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  1. Ok will be acouple days before i can do this, my main priest is currently and lunalong to do free casts.
  2. i dont really breed bison anymore, i might be able to come up with a few. Can do the tiles tomorrow.
  3. i don't think they still lay them but there are still some out there, i have seen a few just in the last year. I think some folks also got them for completing the now removed Journal system for the Winner title.
  4. Hello folks, im looking for another Huge Egg for next years Pristine, Friendship Bay Summer Impalong! This egg will be hatched randomly during the event as a reward to the attendees just like last year. All loot except the corpse will be rolled to the visitors. If you know someone with one, I would be glad to pay you an extra 10% out of my pocket ON TOP of the cost of the Egg itself. This could easily net you 10 silver maybe a bit more! Feel free to PM me in game @VirusMDor Tulemees, drop a post here, or PM me on forum or discord to get the ball rolling.
  5. the helm IS NOT impable, it does show an imp icon but cannot be improved, nor does it show a "can be improved with" message on examine...