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  1. Just my two irons, some random thoughts, having not said anything about caffeine since it was introduced at all. While I admit I don't fully understand the system yet or the changes coming, as a casual player (someone who rarely 'grinds' and when I do it is for very short periods of time) I am happy to use coffee as it currently is. It works fine for a short term bonus, even though timers are still bugged ( I have priests at a sermon group right now who seem to have like 7 hours at 10 or 20% for several days now, despite not having touched coffee since they have been there, and have been relogged every day- not worried about it since they are just listeners so gaining no benefit really) . However once the stamina drain is replaced with the intoxication system I probably will no longer use it. Just my personal thing, I don't like the intoxication system and so don't use it just like I don't use the 'not official' self harm (or have others injure you) system to get extra skill. Just not comfortable with all that, my personal thing and it doesn't fit with my casual play style. This new mechanic is clearly very important to a lot of folks, I just don't think to be fair it is for casual players at all since like myself they would mostly need to buy it and that is simply an extra cost for very little benefit if you are just going to be 'grinding' something for an hour or so. I see it (as it is now and as it is going to be after changes) as actually being more for those hard core grinders who are the 'squeaky wheel' in so many things anyway I'm fine with that, just wish we would call it what it is, which is not for casual players.
  2. Had a shattering experience last night, so am on the look out for a replacement supreme oak floor loom. Unfinished preferred since the old one had my sig and I had it for years so would like to replicate it if possible but can't count on my rng luck I've looked at old auctions on here but any pc info anyone can offer about current rates would be appreciated as well. Post info here or I can be messaged here on forum or ingame if you have one.
  3. Little note that they can be dyed, which is a nice touch particularly on the silver ones
  4. This is going down very well indeed Alts spending all the marks for sure!
  5. Hiya Sid, I'd like to order some of your dark orchid or dark violet (either one is good, similar shades) please. I'm not really sure the exact amount needed but enough to do a full cloth outfit from shoes to hood. Make a bit extra to be able to splash around elsewhere as desired as well to be safe You decide how much to send and I will happily splash it on!
  6. Very nice deed for sure I did finally get to visit, but silly me parked my boat and went off on foot to explore the shops, forgetting I was leading my horse. So the very first footbridge I went over ate the horse (she fell through it and down to get stuck in a wall where I couldn't reach her) so I had to bother a GM to come and save her lol, Will come again another day and try that explore again, just won't bring my horsey with me this time
  7. I'd love to see a full on modernization of the avatar creation options, but trying to be realistic about what the team has the time and resources to do short term I don't hold my breath. However, the basic question of this thread is an easy one to solve, skin tones, and saying that is long over due now in 2022 is an understatement. I doubt anyone has a ton of data proving it can cause the loss of players and thus the loss of income, but it is something that I have personally witnessed, a new player leaving in a very short time because he did not have the option to have a character with dark skin and the reasons for this lack of options were not up to much really. Plus a hundred basically.
  8. I know the wiki team are actively working on all the info about the new coffee/tea/caffeine update, which of course is still to have some changes to the mechanics implemented soon so will have to be updated again then It is a complex system really, and wiki normally don't put up recipes for example, so be patient and they will get it all sorted and put up properly as soon as possible.
  9. For myself, I've decided not to go ahead and remake every single stone forge, oven, smelter, mailbox etc etc that I own, at least for now Doing that and then possibly destroying or otherwise getting rid of all the old stuff, even runed, casted or rare etc., just to give the deed a different themed look seems too much (we aren't all great masons). So I'd like to suggest a new item, something like a potion, rune, or maybe like a transformation liquid etc that will allow a one time change of the stone type on existing items. Once an item has been switched the same can't be done again, so it's a one time thing. It could also be a limited time availability thing perhaps, purely to help existing players fancy up all the existing items they had before the changes came in to stone types? Item available through the store (unlikely I know), trader, marks shop, etc. Just a rough idea
  10. Personally the bells don't get to me a lot, but when they are going mad at slays for example I will mute my game. Same for donkeys, horrible noise and far far too long. I'd not object at all to options to disable some sounds for those who are upset by them, much like we have phobia mode for those with arachnophobia.