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  1. Most replies in this thread are from the JK group. If you look at it. I'm just saying the vocal minority here in this thread cannot speak for everyone else. So of course when someone like myself wants to point out some of the things that were mentioned early on in the thread I'm the uninformed one. I am not saying no PMK's on Defiance. I'm just saying I don't think we should give everyone all the bones they want in this thread because they are the most vocal. The restricted zone for the PMK's is good. Every change to the game is going to have its pros and cons. My opinion is my own. Every person is entitled to one. But from my point of view this thread has more JK players than any other kingdom trying to get things changed. It has nothing to do about in-game politics. It's just stating the facts that JK is being the most vocal about this and they were the same group who were posting all the time trying to get them implemented to begin with.
  2. I've only died twice on Defiance. I wouldn't classify that as being farmed. if you go back to the beginning of this thread he was arguing about the fact that he can't fight within his own kingdom. But the only players complaining about this are JK. JK is also the most vocal on the forums and it does not speak for everyone on Defiance. I think the Developers need to tread lightly with caving in on all of the complaints here. Stick with what they have proposed thus far or just don't implement them at all.
  3. That is because you want PMKs so that you can fight people within your own Kingdom that you don’t get along with. So all of this is for your own benefit. It has nothing to do with anything other than that. This has always been the push of JK to force things in Defiance for themselves versus what others want. #Provemewrong
  4. I agree with the proposed map changes. The vocal minority is speaking for the entire PvP population again in an attempt to get their way.
  5. There needs to an option for them to decay or be destroyed everything else in the game takes damage. These are so easy to come by I’m sitting with over 300 chess pieces that I can’t do anything with.
  6. Those don't work either. There are non destroyable. There's is nothing in the game that can actually make them disappear.
  7. Doing tons of maps I have a ton of Chess Pieces that are not destroyable. They don't take damage, You can't put them in a forge/oven to burn them. Can this get fixed?
  8. I would say they would put it to the same as the Treasure Chests Bloods which is 1/12 when they remove the weapon imbues.
  9. I'll give you 50s for the Green Tome of Magic.
  10. I mean Mag has a chance at a Imbue Potion or Strange Bone Frag as well. So i think that brings him up to par. Sadly I actually can't think of anything that would go with Fo.
  11. I’d push it back until an early 2023 launch so that you have adequate time to actually verify everything is ready. Doing some PTR getting feedback and rushing out fixes is a recipient for disaster. I say you guys allow all the kinks to work itself out. I mean we have waited this long already what’s wrong with waiting another week or 4.
  12. RNG is RNG. gathering rune is a tool rune and a file is a tool. You’re going to get bad runes in tools from time to time. It was stated earlier in this thread that it’s designed to be random in that aspect that any tool can get any tool tune.