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  1. Congrats on the new role, we truly are in good hands. Looking forward to the new road map and exciting changes. I'm not personally much of a 'grinder' but the bonus, especially a week long, is a very welcome gift for the players for sure, so thanks! Halloween has always been my favourite holiday in Wurm, now really looking forward to it with whatever you have up your sleeve for us
  2. Thanks!

    Big thanks for all of your work over the years, and all the best for getting some well earned rest and recuperation!
  3. Lol I started playing this and one of my cats jumped on my lap and purred throughout the video
  4. Thread closed at OP request.
  5. Moved to Community Assistance (Wurm Online).
  6. Moved to client bugs.
  7. No, my horse is not tamed and I try to remember to keep a hay bundle in his saddlebags even when not actually needed (that way when riding around he has food wherever). They do however need to be branded or tamed to put the saddlebags on of course. I suspect they prioritize eating from the saddlebags now like the pet dish and trough, since I have seen mine eating from the bundle even while stood on enchanted grass
  8. Don't know about backpacks, never tried that, but hay bundles in saddlebags work to allow them to feed wherever they may be.
  9. Gratz Cartier, will c.o.d. to the name you said in your dm. Thanks and enjoy
  10. Bumpity Bump- Can we not have some love for this beauty?
  11. This is not an auction so moved to Cadence.