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  1. @Retrogradeok so besides the fact that you just screwed us over with nahjo.... again.... please explain the veggies changes since im in the process of prepping a huge amount of veggies for my impalong next year this year.... Did i just waste a few gold on my efforts? do i need to increase the amount of veggies available for the event? should I bend over and get some lube first or what?
  2. send it on over, but keep in mind that lower q tools are more likely to shatter particularly when casting 90+
  3. @Galatyni realize this is a bit late for you, but you can craft eyelets for fishing poles to work JS as a priest, its a bit slower but with 30 or so JS you can pretty easily craft a altar.
  4. yes the price range is for all the spells in that grouping, as there similar in favor and difficulty requirements
  5. there both listed in the weapons and offensive casts section:
  6. sadly i sold this one and just havent updated the thread yet. i have a COC 90 that i would throw you a discount on if thats ok as a substitution. Ill go ahead and mail it if its ok, accept if not just send it back.