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  1. I do enjoy exploring other people's deeds and public areas and find the idea attractive but I personally would never bother travelling to something on Xanadu. I suppose I'm spoiled living on an 8x8 km map but even the server border to the shore is a turn off on Xanadu.
  2. watched a future college roommate playing wurm in late 2007. looked interesting as he tried to mine around newtown in jkh. fast forward a couple months into 2008 and seeing all he had accomplished in that time i got bit by the curiosity bug and started playing. Miss JKH, that was such a good map
  3. Small info dump, there are two new highway tunnels with sections of highway above land as well. Above ground is draw in purple color and tunnel highway is shown in yellow color, circled it all in red to make it stand out. Also Rochoso (in image) at X20, Y4 disbanded on 2022 06 17 And finally new deed to add, Harvestmoon Ranch is basically at the corner of X37-38, Y5-6
  4. Thanks Fraskesa, looks really good. Next time I should try to make a more convoluted winding highway to keep it interesting 😀
  5. Realized I never mentioned the highway system now includes some of the land beyond the northern wall. Highway is the meandering magenta lines. The part that is by sloping sands was also missing, highway runs through great northern canal too. Hope this is clear enough for you. Can try again if not.
  6. Challengers meet on the battlefield for the war on christmas
  7. Just got confirmation that at least one of these counted so here ya go for the map: wisdoms shrine (shrine) post of spirit (foundation pillar) last stand of vynora (foundation pillar) mysteries backbone (foundation pillar) foundation of many (foundation pillar) X11/12 line top half of Y4 All of these are underground but easy to access if you can find my entrance, I'll put a sign up in the mine to make it more obvious where to go once underground.
  8. Will take the 4 mining potions if available, COD Proseedda
  9. thats why this is a info grab plus im human i made opp's its 70 . i got some people that pm me info some of the info is old. No problem, was just confused and wondered if this worked differently than the ready to groom and ready to gather resources. I am now 70.07 AH and can finally see it. Thank you.
  10. Where did this get tested? 69.51 AH and I still cannot see this.
  11. Need more testing but I've noticed somethings. Medium height, tall grass and wild don't seem to effect yield at all. Needs to be at least medium to turn into drying tile and they all seem to give same yield. Pitchfork gives better yield when harvesting. If examine says yields 20 hay on a dried tile you will get 20 hay if you activate anything but a pitchfork. With a pitchfork activated you get a random amount above that number.
  12. Not really sure what you want as far as data is concerned. Might be useful if you clarify that part. That said, the only anecdotal observation I can add to Ekcin is that tedding an untedded tile increasing the estimated yield of hay from the tile. With 77.60 farming skill this seems to follow a pattern. Before Tedding Yield -> After Tedding Yield 15 -> 17 17 -> 18 18 -> 20 20 -> 21 21 -> 23 23 -> 25 So not exactly an increase of 1, probably some rounding going on in the background. Admittedly I stopped checking all tiles after a little over a week but this mechanic never deviates from this pattern for my toon. I also noticed that when harvesting early for mixed grass I usually get the exact number it estimates, if I harvest the hay tile while dry it seems to be a random amount of hay that is often higher than the estimated yield.
  13. They did technically mention in the patch notes that hay drying tiles are seasonal: New: Added new Animal Feeding System New farm tile: Hay Drying Tile can be made using a scythe on grass. Tile productivity is affected by weather and seasons. Harvesting will produce either hay or mixed grass. Yield can be increased by using a pitchfork. on the tile
  14. I build almost exclusively thatched roofs. Admittedly it might be because they remind me of the roof back when it just auto-appeared when you finished your house walls.