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  1. sadly i sold this one and just havent updated the thread yet. i have a COC 90 that i would throw you a discount on if thats ok as a substitution. Ill go ahead and mail it if its ok, accept if not just send it back.
  2. Lunalong 2019

    I would like to come and help out, but the date/notice is not great for me, put me down for a maybe on BS, PAS, WS, LW, SC, Carp, FC (all 90-99), Vyn and Fo Spells (91-97 channeling). I would aslo be willing to help out in a managment fashion when available. Maybe you could help at mine next july
  3. I see both sides, but im not your standard coin extracting merchant. I say yes, ban RMT. Thoe it is currently an integral part of the flow of money in wurm and there will likely be saturation of coin and a fall in silver sales from CC. It will eventually level out. I've never really liked the idea of people playing wurming solely for extracting the coin. But in certain situations its actually a passable income for some. In terms of character sales, this could still be done i think, but would likely have to be limited to an exchange for ingame goods, IE not cash as many other games do to comply keeping the transfer to in game assets for in game assets.
  4. this has also recently in the last couple days started happening to me, the only system changes ive made was a windows update as far as im aware. Ill post a couple logs the next time it happens (prob in 5 minutes) Dxdiag: Console.log
  5. sorry for the delay, logged in to bascially 20 orders yesterday. took me a bit to catch up. c91 and c99 on there way to you now
  6. yup, works for me as well now, hurray for sam
  7. i tried several different profiles, none worked, default as well, reinstalled the launcher, nothing fixed it
  8. there are many folks online, so we may be an unnoticed minority
  9. yup same here, crashes as soon as the connection completes console.log
  10. WTS Booty Bay

    well i dont want the deed, but that chess board is amazing, i wanted something similar but couldent figure out how to do it. I'll feel slightly bad for poaching the idea, but not enough not to make one!