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  1. yes, makes sense, not wogic but makes sense
  2. Water horses

    Our new animal type, the seahorse, has been around in the waters of Pristine ever since they started trying to readjust the spawns, so what a couple months at least. I doubt anyone needs them much here but I often try to lead four of them to dry land whenever I'm out in a boat. It is pretty clear indication something is broken since they are actually spawning in large numbers in ocean waters instead of land.
  3. All of it sounds really good to me, well done and best of luck in moving ahead with all these plans! More devs (hopefully paid and hopefully pay for the volunteer devs who do the most work as well) is also possibly the most exciting thing announced here. So happy the Steam launch allows that to be done now.
  4. Are you taking into account that an awfully large number of older players are currently playing on the new servers? The old accounts are not gone, they simply aren't logging them in very often if at all since the steam launch, because they are on new characters now. This also means that some of the reduction in numbers on new servers now may well be those older players returning to the older accounts more or completely, or just burning out from the insane grinding going on there and taking a break. This is based on personal experience and while I realize some will stay on new servers for good, hopefully the majority will come home instead, but time will tell. The hardcore grinding and project work I've seen going on from those older players to me also promises more burn out coming so old server or new there will be more 'breaks' in the near future, reducing pops all around even more in the short term.
  5. Big plus one, has always driven me crazy lol. Suggested many times but we must just keep on suggesting until it happens
  6. HI, you can remove A Momentary Lapse of Reason roughly 2207, 3407. I tried and it was a lot of fun for awhile, but have discovered I just don't have the time or motivation right now to play a whole new character from scratch on the new servers. Best to everyone on Cadence, it is a lovely server
  7. Birthday Dragon!

    not gonna be there but Happy Birthday anyway Have fun and maybe cake!
  8. Oblivion I don't know wth is going on in that pic but I find it disturbing and first instinct is animal abuse going on. The 'scruffing' alone is inappropriate.
  9. Really good news, Pristine lag has been getting worse and worse. Good luck and thanks Keenan!
  10. Thanks again guys! Thanks Zarame for blood mixing as well Grats to the loot winners!
  11. I can be removed from the Ritual of the Sun list now. Now just need the Vyn rite, and on Pristine (only really realized this thread is in the xan section yet seems to be for all servers in the south?
  12. ah another blue will be there of course, gratz guys
  13. So the dispute was resolved over 'ownership' of this sheep I assume lol. Hopefully enough of us will have the fs and weapons needed in two months, I will try to be there. Over that period of time though he or she is almost certainly going to cycle back to a younger age but so what, I'm sure it will be a fun time Thanks for making this public for all to attend, I do hope we can set that as the trend for the future on the new servers, it's what the cool people do with uniques!
  14. lol well I wasn't wearing green socks for sure. The time I thought it was resolved was when I first noticed it on priests at a sermon group, and then it seemed to not be happening anymore after posting on here. Not honestly paid attention since until I accidentally noticed it again recently and posted again, so it may have been going on for awhile idk. I have noted it now on all active characters, first on priests who don't ever do much of anything except pray and rarely leave deed so really no clue what could trigger it on them. My main does it too, and she leaves deed at times but no server crossing or portals or anything like that. They mostly log out sleeping in beds but the priests sometime just log out at the altars if sb already full. Those are all on Pristine, but I've started paying attention and now see that newer toons on Cadence are doing it as well. Basically it feels like for some unknown reason the 'combat timer' kicks in, taking a full five minutes to fully log out, even though there has been no combat at all, and most weirdly even after the clients are defo disconnected as shown in task manager, and as I noted once in the past even after rebooting my machine, so it is not a client side issue I'd think? Not too worried if someone sees me as still online when Im not, but for the newbie characters it could be an issue if they can actually be attacked by mobs for example in those minutes. Good luck snooping out the problem.
  15. Lost dragon

    Thanks Bob, Stanlee and co for this event, been a good while since Pristine had 220 players on Was fun and very appreciated.