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  1. It is a cruel irony of the highest order that when you've got something good going on, you naturally want it to be bigger and better and have a ton of others to play with... but the bigger a group of people gets, the more layers and layers of rules start getting added. Anthropologists, Sociologists, Anarchists, and Libertarians have been trying for decades centuries to find a way to free us from the miserable chains of social compact. *shakes fist at Rousseau, Hobbes, and Locke*
  2. Preface- this isn't a suggested "game feature" so if this topic needs to be moved somewhere more appropriate, that's cool. I simply couldn't figure out a more appropriate place to present this idea. Problem: I recently discovered, to much surprise, that I mistakenly believed that "politics" had been listed in the game rules (chat & forum rules, specifically) - along with other similar concepts, as a discussion topic to avoid. I was even told at one point by a long-time player that maybe 'politics' used to be listed, but was removed more than a handful of years ago. Right now, if someone is using a public chat channel or forum post to espouse political views, and the discussion is troubling or upsetting to you, as a player you actually have very little you can do. The only sure-fire way to remove yourself from exposure to the bad situation is to log off and quit playing the game. Not a good solution for players or for Wurm, in general. Other, current, options that may or may not produce any results include • rely on goodwill to motivate the discussion to move to a private option, upon request.... • flip to a different chat tab & spend a portion of your game time constantly checking to see "if it's over yet" and you can return to public chatting with Local or Kingdom, etc. ... • appeal to a chat mod to assist by successfully making a case for Trolling, Harassment, or maaaaybe the "Play Nice" rule.... • /ignore otherwise good neighbors you normally like to interact with, further fracturing the Wurm community. As it stands the enumerated taboo list in the "Content" section of both Chat and Forum rules includes the following: Why is something of a political nature not already part of this list?? What is the Unholy Triumverate of Dinner Tables? The Dark Lords of Family Gatherings? The Taboo Trio devastating otherwise civil interactions all over the world?? (shout it out with me; I know y'all know this) ... Politics, Religion, and Sex!!!!! Why are two of the three listed in our ruleset,. but not the third? Solution: Let's cut to the chase: Add something in the Content section of the Game / Chat / Forum rules to address discussions centered on (1) current, sensitive social issues, and (2) topics of a sociopolitical nature. I think this will help keep in-game and forum chat focused on topics and ideas that can be connected to Wurm in some actual way (Woodscraps, exempted). It will give chat mods and forum mods a break to focus on actual issues. And, let's face it, the vast majority of us already avoid this sort of topics because - as one moderator has recently told me - "it inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling." What About The Wurmians Who Want to talk Politics, and Aren't Actually Being Mean, Just Entertaining - (1) how are you absolutely certain that the conversation in the public channel is not currently disturbing any number of other Wurmians who simply don't want to engage / ask you to stop (because it inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling)? Or are new, and don't know how to handle the situation? (2) it is incumbent on all of us to Play Nice and to Be Kind - not for others to have to repeatedly ask one or two players to be considerate. (3) You can hold sociopolitical conversations that don't inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling... great! Gather up those who want to participate and host that discourse in private chat. Go to PMs, form a "We Think Amata is Super Annoying" alliance, meet up at a tavern or great hall in-game and have the conversation in Team chat, or give your friends links to a forum post somewhere on a forum where sociopolitical discourse is relevant. I am sure all of us, myself included, would really like this to be put to rest & get back to playing the game in a healthy, enjoyable, non-toxic environment. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Here is your Potato.
  3. Oh sugarplums, y'all I just realized that in the modifications, one of my replies to Platyna was removed - and it actually included a couple of sections that I intended to come back and copy into my journal. Bummer. I don't suppose anyone happens to have a history that has a copy of the pre-modification posts they can PM me?
  4. I loved, loved, loved that conversation! I really hope everyone had as much fun and got as much happy in their brain chemicals as I did for that interaction. I agree.... but I am sure you know that even with the best precautions, and adherence to a strident routine of medications and therapy, and an embarrassing number of doctors, social workers, support networks, friends, and family.... Even with all that - sometimes a breakdown can happen. I don't feel as though I'm asking for a pass - so much as asking that people not judge me too harshly for seeing me at my worst. Per game rules to follow all Wurm staff instructions, the aspects of this forum post that were political in nature have been removed
  5. Thanks Zarame - I'll admit, you're one of my "forum faves." Always interesting to see what your perspective is! As for the "will always bring discussion & [eventually] fights...." ... alas, you probably know by now that I'm a touchy-feely hippy-dippy moon child. As such, it is my obligation to inform you that "it doesn't have to be the way the world works!" and also that "hope springs eternal! Some day a group of people will have a calm and also thoroughly engaging discourse on a sensitive topic that doesn't inevitably lead to fighting!" Imagine me like Sailor Moon striking a ridiculous pose - "And I want to help make that day a reality!" (with the power of Love! and Friendship!)
  6. @Platyna... there was a lot packed into your most recent response, and it is going to take me some time to unpack it all. There was something that kinda felt "off" throughout the reply that I couldn't quite understand... but I think that right now the only question I want to ask is - Is it possible that you consider a major difference between the two of us to be that you are neurodivergent, while I am just a douchebag NT who claims to be neurodivergent to get a free pass for bad behavior? I'll sleep on the rest & re-read the reply in the morning, to consider it over a fresh cup of tea & a non-drowsy head.
  7. me: shows up excited to read new replies and think about them also me: it seems like nobody here is interacting with what anyone else is saying. @everyoneabove: lol, wut?
  8. This is kinda a funny situation here.... See, I spent the majority of my time in Wurm with this exact same approach. This isn't an appropriate time & place for discourse about IRL subject matter. This is a game! We come here to relax and drink mead with acquaintances. To obsess over breeding horses. And being the first to 100 skill something & get to pick the title... The current sociopolitical situation of the globe (and specifically America, where I happen to live) - IS polarizing. People have serious political views right now in time, and some of those views are not the "let's discuss and debate this" type; some of these political views are the "the paradigms that are the foundation for these views are mutually exclusive to the paradigm that is the foundation of your views. We have a problem that no amount of level-headed discourse will fix" So, for most of my Wurm life I did not bring up politics. I did not mention my political views or the sociopolitical or economic structures I support. I would give selective, edited, information about myself & my life to my fellow Wurmians, and Indy-ans. And - as Ronal and Darwin and others can readily attest - I put a lot of energy into what you are doing with your comment... identifying elements that can cause interpersonal strife and player contributions that I believed would result in or encourage bickering and conflict rather than healthy dialogue and community-building. I put myself on the chat moderators' radar with my near-incessant requests to warn, mute, or block anyone persistently bringing up politics inside Wurm. I believed, as did (do?) many others that there was a rule somewhere in the game rules or chat rules specifically that restricted any political talk. As it turns out, I was mistaken. I discovered this during a bad patch, and in a pretty upsetting way ... and result did, in fact, go over the line from espousing sociopolitical views. Mixed in with my actual contributions to the actual political chat started and being led by others on kingdom chat, were personal insults and much venting of unrelated grievances, and not a small amount of swearing. That (not the political views) that was the part that chat moderators found inappropriate, and I did rightly receive a brightly colored warning. and As you can see, per Astarte, the topic wasn't the problem. The fact that I was being utterly asinine was the offense... and then the fact that I was being petulant when given an instruction by a member of the Wurm staff. Those two elements ARE actually written in the rules. (And, also, the reason I really felt that I owed the whole server a frank, and really embarrassing, apology for that behavior). Despite being a raving lunatic the other night, I actually really DO enjoy hearing other people's points of view. I generally do not automatically assume opposing view points are wrong. I love to learn new things, and understand what a not-me-person thinks and believes. Even if, at the end of the discussion, I have reaffirmed my original ideas, I enjoy the exposure to other, different ideas; I want people who disagree with me to please talk about it with me - I want to be forced to consider what I think I know. I like having to question and then find answers to those questions. In short, I adore discourse with individuals truly invested in discussion and critical thinking and integrity and respectful questioning. As for the pertinent parts of your response - while I'm glad that you agree with my personal statement, I am interested in a more extended discussion about your stance regarding the empowerment to do a thing versus the evaluation if that thing is actually the right thing to do at the time. If you'd be interested in elaborating your thought process and being part of such a chit-chat (which, since it was part of my OP makes current American politics germane to the topic of this forum thread, and therefore not against and forum rules). But, participation in forum topics is voluntary, so I'm not about to force anyone to read this, respond to this, or stick around to chat about this. The forum equivalent to /ignore perhaps? "The Wurm forum is not the place for this." ...? I honestly think that the Wurm forums are exactly the intended place for this.
  9. Story Time! I kinda hope that last night demonstrated to the disbelievers that I have been honestly trying to give fair warning. So, about last night.... Y'all, I know that I am cruel and a total venomous wreck on the inside. That is precisely why I work very, very hard, pretty much every second of my waking life, to pick the "kind" options. You see me being nice or selfless - that's like seeing a scatterbrain using a day planner. I know I suck at this, and I have decided in my life to actively put energy and time and practice into being better. So last night, a whole lotta people on Indy got a front row seat to what I look like when I lose control. If it helps at all, it is just as distressing and harmful to me as it is to you. I was told as a schoolkid to "strive for excellence in all things" ... so, um, when I lose my ######, I usually lose it all in a spectacularly big manner. Anyway. Yeah, that was a thing that happened. We've all got personal problems and our own baggage to carry. And I'm sorry that I let my problems dump all over Indy last night. PS. oh, and, for mods who sent me PMs or used their color text on me, etc. ... I know that it is literally the job that mods have agreed to do. Sorry I made your jobs harder, and also, I know it isn't personal. PPS. don't know why this must be stated, but it is 2020 and here we are.... Those who serve not the people, but their own ends, are unfit for public service.
  10. I'm in the middle of moving deeds. The deed in the south (on South Haven Lake) - is somewhere in the range of 1-3 silver. I think. I've resized the deed a bunch exploring exactly what I wanted where, and at one point I had actually downsized the deed a little bit, and then got a second, adjacent deed, that I was going to build as one combined "estate." Things happen and plans go wonky. I scouted around up north by the Grand Steppe, and found a chunk of land near the base of a mountain beside a lake that I really want to just go hide in the trees for a bit. That deed is 75 x 82 with a 10-tile perimeter. no templars, though - I fight (and die) on my own! hahaha. The upkeep on the new, northern deed is 13 silver 23 copper and 50 irons
  11. splitting an item or object into different tiers of difficulty / reward does not decrease demand & value for those items that remain top-tier. let a cheap version of a useable bedroll exist, and more people might move about (go off deed?! what is that insanity!!) - the quick n' easy version wont provide as much sleep bonus, only enough to make it a useful item. The detailed, extensive version that provides almost bed-level sleep bonus would still exist, and would still sell well. Especially for those Wurmians who play nomads, or live on their boats, etc. PS - sleeping in spare beds & guest rooms is all well and good... but not every island provides a steady stream of traveler accommodations along roadways and out in the wild. Accessible bedrolls would mean that the traveler is able to plan and prepare properly for their journey, rather than gambling on the hospitality of others.
  12. I think this might have some very interesting effects on the Wurm market economy... would we see an explosion of cheaper, bulk type items, of middle-ish QL alongside a small increase in price for bespoke / handmade items of higher QL and rarity? I would love to find out!! And/or wind or water driven mills? Windmills and waterwheels would add so much fabulousness to the Wurm landscape! Also, I could be a miller's wife and live at the village mill by the river. #fantasylife
  13. Thank you for sharing your Exodus insights! I find the summaries provided by local inhabitants is usually stuffed full of the kind of information a player actually needs to know when making their initial server decision. I especially loved the bit of info that you shared that I quoted above. That is just a super specific, but also very telling indicator of the "vibe" an island might have. On Indy, for example, I would say that the overall approach is to retain as much of the roads, terraforming, and other deed edifices as quasi-monuments demonstrating the tenacity and imagination of Wurmians past and present. Very interesting that on one island what is considered "crowning achievements" might on another island be considered remains that need to be "healed."
  14. Trickster is again doing that thing where I fangirl the words put into sentences and wish I had thought of them myself. As an aside: I find it continually puzzling when long-time players say things like - "this game sucks," "the old servers are dead," and "Wurm is dying." ... like... if it sucks / is dead / is dying, why have you been playing it for X number of years? Why are you still playing it? I am genuinely mystified at players constantly negging a game that they have been playing (and oftentimes paying) continuously over a span of years. (I do mean negging - I'm not talking about constructive criticism, feature/bug feedback, and other appropriate ways players provide input for ongoing game development)
  15. Just as an aside - I have been in the CA / game guide forum asking for an updated "server guide" since... basically since I started playing. Which is something, I think, that the original post had in mind - yes? I don't know the current demographic, topography, or "vibe" of the North. But here's what I've gotten about the South (so far) ... Independence - oldest island, most extensive established infrastructure, known for excessively steep / sloping terrain, some wild spaces for new deeds, but many more opportunities for abandoned deed reclamation / rehab projects than can be found anywhere else. Has a resident jester who dominates kingdom chat during evening hours; his comedic tastes might not be to your liking. Xan - largest island, high population (for Southern isles) but due to size also lowest population density, more mobs than players, infamous lag problems, although long-term Xan residents swear they never have bad lag & don't know what other people are talking about Celebration & Pristine - I hear about these islands from time to time. Mostly about wild parties and raucous impalongs. I've heard that one of them (maybe Pristine?) has amazing built-up coastal cities, like massive in scale, but that might just be a rumor. Exodus - I know at least one person who sailed away to live on Exodus, and reports indicate that this person is still alive and is happy with the decision to live on this island. I've heard that there are a lot of wild animals that roam Exodus just waiting for people to come and hunt / domesticate them. Who knows if this madness is true? Well, that one person that my neighbor says they know who sailed away to live on Exodus.... Release & Deliverance - .... I don't believe these islands actually exist. I would absolutely love to hear other Wurmians' give their own take on their island, and the other islands, in similar vein. What have you heard? Who do you know that has a tale? Where's the big city, the amazing market, the rowdy tavern, and the best imaplong? Who's got the vacation beaches and who's got the cliffs of insanity? I really, really wanna know!!!