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  1. Willing to pay 2s per blood or potion, just cod to this toon in game TY
  2. It's screwed many dyes up this HDR , i had a friends hot pink armor go to something horrible like a pascal orange/pink, same as carts , i guess the days of dye making with a RGB chart or just with the eye is over, just have to wait god knows how long to get it fixed, i won't be holding my breath..
  3. This is just suggestions, so not really opposing anyone's suggestion, just putting an idea out there without quoting or disagreeing anyone else's .
  4. I was thinking perhaps you can pick 1-3 skills that start at 50, that way from 50+ is very little transfer to freedom i don't think playing jackal should transfer massive amounts of skill to freedom , but those 1-3 skills helps with starting on jackal especially if you have a good community. i think the fortress battles are unreal and some of the greatest times i have had in wurm recently, good job to the team
  5. Also happened to me, just complete crash no holybatman, but i logged in and don't have client crash report like Evening has
  6. I hope it works , i think for a long time many new players to wurm died off because they went straight to Xanadu the biggest bestest map out there! then got very remote died like we all did when we first started and never found their deed or corpse again, i think a new player base need a little caring for, we all got it many years ago but that's because it was not a low population or a map the size of Xana ,i think if you can help new players just get over a few hurdles then they will not stumble, fall and quit. The proposed new server from steam seems like it might keep new players interested if done right.
  7. All these rumours Maybe the new mob will ban the selling of coins , only purchase them through their terms.
  8. All of the red hatchling bloods to this toon please .
  9. If you have lots of mats ,say x500 55ql cochineal's or x500 80 ql woads and x500 70 ql copper lumps if you have the same ql bulk mats like this then you can make the same dye you will need starting with a good ql black say 10,10,10 as long as you have heaps of mats of same ql when you add to the black you will get same result 100% And it's best to do this with 1kg worth of dye then add the finished product into a bigger storage barrel and the higher values you want the higher ql mats you will need to raise the 10,10,10 ,and if you want to raise just a little,then use lesser ql mats .
  10. I have always thought Xana is not a new players server,way to vast in a game like Wurm , I nearly quit back in 2013 as a noob on release until i ran into a town ran by strangers who become my helpers and then over time my friends,Fairyshine also was a big factor in my early days,i am not saying there are no nice people on Xana i am saying for a noob and Xana being so vast, my opinion is many noobies have played this game ,gone to the biggest server,been killed or chased or trying to build a hut and without and help because no one is even in local the nearest person could be an hours walk away and to me that's got to stop new player numbers.
  11. Hello all Since Tich's passing and some of my best times in Wurm were with my friend Yuri making massive bridges on release(great times) i decided a fitting tribute to Tich who i hear had a major part in bringing bridges live to wurm, was to build a 48 tile long X160 high decorated bridge dedicated to her. I started the week she passed and have been busy in RL but it's finally finished i think:P (Thanks to Savronne who come along with me to build bridge) Everything on the bridge was made by me and coloured by me,i named the bridge "Dedicated to Tich 2018" i named the brazer "eternal flame" and plan to maintain all items as long as i continue to play wurm online.
  12. RIP Sounded like a great person ,helped his disabled mother and died helping a disabled driver changing a tyre at 1AM in the morning. Awful he was only 41 too early