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  1. So sorry to hear this terrible news. Not a close friend but a fixture around our neighborhood, always seen when out and about and always a nice wave and hello He was always a presence at unique fights and impalongs as well, seemed to be a nice friendly chap who everyone knew. All the best to all his friends and family, rest in peace.
  2. +1 that would be very helpful indeed, even if you have more than one email this would make it so much easier to manage. On the helping friends out I'd say no to putting a character's name on there, but instead an option to buy a gift code for friends, so you could buy however many months you want and give the code to the friend to use. Possibly also available for upkeep tokens and or silver as well as premium options, all available as gifts. I don't ask much
  3. All good stuff. Grats Nineol, is there any title left you still haven't gotten round to yet ?
  4. I have the same issue Ohana, and feel it is a known issue but no idea if it is planned to return the offer to the shop page. I have several 'care for' alts I'd like to prem just so I don't have to keep worrying they will get deleted if I don't remember to log them in from time to time so that offer would help a lot. It has been some months since it has been missing. I thought about merging this with an earlier thread but the two issues posted about are slightly different in content: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/190726-shop-first-time-premium-bonus-offers/&tab=comments#comment-1906455
  5. Deed A Momentary Lapse of Reason at 2173, 3342 Guard Tower Methurino 410 at 2199, 3338 There is also highway here, deed is on it, but it goes all over and I don't have any start stop etc numbers. It can be seen on the map.
  6. please close

    I will start you off with 50c on each A and B.
  7. LOl well done on this one Stan! Made me hungry enough to mark the calendar to come out of my semi hibernation to attend hopefully
  8. I don't personally know these folks, but clearly very special positive people who I send my sincerest thoughts to for a quick recovery and restored home situation. The loss of the furry family as well as a home is particularly hard, thank goodness you both came through alive and overall well at least. Very very sad situation and I am truly sorry to hear of it. Well done Doctorchese and others for helping with a gofundme page etc, shame we can't link it here but hopefully you will get many many replies from this info being here.
  9. For the fifth year running, another awesome impalong! Thanks to Virus and Goldie, all the guests and imping folks, and the Wurmlord team! The whole team did a great job, but a special mention of thanks from me to Wurmlord KindraShae, who really put in the hours and went above and beyond keeping things running smoothly! A small excerpt from my final hours there last night, something that was repeated more than once over the week, except this was Enki spawning the final boss behind me [21:34:21] <Elregis> tilda run [21:34:24] <Champagnedragon> tilda might wanna move [21:34:34] <Docterchese> lmao tilda just there burying corpses xD [21:34:43] <Madnath> GARGAMEL HAHAHA [21:34:49] <Madnath> Thank you Enki [21:34:55] <Tilda> just doing my duty lol See you all next year!
  10. yes big plus one! Not just big events either, can't bury something you killed passing through a friends deed without them giving terraform rights lol, it needs to be separate!