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  1. Wiki searches do not go directly to images, they go to articles. A redirect was needed on this item and that has been done. Thanks.
  2. A bit of explanation about how to apply the skins has now been added to the wiki page https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Loyalty_program
  3. Yes just activate (double click) the skin then right click the item to apply. It must be the appropriate item, this month's skin for example fits on an open helm I believe. It may be also that the item must be a minimum ql I'm not sure about that. No idea what the problem might be beyond that though.
  4. Just a little bump to say thanks, very fast friendly service!
  5. Same as every year so far, happy to help again as a 'wurm lord' and imping everything I can find on the carp, fc, ct, lw, and pottery floor One room please just Tilda. Will see if I can help with mats and/or prizes nearer the time.
  6. Totally agree, tons of ideas in there that we can do in WO as well, very impressive!
  7. Agree, would be nice to feature in the VI, though the time frame for those varies, so maybe at least on social media. It does take awhile to get the new pics and info in and on the wiki list for sure.
  8. Something a little different just popped into my head today for absolutely no reason (always a good reason to go listen again!)
  9. For this goal making eyelets saves a bit more metal than needles (0.003 vs 0.005), also good for building up JS skill for priests who need to make altars and they can be sold to token.
  10. Corrected that thanks
  11. Closed

    WTB Vynora statue fragments. At the moment need 16 11 of them. 5c per frag, or happy to trade for others if I have any you are looking for. Closed statue is finished
  12. Awesome news on the animals updates! Yeah, time to rethink my animal pens for sure
  13. A little dedication for my friend Skugga, hard to believe it is coming up on a year since our momentary lapse of reason deed
  14. Yes thanks to the hosts for a fun impalong weekend! The deed, the buildings and the layout were all lovely. I particularly liked the extra little touches in the hotel rooms Thanks also to Demona and the GMs for the usual craziness! A lot of fun was had, lots of screenies taken, but since lots of nice ones already posted I will just share a few: Yesterday of course we had lots of these little darlings hopping around: All the compliments on his awesome casts gave Stanlee a bit of a big head, well too big for the room anyway: and finally the lovely Sun overlooking things:
  15. ok the gates inside arch walls weren't 'intended' but can we still do the high iron fences inside arched walls? Not tested yet but would be nice to know before I start the building
  16. Closed at OP request.
  17. Rift 03/26 2021 Xan

    Closed at OP request.