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  1. ive got another one now if your still interested, same discount since you bought a bunch already.
  2. Just posting here so you can see my new signature line :P



    By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie brae's, where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond. . . 2nd place winner in the 2021 Creative Constructs contest for Cozy Ranches and Farms!  [18:33:01] A gravestone to mark the final resting place of Goldfinch. Ql 99.999, Dam: 0.0. There is an inscription carved into the gravestone: "So hot, she burst into flames." [14:42:24] <Goldfinch> the problem with being "hot" . .. is it usually also means being a "hot mess"! 

  3. is it April fools again?.... A for effort, F for thought process, Not one of the "suggestions" Has had its full effects evaluated. Hell when Enki joked about something like this years ago it was far more fleshed out and considered even as a joke. As many of the reasons have already been stated I'll just say this is not well considered, wurm is already hard enough. Also I don't appreciate the critical attitude of peoples generous hosting of events, If you had any brains at all you would realize Hosting things like Impalongs takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and resources that don't just magically appear and take a long time to collect and organize, as there is a holiday every month is easy to says "oh its a holiday things." Btw reading the first paragraph of my events would clearly indicate no holiday is ever involved. I am both a extensive merchant and a host of such events, the excess MONEY I make from you guys has always and even before the ban of RMT gone back into my annual event. Making this process harder if anything, further limits the amount of coin that flows thru to the event, and is more likely lost in the various coin sinks in game in the form of additional time etc... If you want to get rich quick, head to the shop and buy some coin. If you want to earn it, earn it like everyone else, get some skills and enter the player driven economy. Wurm is a game of commitment and time there is no get rich quick.
  4. Do you spend more time coming up with the meme or trapping the beast?
  5. sent you the one leftover from my project