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  1. bump, less then 24h!
  2. good point, will add now
  3. All items are "Created" by Enki as prizes for out completion of yesterdays Enkounter. Yes all items are impable. 1. Supreme Small Bucket (Birchwood): 65q Starting Bid: 4s Min bid increase: 50c Reserve: 5s Buyout 10s 2. Supreme Needle (Iron): 89q Starting Bid: 5s Min bid increase: 50c Reserve: 6s Buyout 12s SOLD! 3. Rare Butchering Knife (Iron): 77q Starting Bid: 3s Min bid increase: 50c Reserve: 4s Buyout 8s All Auctions Have a 1 hour sniper protection. The auction will go on for 5 days Happy Bidding!
  4. yay, best distraction from bricking ever.
  5. yup, winner is Lumpy, details arranged, ty
  6. Auctioning 22 Varied Rift lumps as a package deal. 2.45kg Of Seryll (9 Lumps, 1 Rare!) 1.71 Kg of Glimmersteel (6 Lumps, 2 Rare!) 2.79Kg of Adamantine (7 Lumps) valued at 35-45s without consideration for rares Starting Bid: 25s Increments: 1s Reserve: 35s Buyout: Make an offer Sniper protection: 1 Hour
  7. yes, highly annoying, sacrifice now interrupts other casts before it. then resumes/finishes after sacrifice completes. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a queue...
  8. So before the patch I had no issues with setting a q for Cast, Cast, Sacrifice, but since the patch every time i q sacrifice, it pauses whatever action is in process, and starts the sacrifice, once the action is completed or canceled the other action resumes/completes... I see no changes about this in change lots, and its REALLY annoying. Can we get this fixed please? Note, can someone please move this to where it goes, the structure of these forums throws me off...
  9. Ill be bringing a 80 channeling Vyn (AlexofKorova), and probably 70+ channeling Nahjo (SaltyBattery) by then for casting, along with my main, who can do 90+ BS, PAS, and Carp, and 70+ Fine Carp
  10. Ill bring a pair of priests one for casting (77 channeling), one battery, maybe do some 90+ BS, Carp, FC, and PAS with my main. VirusMD - ~90 BS/CARP/FC/PAS AlexOfKorova - Vynora Caster Saltybattery - Battery
  11. Im interested in 2x Crates of the 95q 1x Crate of the 85q 1x Crate of the 76q 13.8s total, would you take 12s? Ill pick it up.