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  1. i think you might have a fundamental misunderstanding of how mines work, or your image isn't very well explained mines are not 3D, they are 2D in the same way the surface is, except there's a roof. unmined tiles are infinitely tall in terms of their reach, and you can't 'miss' veins by mining up or down
  2. this is gonna sound weird but i very much appreciate telling us this, even if it's "we want to do something about this but we can't say when as we don't know what we'll be doing or how much effort is involved in it"- knowing where the devs are currently on working through some sort of content gives a sense of clarity and all, so thank you for this
  3. codifying alts sounds like a silly solution lol, like it was mentioned, its difficult to disambiguate and not everyone only has one 'primary' account or even something they'd call a main these beasts are meant to be the endgame of pve combat, right? then solidify that. anyone who can't contribute, can't reap the benefits- doesn't matter if you lagged out or couldn't get a hit in because there's too many people, those are separate issues. if you can't deal a decent chunk of damage, you shouldn't get anything just give reward tiers based off how much damage you contributed to the fight- when a unique dies, if you dealt at least 1% of the wounds it has, you get X. if you dealt at least 5%, more, etc etc etc. give this a bit of a cap (i.e around 20%) so that a single person isn't incentivized to try and deal too much damage do above alongside making their appearances public and announced beforehand and we're good. you could also up the spawnrate of weaker uniques or just have different spawning schedules for each of them, i.e every week you'll get one of the minor/weak uniques like kyk/gl/trollboy, every 2 weeks you can get a medium unique like hatchlings, and every 3 weeks a big unique like big boy dragons- each stacking with the others. upping the frequency probably shouldn't impact the economy too much when you consider that alts won't get bloods anymore, so overall less imbues should be produced per unique (if we use 1%, theoretical of 100 bloods per kill), and i cant think of anything else. also, announce the biggest % damage dealers so that people can recognize it but yeah if you can't fight a unique you shouldn't be able to benefit from it. which is kind of funny considering that you can kill uniques with an army of untrained unpremmed alts but
  4. devs forgot most of their playerbase consists of grumpy boomers
  5. disable the quality curve on gear beneath 10q too artificially makes shield training harder
  6. Literally zero, yes. I think they only just hired their first contracted worker, but even then it's not clear how often we can expect that person to be working on development. A lot of the dev team has been both, part-time or even just volunteer.
  7. not a bug, skill ticks from distilling are extremely rare and extremely small, especially at 50+ beverages. it can take several hours for even 1 tick from distilling, and it'll be smaller than a tick from making tea.
  8. It might be that i missed the joke, but for those unaware sindusk did used to be a developer for wurm. while it's a good step, i still want to stress the importance of communication: in regards to upcoming content, something like what Ostentatio did with the sacrifice rework would be a great idea, although doing it much earlier than the release comes. I.e for the most developed/soon to come update, give a rough overview of mechanics as they are finished (and what needs to be finished), explain the intent of the content, the power level, etc etc- and allow players to give feedback. This resulted in a lot of good points being brought up for the sacrifice rework (which i thought was great; i was the original person to suggest that sacrifice system to begin with and i had completely overlooked some important things as well) which ultimately ended up getting fixed, and satisfying almost everyone in regards to the system. You don't need to add numbers to the mix (unless you feel comfortable) as thats usually the topic of most concern, just the general idea of how things will work, and filter through responses as you can. A front-and-back is vital with big updates like this. Also, you could address a lot of concerns by just going "Here's a list of things we're looking at- changes aren't promised, but we're looking over the following subsystems to see if they need changes: Here's a list of subsystems we want to change up significantly as well, but don't know when:" And only 'announce' things that are ready to be released soon (i.e next couple months).
  9. yea defending in a direction was always superior to aiming in a direction (minus with no-parry weapons/2h) not only does it give a reduction in parry time, it also gives a hit-chance penalty (which in turn makes it easier to parry and block, and also makes the enemy miss more often) never saw any mention of making it more impactful, the impact is probably just more noticeable now that you can aim in a direction AND defend
  10. just like when you 'cook' food, distilling is a check that is compared against your beverages skill and the quality of the alcohol. the higher quality the alcohol is, the harder it is to hit at maximum quality. still quality does next to nothing, the only thing that will help the quality of the brandy is A. higher quality undistilled or B. higher beverages skill. as you hit higher qualities, it will be ever the harder to hit the same quality you started with (i.e 90q undistilled will drop a lot) you could sit there and watch it distill and empty it into a different container when you get a maximum quality drop, but otherwise it will be averaged out. EVERY single .01kg of liquid is checked against the difficulty for a new quality roll, so it will always be extremely variable.
  11. You can't compare WU, an experience where 1. moderation quality is extremely variable 2. population counts are split across many servers and are ALL over the place, 3. server quality is also extremely variable and 4. the mods chosen per server also vary wildly. And that's not even mentioning the game isn't even being updated anymore at all lol If WU was a single server that was modified to implement everything "everyone wants and makes free players happy" this would make sense as an argument, but what people want is a very vague concept, and there are dozens of (mostly inactive) servers, not to mention lots of people just decide to make their own server and play alone. Considering how bare wurm's actual community gameplay is, there isn't a whole lot of reason to play on a community server unless you 1. want people to talk to (which you can do over like, dozens of other programs instead of via the wurm client) or 2. want pvp, in which case all wurm pvp is dead both wu and wo, so it barely matters.
  12. introducing new team members to replace old staff and also banning rmt
  13. Dual wielding is kinda weird. The current system was implemented ages ago in like 2010 as a response to shields being trash (due to other reasons) and dual wielding kinda being good; the only change really was that dual wielding had the 'warm up' period added plus some funkiness with parry stuff it seems to me that dual wielding was always meant to be a combat style (given the code introduced for parrying mechanics when dual wielding), but was shelved off and forgotten as per a lot of things rolf-style, but if it's introduced as a combat style, you really do need to look at 2h weapons as well. Assuming the two styles deal the same dps (which currently, dual wield deals more DPS with sickles vs huge axe- two comparable, low-parry weapons. in fact, a single sickle deals the same dps as a huge axe if you don't consider attack speed bonuses from agg style/enchants/etc lol, but realistically you will always be in agg stance), and we ignore the warmup period, dual wielding is superior in pvp for a few reasons 1. swing time: because of how combat works- you can exit combat as soon as you swing by timing how fast you're running away from someone in order. this means weapons that have a small swing timer can, in theory, constantly attack someone using a longer swing weapon and never be attacked in return- this is particularly true when horseback vs someone who is not horseback 2. impact of glances: while, technically speaking, glance reduces the effectiveness of both weapons equally- this isn't true in practice. A single glance will have a proportionally much higher impact on slow speed weapons than on high speed - again, due to swing timer, but also because of the negative effects of a large wound being dealt (debuffs etc). Yes, for extremely long combats this isn't very relevant as you'll be making enough attacks where it doesn't matter, but in play this can be huge in pvp. 3. dealing multiple smaller wounds is better vs magical healing than singular small wounds due to how healing works (not true for bandaging, but thats not very relevant in pvp and not at all in pve) so i'd highly suggest against making dual wielding viable alone, and instead if you guys plan to do that, do it as part of an overall project to look at the different combat styles (shield+weapon, 2h, dual wield), and determine what the pros/cons of each style should be, instead of just buffing dual wield and accidently make it always better than 2h also, nerf sickles already. a 1h weapon shouldn't be tied for the best dps in the game alongside other 2h weapons, and no the cr penalty isn't enough (reason: The more cr you and your enemy have, the less each individual cr buff/penalty means. Early game, when that -2 cr penalty is half your CR, you're reducing your hit chance by half. Later game, when you're reliably going to have around 20-30 CR going into combat (and so will your enemies), a difference of 2 cr is a few percentage points in hit chance (if we take 20 cr, then 18/40 hit chance is 45% as opposed to 50% if not using sickles. 30 cr is 46% as opposed to 50%, etc. and that's not including how wild % cr bonuses make this math) pretty sure the entire point of warhammer being its own skill is to have an artifact that needs to be trained on its own, rather than being able to grind it on a different weapon. so, no- don't add a warhammer to train with lol also this isn't a combat overhaul, it's like a minor touch up
  14. this one is actually sick though hope to hear more