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  1. you must be new here. this is how you get stuck with horrible updates that don't get touched again or fixed. ie fishing update, valrei "updates", bandaid fixes for the cluster that devs forgot exist, etc
  2. You don't generally make canals all the time, it's a more high end later game project for pve players. Breeding horses for riding or hitching is more of an every day occurance for players of all kinds and even noobs can get decent horses fairly easily. You also aren't getting a new coc cast every day/week. Breeding from scratch to get all the correct traits is a potentially many months long process. But ah, yes. Classic wurm response, if an update makes something horrible or impossible, just buy it instead of accepting that its bad for some people or quite literally impossible by normal game mechanics for others.
  3. maybe its easier for you to understand this way when mom yells down the basement that dinners ready and to pause your online game (rifts at times you cannot control) vs living on your own and ordering tendies when youre free to (literally any other goal you can do at your own discretion)
  4. it didnt crash the server, it crashed anyone that tried to look at them. gms had to individually remove coins from their inventory for a very long time before it was safe again, pretty sure it was emoo so he could tell it better but thats what i recall
  5. probably the years old bug of traitor glow being removed on server restarts
  6. you answered your own question by simply saying "wu". its a no longer supported side game with no official servers and no official in game staff like there are in wo. no one enjoys servers owned by other players that have ripe potential for so much abuse of power, no anti-cheat, no guarantee your work exists tomorrow, and so forth. you can also look at how adding f2p at all to wurm improved the population vs when it was entirely p2p. you also dont have to view it in such an overdramatic extreme way, giving more incentives for f2p to continue playing the game as f2p instead of leaving thinking the game sucks doesn't mean give them everything important which i dont even know how that relates to instant gratification the difference is runescape is only able to be social IN a local way because there aren't server or global chats outside of more private clan chats. wurm makes up for the lack of the local social stuff by being able to talk to anyone on any (freedom) server at any given time without having to use an out of game method to do so
  7. thats weird, when i started on gv in 2010 and portalled out wild/chaos was my only option for pvp. sounds pretty default to me
  8. yeah it just has years and years worth of actual content packed in instead 🤡
  9. what people really fail to realize is the free players populate the world which in effect keeps more players, as its very common for people to leave a game because it feels dead or empty. one of the core reasons i dont play anymore is because theres no one to play with, i cant stand this game as a solo game, i started 11 years ago and back then the game despite being absolute dog crap compared to now with all the fancy bells and whistles was so much more fun because i played with people. i log in to epic to disband a deed and see no one in the only alliance on the server. i port back to independence to log off in the biggest alliance on the second most populated original freedom cluster server and see no one. if there was even just 10 f2p names playing in those lists as sad as that is that would make things actually feel alive in the steam launch discussion thread i suggested a f2p model like runescapes and rolf liked it. runescape allows f2p to get skills to max, just some are locked behind p2p and f2p lose access to the best skilling methods and the best gear. and yet as i write this there are 130k players online across osrs and rs3, and according to an article from jan 2020 they have over 1.1 million members. im sure its safe to tell the anti-f2p people that more f2p won't kill the game, but rather something far more obvious that has already been doing so for many years
  10. the fun thing is its only 100 because its rounded up and the maximum the client can show you but you still gain skill invisibly because its not exactly 100 yet and probably not really possible to get in most skills. you even get the title for 100 skill before you get 100 thats how polished it is
  11. if someone bonks goblins for 5 hours to get a witch hat to use as high quality combat gear... just let them
  12. The issue with horse colors is that they're traits, and are weighted. You might have a black silver male and a black silver female breed a black silver foal - however the new traits are lowest in the order so if by some chance it rolls something like black or gold as well, it will have both color traits black and black silver or gold and black silver, but since black or gold are higher priority traits, the horse will be black or gold despite having that black silver trait. Before someone goes trigger happy removing the chance of multiple color traits - its the only way you can "down" breed a rarer color (it rolls the rarer color but fails the dominant one) A grey horse is the absence of any color trait, so a grey foal from 2 black silver parents just means you were likely to have a black silver foal but failed
  13. On Things Current

    the feel i get from this thread is that issues are being addressed by saying they're being addressed, and then we get stuck with horrible updates under the guise that they can be tweaked later, but it doesn't actually happen you know, like history shows
  14. 🦀 i wish i had 20 links id have my 120 master cape by now 🦀