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  1. All I am back online. I sadly was hit pretty hard with Covid-19. I am out of the hospital and doing well now still a little weak. I will be able to do some orders but I will not be online for long periods of time while I try to regain some sort of normal in my life.
  2. [20:07:52] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent you the 78 StS pickaxe as discussed. Thank you for business!
  3. [12:39:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  4. She has Been Fed and will be ready for the slaying!
  5. All NFI servers! Will be online later this afternoon to take orders.
  6. Because this was the time that best worked for myself to throw this event on. Its impossible to be able to accomodate everyone in the Wurm Community on a slaying like this.
  7. Will be there! Looking forward to a double Unique Slaying day. Was a Pleasure helping you out on this! -Sheriff
  8. Your 18 tiles have been collapsed! I have mailed you one of your lanterns that you used to mark the tiles for 9s for payment. Thank you for your business!
  9. =D Thanks haha I was sleepy when i was fixing this! all fixed now
  10. Cost will be 7-10s for the casts I only charge 50c a collapse tile and I also don’t charge for travel. If you choose to pay more as a tip it’s always appreciated. I am doing I believe 8 strongwall casts tomorrow across Melody and harmony. I can put you next in line and start tomorrow afternoon/evening if that works for you.
  11. Ritual of the Sun

    I can bring Sheriff over for this! I am 82 faith and have 72 channeling on my Mag priest. Send me a tell in-game if I need to head over for this.
  12. Prices Reduced! Affordable Pickaxes for everyone and Affordable Mine Services.