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  1. CLOSE please, thnx for your kind thoughts Shamank o/
  2. Hi my toon name is Shamank and i have been playing off and on since 2009 I regretfully am here to announce my retirement from the game due to an ugly incident on forum recently. I was selling a supreme bearded huge axe and was watching the auction live because i was worried someone might put a bid on after the auction finished. Someone posted at 34th minute so sniper period was till 4v mins past. My own record and post revealed (27-18=9) which lined up with my clock to at 9 mins past. 9-4 =5 so that was a full 5 minutes after the auction ended at 4 past as per sniper protection. Everyone ignored my evidence and actual eyewitness and railroaded my post. Erhid claimed he posted at the 28th minute, i was watching and thats an outright lie. He posted a full 5 minutes after the sniper period so i am confident i made the right decision to award auction to previous bid, as stated i can not accept bids that are late, its 30 min sniper protection and not 35 mins ! To all the staff and general community, i have loved playing and developing with you over the years, thanks for many good memories and times , ty Staff been great. I know i should not make decision lightly but i can not put up with Erhid lies and cheat and they way forum people railroaded my post without even considering my evidence is disgusting. Goodbye my friends and stay safe o/
  3. Hello Sage, I am trying to contact the other buyer of the Supreme Huge Axe, I also think in the end that he was the winner of the auction so I am going to resell it for the 35s of the auction and the 4s that I have left over I'll return them, I'll tell you.
  4. vikingo posted at 34mins, no post during 30mins till 4 past, you posted your bid 9-11 past so close but sorry
  5. Close please, transaction done, sorry for the decision , thnx for everyone o/
  6. 1hr , 34 min prior bid hence 4 minutes past auction end , not 9-11 .......... i was online
  7. you were too late by 4 mins by the times on my post sorry
  8. auction finish 27 mins and the bid Posted 18 minutes ago so sorry
  9. thnx to everyone involved,, sorry the bid was late o/
  10. [23:05:23] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Vikingo in less than ten minutes.
  11. again congratulations Vikingo , with a winning of 31s again auction ended 11 minutes before your bid Erhid
  12. but your bid was after auction finished so sorry 11 minutes after end
  13. i understood it as last bid has a 30 min protection