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  1. Cutting it close but sign me up, will do my best to be there
  2. Happy Holidays to everyone! May 2016 be a very bright and fun year in Wurm and in that mysterious thing called RL
  3. not feeling very well today so you can cross me off, good luck everyone
  4. not feeling very well today so you can cross me off, good luck everyone
  5. Sign me up please
  6. Will try to be there so please sign me up
  7. not done much sitting yet, hoping a patch may turn all the chairs, stools, benches etc back to the position they were in, and pull them up out of the floor Yes I'm lazy, don't want to run around turning them all in case they do revert.
  8. bump, will try to put some more females and some younger ones in soon
  9. very nice update! Lots going on irl for me at the moment so I've hardly had any playtime the last weeks, now I must get caught up with my deed work AND spend time just sitting around
  10. Almost missed it again lol. Will try to be there so if not too late now please sign me up.
  11. What Evening said. Seems to have made the issue of separating out WO from WU posts even worse as well, no way that I've found yet to filter what you see when choosing 'unread content'. This is one of those changes that seem to have come out of nowhere and I hope it improves, at the moment forum is pretty much unusable for me.
  12. Wooden beams, marble, slate, and stone slabs can be stored in bulk containers. Yay! thank you so much for this (as well as the no more sucking items out of bsbs, fsbs and crates every month)
  13. Bumpity bump. Honor system back in place and the pen is open for business. I'm not actively breeding so much at the moment but the pen has some lovely horses in and will continue to have more added from time to time (once they get to venerable age I retire them in the stables). Even with the losses from those taken with no payment made, I've decided it's still a good way to go in hopes of finding nice homes for these horses