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  1. As a guess, when the overall population is lower than it should be and epic has servers that see 0 players online, modifying a working rift system just because someone can play games and make more copper than someone else is probably pretty low on the importance scale
  2. minor bug

    For now remember that this happens when they get fuel. Lighting one even with just a kindling still counts as fuel So as a manual fix can bash and replace the fireplace, or take them off deed and let it burn itself out (I've not tested this as I did option A but theoretically it should work)
  3. Only if when it digs up a rare bone it has the chance to run away and bury it somewhere else
  4. I'm talking value of the skill itself as in the skill becoming more popular, not value as in how much money it can make I never want gameplay balanced on "muh markets" but rather balanced on making the gameplay fun so the game can grow...
  5. but the issue is taking value away from nat subs, which if anything if concrete wasn't so annoying, more people would use it and probably even use concrete to grind it, so nat subs would gain value? I certainly dont see the logic in that argument though. Last time I checked I definitely don't need to make 3000 canopy beds to make my deed look nice
  6. According to my logs, as one of the initially far more active Epic players that partook in the game of "easy valrei", it took me from the addition of sorcery to Epic in summer 2013 until Sept of 2015 to get Arch Mage, which is 9 tomes that's more than 2 years. In Aug 2016 I finished using all tomes, more than a full 3 years of constantly doing missions trying to win to end the nerding, and spending around 400k+ karma in guiding gods in the easy valrei gameboard Yet when the tomes were added to Freedom, Epic still knew hardly anything about tomes and ended up learning information about them from Freedom, and within months iirc maybe even sooner Freedom had multple Arch Mages, and all Freedom had to do was stare at a unique for 10 minutes per tome I would certainly hope there would be zero discrimination in allowing used tomes to cross both ways. It would even allow Freedom to try getting tomes the "easy" way, go ahead and have fun
  7. but making the concrete is nat subs and actually requires it far more than the lye so what is the issue
  8. that would probably be a wreck for new players while the idea has merit, part of me just wants a better way to grind traps could make some carpentry item like a "dummy trap" similar to an archery target, and you "disarm" it the same as right clicking any tile and it uses up the item and adds damage to the dummy trap
  9. I've been to plenty of rifts on epic and one on inde so far, and when I'm in a group I follow one simple guideline, fight whatever is dying, or more dead than the other. It's not "tagging", it's actually fighting, and yet despite not doing this "tagging and not fighting" I normally have the highest or near highest in points. I've had to back out plenty of times even on freedom with a larger group and that's with drake/sotg so I'd say I'm tanking some things too I don't get the idea of tagging especially if it doesn't always benefit anything. Also, why is it an issue that someone gamed a higher score than someone else? Is it the monetary value? Are people upset and jealous that someone else got to make a few copper more? Why are people even associating winning with it being a monetary reward? I never understood the concept of that, where is the normal enjoying your reward for what it is? I just can't help but wonder regardless, why does the score matter? Why don't you just try to enjoy the event for what it is? I mean... we could just have the points capped (per wave so you don't just do one and leave) or something so everyone can get the same number but then we're still subject to rng. They got more items than me rng is unfair! Ok are we assigning a number of items per score so everyone gets the same number of items so we can now complain that someone else got a better item? Stop overthinking honestly, it's just a game
  10. the problem is that aside from skills, you got accounts on different med paths, different priests, different tome use on each cluster, thats not the easy part to fix so it depends how deep it really goes if skills were merged minus faith/alignment, then it could work for as long as we have separate clusters if tomes were not merged then it could work for separate clusters again except im sure most that have won/purchased/etc tomes on either cluster would like to use them on the other if med paths were not merged it well, wont really work because if you got 70 on epic and merge skills to freedom you'll still have to wait half a year to advance it's not very simple thats why i feel like i posted previously, have it an optional choice to merge all of this so those unaffected negatively by any merging can freely do it and those that will get affected negatively can made an educated decision on what to do, at least until a better option arrives. importantly, if something like this happened, then all new accounts should automatically be pre-merged to prevent any future issues and limit it to the few there may be edit: just also forgot to add that can probably have a choice of partial merge, merge skills / med / faith / tome / anything else and have it all options to do one, some, or all, then at least can merge skills even if affected poorly if merging med path etc
  11. what i meant was that you're behind a god, the one you have in this thread is already out but the passives you have are also wrong for it
  12. body strength = health troll strength hasn't changed at all. 50 dmg from one hit through 70ql plate and 25 body strength doesn't sound close to right at all. have you checked combat logs to count how many times you really were hit
  13. You're a bit off there on gods btw, but the info I have for passives is different than yours
  14. bearded growth bless you garys hand im done locating artifacts light of american pride locate my soul mossberg blast nolocate me pal summon alcohol summon sunkist ward