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  1. plan your trips better, use a faster boat, travel in greater numbers -1
  2. why would this be changed? that was a valid tool for removing reinforcements, especially ones in your perimeters where you can't expand the deed over to remove
  3. a close up of the odd pixelflickers it only seems to happen underground
  4. here is the console from last white screen crash
  5. Most often quote? 'The Game is Ugly' Maybe someone should ask them to try the unstable client with full settings?
  6. also I noticed last night I have flickering pixels on the lead horses of my wagon, they seem to be rotating in sync with the wagon rarity flash
  7. when it crash's I have to use task manager to close out the clients that go to whitescreen, I am not sure if this is generating a crash log
  8. holding down left mouse and dragging pointer to move camera view or drag objects will crash all my clients to white screen at random times not sure what logs you want, can you be more specific for file location
  9. lol have fun removing dozens of those if you want to re-route a catseye highway
  10. you are correct, a change on test that I missed, sorry about that before it was not possible to place a way-point marker off deed, at the end
  11. think that would look worse than not having them paved at all up top
  12. you can't end a highway off deed, it has to connect to another highway or to a deed
  13. Uh no you can't, the marker must be on deed, and a full tile in at that.
  14. Never think a task is too much money or effort in wurm.
  15. This would only encourage people to hide others locked possessions while waiting for the overall QL to fall under 10.