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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    So was she, pvpers have loudly complained about fungus (as well as rite of death) and the ridiculously easy spreading of mycellium if hots wanted to grief literally an entire server while WL kingdoms had no alternative other than a shovel and manually changing every tile by hand. The complaints are why cleanse exists
  2. [Personal Goal] Imp. Goal Not Triggering

    Skill x .77 + 23 = beyond your knowledge. Right now you'd have to imp to over 44ql (which will raise when you get more skill so it would be faster to have a more skilled account imp one for you)
  3. [No Bug] love effect

    Love effect only applies to the one that uses it
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    The idea behind essence drain was to give (comparing template gods only) the BL side of things their equivalent of life transfer, but just simply copying LT over is boring as well as just renaming it. So making it do a fraction of the healing while doing a fraction of damage was the way to give BL their version of life transfer, which fits inline with Libilas method of healing by harm (drain health damages and heals, scorn damages and heals). If the spell healed, damaged, AND restored favor, it would just become an overpowered meta choice for all priest pvpers. Healing priests in things like rifts would also be able to effectively effortlessly heal indefinitely without loss of resource as long as they manage resistances
  5. Bardings having no effect on speed

    In the past, bardings on hhs flat out always tanked speed, leather or chain.
  6. Fix Maker Names

    This is the byproduct of an issue that wiped ALL signatures on wild and inde, as they were the only servers open at the time. Considering the issue has existed for that long and affected every item from then, you aren't going to be getting items fixed especially with no proof other than trusting logs if they even exist
  7. For Attn. Mayor of "Temple of Dust"

    Generally, if you approach a mine door from the inside and it's not letting you see out without having to clip out of it slowly, that means the door isn't opening for you so you shouldn't exit as you won't be allowed back in. granted there are occasionally random bugs and glitches, but if it's an exit you are unfamiliar with, it's not worth any risks
  8. Lead animals never unlead

    Pulling something behind a boat then cutting the corner would cause the dragged item to overshoot the turn, not undercut it Make lead animals more like pulling things behind a boat +1 good idea
  9. Lead animals never unlead

    Id like it if leading a horse was comparable to driving with a trailer, because you can at least control where the trailer goes... you can't control where your horse goes however, certainly not to an exact path. I have a house touching a mine exit, I can either exit the mine and turn and the horse I'm leading follows perfectly and doesn't get stuck, or it can pause at the exit until you move 3 tiles then it exits out the side of the mine and lunges forward at lightning speed on the wrong side of the house getting stuck. If lead animals could just follow your exact path, that'd be great
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    Fo would become forced follower meta for all new players to grind meditating, would need to limit what skills it applies to probably.
  11. PC/WTS Starter priest currently nahjo

    There aren't any skills over 20 to look out for. The only things even over 20 at all that isn't faith is soul depth and soul strength, which is hardly any higher than starting values. 70 faith isn't really any worth, a sermon group will get that in no time. Ropemaking affinity doesn't add any value, you're already a priest so you can't grind it unless you get a whopping 20 while not prem, but even if it was 90 it's not as useful as cooking skill so you can chop veggies for favor instead which is way more efficient than ropes. But you'd also need the farming skill for both. The only skills with any appearance of being higher than starting values are prayer and channeling. Prayer hardly means anything unless you have much higher skill than that, and you can get 20 prayer in no time but it still doesn't mean anything. 18 channeling saves maybe an hour of "work" and allows nothing really. If it had 21 bc so it could ride, 90 or higher faith (100 would be great with the priest update), maybe finished the week or two of work and got 30 med and then advanced to enchant grass, it could be worth being a starter priest to buy, otherwise someone looking would probably be better off making their own account, so they can pick their own name.
  12. Priest overhaul testing

    I somehow missed that, but the offensive cr bonus is an aggressive bonus in the most possible way it could be one. Personally when it comes to priests doing more damage, I'm more in favor of removing it from all gods because while individually its not a big deal, it's such a huge bonus when everyone is a priest doing more damage per hit combined with aggressives damage bonus, and addy weapon damage bonus, and BT doing more damage than normal (which it seems like it will probably end up still doing so), and crits. I wouldn't be opposed to Lib getting the same damage bonus Mag has to equalize "default war god vs default war god", however that means all the player gods that are hate god can possibly get the damage bonus as well which just leads to everyone being a priest that does more damage which is bad. Alternatively... hardcode the damage bonus to Mag and Lib and remove it from template diety passives so no player gods have it. Now Mag and Lib are more equalized since Mag is getting more combat spells and a heal which is more inline with Libs specialty, while giving more reason to choose a template god over player gods.
  13. Priest overhaul testing

    Pretty sure the abuse cases of LT are all possible in pve only, not pvp. If you find a guy killing pigs in the middle of pvp instead of players, I don't even know. Mounts are limited and generally barded and the riders generally don't sit in one place when they're being hit. LT has never really been a problem in general pvp before, people being focused will never heal fast enough, and anyone tanking enough damage to get a chance to heal will be healing tiny wounds. Anytime in voice comms I can never remember anyone saying "he's got LT!!!!" it's always that someones casting lof or heal, so I don't think limiting a resistance change to just pvp solves anything
  14. Avatars wandering is something new and no idea why it was added or if it was even intentional. However... just because avatars wander does not mean all animals will, because they don't. Unless it's a deer, which will be 17 locals away by the first time you get it on a pendulum. Easy home/ally deed mission farming doesn't imply that only those that live there will do it, it means you know precisely where the traitor is, and unlike an avatar, all you have to do is go swing a pendulum around and you'll find your traitor within minutes, so yes it "will get more people off deed" because its easy and safe and goes against the grain of the idea that missions are pvp based. Enemy won't camp at a deed to kill you in a normal scenario, and you aren't going to a populated enemy deed to kill a traitor. I think you also need to remember that the square lurker in the dark reaches around you is also being made 4x larger with the priest update