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  1. Can't just use a different toolbelt for each cluster? It's what I do and it's just a little button on the belt to change it though I would prefer scrolling the mouse wheel to work when hovering the belt..
  2. they're nerding out for irons/coppers, im lucky to pay half an upkeep with one trader, you're harassing alts, you made another complaint thread. a summary
  3. People keep saying that warmasters are invincible, but we killed last nights pristine rift warmaster, it just took a while since there weren't many people and less fighting the warmaster Something weird though was towards the end hits weren't registering in combat logs, but its health was going down. I dispelled too because it had oakshell shine, but there was no effect to dispel [01:15:34] Mature rift caster hits Sgtscum very hard in the left shoulder and irritates it. [01:15:36] Venerable rift ogre mage bites down on Sgtscum. [01:15:36] Venerable rift ogre mage hits Sgtscum extremely hard in the lower back and hurts it. [01:15:36] Smeagain knocks aged rift warmaster senseless with her hit! [01:15:37] An aged rift warmaster is dead. R.I.P.
  4. They aren't handed everything, most games ARE grindy by some nature at the very minimum. Even basic shoot each other battle royale games you grind for something, even if it's just skins, or unlockable players. The difference there is they usually prey on people that can't control themselves and let you buy the stuff or buy lootboxes. Here's what the new players aren't used to. Grinding to anything worthwhile taking so damned long especially when you don't know what you're doing or have the access to the right methods/items. Grinding being so ridiculously boring you can't play without watching something in the background or playing a second game during timers. A new player comes and finds out they have to spend a couple hours a day for a week trying to grind body control just to ride a horse because they don't know sleep bonus or the right way to grind and they don't know they need to ask a vet how. Riding a horse is arguably one of the most important backbone mechanics to the entire game, and if I started today just finding out about wurm, I'd leave if I knew I had to spend the next week hitting a button over and over non stop just to unlock such a basic ability. I don't have the patience that I had when I started more than 9 years ago, and usually most people don't. When most people look for a game to play, they probably aren't looking for one that they plan to set aside years to "play". Fun, that's what grinding/playing wurm seriously lacks that most other games actually have, and I don't have any ideas on how to fix that without changing wurm's identity, but there's no point in anyone being in denial about it. The main thing that made wurm "fun" to me were the people I played with and they all quit for one reason or another.
  5. I am pretty sure its not intentionally coded that way, rather the fact that individual data is not stored when an item is placed in a bulk bin, which is exactly what the point of the bulk bin is, storing data in bulk not individually. Maybe a flag could be put on all basic processed bulkable stuff that says "this is processed once", I don't know, I'm not a dev but the original and unfortunate intent by Tich to begin with was to not allow any processed items to be bulked at all. Allowing chopped items to be bulked came with allowing priests to sac them for favor as far as I recall
  6. People actually use inns and they aren't just decoration/roleplay?
  7. 1v1 Challenge

    That's also what happens when you use a longsword which is a wet noodle vs max focus and presumably a moon helm (slashing is also weak vs plate and that hit was a cut)
  8. In the text tab look for font antialiasing. having it on when it came out in the client gave me blurry text and turning it off made it sharp again, maybe that will help
  9. is there some reasoning behind ignoring every single comment about how the way it works forces you to N O T work with the community and instead wanting to make it into something more outrageous and even less community oriented because all the 90 channeling priests will be on cooldown and everyone that wasn't lucky enough to get to link and have it completed with absolutely zero effort can be left wondering why they try
  10. I dont know it seems pretty trivial to check an altar a few times a day to see someone else charged the spell and you throw 5s on your priest alts to link and get your cast done. It's also pretty trivial if your 90 channeling friend lets you and other friends link and dont worry about a 6 month cooldown because screw everyone else anyway I also don't know why there's still confusion between difficulty and wanting to actually benefit from your work at the existing difficulty because others can steal your work and that's what all of this has been about Just to be super clear, fairness =/= easy. Wanting to benefit from your hard work and not have it stolen because that's what the game encourages =/= easy
  11. "the issue is that the mechanics for a goal that is forced as a community project actively prevents community effort and only drives wedges between everyone and here are many suggestions in many threads that could help bring back people working together and some that even allow solo players to solo play" "ok but what if it required 90 channeling instead"
  12. There isn't anything broken, it's just twitters anti-spam feature. It would have been the same message posted within 24 hours, so it got omitted as spam.
  13. I can't speak for cleanse but why nerf humid drizzle just for the sake of making power/skill/links matter? If you want power/skill to matter then add some other bonus to humid drizzle. Like some % chance that pregnant animals will have some tiny amount of time taken off pregnancy, or a chance that milkable animals will provide greater amounts of milk once after the cast, or some other silly things like that.