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  1. PvP Holidays

    don't log in
  2. Well as a dev I am sure he could find a few folks to help test out each seat of the knarr if one can not fire up a dozen clients at a time. Best to get it right than end up fixing the knarr only to have something like seat 11 not work. I have 6 or 7 at my main deed I could log in for testing purposes.
  3. Why not log in 12 alts and test each one while they sit in the knarr The range for accessing items inside a knarr or wagon seem to be a lot less than they once were as well, hope you can look into this. It is annoying when you can open the vehicle but can't drag items out.
  4. Minor Changes Round 2

    not what I would call 'minor' changes
  5. WTA Small Magical Chest, Steel

    nothing special other than they are old and no longer can get
  6. White stones for own settlements

    not sure if curbs can be made out of marble, if not add marble/sandstone/slate to the curb types and you can make your deed border, if nothing else paint stone white
  7. Tutorial grade resources at starter towns

    that video was painful to watch, and if you have zero knowledge of this game via other friends there is no way that tutorial is going to help if you think for one minute someone is going to spend 2 hours slogging through all that crap lade out in the rat maze and then actually decide they like that game you are dreaming the best tutorial is a short informative video tutorial then have the new player skip gv all together cause that empty server does zero for making someone want to play wurm the video does not have to explain every detail of wurm, just go through movement/equipping armor/weapons how to use tools and the crafting window, just enough to get them started
  8. Tutorial grade resources at starter towns

    the tutorial blows - replace this with a proper tutorial video, its hard to explain the commands through the use of all those little signs/popups confusing as hell - show the new player How to do things, don't confuse them with a rat maze dropping new players into a empty server is a horrible idea (golden valley) just have them choose a starter town to spawn in
  9. Bugged mission on celebration

    It was not stone mine doors, so try the others.
  10. Skill Points

    I think I can hear Ziv muttering under his breath
  11. getting stuck on bridge / door to a house

    Is this bridge connecting to the ground floor of the house, and if so did you build a floor on the first level? If this is the case, remove the floor section in front of the bridge, and just go with a paved floor instead.
  12. Bonfire

    burn it all, burn it to the ground if you need help pm me
  13. "Display" style magical storage options

    Oh my bad, didn't read your idea of having a cost free replacement for magical chests. Sorry about that. -1 to your idea, hope that helps you out there
  14. Updates the current pvp community want

    I think these guys all complain about how meditation is so unfair in the time it takes to get anywhere and why they demand for all meditation ability's to be nerfed for those reasons. No one wants to put time into anything, the problem is we have players who accept the wurm mechanics of being pretty much hardcore compared to all other games, it takes time to earn skills and level the meditation paths. There is no 2 week grinds to max your levels as you see in other games which cater to the instant gratification kiddies. The main reason I found wurm appealing to play is that it requires a commitment of time to level your character, a theme I enjoyed playing muds back in the 90s and in games such as everquest and eve, eve has changed its path though so I no longer include that game in challenges.