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  1. no defaults: right click -> save as default -> saves to playerdata.txt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. unless this is different on pve, it already exists. "you now enter the hostile perimeter of blabla" appears in orange when you enter a perimeter of a deed you're kos at
  3. this would be a nice help but until the winter graphics themselves are updated to something cool and not just a flat sheet of white or highly contrasted tiles (fields are so bad..), id just prefer just a toggle to disable winter
  4. no because it would just mean "lol wait a minute let me login all 50 of my alts", as is it would need to be minimal with restrictions. its meant as a way of a fun bonus to uniques, not a total replacer that floods this junk everywhere
  5. not to derail but it could help with the "issue" add mini uniques that don't get server alerts and randomly spawn and are killable by 2+ people depending on account strength/gear and give a minimal fraction of hide/scale (maybe like the same as if you were in a big slaying 0.01 or something), blood because none of it is really useful anyway and no tomes but do give the same titles. decent middle ground and won't flood anything, and anyone can enjoy killing them with a few friends at random
  6. +1 but for items only, not dispelling players
  7. reylaark dude its literally just making crap food fill more it's not a game changer it's not gonna devalue the double bacon cheese burger deluxe with a twin xlarge fries
  8. They never will. It's only north west, north east, south west, and south east. When one gets completed in a sector, you won't get another one of that type in that sector again
  9. +1 to something that makes starting noob life easier without any possible harm at all
  10. Alternatively... what if we just had another sleep powder type item that was rewarded into inventory of participants that gives 30m sb when used? Would solve a few problems all at once. Can call it a Sleep Snack get it, midnight snacks, i got jokes for days
  11. Your personal goals are the same across freedom and epic clusters, they will not reset. Either way though, this is all planned by Budda at some point so we all just have to wait (there is an issue with how goals are selected that fixing/adding things will cause goals to reset and he wants that fixed first)
  12. Goals are based off a lone specific achievement not a number of achievements, so in this case it's based on the goal for 6250 repairs. It is a text issue and logged as a bug
  13. base swing timer would be 3s, +0.5s for using agg/normal, so 3.5 is your real base swing timer. but swing timer is reduced up to 10% as you gain weaponskill so ultimately the timer will end up around 3.15s and as you gain skill woa will have diminishing effect right off the bat. so since this is pve i'd 100% recommend nimble
  14. It's not 6000. The previous achievement for 1250 repairs needs to trigger this achievement 5 times which is 6250
  15. Bleeding out is the core issue that chaos and epic has, and both have always had for as long as I've played. Freedom has it too but much harder to notice when your servers aren't bordering on 5-10 players average. We can argue day and night what is best to keep current players interested, but no matter how good it is, people will move on wherever for whatever reason, perpetual bleed out. As much as I desire to see both chaos and epic thrive (I always considered them to be drastically different playstyles, though it has changed some) with interest and changes and new features, it's obvious to me the core issue that Wurm has as a whole is population growth. Rhetorical questions: How many people last more than a week or a few days? How many people make it off the tutorial? This is a huge focus of Budda's and while it may mean WE get to feel "ignored", if we continue to ignore this problem then "we" becomes a couple of "me" though in some cases that is already accurate. Truth is, changes may make some of us happy, we may enjoy some new content, but no flashy change or bug fixes will fix epic, or chaos, or wurm. The issue is population, and in my eyes fixing the population fixes wurm. Of course, not population alone, there will be continued bug fixes and new content either way as is happening currently and this acts as a boost to help maintain a growing population.