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  1. Remove /who from PvP servers

    I don't have any opinion to give on /who as it's not going to change anything and only opens up more loopholes that need to be plugged to have any effect and it ultimately boils down to player mentality, but as I always say every time this comes up, having it purely based on sounds is really bad. Aside from the obvious where people play with sounds off or listen to music, some people like myself don't hear as well as other people do so it would pretty much solidify never returning to pvp in wurm ever. Shouldn't need to turn my sound up to 11 so passing a crocodile causes it to growl and burst my ear drums in order to pvp
  2. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    I dont have an order or remember everything, I also don't play online games or multiplayer Bioshock series, has to be my top series of games of all time. I played infinite first and the gameplay and more importantly story are just phenomenal. The ending was the first game ending that really moved me, so I played 1 and 2, then got the dlc for infinite. Everything is just so extremely well done and outstanding. Doom 2016, rip and tear brother. Links awakening, played this so much the game stopped working. Ocarina of time, played this so much but the game didn't stop working. Driver series (minus the latest one, san fransico or whatever since I never played it) + gta4, lumping these together because they're all responsible for me dedicating hours into driving games and "openworld" gameplay. They also helped me understand how much I enjoy running people over with cars. Dying light, I stayed away from this one for a while because I thought it was just gonna be a generic zombie game, but while it did get kinda repetitive the gameplay was just so dang fun. Especially in the following, which let me run over zombies with a buggy. I thought the main game+the following's stories were also pretty good and kept me engaged. I want dying light 2 so bad. Wolfenstein series, starting with the reboot the new order the gameplay is just so dang fun with pretty decent stories, considering they're games about brutally killing nazis Battlefield 3 and pretty much any war/shooter game, played so many of these I couldn't list them. Bf3 sticks out the most to me though, I enjoyed the storyline and the gameplay was just great. It's a shame what EA is doing to the series. Rather, EA is a shame
  3. Is it stupidly easy to get 20fs? Yes Is it easy to also be stubborn and not want to get 20fs? Yes Is it easy to add a tiny bit of code to make 20fs repair pvp only? Yes Is it reasonable that 20fs repair requirement should be removed from pve? Yes Is it easy to get 20fs for now until/if that happens? Yes Is it easy to still be stubborn and refuse to do that? Yes Is it apparent everyone here is really bored enough to have an intense debate over something so tiny? Yes
  4. In-game CA Help improvements It would be a bit much to expect every CA+ to post every question they cannot answer, and would take them away from the help channel which would cause questions to actually get missed. It's the same way GMs/Devs expect players to post their bugs on the forums, rather than having staff copy/paste support ticket bug reports taking them away from players that need ingame help. I may be incorrect but I do not believe our internal criteria for hiring a CA requires them to fail at least 5 captchas to prove they are indeed robots
  5. [Fixed] No Celebration Account Option

    I didn't see this before, but yeah it is now
  6. wts Glimmerbank tome treasure sellout

    bump sold a few nuts, only a few left now
  7. [Resolved] Fo missing missions on epic

    Mission claus came around so they do now
  8. wts 5 gold - SOLD

    Looking to sell at least 1 gold at a time, no less than 50s at a time 1s / 1e / 1.15 usd Prefer trusted/known buyers PM me on forums
  9. Increase mob amount on indy

    +1 its faster and more efficient to just sail to another server to hunt than to hunt the best parts of inde
  10. wts Glimmerbank tome treasure sellout

    bump buy my giant nuts
  11. And this helps new players without access to these things how?
  12. Indy Server Down Support Group

    you'll login to a stare down with the fiend. if the servers down, so is the fiend
  13. Honestly I tried to think of a reason to keep it locked at 23 and I just cannot find one. It's obviously a premium only feature, as at best you need 20.1ml to ride a large cart, so why not put loading at 20.1 strength? It's not something fancy like furniture requiring 70 skill to unlock, it's a pretty core part of gameplay and anyone that sticks with wurm will get 23 strength eventually just by playing, so I don't see why load should be locked on some arbitrary number.
  14. What a misery :(

    I didn't say anything about speed... I'm pointing out the near-impossibilities created by allowing instant surface mine actions. If you go dig out a chunk of the ground, you can put the dirt back. If you go mine out a chunk of a mountain, you cannot put that rock back unless you had thousands or millions of concrete to readd rock at 40 slope intervals until you rebuilt the rock then mine away the excess. Yes someone determined can already run into this or use it to grief but making surface mining instant brings these issues to light much more frequently. Changing one mechanic can lead to an endless impossible hole of trying to fix what that upset, which is the point of looking at a bigger picture instead of stomping feet saying work edit: Just making the timers longer for instant action doesn't really fix this issue. Its just like new fishing vs old, old one is more available because it's no effort and no attention required. It's easy to do something when all you have to do is hit a keybind x times and look away
  15. Do you mean alignment? Is it a BL priest in WL sermons listening to WL sermons gaining alignment in the positive direction and stopping at -1? BL types can only "lose" alignment to reach -100, and they will never "lose" it in WL sermons. They have to do their own sermons among other things. The same way that if the BL priest sermons, all WL listeners will lose alignment