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    this should prob just be a muted gallows post, nothing said here will change anything except stir the pot. The decision was made in the best interest of the community. I personally hate to see this for many reasons but nothing will change it.
  2. Hmm sorry am at work just now cant make an alternate, its south central desert, just north of rhe green near the highway
  3. Ladygodiva found a Kyklops wandering the greatest server ever! Yes, that's right imp talking about Pristine! He has a big stick and likes to throw things and people, come help us get rid of him! Alts welcome for blood, loot is private at request of finder. Thanks to Ladygodiva for sharing with everyone, and thanks to Primordia and Efevee for helping with the pen job. This location is central-ish desert, and is NOT close to the coast for alts, so consider that before traveling! When: Sunday @ Where: Pristine,1128 Loot: Private Why: Pants Why not: Taco's!
  4. wow i always wondered if the name has something to do with Eve online, every time I head to the site i think about the old days.... Anyway, thank you so much for continuing to host this service for so long, its been incredibly useful over the years. Thank you so much for your efforts, i really hope you can manage to transfer this project to someone else will will maintain, its a core part of wurm even if code club has nothing to do with it.