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  1. Awesome news on the animals updates! Yeah, time to rethink my animal pens for sure
  2. A little dedication for my friend Skugga, hard to believe it is coming up on a year since our momentary lapse of reason deed
  3. Yes thanks to the hosts for a fun impalong weekend! The deed, the buildings and the layout were all lovely. I particularly liked the extra little touches in the hotel rooms Thanks also to Demona and the GMs for the usual craziness! A lot of fun was had, lots of screenies taken, but since lots of nice ones already posted I will just share a few: Yesterday of course we had lots of these little darlings hopping around: All the compliments on his awesome casts gave Stanlee a bit of a big head, well too big for the room anyway: and finally the lovely Sun overlooking things:
  4. ok the gates inside arch walls weren't 'intended' but can we still do the high iron fences inside arched walls? Not tested yet but would be nice to know before I start the building
  5. Closed at OP request.
  6. Rift 03/26 2021 Xan

    Closed at OP request.
  7. Moved to Auctions
  8. I remember having a lot of problems with this years ago, when I was in the horse breeding business and someone on another server wanted to reserve specific horses to pick up later. I got so worn out having to arrange meet ups to open the pens for folks because mailed keys didn't work when they got there, I finally just stopped offering to reserve the animals. So, either that has been a thing for a very long time, or it is a 'returning' bug if it was fixed in the past. I recently moved to a new server and also found various keys to things like magic chests no longer worked as well, eventually all got sorted out but mostly I just replaced locks and keys where I could. So like the tent lock problem, it seems to affect a lot of different things when it comes to crossing servers with anything involving locks and keys.
  9. Console.log is in your wurm folder. Default wurm installation tends to be in C:\Users\yourloginname\Wurm Copying this log here might help others to see what the problem is.
  10. I had not realized we couldn't do this anymore and was planning to use it in an upcoming building! So yes please bring it back!