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  1. heya fellow people of Indy I heard from friends that some had wondered about my disappearance - I've been struggling with some health issues. I really miss Wurm and all my Indy friends; hope to be back as soon as I can
  2. I don't care if nothing ever comes of this... but I just had to let you know that I really like this idea / this train of thought. Good one, warrior!
  3. okay. but, just because it's done "pretty good" doesn't mean it couldn't be better. This might not be the biggest issue when it comes to player retention - but the dynamic interplay between the new player experience, the balance between free content and paid content, and the publisher's efforts in marketing / PR to guide player expectations is definitely a part of it. Sometimes I give attention to the little stuff because it is little - I don'[t know what the devs are juggling right now, but I know they're busy. Maybe a small thing can be done quickly, by one person over one week... maybe getting that small thing out of the way will clear a path down the road for something bigger. We're always coming up with really great, really big ideas in the Suggestion forum... maybe something small, with barely any impact, is the only kind of project they can take on right now? I just figure... someone could take some extra time over a weekend & tweak a couple phrases on a website, and huzzah, we've expanded the player recruitment window just a little bit. That's a plus. Even if it's a small one.... I'll take it.
  4. Just to throw my 2 irons in there - It would be very nice if "themed" containers provided some (small?) reduction in decay of items that match the theme. Call it a theming bonus or whatever. Call it nothing at all, I don't care... but If I put my tools in a tool rack, or tool box - one of the reasons I've store them there is to give an extra little bit of protection from wear & tear, cobwebs, and rust. I don't leave my armor (leather, maille, plate, etc) just laying about - I keep it clean, well oiled, and polished on my armor stand. I put my cloth clothing, hats, and cloaks in my wardrobe. That keeps them neat and tidy, and protects them a little bit from moths and mice. Basically... if a player has gone to the trouble of crafting a specific themed container for each of their various sets of items, tools, and equipment... it's because that player actually gives a fig, and actively wants to keep their stuff well-maintained. Without the incentive of some sort of decay reduction or whatever - you end up with the current status quo: everyone just keeps a coffin by the door.
  5. Okay, here is a quick thought experiment... We are all in a cave / open mine area that is off deed. Just a reminder - because this area is off-deed, there are no overriding permissions. Anyone can go anywhere and anyone can mine anywhere. I have a pile of stuff that is "mine" and I want to protect it from getting taken by other players. I don't have a lot of space or a lot of materials, so I am going to only build 3 sides of the fence and let the rock wall of the cave be the 4th side. X X------- --------- X X |o X X | X X------ ---------- So each X is one tile of rock wall, the dashes are the tiles with my fence on it... and I've used "|o" to show where my gate is positioned in the fence line & I've attached a lock to it. And now I've got a nice, secure area as long as I've set up the permissions on the gate's lock correctly. Unfortunately, we are off-deed. And I didn't think this all the way through. As a reminder - because this area is off-deed, there are no overriding permissions. Anyone can go anywhere and anyone can mine anywhere. When I log on the next day I discover that now my area looks like this: X X------- --------- X X |o X | X ------ --------- And all my stuff is gone. While I was offline, somebody else came and simply mined two tiles of rock - and it opened up a path into my fenced area. Because we're in a cave that is off-deed, anybody can mine whatever tiles they would like. There is absolutely nothing stopping another player from simply removing the entire wall of rock that your fence is up against. So even if this suggestion was allowed. And we could build fences and walls right up against the rocks when we are off-deed... We would ~still~ need to build all 4 walls of any fence or any building to make it secure. And if you are building all 4 sides of your fence - why not just build it 1 tile away from the rock wall? Even if it is just a matter of aesthetics, and it simply looks better to have fences and walls up against the wall of a cavern - if you are off-deed, anyone could come and mine those tiles away anyway to expand the cavern... and then you wouldn't be up against the wall anymore. If you want this level of control of an area - either for security, or for aesthetics, or any other reason you might have - you will need to deed.
  6. I'm only gonna talk about the PC games, not the console games or table top games also goin' on. *deep inhale* Games I am perpetually playing: (Wurm is currently on this list) Banished Grand Ages: Rome My Time at Portia Civilization (currently Civ 6) Stardew Valley Cities: Skylines The Sims (currently Sims 4) Tabletop Simulator Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes To The Moon Goragoa Fable (1, 2, & 3) Playne Viridi [an x-rated adult game I'm not gonna name] [another x-rated adult game, but an open world one this time] Games I am currently playing: Thea: The Awakening Thea 2: The Shattering Dawn of Man Egypt: Old Kingdom Egypt: Predynastic Foundation Endless Legend Armello Craft the World The Guild 3 Kingdoms and Castles Northgard The Universim Among Us Black Desert Online Cyberpunk 2077 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Doki Doki Literature Club Portal Crowntakers Games I "paused" playing to focus on Wurm Dark and Light Force of Nature Conan Exiles Neverwinter Guild Wars 2 Final Fantasy XIV The Elder Scrolls Online Tera Terraria ArcheAge Games I recently bought & am about to start playing Craftopia We Were Here Death Stranding Vampyr Animallica Eastshade Equilinox Forebearers Frostpunk The Garden Between Us Godhood Graveyard Keeper House Flipper Kynseed Saelig When the Past was Around Driftland: the magic revival . . . I think that's most of them. I glanced over my Steam library to see if I was forgetting anything obvious, but I didn't bother with Origin or Epic or Uplay, etc. so.... meh? oh shiz, forgot all the VR stuff, but I hgotta go now - zoom mtg- um beat saver and a guided meditation one basicallly
  7. I really like that you're thinking about this. As it is, Wurm is definitely not a game that a player could set down for an extended break (for whatever reason) and feel like they'd be able to jump right back in later on. Very smart to take a break from all the speculation and brainstorming about player retention, and bring this up. I like addressing the "you're probably about to die" issue. A free summon corpse is good - but what about not ending up as a corpse to begin with? What about giving returning players a free teleport to a spawn point & 24 hours of the newbie buff(s)? Someone coming back into Wurm might have knowledge and some skills, but without assets and resources, that's not going to do much initially. Get 'em to a spawn point or newbie town, give them 24 hours of glowing (they won't have a lantern or candles anymore), let them access the bartender for food/drink for 24 hours. I'd rather be too generous for returning Wurmians than making it rough and have them all feel cut off and hopelessly left behind.
  8. To bring this all back around to the context of the OP..... Option A: Better Manage Player Expectations for the Game As-Is Maintain current business model (Wurm is a subscription game with limited cash shop available) Realign messaging and marketing to eliminate ambiguities, mixed messages, and any inaccurate terminology such as "Free to Play" Increase visibility of simple, direct statements such as "Wurm Online is a subscription based, sandbox MMO life simulator" or "Subscribe to Wurm Online to explore a fantasy based open world entirely player-built," etc. Leave the size and scope of free game content alone... however - Stop using "Free to Play" and F2P as a descriptor of one possible type of Wurm account. Wurm only has subscription accounts. Wurm also has a free in-world game demo available for players who want to "try before you buy." (This is actually a great promo point. Most free game demos are not online inside the actual game world; most free demos are single-player packaged linear chunks of representative game play. Why is WO not capitalizing on this? WO should be shouting from the rooftops that it allows players using a free demo to actually get a head start in-game on what could turn out to be their main character in their actual subscription account?!) Option B: Better Balance for a Truly Hybrid Game Model Expand Free Account access to better reflect industry standards for "Free To Play" content. Free-to-play (F2P) business models are video games that provide players access to a significant portion of their core content, game mechanics, and all aspects of gameplay features like skills, levels, classes, and main plot lines - without requiring payment. Most current F2P games are using an evolved model Free-to-play Plus (F2P+) where the core content is free and game revenue is generated by the use of microtransactions, in-game purchases, and cash shops; in addition to "premium" content such bonus characters, plotlines, missions, gameplay advantage buffs, and various cosmetic / vanity items and objects. Games that specifically allow players to use real world money transactions to purchase items conferring game play advantages or buffs, are typically derided as "Pay to Win" (and we hate them, except for when we're winning). With core game content provided F2P - expand development of microtransactions & cash shop to better reflect industry expectations. Frequently enjoyed microtransactions available to "Premium" subscription & real money players includes cosmetic and vanity items like weapon and armor skins; pets and mounts; bonus multipliers for resource gathering and/or crafting, etc. Marketing and Promotional content need not be altered, as the game structure changed to meet the expectations generated by WO messaging. Option C - All About Property Value (MystLeissa's Suggestion as I Took It) Expand Free Account access to better reflect industry standards for F2P content Realign Premium content around a Land Ownership theme Allow for microtransactions related to the theme, such as increasing land allotment or discounted upkeep rate, extra guards available, etc. "Premium" (subscription) payments would more closely align with Reward Tier systems in popular use today. Maintaining a character (or account) at the Premium Tier unlocks bonuses, buffs, and rewards in keeping with the theme. More "premium tier" accounts in a village results in an increase in the village's allotment or land allocation. Perhaps other rewards include resource gathering or crafting buffs for villagers. Etc. Expand into the Reward Tier system to incentivize maintaining / increasing subscription levels as well as daily / weekly log in activity. Premium tier can be raised to Silver Tier, to Gold Tier, to Glimmersteel Tier, etc. Each rank of the tier system increases or improves on relevant buffs and extra land / village privilege unlocks. Option D through Z: Basically Option C, but with different Themes for Content Unlocked by "Premium" Finnn says "Fashion Sells" skins; cool particle effects applied to weapons, armor, animations; bonus cosmetic / vanity items (unique hairstyles, etc); rare or unique dye packs Everyone Loves Animals vanity pets, mounts, unique saddles or saddle skins, unique vehicles / skins, animal name-change token, bad-trait-remover token, various breeding buffs or bonus multipliers, token enabling you to tame +1 animal, token granting +1 care-for capacity, collars that make a tamed & branded animal behave like a domestic animal (dogs and cats and seals wearing collars no longer have to be tamed and re-tamed to lead, groom, brand/unbrand, breed, etc.) Bonuses & Buffs non-tradable tokens or potions or powders for all the buffs and bonuses! Skill gain multipliers, Quality level buffs, action speed increasers, bonuses to success chance, and tokens of "seeking" (increased chance to harvest specific resource. Example: token of seeking herb, token of seeking flint, token of seeking white-dotted flower (LOL) Also, 30 minute / 1 hour / 5 hour / 12 hour potions to buff combat rating, stamina regen, decrease food and water loss... really, sky's the limit on this one. The Good Life food & drink available from bartender NPCs again. access to bonus furniture and decor items, unlock crafting templates for bonus furniture and decor, unique skins for larders, food bins, ovens, beds. Access to crafting templates for bonus building styles (Roman, "Far East," Aztec / Mayan / Olmec, Celtic, Teutonic, Slavic, Norse/Viking, etc). Access to crafting instructions for a gazebo. Ability to "construct" above-sea-level water tile (for mountainside lakes, private pools, fishin' ponds, etc). [Insert Your Premium Access Here] This got a lot longer than I meant it to be. Again.
  9. If this was a response because of something I said, then please allow me to clarify. I don't have any demands about what specific business model Wurm Online should or could use. As you've said, the people behind the curtain are the ones with the actual data needed to guide that kind of a decision. Whatever business model they think works best for Wurm is more than I could suggest, so yay for their decisions. What I DID say, however, is that no matter what business model this computer game uses, Wurm Online needs to take a serious look at the official webpage, the Steam WO store page, and any other places where Wurm Online is representing itself officially to the public. Right now Wurm Online has an overall public presentation that doubles up on Free-to-Play / "Free" / "Freedom" messaging. Even if a F2P model was an accurate description of the game's economic type once upon a time... "Free to Play" is NOT an appropriate way to shape messaging about Wurm Online in the current game market. Regardless of what any one of us thinks or feels about the modern state of the gaming industry, the common use of tags or labels, and the relative merits of various game business models... The fact is that the gaming industry exists and, like any industry, has developed industry-specific labels and tags that convey well-defined meanings to game consumers. Referring in any way to your game as F2P or F2P+ sets up the basic shape of a new player's expectations. If the game publisher has used those terms carelessly, those players are expecting an experience that they will not have - leading to dissatisfaction with what they do have, and in many cases, new players leaving the game. Thank you for your input, but I do believe you are wrong. I invite you to take a closer look at the official Wurm Online website and help me recall exactly where WO clearly and consistently informs potential new players that the core of the game is a subscription based model. I know that by the time I was done digging up information about Wurm Online, I was aware that I was getting into a subscription based game... but to be honest, I genuinely had trouble retracing the steps I took to go from the Wurm Online main webpage the whole way to that information. I would suggest going to the WO website and performing word searches on each page. Search for "Premium" Search for "Subscription" and Search for "Free" and for "Freedom." You will find an overwhelming number of times free and freedom are discussed, including specifically "Free to Play." On the other hand, in the entire website, you will find 4 occurrences of the word "Premium" and 2 instances of the word "Subscription." I will hint right now that you will not find those instances on any of the primary pages of the website. And when you find them, they will not be used in clear and direct explanations of the "free game demo + subscription game" hybrid model that Wurm Online uses. As for the "tag" (I think you are referring to the way Steam game pages are tagged with searchable keywords).. just as there might be a broader issue with overall messaging on the game's official website... the same broader problem with ambiguous or mixed messages exists on the Steam page too. Only, if I recall correctly, shortly after Steam launch there was a strong negative reaction by players being introduced to WO for the first time specifically because of this lack of clarity. I believe this led directly to WO adding or amending the Steam page messaging to include specific, clear statements about what comes free in the game, and what a paid account unlocks. I took a little time with the website and the store page on Steam, and noted the messaging elements shaping the incoming player's expectations about the game. I've got a folder of screenshots I'd be happy to share with anyone who wants to see them.
  10. I don't know about balance or about economic models or profit margins... What I do know is that, as a gamer, the single biggest thing that turns me off from a game is when the existence of a paid or premium game tier causes the free (or base) game elements to be lessened. Call me crazy, but ... I don't want to play a game that starts players in a "free" deficit and allows paid players to get up to the ground floor. Talk about casting the devs and publishers as money-grubbing microtransaction pay-to-win villains. Whether the game is pay-to-play, free-to-play, subscription, or free-to-play + paid options, all players should start on the same ground floor, and premium content should be optional upper floors. The VIP areas. That's what makes it "premium." The free level of game play should involve player access to ALL core game mechanics, levels / zones, and playable content. If I opt into higher, paid / premium tiers - I want those to be ADDITIVE. I'm looking for access to stronger buffs, to larger deed sizes (first 11x11 tiles free?), or discounts on upkeep, to vanity options like skins, costumes/outfits, vanity pets, access to an extra material set or housing/decorative accessories (expanded decor crafting catalog? ability to build structures with a non-European architectural style?) Basically - if you market and offer a game as "free to play" ... then the base game & core mechanics should actually be free to play. I want real money unconnected from making the basic game and core mechanics accessible (there lies pay-to-win BS).... I want people who pay money for "premium" to be playing the same game as free players - but with the opportunity to be (excuse the expression) more badass. Games that offer full base content and paid extras and buffs typically end up with people actually wanting to pay. More shinies! More awesome looking options! Weapon skins! Adorable vanity pets! A "far East" architecture style pack! Things I crave and can see other players showing off.... gimmie gimmie gimmie!! But I don't enjoy paying for those things at the expense of other players getting shafted unless they pay too. Screwing players because they can't always afford to spring for premium = bad Turning paid premium into additive / vanity content, instead of "unlocking" core mechanics = good. If Wurm wants to continue marketing as a "free to play + premium options" game, this is what the gaming industry has come to expect from that economic model. As I see it, Wurm Online can either make the necessary changes to get on this properly.... OR ... Wurm Online needs to stop blowing smoke, and market the game as a subscription based game, with occasional "free weekends" or "two weeks of free play!" promotions. And subscription sales - "this weekend only - purchase the 1-year WO sub, and you can lock in this discounted rate for the next 12 months!" or whatever the subscription model games are always doing. (this has really been bothering me) ~ Lady Amata
  11. Yay, I have now joined the club of the diseased! Yesterday I walked toward the back of my large cart, opened the cart to access the inventory, and got sick. [20:29:42] You cut a seedling from the trellis. [20:30:20] You leave the aged fat Raindance '5M + Healthy'. [20:30:20] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [20:30:40] You scratch yourself. What did you catch now? and then..... [20:44:31] You get a bucket. [20:44:40] You drop a bucket. [20:44:42] You feel a lot better now as your disease is gone. [20:44:44] You get a bucket. [20:44:55] You drop a bucket. fun times. ya know, it wouldn't be half so bad if player disease was an actual mechanic. If I get sick, the first thing I do is drink some herbal tea and stay hydrated... Elderberry (berries and flowers) mixed in foods and tinctures helps buff the immune system... Wrap up in a blanket, get extra rest, double down on chicken noodle soup... But in Wurn, there's absolutely nothing a player can do to help defeat a disease. Either make player disease a game mechanic players can interact with.... or get rid of it.
  12. Hats

    I guess I get to be a necromancer and raise this post, 7 years dead..... RISE POST! RISE & BRANDISH YOUR POWER!!! *cough* Okay, enough RP out of me for one day. Hats. Lots and lots and lots of posts in the Suggestion forum ask for clothing + hats. This was the first one I found that was dedicated specifically to asking for hats. (Hats, plural. The multiple different posts all asking particularly for a Pirate Hat also exist). I was a tiny bit disappointed when many of these comments were a tad bit tongue in cheek. Oh well. I would like to address the distinct lack of snoods. Snoods and veils and wimples and coronets. The men seem to be draggin' along with armor helms and woolen caps and adventurer's hats. (And the rest of the genders, too, to be honest).... But the long-haired princesses, or the modest matrons? Behold: the wonderful, wacky world of Medieval Ladies' Millinery I even threw a couple of men's hats in there too, for y'all masculine types. And let's not forget that while the royalty and wealthy went super insane over headgear.... the struggling nobles, merchants, and peasants definitely wore hats, too. I'd love to see what sort of hattery for any gender everyone would like to see most!!!
  13. my only caution with a side braid is a warning about clipping. a side braid of any sort always causes a headache for devs and art design - how to make the braid sit nicely on the shoulder, but over the clothing, no matter what armor or accessories (cloaks, hats, hoods?) the player equips. Talk about a nightmare - still haven't seen any games pull this miracle off (yet). braid diversity is awesome - bring on those crown braids, the circlet braids, the multi-strand braids, the braided buns, yes yes yes yes.... just ... be a tiny bit careful about potential clipping. as for the "feisty femmes" - don't forget the tousled pageboy, for when you want your look to say, "I didn't want to marry that man my father demanded, so I cut off my hair to pretend to be a boy and become a knight's squire. And I'm definitely not going to end up falling in love with my knight, absolutely not." ya know, like this -
  14. I'm here to say, my name is Amata and I support this suggestion. I'd like to be able to make a perms group called "Priests" - and grant divine spell perms to the priests that I know and trust. I want a group called "Merchants" that will allow anyone added to that role to have perms to place NPC, load and unload, and other such perms as might be needed by those trusted folk who come round with deliveries, or want to set up a merchant in my little town-square area, or i've hired to transport/deliver goods I've sold, etc. Bonus points if the group roles could show up on the menus for gate, door, building perms just like "citizen" and "trusted friends" do, not just a user-defined role in the role management menu.
  15. Wait, what? Okay, first - thank you to everyone posting here with their rifting experiences. There have been a TON of one sentence here, one throw away comment there, that I HAD NO IDEA. Granted, I know I needed to do more research, but I went into my first rift knowing basically NONE of this stuff. I already have a laundry list of things to know / things to do differently... I'm a healer-type (as many already know) - so my goals at the end of the day are typically focused on being a support member of a team. It 100% absolutely NEVER occurred to me that I would stand around away from the combat protected behind a fence, when my team was in active combat. How are you supposed to heal a person if you're not standing at their shoulder on the battlefield? (how could you sleep at night knowing that you stayed in safety while your companions put themselves at risk of death??) And bandages don't register participation? ... You mean to tell me that the points I scored at that rift only came from the little bit of melee fighting I did to help down stuff, between running around trying to help heal?? I just figured it was because I was bandage-healing instead of spell-healing, so it was taking an enormous amount of time to select wounds to heal bc I'm super slow with menus (even when abilities, themselves, are on hotkeys) - and I'm utter rubbish at manual targeting in games that use action combat systems (instead of auto-target or tab target or using smart heals). .... but still, all that can be labeled "now you know" and hand-waved aside.... but I'm still utterly flabbergasted at the idea of healers waiting for the wounded to come back to them, instead of the able-bodied healers occupying the mid-to-back line of combat so they can run *forward* to their injured teammates, or just constantly stay within spell range to sling heals throughout the battles. Can a fellow healer-type please explain Wurm's healing modality to me? (In the meantime, Imma go dig into the wurmpedia to look into the finer details I'd only glanced over prior to now)