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  1. if someone bonks goblins for 5 hours to get a witch hat to use as high quality combat gear... just let them
  2. The issue with horse colors is that they're traits, and are weighted. You might have a black silver male and a black silver female breed a black silver foal - however the new traits are lowest in the order so if by some chance it rolls something like black or gold as well, it will have both color traits black and black silver or gold and black silver, but since black or gold are higher priority traits, the horse will be black or gold despite having that black silver trait. Before someone goes trigger happy removing the chance of multiple color traits - its the only way you can "down" breed a rarer color (it rolls the rarer color but fails the dominant one) A grey horse is the absence of any color trait, so a grey foal from 2 black silver parents just means you were likely to have a black silver foal but failed
  3. On Things Current

    the feel i get from this thread is that issues are being addressed by saying they're being addressed, and then we get stuck with horrible updates under the guise that they can be tweaked later, but it doesn't actually happen you know, like history shows
  4. i wish i had 20 links id have my 120 master cape by now
  5. This is pretty much exactly what I said needs to not be touched in a post I made in the link thread. It's complicated by design, you're adding waiting to get favor on top of already waiting to get favor from waiting 30 seconds to finish the sacrifice option on top of the absolutely ridiculous methods of getting the favor in the first place. We don't need getting favor to be worse. We don't need updates that require manuals and math to properly understand and plan. Favor needs to be not hard to get and for fun make sacrificing at an altar 10 seconds. Not very complicated. Honestly... why does a chopped onion give 2.5 favor or whatever miserable number it gives now? Why do you have to have the absolute best ql sac items to still only get 20 favor each item where a more achievable ql to the average player in mass examples will end up giving just 5 or 10? Is the game going to suffer and die if you can sac a 70ql yoyo for 40 favor? A 90ql door lock for 60 favor?
  6. Partial parry has been in the game for years
  7. The playerbase in wurm that steam brought in just isn't enough - it's not enough to fill in all the old servers, epic, and the steady stream of new servers. The new amount of players online at any time is what 1000 more than before, maybe more in the more populated times? If only we saw numbers like that befo.... oh right we did, with way less servers and it wasn't enough. Maybe pve can thrive with servers that see 5-20 people on it, but pvp cannot. Chaos/epic only get any kind of boost when someone decides to make something happen, and it never lasts. Invigoration by devs via resets and updates only generate worse results every time. The servers need consolidation. It won't ever happen for pve, so start with the obvious glaring issue; the only servers in wurm that have different mechanics than the rest - epic. Those poor souls that still play there (Epic cluster players 1/3200) are people that will either play chaos, play freedom, or get mad and quit which is still a better fate than playing epic. Merge accounts/items to freedom and delete servers, merge everything, merge nothing, just do something before we all die from corona wave #37 god damn
  8. That's not the exploit though
  9. I'm curious - all these people begging for exploiters to get punished, but I haven't seen anywhere confirmation if it was actually abused? I've only seen one random post that even said what the exploit was. By all means, if someone did for sure abuse a bug punish the abuse, but what was the highest channeling - and if it was a blacklight priest is their 15% skillgain buff to religion and its subskills being taken into consideration?
  10. Maybe the devs should look at why people are using links to grind channeling in the first place and realize they should stop doing insignificant things with natural favor regen and keeping favor sac items trash and so difficult to get the needed amounts of favor for the horrible mechanic known as casting. I'll literally finish the 100 rift journal by continuing to throw 5s prem on my account every few weeks to do rifts in my time zone before i finish the spend favor goal of the same journal because obtaining favor is such a sad miserable task that I'd rather not touch it at all.
  11. the year is 2022, alts in wurm have finally been banned you have a child, they have grown old enough to play games you introduce them to your life, the thing called wurm they enjoy riding cows, you have a smile across your face open the launcher, you wish to play with your child and create memories denied, because someone on steam didn't know how to play an alt you smile
  12. Theres no rhyme or reason for it in my experience, the client just somehow isn't telling the server you logged off so you end up logging off 5 minutes later because thats when your "connection" times out
  13. Depends, interestingly enough at the inde rift during restart I was only in the combat tab and only the 20 minute and 3 minute warning was given. They were all as normal in event, but given I wasn't watching there, there wasn't a pop up for it. More clueless people or looking away briefly might easily miss those messages especially in the massive combat spam. Should really do something like runescape does - puts a timer on your screen counting down to the restart so it can't be missed