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  1. isn't "high deed density" and "all the good land is taken" part of the reason you put the warning about not joining harmony
  2. There is, literally, already a meta. There will always be a meta in games like this.
  3. this but unironically sorry but supporting a server with a population in its teens is a futile effort
  4. 3 months in the making now, surely these videos have to be pretty impressive in quality to have not even released one yet? Especially since they're not even meant to cover advanced topics. Polk released several over the course of a couple weeks on topics as advanced as pvp. Or has the plan changed?
  5. the problem here is that "dying" to you doesn't mean what it means for others: if you're satisfied with 200 total accounts, many of which could be alts, being online across the what, 8 different servers in SFI (and i'll ignore epic here too) then i don't think "dead" means anything to you beyond "game shuts down" if the game hits pits like this, the game is dead. If it maintains this way, the game has no hope for improvement. The only people playing with it are the people satisfied with the status quo- the only fine thing about that is the fact that so little money is actually required to keep this game running that it can potentially keep running with just that many people basically until the end of time lmao. Steam wasn't a gamble. It was a play to raise money and impress investors. I'm waiting to see what they do with that money, now. I question how much 'dev time' actually was needed to create the steam servers. The most complicated aspect of it seems to have been managing the database, but the devs that existing have very different jobs tackling different areas of the code- and again, we have no full time contracted devs. It's the same excuse as always- for one reason or another (and maybe a good one, maybe not) the devs can't seem to actually commit much time to make many changes.
  6. putting the burden on the community in a massive community based game is hilarious this is bad game design, not the worst thing ever and certainly something that can be fixed easily, but it's improperly designed when considering large populations of players (like many other mechanics)
  7. except as has been stated millions if times, there was barely any mm purchased at that time. Not only that but for a majority of cases there is nearly zero difference between an 80q tool and 99q (and of the cases where jt does matter, it being a moonmetal doesn’t matter) Weapon quality gets applied to multiple curves meaning that there is hardly any difference between a 70q weapon and 99q weapon. Armor quality is the same. Tools don’t need to be moonmetal and are often better off not being them; the best use cases being like, anvils and such. Everything you’re crying about has little to no impact on the game on the wider scale, even IF hundreds of kg’s of moonmetal were bought and hoarded, which there wasn’t. The only impact it has is allowing the hoarders to benefit off the poor decisions of people who decide to buy moonmetals off others at high quality for some reason; which considering how much the rest of the game fals into that sort of economic practice, is hardly a problem. Now, what *is* dumb at all is that you can spend real life money to buy a rare resource in a game *at all*, despite it being hilariously cost inefficient, and that you can more consistently get it in high quality by spending money instead of by doing the ingame event thats supposed to reward people with it. Nerf moonmetals further from marks- have the quality be randomized between 1-75q but have it grant more than what it currently grants (1kg iirc), and make kt cost less marks. Make rifts reward more and more consistently get higher quality from rifts. This way you can have players focus on participating in the ingame event meant for this stuff to get high quality goods, and if they need more bulk for creation they can spend some marks for that instead of wasting valuable imping metal.
  8. Not quite sure why you think SL is a good game to take after for financial decisions when linden labs has a notoriously awful system in place and the company struggled to stay afloat for years, and a majority of revenue doesn’t even come from land ownership though to be fair with the amount of money wurm rakes in theres zero reason for the game to be in the state it is now anyways lol, at least we can see the return on investment from SL
  9. Can be said for a lot more than just hair selection honestly
  10. theres a shocking display of a lack of how mechanics actually work in this game maybe bringing clarity to all of that would be a good idea so people can be silent. They already have access to WU code anyways so keeping silent is a practice in futility
  11. Good changes! The only thing I might suggest is altering the rune slightly to have pieces of both, so that it’s also useful for skills that always harvest at skill level. I.e it picks whichever would raise the quality more: 5% of the difference between gathering level and 100 (so, a .5ql boost at 90q) OR 10% total bump capped at skill level. This way the former ability will apply to skills that already max things out, and the latter will apply for other uses. This 5% increase shouldn’t stack with imbues at all. But otherwise, good round of changes. Being able to grab product 30+ q above your level at 70 just simply shouldn’t have existed.
  12. This seems pretty cute, yeah. Would love more sources of items that can give passice particles like this.
  13. I mean, it’s still literally not worth the effort to forage instead of sinking the same amount of time you spent foraging to farm and garden. Cocoa beans, Nettles, Nutmeg and Sassafrass are the only unique items from foraging/botanizing. Nettles/Nutmeg/Sassa have almost no valie. They have unique affinity numbers for cooking food and can help you add a tiny bit extra to pizza durations- but considering you can already hit 16+ hours with a relatively simple pizza, and you can always asjust other ingredients to hit affinities, there aint much worth. Cocoa beans on the other hand are used to make rum (though you can spam a different ingredient to raise quantity, problem is that the beans dump the quality) and rum isn’t even worth bothering with as an alcohol except for aesthetics/fun Likwise, the ONLY recipe thay uses dairy food making also needs TWO cocoa beans per. Otherwise, you need to spam creation which has awful experience rates due to the 66% skillgain penalty on creation tasks. Even then, cooking chocolate milk doesn’t grant a whole lot- you’ll need hundreds of cocoa beans and cocoa beans fall into the most general category for foraging so even with 20 skill its a pain to grab lots of, though multiitems help it a bit you’re still looking at spending days doing nothing but foraging just to grind a useless skill (two actually lol). To note, dairy foodmaking has no real value above 33, as product quality for most dfm recipes use 3x skill, and even then the quality isn’t a gamebreaker when cooking with low quality dfm items. The desire is purely for the titles. So yeah, definitely disagreed. The only “value” these skills have come from extremely niche uses for their unique resources that have no real purpose being unique to begin with, and the sunken loss by people who, for some reason, decided to grind then despite them being slower and more attention requiring skills to grind than gardening or farming lol
  14. pigs get the ease of grinding tsming cuz they eat anything but yeah itd be cool if you couod breed traits that let pigs sniff out shrooms and truffles
  15. The only god is Libila. The rest are traitors.