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  1. QOL - Meditation

    Be nice to get 90, but I just can't stand moving 10 tiles.
  2. Not just horses, can be a cart or wagon as well, most don't notice this as it usually takes a good amount of speed to plow into a wall and make your mount/cart vanish into the wall. Regular 5 speed horses with good gear can do this and 5 speed hell horses makes it very easy. Best way to avoid having to relog when speeding through tunnels is to have your cart/horse targeted so when you plow it into a wall you can just hop back on and continue on your trip.
  3. QOL - Meditation

    What do you mean its not QoL? The very act of moving 10 tiles for a 2 minute task from a activity you have set up is very disrupting and very much a poor quality. There is a reason for this and it falls under the same system as fatigue is designed for, nothing more. If its so crucial for wurm immersion then make the priests move 10 tiles between each prayer they do.
  4. QOL - Meditation

    I think the majority of the player base would agree that container windows staying open when you move out of range of being able to interact with said containers would be annoying. Most of us are happy that moving away closes up the containers, rather than manually clicking off individual windows when you are done with them.
  5. QOL - Meditation

    How is this even comparable to moving 10 tiles? I cranked 500 trellis easy, well it would of been easy if I didn't have to close all my containers every time I needed to move 10 tiles to meditate. Same goes for cooking, and anything else. Moving 10 tiles adds nothing to the game play.
  6. More fun for Champs

    It is the way it is snoo, get an alt for freedom stuff
  7. Less smoke from fireplaces

    -1 I love the bright plumes of smoke boiling out of the houses, especially with multiple fireplaces and that roar of the fire
  8. Wurm may not know, but have a dwarf city.

    I love these underground cities.
  9. SnowBalls taken dmg.

    All this makes for a poor QoL in wurm for those who go to the effort of gathering silly snowballs to keep the fridge running. You know traditionally no one used snow for larders, they used blocks of ice and a block of ice inside a store house insulated with sawdust would last right through a hot summer. Maybe adjust the decay on snowballs so there is zero decay during the 'winter' period and the faster decay starts once the season ends. This would let people gather there snowballs at a more enjoyable pace. I know this should be in the suggestion forums, but this crazy fast decay rate needs to be fixed.
  10. Enemy in Local on Freedom - intended or not?

    Sadly nope, I did try.
  11. More fun for Champs

    -1 it is a sacrifice you make on your character to champ up and become OP, if you want to participate in freedom events get an alt
  12. So last night I dropped a deed for funzies and try to annoy some arse's who were not playing nice. Now I know templars are about as useful as a pail of hammers, but never the less I ordered up a bunch for my new deed and proceeded to put some fools on KoS. [01:41:07] Spirit templar is now a citizen of Something! [01:41:07] A Spirit templar has arrived. [01:41:07] The danger is over for now. [01:41:13] Onesickpuppy raises the settlement alarm! [01:41:13] A horn sounds. Something is put on alert! [01:43:25] Something is wrong. An irritating feeling comes over you and you cannot focus. Your normal skillgains suffer. [01:45:41] The venerable fat Callpot grazes. [01:45:55] Onesickpuppy spits in your face! [01:48:25] You now feel greatly disturbed by an enemy presence. While your normal skills still suffer, your aggressive actions are probably more effective. I have not used KoS much on freedom, and even less so since highways came out, but a few things I noticed and later figured it is just the chaos enemy mechanics at work. 1) when a person on the kos list sets off the settlement alarm he is now flagged ENEMY and highlighted in red 2) Something is wrong. An irritating feeling comes over you and you cannot focus. Your normal skillgains suffer. so if you were actually working on your skills, someone could essentially put an end to that merely by standing in your perimeter and continuously setting off the alarm 3) only checked with a off deed mine door (originally thought the player was bugged when he was walking in and out), but your off deed mine doors and I will assume its the same for gates and doors unlock for the enemy when you go through the entry Now I know its rare for people to use KoS, and even rarer to have a enemy situation that affects nearby mine doors and maybe house doors/gates as well, so its possible no one has run into this before or its a new bug from some recent change either highways or death tabs or if this is even intended for freedom. GM Aion can add some more details to this as he investigated the mine door last night as I thought it was not working correctly.
  13. Fix Fatigue

    So funny that there isn't actually a gaming company out there worried about your health.
  14. Valrei International. 068

    Are you trying to say you want us to have to 'cotton' up for heals rather than using a LT weapon? When I am hunting I am doing this for the weapon skills and fighting skills. I rarely carry cotton on my person, maybe a few in a saddle bag for emergency situations, but that is it. Because I am out hunting down time to heal up sucks, I am out for the skills and that is it. I use my main weapons till my health gets down, then swap out to LT to heal up on what I am fighting or if its critical back off for something easy. At no time am I wasting my hunting time standing there with cotton.