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  1. QOL - Meditation

    yes to not needing to move
  2. wts Green tome and Giant walnut

    bump lowered to 50e or offer
  3. Valrei International. 066

    thats more because you're using a 1h sword which even the better of the two is absolute junk, even if you had 90 body strength it's bad. a med axe or med maul would be heaps better even with the worse parry
  4. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    how long will it be up for? hours, days, weeks, forever, etc
  5. Add entire villages to permissions

    I think you missed the as stated more important part of there is no way to even do this for houses and mine doors
  6. We can add entire villages to things like all gates via deed roles, however there is no way to add that village to a specific gate if you don't want all to be open. More importantly, there is no way to add an entire village to a house or mine door or to a lesser extent vehicles and such. If you want to allow your friend/alts/kingdommates deed to enter things on your deed, you need to either allow the entire alliance in or add every single name manually to every single thing. No idea how easily to add it, if it could be a drop down of villages in alliance the same as the dropdown exists for villagers of your deed, or a different text box to add village or something
  7. @Sindusk be the hero you were meant to be
  8. Wooden fragments

    Metal fragments: Oh man look at all this ore and lump, I've got so many materials stored in my fancy bulk container units!!! Golden pickaxes!!!!! Silver scythes!! Wooden fragments: you want fun, screw you heres birchwood Make all wooden fragments be a random woodtype the same as metals are, with a chance to get oleander as well since its obtainable via rifts
  9. wts Green tome and Giant walnut

    Price lowered more, it's probably not even worth that either at this point so if you're interested at all just send me a forum pm with an offer
  10. Why do you feel the need to bully everyone else that disagrees? I have to put a -1 too. I'm all for aiding new players, but that in the form of qol. Qol will make them stay, randomly mining a 93ql iron ore will not, so the only ones this will really help are lazy people with alts
  11. Epic - Transfer Equality

    At the 1.6 update, all epic skills were saved and then converted with a penalty (minus stats and med) onto the freedom cluster. After this point, skill earned on freedom freely transfers 1:1 to epic always. Skill gained on epic goes nowhere Either grind on freedom where you know your effort will stay and be respected and get skill on both clusters -OR- Grind on epic with practically no one to talk to, cannot take your skills to freedom, and you are essentially investing your time into a test cluster that for all you know your work can be just utterly defenestrated and become meaningless at a moments notice. logical choice is the first one which is why epic has a grand total of 15-30 players across 4 servers at any time
  12. When you...

    That seems kinda silly when if anything it should just pick a different skill?? in the event that someone has 99 in every single skill they can enjoy no skill loss and take the time to reevaluate their life choices
  13. When you...

    I don't think this has a huge effect on path of knowledge considering a vast majority of people on pok probably are not loaded with 99+ skills
  14. When you...

    100 skill lives matter