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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    Hello all Since Tich's passing and some of my best times in Wurm were with my friend Yuri making massive bridges on release(great times) i decided a fitting tribute to Tich who i hear had a major part in bringing bridges live to wurm, was to build a 48 tile long X160 high decorated bridge dedicated to her. I started the week she passed and have been busy in RL but it's finally finished i think:P (Thanks to Savronne who come along with me to build bridge) Everything on the bridge was made by me and coloured by me,i named the bridge "Dedicated to Tich 2018" i named the brazer "eternal flame" and plan to maintain all items as long as i continue to play wurm online.
  2. In Memoriam - Seleas(Edward) - 02/18/2019

    RIP Sounded like a great person ,helped his disabled mother and died helping a disabled driver changing a tyre at 1AM in the morning. Awful he was only 41 too early
  3. Boar Mart - Celebration's finest marketplace!

    +1 Great service just had Dumbo imp my scale pieces, super quick was expecting longer
  4. Hey, I'll be honest.

    Yes for that i am thankful,i like the outside ones the best, some crazy friend builds those massive insane bridges in game ,no they were really fun too i miss those big projects
  5. Hey, I'll be honest.

    I know of a few players who are/were farmers or own land,as a previous owner of 15 acres it's funny i actually built a 300m long packed dirt/clay driveway using a vehicle and shovel. Now me and my wife just updated(deeded) to 1700 acres with cattle and sheep i will still play wurm that will not effect my feeling for this great game,there is some great friendships i have made and some i myself have broken to my detriment but i love wurm and the people that i have encountered and passed along the way these past almost 6 years (late 2013) .
  6. Coverless wagons

    +1 the cover restricts lots of view as a slow moving vehicle like a wagon at times it gets worrying what is actually behind you,and also when picking things up it can be a pain to find them on the ground.
  7. How much is a Supreme 5 Copper coin worth?

    Sacc it you may actually get a worthwhile skill tick
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    Hmm who said picking flowers does not pay, botanize 84.5 to 86.2 took over 11 hours
  9. Fair game play hits a new low

  10. white dye

    I hope it was not sold to you ,i always told people who brought dyes off me and wanted large amounts of white that it will not work.
  11. white dye

    Yes i can see everyone's 90ql lamps with high ql white shooting a white glow instead of strong clear light lol.
  12. [Resolved] Bridge not able to be destroyed

    Damn i hope you get more help i have built many bridges and have destroyed some,never had this problem though,would be good to know what is causing the issue. So you could still not destroy that portion of the bridge? or only the last one?
  13. [Resolved] Bridge not able to be destroyed

    Look i am pretty crazy but i would also try by re-building the bridge at least one tile again then try destroying the one you cannot and see if it is that tile or the bridge.
  14. [Resolved] Bridge not able to be destroyed

    All i can think of, did you try bashing it from below as well?