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  1. Stock list updated, three ebonies reserved for Angelklaine, and though I normally hold foals back from sale pens until ridable age young, because there have been quite a lot of sales in recent days I've gone ahead and put the current foals in sales pens now There will be more coming of course, I've been breeding pretty much every day since the color update went in, but time is passing very slowly! Thank you to all my customers new and returning, every little coin helps pay that upkeep and let me keep breeding. Thanks also for your patience whenever I get absent minded and boof up the keys, it happens sometimes
  2. About to log in and go check the pens, will pm you when I have some answers, sorry for any inconvenience
  3. Birth of Cinnabar Island

    gratz Jonny!
  4. Stock list updated. Still working on the new colors but only one for now (I don't think it's working right really, lots and lots of foals but only the one new color so far).
  5. [Bug] Generic Mission List

    First one I noticed myself, started today. The required item is specifically the blue cloth hood, not the white Name: Everyone: Libila's deadly joke for construction Creator: System Started: 06/12/18 15:07 Progress: 3.666667% Expires: 13/12/18 15:07 Difficulty: 6 / 7 Description: Libila demands you to create 150 hoods. Rewards: 20m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 20 karma per item with 180m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each)
  6. Valrei International. 074

    Nice, really looking forward to this update. Watched Emoo's stream and clearly there will be a whole new game involved in fishing, which is great. Love the water too of course So sad Tich didn't get to see it go live, but many of us will be thinking of her every time we make use of her system now. Wondering if this is gonna be helpful in any way or maybe make it a bit more complicated to those of us trying to achieve the 'fat fish' goal
  7. WSA: New horse colours turning grey

    thanks for the sleep bonus, so sad to see the color changed today
  8. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    My little silver black has gone grey too Support case submitted as per Retro's thread. edit Fixed now
  9. stock list updated, taking time to refill the pens after my break but slowly getting there, new colors also being worked on but none for sale just yet
  10. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Finally! Seven new foals born since the update, today the first new color The one I wanted most, the black silver, Ladyhard, parents were brown mom and grey dad (one of those who were bugged into buckskin the first day but reverted back to grey later, thanks Lisabet!). Interesting that she was the first one I bred on update day, but six others gave birth before her, I was giving up hope lol.
  11. Fireplace place item possible bug

    Ok thanks Chromega, so that is confirmation it works in WO but is just very tricky. I will try again with your suggestions. Ok just logged in and tested by riding on a horse, and yes, can place from that height. So, feel a bit stupid now, but then again, no way I could have known that without someone telling me, it is a bit odd Anyway mystery solved, thanks Chromega. Thread can be closed I guess but maybe it helped someone else who had no idea either.
  12. Fireplace place item possible bug

    I tried some of the mini tokens, just get red and they won't place, have several fireplaces it's all the same, if this, as in your picture, is working in game now then I have no clue if I'm doing something wrong or what
  13. Fireplace place item possible bug

    Yes! Ok guess I must test it when I log in, after the place function came in and I first posted this I never saw anything about it being fixed/changed so admit I've not tried it again Interesting little 'tiles' under those tokens, I've not seen that either. Thanks for the info will check it out! Edit, just logged in and checked, nope still can't place on mantle so confused now.
  14. Fireplace place item possible bug

    Have accepted that this is probably intended rather than a bug, if someone wants to move this to suggestions instead feel free. Little bump, any chance we might get this looked at, so we can use the mantle like a shelf for decorative items? Maybe at Christmas you could give us garlands or stockings as our gift to place there (would be something new and different as gifts )
  15. WTB Oleander Sprouts

    message me tomorrow about how many you need lady, I have a bunch left over from my project