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  1. Room 203 for you. 70 is the imping skill goal, 70 is the skill requirement for channeling as well, was just a typo, fixed now When i first had the idea to host one myself, i wondered why there were all at the end of the year, seemed only fitting to have a summer one as well Room 205 is yours. If you need a room for your priest as well please let me know
  2. Crow Kingdom Merch

    the last time i saw something this sexy in wurm was when bridges came out. 2x tents, COD to VirusMD. Lets see that wagon already
  3. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    subbed the pick for a slightly lower q one with higher Coc, same cost, as the requested on is sold already
  4. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    i do have the rare still, ill throw a lil discount on there for the change, will be on its way in a moment
  5. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    sadly ive sold that one and just havent updated the thread yet, could i interest you in another or i could cast you up a new one as well.
  6. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    ill do the set in the morning along with the belt, what q dioptra are you looking for?
  7. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    ive sent the belt, never done a dioptra before, what q are you looking for before i quote a price, keep in mine its multiple steps, metallurgy metals to create as well as imp.
  8. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    will top off the damage and get its on the way now
  9. Noted, I need all the characters names for room perms. Great thank you, PM me at your convenience to arrange pickup. Great, noted Noted, fish, perhaps.... note to self get absurdly large fish to slap with this year.... Can always use more folks helping out, get bored pick a new skill and grind it for free Great all noted.