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  1. Hey Jonny, I hear you and understand but can't really offer any ideas beyond what the others already did. I tried all the above basically but finally gave in to burn out back in November and decided to disband and take an indefinite break . It is still the game I have loved the most over the years and I do miss it, being one of those crazy peeps who logged in every single day for years, but the population dropping so much made it feel depressing to log in to an empty or virtually empty server and alliance all the time (and I had no interest at all in Jackal since I was never a fan of rifts anyway). Then Rolf sold off the company and that really hit me. Then a graphics update screwed up most of my dyed items which I treasured, and suddenly that was all it took Anyway, I still keep up with stuff on forum, discord and twitter, and know I will return at some point, either to start fresh if and when it makes it to steam (though I'd much rather be able to move my existing toons), or back to WO if that fails to happen, on a different server maybe, whichever has an actually active population. Good luck Jonny, if you need to take a break just do it
  2. awesome gratz, well done!
  3. Yesterday this mob was mentioned on twitter : The giant crab of Jackal is fast and deadly, with a rock hard shell. Do you have what it takes to bring one down? #WurmIsWaiting https://t.co/OKMOyf69t4 (it was also mentioned earlier in the 'creatures of Jackal' post) Later that day on Pristine we got this mission: Name: Everyone: Fo's first enigma Creator: System Started: 04/09/19 19:57 Progress: 8.142857% Expires: 11/09/19 19:57 Difficulty: 3 / 7 Description: Fo requires you to slay 14 Giant crabs that have appeared across the land. Rewards: 15m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 107 karma per creature with 90m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each) I did ask in CA but the answer I got was that giant crabs are on all servers, I suspect the person answering was thinking of the regular crabs however as this does seem to be a mob specific to Jackal? Edit: as I just logged in and copied the mission details I see it is at 8% so they must be appearing after all, perhaps like the other rift scouts? This can be closed I guess sorry
  4. yes actually I was, if this happens again will just know to try less ingredients
  5. yes it did Locath. Weird I was making pizza with 20 extra ingredients and it was fine before. Now I tried with 15 and it works
  6. Broken right now. I was using it fine a few days ago then suddenly started getting time outs, and days later it remains the same so can't be used. Error message is Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
  7. a very upset lion, a rhino, or any of a number of dinos
  8. It was a lovely week, well done Virus and the whole army of helpers Also thanks again to the GMs for all the entertainment! Time for a restful week now I think!
  9. Actually Tamat some of us were interested in watching the stream, it was after my bedtime and I appreciated seeing it the next day! I appreciate the coverage of the imp a long given by any streamer, but particularly the official one, including the second one last night (which I also missed so will watch today). The GMs have been very supportive and have provided lots and lots of entertainment over the week, in the arena and out of it (we all love being turned into gorillas or sheep or even tortoises while we imp or sermon ) Last day today, if you haven't been yet please come on out and join us folks!
  10. Lol Aion guess I logged out in time to miss that sermon last night Hope everyone managed to pull together to clear the arena of your 'goodies', that first round yesterday was a tough one, the forum trolls were particularly nasty critters (don't wear any non repairable items like shoulder pads into the ring with those guys!) Come on out and join us all for some fun and imping and casting and sermons (and random GM monkeying around)!
  11. I really miss you Rolf, please come home to us
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    Final bump before all this stuff goes back to uselessville
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    another bumpity bump for jumble sale stuff