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  1. Tick on the Freedom Isles Permissions only That is the only permission i know of that allows trolls to pass
  2. "Being branded does not make an animal count as a citizen." That comes directly from one of Keenan's posts on Branding here on the fourms.
  3. Players can leave a mine door but it doesn't open when your inside a mine without permissions. Mobs in the game don't just leave a door that doesn't open. Trolls can't pass a locked door without smashing it. If the door doesn't actually have a lock then they can due to them having thumbs and being able to open doors like any humanoid in the game.
  4. Have you tried unbranding it? and seeing if it still walks through the doors? None of the trolls we have branded on Melody act this way. They do occasionally smash a fence down and try to eat us if they are pregnant and we havent fed them.
  5. The reason that the Troll can exit the mine door without smashing it is because it is part of the Freedom Isles. Having that permission checked on the mine door permissions allows it to enter and exit as it pleases.
  6. Bump Still Buying CoD All
  7. Bump 1.91 KG purchased so far!
  8. Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity to hold such great power!
  9. Bump Still Purchasing!