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  1. stopped by today and took care of it. [12:36:15] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [104]
  2. sorry for the delay, didnt recieve your mail till right before bed, and have another imp in front of you now. Should be done today.
  3. Great, see you there! Room 208 Room 209 Room 210, and thank you for all the great prizes and materials! Posting the current prize list update today.
  4. Room 205 The event keeps me busy/active year round raising funds for the event/prizes via the shop. Gets a bit easier each year now that its a well tuned machine, I actually plan on opening the deed up to allow other players to host events there as well if they want, could be alot more events going on potentially if players did not need to build a deed to suit. Since its a dedicated deed it will be a simple transition after this year. There wont be any fees to use the facilities, but ill prob charge a deposit to ensure everyone cleans up after themselves. Rooms 206/207
  5. interested in doing the 95q imps on the forges? *wink, nod* i could give you some pretty coins too
  6. it is all very shallow, the entire mountain is surface mined to shape and covered with a thin layer of dirt, no more then 5 deep in alot of places. the lower left of the image would be NW the corner that rises on eruption. In these cases spread was east and s/sw, when i initially set the area up it was flat with -4 offsets in the corners i knew would rise, making it perfectly flat for months, this is maybe why it did not spread... i recasted a tile a few weeks ago, maybe that gave it the slope it needed to "flow".... maybe it makes sense to make an outer ridge and form a bowl sort of to help keep it contained...
  7. yes, the patch started as a 2x2 rock that i erupted, stayed that way for a few months until now. The one random one way off from the cluster I thought someone might have erupted that rock tile, but my alt is good at tracking and I scoured the area, did not find any unusual names.
  8. Has there been any quiet changes to lava spread or its behavior in general? The reason I ask is that I've having a lot of weird things happen lately that would seem to indicate some kind of change... I've been selling Lava as a service for like a year now, and keep an active patch on my deed for personal use. For several months now I've had static patch of 2x2 stone surrounded by a paved border. I've never seen spread beyond the border, its incredibly rare for lava to spread over a non stone surface at all from my understanding. Typically I suggest sand/dirt/paved border to customers to keep the lava confined to a small patch when being used for repair grinds / item destruction. Never once has someone reported that a lava patch spread beyond its intended area to me. My personal patch has remained more or less the same with a couple exceptions of re-heating one tile every few weeks when I get a random cool. Then starting about 5-6 weeks ago i started seeing odd things. First I had a random tile of lava pop up, a good 50 tiles from the only existing patch in the area. I heavily scouted the area tracking to see if someone was just screwing around but I could not find any names that were not my characters, so I cooled it and didn't give it much more thought. then about a week ago my patch on deed spread east over the paved border, at this time id never heard of it passing over paving, but a coupe people said it was possible just incredibly unlikely. Now in the last several days it seems like one tile spread several times over 3 more tiles that were also all paved... Now I don't know the numbers but given the player feedback, the fact I had paving added to the wiki list, the incredibly unlikely chance of spread over said surfaces. Its seems virtually impossible to me that this could happen 4 times is as many weeks, 3 almost back to back to back..... Is anyone else having similar experiences lately, or have any thoughts or idea's? like 10 days ago that was just the 4 in the center as described, thoe I've started cooling them you can see what I mean.
  9. Room 201 Did we ever manage to find that darn room? Ill mark it down again but its your job to find it. Room 203 also added some updated to the main post, moving right along.
  10. an interesting idea but needs more fleshing out, inevitably this will end up as a meta practice, but i do see some good use cases for this, particularly for skills or actions that rely or hard to get or sensitive resources. +0.5