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  1. Thank you so much for my custom color order, great job on a tricky one! Save the info on that one for future orders please
  2. Moved to Want to Sell on Xanadu
  3. Thank you all, it was a cool experience for me to attend an impalong as a newbie! Was a bit wierd not imping or helping but also kind of a nice break from those jobs, The organization was a little different than what I was used to but it worked, the crew did a really awesome job managing all of that, all the helpers were fantastic! I tried to sort of imagine myself a true beginner to experience it all from those eyes, which was interesting, the GM spawns in particular seemed to really make the newer players happy Due to time zones I logged in today to find it over but the team and volunteers still at work finishing things off. Much better equipped now for the ride back home, thanks everyone! See you all next year!
  4. Thanks Tpikol, I didn't note what color Vynora was but will try your tip to find my way around
  5. Managed to make (my NFI alt) the very long (and full of adventure lol) trip from the other end of the server, but see no sign of the impalong area/buildings. I just parked up not far from the Vynora at the seaside, which is where the highway system took me. Guess I need to do more exploring now to find the right spot on the deed, especially where to park carts to be imped Converting MST to BST is gonna be something to remember so I can know when things start and end. See you all there!
  6. Bad Stanlee! I almost moved this to suggestions ( I do however support your suggestion)
  7. Plus one for a very basic needed tool!
  8. Yes please! Also yes to the 'add player to role' button. One role for visiting traders for example they could all be added to that role, no need for separate per name roles and ticking or unticking all those boxes over and over.
  9. Particularly noticeable to me doing anything with taming once the creature attacks you you simply can't lose the 'no target' to avoid killing it.
  10. That screenshot shows a tab called bundles that may be what you need to click? I understand that Paypal should offer those new player packs while Xsolla never did. I recently got premium for the first time on an alt and though I don't remember the exact process I did get the new player pack offer. Sorry, not an official answer just my own experience. Update: I just tested with a couple of 'care for' alts that I have not got premium on yet, and nope, no new player offers showing, all normal prices.
  11. Moved to suggestions.
  12. It is currently being looked into.
  13. Also curious if this service is still running?
  14. Lovely! My Cad toon is still very much a newbie so won't be of any help I fear, but will do my best to find my way up there to offer some of my newbie tools etc for working on Impalongs are important events for servers, and this will be very appreciated I'm sure. Will have a think on what if anything I can offer to donate, even if just silver.