To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. Another awesome event guys, and a public roll on a fantastic bone is not something you see everyday! Speaks volumes for all of you
  2. In honor of our missing Merlina a little bump for wanting a Corvidae wagon please
  3. yes thanks bratty, the other most recent one I could find on forum was 30s I think, so that gives me a basic range to hold in mind
  4. As the title says. Purchase will of course depend on the price, would prefer delivery to Release but willing to discuss possible pick up if needed.
  5. I remember early on hearing allies talking about this tagging as many as you can thing. It didn't make sense to me, so even if it did work that way I never tried it, for me there is no point in being there if you are just doing that. I realize the addition of the insane journal goal makes folks willing to try it maybe but no thanks, if it actually does work that way I see it as a bug that should be fixed. If I go to a rift and at any point go back to the sidelines its because of needing a rl break for some reason, I'm not stood there targetting mobs and leaving others to kill them and suffer the damage, what a croc. So basically agree with the OP but would also like some official confirmation this is actually reality and not wurm rumor. ps never knew anything about bandaging your wounds counting either, priests healing I didn't know about getting points until others started complaining about them getting 'unfair' points for it. Sometimes not knowing what 'everyone knows' is helpful to sleeping well at night
  6. Thanks again guys, as usual was fun! First time in a long while I had the lag freeze when the fight started, and it was treading through molasses getting away at the end, but well worth it to once again see a FG (and his relatives)
  7. Yes please to cactus and palm trees, been wanting the trees forever but only for the waterfront areas of sand
  8. Yes please to longer lasting trees! Guess I made mine about a week too early, had a rare one that was first outside by my token, starting taking heavy damage pretty much right away so put it inside house thinking that might help. Thought about sitting it on top of magic chest but the only character at the deed at the moment is an alt who didn't have the strength to pick it up Anyway, out sick for a few days and now when I logged her in quickly for gifts yesterday, its gone Really can't see why they take so much damage so fast on deed and even in a house, it is sad making.
  9. Oh, missed this one! Will try ofc to attend.
  10. Nice one Stan and co. Been out sick for a couple days but hopefully will be able to attend!
  11. A colourful day

    Thanks Stanlee, was a very colorful event lol A record breaker for me, after 7 years being a one server person Tilda finally bit the bullet and travelled to another!
  12. Thanks to Max, Jo, penning and host team for making this public! Unbelievable number of folks turned up
  13. I understand how you feel, grateful for the setting patch of course, but I wanted to see all the other stuff so just gritted my teeth and waited lol. Very unhappy making grooming skeletons though. I didn't enjoy the newer version on halloween as much as I always did in the past mostly because of this, but also missed the scary faces on oak trees and deer and pig as dancing trees, those were a lot of fun. Anyway, yes, good job devs but a lot of us are happy to have our horses back