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  1. I'll bung a 5s bid in.
  2. On the south coast, around (and partially through) Mount Elysian has been cat's eyed up. Only found it the other day by accident, and I think it's a work in progress.
  3. Heh, forgot to post, Misty Observatory* is at 56x 57y around where the little gap in the road is. And there's a guard tower on the western side of it, too. All around where the red blob is (which is also updated with the new road there). *Polly is my alt.
  4. If I right click on a barrel -> Drink in a building I have almost all rights to (I can even destroy walls) I get this. But if I right click -> open, then right click the water -> drink, I can drink it.
  5. The rift is about where the X is, I suck and got lost a lot, but I can give directions! (I would have posted signs, but I didn't have stuff with me, so I named logs and dropped on the floor! :D) From the crossroads on the Great South Mountain Highway and "Highway", go east and stay on this road until you find a cave/tunnel with crude fences outside. Go through this cave/tunnel (it's mostly linear) and turn right when you get out, go up the hill and it's on your left. Good luck! Honolulu Sunday 9:34am Anchorage Sunday 10:34am US Pacific Sunday 11:34am US Eastern Sunday 2:34pm Sao Paolo Sunday 5:34pm London Sunday 7:34pm CET Sunday 8:34pm EET Sunday 9:34pm New Delhi Monday 1:12am Beijing Monday 3:34am Tokyo Monday 4:34am Sydney Monday 6:34am Auckland Monday 8:34am BONUS FUN FACT! There's some nice raging huge spiders around there.
  6. I'm making a guard tower and the QL of the tower isn't reflected properly in the crafting window, as shown in the screen shot below.
  7. 1s 1c
  8. Hey, can you COD this to Ersitu, please?
  9. Can you CoD this to Ersitu, please?
  10. best enchanted items

    Can you CoD this to Ersitu, please?
  11. It's done, and got Misty Peaks joined up to the highway going to Oracle and New Hope already. Wanted it finished before telling people because I am terrible at finishing things.
  12. The south east steppe has a new road going over it. Looks a bit like this, but the actual road may differ a bit:
  13. Ah, yeah, almost forgot. The epic thingy at around 57x 47y currently marked as Symbol of Strength is Strength's Mausoleum.