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  1. Once again, highly recommended, good prices and super fast and friendly delivery
  2. Yep, you just need to come back home (Dreaming of that poor little naked area between the two towns becoming a pretty garden oasis..oops no palm trees...nevermind)
  3. Not done yet but thought some might like to see the awesome progress made so far (sorry don't know why these screenies came out so bleh )
  4. Heck of a lot faster than Dominos lol, thanks for very speedy delivery, will come again!
  5. This https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Stone_slab_floor needs to be updated since it is now replaced with this https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sandstone_slab_floor . The stone slab floor is now just that, a plain stone slab look.
  6. being fairly newly returned I am lucky in the sense I've not yet made enough stuff or dyed things to have any complaints really So far what I've seen looks nice. A pic here of an oddity I don't think was intended, one drawer on alchemy cupboard seems to be a different texture entirely...
  7. Reviving an old thread I know, but I wasn't playing back when this contest happened so...here are my favorite old screenshots that I would like to have on a tapestry, maybe one day we can get some more
  8. Beautiful well done guys and congrats Sam! Guess it's time to work on my dye making skills
  9. Been driving me mad. Can't find any reason for it, I do play win resizable but this only started a few days ago, was not a problem before
  10. I've got this going on as well, drag and drop driving me mad the last few days. Can't find anything wrong with mouse outside of wurm, dpi scaling set to 100 etc. Fairly recent this started.
  11. ditto surprised me to see new snowballs in new larder took damage in one day like that, assumed it was update blues
  12. Also had same issue as Maiya. Had the update, and was fine, but then logged out for awhile and got an updated driver for graphics card (NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti) and then could not play afterwards (white screen and totally frozen). I ended up having to roll back my graphics driver, and now I can play again. For what it's worth.