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  1. The problem is the way that Wurm does night time, if I'm playing anything not Wurm and it's pitch black, you can still see in ways you would in real life and it's fine and light sources work great. In Wurm with the same monitor and all, all night does to me is make me endlessly strain while feeling like someone is throwing pocket sand in my eyes. No idea if thats just to do with color saturation or whatever weird technical thing that wurm does different but as is if night was darker it would just be making a miserable experience more miserable. Caves are the same way, whenever they're adjusted to be darker they are just monotone grainy eye strain
  2. If we're suggesting spells that help Mags theme as a mining god, how about a strongwall spell for floors that reinforces floors
  3. Actually, the intent and implementation of the priest overhaul was to take what we learned and benefited from of player gods and removing them while tweaking the original gods to be similar (which is glaringly obvious by some cases such as giving black light aosp and a life transferish spell, and white light web armor) to remove situations where you would need extra priests for one or so spells (or proxy alts in caves for pvp). The only reason really that there isn't already a single priest for freedom that does everything is the weird lore situation that gave white light 3 priests to split the spells among while black light gets one which means neither side can have a single priest that does everything for balance reasons
  4. you mean when my visions of the priest overhaul are coming closer to fruition
  5. Will there be cliffnotes that summarize things said in streams for people that can't hear well or do we have no choice but to be confused and not know anything until news are released once or twice a month
  6. an end of account sales woulda been great at minimum 10 years ago, but there doesn't need to be a ban of them because theres no one left to buy them and its pretty low on the list of things wrong
  7. if a games financial future rests on needing to pay to ride a horse there's some big boy issues there theres so much of the game blocked by money, time, frustration, etc that core basics like riding a horse and loading should be more attainable and available to all
  8. Switched my Shares

    Isn't steamwo going to have different features than ogwo that clearly don't apply to ogwo? I got the impression from Rolf's thread that there would be differences regarding skilling or how skills/premium will work. I know Samools thread says the aim is to not have many differences for now, but even epic has a totally different skilling system and it is the same exact game and yet we see epic constantly abandoned as well. So again how do we know that development for steamwo will or will not separate further and further from ogwo a few years from now leaving ogwo abandoned and everyone that stuck with ogwo gets an "oh well, we changed our minds on what we said a few years ago", or that ogwo gets forced into steamwo which could mean removing core elements of wurm like rmt or forcing the skilling system change on a pre-existing system like what was done to epic?
  9. Switched my Shares

    thats ok but maybe its hard to understand im asking a question about how will the future of ogwo be secured and not end up the same as an actual example and not trying to fear the feelings or whatever your broken words are trying to say. i pay a premium and upkeeps and i want to know if im wasting my time when the future of wurm might be elsewhere
  10. Switched my Shares

    This narrative paints a confusing picture for the potential future of ogwo if/when steamwo is released. How will players of ogwo have faith that ogwo wont end up abandoned like wu?
  11. this happens when it just got cold enough to not have a fire anymore, presumably the forges temp is still too high to be considered snuffed though so it needs a tad longer
  12. yeah i love playing wurm on twitter and facebook
  13. Home Annoyance

    self entitled upper middle class snobs that think the world revolves around them when it clearly should revolve around poor bums like me