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  1. hoping to find some high ql fishing lines, any chance of those soon?
  2. While the night sky is very pretty indeed, in general I don't really notice much other improvement overall. My pc is pretty decent/high end and all settings are max. First log in after the update everything was frankly horrible with glaring light and fog that just ruined the view all around, I had to turn off the volumetric fog to get back to being able to see where I was going. After that, at first there was a haze or film over everything, that seems to have improved along the way (with no change in my settings) but it remains over everything in the distance, a sad change. I had hoped as an update this might make it possible to clearly see the colors on unicorns again, but no luck, they still basically all look normal white with an almost invisible tint if you are lucky (saying the colors can be subtle is an extreme understatement). This has been an issue since the ambient occlusion came in that originally messed up a lot of dyed objects. Thanks for your efforts guys but yes, this needs a good deal more tweaking.
  3. I remember when a lot of my dyed items became faded badly but tbh I didn't notice it on the unicorns until now because I stopped playing for a few months. Now, it isn't just faded, there is no color. I have found a slow, a lurking, and a greenish in the wild in just this last week, and there is no difference at all, all white. Is this a bug or is this just the way it is now?
  4. Recently was lucky enough to complete on my Fo but I still have a Vyn and a Mag who need to achieve the globals. Vyn is 100 faith, Mag is only a bit over 70 and both are only a bit over 50 channeling at this point in time. I am on Pristine, am on UK time and can be playing anytime in the day or early evening. I can be messaged ingame or on discord (Tilda#5688). Would welcome a link to Rite of Spring or Ritual of the Sun, thanks.
  5. 100% yes to most all of this, though personally I am only interested in having cats all over my deed
  6. Yes please to all of the above
  7. Enki is such a complicated god https://enki.fandom.com/wiki/Enki_Wiki ( I did try but could not finish the Lost Book of Enki, maybe another day)
  8. You can already sell them, identified or not, to a token, the price they get varies. This is how I dispose of any I don't want to restore to use, but then I don't gather thousands in one arch venture like some do
  9. Lost Horse

    ok got a rough idea of where, looked at the pic again close up, and yeah the bridge you are looking toward is not on the community map afaik, will have a ride around but sadly yes, if it was saddled it didn't wander away on it's own
  10. Lost Horse

    Will keep my eye out but it would help if you had some general idea what sort of area of the map you logged out in? Afraid the picture is pretty dark and gives no clue really.
  11. Can close

  12. All of the gold and copper are gone now Zarame, what we have left is in my post above yours
  13. Can close

    Found one can close this thread WTB Rare or better saw, higher ql, and ideally with at least decent woa on it (but I can get that added later if needed). Post here or message me what you have and your asking price, thanks (tbh I could always get imping and casting done separately so if you have ANY rare or better saw I'm interested)
  14. As of today this is what we have left that needs cleaning out: (*means someone is known to be working on it) Walkway/Highway, from the north Blossom entrance towards south: *Marble 22 ql - 8466 Sandstone 85ql - 5494 Sandstone 71ql - 6234 *Marble 72ql - 6113 Sandstone 63ql - 8638 Lead 54ql - 8306 *Lead 86ql - 7284 Iron 25ql - 2642 Lead 80ql – 9872 Sandstone 36ql - 3076 *Lead 65ql- 3135 Sandstone 38ql -5539 *Iron 80ql - 5501