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  1. Instead of a sign maybe you should of planted a wall of tree's!
  2. I actually like how fast tree's repopulate empty grasslands, gives the wood cutters something to do. If you don't like it, there is this nifty thing called sand, you might of noticed it over on chaos at hota. I do realize though that takes effort, and its far easier to call for GM's to adjust code or wave there wands around.
  3. You have someone admitting to using a macro/bot script on the forums, have you banned them already?
  4. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Hatchet
  5. If permissions are not set for highway on a deed, then no one can plant eyes/waystones in the first 2 perimeter tiles of said deed, the outside 3 or more if the deed has more than 5 perimeter tiles do not fall under this protection. A 'scenic loop' as you say would not be protected per the highway rules, but all it takes is to have one deed connected to this loop to make it all valid.
  6. If its an intersection with 3 directions you not going to be prying anything up, not easily. Dead ends decay
  7. Waystones can be replaced with a catseye if there are only 2 directions at that point. If the intersection has more than 2 you would have to remove cateyes until everything is reduced to 2 directions. The idea of the highway system is to prevent unwanted removal of viable highways, you can still work on improving the highways and or if they become dead ends they will decay naturally over time.
  8. Are we really getting more players? All that is happening is a few points being moved from one side to the other side of the scale, nothing new is being added to it.
  9. Yeah Iceland been rolling in the tourist bucks big time for past 5-10 years so they added back the tourist tax's this year. Time to find a new frozen country that is reasonable to visit
  10. In the end this does nothing to bring more players to the wurm servers.
  11. the only revenue that will help wurm is new players who start paying for monthly accounts, nothing else will make any differance
  12. Yes whine till budda caves in on all of it, and just does away with the formula, after all it is what you want.
  13. Ah I see, so that was why pingpong was excited about this, snatching up all those titles.
  14. How many 100 skills is there on epic and why the free ride for the 100 title once they transfer to freedom?
  15. There is a certain envy/jealousy when a high end account gets bought up for a few thousand more putting a dream out of reach for the average player and perhaps that is mostly where the hatred of account selling stems from.