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  1. +1!!!! everyone constantly misses friend requests because it's just another string of standard white text in event window. needs a popup for sure
  2. this would actually be great, so much more gardening planned to work on in the near future and more options like this would really add to the pallete
  3. yeah a lot of things need a little more love for decorations decay, i get it, they need to keep items decaying or everything on the ground in your house becomes protected and it's kind of an exploit i guess, but that's why I suggested bookcase being used to provide safer "books only" storage. books need rights lol but my tools in my chest decay so very slowly and if books stored in a house could have that same rate while shielding the pages inside... I just think it brings them in line with the existing game mechanics other items are running on. they've been so updated lately but are still fragile as dust drawings on a windy day
  4. other solution is path of love ability too right? to temp make everything non agro so you can slip into the pen and get the breeding done and get out (man that sounds horrible)
  5. a group of us were talking and think it would be fair if paper sheets didn't take damage inside a book/journal/almanac but instead the book takes the damage as that can be repaired/improved. of course if we let the book rot the pages are doomed as is also fair. would also be nice to have a useful bookshelf to more safely keep books in inside our homes. that could stop or at least slow the decay of the books. the reason for all this being that we can write a book, we can make all these nice new useful books, but we can't ever put them down or the pages rot right out of them a little safe-guarding and we'd be more able to place books as decorative items and class things up a little more TL;DR please stop the pages rotting right out of our books, that nice leather bound cover should do its job ?
  6. I know it sounds like a cheap idea but a few more colours/textures to work with in our paving palette would always be a good thing right? we've gotten a lot more uses lately for marble and slate making them more and more like stone for what we can do with them, why not pave black and/or white gravel with them? just food for thought keep up the great work, much love
  7. Please add Fort Zydrate 1175,1350
  8. Adding in my experience the other day: Took 4 crates of wemp from a crate rack in my deed and transported to a friend's deed via wagon about half way across the map, get there and every crate is missing about 45 wemp. each of those crates though had been sitting for over a year in the warehosue so it feels like all the monthly loss came off at once. will test with something else later if necessary to try theory of moving product out of crate either in and out of a bsb or transfering to a replacement crate to see if this resets monthly loss timer calculations so the game believes it to be a fresh crate leaving deed vs an old one
  9. So I made a sandwich too big to fit in my picnic basket. my instant reflex idea was to activate the knife and try to cut it in half, I mean it's a sandwich right? started thinking that'd work on a few other things too. slicing pizza for example? anyways just food for thought to go with our fancy new food update it'd be great if we could just cut up certain foods into smaller portions to make them more portable please
  10. TL;DR version first: candelabras can be heated in any heat source that they fit in until they read as lit, then planted hot and they stay lit forever without ever using candles Specifics: I made 2 copper candelabras and noticed that when hot in the forge for imping they read as "lit" but if I pulled both out of the forge (for tempering) they instantly cooled and snuffed automatically. but when I pulled only one out it stayed hot and lit. I was able to run one of them from the forge to its destination and plant it before it cooled or snuffed. the second one was out too quickly when i ran it there so to further test this I lit a campfire outside the building it was going in. threw the candelabra in there and waited for it to light. again it worked and I was able to pull it hot and lit from the camp fire and plant it in the building. they've both been lit and burning no problem now without ever having seen a candle, just straight from copper lump to planted and staying lit. Kaide, Pristine
  11. not an issue for epic i suppose but on freedom we have only one design. you can sail to chaos and make wagons with other designs then sail back and use or sell them to get a little different colour floating around the freedom isles. why not do the same with the tabbards? all the ones made directly on freedom would still be just the freedom design
  12. as a corb sailor i must fully support this. few things are more frustrating than trying to re-rope your horses from up there if you don't have a raised terrain platform to pull up next to every single place you ever sail to
  13. would like to sign up as fighter if that's still open please