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Found 28 results

  1. Updated 3/19/23 Hello again my fellow Wurmians, that time is coming around again, that's right! Its the 6th annual Friendalong! (5th) (4th) (3rd) (2nd) (1st) This event is as usual brought to you by Dragon Beard Markets, the Elysian Academy Alliance of Pristine, and the donations from the community members like you! This years event will again be held July 20th to the 25th, same date/time/location as last year and the year before. If you want to contribute your labor, please make a post including the skills that your want to work with so we can get a generally idea of skill coverage, If you want to contribute with materials or prizes please contact me directly to ensure donations are properly recorded and published, if so desired donates can be listed anonymously on the public side. The arena should be infested with all the monsters and probably way too many of them again, but we will deal with it! This is also an important time of the year for the GM's its important to give the GM's there chance to kill you, lets face it, you probably hassled one at some point this year, and they have a year of frustration to vent! So be sure to partake of the arena! As I always say, If you didn't die at the imp-along you did it wrong! Hit it hard and you can get a months worth of fighting done in a few days without the exploration! Some of you are new to wurm this year and might be asking what is an "Imp-along"? as there generally called. Well basically is a community event supported by a player host or hosts, who provide resources and facilities for the benefit of everyone, it tends to turn into a party. Each host's style is a bit unique so each "Imp-along" varies greatly. But basically its a place where everyone gets together to improve and cast for each other in a freeform labor exchange with resources provided. Its a week long party, packed with all sorts of fun and games, prizes, booze, coffee, food, a very active PVE battle arena, and a ton of other events/games created by players! Anyone can come, anyone can help imp. Often people just come to grind there skill for free. You don't have to be able to get to maximum quality imp, just do what you can and someone else will finish up the work! Of course there are limits on equipment amounts that will be spelled out in detail below. You do not HAVE to contribute, but its certainly welcome and appreciated, and you can work your skills for free on other peoples gear. The only real restrictions is on channeling skill witch should be at least 70 to help prevent shattered items. Eagle Eyes! I just wanted to take this moment to thank everyone for the diligence and effort you all put into keeping things fair and on the level, reporting suspect things/item violations and generally helping keep this and other player driven events on the level. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to keep these things going without your help. The moment people start to feel taken advantage of with the donation of there personal time/effort/skill/resources/prizes etc. That is the same moment people no longer want to contribute those things anymore, and these things are dead. As annoying as it may be, every report, every time we have to take action, is an opportunity to reinforce to those players that were looking out for them and the integrity of these events. So thank you all Disclaimer: 100% Vegan/Kosher. May cause eye/nose irritation. Do not swallow. Never iron clothes while wearing them. Safety is not guaranteed. Attendees may be electrocuted/exposed to radiation (for science). Management is not responsible for disease/loss of life or organs due to everything/anything but will provide a tombstone in certain cases, and laugh at most others. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located up the stairs. What happens at Friendalong stays at Friendalong. You consent to be teleported randomly into the arena if your don't wear shoes. This event is performed by professional, don't try this at home, or do... One whole tree in every bottle! 100% no refund guarantee! When: July 20th - 25th 2023. Where: Pristine, T16, Friendship Bay deed. Map: In game Map View. Map: Terrain View. You can also plot to Dragon Beard from any highway, then just follow the highway west a few hundred tiles to the deed. Discord Link: Coming soon! Discord Details. (Updated 2/20/23) Changes/additions this year. Imping Materials / What's still needed. (Updated 3/19/23) A costume theme! Post suggestions on the thread or react to your favorites and ill make a poll for the most popular to vote on. Drake Hide - Paying 60c/0.01, or 65s/KG. We still need about 1.1KG to cover this years prize. Done! A Huge Egg?? Each time I find one I think its the last, but here is hoping for #3? Fatten your wallet and get in on the kill? Prizes! Donations are appreciated but I'm also willing to pay for the right things! Shoot me a message if you got something that would make a good prize you want to part with. Materials are listed in the spoiler below. Don't worry about the missing favor, another large portion is already being converted and I'm nearly done growing the rest now. It will be done plenty ahead of the event. I just never count what I don't have in hand. Deed roles, rights, and how to join for bonus's. The Deed Campsite and Facilities. Limitations of services (MUST READ). (Updated 2/22/23) What's expected of you as a guest (MUST READ). Games and Events. (Updated 2/20/23) Common Item Sorting Mistakes and Casting Info Help. Staff Listings and how to contact a Staff Member. Sermons. (Updated 2/20/23) Prizes and Material Donations. (Updated 3/19/23) Blood Mixing: Ship Parking and Ship Imps. General Gratz.
  2. (created 1.10.2022, finished 1.13.2022) Presentational Video Here:
  3. [15:08:53] The blue leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has one charge left. Start bid: 10s Min increment: 1s Private bids: N/A Buyout: NA Sniper Protection: 1h
  4. Looking to auction a Red Tome of Magic. Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 60 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Usage Spell granted: Fireball (An AoE Fireball Attack) Resistance: Fire 15% (Decreases fire damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Internal 10% (Increases internal damage taken by 10%) Item Use Requirements You need to be standing in a 3x3 flat area in order to use this. You need to be in the vicinity of a holy altar. You need to be deep in the barren desert, where nothing ever grows. Can be used at any altar in a 3x3 flat area, inside at least 51x51 sand area.
  5. Looking to auction a Black Tome of Magic. Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 50 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Usage Spell granted: Summon Skeletons (Summons a group of skeletons) Spell granted: Summon Wraith (Summons a Wraith) Resistance: Disease 15% (Decreases disease damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Water 10% (Increases water damage taken by 10%) Item Use Requirements You need to be standing in a 3x3 flat area in order to use this. You need to be in the vicinity of a holy altar. You need to be in the darkness of caves, sheltered from sight. Can be used at any altar in 3x3 flat area, within a cave.
  6. Spell granted: Incinerate (Damage over time spell, causing very light to light burn wounds each 10 seconds, damage and amount of ticks may vary - 750 karma to cast) Resistance: Fire 15% (Decreases Fire damage taken by 15% Weakness: Bite 10% (Increases Bite damage taken by 10%) Make an offer!
  7. WTS Black tomb of magic, Has 1 charge remaining, open to offers in pm.
  8. Precise Mending Similar to Mend, a successful cast of the spell repairs exactly 1 damage but has zero QL loss. Failure causes 0.5 damage and cannot shatter. Channeling required: 70 Favor required: 100 Intended for items that can be damaged but cannot be improved, not to replace normal repair and improving.
  9. The moons of Wurm are a beautiful sight suring the night, many is the time I've looked up to see what the position of the moons are just for the hell of it. Still, it would be nice for some kind of moon linked feature so... Moondrops. They come in 7 colours. Red : Can be applied to a weapon\tool to cause an infected wound on strikes for the next 10 mins (0.05 used), if drunk poisons the user (inflicting a random light but infected wound) (Jackal) Green : Can be drunk to grant +0.01 in a random stat (Body, Mind, Soul) (per 0.01 drunk), can be applied to a tool for +5% skillgain on the next hour (0.05 used) (Valrei) Pale : Can be applied to a serious wound (0.02 used) or a bad wound (0.01 used) to turn it into a medium wound. If drunk reduces a random wound 1 level per 0.01 drunk. (Seris) Yellow : Can be applied to a weapon for +5% skillgain on the next hour (0.05 used), if drunk gives 0.01 in a random weapon skill (per 0.01 drunk) at the cost of sustaining a light wound. (Jackal + Valrei) Pink : Can be drunk to restore 10 karma, can be applied to a wound and will either remove it or make it worse by one stage (50% chance), a serious wound will become infected if it fails (0.01 used). (Jackal + Seris) Emerald : Can be drunk to increase healing by 0.01 (per 0.01 drunk) or applied to a wound to reduce it one level (0.01 used per action) (Seris + Valrei) Scintilating : When drunk gives +0.02 in a random skill (per 0.01 drunk), when applied to a weapon/tool grants +5% skillgain on the next 2 hours (0.05 used), when applied to a wound removes it (bad or less costs 0.01, serious 0.02). (All three) Moondrops are randomly dropped during wurm nights for events involving outdoor activities and plants. That is harvesting crops, cutting saplings, foraging, botanising, picking flowers/reeds, cutting grass (and any other people can think of). The chance is low (see below) of getting a moondrop. The moondrop given depends on the stage the moons are in. All 3 moons are not full and all are below half. Moondrops generated are Red, Green, Pale. If a moon is new its moondrop is not generated. (1/10000 find rate) One moon is above half but not full, the others are not : Generates the moondrop of that moon only ( 1/5000 find rate) 2 moons are above half but not full, the other is not : Generates Yellow, Pink or Emerald (So if valrei and jackal are half and seris crescent we would get yellow moonderops) (1/5000 find rate) All 3 moon are half or above but none are full: Generates Yellow, Pink and Emerald moondrops (1/5000 find rate) One moon is full : Generates the moondrop of that moon only (1/1000 find rate) Two moons are full : Generates Yellow, Pink or Emerald (So if valrei and jackal are half and seris crescent we would get yellow moonderops) (1/1000 find rate) 3 Moons are full : Generates Scintilating moondrops (1/1000 find rate) When a moondrop is found a container must be empty for it to be collected. Only 0.01 is collected at a time (so it takes a while to get!). Quality is always 100. This item does not decay, but requires a container (which does!), These liquids give minor bonuses, are findable by all players regardless of skill level and are a reasonable item to trade. Edit : Corrected the spelling of ``Jackal''
  10. Hello there! I could not find any mention of this problem on this I will write this in a separate post. Situation 1: We have 1 of any food that can be put in FSBs, like fish.. Then we put it to FSB and get from FSB What's it mean? I can eat fish before 0.01 weight then put it to FSB and get out full fish. Situation 2: I can up skill of Coocking infinitely and at the same time constantly raising the quality of the subject Todo: 1. Pick up any fillet (example on fish) 2. Knife -> Create chopped 3. Put to FSB chopped fillet 4. Get chopped fillet from FSB 5. GOTO 2. With each new round of the cycle - the quality of the product grows with the skill
  11. Any ideas or critics about the suggestions are open, tell me if something is missing or you want to see too. I have also studied many medieval cultures and technology, so most of the random things should be fitting with the game age. I am also trying to keep this to a simple crafting method for simplicity. Spawner Gate Now before I get into the first one, yes, I know you can spawn NPCs as a GM, this idea came to me while messing with portals and complaining that all my NPCs were killed in town. The idea is to make a gate that you can "Summon" NPCs by spending coin, there would be 3 types of NPC the Citizen, Town Guard, and Perimeter Guard, all spawned without gear and must be spawned on a deed(Taking up a citizen spot), after which only the mayor or top ranking members may edit the items and name on the NPC. The Citizen is more for RP and will act like a normal spawned human, its to bring more life to the area and should be the cheapest, maybe 20 copper or a silver and will stay within the main area of the deed, might be fun to "tax" them to help for upkeep. The next would be the Town Guard, they will act as the main defense against monsters and hostile players on the deed, with moderate skills for fighting and should respond like deed guards, they however will not respond to cries for help, they should cost 1 silver to roughly 20 and draw a salary similar to other deed guards(Though honestly they might be more useful than normal deed guards if armed properly). The last is the Perimeter Guard, this one is similar to tower guards and will come to the aid of friendly units and citizens in on the deed and will also move around the perimeter to help keep the town safer, this one should be stronger than the town guards and should cost more as well as draw a higher salary. This is a similar idea to another so I will add it in that maybe there can be a 4th and 5th "Type" adding adventurers as pet-like humans that will follow the player into battle and bandits, which would be uniquely spawned from a different portal(highway stone) that is off a deed, instead of helping fight they will attack nearby humans other their their "boss". Wealth is Power The idea is mainly to be used in a well developed server or heavy RP one, allowing bars to be made of precious metals(or any metal), coin blanks, and more importantly, unique coins. This is more built for player run economies that are separate from the generic "coin" values. A person can make the coin blanks from lumps(or bars), then use a coin die that is uniquely made to strike a coin unique to the die. The Bars are more or less a "trade" commodity, though they could be a step to making the blanks and should weigh 5kg each, they could also have smaller bars weighing 1kg and .5kg(this one is more suited for making coins). I can imagine this being a great addition, seeing a server with 3 kingdoms each with their own currencies, maybe kingdom a wants to stick to only one coin and calls it a Septim(from the Elder Scrolls), another wants to have a currency based on the roman solidus(gold), siliqua(silver) and nummus(a small copper coin), and the third may be more suited for the in game currency, the idea is more for larger servers, though imagining multi island servers trading at ports and exchanging currency would be a rather fun sight. This would also make the coin die a vital point of a kingdom and currency, it shouldn't decay or at least to the point of destruction. Magic and Stuff While this is not likely to get into the real game, I wouldn't mind seeing this in a mod. The ideas are more based on alchemy and the brewing of healing items and minor potions(not the blood ones), items like salves(yes, I know about Farmer salve), tonics, elixirs, and distillation or extraction of material like salt. Salves are made to help heal wounds, though I was more looking towards a specific wound like a bite salve or a burn salve, rendering them useless to other wounds. Tonics, one of the "potions" of the group is a direct healing item, though not as good for heavy wounds, it is instant(aside form a 2 second drink) and heals any type of damage as long as its not infected. Elixirs are the more buffing version of the "potions" family, instead of instant rewards it can reduce times of some actions, increase healing, even slight speed boosts, but wear down faster, lasting only a few minutes or a few seconds in some cases. Tinctures are the last "potion" time, and are like tonics, but instead of healing wounds, they do immediate special effects like removing hurting, curing disease, restoring stamina, and maybe even remove an infection(though the wound would remain). Tinctures need distilled alcohol to make, which is obtained at about a 10% rate from wine, so make sure its worth it. Oils are next, they are materials that are applied to items and weapons, using olive oil as the base, giving a small benefit to the item or making them deal a special damage, like poison, acid, or fire. The next is a bit different, it involves making magic parchments, these are designed to have a spell cast on them similar to vessel, increasing the difficulty of the spell by 10, but allow you to store a spell in the parchment, the spell must succeed to enchant the scroll, failure costs the favor like normal and quality of the paper. The scroll will have a single use and is castable even as a follower, so long as they are of the same faith, but the spell may still fail, the casting of the spell will be 20 points lower on difficulty. On the other hand, those with karma spells can also make scrolls, but at the cost of double the karma, the benefit is that no staff is needed to cast the spell. This would make these very valuable. I also wouldn't mind a "wand" being made that can hold charges of a single spell up to 10-50 charges, similar to a scroll, but requiring a shaft of wood, being enchanted and then slowly charged with spells, the downside of a wand is minimal, though the difficulty may be raised a bit more. Common ideas and not so common things This is more of a rough item list. First Glass, why do we not have any glass, this is such a common item, even back in dark ages and can be made easily using heated sand and maybe purifying it with some ashes similar to steel, glass is resistant to decay and would likely be very useful for long term storage, but cant be made to large. Glass flasks, bottles(use a peg to cork it and keep the liquid from decaying easily), goblets, bowls, orbs, alchemical glassware, etc as well as colored glass. Pewter, a common metal in old times, easily made with lead and tin, though not healthy to humans, it works for poor utensils. Slag, this one is a little different and isn't very useful to most people its more of a waste product that is made after melting ore, that said, it does have historical use as a concrete additive and can be used for that or if all else, make stone shards be a byproduct.Other small ideas are like making book bindings to hold sheets of paper, scrolls(I don't mean magic ones, literally, why has this not been a thing?) that can be sealed, Signet rings that can be used to seal scrolls with bees wax or mark papers with an official seal. Other ideas is to remove the metal restriction on utensils, allow metal plates, cups, flasks, jar(urn), bucket, rings(I actually wear a steel ring, heh). Other alcohols like vodka, beer, brandy, rum, cider, mead, etc as well as make wine not require maple. Daggers, why no small sharp blades to stick the enemy, or throwing daggers, throwing hatchets, throwing hammers, throwing spear/javelin, slings, crossbow, bolts, rapier(A sword designed more for poking holes instead of slashing), spiked flail, a wooden club(peasants rejoice), scale mail armor(scale plates are stronger than chain, but weaker than plate) etc. Oil pot lamp, a simple clay lamp that uses tar or oil to light a small area cheaply.
  12. Edit : I have bumped this as I think it is pertinent to the current balance issues with player deities. A solid system that groups certain spells and restrictions together might work well and allow for a much more balanced approach to player gods. Edit (2016 edition) : Self balancing player gods, self balancing new spell sets, whats not to like? Added in an extra example spirit for mag, again in no way asserting balance. This suggestion is a complete rework of the current faith system, hopefully keeping it lore friendly. Underneath each god there are spirits/angles/demons/whateveryouwantocallthem. Some spirits (my preferred term) serve multiple gods. Each spirit offers a certain set of spells and abilities in return for some restrictions, these abilities are linked to two factors : 1. Faith (gained by praying at alters to your god) 2. Devotion (see below) Devotion being a person's relationship with that spirit, how often they pray at alters dedicated to that spirit (alters dedicated to spirits generate no domain but can only be built in the domain of their god, they decay quickly if that domain is gone for too long), or perform tasks for that spirit (both small and large quests), breaking the rules of the spirit lowers devotion rather than faith. Higher level spells/abilities require both faith and devotion. Non-priests may achieve high devotion levels with their spirit (no cap for premium, 30 cap for ftp). One can make 1 (one) pact per 20 faith, revoking a pact loses the player 20 faith (and all devotion with that spirit of course). Nothing too big for a non-priest but enough to make priests really think about their choices. Each spirit is linked with a craft (or sometimes 2), non-priests will gain a decent experience bonus in this craft for having a pact with the spirit as long as they abide by the restriction put in place by the spirit (essentially bonus is based on devotion). Priests have this craft unlocked for them to follow as per normal, imping and all. Some spirits dislike one another, and pleasing one will upset the other if you have pacts with both (resulting in MUCH slower devotion gain and the inability to get to the highest levels of devotion). This is in place to balance overpowered combinations. When a player priests up they lose the ability to improve and continue constructions, however this is the only universal restriction set imposed. They also gain some "minor" spells of their god, bless and the like. They also gain any spells that their pacts allow them. Example Spirit : Whisp Gods : Fo Main Restriction : Inability to equip metal weapons. Craft : First Aid/Alchemy Bonuses : Increased healing rate in fo domain (>25 allows medium wounds to heal over time, >50 bad wounds, >75 serious wounds) Spells : Heal Light, Heal Medium, Heal Serious, Heal, Light of Fo (devotion >25 required as well as faith), Refresh, Life Transfer (devotion >50 required as well as faith) Example Spirit : Gnome Gods : Mag Main Restriction : -1 CR aboveground Craft : Weaponsmithing Bonuses : Increased CR on rock tiles (including underground) (+1 per 50 devotoin (max of +2 underground or +1 aboveground)) Spells : Magnaron's Shield, Goat Shape, Disintigrate (>25 devotion & faith), Strongwall (>50 devotion & faith) This is just an example spirit and in no way balanced. The pro of this is someone running a priest can choose how restricted they are, gaining more spells for the restrictions. Priests become a lot more personalized and faiths become more useful. It will allow devs to add new spellsets (new spirit) more easily. It will also move priests into the domain of mainable characters, still restricted and different, but with their own unique style of play. The con is that it is a HUGE change and balance will take a long time to set up. What do people think?
  13. Hi all. I have for sale last ( can be mailed ) 1 charges RED TOME OF MAGIC. Give You supreme TITLE - Sorceres The red leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has 1 charges left. if you wana know more go here Starting bid 90s 85s Min. increase 5s Snipe protection 1 hour
  14. Hi all. I have for sale 2 charges RED TOME OF MAGIC. Auction is for one charge The red leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has 2 charges left. if you wana know more go here Starting bid 85s each ( 2x to sell ) Min. increase 5s Snipe protection 1 hour Winning two people who suggested the biggest price
  15. Buyout done. Tada!!
  16. Currently wurm has several metagame tools to predict when something comes in season. I just thought it would be nice if it were possible to do this ingame with a little magic and maybe give us our first piece of enchanted jewellery. This spell is available to all priests. It costs 10 favour and has difficulty 20 when cast on a tile. It reveals how many wurm days are left (rounded down) till the target plant will come into season, if at all. If cast on an item of jewellery it costs 60 favour and has difficulty 70. Using the item of jewellery on a plant functions exactly like the spell and reduces the enchantment power by (11- (Item QL/10)).
  17. Its confirmed, the wiki page was outdated. i asked Retrograde to change it and he confirmed that we can load now. The new permissions are awesome. So you can bid freely. Also will have to be picked up at NE Deliverance Indigus deed. More info can be found on Wiki. Current damage is 2.5. 12th Jan 2014 [17:11:22] <Blahsonson> I've gotten 3 decay ticks on my small magical chest inside a coffin in a house (ondeed), in almost 1.5 years or so Trader price: 50 silver Auction: Starting bid: 20 euro Increase: 1 Buyout: Pm offer Snipe: 1 hour Euros only please.
  18. [10:56:24] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic diamond attached. It is made from maplewood. 38.88ql Price: 2s [10:57:40] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic opal attached. It is made from maplewood.12.42ql Price 1s 50c [10:57:43] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic ruby attached. It is made from maplewood. 57.74ql Price: 3s These CANNOT be mailed, so collection at Nexus Landing P22 Xanadu or delivery to starter town of your choice when given 24+ hours notice. All gone.
  19. PLEASE alphabetize the spell list.
  20. Recently got the chance to try out Firewall and despite the name it isn't very wallish nor does the fire do much to stop you passing at all. So when you place a Firewall, the two tiles on the border it is casted will cause you to take fire damage. 1-3 dmg but slowly over time aslong as you're on the effected tile. Passing through the firewall will speed this up a little but you don't get slowed/stopped or feel forced to not pass through and can easily run through with little stopping power. It does however block melee combat if somebody crosses and blocks arrows from being fired over. We did notice however that this damage will be a bit faster over time if you stand on the tile for a long period [3-4 minutes] But nobody would be stupid enough for that effect to build up [i hope] I suggest that the wall should either stop you passing or there should be an increase of damage as you pass, enough to slow you down/make passing not a walk in the park. [4-8 damage whilst on the tile and passing through the 2 tiles and the wall itself gives 10-15 damage from start to end. Because right now go ahead if you know somebody with Firewall, you can run through easily with nothing stopping you for such a small amount of damage, so small that the trade off for the debuff/karma casted compared to the other spell stone wall is kinda lame.
  21. I am auctioning the following Green Tome of Magic on behalf of the three people who won a charge at the recent Forest Giant slaying on Xanadu. The Green Tome of Magic gives the Worgmaster sorcery ability to both Male and Female accounts, thus giving them the ability to spawn Worgs, such as the ones pictured below: Worgmaster gives you 15% Internal Resistance, and 10% Fire Weakness. Worgs cost 500 Karma to spawn, each. * You are bidding on a single charge, unless otherwise noted in your bid. * Please clarify which charge you are bidding on, i.e. Charge #1, Charge #2, Charge #3. * I have the right to refuse a potential buyer if I deem them untrustworthy. * Note that you will use the charge at my deed on Independence as I have a place set up for it (unless you buy all three charges). Bids start at 1g per charge. We will entertain buyout offers for the entire Tome, but not per single charge. Private bids accepted. Charge #1 Starting Bid: 1g Current Bid: - Charge #2 Starting bid: 1g Current Bid: - Charge #3 Starting Bid: 1g Current Bid: - Bidding will end on Saturday, January the 3rd, 2PM Central US, to give people enough time to bid over the holidays. AUCTION ENDED - BUYOUT ACCEPTED * 1 Hour Sniper Protection. * Minimum Increments of 10s up until 1g50s, then 5s after, per charge. * No buyouts will be permitted on single charges, but if you want to buy the entire Tome, please PM me offers. * No reserves on any charges, and we will entertain hidden bids.
  22. As written above, it is a thing, very, very SHINY thing. It indeed IS a Shiny Totem, in all of its glory, soaked in mystery. It may even be one of the shiniest totems I have ever seen. And I've seen few. Upon this artifact I have stumbled across, yet I am not worthy of keeping it. Therefore it must be passed onto another. I am not sure, if it can be mailed. If not, the winner should expect it to be delivered swiftly anywhere on Xanadu, no questions asked. And let me assure you: The Totem is not stolen. Although it would certainly be worth it. QL 83,02 DMG 44,47 Weight 0,10 kg Starting price is 6s Increments are 50c high Buyout is considered at 14s Location: Southwestern Xanadu Will you be the new master of the Shiny totem?
  23. Now with the new magic stuff i guess these now will have a use so i am going to sell the ones i have. (Pickup only can not be mailed at 46x 39y SE Deliverance) #1 - 53ql Emerald Staff, Oak Starting Bid: 3s (JudusX 4s) Increments: 1s Buyout: 10s No Reserve, 1h sniper #2 - 54ql Emerald Staff, Oak Starting Bid: 3s (Niki 5s) Increments: 1s Buyout: 10s No Reserve, 1h sniper
  24. Ok so i am a player of Wurm online and i was wondering about one thing specificly, Shadow mages. First i was wondering what they are and how to become one. Second i was wondering why they are so secretive about who they are and what they do. And third i would like to know if it is posible to become a shadow mage. Also i would like to know if it is posible to use magic without being a preist. If you have an answer to any of the following questions please post a reply.
  25. I rather like the low fantasy setting of wurm (with added high fantasy monsters!), to this end I've put together a collection of "village witch" or "hedge magic" spells that might be interesting. All characters can use hedge magic, it has a small set (4) of spells that make life a little more itneresting in several ways. In keeping with the hedge magic notion this set of spells all require items (sometimes rare ones). Finding Objects Requires a compass of Q20+ and a similar item. This works akin to a compass in that it pulls up a compass screen that points to the nearest object of the same kind (range is limited to (compass Q/2) tiles. An example would be using a lump of gold to detect other lumps of gold nearby. No items are consumed but the compass used is damaged slightly (not sure how much would be appropriate), the enchantment lasts (compass Q/4) mins. Divining Fluid Requires a cauldron containing at least 10 mushrooms, use a unicorn horn on the cauldron to activate (no heat needed!). Turns the contents into divining fluid (which decays within QL mins regardless of where it is kept), this fluid will start to glow lightly in the presense of magic. Quality of fluid capped by hedge magic skill, the unicorn horn is damaged slightly. Requiem Requires a flask with water and 5 flowers (any kind). Heat over a fire to create a grave balm. Use this on the body of a player and for QL mins they will receive a compass pointing to the location of their body. Quality capped by hedge magic skill. Haunt Requires a silver ball, a cauldron containing at least 5 paws and a heart. Requires a parchment with the victim's name written on it or an item. The parchment is used on the cauldren to activate. and if the curse works the victim sees ghostly creatures (akin to those seen by insane players but of a more ghostly nature), these creatures cannot hurt the player but do slowly (I am thinking very slowly here as a minor debuff) drain stamina if the plater is close. This variation lasts for silver ball Q mins. If an item is used to activate then the item gains the "haunted" curse which lasts for silver ball Q hours. A haunted item drains stamina slightly faster while being used and causes ghostly visions while wielded/used. To remove a haunting on a player use salt on body, on an item use salt on the item.