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  1. I hate seals ill be there! Ill bring a few prizes leftover from the impalong to add to the pot too!
  2. Hey everyone! Just wanted to follow up the event with some stats regarding casts, attendance, events, prizes and screenshots! First off I had a great time hosting this event, I owe particular thanks to @Goldfinch, @KindraShae, @Tilda, @Bakhita, @Explora, @Sidereal, @Enki, @Aion, Serraphine, Bela...? (GM sorry brain melt) and a few others GM's who popped in. In addition Reddragon for preforming a Bar service that everyone really enjoyed and we will def be promoting more next year, Jyndae for his oversight of the sermon cycles, and as always thank you to the Veteran Impers, and Casters who show up year and year to these things to help give to the community! This event also couldn't happen without he support of all the generous donations and discounted resources. There are far too many donors to list in this post so ill just reference a few and out the rest in the spoiler. First@ChampagneDragonfor her continued extreme generosity with favor production and donations to the effort, she basically works for free and I have to force her to take my money or threaten to break into her deed and feed the token! Then we have @Eveningand @brattygirlWho both donated huge amounts of super high quality pizza's for everyone eating pleasure! Ok on to some stats! All these stats are extrapolated from event logs, adjusted for time i slept, the factored by the approximate # of imps and casts it takes to reach the goal of the represented time. Service List: Starting Favor: Favor Used: Usage %: Approximate Cordage favor: 1,100,000 718,000 65.27% Est. # Of casts based on favor used: Materials Used: Usage %: % of Casts: # of 70+ Casts: Approximate Amount of LT Casts: 84,006 11.70% 840 300 Approximate Amount of Nimble Casts: 76,108 10.60% 761 272 Approximate Amount of COC Casts: 164,566 22.92% 3,291 1,175 Approximate Amount of WOA Casts: 123,209 17.16% 2,464 880 Approximate Amount of MS Casts: 45,306 6.31% 453 162 Approximate Amount of AOSP Casts: 73,667 10.26% 2,105 752 Approximate Amount of BOTD Casts: 59,738 8.32% 1,707 610 Other Casts: 91,258 12.71% 2,074 741 Totals: 717,856 99.98% 13,695 4,891 Est. Imps based on materials used. # of Imps Portion: Info: Estimated Total # of 70q Imps: 2,272 58.77% < Day 1-3 Estimated Total # of 80q Imps: 1,188 31% < Day 4 Estimated Total # of 90q Imps: 406 10.50% < Day 5 (-25%) Total # of Imps: 3,866 100% Favored Materials, Iron, Steel, Silver Attendance: Peak attendance was on day three this year with the highest local count I saw was 81, during the duration of the event I recorded a total number of 231 unique visitors over the course of the 5 days, these numbers are a bit down over last year, but given how the last year went and not being able to find a dragon egg to hatch at the event that's not really surprising, compared to the # of imps and casts its actually about on par, I'm guessing most of the "missing" people were alts meant to try and soak up scale and blood. Fatalities: Lawn Darts: 25 Deaths (39%) 35 Landings (41%) Total Attempts: 71 Prizes: Of the 209 total prizes for the event all but 38 were given out as rewards for various scheduled and games, as well as many improvised fish slapping events! The leftover prizes will of course roll over to next year to start the pool. There were a total of 239 entries into the Grand Prize pool for the made to order Custom 90q Drake suit... Ticket Summary: Scooter won the suit with just a 1% chance! Look how happy he is! Now for some nice screenshots of the event! Lady Goldfinch enjoying a nice Mint and Oleander foot back after a hard days fish slapping! This is what happens when i leave deed for a bit apparently... Some Fish slapping fun! And on a bit of a sad note I have one attempted grand prize entry fraud to report... Does anyone actually think I don't check them lol? UPDATE: Officeboy apologized over the misunderstand and will read the rules in regards to entry and how to acquire tickets next time. All that said id just like to follow up with a huge thank you all again for your visitation, donations, and long hard work to help make this game a better place for everyone, particularly the new players. We had a whole bunch of new players this year! I look forward to seeing you all next year! don't forget to bring A Friend-A-Long and if you don't die at Friend-A-Long you did it wrong! - VirusMD
  3. room 502 rooms 503/504, for your single bed north facing rooms with moist something on your pillow, bonus! 2 cupboards and 2 chests!
  4. Room 509 Fixed Room 412 Room 501, there should be plenty of food. Room 502 Room 503
  5. already assigned you 209 from a previous request room 402 Room 403 Room 405 room 406 room 407 room 408 room 401 room 409/410
  6. thoe I've never experienced this in a malicious fashion with my market, I would love to see this feature simple for the fact that I fumble finger a name from time to time and cant do anything about it for 2 weeks.
  7. Hmmm i cant seem to find that room! assigned 304 added, thank you Assigned 305 assigned 303 Were looking pretty good for the basic 70q coverage. Higher q might be nice for the last couple days but im pretty tapped for coins right now. That said if your intersted in supply higher q steel to me personally for my store that funds this venture id be glad to buy some. Since the RMT ban ive had a really hard time getting ahold of higher q steel! ^ Room 306 if i got your name right. Room 307 room 308 room 309 room 310 311 assigned that will be between you and the attendees. there will be much pizza provided for event goers.
  8. ugggg I want it so bad, why you got to sell it when I'm spending all my money on impalong! I don't even have the minimum *turns pockets out and cries in corner*
  9. Room 212, and yes you can be a lord again of course. I have unloaded the knarr, thank you very much for the Anubis? wagon i think.... Room 301 *drumroll* You better, maybe even 2 Room 302