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  1. Short answer, yes they can. I'm always breeding different color pairs to try to get another (after starting my herd over again after a break I no longer have all of them). It does seem very random and can take some time but yes it works. PS I have had better luck when at least one parent is a grey, since they are basically colorless.
  2. I do remember there were issues with dye when the renderer was new, because all of my dyed items like carts etc became some faded color nothing like what it had been before (and there were particular problems with all black items). I know they did some work on that problem after much fuss was made about it, and my carts etc are now back to the color they were orginally. So whatever they did back then to address that for some reason just didn't fully do the job clearly. I actually took a break right after that because I was ticked off about 'losing' all my dyed objects (which I had spent a good amount of silver on). oh well, hopefully someone on dev team can take a minute to look at this and tell us if there is any plan to address it further. Linking these two threads (there are more older ones too ofc)
  3. After months of not being able to figure out why I can no longer see color on conditioned unicorns ( and bugging everyone I know asking if they can still see them), thanks to a friend's suggestion I finally know the answer. I am on the modern renderer, however putting an alt on the legacy renderer, they can see the colors just fine. In the modern one, if I stand right next to the creature I might see a hint of a hint of a hint of color but no more than that and with great eye strain :). So, maybe not a 'bug' as such, but surely the more up to date renderer should be able to show the colors the same as the old one? I am not yet using the new UI but I suspect that won't affect it anyway. I have checked all my settings and everything is at max, have tried turning some things off and on, like shadows and ambient occlusion etc, no change in the lack of color. So any thoughts please on what if anything I can change in the modern renderer settings to bring back my blue and green and purple unicorns? (ps lots of things look a bit different on the legacy renderer, for example on that I can still see the blue glowy runes on magic chests, on modern I can't)
  4. Not a bug, the tab will close and dissappear after a few days automatically.
  5. Ya I see your point too hon, no worries. I agree the official links should be sorted out properly.
  6. or just use Yaga's, it's awesome and current
  7. Would save an awful lot of forum threads and discord questions lol
  8. Blast from the past lol, brought back to life by a spam post it seems? Still a good idea I think anyway, never enough good looking storage!
  9. At least two treads on this now , but yeah, the new cluster needs a separate trade channel at the very least. Terribly confusing and frustrating for old and new players. The Ca help channel might be best separated for the time being as well, with such an influx of new players at the moment. It may be that the servers will all be connected up far sooner than we thought possible, but in the meantime this really needs sorting when someone has a few minutes not dealing with connection issues
  10. Sadly had to miss the last hours since it was way past my bedtime, but thank you to all who came along, all who helped, and of course Virus for another awesome impalong! It was a bit more challenging at times this year, with the reschedule due to steam launch, and several restarts and server downtime, and a dragon egg that didn't want to hatch at first, but in the end it went very very well anyway despite these hiccups. Right before I went to bed there was a funny incident when someone 'fell into' my room at the inn apparently, and Virus had to rescue them since they were locked in! Sadly he also removed my chocolate milk cow that I had kept in the room for 3 days to take home with me lol, thinking it wasn't meant to be there! Oh well, maybe another year for the chocolate milk Take care all and see you again next year for our 4th year Pristine Friend a Long! Edit, logged in and had a look around, my cow is found! She was over in the field where my horse was parked off deed, so maybe some kind soul put her over there (or she wandered lol). Happy Endings!
  11. Awesome overview pics Malena! Thanks for the 'silent' visit lol, and thanks to all the streamers who have popped in as well. I'm not quite awake yet myself but one of my alts noticed there is already more carnage in the arena today! and yesterday, a quieter moment, Virus contemplating things to come
  12. HIlarious surprise today when Almostsolitude ran across a blue drake hatchling not far from the impalong! A lot of fun as a rag tag crew, many on foot and totally unprepared for this, managed to track him down again after he ran off, and got him in the end! Great fun! For those who have not come along to join us yet, remember that Virusmd has a dragon/drake egg here just waiting to hatch at some point Double dragon fun!
  13. Yay that was it! That win update was successful this time and I have sound in wurm again! Wurm actually showed in sound mixer as well. So failed update was the culprit, and my own fault for not noticing it was failed ( I just set it to do at around 3am and assumed it happened). Wierd though that it was only ever wurm sounds, always continued to have sound on absolutely everything else. Also looking back at original post realized the sound left wurm days before that failed update anyway, and I did get that 'new player' login screen as well. So no idea what happened all together but thats that done. Anyway, sorted, thanks for trying to help BE, this can be closed now
  14. Interestingly wurm doesn't even show up in the volume mixer at all. Have gone through all the checks I can again, including those you suggested, no luck. Also I noticed that the win update actually didn't complete, it is now showing as just installed last night and need a reboot, so I will try that in a little while. Maybe, just maybe, the win update failing and I didn't even realize is the source of the problem, causing something to be screwed up. Will post later if the update works and fixes the issue.