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  1. Valrei International. 060

    Awesome news, great work guys! Love all of it, except maybe not losing the pvp goals for pve players, so mine won't ever be completed
  2. Can Close

    Wow fast, all done and dusted, thanks for looking
  3. Can Close

    As the title says, want to buy a Lady of the Lake HOTA statue, two if the price is right. Post here what your (reasonable) price is or message me here or ingame, and hopefully we can make a deal. Coastal delivery also appreciated as I haven't yet built myself a boat since my return, and can add a bit extra if needed for that Will check here off and on throughout my day.
  4. Increase the /random range.

    please + 1
  5. updated stock list, noted that ebony blacks are going faster than I can breed them at the moment, if you are willing to wait feel free to pm me and I will add you to the waiting list
  6. Rares and supremes clearout

    I'd like the scissors please and one of the 'billy sheep gruff stew' to Tilda
  7. and updated again, should finally have some ebonies again before too long as well
  8. Animal troughs

    this one too for the list Can only say yes please
  9. WTS A Lot Of Rares (Free Delivery)

    Thanks Yldrania, I honestly didn't even notice up top that you did say free coastal delivery Unless you are on a massively different time zone I can organize with you to meet you down near Blossom, not far away from my deed. Or we can do what you suggested, pm me here or ingame to organize (and no rush do it when you can). All done and dusted, thanks so much for the delivery, it is lovely and glowy
  10. WTS A Lot Of Rares (Free Delivery)

    I'm not sure the spinning wheel would be mailable, maybe if you have a runed mailbox? If it is mailable please cod to Tilda. I'm on Pristine and don't travel off server so if not I will have to pass I guess. Good luck
  11. Unicorn names like horses?

    Don't breed them so didn't realize, so cool. Now a big plus one for equal rights for unicorns
  12. Pristine Community Map Project

    was just thinking Xor, with the Friendalong coming up soon, might be good to add the Friendship Bay location to the map? Just to the west of Dragon Beard. https://prnt.sc/jdif1w
  13. My office

    I like it, hadn't thought of that alchemist's cupboard, have been using the other little cupboards as desk areas
  14. hadn't actually noticed that, thanks for looking
  15. Free Halter Ropes to those in need!

    I didn't get one yet please sir may I have just one?