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  1. [NoBug] Lightning does not show up

    You cast it on the tile, and it hits only that tile and gives all the victim headwounds. Metal helms take 2x damage, I think something like half damage to leather and/or cloth or something like that
  2. [NoBug] Lightning does not show up

    have you clicked on the ground with a gem staff activated on a normal ground tile (anything but a built floor in a house)
  3. Highly doubt it, I had my hell scorp starving in my breeding horse pens that I was inside every single day. If it bashed even once, it would have raise alarm and died to templar. Also, I'm not the best code expert out there and hardly even a novice so there's a chance I'm missing something, but in WU code hell scorp isn't listed as having isBreakFence, so something else had to have broken the fence
  4. That's confusing, I had a hell scorp penned for many years for shield training/channeling grinds never fed and it never bashed, we also have champion scorpions from a former active mag priest that have been there unfed for years also and still are, never bashing. Sounds more like whatever was slain bashed the wall
  5. Meal and Pizza generator

    would it be possible to make duplicate ingredients a dropdown selection or maybe a checkbox next to number of ingredients? i want no nuts and no duplicates but 50 buttons will be silly
  6. Forum update complete

    i'm not sure what exactly it is but something about the font hurts my eyes, either it looks fuzzy like bad text aa i think, or my eyes are going bad, or i need to stop reading skirmishes
  7. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    you know when the code has things like "if (Servers.localServer.PVPSERVER)" and "isOnPvPServer()" someone explain why armor changes can't go to chaos without affecting freedom, while STILL having "(Servers.localServer.isChallengeOrEpicServer())" to keep epic balances separate yet
  8. starter town portal network

    Portal to all starter towns freely, we can already portal from elevation to home servers via starter town portals. Increase server traveling, tourism, hunting vacations, larger group events, etc No new player in 2018 wants to join up to wurm pay a monthly sub and waste their time spending 5 hours sailing just to enjoy a public slaying or more than one rift per 9 days or when their servers rift is at a bad time. People would still need to sail for picking up/delivering purchased goods, or traveling with large/bulk items, or traveling with animals once we get animal crates. There is no reason to not add variety and make the game more fun to play
  9. Mad Suggestions

    these are great, id even say can probably put buoys along all borders just to add some flavor/variety to the environment. just space them out by like 100 tiles or something and most importantly have them not be frozen in place and wobble around based on wind speed
  10. Dolls give weapon skill up to 20, while its a very poor method of getting the skill, it is in fact a way for noobs to get skill so I would be against limiting it to just shafts
  11. Fun Idea For Epic Portals And Travel

    So how does someone say, port into epic at flamma as mr, and then run across the map like you said, and cross enemy kingdom and come to high hopes the jk starter town, how do they enter the enemy starter town to use the portal that can't be used because it has a 3 minute timer block since combat and 20 templars will be swarming you assuming you broke down a gate to get in? The only way something like this would work is if you use same kingdom ele/home starter portals, which is pretty much portal to epic, use portal between ele/home, use portal to freedom. very limited, and has zero exploration or time invested on epic
  12. I had this one too, the distance logged doesn't seem to be accurate at all it's way under, but by counting pixels on map dump I rode 10k tiles and couldn't trigger it The actions one is a matter of what actions count towards the achievement/goal. Actions displayed in stats are not accurate by any means either, it even counts examine
  13. Meal and Pizza generator

    Trying to make meals without nuts, and now it wants nuts when clicking i have no nuts
  14. I'm no coding expert but fairly certain something like armor balances could simply be tied to code saying "if this is a pvp server use these values, else use the old values" considering there are many things already done like this, especially stuff unique to epic being tied to "if this is an epic or challenge server" But I think armor balance like this would be better for pve too. Sure it might upset people that want to sell plate more than iron plate already upset them but plate is still valuable while increasing demand for leather studded and chain. It would also be even better for noob retention if their crappy 50ql leather armor helps them not die to a spider. I dunno, I just feel the armor balance on epic in general is one of the better balances wurm has seen so far and everyone across the board would be happier with it
  15. Because the way I see it, its such a great balance against dragon armor on chaos AND a great buff for pve which will both improve the quality of the game overall and restore faith into the game that players have been losing and as such generate hype Happy players stay. Happy players tell their friends to play. Happy friends tell their friends to play. All these people playing increases word of mouth advertisement while giving reason to continue to play and logically the more players wurm has, the more players that will play epic. Maybe it's a massive over generalization but its a huge step in the right direction. Theres room for improvement to wurm, and theres room for improvement to epic. Major balances as an epic only feature is a very bad idea, its like a car company only offering 200hp engines in their sports car but 600hp engines in their minivans to encourage people to buy minivans. Balances need to go across wurm as a whole, what epic needs are unique features that are not balances