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  1. Slaying uniques personal goal, offer to help

    Id be willing to come over for the forest giant kill, still need it
  2. WTS seryll lump (closed)

    Ill buy it if its still available! COD to Quelon please
  3. Highway work just east of Newspring

    As a resident Ironrath of Newspring Island, I believe that those who know what is best for the island are those who live there correct? What you said is the equivalent of me saying I know what is best for Glasshallow. The only people who truly know what is best for Newspring and surrounding area of it is the people who reside there. Its comparable to a country annexing another country with the claim that its for their best, which historically never works out.
  4. Selling a few odds and ends

    Ill take the hatchet COD Quelon
  5. WTS 3x Potion of Fletching

    I’ll take them. COD Quelon
  6. WTS - Rares-Bloodpotions-Masks-PMK Stuff!

    13s for the woodcutting potions COD Quelon if acceptable
  7. Sermons for Pristine!

    Hey man! Question for you. Is this still going on? I have a few friends who have been wanting to do a sermon group but haven’t had any luck finding a place to join.
  8. Hello, I am currently looking to buy some potions of woodcutting and mining for a few items. Hoping to get a deal of some sort! Pm me offers and what you have and we can discuss it! Thanks!