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  1. Rift 15th Sept

    CLOSE PLEASE Good rift, easy location and got Warmaster He was healing posion wounds Till the next adventure, thnx to everyone who came Shamank
  2. Rift 15th Sept

    Setup safe pen on east side, road into desert from highway south, is sign See you there Shamank for local times
  3. Rift 15th Sept

    15th Beam has been scouted at N19 , above fraggle canal again See you there Shamank, omw to setup
  4. Lunalong 2021

    I will be attending WS, BS, LW for a few days atleast Shamank
  5. Rift 6th Sept 2021

    CLOSE PLEASE Good rift, smooth, easy access WM done , thnx everyone great job Shamank
  6. Rift 6th Sept 2021

    safe pen setup beside highway on west side easy access, beam on highway Shamank
  7. Rift 6th Sept 2021

    1st scouting on 4th looks like N20 on top fraggle canal entrance see you there , be there 5th Shamank
  8. request - book a room for Littlesmurf please
  9. Rift 05/ 11 / 2021 Xan

    CLOSE PLEASE - good quick rift, lovely rolling slopes, thnx everyone
  10. Hey north of thule (greymead) is a side road straight to it safe pen setup on side road - shamank
  11. i can attend ws, js, Lw, cas, bs Happy to help a few days, room pls Shamank
  12. Rift 04/13 2021 Xan

    CLOSE PLEASE - Good quick rift, easy access and got Warmaster \o/
  13. Rift 04/13 2021 Xan

    Hey rift located in N17 , beside road to old deed Setup beside road - Shamank o7