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  1. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    starting now [10:12:04] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  2. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Lets see those reviews, gotta get some life on this new thread! You know you want free coins. Oh and that Free Mend Monday thing... More free stuff. Just do it!
  3. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    All Weapons, Shields, and Bows crafted by Dragon Beard Markets receive 10% off ALL future Reimps! Addy/Glimmer/Seryll must be provided by the customer in most cases, hence the low cost. Electrum is double the silver/gold rate as its a combination of metallurgy and jewel metals. All Non Jewel Metal crafting is free if your item is being imped by Dragon Beard Markets! When Imping, I Never Q actions, and try to keep my deed bonus high, to maximize the chance of turning your items rare+ during imping. Customer orders are always prioritized over other jobs, and done in the order received. Please don't forget to label/name your items before sending them in for work! Weapon Smithing Imping and Creation Rates: Shield Smithing Imping and Creation Rates: Bow Imping and Creation Rates: Tool Imping Rates: Armor: Leather and Studded Leather Armor - Creation and Imping Rates: Armor: Drake Hide and Dragon Scale Armor - FREE Creation, and Imping Rates: Armor: Plate Armor - Creation and Imping Rates: Monthly winners:
  4. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Pre-casted Crafting/Imping Materials: Shoulderpads:
  5. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Pre-casted Horse Gear: 5 Speed + Horse and Bison Self Service Roster:
  6. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Wind of Ages / Circle of Cunning / Nimble / Life Transfer / Aura of Shared Pain / Mend / Vessel / Demise Strongwall / Courier / Genesis / Prospecting (Altar Creation and Favor now both included!)
  7. With my constant service expansions, it seems my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large to successfully update to a single post anymore as a result i am trying this new format out, basically breaking the thread into multiple posts. Service Summary: 5 Speed + Horse and Bison, Creation and Imps for ALL Bows, Weapons, Shields, and Tools of all Materials. Pelts, Whetstones, Saddles, Horse Shoes, Saddlebags, Bridles. Along with All major spells like Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, Nimbleness, Life Transfer, Aura of Shared Pain, Vessel, Mend, Lurker in the Deep, Demise casts. Traveling Nahjo also available for Courier, Strongwall, and Genesis casts and now 90 Prospecting! Get that veins EXACT quantity and quality remaining! Along with tons of All the fore mentioned items pre-casted and ready to go! The weapons and shield area are still expanding as i continue to play catch up getting stock ready but there are many available and ready to go. Anything else can be custom ordered. Also still the home of totally free Scale and Drake Armor Creation! I am pleased to announce that as a result of the sale of the first 1000 Items from my thread. I've come up with a program that literally anyone can make use of! What is it you ask? well I am calling it FREE MEND MONDAY. what is FREE MEND MONDAY? Customer Bonuses! ALL customers who post a review will be entered in the monthly drawing for a chance to win 3s in store credit, or 2s in Coin! (one entry per day). Shatter Insurance: I will replace standard material Weapons, Tools, Shields, and Armor pieces I can produce up to 90q at no cost to you, as long as said item being casted on is 80q or better. I may replace lower Q items at my discretion but its not implied. Sadly rare+ items cannot be replaced except with a standard tool, nor will I replace any cast not from the current order. Channeling is 96+ No cost to you if I turn your item rare,+ during imp! I pay COD on all orders! (With very few exception). 10% off purchases of any 5 or more tools/weapons/shields. (excluding items already on special and new suits of armor witch already contain a suit discount over per piece). 10% off re-imps for all Weapons, Shields, Bows that were made by Dragon Beard Markets. You never pay for an overcast on custom casts! If you ask for 80-84 range, and get 100 you pay the 80-84 rate! All non Gold/Silver/Electrum crafting for Weapons, Shields, Bows, and Suits of armor is free if your item is being imped by Dragon Beard Markets! All Imps are rounded up to the next metal imp (greater q than of 80.01 and done). All new weapons come with a free demise cast of choice. Monthly Special (October) 10% off Sickles (Discount applied when mailed) To place any orders please try to PM me first @ "VirusMD" or my alt "Tulemees" Or leave your request here if i am offline Payment Options: Silver Coins, Referals, Labor/Materials Trade. NO I don't sell my coins made from the market, I put profits back into the wurmconomy, so please stop with the random PM's asking to buy silver!
  8. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Thank you for all the free bumbs to ensue from your statement. *Gets a large tub of popcorn*
  9. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    im sure i can help with something somewhere management related, or just slave over the altars and forges. skills: 90+ BS, WS, SS, PAS, LW, Carp, Fine Carp, Masonry, Stone Cutting and Channeling and rooms for 3 if your taking reservations, VirusMD, Tulemees, and Alexofkorova