to signify it, such as any wound 30-50 being "and cripples it" and 50+ being "and devastates it"
  4. Economic Left/Right: 7.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.56 le libertarian face
  5. I can see this being a scenario reward.
  6. doctorchese didn't do a very good job of transmitting the proper questions to the q/a +1 tho
  7. salt and magical chests -1 not suitable for wurm's timeframe
  8. the rp aspect of this is beautiful except the balance and general abuse and unfun aspects outweigh it by a thousandfold sorry sunny, i had the idea a while ago but it's not feasible
  9. If you want more visually based damage, there's only two possible ways to go about it 1. visible wounds, which i can't see a proper way to intergrate 2. replacing the target menu with another ragdoll (of the same size), which would represent the limbs of the enemy, which would redden an area whenever they are hit and darkening with severity (also having it be able to be used for archery) those are the only two i can see without breaking the realistic nature of wurm and having floating text/hitsplats
  10. first person shooters are boring because of repetitive game-play, not graphics nor map structure. a different color won't create much stress and complaining it might slow down the game for you is unreasonable, if your game is lagging then you either get a better computer or better internet (or likely, both), or just do the obvious simple fix and reduce your graphical settings dyes are available already to dye almost any major structure and they barely contribute to lag as-is changing the tint on clothing wouldn't cause lag, and even if it did it would be a fragment of what buildings and boats already do. please stop talking about stuff without actually knowing what you're saying +1, otherwise.
  11. this is easy having high bc should obviously increase your dodge rate, which intensifies depending on armor worn (sleather being high dodge rate low glance rate, chain being a balance of the two, plate being low dodge rate high glance rate) IN TURN, glance rate should be based on body str, meaning if you have say, 40 body str and 30 bc, it's much better for you to wear plate than sleather, and 40bc over 30str would mean plate, while 40 of both would suggest any of the three would be good to use. of course to counteract the fact that heavier armor would decrease damage taken by a large margin, have heavier types of armor reduce attack speed and parry rate by a lot, with lighter having a negligible effect without the last addition it would be stupid to wear sleather/chain anyways because plate still has a very obvious advantage over everything else
  12. give me the ability to change genders and i'll pay 100g