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  1. Perms penning is possible. Their blue drake hasn’t moved or blown out any tiles. You can clearly even see him underground from a nearby cave system.
  2. I am going to post a few suggestions here about ways to make uniques easier to access or at least allow the majority of the community to gain access to the very rare materials from them in-game. OPTION #1: Allow a random Unique Egg to be purchased from the Marks Shop for 60,000 Marks. This allows players to still gain access to the content while also supporting the game and generating a cash flow to help with further development of the game. This also will allow everyone to invite their friends they want or to host a public slaying if they choose. We already can buy Tome's from the Mark’s Shop which is a drop from Uniques. OPTION #2 Allow Drakehide and Dragon Scales to be found via archeology in the form of fragments. This would allow everyone to have a chance at all items in the game without the need for them to ever attend a slaying. While this would be a longer and more grindy option for players it would help stimulate the market for the resources from Uniques without barring them from the resource completely. OPTION #3 Make it so that Drakehide and Dragon Scales can only be gained by Butchering the Corpse of the Dragon Hatchling or Dragon. With this allow Drakehide and Dragon scales to be split using a leather knife and remove the if in local split across everyone. This would allow the party with the Claim on the Unique to split up their scale how they see fit and also make more public slayings for the bloods to be distributed to the community. The book of Wisdom in-game already states “Drake hide is a very strong leather and is gained by butchering Dragons or Dragon Hatchlings. For information about butchering, use “Book of Wisdom” interface. “A dragon scale is obtained by butchering The red dragon. They are unique and can be used with plate armour smithing to create dragon scale armour. For information about smithing and butchering, use “Book of Wisdom” interface Now with that out of the way let's also make it to where Unique can't be indefinitely trapped under ground for long periods of time. Currently on Melody there is a Deed named A Triple Fakeout created by Rambles an alt of Bleu that has a Blue Hatchling sitting under it. This has been there since December 14th of last year. The deed owner has the means of killing the Unique but chooses not to. This blocks a Blue Hatchling from spawning on Melody while it is alive. Maybe make it to where Unique starve to death and die after 90 days if not killed and under ground.
  3. This Thread just needs to close there’s no positive input being put into discussing what actually can be done to help the situations in the future it’s just a bunch of bickering over a situation in which the whole truth has not come out on. Can we close this so that the toxicity will end already?
  4. I have checked my logs and cannot find any mention of the dragon in Freedom I was not at the rift so I can not confirm anything that was in local. Can anyone that was within local confirm these claims?
  5. -1 on making anything that is locked on PvE lootable from anyone who does not have the perms to it. If new person joins the game makes a chest and puts a lock on it in the wilderness it should be protected. Not everyone is going to have items on a deed and if a deed does fall said people should not have to worry about their items being stolen real life happens and people do take legitimate breaks from the game outside of their control. There is a solution for those items that can be push/pulled around and that is to push them onto a lava tile and they will poof in about 24 hours.
  6. " This first update is tentative for the end of April or early May, depending on how development goes." I would say that it's past the end of April and early May with no word on this. At least keep us in the loop as to whats going on. Throwing skins and one bug fix a week at us is not an update. Its more like a slap in the face. The Monthly Skins are easy to detect too from the Test server prior to them even announcing them. Give us some real content already.
  7. Can close

    [12:00:46] As the Ritual of the Sun is completed, followers of Magranon may now receive a blessing!
  8. While sharing is caring. Nothing is stopping you from casting a rite if you feel like it. Just know not everyone will agree with the time rites are cast. You can't please everyone and you never will. It's a sandbox game. SFI doesn't negotiate their rites. At least I haven't seen any posts recently. I for one could care less because I don't faith swap. I just don't think there is really a reason to argue one way or another. While I do see the need to make a new post for every rite clearly stating the day it will be cast and the time instead of necroing old threads. Past this there is really no fix for this. Everyone has their own opinions some people care others don't. Why can't we all just get along. While it does suck when Rites get ninjaed just move on from it. If Rites get cast as soon as they are available there will almost be one up. All of these it's been ready for x- amount of time means nothing unless you were wanting to get it cast. Then when people start scheduling things everyone gets mad because theirs that's been ready for 30 days isn't cast but one that just got ready to be cast is up. I do agree that these should be either organized better with clear times regardless if something gets ninjaed or not time frames need to stay. You all do you though I'll be ready when the Melody Mag Rite is up =D Thanks, Sheriff