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  1. the year is 2022, alts in wurm have finally been banned you have a child, they have grown old enough to play games you introduce them to your life, the thing called wurm they enjoy riding cows, you have a smile across your face open the launcher, you wish to play with your child and create memories denied, because someone on steam didn't know how to play an alt you smile
  2. Theres no rhyme or reason for it in my experience, the client just somehow isn't telling the server you logged off so you end up logging off 5 minutes later because thats when your "connection" times out
  3. Depends, interestingly enough at the inde rift during restart I was only in the combat tab and only the 20 minute and 3 minute warning was given. They were all as normal in event, but given I wasn't watching there, there wasn't a pop up for it. More clueless people or looking away briefly might easily miss those messages especially in the massive combat spam. Should really do something like runescape does - puts a timer on your screen counting down to the restart so it can't be missed
  4. pretty sure thats only if you play on potato settings. there was a meteor a few weeks back that sme was pointing out but i couldnt see any lights until we were super close to the direct area and i play on higher settings
  5. increasing decay on off deed items for people that haven't logged in for 3 months same as houses, sure whatever increasing any kind of decay or damage otherwise for the sake of muh poor poor economuh is an awful suggestion geared at serving virtual wallets over better gameplay i don't know why this always has to be said. if you want to improve something, find ways to add benefits without ruining something else. add something new to encourage or improve trading, improve merchants, add some kind of in game auction house like runescape's ge, good. making things worse than they are to force trading, terrible.
  6. I know it's tough in times like these with this pandemic and lockdowns and all the isolation, but I sincerely hope you get help with anger management instead of releasing it on these forums where people are trying to just have normal friendly conversations.
  7. stuff like this is probably necessary now that the account sharing ban overruled the forced need to share accounts for reasons such as this
  8. He also praises hetzner like they are gods, which is utterly as far as possible the opposite from the truth for anyone not in germany, which is a huge part of why we're moving away from them
  9. just an old photo of when i was king on first elevation. we had a park with benches thats a chair haha and the crown made me bald thats silly
  10. its that bastard right click menu, newer generations than myself need to be insulted because i am better than them and they are unable to do simple tasks like myself games with right click menus: -wurm: has 2500 paying customers -runescape: has 1.1 million paying customers haha that evil right click menu, dang kids
  11. if a vet is going to quit because their veteran skills can only get them bulk goods money then yes i would prefer to gain the new players
  12. who cares, if anything it means new players can do it too easier to pay for their prem
  13. +1 so i can fix my stealing [x3] because stealing won't ever be fixed
  14. I think you have your memories mixed up. Jkh1 ceased to exist in 2009, 4 years before /snipe was added in 2013. The mute also doesn't last "for a day", it's one hour. Bakesale also existed long before snipe did