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  1. Partial loot actually was tried, long before most current players were a twinkle in the eye of Rolfs wallet. It was some odd system of only one item would drop and the dead guy would keep the rest, and it wasn't very well received and took a lot of the excitement of winning out of the game. I'm not saying full loot works or doesn't, just that the way the game is, full loot system governed by a chance to keep or not if you have a res stone drastically helps make winning and losing mean something. That being said, as I've suggested countless times over many years, res stones could be far more accessible than costing 5s per death. Some healthy balance between full loot and no loot is needed, and some odd system of only dropping a scale glove or your pickaxe just doesn't work. On a side note, the failed attempt at partial loot had some upsides. Such as dead horses dropping a horse shoe and taking the rest of its gear with it into the void.
  2. unknown n/a missions aren't fixable by gms, we've always been told it needs database fixing but still waiting
  3. if hate damage bonus was changed to permanent, to be inline with the other paths it would need to be higher than a 30 skill level
  4. in 2018 lava fiends gained the chance to spawn on rock to make the personal goal easier, so they may spawn above ground on rock and wander. black bears and cave bugs have always been able to spawn above ground with lairs
  5. unless you got the title now im guessing you got the title before the achievements were added for the journals but the title and just simply being drunk at all in game arent even close to the same thing, the latter is the journal goal
  6. Probably because a sandstone wall is not a vein of ore. Does it detect slate and marble walls?
  7. That has everything to do with pve players consistently throwing way too much money at anything that's new and rare, take the fantastic bone that sold for 750e for example. Pve was absolutely flooded with tomes, far more than epic could dream of and yet the price of tomes on pve at their worst is practically the same as the price of tomes on epic at their best. There is NO reason a tome that makes you take 0.1 dmg less from firepillars at rifts and a non-unique title should ever have had a market driven price of 100e or more
  8. pretty sure this happens when an animal is for whatever reason too loyal, it bugs out and puts an examine in the loyalty line
  9. I think it should be pretty obvious what is a purpose built trader deed that will have debatable backgrounds and traders on legit actual "home" deeds. Traders that are able to be proven legit would be nice to get any kind of reimbursement or relocation. Deed history that GMs can see can prove that I've had a trader on my deed for like 9 years maybe and I had my deed since the start of the server itself so it's clearly bought and placed by me, let me move it to where I want it to be now?
  10. I am a disabled person (hearing loss) that hasn't relied on government welfare and also have difficulties normal people wont have because they can hear what people say on a phone (which is required for finding work in 90% of the cases) where I can't which is the same reason I keep asking for cliffnotes for wurm streams that have news in them. I still think the fact that people were using a video game for years to pay their bills and expecting game updates to favor their bills over actual fun is a joke that does nothing but ruin the gameplay. The only issue I have with the whole update is removing silver payout from traders, which helped with keeping deeds in limbo waiting for an update that might bring me back fulltime or even partime, which I doubt the trader reduction in upkeep will be close to and just pushes me closer to giving up the last 1% of hope for epic and leaving it permanently. Otherwise, removing account sales and ability to treat the game like a source of income is a long overdue change. Don't be offended for someone you aren't. I play games for fun.
  11. The problem is the way that Wurm does night time, if I'm playing anything not Wurm and it's pitch black, you can still see in ways you would in real life and it's fine and light sources work great. In Wurm with the same monitor and all, all night does to me is make me endlessly strain while feeling like someone is throwing pocket sand in my eyes. No idea if thats just to do with color saturation or whatever weird technical thing that wurm does different but as is if night was darker it would just be making a miserable experience more miserable. Caves are the same way, whenever they're adjusted to be darker they are just monotone grainy eye strain
  12. If we're suggesting spells that help Mags theme as a mining god, how about a strongwall spell for floors that reinforces floors
  13. Actually, the intent and implementation of the priest overhaul was to take what we learned and benefited from of player gods and removing them while tweaking the original gods to be similar (which is glaringly obvious by some cases such as giving black light aosp and a life transferish spell, and white light web armor) to remove situations where you would need extra priests for one or so spells (or proxy alts in caves for pvp). The only reason really that there isn't already a single priest for freedom that does everything is the weird lore situation that gave white light 3 priests to split the spells among while black light gets one which means neither side can have a single priest that does everything for balance reasons
  14. you mean when my visions of the priest overhaul are coming closer to fruition
  15. Will there be cliffnotes that summarize things said in streams for people that can't hear well or do we have no choice but to be confused and not know anything until news are released once or twice a month