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  1. dam i just made a toon for it and activated, only 1 more slot on that email too though not logged on anywhere yet its ok i did it after the public announcement, now just to log , how excitement !
  2. Xanadu Community Map

    Deed disband by Sagek 3101.4043 Corpan. Thanks i know wasn't on map long
  3. whatever you pick will have fans and haters, good luck with that
  4. I posted Revelation for pve hi ShamanK, been listening to dark country lately and that's the 1st thing come to my mind
  5. Xanadu Rift 6-1-2020

    awesome thanks @ P20 south of three legged troll follow road to Eletha and turn off on that. ShamanK
  6. Hey ShamanK here, my fav view atm And its good to see my deed looking lived in Corpan Xanadu
  7. Xanadu Community Map

    can you add Corpan please co-ords 3101, 4043 thnx ShamanK
  8. Hey I have a humble temple for this post, ShamanK An Isolation project 2020
  9. Hey have a new deed for alt at 29x 4y called " Medicine Hut " thank you, Shamank Magek
  10. Sounds like a great idea, there was talk of AI Goblin villages a few years back. Great idea, let the fun begin !
  11. Hey another xmas order, LeatherKnife 70ql coc73 =1.03 silver and RopeTool 25ql coc80 =1 silver pls to Shamank on Deli, thnx Merry Christmas. btw love your bussiness ethic.
  12. Hey I'll take a Pickaxe 68ql coc61 woa69 =1.5 silver Needle 70ql coc66 =86 copper mailed to Shamank on Deli thnx
  13. Selling referral 6s , pm forum or Shamank online Deli
  14. i like sb but i haven't used my last :-\ lazy week.