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Found 37 results

  1. Hi, I'm back with free service of improving ships to ql 90 or even above. If you want your ship faster, visit my place now ... Edit: I nearly forgot, there is decent chance to turn your ship to rare ... in last event around 10 ships had such luck Where? Independence 17x 48/49y (Zak's Shipyard) Place your ship in south end of my shipyard and I will improve it. (There is landbridge to decaying lighthouse, best if you will park your ship on that bridge or close to. There are already ships there, you can't miss it.) When more than one ship will wait there for improving, I will choose in which order I will improve them. Improving one ship needs 2-4 hours of work, so expect to spend some time waiting there. Not necessary to be online that time. There are 10 free beds ready (inside Public Workshop house) as well as forge and loom, if you want to spend that time actively. In cathedral there are altars and meditation rug. I want to stay with my main rule: My service of improving ships is absolutelly free for all. My profit is hidden in skill gain. ATM my shipbuilding is 99.642, carpentry 99.97. Dunno, how far I will push it this time Donations: As my woodcutting is still few points bellow 90, any wood logs quality 90 or above are welcome. In past some players had bad feeling accepting free ship improving, so I changed my view to this. I'm ready to accept donation in coins as well, but max. limit is 1s per ship, no single copper more. you are welcome to bring your ships to improve have a nice play Zak EDIT: Seems I need to slow down a bit ... so from now I will improve only one ship per day. This way I will have some time for forage/botanize, cook and produce new cooking tools too. If you have enough patience, left your ship in my shipyard and I will work on it sooner or later. Finished ships names I will announce here, so you will know when your ship is ready to sail home. EDIT2: It is time to close this event. I'm dangerously closing to point, where I will be burned out again. Well, my premium closing to end as well. And what is even worse, there is winter again. I hate to work in winter on surface ... I will try to finish most of ships waiting in my shipyard. Thanks to all donors, who brought high quality logs, without your help this event would had bit lower quality results Thanks to forum moderators, for their good will ... and not burying this topic in some forgotten subforum this time ... being visible whole time led to success and a lot of ships improved (It is possible, I will repeat this event somewhere in future ...)
  2. I've won the below rare large pinewood wooden shield on the 2016 Shriimpalong. I think the best use of it would be to auction it and join up in the fundraising for the next year event with the price acquired. [00:42:01] A large sturdy shield made from wooden planks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Colors: R=46, G=201, B=46. It is made from pinewood. It could be improved with a log. [00:42:01] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Emoo'. [00:42:01] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [76] QL: 67.63 I will imp it to any ql range up to 90ql depending on choice of winner. Starting price: 4s Sniper prot: 1h No buyout, no reserve. Bids as a reply to this post only.
  3. impalong

    I’ve always been a huge fan of player run events, no matter what game they happen to take place in, and for Wurm Unlimited that means the Imp-along. Betty has been the inspiration to bring this to Mythmoor and will be an invaluable asset as Co - Host. Thank you for all your input in advance So what is an “impalong”? The name comes from ‘improve’ which is of course how you better all items in Wurm Unlimited, you ‘imp’ them. The event takes place at Candlekeep, which is on the Prime server, (Top/middle North ) You don’t need to be of high skill to participate.For sign up to help add yourself to the Excel Sheet Online (weekend Fri - Sun) 27 - 28 - 29 In order to hold an Imp Along we will need the following: 1.) Facilities (Done = Candlekeep) 2.) Workstations and Storage (Done) 3.) Resources (please Sign up and state what you can bring) the higher level the better but all quality is appreciated 4.) Players to Improve Items (please Sign Up which craft you are willing to support) 5.) Players who need Items improved (we are planing to hold Imp Along if 1-4 can be filled. So please, spread the word, sign up and gather resources.Of course the more people who help out for this event, the better. I’ll be bringing Tsunami to act as battery /cast spells for those who need it and to help out where she can. Without the players behind this event, it would never happen.If you play Wurm Online but you’ve never checked out this yearly event, or you’re thinking of getting involved in Wurm and want to see what a player run event is like – this is your chance. Come help make this year the best.As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!
  4. Maybe it not bad to have a new forum "Events" for info abaut new rifts, slaying uniques, treasure hunts, impalong and other events?
  5. DATE: January 6-10th PLACE: BlackSmith village K22 Celebration Need to recruit volunteers to improve all types of items to 70+ | I will provide free rares for refresh, so good training! Games: Hunt contest Prize spyglass Stone wall bash contest Prize rare large maul Fish contest Prize rare fishrod Treasure hunt Surprise prize valued in 8-10s
  6. As we have now discovered that Quiglen is behind everthing that goes wrong in Wurm, I thought we might to list them so he can start to pay penance for them
  7. It was the night before christmas......well it was the other day, but I decide to take a look around the Christmas Impalong, on the Independence server. Even though it was the quiet time of the days, things were still happening and you can see the effort that has been this deed. It was very late at night when I did this video, so I might be a touch on the quiet side. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  8. Are there any Sermon groups currently running on Xanadu? Alternatively ..... Anyone interested in joining one at i8 (Whitefall) in the run up to the Impalong there? Artisans Hall currently has 4 altars, Vyn, Fo, Mag and Nahjo, fountain by the altars and a forge for cooking if needed. If there is suffiient interest I will start a group up there. Impalong details
  9. Today we take a little look at the hustle and bustle of the NW Impalong on the Xanadu server. So far it has been a ball, everyone working together and having heaps of fun doing so. Below is the link to the info page. There are still many days to go, so head on over.
  10. 15 Oct: UPDATED WITH THE RULES AND LOGISTICS, SEE #2 POST 13 Oct: UPDATED WITH THE NEW DATES AND CURRENT LIST OF IMPERS Dear fellow Wurm addicts, the new date for the impalong is this Saturday-Sunday, 17-18 October. I hope it will fit for the most of you. Opening: 17 October, 9AM CEST (GMT+2) Closing: 19 October, 4AM CEST (GMT+2) I have updated the impers' list based on feedback from them, I have removed who will not be able to make it this weekend, and added (?) to I don't know about yet. Please note, that the new permissions still might be glitched so please accept the disclaimer below: The impalong is mainly aimed to help newer player with imping, those items will be quite safe as pose no big risk of theft/loss. Please don't leave your valuable items (rare, enchanted, unique etc.) for imping unless you take the possible risk of being lost - which is very unlikely as hopefull yall possible exploits/bugs will be known and fixed by then. Current facts: Location: Kalambaka / Xanadu / S15 - map link: Date: weekend of 17-18 October 2015, starting CEST morningtime (GMT+2) Theme: none. Get together, help newer fellows, have a great time together No special events/challenges are planned as of now, might change later of course. Facility: a tight impalong building is available already, we will be stuffed together to grant best possible listener flock to get high faith for the precious priests. A hotel with numerous beds will provide good rest for you, meals will be no issue of course. Rules will follow later. We are still more than happy to see you participate imping the likely huge volume of items, also very welcome donations of materials (target ql to imp is 70ql as being a standard lately). Current list of impers: Blacksmithing Zkovacs ShodaKai Baloo Ekib (?) Dreadbanger Chain armor smithing Jaz Ekib (?) Pingpong Plate armor smithing Jaz Nisteros Pingpong Shieldsmithing Jaz Zkovacs Pingpong Weaponsmithing Talarias Jaz Ekib (?) Ede Jewelry smithing Baloo Annyil Zkovacs Pottery Bonegetter (?) Carpentry Anarres (?) ShodaKai kochinac Baloo Zkovacs Annyil Pingpong Fine carpentry kochinac Baloo Zkovacs Annyil Bowyery Annyil Zkovacs Pingpong Fletching (up to 50ql, 1 quiver max) Annyil Zkovacs Leatherworking HedgeKnight ShodaKai Annyil Zkovacs Nisteros Pingpong Celeia (?) Tailoring HedgeKnight ShodaKai Annyil Zkovacs Toymaking Annyil Stonecutting Ivanson ShodaKai Materials which you can help with (and tabbed the current contributors): (please reply to the thread with the type and quantity to add you to see what will be covered and to add you to the list of the contributors) string of cloth (or cotton) 70+ ql cotton 300-500 - ShodaKai silver lumps 70+ ql 600 - ShodaKai 400 - Zachariah (delivered) iron ~3k - Jaz copper coal 40+ql (in advance, Zaj will turn that to steel, now 70+ metallurgy) hides (or leather) 70+ ql bulk ql leather for the lower ql imps 750 - ShodaKai 164 - 57ql ShodaKai lye 80+ ql 150 80ql ash - ShodaKai Of course the other imping mats are welcome but those will be covered by the hosts if needed We will not be able to provide the priests with saccing materials, please bring yours with you ---END OF CURRENT POST---
  11. I have 2x 80ql lumps, 2x 90ql lumps, a 30ql chain boot and 30ql chain gauntlet. Currently located at the impalong in Xanadu, and looking to off these goods to someone also here or who can come to the area. Auction will end at 1pm PST on sunday 7/26. I will be here in person to hand off the goods. Minimum bid starts at 16s. ~Aloof
  12. Had an amazing time at the impalong this year, even though I had to leave a bit early (dang you real life *shakes fist). Just wanted to post a big huge thank you to all those who organized it and all the work that goes into it. I know it's not easy to run an event on such a large scale, but I had a fabulous time, made some new friends (<3), and had some great talks. Looking forward to the next one!
  13. The Xmas impalong on Xanadu is fast approaching, so I thought I'd sail up and see how the deed was looking. > Wurm Online Playlist
  14. Celebration Impalong Location: Fyrkat O18/Y35X31 Date: 2014 november 21, 22 and 23 Times: Fri - 11:00pm CET / 05:00PM EST Sat - 06:00pm CET / 12:00pm EST Sun - 06:00pm CET / 12:00pm EST - Everybody is welcome to stop by to get their tools and weapons imped! - - For any questions you can pm me of course. - - There are 20 beds available for people that dont live close to Fyrkat and want to stay. - - Aarbi will be leading sermons so bring your priests! - We also have games and winners will get a prize! !Prizes! Hunting prizes: Unfinished Rare Forge Donated by: Khaldrogo 80ql Great Helm aosp70 Donated by: Tclunatic 80ql Studded Leather Armor Set Donated by: Almerian and Catullus Archery Prizes: Bow Nim73 coc90 Donated by: Nomadikhan 79ql longsword AD Nim51 c64 fb63 Donated by: Tclunatic SPowder Donated by: Kuntur Fishing Prizes: Fishing rod coc79 Donated by: Aarbi Gold Pendulum (LiTD50+) Donated by: Kamal SPowder Donated by: Nomadikhan Triathlon Prizes: 4x90ql horse shoes Donated by: Guruen Rare Trowel woa80 Donated by: Kamal SPowder Donated by: Jonydowy Needle in a Haystack Prizes: Rare needle with coc71/woa76 Donated by: Pygnus and Kamal 91ql Exquisite rug coc80 Donated by: Martynas SPowder Donated by: Fourneofclubs SPowder Donated by: Kamal I hope to see you guys in november on the 21st,22nd and 23rd!!
  15. All details will be provided here in some days..trying to get the new players to come and enjoy. Link for the dragonslaying: The impalong is going to take place next weekend..everyone is invited..there will be sparring arena..sermon house ..cart racings and all cool players can get their stuff improved my the hardcore vets of wurm online. In am impalong everyone helps each other and improves their stuff for free..its a nice way to unite the community and have loads of fun. Everyone please do come Update: So we are all going crazy on the deed..working on everything to prepare for the far we have made favor arrangements enough for 300 coc casts...but working on getting more all priests can come by and enchant the tools for the event..favor will be provided to them We have also started up on making the place for smithing..and crafting..the smithing and crafting zone will be in close range with the altars so that the priests can benefit more from the sermons. Things we will need before saturday: Hides and leather of all QL Fur (missing the bears ) Favor items ( have a lot..but if someone wants to would be great) A high miner ( to mine an entire vein of iron as high QL iron will be needed) (Pick with high woa and coc will be provided) Hall of Champions (idea credit Battlepants) -A moderately sized building to commemorate all of the Champions of Impalong. What does it take to be a Champion? Just attend Impalong and party with us - you are not required to improve or enchant anything (but it is appreciated). In this building, we are assembling a huge cluster of statues, each to be made in the image that the individual champions sees themselves! Test of strength! -Fight with might and believe the hype! Come here and test your mettle against the other great fighters of Impalong! -Fight with might and believe the hype! Come here and test your mettle against the other great fighters of Impalong! I will be online at 5-6pm CEST..on Saturday...and it would be nice if everyone could get online at that time..the location for the impalong is T 18 (south eastern side) in game map of Xanadu..Konoha is the village name and neighbouring villages are : Dark citadel and Cair Lorn...its a deed accessible by sea so there should be no problem finding it. Pls refer the last comment by me for info on whats ready and whats being done..the forges and all will be ready tonight...see ya all at Konoha
  16. We are having a mini impalong with an opportunity to improve your skills and a chance to win a prize or two. -----> time; May 10th and 11th <------- place; New Haven take part in A cart race round New Haven boat race fishing competition plus more.... 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be handed out beds for sleep-overs priest channel you can place a merchant on one of our new market stalls. Come to New Haven for the skill and stay for the fun. cords on Celebration X38, Y19, XXXPlease Note Date ChangeXXX to unforeseen circumstances, there has been a change of date, on the plus side we may be able, with the extra time, to add a little something that we didn't have time for.
  17. We are having a mini impalong with an opportunity to improve your skills and a chance to win a prize or two. time; May 10th and 11th place; New Haven take part in A cart race round New Haven boat race fishing competition plus more.... 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be handed out beds for sleep-overs you can place a merchant on one of our new market stalls. Come to New Haven for the skill and stay for the fun. cords on Celebration X38, Y19,
  18. I would like to thank everyone that came to Exodus for the impalong.. We had our rough spots, but it was a positive outcome over all!!! A special thanks to our "staff" (you ran your butts off!!), our donators and our impers/enchanters!! You guys were the backbone of this festival and each of you got in, got your hands dirty and shoveled through mounds of items! Awesome job! ROS was unfortunate..... We didn't expect the influx of people from other servers, (someone said 220 on Exo at one point! highest I have ever seen!) in the next coming weeks/month we will try to plan another and be better prepared with praying enough to make sure it happens!! Thank you all for coming and enjoying the events, the imping and the community!! You guys are great!
  20. As the tag says.. You guys are invited to come join the fun!
  21. As the tag says.. You guys are invited to come join the fun!
  22. im always complaining at how other people does things wrong on organizing impalongs so now its my turn to get trashed . What´s an impalong? its a community event where other people improves and enchants your tools,while u imp other peoples items for skill,join some contests and meet people. Where is this impalong happening? at BlackFlame Island Market on x30 y27 on the celebration map When is this happening? i had to cancel it so its not happening. supplies and facilities: inn with 30 beds locked pens for people that brings horses will provide meals(about 60ql) will provide free 90ql+ mallets for everybody 80ql imping logs 71ql imping iron(i cant do better than 71 unless someone wants to donate iron or i can buy some) 97ql string and cotton im trying to get some good imping leather but dont have it yet Contests: Lets make a deal - hosted by sanrina. still trying to put together more contests,if u have an idea what could work and want to share or even want to host your own contest contact Tpikol. Tpikol and Blackflame island wont be responsible for any injuries caused by camels hitting you with hammers.
  23. When Willow announced that she was stepping down as the queen of Impalong, I decided that I would try my hand at keeping the spirit alive. ==What is Impalong?== Impalong is where crafters and priests of all skill level join together and work for the community. We party, we craft, we enchant and we party some more! ==Where is Pendelton Derby?== We are not on the map yet, but we are found in the southeast corner of the Deliverance server. If you are coming from the south or west, I would suggest following the yellow line through the canal. If you are coming from the North, just look for the lighthouse on your way in! ==When is it?== Starting December 20th, running until we are all partied out. There will be no restriction on how early you show up, the place is unlocked. Imper are encouraged to show up early so I am able to work on your tools if needed. December 21st at 19 GMT, we are going to be opening up the maze! ==What supplies will be provided?== I plan to provide... Iron (at least 3000 KGs in the form of 85 and 95 QL lumps) Doorlocks (at least 15000, worth 5-7 favor on average) Leather (no idea how much, but there is at least a thousand hides, ranging upwards to QLs in the 90s) Beds (about 80 beds will be available to use) Farmland (secure place for your horse) Cotton Not even sure how much we are going to have... "way too much" would be a safe guess though. - Some of the allies pitched in to make this happen. Wood *planned import Food (100.000000 HFC on my priest, so 60-70 QL meals are quite common) ==So just crafting and enchanting?== Not quite, we also plan to hold a few events... Cow Races -Yes, Cow races. Lunella is breeding a nice group of speed cows to run the track a few times. Should be quite comical, just watch out for cow patties! The Maze -On opening day, I plan to finally open up the Maze to the public. I have closely guarded the layout to myself and my priest (also myself), so everyone will be entering it blindly. There are three exits to the maze, each with a prize. Prizes are 50i, 50c and the grand prize of 50s. Lighthouse diving -Imagine diving off a 500 dirt tall structure onto the solid ground below. Ouch! (will supply cotton, legs not guaranteed to be unbroken) Deal or No Deal -Our host Tarnhold will be tending to this one. We will have a good deal of prizes available, but if you would like to make a donation, let us know! Hall of Champions -A moderately sized building to commemorate all of the Champions of Impalong. What does it take to be a Champion? Just attend Impalong and party with us - you are not required to improve or enchant anything (but it is appreciated). In this building, we are assembling a huge cluster of statues, each to be made in the image that the individual champions sees themselves! The Grand Slam -Fight with might and believe the hype! Come here and test your mettle against the other great fighters of Impalong! More to come, stay tuned!
  24. So today we had an outage game wide after implementing an update for Xmas. But in Wurm as most wurmians know this means full sleep bonus. Now just in case of outages I keep my sb pretty low, I think most do. I just want to thank you. We literally get reimbursed for our missed game time. Not for doing something extra above and beyond but what all other mmos should do. We pay for our time so we get it back in game if the game wasn't available. Its fair and right so thanks for doing the right thing even though Wurm is the only one, that I know of, doing it. Happy xmas.
  25. Is it just me or is Deli slowly locking up? Just went from 22:34 to 22:41 with only one burst of sound effect at the impalong Cheers! Hugh Update: and with a great ka-boom, at 22:46 we had a flood of 15 minutes worth of chat and events. So looks like we are back again. Cheers!