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  1. As the title says, looking for (not used) dragon shoulder pads, artisan necklaces, and possibly artisan rings depending on what skill they have effect on (doesn't seem to be a listing anywhere of the types available that I can find). Post your prices here or just pm me ingame and see if we can make a deal
  2. Foals being born today are using the 'young' stage models instead of the foal model. Granger reports them as young foals though and they can't be ridden, so it's just the wrong model. Others were reporting it in help chat as well, so folks gonna be wondering how newborn foals got so big so fast lol. I thought it was wrong model but olaf says right model just wrong size:
  3. Client update 11/AUG/18

    weirdly I got the crash (before the fix) and now I have logged in an alt and it shows her friend (me) as logged in lol, so I have a ghost in there somewhere edit seems I just lost link and logged out so no longer a ghost
  4. Updated, please pay us a visit, we now have plenty of ebony blacks
  5. Stock list updated. I have finally figured out the 'trick' to lead a foal into a one tile pen (it was a doh moment), so there are now a few young'uns in the sale pens
  6. unearned achievement

    ok weird. I checked wiki and it just says that about killing an enemy kingdom creature, which sounds like a pvp thing to me, since on freedom there aren't any enemy kingdom creatures ps-just checked my main character and yeah, she has it many times and also has never been to pvp, so it must be something like that, just named inappropriately I guess
  7. Back from Imp a long and stock list updated The 'plain' five speed pens are looking pretty low at the moment, will have to see what I can do but no promises as most are six traits these days. Ebony blacks are starting to show up more often now, so a good few babies waiting in the wings thankfully. Thanks again to all of my lovely customers ( the notes you leave on the keys are very sweet but please leave the pen number on them for me )
  8. We need more pics Yesterday I got to be a beautiful white drake, loved it! We were surrounded by little white foals working hard at the forges, the craft area and the altars, with a few odd ones running around like Sol demons, baby seals etc, but the cutest was our host parading around as the Easter bunny: But the show stopper was when Dawn (aka Smackedown) decided to out do me : Lots of time left folks to come and get your stuff imped, get turned into funny things, fight monsters (and gms) in the arena, and chill out at the rooftop bar with a wide selection of things to get drunk on!
  9. unearned achievement

    was on Pristine, our current community map has no cords that I can see but will check later on the ingame map, but was at the final (east) section of the tunnel/canal (inside cave) coming from Lake Paramount out to the east coast.
  10. unearned achievement

    Thought I should report this but didn't think it needed immediate help or anything so didn't want to do a gm ticket. One of my alts (Kelsi) was just rowing her little boat through a tunnel and suddenly got the achievement 'kingdom infiltration' for killing an enemy kingdom creature. She wasn't even fighting anything let alone killing. Never been to pvp, not at the impalong (yet) where gms are spawning things etc. Just wanted to mention it in fairness since others try hard to get some of those pvp type achievements.
  11. Lots of strange critters running around but I'm particularly fond of the eagle oops time for more dead bodies in the gm playground!
  12. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    wow, lots of nice work there guys, big thumbs up!
  13. List updated. Thank you Persephone, we also had other customers it seems as the pens were looking pretty reduced As always, more foals waiting in the wings, including some more ebonies.