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  1. It's done, and got Misty Peaks joined up to the highway going to Oracle and New Hope already. Wanted it finished before telling people because I am terrible at finishing things.
  2. The south east steppe has a new road going over it. Looks a bit like this, but the actual road may differ a bit:
  3. Ah, yeah, almost forgot. The epic thingy at around 57x 47y currently marked as Symbol of Strength is Strength's Mausoleum.
  4. Someone finally lit them lamps? That's great. I got lost in there for about 20 minutes because I am an idiot.
  5. I'd love to help! Unfortunately, I would have to build through people's deeds to connect myself to anywhere except their deeds now.
  6. I can pick up, yeah. Are you still around the face house area?
  7. I need some hazelnuts, thyme, and paprika for some meals, needs to be at least QL55. PM me here, or in game on Ersitu, please.
  8. I have the exact problem @substr has above. Here's a grape bush growing underwater with its reflection in the air:
  9. Could you CoD these to Ersitu, please?
  10. best enchanted items

    Can you CoD to Ersitu, please?
  11. People have asked before for adding healing covers to the crafting menu a few times, but I don't ask for that, I'd like on the MIX option to see the success chance.
  12. Still getting this now.
  13. Deeded it, mined through, and there was no tunnel. It was just done to annoy people, it seems.
  14. The tile that got collapsed/reinforced was the one right at the back on the left. The tunnel used to split into a T like shape.
  15. On this side of the mountain there is no door. (Can mine/rummage on all exposed rock tiles between the normal entrance and other (reinforced inside) caves.)