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  1. BL depriesting WL priests on freedom

    I don't think it is broken, just have to not be inactive in sermon groups. =p
  2. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    What you smoking? Anyways, for anyone too incompetent to create an alt for making magranon altars I offer a great service where I will come to your deed and create a altar of magranon for the low price of 5s.
  3. WTB Blessed Gold Altars

    it is 5 favor to bless send me a pm in a few hours and I can sale a fo and nahjo over
  4. SOLD. WTS Wand of the sea

    Anyone know the max depth for the wand to work in?
  5. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    40 tiles or so from a 90ql nahjo altar took a 60ql mag altar last night
  6. Wet, damp, moist - dirt

    wait for the waves
  7. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    yup, 40-50ql should do the trick nicely
  8. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    unless your vyn altar is right next to the rock you want to erupt, it is easy to create a mag to influence a small spot
  9. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    enchanting grass is not destructive in the slightest
  10. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    Got bored with killing scrubs like you years ago, feel free to look up jake rivers on zboard. baloo don't own tundra mountain, nor the desert anymore than anyone else with a deed on exodus
  11. Source Spring- Source saved now gone!

    I suggest you drain the source as it appears and store it in a container for later use. Check permissions on your gate, maybe gate history to see if anyone has mucked with it or has access they should not. Anyone walking by who could access the spring could simply drink it. If it is on deed I suggest a 1x1 house built over it to further secure it and prevent accidental collapses on that tile, I like the security a locked door provides more than a simple gate myself.
  12. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    Magranon's domain is rock and sand, it makes perfect sense that this would be a factor.
  13. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    It does not impact pvp as it is, you can not cast that spell outside of your kingdom influence.