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  1. I wonder if those players who cried for this will actually move to Defiance permanently like they said they would.
  2. Im not expecting to have to pay cause of his auction terms Unless he ninja changes them agian.
  3. That is more like the correct price for this item. Sadly there is a reserve. I'll put 69s 69c on it though ;D
  4. 13s Reserve price dropped from 2g to 1.5g
  5. 10s Just cause there's a 2g Minimum for this to sell.
  6. Great Update. Thanks for the QoL update.
  7. Great patch now all the Rite Drama on NFI can be put to rest. Cast them when they are ready folks.
  8. Interviews again? That last person that got terminated must have be angry!
  9. Assuming no one bids in the next 1 min Copperstore wins who do I mail it to?
  10. Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Raise: 1s Buyout: 30s Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  11. When is the old Client going to be officially disabled as it is almost August now and the old client is still working?