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  1. WTS Pirates Den

    well i dont want the deed, but that chess board is amazing, i wanted something similar but couldent figure out how to do it. I'll feel slightly bad for poaching the idea, but not enough not to make one!
  2. AHA! finnnaly working as intended, thank you very much for your persistence in fixing this issue.
  3. this is just getting weird... so this is my display setup: when i drag the client display 2, it launches on display 3 when i drag the client display 3, it launches on display 2.... 4 , launches to 4 and 1 launches to 1 would you like dumps from each "state" of the launch? Also i tried each state twice just to confirm results. Maybe its only detecting that its "not the primary" and adjusting, witch would work for 2 but for more then 2 it wouldn't properly account for the rest of the displays, it would need to detect the actual display id/# etc? IDK i am noobish in this realm
  4. confimred on regular fullscreen, moved the launcher to monitor 3, click play, starts on monitor 1. My main concern is for windowed full-screen so i can move between clients without alt tabbing back and forth. and no, not using any scaling of any kind EDIT posted correct file now...
  5. @Samool i saw in the patch notes today it says "The fullscreen game window will now open on the same monitor as the launcher was on." but it still does not work for me in either windowed fullscreen or regular fullscreen. Just go back to the primary monitor every time.
  6. .the JNLP client has always launched to whatever display the launcher sitting on when i click play. I simply drag the launcher over to whatever screen before hand. The launcher itself never remembered what display it was on last, witch is not a problem for me since i shuffle my characters around the screens several times a day, id says its better that the launcher itself dosent move so its always in a predictable location and then moved to the designated display. The issue is the new one always forces it to the primary display each time, regardless of what display its sitting on. Even thoe i hate windowed mode, guess ill go mod my 6 regularly used config files for now but we should not have to use workarounds to play the game as expected. I get you want to get away from some of the cost associated with Java, but you should not even be considering removal of the JNLP version so soon. Also running in windowed mode seems to interfere with some of things i do outside of wurm, this is not wurms fault, but it def integrates with my normal usage better in full screen. Hopefully this clarifies my issue
  7. yah muti monitor is tottaly broke, i use 4 displays and with the new client i cannot use more then one... guess ill just drop 4 subs then?
  8. the new launcher is garbage, it takes more resources per client for me, and forces all my clients to display on one screen bascially killing my muti-box expericence, it would be great if you would work this crap out before taking away the only way i can actually multi-box thank you.
  9. Id take the rare dioptra for 3s, rare golds, clays, and lump for 10c each rare fountain 2s both rare benches (stone) 3s rare carpet 1.5s all 3 rare open fireplace 4.5s rare small braizer 1.5s rare floor loom 3s edit: and id take the rare knapsacks for 4s each maybe the dragon hota... Im off the next couple days, let me know