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  1. You can't talk about saddle bags, this is a work in progress!
  2. Great news but really there should be keybinds for all most all the in game actions.
  3. You have yet to answer this, how is this affecting your game play? How is it affecting anyone's game play? I do not hang out in your personal toxic discord channel so I am not privy to those special discussions you have had with who knows. Oh and you say 2 kingdoms are complaining, out of how many kingdoms on chaos? Obviously its not that huge of a concern or more would be complaining about this.
  4. translation for nikispeak I really really want it. =p
  5. That is a misconception, scale is easy to get and steel a bit more work but doable stop moaning about iron plate already. Anyone who wanted to grind pas before could of done so.
  6. not if you have a trader on indy, lol
  7. workaround currently available is to go to deed manage and add to upkeep best method really, only good if you part of a deed though
  8. The only thing that will improve players marketing is more players in the game. The market is soft as the numbers are down, you need a steady supply of new players for a viable market. Old players don't need to buy anything as they have the skills or items already. Wurm missed a great chance to market Wurm Online when they gave away a few hundred thousand copies of WU, we need some better promotions for the WO game itself.
  9. +1 for marble altars black light would be thrilled about slate I bet was suggested when walls came out
  10. You say this is unfair because freedomers are prem'ing up 2s accounts and ganking the affinity, is it just as unfair that for a mere handful of silvers you can have a instant sermon group?
  11. Wand of the Sea's Go forth and make your island!
  12. sounds almost anywhere on exo
  13. Not very far, not far at all. Name: Everyone: Lesson of Libila Creator: System Started: 12/13/17 6:34 PM Progress: 1.1428572% Expires: 12/20/17 6:34 PM Difficulty: 7 / 7 Description: Libila commands you to sacrifice 700 decent needles. Rewards: 20m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 5 karma per item with 210m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each) copper needles, so if you get a rare or better it is worthless
  14. Here you go: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Keybinding
  15. It is a poor solution for a problem that DOES not exist. How is someone ganking a few alts for affinitys affecting YOUR game play? How is some freedomer with a warhammer affinity coming over to get it wiped affecting YOUR game play? This no more affects my game play than bringing over epic accounts and giving them all 3x skill gain for there lost skills, it does not affect my game play and really does not matter. And don't start on how this is breaking the rules because your group are no saints in that department. I really am surprised this was reopened.