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  1. Rift 05/ 11 / 2021 Xan

    CLOSE PLEASE - good quick rift, lovely rolling slopes, thnx everyone
  2. Hey north of thule (greymead) is a side road straight to it safe pen setup on side road - shamank
  3. i can attend ws, js, Lw, cas, bs Happy to help a few days, room pls Shamank
  4. Rift 04/13 2021 Xan

    CLOSE PLEASE - Good quick rift, easy access and got Warmaster \o/
  5. Rift 04/13 2021 Xan

    Hey rift located in N17 , beside road to old deed Setup beside road - Shamank o7
  6. Rift 03/26 2021 Xan

    CLOSE PLEASE - good rift , easy to get to, difficult terrain - well done guys - Shamank
  7. Rift 03/26 2021 Xan

    safe pen on north side, road and signs for road into desert - Shamank
  8. Rift 03/26 2021 Xan

    New rift , heading there 25th opens 26th J 14 nearest deed Adalon access from highway on north side of desert I will be there Shamank o7
  9. Will definitely be making an appearance, fire them forges Happy Easter Shamank got 1k 80ql iron in my boat if ok to use WS , PAS, JS LW skills
  10. Rift 03/08 2021 Xan

    CLOSE PLEASE - great rift big turn-out, nice location and got warmaster \o/
  11. Rift 03/08 2021 Xan

    Rift located H12 , west of vrock directly opposite Fort Derringer, safe pen and road made - shamank
  12. Auction Ended - Congratulations Brattygirl with her successful bid of 25s (blood money) The imps will be a calling Thank you to those that participated
  13. Haters got to hate - T.Swift