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  1. there is a way to turn dirt to rock already, but it is very random
  2. was wondering if the power drops from 50 is it still doing what it was supposed to do, which is now moot if it will be fixed 8)
  3. there is no reason for defaults, not everyone is going to want the same default so if we can not set our own I would just prefer that there be no default, as some things already are
  4. hardly premature when it comes I am sure the wts and wtb is going to be flooded build it and they will come
  5. Obviously its going to be a fair amount of animals/wild animals pretty much anything that can be lead as stated. If you are not sure which animals can be lead, look it up on the wiki =p
  6. On freedom a warning is given that you have entered a hostile perimeter on the second inside perimeter tile, upon reaching the deed itself the gates go on lockdown.
  7. So when animal crates are implemented I am sure there will be many possibilities for buying and selling of various breeds of animals, so instead of overloading the regular wtb/wts sections of the forums I think it may be a good idea to add a new section for this new trade commodity. I am sure there are many ways to sort out the headings even more, horses/livestock/aggressive. I know there has always been a market for this, but due to being server specific, the market has always been limited, animal transportation is going to change this drastically.
  8. A lot of fancy mods I see in WU are idea's players have suggested over the years, and its great they are getting done and certainly helps in showing the dev's these are things the players would like to see. Maybe have someone re-post your fancy color shots in suggestions saying hey, we want this too!
  9. So even though I have the zinc targeted, while mining if I look away from the zinc I end up mining down the floor. Sometimes I like to look around while I am mining and not fond of having my face planted in the target all the time. This happened while clicking on the action bar and not using a keybind. This is with the Unstable client
  10. For placing flags and lamps we really need tile borders to show up on bridges, and why must lamps be planted on fence corners before the fence is built, missing tile corners and borders on completed fences makes it impossible to plant a lamp on a corner or trellis alongside.
  11. So there is good reason for not being able to cover a mine entrance with a bridge above ground, at least I think there is anyways, but why do we need the same rule set underground, currently it is not possible to connect a brdige directly to the mine entrance tile or adjacent underground which kinda kills the options for making something interesting. I recently removed my rock ramp into my mine and replaced it with a bridge, this free's up the tiles on either side of the old ramp that take up a fair amount of room, but I was stuck with leaving one of these in place due to not being able to connect a ramp adjacent to the mine entrance. Picture for the explanation follows:
  12. didn't they mention you must be able to lead the animal to load it into a cage, hence no boat loads of spiders I have yet to see someone dominate a unique since I started, so I don't think that will be a problem.
  13. botting gone wrong? curious how many actions does it take to cut down trees with a sickle =p then again, what would you be picking in the winter other than pinenuts in a few days =p