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    This are my Tower Guards on my deed: I could kill them, and when I log back in tomorrow they are all back in there. This renders them useless as you cannot call for guards on a mob when this happens. 95% of the time a guard walks into a mine never to come out. Fix this please. The fix is super easy: Dissalow for guards to enter mines on Freedom. Thanks!
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    My new drake hide set which I won at this impalong
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    In this case it goes against the purpose of the barrel rack ie. to store barrels more conveniently and tidy - also I consider barrels are not decor items but containers. Crates in crate racks do not decay - barrels should behave the same as the racks serve the very same purpose.
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    It was a lovely week, well done Virus and the whole army of helpers Also thanks again to the GMs for all the entertainment! Time for a restful week now I think!
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    Thanks to everyone for coming and having a great time with us. Congratulations to all crafters and priests that reached a milestone, personal or otherwise ? I am sure the Pristine Academy Network can convince VirusMD and his crowd of slaves to host another friends-along next year. Thanks to all the GMs for spawning some "interesting" creatures not often seen on freedom servers. I for one hope to see you all in a few months for Xmas impalong. ?
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    At least I died in style
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    a group of us were talking and think it would be fair if paper sheets didn't take damage inside a book/journal/almanac but instead the book takes the damage as that can be repaired/improved. of course if we let the book rot the pages are doomed as is also fair. would also be nice to have a useful bookshelf to more safely keep books in inside our homes. that could stop or at least slow the decay of the books. the reason for all this being that we can write a book, we can make all these nice new useful books, but we can't ever put them down or the pages rot right out of them a little safe-guarding and we'd be more able to place books as decorative items and class things up a little more TL;DR please stop the pages rotting right out of our books, that nice leather bound cover should do its job ?
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    Hello Everyone, my name is nachtiti and i like to see and build stuff in wurm, i like specialy when i go by my boat to see how other have build and think. share with me what buildings and structure you are brude of, it maybe get you new idees, show off your deed etc etc. my self i like my new harbour for an exemple https://imgur.com/2qxok1n
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    Seymabetul slain by aged Black bear, aged Black bear, venerable Cave bug, aged Cave bug, aged Black bear, aged greenish Cave bug, aged Large rat, aged Lava fiend, venerable Huge spider, venerable Huge spider, aged Lava fiend, old Cave bug, venerable Lava fiend, old Lava spider, aged angry Black bear, aged sly Large rat, old Cave bug, old Black bear, venerable Lava fiend, old Lava spider, aged Cave bug, mature angry Cave bug, aged scared Cave bug, old greenish Lava spider, aged Black bear, venerable Cave bug, venerable Cave bug, venerable Huge spider, venerable greenish Huge spider, venerable Lava fiend, aged Huge spider, mature Huge spider, venerable Huge spider, venerable Lava spider, venerable champion Huge spider, venerable Cave bug, venerable slow Huge spider, old Lava fiend, aged Lava fiend, venerable Lava fiend, venerable Huge spider, aged Black bear, old Lava fiend, venerable Cave bug, venerable Huge spider, venerable Cave bug, venerable Cave bug, venerable Cave bug, aged Lava spider, aged Large rat, old Cave bug, venerable Black bear, aged Black bear 50ish
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    Hello everyone and thank you for visiting our page! We are located on Exodus - M25 (East Coast) We'll be offering a variety of precast items that will be for sale, custom casts, and improving services! Free Rune Attaching Services - Doesn't include free runes - Simply pay COD both ways! SD: 65.07 New spoon reward system, click here for more information! We have a merchant at the front of Glasshollow Market, Xanadu! Various unlisted goods can be found on them, including rares/weapons/shields/armor! Blacksmithing (98), Platesmithing (96), Shieldsmithing (93), Weaponsmithing (90), Carpentry (94), Bowery/Fletching (85), Lib Channeling (97.7+Benediction) Fine Carpentry (97)*, Leather Working (99**), Masonry (99***), Jewelery (99****) *We currently offer Fine Carpentry imps through a third party, that has been more than happy to take on any orders. If this is something you are in need of you should contact Madnath ingame for more info. **We currently offer Leatherworking imps through a third party, that has been more than happy to take on any orders. If this is something you are in need of you should contact Timoka (Click here to his forum page) ingame for more info. ***We currently offer Masonry imps through a third party, that has been more than happy to take on any orders. If this is something you are in need of you should contact Raycg (Click here to his forum page) ingame/forum for more info. ****We currently offer Jewelery imps through a third party, that has been more than happy to take on any orders. If this is something you are in need of you should contact Nipo (Click here to his forum profile) Ingame Name: Nipo for more info. Luck of the draw: We are currently offering a new service for anyone that is feeling the Luck of the Draw! Simply pay 10c for a random cast of your choice (+5c per attempt on same item). Even if the cast goes over 80, 90 or even 100 you get to keep it! We pride ourselves on being reputable and honest with countless reviews left by satisfied customers to back us up. Are you feeling lucky? Just send us a PM to play! General Prices for creation/imping - Platesmithing will be negotiated. Prices will differ on the current quality of the item you wish to have imped than stated below. Prices subject to change depending on the material/metal/item required too. 70QL: 10c 80QL: 20c 90QL: 50c 91QL: 60C 92QL: 75c 93QL: 1s 94QL: 1s25c 95QL: 1s50c 96QL: 1s75c 97QL: 2s25c General Prices for enchanting & other information regarding casts. 97.7 Channeling Libila (+Benediction) Low repair skill? Need a mend? Just pay CoD! 75+ Casts = 20c (BoTD) & 10c (AoSP, Web Armor) 80+ Casts = 30c (BoTD) & 20c (AoSP, Web Armor) 90+ Casts = 75c (BoTD) & 40c (AoSP, Web Armor) Free demise of your choice on any weapon! Rare Items Available: 90.90QL - Huge Axe, Iron - Nim93 / LT96 / CoC97 / MS98 - Price: 6s50c Blessings of The Dark is combination of WoA+CoC in one enchant. Example: CoC Skiller will have a 12 second action timer giving you 0.10 skill gain, where BoTD would have a 6 second timer and give you 0.05 skill gain. (Meaning you can do things faster and still benefit from the skill gain, as well as gain more characteristics as that is based on actions performed, not action timer and isn't increased by CoC!) Precasted BoTD Items (Crtl+F for easy navigation): PM Characters: Kain, Myriam, Bristan. (In order of likely on at the time.) Precasted Prices*: 80-89 20-50c , 90-99 60-1s15c, 100-109 1.2s-5s *We take 1 sleep powder as 80c for additional methods of payment too. Click any of the underlines to take you directly to the wiki to read more about them! Shatter's can happen at any time, we offer instore credit or items made up if doable. BoTD = Blessings of the Dark (+Skill Gain & + Faster Timer) ED = Essence Drain (+Damage and slight healing) CoC = Circle of Cunning (+Skill Gain) WoA = Wind of Ages (+Faster timer) WA = Web Armor (+Slows down creatures that hit you.) AoSP = Aura of Shared Pain (Damage enemy on hit.) Pelts: Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 99 - 1.15 silver Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 86 - 35 copper Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 93 - 75 copper Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 94 - 80 copper Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 87 - 40 copper Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 91 - 65 copper Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 93 - 75 copper Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 86 - 35 copper Pelts 100.00 QL - BoTD 89 - 50 copper Whetstones: Whetstone 100.00 QL - BoTD 95 - 85 copper Whetstone 100.00 QL - BoTD 92 - 70 copper Whetstone 100.00 QL - BoTD 92 - 70 copper Whetstone 100.00 QL - BoTD 83 - 25 copper Whetstone 100.00 QL - BoTD 90 - 60 copper Whetstone 100.00 QL - BoTD 94 - 80 copper Rake – Iron: Rake 13.42 QL - BoTD 96 - 95 copper Rake 13.81 QL - BoTD 80 - 20 copper Rake 19.37 QL - BoTD 92 - 70 copper Shovel – Iron: Shovel 19.37 QL - BoTD 86 - 35 copper Shovel 19.30 QL - BoTD 94 - 80 copper Pickaxe – Iron: Pickaxe 2.95 QL - BoTD 87 - 40 copper Pickaxe 2.95 QL - BoTD 82 - 25 copper Pickaxe 12.12 QL - BoTD 84 - 25 copper Pickaxe 2.97 QL - BoTD 99 - 1.15 silver
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    Welcome to the Crazy Crop Circles thread. A bizarre phenomenon has been noticed by the farmers of Wurm - strange patterns appearing after the first harvest. The following are true pictures of genuine crop patterns left after the farmers have harvested the first of the ripe crop, before the rest of the crop ripens. Is this happening to you? Feel free to post your pictures of strange crop patterns in your fields! - real or fake!
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    Updated 28/07/2019 Updated to reflect HoTA and battlecamp changes.
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    "...it will either make people quit..." Thank goodness we don't have dwindling player base now, right? Right? "...or prem up and grind bunch of alts untill we cover all we wanted...." You mean there's people still paying Wurm who don't have multiple alts now? Now, Im not saying I agree with the guys suggestion...just saying, your counter points are, well, an epic failure in logic. A healthy MMO needs to cycle out veteran players every so often for new players. If you focus on retaining Vets you will still lose them, just at a slower rate, and you will have 0 player retention on new players who find it impossible to find their place in an aging game dominated by end game Vets that essentially ignores them. People need to get over this fear (not just in Wurm, but in many of the aging yet still going MMO's) of losing Vets. At the 6 year point vets should start cycling out of a game, to make room for new players. Vets leaving is not only not a bad thing, it's actually a good thing...as long as attention to bringing in and retaining new players is ongoing and effective. And alts...seriously? In an MMO? (MMO = Massive Multiboxing Online. It's not about playing with others, it's about playing with yourself in front of others!) Thats not even an argument. Hasn't been in any MMO for for 10 years.
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    Stealing has been broken for a few years now and on the bug list: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/158784-stealing-black-bear-rugs/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/162281-bug-stealing-skill-has-been-broken-for-awhile/
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    Guys, please. I know that bitching and moaning about this is pretty much in the OP already, but this is to be taken as evidence why the forced cooperation may indeed not work (We all said it won't, one of the premises of the thread was to actually prove it, or even better, be proven wrong.), but not as a discussion platform to debate how it needs to be changed. And so far it was just one deliberate snipe (more to come? Stay tuned...) I was one of the first to say this will have problems, but this is getting a bit off the rails and goes into a more general territory of problems surrounding this, which there are plenty of threads about already.
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    You must be too young to remember the early 90's NES/Sega game. It was very similar to Double Dragon or Final Fight.... a side scrolling fighting game. It was made by a company called Rare, which later became hugely famous for the Donkey Kong Country series on the SNES.
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    He be dat good guy, fast delivery and woof woof.
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    I have nothing else to add to this other than yep. Myself and Sme had to make the rite of death happen on inde ourselves because it was never going to happen otherwise, probably on any server seeing as my cast was the only one since the existing favors from priest overhaul time was exhausted. We had to spend weeks with an army of accounts praying so much that fatigue was a constant issue in order to do virtually all 100k prayers ourselves (we counted our logs in notepad++) which is also why I didn't make any threads about making it public and only asked my alliance. Because you know... opening it to the community is what gives the option for people to steal it. Find me someone that puts in 99% or more of the work to something that will happen as a "community effort" once a year if at all seeing as there are no other rite of deaths before or after, and is willing to let someone else steal it, and I will show you a liar. The system forces people to go behind the community's back in order to get what they want without being screwed over by those that did nothing at all. Kinda like when there was a private pm to cast holy crop and one of the participants kingdom mates come over from chaos and steal the cast, working with the community results with getting screwed over because bad apples will ruin the whole bunch.
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    Just got back from Jamaica. Me and my daughter out on the water Me, my daughter and an old friend we hadn't seen in 30 yrs at a great eatery called Chill Out Hut. Coconut Rum!!!!!!!! What can I say? lol Daughter in the Luminous Lagoon. Ok, not me but a great pic worthy of posting.
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    imagine losing 8 years worth of items and hard earned sorcery back when there were more people competing for them than the game has as a whole at the moment imaging being a priest a suffering a characteristic loss of 25% because we all actually pvp'd on a pvp server and were priests imagine not being path of knowledge because you're on an all inclusive pvp cluster and then imagine a guy with 50 body strength that bought his toon at 70% of what it currently has, telling you that "its not fair to me and my market for you to transfer skills"
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    Can I please order: Iron lump 96.74QL - CoC 93 - 60 copper Pickaxe - steel 3.81QL - CoC 91 - 55 copper Please CoD to Block.
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    Serpent in the morning haze:
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    You would be surprised how thrilling our gras can be at times.
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    The event will end on the 31st around midnight (UTC), at the end of the month
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    Scenic view over southeast Deliverance, as seen from Substr's viewing tower on top of Dragontooth Peak:
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    QoL - Update The big Quality of Life update is finally here, we have been working hard on this update and it is huge. We want to make Wurm how we would like it to be in the first place, creating our own version, or even our own game and the QoL update is inspired by the time between 2008 and 2015 when we were actively playing Wurm Online. Many things will be added which we have been missing in Wurm for so many years. Things which should make your life a whole lot easier, while we want to keep the spirit and the nature of Wurm at the same time. Have a great time on Sklotopolis. Changes: There is now a deed disband warning on login if one of your alts is inactive and has a deed. When a fireplace of any kind (oven, forge, campfire,...) is going low on fuel, a warning will be displayed. (Tipp: Rename your forges if you are using more than one at a time) The help command to call guards now works in all chats and broadcasts to local chat automatically. Your items are always death protected on PVE servers now, expect on Caza. There is now a teleport home action which you can use to teleport to one of your spawn points. Coordinates will be broadcasted for abandoned deeds when they are disbanded. (Looting is a very entertaining part of the game. But play FAIR!! WE ARE ALL FRIENDS! No unfair looting or loot wars otherwhise this will be disabled again if there is griefing, metagaming, hate speech or anything else which doesn't suit our FAIR PLAY policy) You now get 5 catseyes per creation action. Treasure chests can no longer be located via ESP, their appearance is now completly random and can be any item model. Deed Info now shows the last active time of the mayor or citizens. The deed info now uses a more readable font for certain sections. There is now a support ticket alert for staff members and in the MGMT chat to decrease the answer times. An alert for players when their support ticket is updated has been added. The command /alts will show you own alts including the last login date. The /alts command will now work cross server and consider all characters on the cluster. Backpacks will fit into ovens again. Ovens are now a bit bigger in size. Mailing has been made almost free in every case. Some cases still charge you 1 iron but that is the maximum. GMs can now see an overview of staff last login and activity. Drake hide drop has been reduced. Dragon scale drop has been reduced. New horse eggs which can not decay will now be handed out to fresh accounts. The bulk sorting should be fixed finally. Offdeed building decay has been increased on all servers but Caza. Offdeed building decay has been halfed on Caza. Epic missions have been disabled on all servers. Harvesting trees and bushes now has a better QL mix of the items you receive. Picking sprouts now also has a better QL mix of the items you receive. The new player broadcast has been fixed. An alert for new questions in CA Help for staff players has been added. Mayors can now command vehicles on their deeds if the owner is inactive for more than 7 days to remove them from their deed. The quality of beds will now matter for sleep bonus, at 100QL the bed will grant 50% more sleep bonus. Body strength should now be registered by mounts properly. Unneeded GM commands have been removed from players /help output. Fixed a NullPointerException which could cause the server to crash when a mission is finished. You can now equip and unequip horse gear when leading a horse. You can no longer see hidden vein with ESP or live map. High prospecting skill will make it possible to see hidden veins with ESP or live map. You can now regenerate stamina on vehicles on any slope. Added an unequip all action which makes it possible to unequip your whole armour with one action. There is now an action to receive all mails which are free at any mailbox.
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    Thanks for the nice feedback. There is a lot cool stuff on the way. We want to make Wurm how we would like it to be in the first place, creating our own version, or even our own game and the upcoming QoL update is inspired by the time between 2008 and 2015 when we were actively playing Wurm Online. Many things will be added which we have been missing for so many years. Things which should make your life a whole lot easier, while we want to keep the spirit and the nature of Wurm at the same time.
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    (C) Teotu from Sklotopolis
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    Hello all Since Tich's passing and some of my best times in Wurm were with my friend Yuri making massive bridges on release(great times) i decided a fitting tribute to Tich who i hear had a major part in bringing bridges live to wurm, was to build a 48 tile long X160 high decorated bridge dedicated to her. I started the week she passed and have been busy in RL but it's finally finished i think:P (Thanks to Savronne who come along with me to build bridge) Everything on the bridge was made by me and coloured by me,i named the bridge "Dedicated to Tich 2018" i named the brazer "eternal flame" and plan to maintain all items as long as i continue to play wurm online.
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    Just part of a "small" little project of mine - first finished building in a labyrinth in the making. Now to see how long it takes to design and build the rest of this deed.. (I expect it to take a year or two to finish at least)
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    A champion unicorn attempts to tame a wild Pandalet
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    When you are lost, go up the pyramid and see North, South, East and West...I think Icbash and friends made this on Release.
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    Hmm who said picking flowers does not pay, botanize 84.5 to 86.2 took over 11 hours
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    I thot to call this one Shrek... … but he wasn't happy w/ my choice. He didn't seem happy about much of anything (a champion troll who did not want to leave his mine all that much). TeeeBOMB screenies
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    First bred batch I get the horse color I wanted the most.
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    A rather disturbing screenshot of a goblin coming out of me like the thing. And a fantastic Xanadu mountain range in the middle of nowhere.
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    New cart colours Left to right Thornwood, Grapewood, Camelliawood, Oleanderwood, Blueberrywood, Lavenderwood, Lingonberrywood, Raspberrywood, Rosewood.
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    I am a friend too...and should be on the Christmas list... How cute are these!!
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    This design totally needs a door behind it (happy little "accident" while I was trying to figure out what furniture was tall enough to cover up the back of a tapestry):
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    I finally found somebody willing to help me with my archaeology! He's not good at writing archaeology reports or reading but he sure does know how to break the rock and dirt off!
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    Hey teebomb I guess this guy really did like the forums as he posted 500 more but what a typical judgemental person.. I hope his eyes are open wide now.. and thank the gods for the archaelogical society I wurm.. heheheh.. grave digger of dead posts and artifacts heheheh...