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  1. kinda weird how the only people defending the old servers are people who have played on them for months/years
  2. I dont mind the other herbs because at best they are used to tweak recipes with affinities Cocoa beans are required for the only cookable recipe that uses DFM, and as such are required to grind that skill reasonably fast, and basically at all past 50-60. Either add more DFM recipes or let cocoa beans be harvested by planters. Adding artificial value to foraging by restricting cocoa to it is just going to end up in frustration on all sides- and foraging isn’t a skill that really needs any inherent “value” anyways. Its an early game skill for grabbing the first bits of resources that for some reason has not one but two skills attached to it- it’s as redundant as milling and milking.
  3. desire for the game to get better, addiction, sunk cost feelings, not wanting to leave friends who are helplessly addicted those are prob the reasons i see most commonly
  4. there's something wrong with the game if the fundamental nature of defending against priest attacks is a characteristic. the only thing that will mean is that priests will be busted early game (and they are; wormbrains, hypothermia and inferno can each deal 50+ damage. that's RIDICULOUS) and then when everyone has high soul str, significantly weaker i don't think spell resistance should be tied into a base stat nor just a passive thing nonpriests get; i think it should be something that can be built up by wearing the right equipment, or alternatively by vowing off ALL benefits from religion (no skill bonus, no passive buffs, etc) by refusing to follow a god, in exchange for extremely high spell resistance allowing all players to be good vs passively will just make priests suck, likewise will directly nerfing them. Add active options to fight priests for all characters, and the ability to build passive options such as spell resistance for specialist characters.
  5. chocolate milk is the only DFM recipe and requires cocoa plz
  6. Gotcha, that makes sense; if you dont have good coalmaking it can be annoying. A good thing to keep in mind for brass is their ratio: While .2kg of coal and iron makes .4kg of steel, 1kg of zinc and .15kg of copper makes .1kg of brass; it's also a little higher difficulty if my memory serves right
  7. why are your brass prices cheaper than steel when steel is significantly easier to make at higher quality and quantities than brass out of curiosity
  8. Partially a suggestion for new alchemical items, but also a suggestion to bring the metal property differences that metal armor has over to leather armor: Essentially, add the ability to create alchemical 'oils' made from fat, an herb, and some grass at an alchemy workbench. Each oil would have a subtype related to the herb type. This oil can be used to anoint leather armor and imbue the armor with specific properties related to that herb (larger pieces consume more oil and so forth); these properties should reflect the metal properties that exist for different metals, with any small deviation or changes as seen necessary A new valrei-born herb should also be gained from the same sources that grant moonmetals, specifically to serve as counterparts to seryll, adamantine and glimmersteel for leather armor; though a significant amount of oil should be required for each anointed piece of armor for this. As a secondary suggestion, one of the herbs should function as a sort of anti-magical oil, which greatly reduces the effect of spells cast while wearing armor anointed with the oil, but also greatly increases your own spell resistance against spells cast on you. Likewise, such a special effect should be added to lead armor as well.
  9. half joke but also half serious: athiests should have incredibly strong spell resistance
  10. Meditation imo RNG based skillticks on a limited basis? check long term investment with frankly underwhelming benefits except after the "several months of grinding" part? yep has every potential to be cooler and better? absolutely Each meditation path should begin with a passive scaling power, have more abilities in general (one per 2 levels if it can fit), and less focus needs to be placed on the 11th level capstone. It also like, actually needs benefits and powers for going beyond 13th tier, and all the 12th/13th tier powers should be changed to not be literally the same thing
  11. rundown of priest issues as far as i see them 1. liabobillaa opp!!! this isn't actually true but stems from the fact that libila has the most diversified spell list, which is necessary because it's the only god BL can follow. the individual spells labola has are infact almost always weaker than their WL counterparts; but the fact that lets say, in a 10v10 battle if you have 6 priests on each side and it's BL vs WL, the BL side has 6 sources of scorn and other big important spell, but the WL side might only have 1 or 2 sources of lof (since mag is more popular, due to their honestly busted damage bonus and res stone effect) 2. priests, in general, op and impact combat too much i can sort of agree with this as far as the massive AOE heal spells (both LoF and scorn are frankly too impactful in fights, particularly since healing resistance doesnt do much to either of them until around 50% reduction, and even then the decrease is fairly small until around 75% reduction- although i want to add that builds that work by hitting fast and making several smaller wounds directly counter both lof/scorn, but a lot of people use single big hitters in combat rn instead of one handers), and frankly a few single target spells have no place doing as much damage as they deal (inferno/hypothermiamaybelol/wormbrains) as far as 1, directly nerfing libila shouldn't really be an option since her spells are for the most part already directly worse (and her unique spells like land of the dead/zombie infestation are literally worthless at the moment) than their WL counterparts, and libila once more needs to be diverse to make up for the fact she is the single BL god, otherwise BL as a whole isn't even worth bothering with. i see two real solutions to this: 1a. simplify all the gods into having the same basic spells and make libila no different than that (im sure nobody wants this) 1b. create a 2nd BL god and completely reshuffle the spells between libila and the 2nd god, so that just like WL kingdoms, BL would need to diversify and select their faith carefully, balancing combat functions vs skilling/noncombat functions and for 2, as i stated i don't really agree that they are in general too busted aside from a few named abilities, but i want to directly talk about the 2 solutions people are putting out 2a. "let everyone be a priest" is just simply the dumbest solution i can think of for this problem; unless you rebalance every spell to be basically useless, you're going to have every issue we have currently here except 10 times worse- when every enemy has access to a spell book it'll become a new nightmare hell of balance to keep in mind; the only way this works is literally if the 2nd solution is also implemented at the same time lol. if you think people crying about "scorn is op" now is annoying, just you wait until literally every single one of your enemies can scorn, and half of your allies can lof- group combat wouldn't even be fun anymore 2b. "nerf priests into the ground" the problem here is that priesting is (supposed to be, if alts were so stupidly prominent in this game) a big decision for yourself that greatly alters how you play the game in exchange for spells; adding more restrictions greatly devalues that experience and making priests too weak by doing this will discourage a whole lot of people from going priest; also the armor restriction in specific is dumb because oakshell i think a better approach to priests would be to identify the actual problem spells and see what can be done about them; but also, adding more options for priests would be cool some ideas i had for example to shorten the gap between priests was having lead have magic nullification properties (as exists in most fantasy settings); despite it being heavy armor and slightly worse for defense, it could serve to boost people's strength more. likewise, maybe have a metal that deals bonus damage against priests- amulet enchants that will attempt to counterspell spells cast on it once before consuming the enchant, and make the stupid elemental/acid resistance buffs more accessable across all priests and some anti-healing spells would be good (i.e a weapon enchant that grants 15% dmg but causes wounds to be made with it not able to be healed at all, or healing effects only heal it 50% as much)
  12. seems like a long winded way of saying nothing; even if there's no exact metrics for it that doesn't mean it's not a proper argument, and it's not like you have any metrics on how many people are actually like that (mostly about how its a minority) just saying there's another "group" of people that doesn't fall into A/B doesn't add anything to the discussion other than, i suppose, creating a label you want for yourself pretty sure none of the groups apply to you because you joined before the steam release anyhow
  13. sorry retro gonna have to give us 10 more hours for that mistake you know how it is
  14. gonna go to freedom and just make a ton of free tools just to crash the market honestly can you imagine people actually charge like 3 silver for a pizza