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  1. Hello friends and wurmians I am here to say to my friends(mostly) and fellow players that time has ended on my wurm life, i have met some wonderful people i will not forget , i have shared some great times and some sad times but the great far outweigh the bad for sure and i would not have had it any other way . Thrown into wurm after discovering it in a game forum i got off a google hit about sandbox games in 2013 i found this gem of a game , naked and screaming from hell hounds and trolls chasing me on release, i managed to be saved by a village and from that moment on i never looked back, my last few years was spent on Pristine and they were one of my greatest i will miss all my friends and my alliance. But my job and the farm my wife and i brought last year (1800+ acres) is very busy , i now have my own real life deed with cows and sheep(we got new lambs yesterday) and felling trees (even tried it with a 2h axe , it nearly killed me how much effort it took) and also lots of other farm activities/jobs . I want to thank all my friends i don't want to throw names out in case i miss someone and it may upset them, i want to thank the staff , we have amazing staff and our in game chat channels monitored is a real treat to see in online pve sandbox, and the help i received when i called a ticket or asked a CA question was second to none i wish wurm , players and all involved a great future and smooth and successful steam release. I was always saddened when players or friends left one day and i never heard from them or worried what happened to them, so my friends you know now i am fine and my wurm time just ran out Hugs , Toey
  2. Actually it's annoying when trade flashes and it's many people discussing a price, you can pm, you can use @ , like if i know someones PC may be out i will pm the original PC requester with, what and why i think the PC is, they can then do what they want with it, but if everyone gives their 2c worth it will become GL-Freedom. I think the moderator did well to remind people it's a trade chat and not a discussion forum.
  3. -1 I remember years ago when items on a deed with 30 days+ upkeep become protected from decay and was a massive success .there is no way i could say yes to more decay/damage just to force people to either pay someone to imp them or do it yourself, taking up the fun time to do chores. There is even players out there living on non deeded buildings, that would decimate them, and all the looters would swarm to those un-deeded buildings.
  4. My grandfather used to treat horses with honey and put sawdust on top of the honey to keep honey there but also flies off the wound.
  5. As a 90+ NS and 60 alchemy toon there is not much really out there for our skills, they are all RNG and people are now using the 1,1,1 dye trick to sell dyes , if only i could buy 90ql steel and insta create a 90ql weapon with 30 WS . either revamp dye making and bloods so your skill is actually worth it or add some other things we high NS/Alch can bring to the game.
  6. Cold winter Pristine night saying goodnight to Seris
  7. It's great to see players still involving community in unique's thanks Stan and team i will try to make it.
  8. That's not lightning, that's Evening or Sandyar logging on.
  9. Willing to pay 2s per blood or potion, just cod to this toon in game TY
  10. It's screwed many dyes up this HDR , i had a friends hot pink armor go to something horrible like a pascal orange/pink, same as carts , i guess the days of dye making with a RGB chart or just with the eye is over, just have to wait god knows how long to get it fixed, i won't be holding my breath..