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  1. But this is still a thing:
  2. cool your lava and avoid the problem lava is hazardous, and expect the unexpected when these tiles are left hot horses popping out on top of the ground while hitched to a cart or wagon is nothing new, and leading a animal can get the same results, this is a bug perhaps, but it is a old one and it can be avoided if you are careful
  3. actually you can not put glowing hot horse shoes onto a horse, it screams and kicks out at you if you try
  4. A horse with barding or oakshell is already hard enough to kill. And being able to remove gear while riding a horse is no more unrealistic than seeing trolls and spiders the size of VWs while you ride around, its a game not a real life simulator, get over it already.
  5. You are dreaming if you think source springs are anything worthwhile. Do some missions, karma is easy to get, 340k since I left chaos, hardly years worth of effort.
  6. my rare lead maul while bashing a lamp today
  7. Not sold on the how scale takes the dye though.
  8. so far myself gardening and body friends got nature and mining yesterday only way to watch for the event though is to have wu trigger on it, really need a better way to announce it inside the game
  9. why you no karma? You have 340786 karma, how would you like to spend it?
  10. keenan hit the wrong buton
  11. this mean I can dye my leather adventurers hat?
  12. sometimes that will just kill you