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  1. Still working in fulfilling orders. Due to a death in the family I have had to stop casting the past week. I will start again this weekend. Thanks, Sheriff
  2. I am actually heading off to bed will grab it first thing in the morning =] Thanks again =D
  3. Done with Purchase
  4. [09:24:34] Stone Strike has been cast on it, so it increases the chance of mining stone on the surface. [64] [09:26:16] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Pleasure Doing Business with you.
  5. I don't neccesarily believe they need to ban the players though. I just think that the Religion system overall needs to be overhauled which they stated they are working on. What happened was players who used priests for years on the Southern Freedom Isles did what they we used to doing there for channeling skillgain. I would personally like to see huge changes to priesting altogether. I do believe calling for people to be banned and rolled back is a little much in this situation. They got the edge ahead sure but how much of the community is really angry about them doing it. It's really simple if you don't agree with it dont support the seller and support those who cast later down the line.
  6. While I can see your frustration with the way that the priest changes were handled it still does not affect those who did not spend tons of money and link multiple priests together to grind channeling. Players come and go in Wurm the linking has been around for years and this is a very small portion of the market(Less than 10 players) and player base. Sure they are making money on the market before everyone else. If this was such an issue for everyone they would have boycotted their casts and not bought them. I only try to concern myself with the controllable and leave the issues outside of my control to those who handle those decisions. There will always be someone that has higher skills than you in a game. Don't let that ruin the way that you play the game. It's a sandbox. If someone else wants to spend hundreds of dollars on membership for marks, wants to premium a bunch of alts to hold sermons, or just wants to casually play on 1-2 characters one being a priest in the end and after some time and dedication youll be able to accomplish the same thing. Wurm is a Sandbox and its how you make your life in it not worrying about what others are doing.
  7. StrongWall Enterprises Order Status: StongWall: Accepting Orders StoneStrike: CURRENTLY CASTING Are you in the need of some adjustments to your mine? Did you open a mine entrance on your deed and want it to be moved? StrongWall Enterprises is now accepting orders to come collapse your mines and help with flat mine entrances without the need for concrete and shaker orbs. We are also be offering Stonestrike pickaxes and soon Wind of Ages pickaxes so stay tuned! Offering free loading services and lamp blessings after work is complete. Prices: StrongWall(More than one tile collapse): 2s per tile StrongWall(One Tile): 3s per Stonestrike Prices 70QL: 50-59: 2s 60-69:3s 70-79:4s 80-89:5s 90+:6s If you are ordering more than one tile collapse I will need permissions to build a Mag Altar for Sacrificing for speedy job completion. Below are the dates in which I will be available to work on jobs. If you are interested then please reply below and either select a specific date with your contact information when you would like me to start the job. If you do not have a preference on the date just say that you would like the next available time. Available Dates: Aug 31st, Sept 2nd, Sept 3rd, Sept 4th, Sept 5th, Sept 6th, Sept 7th, Sept 8th, Sept 11th, Sept 12th, Sept 13th, Sept 16th, Sept 17th, Sept 21st, Sept 22nd, Sept 25th, Sept 26th, Sept 27th, Sept 30th, Oct 1st StrongWall Enterprises looks forward to serving all of your mining needs! Contact: Sheriff or AdmiralMyth Total Collapses: 17
  8. THis is due to the mob fix they did to help with mob density where there were no mobs. They have now stopped going north for some sort of convention and now ill hangout where they spawn.
  9. Sadly this is not an Oak one =[
  10. This is because they don’t starve to death. But they also don’t grow if they don’t have anything to eat.