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  1. kind of a matter or preference in fighting stance. For normal or defensive i would suggest a longsword and shield for best parry, for agressive something heavier like a maul or huge axe. Armor comes down to mobility these days, studded is quite good right now compared to its heavier counterparts but can lack defense against certain attacks. If you normally riding then plate or chain may be a better choice.
  2. This cannot be done, First off you cannot mail a mailbox, i might be able to mail it almost completed without the final peice, but once attached if you have to be imped on site. Second i dont offer 95q for anything, the best i can do is 90q. Additionally the quality of a mailbox does not matter, only the power of the cast. Courier is a "no shatter" spell so the q of the box is superficial. Pre-fab simply means for me that i build it ahead of time for you and finish it on site, then cast it for those players who cannon manage to build it themselves, Its an upgrade to the courier service and not a standalone service.
  3. Picked the tools will send them now, will get started on the crafts, sorry for the delay im still playing catchup with the change in the impalongs schedule Update: other tools sent, both came out in the 80's
  4. Sorry about the delay on response guys, adjusting the impalong schedule was far more complicated then i thought and i have been forced to do a ton of stuff early now that should have been someone elses job that week, but sadly i did not have much choice, considering the time and effort that goes into the event i was not trying to be battling a land rush on the new server!
  5. i cannot change the date of the friend-along, i applied for this time off months in advance and had to plan it around other vacations. There is no way i can move it at all. I've had the thread up posted with the date for months now, it was obviously just chosen to be disregarded, really makes me regret all the time and effort i put into this project when there just gonna crap all over it and throw some other hot event right on top of it. A giant ******* to me and all the others who put in time materials and silver for this. It was bad enough when you screwed me with favor and forced me to grow and chop another 200k veggies to compensate, now this? WTF seriously? I cant help that they cant get this stuff together and have to delay things over and over, how can I plan around that?
  6. @Retrogradenot that I expect you all to change the date or anything but it would have been nice to have some consideration for other events, My annual impalong starts on that day as well and has been announced for months I feel like its a pretty bad idea to have two large events at the same time... On the other side i'm glad its finally happening at least.
  7. Thanks, ill be there as well
  8. thats the last time I give you 20s! you stole my new drake I was waiting to bid on!
  9. The pick is sold, the saw is in the mail for 45c, if you decide you don't want it, just send it back. Ive posted an updated list of picks available on sale.
  10. sorry for the delay, kitty issues, spend most of the day AFK. Will get them done today for you.