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  1. this happens when it just got cold enough to not have a fire anymore, presumably the forges temp is still too high to be considered snuffed though so it needs a tad longer
  2. yeah i love playing wurm on twitter and facebook
  3. Home Annoyance

    self entitled upper middle class snobs that think the world revolves around them when it clearly should revolve around poor bums like me
  4. itt freedom getting shafted on skill merges and getting upset while its ok for epic to get shafted
  5. If anyone takes a small convo like the one in the op this seriously, they are just looking for reasons to be offended or projecting deeper issues onto a scapegoat that deserves nothing further than being laughed at
  6. the savior of jkh peasants should kneel before his presence
  7. Can the beam be made smaller at the base? its so huge I can't see anything near it
  8. people believing that you should be forced to have to buy stuff from the community rather than obtaining it on your own or be forced to join a village with strangers are the same people that will cherry pick how wurm is cheap because apparently no one needs to fully experience a game they pay for
  9. its 10 players within x amount of time and much more details overall
  10. the ones that randomly teleport away from you add nothing to gameplay or excitement and is just a bother the taunting is also a bother. its not very exciting when you are trying to kill something and a random beast taunts you, you retarget, then you get retaunted again immediately, and repeat this a few times until what you're killing is dead. these two don't make the combat feel more polished or better. its like putting black licorice with red licorice and saying look, the red licorice is improved because there's variety but no one likes black licorice
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    Whether or not ogwo players support steamwo, logically people finding wo on steam will play wo through steam and not go looking for the non steam version. So what are the plans to help ogwo? Relying on trickle down from steamwo is a bit silly. Jackal came and yet, here we are ogwo is under 2000 premiums now which is pretty significant... What's going to happen to help ogwo directly? We hear all these magical plans of an updated ui and better new player retention but its already been years since promises and how much longer can ogwo sustain just in suspense waiting to stop hemorrhaging? Ultimately, if steamwo strikes off and has thousands of premium players, and ogwo keeps dwindling down especially faster if people move over to steamwo, what will happen to ogwo since it's implied that if steamwo is a success a merge won't happen anytime soon? If theres 500 premiums left, will servers be shut down? Will ogwo be merged into steam? I feel that isn't very clear how whatever merge there will be will go whether wo is fully on steam or the steamwo experiment could be shut down, though I may have missed an explanation somewhere in the 12 pages.
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    If you want wurm to survive whether its ogwo or steam wo, it's long past time to update the premium model from pretty much all or nothing. Adopt a system like Runescape has. In runescape f2p, you can max out a skill, but you can't use bonus xp (which is like our sleep bonus just used differently), a few skills are locked at 5, areas and certain gear/high end gear are locked, better methods of grinding skills are locked, etc. So for adapting that to wurm with some changes to fit better, that would be something like as f2p: You can use sleep bonus, but it will only affect a skill if it us under 20. Decide if this is enough to encourage premium or if post 20 needs a higher difficulty to gain skill. Most skills can be grinded to 100 as per usual, but some could be locked to 20 to encourage premium. For example, weaponsmithing, fine carpentry, all thievery and war machines, stuff like that. You can ride a large cart, but not a wagon. Yes that's a downgrade from current if you already had the mind logic, but its a small trade off for quite the f2p change. You can ride a cow and a horse, but nothing after that. You can't be a priest as f2p, so it would work as it does now without premium, however you need to close the loophole of f2p priest allowing non-priest actions or just disable skill gain from doing a prohibited action to prevent the priest AND crafter loophole that existed with dual faith priests with chaos libs. You can't create or improve high end gear; Along the lines of moon metal and dragon armor. And probably way more to tweak that I don't care to think about and write because I'm not the ones being paid to do this. Aside from that I feel like more servers in different clusters/places will continue to split the dwindling community more and if steam wo takes off that leaves ogwo to wither and die like epic as mentioned before. Good luck though.
  13. Can't just use a different toolbelt for each cluster? It's what I do and it's just a little button on the belt to change it though I would prefer scrolling the mouse wheel to work when hovering the belt..