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  1. For as long as I can recall it's always acted like that I assume this sac issue is from the mission update. Giving it a higher action priority so it can be done in combat
  2. I've been getting this and using open keybind on everything has 100% been fixing it for me, as a simple workaround for now
  3. it would disband but last time pmks were reimbursed with new forms to refound
  4. bringing back the old ele map but fresh clean slate would be heaven compared to this map but honestly, animal crates should come in first so no one has to restart breeding from scratch
  5. Found out new players still don't get sleep bonus, bump
  6. It's hard to see a need as is... but if you increased the default 2 potency of bandaging with cotton to 4 potency bandaging with a bandage, maybe now that's something that could be interesting. Otherwise it's hard to justify when it's easy to just obtain thousands of cotton and not care about usage amount Maybe can also reduce bandaging timer, would have to be something that doesn't go further enabling bandaging in combat
  7. same on epic now, seems weird to remove the sources of karma/sb while reducing the rewards for most(?) missions
  8. Simple checkbox next to the new owner text box that you can check to keep added permissions as is rather than having them fully wipe just because you moved boat ownership from an alt to yourself or swapped houses around or something similar
  9. it's already possible for them to steal horses, which happens quite often also im guessing you'll need at min knarrs for these crates which for raiders pretty much is suicide
  10. fs was reduced? we were told it would be 1:1?
  11. I didn't say they were epic only... I said they were available full time on epic which means people can get new masks, which was an epic feature. We also get other rewards like the horned helms and the staff thing from uniques, I don't think freedom has this so correct me if I'm wrong, but another epic feature Lets say you're right... and those numbers are boosted by freedom, which we know is true. Once the tourism gets old and people get bored... when they realize they waste time if they grind on epic since if they grinded at home on freedom they get the skill on freedom and epic both, and freedom has even easier ways to have fun getting tomes, safe ways to kill uniques, safe rifts, etc... why would said freedomers stay on epic? They can have the fun on freedom and then use their freedom tomes on chaos What does epic have that's unique anymore? A skill curve? A messed up skill system that almost no one likes? A valrei that offers no benefit over doing safe freedom missions to get tomes without an inch of effort or sacrifice? You can throw around the term special snowflake and hold a grudge against me over a bug fix all you want but all this does is further kill epic. We all know the hype isn't going to last based on history
  12. Just allow us to mail to any kingdom anywhere on any server, same cluster obviously. Move the kingdom check ability to an action that's meant to actually be a kingdom check. "/kcheck name" or "/kc name" ez and won't have to tell noobs to make a mailbox anymore People with enemy alts to mail to or mailing items off chaos is already possible so just let people legitimately sell items. I have junk I want to get rid of since I don't really need it but since I'm on epic I either have to do workarounds or set up a whole bunch of trade times and stuff which isn't really ideal for someone as lazy as me
  13. Epic cluster players 113/1600 :thinking: there are people on epic that have done missions for years and not win a single tome and now it's even harder to get tomes on epic post 1.6 i'm even pretty much done with epic and plan to grind on freedom only once the skill merge comes in, but despite going to be a full time freedomer over part time, i still think it's too easy even though it would benefit me greatly except these were on epic full time so it was just yet another feature about epic that isn't unique anymore
  14. i think a week max on both clusters is good maybe skill can still lower it somewhat