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  1. Blossom Canal Project

    Think we have now sorted out Wurmhole's questions ingame, work has proceeded nicely on the canal and walkway. Our 'project manager' is taking a break but lots of worker bees have kept at it the best we can The canal is now basically clear of blocking veins, the only one remaining is the lead on JD's Oasis deed. There are still a few old reinforced tiles that need removing up near the Blossom entrance which we hope can be disintegrated but otherwise the place is looking good (big thanks to Darq and Serraphine for all the work up on that north end of the canal.) The walkway continues to have lots of goodies and not so goodies to be removed, and the connection of the north and south ends needs to be made, again the deeded Oasis area needs mining out to make a connection. We will get there in the long run.
  2. Pristine Rift 06/24/19

    a bit late for me tonight, so not sure I will be there, depends how tired/bored I am this evening :) That east coast canal system you mentioned Ekcin is always in need of attention, will see if I can motivate myself sometime this week to go over to do some clearing up and strongwalling where possible, been busy on the Blossom to Lake Paramount canal instead. If you don't mind going around to Blossom as an option to the east coast canals, that canal is now open and usable for up to knarr size boats.
  3. Valrei International. 086

    Nice update, and well done on the unique changes! It's a start and has clearly hit a nerve or two. Looking forward very much to see the rest of the new unique system changes, the Frontier etc.
  4. [Bug] Lead Lunchboxes

    On a side note, when this was fixed the first time, were those that had come out as lead instead of tin meant to change to tin or are they ok to use as is? I only recently realized one of my alts still has one that is lead from the first time this happened.
  5. agreed, I've spent a lot of time looking for horses that appeared not to be there lol
  6. plus 1, would be very welcome indeed
  7. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    +1 our economy in general needs all the help it can get, and yes that tax hurts a lot at the moment because sales are few and far between. I also agree that those of us who have merchants tend to put things on at very low prices anyway, so then taking more off the top makes it impossible to compete with the mailbox really.
  8. Please close

    Final Day Today, tomorrow the sales pens will be closed. Freebie pen will always remain open.
  9. Back button on crafting recipes window

    Plus one for sure!
  10. New spell: Reveal Monuments

    big plus one, maybe even it's own pendulum, not sure what a rune would go on
  11. Please close

    Updated bump. A little over a week left until I close the sales pens. I have continued to put some new babies in as they come along, mostly new colors, plus of course the freebie pen too. Thanks everyone who has visited to help me clear them out
  12. Please close

    Updated bump
  13. [Resolved] Pristine down?

    Server appears to be down, according to the status page there are players on all others but can't connect to Pristine
  14. I've been waiting for years for...

    In the spirit intended in the op: Not necessarily in order of importance 1. Waterfalls! 2. Ability to create small ponds when not near enough to the water table (we can locate water tiles and build wells and fountains on them no matter how far from the water table, why can't we use that to then dig a small decorative pond in our gardens? 3. Revamped animal husbandry system that rewards rather than punishes the player with higher skills 4. Revamped pet system that allows you to actually keep them as proper pets and as battle companions (much like the OPs suggestion) 5.Revamped combat system, I don't pvp but even fighting mobs can be the most boring point and click routine after you are above the first few levels of skill so I can only imagine how dull the pvp must be 6.More uniques or 'boss' fights, set up so that the whole community can participate instead of a select elite few controlling them all (a game company worth it's salt should be able to design something that works for this) I'm sure there is more that I've forgotten for the moment but that's a few that stick in my mind. Not part of what the OP intended but on most minds these days anyway, as evidenced by many posts in this thread alone, more players. The 'elephant in the room' of declining numbers and NO advertising at all. I know there is a lot of disagreement on this subject, but to me this is the most glaring mistake I've ever seen any game make and I have never been able to understand this decision to not advertise. Because it has been a conscious decision, lots of reasons offered why it is not a good time or it will come in future etc but it never does. This one thing alone has made me personally question if Rolf actually wants WO to die a slow and painful death? If so I'd much rather he just pull the plug and get it over with. I love this game more than any other I've ever played, and that's a lot, and though I'm personally going through a bit of burn out slump at the moment, I have no plans to ever quit permanently until they shut it down. If I could afford it I'd offer Rolf the budget needed to properly advertise and grow this game, but that's wishful thinking I know. I'm not normally a 'moaner' who posts constant negative thinking on the game, but the elephant has simply got to be addressed and soon if we are going to be able to be focused on all the good stuff the dev team does and plans for us.