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  1. As a filthy slimy toxic pvper that has played mostly on freedom for the last half year~ + I think npcs normally work out very well in many other games, like it's fairly evident in a game like skyrim with a similar setting how good it is to have npcs blacksmithing, npcs cooking, npcs walking into walls and falling into the rivers, npcs shopping at the npc merchants, etc. In wurm I don't think it would work without a serious ai overhaul. Current npcs in wurm are very creepy, especially those wagoneers. If a village was full of npcs like that, wurm would quickly become a horror game It would even probably be funny for pvp deeds if npcs (non-trader/merchant/bartender) were killable but respawn like guards and say something witty/corny in local on death
  2. Place atm works where you actually pick the item up, if you check inventory while placing you'll see the item in there. If you can't find place option in inventory it's under drop menu
  3. Maybe they need to sell things because everything on freedom is so overpriced??? "yeah hunting is easy as a noob just buy an LT weapon since you won't prem 2 priests to do it and no one on pve wants to cast for free" "btw you gotta spend 5-10s on one crappy weapon if you want LT with some other enchants or even just LT alone welcome to wurm don't die wandering or you'll have to buy more haha : )" Odds are they don't need a business making 50s a month when they likely already can afford premium if they are already playing wurm in a way that attempts to sell items and new players aren't going to have 201x201 deeds to pay for so they can just laugh and botanize for upkeep. Also oddly enough, if items are cheaper, then new players are more likely to buy them what a shock. If they can buy a fancy weapon for 1s, they can easily say "ok that's 1e, no big deal I can also buy some good skilling tools for 50c a piece too... but I can even just use my botanizing money to pay for it!!!"
  4. "The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment"
  5. I don't really view it as a bandaid, more of a balance check that also applies to a new smaller map that everyone agrees elevation needs This part I find curious. Every priest has locate soul because it was imbalanced that only Vyn had it, but now people go backwards and want it removed instead. If locating was purely pendulums, the new meta would be to just have everyone nolocated with any power cast doesn't matter and then entire groups are invisible and scouts/runners are invisible and mines to hide/wait in will appear all over the map, because even if you're a non priest with no nolo or your cast ran out and don't have time to recast, just dip in a mine while you're too far for a pendulum to hit you and the extremely short local distance will give you plenty of time to stealth before someone might come close enough and they might think you got away because lurker only works on your current layer. For this to work imo pendulum cast needs to be at least power=tile radius, check both surface/mine layer at the same time, and probably not be 100% blocked by body nolo. but then it'll be the same argument of it being too weak vs becoming too strong even with old elevation and its higher population, we would still be locating people to see if they were out to do a mission in x spot or something like that to see if it was worth going there without wasting time finding no one. running to peoples deeds to find them there generally didn't create much of anything because everything was a trap to everyone by the time the first couple years of epic passed The problem probably is that in wurm mechanics can both promote pvp and are anti pvp at the same time, but even with a proper map I think that's more an issue that lies with the players themselves and how they use it, whether mechanics are "bandaided" or removed or left as is. who knows, its better to sit back chill and fix these x3s on freedom atm because nothing will fix epic unless the map is changed and people can be kept for more than the one time premium purchase
  6. I think the best idea would be to increase the range at least somewhat to scale to the map size like some of the lurkers do now, but take the older ignored idea of an invisible resistance on the targeted account and make that grow in power every attempted locate This makes it a chance to locate someone, but if you fail its going to get increasingly harder to locate them at all and you'll have no idea if they're online or where. 90ql ring with 90 power cast and 90 power body cast or higher which is all very easy to do will make the initial locate already very difficult to pull of (from my testing the 90-95 mark across the board is where it has a good impact). But as always said before locate vs nolo whether its balancing either of them or removing either of them there will never be a truly proper achievable balance Another option is make it hit 500 tiles max at first, but gives the priest itself a resistance that reduces the max distance towards 200 based on the power of resistance. Something like 0=500 tiles, <20=440, <40=380, <60=320, <80=260, <=100=200. This would mostly benefit people that are attempting to chase and/or create pvp as the bicycle priest on deed will entirely be useless fast. Power gained per cast can be decided by the devs playing with a dart board and picking the number they hit
  7. It only checks the layer you are on so you would have to dip into mines to get underground too. Don't forget that lurker in the dark works as power/2 so even a maxed out 104 power pendulum is only checking 52 tiles in all directions so you can easily miss things. We used to hunt things spamming reveal creatures which gets a much larger area and it was still very painful to find traitors and would still fail to Fairly certain the traitor mobs are spawned now as they all come with a size modifier and oakshell glow
  8. a reasonable limit on max distance helps block sitting on deed with a caster alt spamming locates a reasonable limit on min distance helps block encouraging running away to avoid pvp 500 tiles to see how it goes seems reasonable to me can't even compare to a pendulum because body nolo blocks pendulum 100% where locate soul can break it
  9. It doesn't speed up the gods. However it updates valrei, which may seem like its making the god move faster because it just so happens to be updating the move timer too showing the more accurate time Not all static gods fight, and ones that do can change allies. Pharmakos is one that has changed allies a couple times ever, but doesn't actually fight generally
  10. Well considering.. we smash a log on a chair and claim it improved it we smash things like woad and copper into liquid dye to change the rgb etc... just like log+lye or something makes a woodchangerthing that we smash onto our carts, fits wurm perfectly
  11. +1 because dominate doesn't get interrupted no matter your skill or being an alt
  12. One of the biggest pluses for this game is that you can earn real money in it. One of the greatest downfalls for this game is that you can earn real money in it. I get that people are addicted to selling things to make money in a game as a job or its some roleplay thing or something but I don't ever think that anything about the game should majorly choose muh markets over actually improving the quality of the game Iron plate for example is a massive bonus to newer players to getting good "high end" non-dragon armor. This is way more valuable to the game than some market for armor that might've been previously restricted behind a metallurgy wall. Nevermind that on freedom steel plate is still stronger anyway...
  13. would you think of the childr- noobs
  14. The old method was to drop a bowl blessed to your god under the animal then sac it, no need to tame or anything But that's still painful and annoying to stare at constant 30 second timers when instead you could just kill it faster and actually get skill for it Theres two methods to get mission items for saccing, digging or investigating. So why not allow both killing and saccing to work, if saccing really has to stay? Can even give saccing x2 reward bonus, I don't care, it's not enough to make me care about actually saccing still