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  1. Final Lawn Darts! Have to get your telescope out to see the little person on the way down
  2. We are still going all day today (Saturday) and Sunday. Not too late
  3. Congratulations and very well said! I play the same way and agree with your overall attitude to the game entirely. Yes as Scooter said there is still time to come along to visit the Friendalong on Pristine, have some fun, imp some stuff only as high as you can if you feel like it but don't worry if you don't. These events are about a lot more than just that
  4. Closed at OP request.
  5. At Friendalong in pve this week I reminded myself to remove shoulder pads for the GM arena spawns, in case of Nogumps, as I remember getting them taken and damaged in past events. I thought they left them on the ground but others said they throw them back into your inventory, I just don't remember for sure. It would be nice if shoulders were repairable anyway, but yeah making them stop being such chumps would be nice too (But is it a bug or just a nasty feature?)
  6. ...and now we are cooking For some of us in heatwave areas we are literally cooking so play nice and be patient with your impers and casters etc Hope to see lots and lots of you here this week! The fun begins:
  7. Moved to Want to Buy (NFI).
  8. Very odd, but looking through the logs it seems somehow irc logs got into one of my alts log files, and WA was trying to read them. It was skipping them but still, I got rid of them and now smile examine works again PS didn't have to do any of what you listed, but ty will note if any further issues.
  9. Aldur just to note, for the last week or so smile examine is simply not doing anything, not updating creatures info, not adding new creatures. Nothing has changed in my set up so no idea what is going on. Not getting any error messages or anything, all opens normally.
  10. Well done again team See you there
  11. For me too, but Google chrome telling me all sorts of stuff about why this could suggest a hack going on so it's not safe etc, I will just be patient and wait until it's fixed
  12. Plus one. This would be very pretty, and maybe a more complex version of the bridle really (saddles have no effect on animals hitched to vehicles btw).
  13. Closed at OP request.
  14. Closed at OP request.